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sebas5384someone there?02:54
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didrockshum, is it me or juju debug-hooks is broken (on local provider), using the stable ppa?11:55
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lazyPowerdidrocks: i can't say i'm seeing the same behavior. I've been in debug hooks for the last 40 minutes working with the wordpress charm13:39
didrockslazyPower: are you using a local provider?13:40
lazyPoweri am, but i just verified i'm not on -stable. i'm running the 1.19 series :(13:40
didrocksah, that might explain13:40
didrocksI have an install hook at fail13:40
lazyPowerwhen you debug-hooks in what do you see? just a plain jane tmux screen?13:40
didrocksexactly, running as root with like: root@didrocks-local-machine-5:~#13:41
lazyPowerthats expected13:41
didrocksI ran beforehand: $ juju debug-hooks vanilla/0 install13:41
didrockshum, isn't the prompt modified?13:42
lazyPowerdid you attempt to resolved -r teh hook?13:42
lazyPoweryou need to re-run the failed hook to regain the hook context that you're looking for13:42
didrockslazyPower: ah, so I debug-hooks13:42
didrocksand from outside13:42
didrocksI do resolved -r?13:42
lazyPoweryeah, that's something we mentioned at our last sprint is it would be nice to do all that from within the debug-hooks session rather than open yet another terminal and re-execute the failed hook13:43
lazyPowerbut for now, thats the workflow. yep yep13:43
didrockslazyPower: indeed, that works!13:44
lazyPowercheers! :)13:44
didrocksthanks a lot, I probably misread the documentation :)13:44
lazyPowerdidrocks: keep that in mind as you go through the process and file any bugs for things that are unclear to you. We can always use the feedback of fresh eyes.13:45
didrockslazyPower: right, I may amend and propose a pull request after rerunning the debug hooks one13:45
didrocksI wasn't expecting it to work like that at all13:45
lazyPowerthanks :) I look forwarding to ack'ing your PR13:46
didrocksyw! thanks to you :)13:46
rbasaksinzui: make-release-tarball.bash is giving me: "godeps: cannot parse "/home/ubuntu/juju-core/juju-release-tools/tmp.s9oYZdPuOc/RELEASE/src/launchpad.net/juju-core/dependencies.tsv": cannot find directory for "github.com/errgo/errgo": not found in GOPATH" today.13:47
rbasaksinzui: any help, please? This worked last week.13:47
rbasakI see that github.com/errgo/errgo does appear to exist, and the commit hash mentioned is one behind HEAD.13:48
rick_h_rbasak: that was moved to github this last week I believe13:49
rbasakrick_h_: I'm using the 1.18 branch. "./make-release-tarball.bash 2291 lp:juju-core/1.18" worked last week, but doesn't work now (so dependencies.tsv hasn't changed I guess?)13:50
rbasak2293 is current which is what I was attempting to start with, but since that failed with the same message, It tried 2291 instead.13:50
rick_h_rbasak: yea not sure. I just know in the last week in trunk that moved over to github and the dep is relocated. github.com/juju/errgo in trunk13:52
lazyPowernatefinch: I'm having trouble reproducing https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+source/wordpress/+bug/1317644 I issued a request for more info if you have time.13:52
_mup_Bug #1317644: Can't install wordpress on local provider with trusty host <wordpress (Juju Charms Collection):Incomplete by lazypower> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1317644>13:52
rick_h_rbasak: so I'm betting they pulled the old location in errgo/errgo13:52
rick_h_rbasak: oh hmm, maybe not https://github.com/errgo/errgo13:52
rick_h_rbasak: so ignore me, no idea. Just know there's been some stuff crossing the commit wire right around your trouble13:53
sinzuirbasak, when that happens, the juju devs have broken juju.13:53
rbasaksinzui: but I tried the old revision that previously worked13:53
natefinchlazyPower: I'll try to repro it again today... can't right now.13:53
lazyPowerack. Thanks for taking another look natefinch13:54
sinzuirbasak, CI doesn't see it broken though? yes, and the devs delete/move repos and GO knows that is bad13:54
sinzuirbasak, get the latest scripts from lp:juju-release-tools which may have a fix13:55
rbasaksinzui: I only checked out the branch ten minutes ago.13:55
sinzuirick_h_, that project was removed a few weeks ago, I asked the developers to put it back13:57
sinzuirbasak, I suspect the issue is caused when "go get" get the current packages for juju, then then the script pins the juju to the older revision, which has a different set of packages that were not gotten.13:58
sinzuirbasak, which branch and revision are you building?13:59
rbasaksinzui: is that a bug in the script then?13:59
rbasaksinzui: "./make-release-tarball.bash 2291 lp:juju-core/1.18"13:59
rbasak(2292 and 2293 also fail)13:59
sebas5384hello :)14:05
rbasaksinzui: I filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-release-tools/+bug/132089114:06
_mup_Bug #1320891: make-release-tarball.bash fails with godeps failure <juju-release-tools:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1320891>14:06
sinzuirbasak, I am still building that to identify the issue14:06
rbasakOK, thanks14:07
sinzuiah, developers moved errgo to juju/errgo14:07
sinzuithey broke the build14:07
* sinzui ponders a shim14:07
rbasaksinzui: but CI is still green?14:08
sinzuiCI wont break until a developer commits to 1.18, then they would see the deps are wrong14:08
rbasakPerhaps CI should run periodically then, for processes that have external dependencies?14:09
sinzuirbasak, They landing bot has deps manages by people, so there would be an undetected mismatch between  dependencies.tsv and what GO sees14:09
sinzuirbasak, the devs are supposed to tell me when they fuck this up, otherwise I make them fix a critical bug14:10
rbasaksinzui: it sounds like this should really be in the CI loop, so it doesn't need your manual intervention. Should I file a bug for that?14:10
sinzuirbasak, I have 9 months of work. I wont get to it because the devs have to fix the regressions they introduce14:11
sinzuiThey can always avoid the regression by tell me.14:11
sinzuirbasak, I am adding a shim now14:12
sinzuirbasak, pull again to get the fix14:22
rbasaksinzui: that worked. Thanks!14:29
mhall119jcastro: ping14:49
jcastromhall119, yo!14:53
mhall119jcastro: hey, I'm setting up the new Ubuntu Online Summit, which will be a mix of UDS, Developer Week and Open Week14:56
mhall119I've combined most of the development tracks from previous vUDS into a single "Platform Development" track, including core cloud stuff14:56
jcastroso you need content from us I take it?14:57
mhall119jono suggested we could have a DevOps track too, to focus on the consumers of the cloud, woudl you guys be willing to lead that?14:57
jcastrofor sure14:58
jcastroI just need dates, # of slots, etc and I can get to work14:58
mhall119June 10-1214:58
mhall119as many slots/hour as you need14:58
mhall1191400 UTC to 2000 UTC14:58
jcastroAre they hour slots or shorter?14:58
mhall119still an hour15:00
mhall119jcastro: I'll give you 2 rooms for now, so 2 slots per hour15:03
mhall119I can easily add more rooms if you need them15:03
jcastroack, let me know when summit opens up15:05
mhall119LP sprint is https://launchpad.net/sprints/uos-1406 for filing BPs15:08
mhall119note that it's 'uos' not 'uds' now15:08
jcastromhall119, do we have an announcement email I can copy and paste with all the info?15:08
mhall119jcastro: only http://www.jonobacon.org/2014/04/03/ubuntu-online-summit-dates/ I still need to update the docs on uds.u.c to point ot the new name and tracks15:09
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stubjcastro: Do charms that support both precise and trusty need to be pushed to separate precise and trusty branches, or just one or t'other? Also curious about merge proposals and stopping divergence if multiple branches in LP.19:03
jcastrostub, it is my understanding that the multiple branches is a workaround until Juju supports series itself19:04
jcastrobut I lost track of the conversation on series and who is winning that argument, heh19:05
jcastrobut if you support both already then I would say don't push it19:05
jcastromarcoceppi, WDYT? ^^^19:05
stubI won't do anything  until it is made clear :)19:05
marcoceppistub: so, postgresql has been promulgated for both trusty and precise, for example19:11
marcoceppibecause it had tests and they succeeded19:11
marcoceppibut they're now in two different branches, the trusty and precise versions19:12
marcoceppistub: I'm working on a tool that will fix this sync issue, should be ready later this week19:12
marcoceppias a stop gap for several things that will hopefully land in core and the store this cycle19:12
stubI can manually sync in worst case. Did the syslog tests actually pass? I thought it was broken, and I couldn't find any documentation on the syslog interface to know how to fix it and needed to poke people.19:14
marcoceppistub: I ran the integration tests that were in the charm, whatever those test worked19:15
stubCool. Maybe I did get it right then :)19:15
stubpasted the right magic incantations from the rsyslog 'docs'19:16
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syannalfojuju --debug -v status22:54
syannalfo2014-05-19 22:53:20 INFO juju.cmd supercommand.go:302 running juju-1.18.3-trusty-amd64 [gc]22:54
syannalfo2014-05-19 22:53:20 DEBUG juju api.go:179 no cached API connection settings found22:54
syannalfo2014-05-19 22:53:20 DEBUG juju.provider.maas environprovider.go:30 opening environment "maas".22:54
syannalfo2014-05-19 22:53:20 ERROR juju.cmd supercommand.go:305 Unable to connect to environment "maas".22:54
syannalfoPlease check your credentials or use 'juju bootstrap' to create a new environment.22:54
syannalfoAttempting to connect to ntexc.maas:2222:55
syannalfoAttempting to connect to
syannalfo2014-05-19 02:14:52 ERROR juju.provider.common bootstrap.go:123 bootstrap failed: waited for 10m0s without being able to connect: /var/lib/juju/nonce.txt does not exist22:55
syannalfoStopping instance...22:55
syannalfoBootstrap failed, destroying environment22:55
syannalfoPlease help... :-( I have been at this for days22:55
syannalfoMy nodes are in ready state22:59
davecheneysyannalfo: can you ssh to either of those addresses directly ?23:00
syannalfoplease hold while i try23:01
syannalfono - i need my bub keys on the nodes?23:02
syannalfoerr public23:02
syannalfoI can not ssh into the nodes23:02
syannalfomy environments.yaml has the maas-oauth though23:05
davecheneyit is because of permissoins23:05
davecheneyor because those names do not resolve or are not routable ?23:05
syannalfoboth names ping ok23:06
syannalfohostnames that is23:06
syannalfoping edmgh.maas23:06
syannalfoPING 192-168-0-104.maas ( 56(84) bytes of data.23:06
syannalfo64 bytes from 192-168-0-104.maas ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=1.12 ms23:06
davecheneysyannalfo: thta is not the machine juju is trying to contact23:06
syannalfojuju should be trying to contact MAAS right?23:07
syannalfonot the nodes23:07
davecheneysyannalfo: no23:07
davecheneyjuju configures one of your maas notes as a bootstrap now23:07
davecheneythat node runs the database and api server23:07
davecheneyat that point all juju commands talk to that machine23:08
davecheneywhich will itself talk to maas if required23:08
syannalfook - so juju gets the dns names of the nodes from maas... then talks to the nodes and procures on of the nodes for itself23:09
syannalfook - so why is it not communicating ?23:10
syannalfodoes the user ubuntu have to be able to log into the nodes?23:10
syannalfoI am using my own name as the administrator on my maas box23:11
syannalfoso i can not connect to the nodes without setting up a keyboard and monitor on each node and setting up ssh keys23:12
syannalfoand users23:12
syannalfois that right?23:12
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syannalfoAttempting to connect to ntexc.maas:22 (as who?)23:15
davecheneyalways the ubuntu user23:19

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