TheFakeazneD525hi valorie00:18
* TheFakeazneD525 slides a iced mocha to valorie00:18
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Guest7138Kubuntu 14.04 Live USB won't boot with my Nvidia NVS 4200 Nvidia Optimus graphic card ON. It freezes if I click Try Kubuntu or in later stages of installation.01:30
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sandman13should I install Kubuntu or Debian 7 with KDE?03:27
sandman13should I install Kubuntu or Debian 7 with KDE?03:40
geniiIn the #kubuntu channel, we'll likely say Kubuntu. In the #debian channel they'll likely say Debian 7 with KDE.03:42
sandman13I am having a hard time choosing among these two03:44
silv3r_m00nthe driver manager tool in system settings, what is the command to launch it ?04:16
valoriehi, TheFakeazneD52504:22
valoriethank you!04:22
TheFakeazneD525silv3r_m00n: just type drivers into krunner and you should see something04:23
silv3r_m00nTheFakeazneD525: yeah, it does, how do i know the command name ?04:24
TheFakeazneD525silv3r_m00n: er, why do you need the specific command, just asking04:27
valorieI just did an apt-cache search, and don't see any likely package names to invoke04:27
silv3r_m00nTheFakeazneD525: i think, the krunner method will do04:29
TheFakeazneD525ah, ok04:30
valoriedarn, the person who needed bumblebee is gone04:31
ubottuThe Bumblebee Project aims to support NVIDIA Optimus technology under Linux. The Bumblebee website can be found at http://bumblebee-project.org/04:31
TheFakeazneD525valorie: ah yes, optimus04:31
TheFakeazneD525another nVidia technology that makes the shift from Windows to *nix harder >_04:32
TheFakeazneD525Their products are good, don't get me wrong04:32
valorieoh well, they will find it somehow, i hope04:32
TheFakeazneD525but their stance on Linux is totally backwards04:32
valorieof course04:32
valoriethey look at the bottom line, instead of to the future04:32
TheFakeazneD525valorie: I think Linus puts it best https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYWzMvlj2RQ04:33
jussinvidia isnt actually that bad tbh.04:38
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TheFakeazneD525valorie: you here?06:42
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TheFakeazneD525valorie: so, someone is having problems with their Xorg, most likely a driver problem... and they're not sure if networking is up...06:49
TheFakeazneD525and now they say the keyboard isn't working06:50
valorieoh lord06:50
TheFakeazneD5252006 toaster06:50
TheFakeazneD525valorie: fresh install, no PPAs, literally installed minutes ago06:50
valoriewas the ISO verified?06:50
TheFakeazneD525valorie: Unetbootin install06:51
valorieok, but checked?06:51
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows06:51
valorieAND did the livesession have problems?06:51
TheFakeazneD525im... not sure if unetbootin does...06:51
TheFakeazneD525valorie: they directly installed iirc06:51
TheFakeazneD525valorie: http://i60.tinypic.com/2a9nqcl.jpg06:53
TheFakeazneD525thats what they got before install06:54
valorieand then they went ahead and did it?06:54
TheFakeazneD525valorie: er, it somehow fixed itself06:55
valoriewhat version did they install?06:55
TheFakeazneD525then, when they rebooted, it broke, and the second time, keyboard didn't work and black screen06:55
TheFakeazneD525valorie: 14.04 LTS06:55
TheFakeazneD525good ole Trusty06:55
TheFakeazneD525valorie: should I give them an older ISO?06:55
valoriewell, I would try 12.0406:55
valorieyou are asking like I'm some kind of expert!06:56
TheFakeazneD525you're more so than me D:06:56
valoriegiven that it is an older computer06:56
TheFakeazneD525and I'll suggest 12.0406:56
valorieI would try the older install, and see how it goes06:56
valoriemy 6 year old laptop was OK with 14.0406:56
valoriebut who knows06:56
TheFakeazneD525also... it has nVidia06:57
TheFakeazneD525god help us all06:57
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto06:57
valorieif necessary06:57
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rvdvSO I installed handbrake to convert a mkv file to mp4, but that option is not available; only can make another mkv file ... how come? Have made many mp4's and m4v's before with handbrake.08:11
valoriehandbrake isn't KDE or kubuntu software, rvdv08:14
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valoriervdv: I don't see a handbrake channel here on freenode08:15
rvdvOK valorie, going to ask in the #ubuntu channel08:15
valorieoops, I do too: #handbrake08:15
valoriesilly alis....08:16
rvdvOK, thanks08:16
TheFakeazneD525valorie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ocGo98C3Bo something to watch :P08:16
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ovidiu-florinhello world09:25
ovidiu-florinon the add printer wizzard the browse button for samba shared printers is dissabled. Why and how do I get around it?09:26
rvdvovidiu-florin: would like to know the answer to that too ... seems this issue already exists for a few years. Maybe you can add a samba printer through the webinterface from CUPS http://localhost:631/09:58
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BluesKaj'Morning folks10:40
sandman13Kubuntu is not hosted by Canonical?10:57
lordievadersandman13: Hosted?10:57
lordievaderLots of Kubuntu things are on Canonical servers, if that is what you mean.10:58
sandman13lordievader: supported like Ubuntu10:58
sandman13or is Kubuntu developed by Canonical like Ubuntu?10:58
lordievadersandman13: No, Kubuntu's devels are payed by Bluesystems.11:00
sandman13lordievader: I am asking because I can't decide whether I switch to Debian 7 with KDE or Kubuntu, I have tried both but can't decide. My knowledge with linux is somewhat intermediate11:02
lordievaderHow would this influence that descision?11:02
sandman13I don't like Canonical so11:03
lordievaderTo each his own, but without Canonical Kubuntu wouldn't exist ;)11:04
sandman13yeah true11:05
ovidiu-florinrvdv: there is no browse function in the web interface11:43
ovidiu-florinand if I try the gnome version I get this when attempting to start it http://paste.kde.org/psxqehqv3/yflueb11:43
ovidiu-florinI got no responce in #ubuntu11:44
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Walexsandman13: The various Ubuntu flavours are just different sets of packages from the very same archives for the same distribution.12:09
Walexsandman13: and Canonical even if sometimes they are a bit too clever are a force for good overall.12:10
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markitanyone has dolphin find (^f) (filename search) working? Without baloo it gives "protocol error", with baloo it just does not find anything. I've kde 4.13.0 backport in kubuntu 12.04, but also in a netbook with kubuntu 14.04 I've a similar problem13:07
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hubelibubhi! what are your favorite kde apps?13:09
average_guychoqok and digikam are what attracted me to KDE hubelibub13:16
hubelibubi really like digikam. and also kdenlive13:21
hubelibubi'll try choqok :)13:23
markitfound a solution. If you set baloo to ignore /home, it uses "old" filesearch that works fine :)13:35
Walexmarkit: that's rather peculiar... But helpful14:01
Walexas to KDE apps, aKregator and Konversation are very good, as well as basKet. Gwenview I also like. of course Konqueror too.14:02
WalexI used to like KMail and Kontact in general in KDE3.14:05
WalexCalligra is good, and I like Karbon and Krita too.14:06
rberg_Hi all. I am not sure how this all works so I will ask. do the packages from the kubuntu-updates ppa ever make it into the regular updates? as in if I wait will 4.13.1 become available without adding a ppa?14:15
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BluesKajrberg_, eventually yes, just enable the backports for new kde releases14:19
rberg_cool. thanks!14:21
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Walexrberg_: that's not a good question.14:43
Walexrberg_: and BluesKaj's answer is a bit off the target.14:43
Walexrberg_: the questions you should be asking is "What is Ubuntu's policy for package version upgrades by release?"14:43
BluesKajyeah , I should have said , kubuntu-backports14:44
rberg_Walex: sure.. that sounds like what I was asking.. I am trying to avoid PPA's this time around14:44
Walexrberg_: the overall policy is that to get newer versions of a package you must upgrade to a new version.14:46
Walexrberg_: so 4.13.1 will surely end up in some current or future version of Kubuntu.14:47
Walexrberg_: then as <BluesKaj> was saying sometimes stuff appears magically in the backports archive.14:47
rberg_will it end up in 14.04 more specifically?14:47
Walexrberg_: 14.04 is already released and IIRC it has 4.13, not sure about 4.13.114:48
BluesKajno kidding , why else would kde upgrades be developed ? :)14:48
rberg_I was not sure if point releases get into the official repos.. I assume 4.14 wont (if there is one)14:49
Walexrberg_: but basically Ubuntu/Kubuntu like Debian are "stable" releases. The difference between LTS and the others is just the length of support.14:49
Walexrberg_: 4.14 when it happens may end up in Kubuntu 14.10 for example.14:49
doctorpepperhi guys !!14:50
doctorpepperhas anyone been able  to make  pam-kwallet work on kubuntu 12.04 ?14:51
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BluesKajdoctorpepper, not many using 12.04 anymore, and sorry I can't help with wallet apps, since I don't use them.15:14
doctorpepperbluejack, actually  the version of kubuntu is not a problem  as far  as i understand the issue  i have has to do with pam  more than anything else.15:16
doctorpepperi actually compiled and installed pam-kwallet  and tried to configure pam but failed.15:18
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hyper_chHi there, since 14.04 I have big problems with USB 3.0. I get slow speeds and my load skyrockets massively.... and right now I just noticed that xhci- isn't even loaded15:50
hyper_chI modprobed xhci-hcd - no error... but when I lsmod afterwards, still nothing loaded15:51
BluesKajhyper_ch, where are you copying from and to where?15:53
BluesKajwhat kinds of files, encrypted?15:54
hyper_chroot system is encrypted of course15:54
BluesKajencryption slows copy speeds afaik15:55
hyper_chwhy would encryption slow copying?15:55
hyper_chbut copying 4GB of data from an encrpyted SSD on a cpu with aes-ni to usb 3.0 disk shouldn't take 5 minutes15:56
hyper_chand as said, xhci-hcd isn't even loaded according to lsmod15:56
BluesKajdunno, not familiar with xhci-hcd15:57
hyper_chthat's the usb 3.0 kernel mod15:57
hyper_chhyper@subi:~$ sudo modprobe xhci-hcd ; lsmod | grep xhci15:58
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lordievaderGood evening.18:03
DarthFrog Answers are $1, correct answers are $10.  Dumb looks are still free.19:22
lordievaderVariable '1' not found, did you mean '$i'?; Variable '10' not found, did you mean '$2'?;19:26
DarthFrogAnd they're invariant, not negotiable!19:28
SonikkuAmericaprint $119:28
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SonikkuAmericaDarthFrog: We charge extra for blue unicorn ponies.19:33
DarthFrogSold my last one yesterday.19:33
DarthFrogI'm down to pink centaurs.19:34
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mr-richAnswers are €1, correct answers are €10. Dumb looks are still free.19:39
DarthFrogNow that's inflation!19:39
mr-richbut won't confuse CLI ... :)19:40
lordievaderERROR: Symbol '€' not recognized.19:41
SonikkuAmericaInflation indeed. Maybe I should start charging in Indian rupees19:43
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lunifehello,is there a way to add custom emoticons to kde thelepathy?21:02
hubelibubhi! when is the new version of digikam coming to kubuntu repositories?21:05
blahblahhello all22:35

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