cjwatsoncprov: Should bug 1319124 be qa-ok again (since it was previously, but you set that before qastaging caught up) so that we can deploy?11:26
_mup_Bug #1319124: UnicodeDecodeError mailing an inline code review comment <code-review> <fallout> <oops> <qa-needstesting> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by wgrant> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1319124>11:26
wgrantIt's not currently possible to QA due to the incomplete staging move, so we might just have to skip it.11:34
cjwatsonwgrant: cprov QAed it some other way before it hit qastaging, I think, maybe on DF11:35
wgrantDF doesn't have codehosting11:36
cjwatsonHm, don't know then11:37
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cprovcjwatson: I was cheating the system in search for sense on the QA page. Haven't really QAed it.12:45
cprovwgrant: uhm, you say our only chance to deploy today is to skip QA ? What about staging ?12:46
wgrantcprov: staging might work, I forget how broken it all is.13:01
wgrantI just restarted all the firewall rules pretty much from scratch, but they won't land until at least tomorrow.13:01
cprovwgrant: can we wait or shall we deploy it, and since the audience is limited, do QA in production (if it makes any sense) ?13:08
wgrantcprov: How about we deploy up to the rev before that, and I'll try to get the firewalls properly fixed in the morning?13:12
cprovwgrant: 17009 to be qaed in prod. It works for me.13:14
cprovif there is something broken, we will be blocked again on qastaging13:15
cprovbut that's fine.13:15
wgrantI've vaguely tested it locally, at leas.t13:15
wgrantAnd it seems pretty safe.13:15
wgrantqa-untestable and deploy away, I guess.13:15
wgrantcprov: Can you arrange that?13:18
cprovsure, will update the RT13:20
wgrant__cprov, cjohnston: i have no Internet now, apparently, so i guess I'll see if we can talk in my morning.13:57
cjohnstonwgrant__: sounds good..13:58
cprovwgrant__: np13:58
wgrant__Could one of you possibly have a look at the remaining CSS issues in my latest branch? I had other things to do today13:58
wgrant__Apart from being generally bad, i think the main issue is the width problem when the inline editor is open13:59
wgrant__If not, I'll investigate tomorrow13:59
wgrant__Otherwise, if you could just take some of the remaining inline comments tasks and try to sort them out14:01
wgrant__cprov: did you request a deployment?14:01
cprovwgrant__: updated the ticket, https://rt.admin.canonical.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=7032114:01
cprovwgrant__: let me point a vanguard on it14:01
wgrant__I'll prefer not to deploy tomorrow, as we're upgrading to postgres 9.3 at 06:00, and i want to be able to isolate any fallout from that14:03
wgrant__I'm heading off now, Hangout or SMS me if something comes up.14:14
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wgrantcprov, cjohnston: I apparently have Internet now. Can we have a call at some point in the next few hours? If not, normal time tomorrow?21:58
cjohnstonI'm good whenever21:59
cprovwgrant: now(ish) would be a great time, after dinner I have a babysitting shift :-/21:59
wgrantcjohnston: I'm in a meeting atm22:01
wgrantBut in half an hour, I guess?22:01
cjohnstonworks for me.. cprov ^22:01
cprovI can try, will grab a quick dinner meanwhile22:02
cprovany minute counts here ;-)22:02
* cjohnston did his first MP review today ;-) heh22:06
cjohnstonwgrant: need some wordsmithing...22:11
cjohnstonThe link below the diff.. what should the text read22:12
wgrantcprov, cjohnston: I'm in the normal hangout, when you're ready22:32
cjohnstonwgrant: https://code.launchpad.net/~cjohnston/launchpad/publish-ic-link/+merge/22010322:40

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