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mvoI seem to be unable to retarget my merge proposal for unity-scope-click - oops id is 54ee3f59041d9fc2fccac7206734d5d1 . is there a workaround or any other tip how I can re-target to lp:unity-scope-click/devel in  https://code.launchpad.net/~mvo/unity-scope-click/get-language-base-exceptions/+merge/220001  ?11:28
wgrantmvo: How did you attempt to retarget it?11:29
wgrantYou'd normally have to delete and recreate it.11:30
mvowgrant: oh, sorry. I clicked on "resubmit" with a different target. I will delete/create then11:30
wgrantAh, that should work, hm.11:30
mvowgrant: no worries, delete/create again worked now :) thanks for your help!11:31
cjwatsonmvo: that was a timeout, FWIW, so it's possible retrying would've worked anyway ...11:36
mvocjwatson: I tried ~5 times in various intervals including one before and after lunch :)11:41
wgrantmvo: Ah, your branch name was bad.11:42
wgrantSo it tried to do a search, which timed out.11:42
mvowgrant: aha, that explains it11:42
wgrantIt's /trunk, not /devel11:43
mvowgrant: oh? I wanted to target  lp:unity-scope-click/devel11:43
wgrantYou specified ~ubuntuone-control-tower/unity-scope-click/devel, but it's trunk, not devel11:44
wgrantThe alias is lp:unity-scope-click/devel11:44
wgrantlp:unity-scope-click, in fact11:44
cjwatsonRight, don't be misled by the practice in click and mir and a few others11:45
wgrantlp:unity-scope-click/devel is another branch entirely11:45
cjwatsonNot everything uses the devel series11:45
wgrantSo there's trunk and devel separately.11:45
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cjwatsonThe projects that don't mind CI Train taking over their changelog entirely and making up its own version numbers just use a single trunk11:45
mvowgrant: thanks again, now I understand why I was confused and why LP timed out in the search11:49
wgrantWell, the timeout is a bug.11:49
wgrantBut it'll only fall back to searching if the given name doesn't exist.11:50
mvoyeah, I didn't noticed that it was a different branch entirely11:50
compholiowgrant: would you mind looking into why https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/wine/master-git isn't updating?16:50
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dobeyhmm, i guess i'll have to wait a few more hours to get some more direct help with a very weird issue i'm having on lp18:04
dobey"Constraint not satisfied" is certainly an interestingly uninformative error18:39
czajkowskidobey: at least wgrant will be up soon20:28
dobeyi think i need to just file a bug actually. i think i understand /why/ the UI is being all weird now, but the UI is being all weird.20:29
dobeyof course, it might not get fixed :-/20:30
czajkowskiif the UI is being weird chances are mpt has already filed a bug :)20:31
czajkowskiand it's waiting to be fixed20:31
czajkowskidobey: also evening how's things?20:31
dobeyevening :)20:31
dobeythings are hectic as always :P20:32
czajkowskidobey: what are you working on these days ?20:35
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dobeyclick scope20:35
wgrantdobey: You haven't specified what the very weird issue is.21:59
ehooverwgrant: would you mind looking to see why https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/wine/master-git isn't updating?23:33
wgrantehoover: Looking23:33
wgrantehoover: Fixed.23:43
ehooverwgrant: sweet, thank you23:50

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