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john_ramboFirefox is installed ....I need another browser ...leaving Chromium and Opera is there any lightweight browser which wont pull a lot of deps like Epiphany ?03:09
geniiMaybe midori03:30
TenPlus1Hi folks, are there any Devs handy ?08:05
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dropbox-lxdehello. I need dropbox for lxde btw. lubuntu 14.0416:08
dropbox-lxdethe browser-version did not work as it should16:08
dropbox-lxdethere is an extension for nautilus, but lxde is using pcman as file-programm, right? What did i need then?16:09
leszekdropbox-lxde: you can install the dropbox application which comes with a dropboxd (daemon). With the command dropbox start it will start a normal tray icon16:15
leszek(after the installation of dropbox itself)16:15
dropbox-lxdeleszek: and where is this dropboxd? http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=dropboxd&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all16:18
wxl!info dropbox16:18
ubottuPackage dropbox does not exist in trusty16:18
wxl!search dropbox16:18
leszekdropbox-lxde: you need to download it from the official site16:20
wxlwell that's weird16:20
dropbox-lxdeleszek: the software from the homepage looks exactly like the one from the official repo: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/nautilus-dropbox16:22
leszekdropbox-lxde: could be so. I only used the official homepage one. Like I said you install dropbox first with dropbox -i and then you can start the tray icon by executing dropbox start. So you don't need to install nautilus or anything. It should then automatically start syncing and it should even open up pcmanfm as it is the default filemanager16:24
wxldropbox-lxde: if you don't want the deb for some reason, scroll down on that dropbox page and install from the command line. that is meant for server usage.16:24
leszekwxl: ah ok xD. Now I see its ages ago I installed dropbox. They only had that script before16:25
dropbox-lxdewxl: no, i its not the deb. Its because of the automatic updates.16:26
wxldropbox-lxde: you're losing me here.16:26
dropbox-lxdeleszek: and how can i install it so that i dont have to use the terminal to get able to use dropbox?16:27
wxldropbox-lxde: install the deb if you don't want to use the terminal16:27
dropbox-lxdethe deb from the dropbox page is not same as the package from repository? Because when i look at the version numbers and so on it looks like same package16:28
wxlversion numbers don't mean the same package16:28
wxlpackages contain versions of programs, but that doesn't mean they contain the same contents16:29
leszekdropbox-lxde: dropbox updates itself btw.16:30
leszekit has its own update mechanism16:31
dropbox-lxdeleszek: ah, okay16:31
leszekdropbox-lxde: you can create a desktop file with the exec line "dropbox start" in it for an dropbox icon16:31
dropbox-lxdeleszek: wxl told me, that this is only neccecery when not installing from homepage.16:32
leszekdropbox-lxde: mine dropbox.desktop file looks like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7489222/16:32
leszekdropbox-lxde: yeah that can be16:33
leszekI am not sure as I installed it long ago were there were only install scripts and no debs on the homepage16:33
wllrtHello. I am running lubuntu 13.10 and my printer does not appear. I recall inputting someting in terminal for cups, I don't quite remember the command. Can anyone help?16:58
wxlwllrt: did you install the printer?16:58
wllrtwxl: This is a network printer.16:59
wxlwllrt: again, did you install the printer/16:59
wllrtwxl: No16:59
wxlwllrt: then that's why it doesn't appear16:59
wllrtwxl: Talk about the brain farts to end all brain farts. Thank you. :)17:02
wxlwllrt: np17:02
onlaI heard I should use chrome as a browser cus it has the most updated builtin flash player20:24
onlachromium not20:24
onlaor firefox20:24
onlaalso I have this problem trying to get hearthstone to work with playonlinux+wine. GL: failed to choose pixel format for dc 2d004b when trying to play. Saw someone having same issue and they asked him about his video card details "my guess would be either that you don't have the Direct3D library override installed, or else your video card drivers aren't loaded."20:26
onlabut they never answered to the helper. I tried ask them but no answer. I wonder if I could try install some video drivers for my radeon 6850.. I have not installed any20:27
onlahttp://www.playonlinux.com/en/topic-11550-1.html 3rd from bottom I have same prob20:27
Theory``is it common when for the installation of lubuntu to just freeze...when i boot my computer to the cd-rom it asks me if i want to try lubuntu without installing or install...and when i hit install lubuntu...it just does nothing20:36
Theory``i have tried to do this from a cd and a bootable usb drive20:36
Theory``both do the exact same thing20:36
silverliondid u check md5?20:42
silverlionsounds like a corrupt live version20:42
Theory``i have not20:43
Theory``how is that done please20:44
silverlionTheory``: try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM20:45
Theory``check sums are the same20:52
Theory``this is what i have20:58
silverlionare u positive, that u dont need 64bit?20:58
Theory``will 32 bit not run on a 64bit computer?20:59
silverlionTheory``: that is what I am thinking20:59
silverlionit could be a reason why it freezes21:00
Theory``it has ubuntu on it now..32-bit21:00
Theory``but ubuntu 13.10 is so sluggish...21:00
Theory``i was trying to get lubuntu because its lighter21:00
silverlionTheory``: it is21:00
Theory``i haven't seen this problem before21:00
silverlionbut ianorlin might be able to help you more then I am able to21:00
silverlionI am a noob to lubuntu myself21:01
Theory``oh ok21:01
Theory``ianorlin, i made a live bootable cd..when i click install lubuntu, the screen goes black and nothing else happens21:01
Theory``ianorlin, so i made a bootable usb, same exact thing happens.21:01
onlafor me to try install proprietary video drivers, I need to have "Kernel headers or kernel sources matching version of the kernel you're running." I tried to google how I get those, and I found this. Is this linux-source what I need? http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/installing-full-kernel-source-ubuntu-linux/21:02
Theory``silverlion, maybe not21:04
Theory``silverlion, ;)21:04
silverlionTheory``: then i can only direct you to the ubuntu forums21:05
Theory``silverlion, no luck there.21:05
Theory``silverlion, i appreciate your time21:05
silverlionTheory``: tried askubuntu?21:05
silverlionthere are a lot of devs present21:05
silverlionmight help you more21:05
Theory``where is that located21:05
silverlionTheory``: try askubuntu.com ;)21:07
onlawhat does it mean in linux when I am sometimes guided to run binaries with ./binary instead of just binary?21:12
silverlion./ means "execute a binary in terminal" ;)21:12
onlahave this video drivers installer file.run that I am gonna run but it seems I don't need to type in the whole name with ./d<tab> but with d<tab> it doesn't come up21:12
onlahmm I guess I can run it with ./ eventhough the installer should have a gui21:13
silverliononla : you always need to type at least 3 characters to be certain that the file is found21:14
silverlionthat's how I do handle it21:14

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