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justCarakasGood morning all05:47
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ahayzenpopey, o/08:07
* nik90_ is here08:07
dholbachpopey, hippie08:07
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1319373 in Ubuntu Calendar App "AP test fails on flo, image #22 " [Undecided,Confirmed]08:08
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1319382 in Ubuntu Calendar App "apparmor denials during autopilot testing" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:08
balloonsso let's talk about these ^^08:08
nik90_dpm: do you have the link to the ci landing train spreadsheet?08:15
nik90_charles: can you please ping me when you come online..we have some things to discuss08:20
DanChapmanGood Morning08:49
Mirvso if anyone wants to give that new qtpim snapshot a run, it's at ppa:ci-train-ppa-service/landing-00508:52
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nik90_t1mp: ping08:54
Mirvnik90_: he was just here, but now disappeared08:54
nik90_Mirv: thnx..nothing too urgent...I will catch him soon :)08:57
Pankajhello ubuntu gods08:59
mhall119hellp pan09:01
mhall119tab-failed, because he left :(09:01
mhall119dpm: ^^ right?09:09
t1mpnik90_: pong09:09
dpmyeah, exactly, and just for reference, another URL I use: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps/+bugs?field.tag=bitesize09:09
dholbachcore apps review notes here: http://pad.ubuntu.com/QgdGF04rkJ09:10
vthompsdholbach: Could you repost the etherpad?09:15
dholbachvthomps, http://pad.ubuntu.com/QgdGF04rkJ09:15
dpmballoons, http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/devel/ubuntu-14.10/python/autopilot-emulator/09:42
mihirpopey: ping !!09:58
mihirpopey: any inputs on this branch , https://code.launchpad.net/~mihirsoni/ubuntu-calendar-app/limitFunctionality09:58
ahayzenpopey, when u get a moment, do you think https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bug/1274302 is related/caused by https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/128980410:11
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1274302 in Ubuntu Music App "music app consuming a lot of CPU on mako" [Undecided,New]10:11
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1289804 in Ubuntu Music App "Foreground app consuming lots of memory" [High,Triaged]10:11
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nik90_ahayzen: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/130906510:31
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1309065 in Ubuntu Clock App "Memory leak in clock 395 on #302 mako" [Undecided,New]10:31
nik90_ahayzen: seems like we have a common issue10:31
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ahayzennik90_, http://pad.ubuntu.com/QgdGF04rkJ11:56
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popeyballoons: http://popey.com/~alan/com.ubuntu.dropping-letters_0.
ahayzent1mp, ping13:13
nik90_charles: ping13:16
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nik90_rpadovani: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7488564/13:40
nik90_t1mp: In case zsombor is next to you, could you please let me him know of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/132088513:46
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1320885 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "TextField ignore all text placement rules" [Undecided,New]13:46
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nello92i'm trying to package a .click file to let users use my website on a webapp13:51
nello92anyone who can help me?13:52
nello92already got app.desktop, app.json and manifest.json reay13:52
nello92really useful IRC if i have to say :D13:54
popeyballoons: trying to run ap tests on filemanager trunk, and it's failing on a couple...13:55
* popey pastebins13:55
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popeyballoons: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7488636/13:56
balloonspopey, yes, so we should talk about that and calendar13:59
balloonsI believe (for calendar I'm 100% sure) the app is going whitescreen (so crashing?) during the tests13:59
balloonsrobotfuel can talk more about filemanager as well13:59
popeyyes it goes white during tests balloons14:00
popeyi observed that14:00
balloonspopey, yep so I believe the qml needs fixed14:02
balloonswe have a lot of property null errors, etc that should be solved14:04
charlesnik90_, pong14:04
nik90_charles: hi14:05
nik90_charles: I was talking to tvoss earlier and he has added his alarms MP to the CI landing sheet line 3214:05
charlesnik90_: sorry I didn't respond to your pings last week, I was out sick and my freenode nick got reset, losing the "/away" flag14:05
nik90_charles: oh no worries. How are you doing now?14:06
charlesglad to not be asleep =)14:06
charleswrt alarms, I am going to be working on that this morning, right now I'm digging through pings & mail14:06
nik90_charles: tvoss told me that your MP is also required. So can you add your MP to the the same landing silo? This way we can test if alarms work even while phone is in deep sleep?14:06
charlesthis was supposed to be merged last week but I got nothing done on Tues-Fri, so it's behind14:06
nik90_charles: I am at the sprint, so trying to get that landed this week14:07
charlesnik90_: yep, landing that is at the top of my TODO as well14:07
popeyvthompson: ahayzen http://paste.ubuntu.com/7488673/ music app on Nexus 1014:07
charlesnik90_, will you be there next week as well?14:07
ahayzenpopey, thanks14:08
ahayzenpopey, 'Failed to start a new media-hub player session' sounds a bit suspicious14:08
nik90_charles: no unfortunately :(14:09
nik90_charles: ok..I just wanted to inform you about the landing silo. So whenever you are ready, you can add your MP to it so that we can land it14:09
charlesnik90_, ack14:09
popeyvthompson: balloons http://paste.ubuntu.com/7488689/  unity8 log from filemanager14:09
nik90_charles: One more thing about the alarms, I am almost done with adding support for alarm sounds. Once it is ready I will let you know.14:10
nik90_charles: and then the only thing remaining would be to add that support to indicator-datetime instead of hardcodding the current ringtone14:10
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popeyballoons: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7488795/14:37
ahayzenkalikiana_, ping14:38
kalikiana_ahayzen: pong14:40
ahayzenkalikiana_, i'm using your new sortFilterModel :) it works as expected on mediascanner2 models but was wondering if you have to do something different on a U1DB query to sort it?14:40
kalikiana_ahayzen: cool14:41
ahayzenkalikiana_, eg if I have recent : { time: 1 } ... that then has an index of recent.time ...do i then set the sort.property to time, contents.time, recent.time?14:41
ahayzenkalikiana_, because i'm struggling to get it to sort on the U1DB query14:42
kalikiana_ahayzen: there's a u1db branch to support it, but it was on hold while the SortFilterModel was being reviewed14:42
kalikiana_one second14:42
ahayzenkalikiana_, ah thanks14:42
kalikiana_ahayzen: this one https://code.launchpad.net/~kalikiana/u1db-qt/indexRoles/+merge/21177114:43
ahayzenkalikiana_, ah thanks so once the filter lands in the UITK that can then be reviewed?14:43
ahayzenkalikiana_, do you know when the sortFilterModel is going to be in the image?14:44
kalikiana_ahayzen: there's a new image on the way right now which I think should have it14:45
ahayzenkalikiana_, awesome :)14:45
kalikiana_I will update that branch to add an example using the SortFilterModel14:45
ahayzenkalikiana_, thanks that would be useful14:45
kalikiana_but basically something like sort.role: "foo" should work now if your index has expression: ["foo"]14:46
ahayzenkalikiana_, so for my index expression ["recent.time"] i should set sort to "recent.time"?14:47
kalikiana_just "time", qml doesn't like dots in role names14:47
ahayzenkalikiana_, cool :)14:48
kalikiana_if you'd like to test the branch on the desktop, any feedback on whether it works well is welcome14:48
ahayzenkalikiana_, cool i'll have a go, do u have an easy way to build u1db-qt?14:50
kalikiana_ahayzen: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kalikiana/u1db-qt/hackingDocs/view/head:/HACKING14:52
ahayzenkalikiana_, awesome thanks14:53
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ahayzenkalikiana_, hmm i haven't been successful in sorting them yet :/ As it is a Date() object should i force it to a string before saving and then try sorting that instead?15:30
kalikiana_ahayzen: ah sorry I should've mentioned it for clarity. this supports basic types like strings and numbers. I don't think a Date will work15:31
kalikiana_can you use a timestamp instead?15:32
ahayzenkalikiana_, ok that makes sense, i'll try making it a ISO string or something and see if that works15:32
kalikiana_yeah that should do15:33
ahayzenkalikiana_, sorry where does U1Db stores its dbs again?15:35
ahayzenkalikiana_, found it no worries15:35
ahayzenkalikiana_, hmm they are still appearing randomly, this is my RecentStorage which i then use getModel() to put the model into a listview http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7489035/15:44
PaoloRotoloHi all!15:49
PaoloRotoloHi nik90_ :)15:50
nik90_PaoloRotolo: Hey15:50
nik90_PaoloRotolo: how is it going15:50
PaoloRotolonik90_: fine, thanks. Just 2 weeks and I'll be free from school \o/15:50
nik90_PaoloRotolo: oh ... summer vacation eh... enjoy!15:51
PaoloRotolonik90_: ty :D15:51
PaoloRotoloBTW, can I start working on clock new design? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Clock/Design15:51
PaoloRotolonik90_: have we got a final concept to apply?15:52
nik90_PaoloRotolo: We haven't yet finalised on the clock app design there unfortunately15:53
nik90_PaoloRotolo: we apparently have some official designs being provided by canonical designers soon.15:53
nik90_PaoloRotolo: so I am currently waiting on that15:53
PaoloRotolonik90_: cool :D15:53
nik90_PaoloRotolo: but when I get them, I will let you know asap.15:54
PaoloRotolonik90_: thanks! Actually I'm looking for a bug at my level :)15:56
nik90_PaoloRotolo: I am currently in the sprint. I will try to get some bugs for you. We were triaging them earlier in the day.15:56
PaoloRotolonik90_: thanks again :)15:57
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kalikiana_ahayzen: hmm at a glance your code looks good. would you mind attaching it to https://bugs.launchpad.net/u1db-qt/+bug/1266529 as a test case? I need to try it out but I'm about to leave for dinner soon16:07
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1266529 in U1DB Qt/ QML "Allow sorting results in a Query" [Medium,Triaged]16:08
ahayzenkalikiana_, hah same u at the sprint as well?16:08
kalikiana_ahayzen: oh indeed16:09
ahayzenkalikiana_, awesome, maybe it would be easier to meet up at some point, i still need to figure out the best way of doing playlists as well16:10
popey\o/ 3rd floor 18:4516:10
kalikiana_irc should have some sort of badges showing who's on the sprint :-P16:10
kalikiana_ahayzen: let's see tomorrow and we'll pick a time16:12
ahayzenkalikiana_, yeah i'll ping you tomorrow morning :)16:12
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AskUbuntuProviding updates for submitted apps for Ubuntu desktop | http://askubuntu.com/q/46927118:18
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