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veebersthomi: query: is there a bug or more docs re: the "DBusIntrospectionObect custom name support" ticket? Or is that part of the scoping work?09:28
thomiveebers: there's no bug09:28
veebersack, cheers09:28
thomitnt-team: https://code.launchpad.net/~thomir/autopilot/temp-dev-fix-vis/+merge/22000610:05
nik90_elopio: hey, sry I forgot but which package command runs both pyflakes and pep8 checks on a file?13:56
elopionik90_: flake814:00
nik90_elopio: ah yes..thnx14:00
balloonsbarry, you are an author no less on the pep8 style guide14:20
nik90_barry: https://imgur.com/QHcDrg0 -----> pep8 acting weird, any recommendations :P ?14:22
thominik90_: newline after '('14:23
thomiand you'll be fine :)14:23
thomibarry: is it just me, or are there *no* GUI cProfile viewers that work with profile dumps made from python 3? this seems like a massive hole in python 3's coverage14:23
balloonsty for seeing the details thomi :-)14:25
barryballoons: i am!14:33
balloonsbarry, I've never been more impressed :-)14:34
barrynik90_: well, i'd say that for the construct starting on line 118, pep 8 doesn't apply. :)14:34
balloonsbarry, thomi helped allow pep8 to arrange it the way I wanted, so it was nice14:35
barryballoons: oh wait, i will burst your balloon.  i wrote PEP 8, not pep8 :)14:35
barryi.e. the pep not the tool14:35
barryi have mixed feelings about pep8 the tool14:36
balloonsbarry, yes of course.. no bubble is burst. The PEP is the accomplishment14:36
nik90_barry: I fixed it with https://imgur.com/hoXvNQd...but pep8 complains while ninja-ide is perfectly fine14:36
cgoldbergnik90_, autopep8 ftw ;)14:37
barrypersonally, i think it's crazy that pep8 complains about this.  big nested data structures aren't really within the scope of PEP 8, i'd say with my author's hat on.14:37
balloonsbarry, I would be most impressed if the 80 char limit was 100 or 12014:39
barryballoons: yeah, remember guido and i are old school emacsers.  :)14:39
balloonsbarry, yes, but you've displayed such foresight in your other statements14:40
nik90_balloons: https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/fix-pep8-errors/+merge/22007915:08

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