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josemhall119: ping13:35
mhall119jose: pong13:35
josemhall119: I saw an event change in my inbox, what was it?13:35
joseI can't seem to track it13:35
mhall119jose: for the UE Live!?13:36
mhall119not that I made...13:37
joseoh well13:37
josemaybe it was an update for an unchanged event13:37
josehappens sometimes13:37
mhall119maybe, we don't have it this week anyway, since we're on alternating weeks now13:38
mhall119jose: you should ask jono if he's doing his Q&A though, since we're at a sprint13:38
josemhall119: oh, I know, he cancelled it in our call last week :)13:38
josethanks for the heads up, though :)13:38
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