pittiGood morning05:38
didrockshey Sweet5hark!07:02
Sweet5harkdidrocks: heya. ;)07:02
didrockshow are you? ready for Malta?07:03
Sweet5harkdidrocks: all prepared and ready to go ;) -- are you already there?07:04
didrocksSweet5hark: no, only coming the second week as well07:04
didrocksso no week-end on the sand!07:04
Sweet5harkdidrocks: oh, one thing is still missing: some slides for my idea on how to make all Ubuntu an image for the win. ;)07:05
didrocksSweet5hark: I'm finishing some juju investigation (hopefully today, maybe a little tomorrow), and then, I'll write some slides on what I think we should do to make ubuntu the rocking android and cloud dev platform!07:06
* didrocks likes and is excited about the topic! :)07:06
RAOFSweet5hark: Oooh, you're the system-image dudeikins?07:07
didrockshey RAOF! you will be in Malta next week as well, right?07:09
RAOFYes indeedy!07:09
didrockswill be nice to see you! :)07:10
Sweet5harkRAOF: well, "system image" sounds wrong to me as I wouldnt make a separation between "system" and "other" ;)07:10
RAOFdidrocks: Likewise!07:10
RAOFSweet5hark: Well, I do need to keep some non-image data around, too :)07:11
didrockswho needs those :)07:11
didrocksyou just need a login and password07:11
didrocksand everything will be in the cloud :p07:11
RAOFStill needs the cloud configuration! :P07:12
didrocksoh my! ;-)07:12
Sweet5harkRAOF: sure, separating data out -- but I would separate between e.g. "base system" and "applications".07:12
* Sweet5hark graps caffeine ...07:13
* RAOF is not sure how that would work, but will be excited to find out!07:13
Sweet5harkdidrocks: FWIW I think I have a build fixing bug 1296715 and bug 1219245 on trusty, so its likely SRU time soon ...07:15
ubot5bug 1296715 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "Menu items are greyed out in Libreoffice menu." [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/129671507:15
ubot5bug 1219245 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "soffice.bin crashed with SIGSEGV in ImplDevFontListData::~ImplDevFontListData()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121924507:15
didrocksI guess that's for RAOF? I'm happily not on the SRU team :p07:16
* didrocks should drop his MIR duty as well07:17
Sweet5harkdidrocks: 'soon' means likely around next week for LibreOffice ;) -- there is an upstream point release update in the mix too, and there was upstream work on -kde integration, which was why I dropped a revert on the broken -kde state. Unfortuneately, with the point release the upstream state is still worse for -kde than with the revert ...07:20
didrocksSweet5hark: ahah, I did remember having some "fun" for the cycle I maintained OOo at the time with the -kde part :)07:21
didrocksdo you know if people using the -kde flavor or just use bare LibreOffice, even on KDE?07:21
* Sweet5hark mumbles "kill it with fire" ...07:22
didrocksoh, it's in that great state? :)07:22
Sweet5harkdidrocks: people on kde use the kde plugin, not the bare libreoffice one (which would have a Windows 95 feel on pure X11)07:23
Sweet5harkdidrocks: they _could_ use the -gtk plugin on kde though and it would look decent.07:23
didrocksSweet5hark: and the -gtk -> -qt theming doesn't make it look even more kdeish?07:24
didrocksIIRC, they have quite a good support for gtk apps under kde look&feel07:25
Sweet5harkdidrocks: anyway, there are two people with kde-knowhow doing work on it upstream now (jmux from Munich and llunak from Collabora), so this should improve -- but unlikely to do so much for libreoffice 4.207:25
Sweet5harkdidrocks: yeah, the look wouldnt be the issue IMHO. But does e.g. kubuntu ship gnome libs? I really dont know ...07:26
didrockswell, glib for sure :)07:26
didrockshey Laney! how was your week-end?08:02
pittihey Laney08:02
pittibonjour didrocks08:02
pittimoin Sweet5hark08:02
Laneyhey hey08:03
Laneyit was extremely sunny (by my standards anyway)08:03
Laney→ milkshakes in the sunshine08:03
didrocksguten morgen pitti!08:03
didrocksLaney: oh nice! :)08:03
seb128hey Laney didrocks pitti08:04
seb128how are you?08:04
pittibonjour seb12808:04
Sweet5harkpitti: heya!08:04
pittiseb128: je vais bien, merci ! nous avons eu un bon week-end08:04
Laneythen some climbing, one or two beers and a nice bike ride yesterday including a hill that i was too scared to go down at full speed08:04
Laneywhat about you (all)?08:04
pittij'attends avec impatience à vous recontrer vendredi !08:04
Laneyoh also I'm on crappy 3g because my broadband has a fault this morning08:04
* Laney lags uot08:04
didrocksLaney: when to 2 museums this week-end (it was the european night of museum). Was ok, but not that exciting TBH :)08:05
seb128pitti, pareil !08:07
Laneydidrocks: oh, that's a shame!08:10
LaneyI didn't hear about that08:10
didrocksLaney: I saw that some days ago in the newspapers08:11
Sweet5harkseb128:  Hey, I think I have fixed bug 1296715!08:12
ubot5bug 1296715 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "Menu items are greyed out in Libreoffice menu." [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/129671508:12
seb128Sweet5hark, hey, nice!08:12
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ogra_seb128, do you know if/what could process  XDG dirs (like Downloads, Video etc ) on login ? we i have seen it a few times that these dirs are non-existent on a phone boot ... yet they are created at image build time09:44
ogra_(so i assume something touches them on session start=09:45
seb128ogra_, xdg-user-dirs(-gtk)09:45
ogra_is that run regardless ?09:45
seb128regardless ov what?09:46
seb128http://freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/xdg-user-dirs/ for details09:46
ogra_well, we dont really run a standard session start on the phone09:46
seb128it's an autostart desktop entry09:46
ogra_right, which we dont process i think09:46
seb128so maybe some random apps create those09:47
ogra_(thats why i ask :) )09:47
seb128like gallery09:47
seb128but what you wrote doesn't make sense09:47
ogra_hmm, but that wouldnt remove all of them09:47
seb128they are on the image09:47
seb128but removed at boot?09:47
seb128yeah, dunno about that, nothing deletes those dirs09:47
LaneyXsession.d runs xdg-user-dirs-update09:47
ogra_thats what we run during build time09:48
ogra_and usually people still have these dirs09:48
ogra_but sometimes i get reports where they are gone09:48
ogra_with the same image where they exist for others09:48
ogra_so some race removes them i guess ...09:49
seb128gone or renamed?09:49
seb128xdg-user-dirs-update is supposed to rename those to their localized version09:49
seb128but it does prompt through a GTK UI iirc09:49
seb128so I would expect that to fail/do nothing on the phone09:49
ogra_right for the renaming we ship /usr/share/upstart/sessions/xdg-dirs.conf09:50
seb128k, no idea what is happening htne09:50
seb128is anyone seeing those removed with content?09:50
seb128like having their photos or music wipped out at some random boot?09:51
ogra_on first boot09:51
ogra_so no, no content then09:51
seb128only on first boot?09:51
ogra_well, thats usually when people contact me :)09:51
ogra_davmor2 is just opening a bug now ... he just saw it09:52
seb128well, at least we don't have cases of users having their datas erased after a random reboot09:52
ogra_nope, thats usually after a fresh install09:52
ogra_at least for now nobody complained to me about removed data  :)09:52
seb128do we have any log showing if those ever existed?09:52
seb128like are they missing09:52
seb128or is something deleting them on login?09:52
ogra_we know that others that flash the same image have them09:52
ogra_thats what i suspect09:53
seb128and it's first boot09:53
seb128like no special tweak09:53
seb128so random behaviour09:53
ogra_seems to also only be a small fraction of people09:53
ogra_but i hear about it once every two weeks or so09:54
* ogra_ will put it in the heisenbug category for now ... and wait til someone sees it again 09:55
ogra_i was just hoping you have an immediate idea or some such :)09:55
seb128yeah, I don't, sorry10:01
ogra_no worries10:02
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Laney"<arch> build of …" emails are scary15:54
Laneyjust after doing a distro upload, but the relief when you see it's someone else's upload to a team ppa is nice15:54
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didrocksahah ;)16:07
didrocksI find the other way around worse16:07
didrockslike you upload some testing stuff to a ppa16:08
didrocksand you see the same source uploaded to the distro around the same time16:08
didrocksand just think "did I dput correctly?"16:08
Laneyhaha yes16:10
Laneyfortunately both are pretty rare :P16:10
didrocksyep ;)16:10
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ryali1234, nothing that i'm aware of... a week or two ago i attempted to change the volume group name, and even though i updated fstab and i thought everything else relevant it rebooted to initramfs saying it couldn't find the ubuntu--vg-root, but i was able to use the lvm utility within initramfs and simply change the volume group back -- prior to this the system was still asking for my pw on boot though, which is why i was able19:06
ry to change the volume group -- currently it's not asking for the pw and as a result there is nothing to se but a single encrypted sda3 (lvm is within the dmcrypted partition)19:06
ali1234have you tried putting the vg name back?19:06
ryi changed itback originally, and have not attempted to change it again since19:06
rythat was a good two weeks before this issue19:07
ali1234perhaps it is something to do with initrds19:07
ali1234it could be related to the vg stuff19:08
rywhat controls the boot process on that level? -- when you have a full disk crypto ubuntu install and it prompts you for a pw during the boot, what prompts you for the pw? (becuse that is what -isn't- happening anymore)19:08
ali1234but the problem might not have happened until the next kernel update rebuilt the initrds19:08
ali1234all that stuff is in the initrd afaik19:08
ali1234which is rebuilt on kernel update from various config files19:08
ali1234more than that i do not know19:08
* ry searches for initrd_for_dummies.pdf19:08
ali1234the command is update-initramfs19:09
ali1234i've never used disk encryption though19:09
ali1234do yo have multiple kernels installed at the grub menu? try booting an older one if so?19:10
ryi think i just had the one it was using and a *-recovery one19:10
ryi tried all the options19:10
ali1234that's probably not it then19:11
ryi did try a live cd,and chrooting the sda3 after i decrypted it and then running update-initramfs (based on some reference articles/posts i found)19:11
rybut nothing worked19:11
ryi'm sure at this point it was in large part due to my lack of understanding of initramfs19:11
ali1234initramfs is a tiny root filesystem with just enough stuff to boot the real system19:11
ali1234it is the envorinment you are inside when it fails to boot19:12
ali1234that is all in ram19:12
ryi was unable to do anything useful from it, other than being able to change the lvm volume group in one occasion19:12
ali1234you should be able to examine some log files at least... like dmesg19:12
ryi guessed that much by the lack of logs and read only filesystem19:12
rythe one thing i didn't think of was dmesg19:13
ryi looked for logs but couldn't find any under initramfs19:13
ali1234it should say something about being unable to mount the root partition...19:13
ali1234try different vts too19:13
ali1234(alt-f1 to 12)19:13
ali1234sometimes the log is written directly to the vt, but not the default one19:13
rywell vts?19:13
ryforgive the focus19:14
rythat is where i was left19:14
ali1234yeah, press alt-f1, alt-f2, alt-f3 etc up to alt-f1219:14
ali1234the real log can be hidden on a different one19:14
rylol damn19:15
* ry makes note19:15
ry(hopefully that is mentioned in initrd_for_dummies.pdf)19:15
ali1234oh, did you do anything like install virtualbox or nvidia drivers, or other drivers like that?19:17
ali1234those will all cause the initrd to be rebuilt19:18
ali1234i'm pretty sure this is caused by the wrong vg name being stuck somewhere19:18
ryit's very possible that is what happened... i'm using the latest nvidia drivers for the nvs5400m w/ bumblebee and i also have zfsonlniux and vmware workstation installed... so it's likely during an update one of the modules updated the kernel19:19
ryi have no experience with full disk crypto, even less with LUKS19:20
ali1234kernel modules live in the initrd too, so updating them updates the initrd19:20
ali1234neither do it19:20
ryother than blowing up my poor thinkpad t430's ubuntu 14.04 install i like it so far19:21
ryi never thought i'd see the day where i was almost ok with using unity19:21
ryafter endless attempts at making gnome-fallback not suck on 14.04 i refused to switch back to 12.04 so i figured i'd try to make unity work19:22
ryalso... once i noticed you could modify UI elements using CSS that definitely added weight to my decisino19:22
ali1234i heartily recommend xubuntu19:22
rythe only thing i really can't stand is the "top bar" or whatever the gnome-panel equivalent on unity is called that can't be hidden/window dodged or removed19:23
ali1234just don't try to install it at the same time as unity (tedg: hint hint)19:23
ryi also tried xubuntu but absolutely hated what they did with it19:23
ali1234you can easily configure it back to a standard panel19:23
rythough i installed the non-ubuntu corrupted xfce4 on a ubuntu 14.04 server i setup over the weekend and i'm fine with that over xrdp at least19:23
ali1234in fact i wrote a piece of software specifically for this purpose19:23
ali1234if you run it with my configuration, you get a gnome2-like config, instantly19:24
rybased on what i saw with xubuntu 14.04 i figured i could eventually make it work but this is literally days of trying to fight with getting gnome-fallback working again, and i just needed a usable system to get some other stuff done19:24
ryshould of come in here during this time19:25
ryi star'ed it, i'll test this out asap19:25
ali1234the idea is this would eventually be run on first install of xubuntu, and you can then pick a panel type19:26
ali1234but we need someone to write a gui for it19:26
rydoes compiz work alright on xfce4 under ubuntu 14.04?19:26
ali1234meh... not really19:26
ali1234xfwm has ezoom now, so why even try to use compiz?19:27
ryi still have a rather limited understanding of how all the gui-related components come together honestly19:27
ryezoom, the equal to full desktop zoom?19:27
rythats one of the primary things i care about lol19:28
* ry adds to list19:28
ali1234tat's the only thing most people really miss from compiz... the rest of it is just eye candy... nobody *needs* desktop cube19:28
ali1234zooming is important accessibility feature though19:28
ryoh yeah, i use the 2x2 expo/wall19:29
rycube was cool for like 5 seconds back when i think it was part of "beryl" or something like that19:29
ryi'm sure in my old age wobbly windows would give me motion sickness or something19:29
ali1234we don't have expo unfortunately19:29
rymaybe i'm calling it the wrong thing19:29
ali1234no, i know what you mean - we don't have it19:30
ali1234windows-e right?19:30
ali1234like zooming out and showing all workspaces19:30
ryyeah i guess all the features related to that are nice but not absolutely essential19:30
ryi rarely use it19:31
ryas long as i can move windows around between a 2x2 panel i'm good19:31
ryalt+clicking on a window to be able to grab it anywhere and move it is nice too (though i'm not sure if thats related to compiz)19:32
rygoing back several years i knew i'd have to give up gnome 2.x at some point, and xfce has always been the alternative, i was surprised when gnome-fallback started becoming usable19:33
rygnome-flashback (the one that is part of the gnome-shell rather than unity) was pretty much worthless from what i remember19:33
ali1234alt+drag is in all window managers that i know of, it'sa standard19:33
ali1234gnome flashback isn't so bad, if you know how to use t... you have to hold alt and right click the panel to get the old menus19:33
ali1234then it's just like old times19:34
ali1234doesn't work too well with compiz though19:34
ryi tried that on the new one when i was first trying to get ubuntu 14.04 setup19:34
ryit still works on unity's gnome-fallback, but the one that installs with gnome-shell had no such features19:35
ali1234yeah, there's two different fallback options now19:35
ali1234flashback, which is gnome-panel, and fallback, which is gnome shell made up to look a bit like gnome-panel but with none of the features19:35
ali1234and all the drawbacks :(19:36
ali1234you can guess which one gnome officially supports19:36
rythe useless one i'm sure19:36
YokoZarIs it intended that the drums now sound when the screen locks due to inactivity?19:40
ali1234i would guess not, and it's a side effect of using the same code for the lock screen and the login screen19:41
ali1234but i don't really know19:41
ali1234ie that sounds very much like a side-effect of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/87883619:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 878836 in unity-greeter (Ubuntu) "[FFe] Unity Greeter - Use Unity Greeter to fulfil lock screen as well as login functions" [High,Triaged]19:44
robert_ancelldesrt, have you started any gtk-mir code? I started work on a branch yesterday19:57
YokoZarali1234: I agree, filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-greeter/+bug/132099920:00
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1320999 in unity-greeter (Ubuntu) "Drums sound when screen locks" [Undecided,New]20:00
desrtrobert_ancell: was double-long weekend here, but i managed to get mir going in jhbuild21:27
desrtrobert_ancell: did you push your branch to gnome.org yet?21:27
robert_ancelldesrt, no21:27
robert_ancelldesrt, where is your branch?21:27
desrtnowhere yet21:28
robert_ancelldesrt, whats the convention on pushing gnome branches? wip/mir?21:29
desrtya.  that's fine.21:30
desrti think i'm gonna need to do some gtkapplication plumbing21:31
desrti'm on holiday today and in transit to malta tomorrow, but maybe i can do some plane hacking21:31
robert_ancelldesrt, can you push your branch there?21:32
desrton the plane?21:32
robert_ancellto gnome git21:32
desrtof what?21:32
robert_ancelldesrt, oh, you got mir to build using jhbuild.21:33
robert_ancellSo no GTK+ Mir branch right?21:33
desrtthe jhbuild moduleset is not in a 'done' state... the tarball from launchpad needs a fair bit of fixing before its usable21:34
desrtand i can't reupload my fixed tarball.... i'm on extremely spotty train internet21:35
robert_ancelldesrt, so what did you get done?21:35
robert_ancelldesrt, I'm starting the Mir module from scratch, so it might be best to use that and merge in changes from the bzr branch / tarballs21:36
desrthacked up the tarball, figured out which cmake options i need, worked around a lib vs. lib64 issue21:36
desrta lot of the fedora packages aren't quite up to snuff with what we have on ubuntu (and expect from mir)21:36
desrtsome missing features in our google libraries (particularly gflags) and uninstalled bits of the mocking framework for cmake integration21:37
desrt(which apparently is a no-no anyway from what i found search around the net -- depending on system versions of this thing is never how it was supposed to work)21:38

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