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playdoughHow do I get dpkg to not delay ldconfig on a package?  I think it has something to do with triggers, but I'm not sure how to generate my package.05:11
playdoughI put LDCONFIG_NOTRIGGER into a custom postinst, but the standard debhelper doesn't do this.05:11
playdoughAll I have is a .install and let debhelper do the rest.  But when I install the package the ld.so.cache doesn't contain my library.05:11
RAOFplaydough: Why are you putting LDCONFIG_NOTRIGGER in?05:33
playdoughIn order to force ldconfig to run.  Without it, ldconfig defers but never runs.05:34
playdoughDo I need an 'activate ldconfig' in a trigger file in my package?05:34
playdoughI think I may have tracked it down.05:34
playdoughSeems that our components group removed the ldconfig trigger from our internal libc package.05:35
playdoughI presume that when a package calls ldconfig it automatically activates the ldconfig trigger, no?05:36
pittiGood morning05:37
pittiUnit193: ah, thanks for finding out! mind filing a bug against initramfs-tools then?05:37
RAOFplaydough: I think that's right, yes.05:38
playdoughOk.  That makes sense.  Removing the 'interest ldconfig' from libc-bin is causing all packages that invoke ldconfig to be ignored.05:39
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Mirvxnox: (qt without x) no, I don't have a straight answer to how to do that. it would probably need a lot of experimentating with qtbase-opensource-src's debian/rules, to switch from -xcb & -qpa xcb to something else (for arm) and trying builds without X deps09:33
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zbenjaminted: did there anything change in application launching? Its not possible anymore to start applications from QtC.12:38
shadeslayerbdmurray: ping, re https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/1a794f4f0b1fa61aa9916353ae643de6085125fc in kde-workspace, upstream thinks its https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=334152 , but has no fix since they can't reproduce the issue12:52
ubottuKDE bug 334152 in activities "dangeling allActivitiesGroup pointer in useractions.cpp" [Crash,Confirmed]12:52
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tedstgraber, Hmm, is there an sqlite file in ~/.cache/url-dispatcher/ ?13:07
tedstgraber, Hmm, I bet it's because there's no click packages.13:08
stgraberted: yeah, there's a sqlite db in there13:10
tedstgraber, It's probably just getting built after 60 sec when we do the refresh.13:10
stgraberted: though both tables are empty13:10
tedstgraber, That could be if nothing using custom URLs is installed.13:11
stgraberted: any way I can force that refresh somehow? as I have no way to get out of that unity8 session, I've put it on a 20s timeout then it VT switches back to my X session :)13:11
stgraberted: could be though I have the ubuntu-system-settings app in the dash and that one won't start...13:11
tedstgraber, It's a couple Upstart jobs. There's url-dispatcher-refresh that signals url-dispatcher-update13:12
tedstgraber, You can force a url-dispatcher-update13:12
tedstgraber, Is it a new session each time? I'm curious if URL dispatcher is breaking itself, but my only theory there would be if the sqlite file didn't exist.13:13
tedstgraber, On a second login, that should be fixed.13:13
stgraberted: yeah, it's a new session every time (I wipe .cache .local and .config)13:14
stgraberted: I'll add a manual url-dispatcher-update run to my script13:14
tedstgraber, Hmm, I don't see anything obviously wrong :-/13:18
stgraberted: so my guess is that there's simply nothing doing an initial url-dispatcher-update run on first start, so you need to wait 60s before it works. As my session never lasts 60s, then it always fails for me.13:21
tedstgraber, Yeah, that was my theory. But it looks like the service calls the create code correctly, so it should be fine.13:21
tedstgraber, It wouldn't do custom URLs, but the application launching is hard coded.13:22
tedstgraber, I think that error is loading the system settings custom URLs, which would effect the indicators.13:23
tedstgraber, But it doesn't make sense for the white screen apps.13:23
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* ogra_ sees utopic-changes and waits for doko to upload "burn" next 14:23
dokothat's called gcc14:24
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pittixnox: o, I just noticed your autopilot-gtk upload; I'm working on that too ATM, it needs some more adjustmends14:44
xnoxpitti: yeah,14:47
pittixnox: I'm also attempting to move it to py3, but I keep running into errors like http://paste.ubuntu.com/7488613/ ; no idea about that yet (nor has thomi)14:47
xnoxpitti: i was too hasty with it.14:47
xnoxpitti: we don't need autopilot-gtk in python3.14:47
pittiso perhaps I'll propose my py2 fix first, and stash the py3 change, similar to bug 132021114:47
ubottubug 1320211 in ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts (Ubuntu) "port tests to python3" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/132021114:47
pittixnox: well, not "need", but we want to get rid of -legacy ASAP, I figure?14:48
xnoxpitti: we will never get rid of legacy.14:48
xnoxpitti: unity7 will be stuck using it, until we migrate away from unity7.14:48
xnox(due to python2 tests of unity7 using crazy pyrex python2 modules to interface with compiz or some such)14:48
xnox(4 deprecated technologies in one sentence =) )14:49
pittixnox: ok, I have the package build and autopkgtest work with -legacy now14:50
xnoxupload =)14:50
pittixnox: well, MP :)14:50
pittigiving the py3 port ten more minutes before I get frustrated too much :)14:51
xnoxpitti: i figured the r73, failed at figuring out r74 =) looks cool.14:51
pittixnox: yeah, sorry for the double work on r73; I didn't expect you (or someone else) to jump at this14:52
xnoxpitti: it's only blocking like gcc-4.9 from migrating =)14:53
dokogcc-4.9 is blocked by the ppc64el ftbfs14:53
pittiyeah, and blocking my sandbox-run fix, that's how I noticed14:53
pittixnox: https://code.launchpad.net/~pitti/autopilot-gtk/update-tests/+merge/220075 FYI14:57
pittixnox: oh, I just noticed your https://code.launchpad.net/~xnox/autopilot-gtk/fix-ftbfs/+merge/220045 -- yay collisions :/14:58
xnoxpitti: well, mine one can be rejected, but you do want to cherrypick the upload commit, maybe. just a tag.15:00
* xnox should really stop uploading crap that will just be stuck in proposed anyway.15:01
pittixnox: hm, that would look a bit weird in that MP (we don't usually add tags and debian changelogs to MPs)15:01
xnoxit does work.15:02
pittior we could just remove the -proposed upload15:03
xnoxpitti: true, won't be able to reuse the version number though.15:07
seb128bdmurray, ev: something weird is happening on e.u.c daily's view again it seems15:35
seb128the top entry has 48 reports15:36
seb128that seems too low to be realistic15:37
bdmurrayseb128: some javascript was updated recently so maybe try a full refresh?15:42
seb128bdmurray, what do you mean "full refresh"? that's happening in a new browser instance and consistently since this morning15:49
seb128bdmurray, e.g https://errors.ubuntu.com/?release=Ubuntu%2013.10&period=day15:49
bdmurrayseb128: okay, I'm looking into it15:49
seb128bdmurray, thanks15:49
bdmurrayseb128: its an issue with writing crash reports to the database15:52
bladernr_Hey, who is responsible for spinning the netboot images? (Specifically the ones that appear at ports.ubuntu.com)??16:08
cjwatsonbladernr_: They happen as part of debian-installer package uploads.16:10
bladernr_ahhh, is there any way to build on on our own?16:10
cjwatsonYou can build debian-installer yourself.16:11
cjwatsonJust feed it to sbuild or whatever, or run "make -C build rebuild_netboot"16:11
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mapreripitti: hi! I subscribe you to the bug #1319433, it's a really minor issue I introduced setting a wrong Replaces: field :)16:31
ubottubug 1319433 in xscreensaver (Ubuntu) "package xscreensaver-data 5.15-3ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/xscreensaver/xlyap', which is also in package xscreensaver-data-extra 5.15-3ubuntu1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131943316:31
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killerHey , I m tryinng to package an app in debian format , but I m getting an error on running "fakeroot dpkgpackage -F" .Here is the rules file http://pastebin.com/20996iy8 .17:35
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geserwgrant: Hi, could you sponsor bug #1321014 when you have a spare minute? Thanks.21:38
ubottubug 1321014 in snappy (Ubuntu) "Get rid of ancient timestamps in snappy 1.1.2-1ubuntu1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/132101421:38
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suudyI'm trying to get plymouth working on our custom embedded system (i915 based) and am having trouble getting any output.21:52
suudyplymouthd is running (plymouth --ping says it is alive), but the screen is blank.  The debug log doesn't show any errors.21:53

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