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Megabyteki7mt, excuse me, ki7mt. Are you part of the English doc team?23:19
ki7mtMy primary language is English, yes.23:20
Megabyteki7mt, have you ever translated Ubuntu docs to another language?23:20
Megabyteki7mt, do you think people use their mobile devices a lot to read documentation?23:22
ki7mtI have no idea, I know I dont.23:23
Megabyteki7mt, in your opinion, what do you trust most? Books or electronic documentation?23:24
ki7mtI prefer books for programing languages, and tend to use on-line documentation when I want the latest updates on something, or man pages when I'm using the command line.23:26
Megabyteki7mt, it makes sense. programming languages are bit more "static"23:28

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