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* apw yawns07:47
RAOFTime for the bees!07:49
* RAOF will be able to deliver them in person next week.07:49
apwoh bees yes please07:52
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keesrtg: heads up on a kernel SRU patch: https://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/next/linux-next.git/commit/?id=754733ee8a82832b6dbd784facbe12dedd303f5e19:11
keesI'll have mdempsky open a bug and send the patch to the kernel-team list.19:11
systesthow can I track which changes are incorporated in to the latest packages?  specifically, I'm trying to determine if/when an upstream patch gets applied to fix https://lkml.org/lkml/2014/4/1/1419:15
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bjfsystest, the "easiest" way is to look at our git repo20:05
bjfsystest, that commit is in the trusty release version20:08
systestthanks, I'll clone a copy of the repo  just to take a look.  re being in the release version, thanks for looking that up20:10
bjfsystest, in our trusty repo it's : f974c74cfa24b0872009d1cbab78f743c253557020:11
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infinityinstall: cannot stat './tmp/generic_netboot/tree/lib/firmware/3.15.0-1-generic/device-tree/apm-mustang.dtb': No such file or directory21:09
infinityrtg: ^-- Did that move, or get dropped, or...?21:10
rtginfinity, its still there as far as I can tell. debian.master/rules.d/arm64.mk: dtb_files_generic += apm-mustang.dtb21:33
infinityThe binary packages disagree with you.21:34
rtghmm, checking.21:34
infinityOr, rather, my d-i build disagrees.  Let me have a look at the binary packages.21:36
rtgits in the linux-image package21:36
rtginfinity, the mustang firmware was never in a udeb. I wonder how dannf actually installs this beast.21:38
infinityrtg: It's not in the udeb anymore, and it used to be.21:39
infinityrtg: From trusty: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7490386/21:39
infinityThough, a bit sketchy that the udeb doesn't contain *all* the same DTs that the linux-image deb contains.21:40
infinityMust have been some APM-specific hack there.21:40
infinityrtg: Note that on armhf, the kernel-image udeb appears to have all the DTs.21:41
infinityrtg: So, this is an arm64-specific oops.21:41
rtginfinity, dang, you're right. dunno what happened in the transition to utopic. I'll figure it out.21:41
infinityrtg: Ta.  Whatever armhf does, that seems to be "the right thing to do" for arm64 too.21:41
apwrtg, well at least after the last upload its not a 'debian/*' issue as they diffed null21:42
rtgthis line disappeared: debian.master/d-i/firmware/kernel-image:device-tree/apm-mustang.dtb ?21:42
infinityrtg: So, I'd argue the list should probably be expanded, but that's enough to make d-i happy, I think.21:43
infinityrtg: Since that's all that was shipped in trusty.21:43
infinity-rw-r--r-- root/root      4669 2014-05-18 19:33 ./lib/firmware/3.15.0-1-generic/device-tree/foundation-v8.dtb21:44
infinity-rw-r--r-- root/root      7782 2014-05-18 19:33 ./lib/firmware/3.15.0-1-generic/device-tree/rtsm_ve-aemv8a.dtb21:44
infinity-rw-r--r-- root/root      6985 2014-05-18 19:33 ./lib/firmware/3.15.0-1-generic/device-tree/apm-mustang.dtb21:44
infinityrtg: Those are the three that are in linux-image.deb, probably makes sense to mirror that to kernel-image.udeb.21:44
infinityrtg: And maybe to automate keeping them in sync too (I just noticed it's a manual list for armhf too, which seems crazy)21:44
rtginfinity, yup21:44
infinityrtg: But a quick turnaround of just the manual fix would do me for now if you'd like to see d-i build and your kernel migrate. :)21:44
rtginfinity, gimme a bit21:45
hallynhm, migration/[0-3] are taking up a combined 90% cpu time21:53
hallynthough it's probably my punishment for cp'ing a large file on btrfs21:53
infinityrtg: Let me know when you're uploading, so I can give you sagari for ppc.22:06
rtginfinity, fire in the hole22:13
infinityrtg: Ta.  I'm doing a test build of d-i PPC to see if I have more things to yell about, but I think my failure there was just the removal of e500.  I hope. :P22:14
infinityAnd look at that, you got sagari without my help.22:15
rtgluck of the draw22:15
infinityrtg: Nice commit message. :P22:17
rtginfinity, keep it sime, don't confuse people22:17
infinityrtg: You could have just shortened that to "WTF?"22:17
rtginfinity, I think what happened is that APM got added during the trusty dev cycle after the utopic repo was opened and I forgot to forward port all of the mustang build bits.22:18
infinityCurse rebases and the lack of useful history. :/22:19
infinity'git log debian.master/d-i/firmware/kernel-image' is the most useless thing ever.22:19
infinityAnyhow, I guess that will be building all evening on armhf, so I'll get you a d-i upload late tonight.22:21
rtginfinity, thanks22:22
infinityrtg: Had to fix three other arches anyway. :P22:22
infinityrtg: I had 4 failing failing arches for 3 different reasons, I suspect this is a new record for me.22:23
rtginfinity, kind of sucks to be you22:23
infinitySure does.22:23
* rtg goes back to reefing on a power supply....22:23
infinityYou shouldn't smoke those.22:24

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