chiltsI need to upgrade my laptops to Trusty00:10
chiltsin the past I have always just reinstalled, but am tempted to try and upgrade00:10
chiltsanyone any preferences either way?00:10
chiltsI have usually avoided it on the presumption that something would go wrong, I guess that presumption is unfounded00:11
mwhudsoni had no problem00:11
mwhudsonwhat are they on now?00:11
chiltsI go from LTS to LTS00:12
chiltsso I only have to do it once every two years00:12
mwhudsonwell it's not really supported until 14.04.1 comes out00:12
mwhudsonin like 6 months or whatever00:12
chiltsoh right, I didn't realise00:12
chiltsgood to know00:13
* olly is always a bit dubious about LTS to LTS upgrades00:13
chiltsin which case, I might just tar up my ~, reinstall and untar it back and see what happens :)00:14
ollyit's probably fine for the core packages, but stuff that's just pulled from debian and rebuilt relies on the debian maintainer supporting upgrades from much older versions than debian supports00:14

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