bazhang* [Robbie] (~Rob@93-44-60-19.ip95.fastwebnet.it): Rob06:26
bazhanganyone familiar with that IP?06:27
rwwalready checked, just came up with various instances of him06:29
rwwone of which was a Comcast address, but I assume that was someone else06:29
bazhangok thanks. I thought we had a factoid refuting what he was asking06:29
elkyany minute now06:53
ikonia....I think not......06:54
rwwelky: nah, he'll try to join #poobuntu-cops instead of here06:54
bazhang* [FamilyFriendlyHa] (~asshat@173-24-135-10.client.mchsi.com):06:59
rwwyeah, they changed their nick from asshat at someone's request earlier07:00
rwwasshat1, even07:00
valorieat least they were being honest, right?07:01
rww<loco hat>is there a page somewhere with kubuntu promotional materials?07:02
rwwlike flyers and what not07:03
valorieum, I think so -- searching07:03
bazhangget ikonia to ddos him with flyers07:03
rwwAnything with newer branding and that doesn't mention 6.06 ;)?07:07
valorieoh my07:07
Flannelrww: have you checked SU?07:07
rww(also, the poster in that repo didn't compile for me)07:07
rwwFlannel: no, because I only just managed to expand SU07:07
Flanneloh sorry07:07
FlannelWell, you should've asked :P07:08
ikoniawhats SU ?07:08
rwwikonia: spreadubuntu07:08
Flannel(I don't know what's on there for Kubuntu, but it'd be a good place to check)07:08
valoriethere is good KDE promo stuff07:08
valorieand some kubuntu stuff on Spreadubuntu07:08
rwwthat might be useful too, if you have a link07:08
rwwlooking on spreadubuntu now :)07:09
valorieI'll get the kde stuff07:09
rwwmight end up taking one of the SU flyers and updating it a bit07:15
bazhangjono has no nick protection? seriously?07:15
rwwyes he does...07:16
bazhang* jono is now known as Guest9693107:16
rwwwhich is a demonstration of how he does have nick protection...07:16
bazhangthe /whois says jono bacon07:17
rwwhe has nick protection. he doesn't have a sane reliable authentication method configured.07:17
bazhangheh ok07:17
Flannelanyone could put "jono bacon" in their whois :P07:17
bazhangthats shocking to me07:18
bazhanglike esr asking for help with something simple in #xubuntu07:18
valoriemmmm, bacon07:18
Flannelbazhang: Don't read RFC 351407:18
bazhangFlannel, ok07:18
rwwbazhang: if i recall correctly, sabdfl has forgotten his NickServ password at least once07:19
rwwCanonical employees are humans too :307:19
rwwexcept for popey, he's a robot07:19
bazhangwell ofc07:19
valorieI have it set up in konversation and again in the BNC07:20
elkyhe's an elvis droid07:20
elkyfuelled by marmite07:20
valoriewhat a terrible thing to say about a person!07:21
Flannelthe marmite bit?07:22
popeyIt's all true07:22
valoriefoul stuff07:22
valoriewell, I haven't done a comparative test vegemite/marmite07:24
elkyoh no, you said the v word07:24
valoriebut I've tasted black sausage, and haggis07:25
valorieand lived07:25
bazhangtry snake's blood soup07:26
valorieoh, my god07:26
popeymmmm black pudding07:26
popeywell, technically.. "food" mmmmm07:26
valorieelky: this is all your fault!07:26
bazhangor for lighter fare, congealed pigs blood on a stick07:26
rwwif we wait long enough one of the northern europeans will mention lutefisk07:27
valoriethat I've not tasted07:27
bazhanglooks like a popsicle, tastes like blood!07:27
valoriepickled herring, yes07:27
valorieno Surströmming either07:28
jussinor I, and don't intend to07:32
valoriewhich one, jussi?07:32
jussipotentially though, we should continue this conversation in some -offtopic channel07:33
valoriepickled herring was good07:33
jussivalorie: lutefisk07:33
valoriesounds vile07:33
ubottuexported called the ops in #ubuntu ()09:05
k1l_made trouble with his own 4 clients09:06
ikoniaof course09:07
ikoniahello john321310:42
=== jbroome_ is now known as jbroome
popeyPricey: Why do you use backward question marks⸮15:47
Priceypopey: Because I can't afford a license to the alternative.15:49
popey12 Points. You are through to the next round.15:50
bazhang<Node_448> i got cancer from using nouvea drivers16:55
IdleOnewtf why u being such a d about the effin words19:04
IdleOneseems pretty clear that these acronyms, abbreviations and obfuscations should not be allowed in any ubuntu channels19:05
IdleOneenforcing it is left up to the ops of the individual channels. Common sense is what dictates to the ops how to enforce the language guidelines.19:07
IdleOneI really really hope that we never have an "official" list19:07
h00kI'd edit IdleOne to be on it :(19:07
h00kNO SWEARING h00k19:07
IdleOneI luv u219:08
tsimpsonwe've had the discussion over having a list of disallowed words, it's just not realistic to maintain such a document19:12
IdleOneNot only is it not realistic, I think it would be silly of us to even think of trying19:14
phunyguyalso, hi19:15
IdleOneThere is no such list precisely because we want ops to use common sense and not follow the letter of the law.19:15
IdleOnes/not follow/not always follow/19:16
PriceyIdleOne: You seriously don't think words like "dictator" should be used anywhere, yet you just used the word "dictates".... I'm not sure that's consistent.19:23
IdleOnePricey: my use of the "d" word was not to replace dictator19:23
IdleOneThis is why we use common sense, intent is 99% of text19:23
PriceyIdleOne: I honestly can't tell if you're being serious or not.19:23
PriceyIdleOne: sabdfl is an acronym where the d stands for dictator.19:24
PriceyIs that allowed?19:24
IdleOnePricey: My intent was to obfuscate "dick"19:24
IdleOnesee how that d word is no longer a nice word19:24
PriceyDick's a good friend.19:25
PriceyHis parents call him Richard.19:25
IdleOneI have no issue with the word dictator itself, but I do have issue if it is used to insult someone.19:25
IdleOneclearly its use in sabdfl is meant as tongue and cheek19:25
PriceyOh so it's alright when it's a joke, totally wrong otherwise.19:26
IdleOneyes, intent.19:26
IdleOneif you mean to call me a dictator because I enforce the guidelines of the community we are a part of, then yes it is not ok.19:26
PriceyEven if it is being used in a purely descriptive manner?19:27
IdleOnethis is where common sense comes into play19:27
Pricey19:26:55 <+IdleOne> if you mean to call me a dictator because I enforce the guidelines of the community we are a part of, then yes it is not ok.19:28
IdleOnethis is why we should not have a list of banned words19:28
IdleOnePricey: again it all depends on the intent19:28
PriceyIdleOne: So we can't say things like 19:26:55 <+IdleOne> if you mean to call me a dictator because I enforce the guidelines of the community we are a part of, then yes it is not ok.19:28
IdleOneNow I don't know if you're joking or not19:29
PriceyA few moments ago you suggested that it is not ok to call someone a dictator for enforcing the guidelines.19:30
PriceyThen you say that it is ok... depending on the intent.19:30
PriceyI'm asking you retract the first bit.19:30
IdleOneI won't19:31
IdleOneand I also won't continue this discussion19:31
PriceyDon't you feel like they are contradictory?19:31
IdleOneI feel you are being contradictory just for the sake of it now.19:32
IdleOneback to my game.19:32
PriceyI think there's a big issue here where bunches of guidelines, policies, edge cases etc. are enforced... and THEN common sense is used. I feel we're doing it the wrong way around.19:32
PriceyIdleOne: If you feel I've missquoted you over the last 15 minutes then please give me a smack.19:36
IdleOneYou haven't misquoted me, but you are intentionally not reading between the lines and trying to understand what my intent is. This wouldn't bother me so much if you were not a native English speaker.19:37
IdleOneBut clearly your mastery of the English language is sufficient enough to know what I mean.19:38
phunyguydictator can be used to compare someone to the likes of Hitler, etc.  That is where the "mean" comes into play.19:38
PriceySo saying things like "if you mean to call me a dictator because I enforce the guidelines of the community we are a part of, then yes it is not ok" isn't going to get us anywhere. There's nothing wrong with calling you a dictator.19:41
phunyguyPricey, also with sabdfl, the b stands for benevolent.19:41
Priceyphunyguy: Well aware.19:41
phunyguy"well meaning and kindly."19:42
phunyguywell we can't pick and choose sections of an acronym for the sake of argument...19:42
CarlFKI am not sure there is anything worth arguing about ;)19:43
phunyguyAlso Pricey I do agree with what you said about the guidelines, policies, etc, being enforced, then common sense being used.19:44
Priceyphunyguy: How do you mean sorry?19:44
CarlFKpeople will say whatever they want.  if someone else has a problem with it, there is a process.  the process seems to work really well.19:44
phunyguyI umm...19:44
Priceyphunyguy: I'd like to confirm what you're agreeing with by seeing it in your own words.19:45
phunyguyI would rather not jump into all of that right now, but basically blindly following and enforcing guidelines, when there wasn't any malicious intent,19:46
phunyguythere is obviously way more, but I would prefer not to discuss that at the moment.19:48
Priceyphunyguy: Cool, sounds good to me. Why would you rather not discuss things?19:50
phunyguyif I told you that, it would defeat the purpose.19:51
* phunyguy wanders off to finish the work day.19:53
PriceyDoesn't sound constructive :-/19:56
ubottuntz called the ops in #ubuntu ()23:07

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