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Macerwhat the hell03:21
Seven_Six_Twojak2001, you might need an entry in the server's /etc/hosts.allow03:32
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glisignoliHello, does anyone have expirence setting up bind9 and remote nsupdates?05:58
glisignoliI've follow a few guides but I keep getting SERVFAIL05:59
glisignoliOh I am error... I think it's apparmor06:02
glisignoliOr not, bind couldn't write to /etc/bind06:09
glisignoliI am smrt06:09
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PupenoWhen I do ssh-add, it asks me for the password of my key, even though I have no password set on it (and pressing enter just adds it). Any ideas why? On other machines this didn't use to happen.07:15
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ice9how to use DH with sshd?10:22
ikoniaDH ?10:23
ikoniano idea what that even is10:24
lordievaderDoesn't ssh do that by default? I've seen a message pop by about diffie-hellman keyexchange from time to time.10:25
ice9lordievader: message pop? where?10:26
lordievaderProbably with ssh -v, or it was on the ssh application on my ipad.10:26
dasjoeIt tries curve25519-sha256@libssh.org first10:26
dasjoeice9: man 5 ssh_config, Section "Key Algorithms"10:27
dasjoe*KexAlgorithms, sorry10:27
ikoniaooh the encyption10:28
ikoniaI thought you meant an application10:28
ice9dasjoe: but I have to create the DH group first right?10:28
ikoniagrup ?10:28
ikoniadon't just set it in the ss_cnofig which cypers are available10:29
ice9ssh_config or sshd_config?10:30
ikoniasshd is the server, not client10:30
ikoniaI assume you're talking about client config10:30
ikoniaor are you referencing your ssh server, not client10:31
Guest67771hi my ubuntu server is is using ufw, with port 23 allowed. My router has port forwarding setup for both tcp/udp on port 23. Yet a port scanner shows the port as closed. I need it open for a MOO. Any ideas of what errors or things I may have overlooked?10:36
lordievaderGuest67771: Is there something listening to port 23?10:37
Guest67771I have a mOO server, expecting telnet traffic...Is that what you mean?10:37
lordievaderGuest67771: Perhaps, is that listening to 23? (netstat -tulpn|grep 23)10:40
Guest67771showing nothing10:41
lordievaderGuest67771: So nothing is listing to port 23, that should be your problem.10:42
Guest67771does that mean it won't allow traffic in on port 23 - that's my major concern. MOO uses telnet - I'm trying to troubleshoot MOO access to school10:43
lordievaderThere is nothing on your server that accepts connections on port 23.10:45
Guest67771ok...that sort of make sense. Back to the manuals. Thank you10:45
lordievaderGood luck, Guest6777110:45
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TeduardoHi there, i've just installed 14.04 on a server and when it boots it comes up and says mei_me initialization failed and then it hangs there forever, i searched on google and it says to update the bios, i've updated the bios and it still does this. is there a setting via grub that i can use to disable mei?12:56
Teduardoi would prefer not to recompile the linux kernel12:57
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patdk-wkteduardo, blacklist the mei module13:24
elliotd123I'm having trouble with environment variables in 14.04 - I can't get a script that runs #!/bin/sh to recognize environment variables. Where's the correct place to put non-interactive startup scripts for sh?13:52
elliotd123Correction - I don't know where to add the export command to CHANGE the environment variables13:53
elliotd123I just noticed that the environ variables work without sudo, but not with sudo13:56
OpenTokixelliotd123: sudo resets your enviroment14:01
OpenTokixelliotd123: it has to be set inside /etc/sudoers to be allowed14:01
OpenTokixelliotd123: this line: Defaultsenv_reset14:02
OpenTokixelliotd123: to be more specific, and it should not be removed, since its kind of a securityrisk if you can pass enviroment-stuff from normal user to superuser like that14:02
elliotd123Got it, thanks OpenTokix. All I needed to do was add a folder to the path variable, so I added it to the file and it's working now. THANKS!14:03
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sander^workDo anyone know why apache2 wasnt upgraded correctly from ubuntu 10.04 to 12.04? The log of apt-get is here: http://pastebin.com/gHEc7BD015:08
sander^workPackage apache2-mpm-prefork is not configured yet.15:09
shaunosander^work: line 3 is preventing apache from starting, which throws apt into an error.  it should try to handle it better if mods-enabled/reqtimeout.load is symlinked from mods-available/ (as intended)15:16
shaunoer, line 4 rather15:16
shaunoI had a very similar issue because my rsync-fu failed me - I took my config from a previous install, but it created mods-enabled and sites-enabled as regular files instead of symlinks15:20
sander^workshauno, Will try*15:34
sander^workshauno, correct.. but how do I fix the apt-get thingie after symlinking properly?15:37
shaunosander^work: once you've replaced those files with symlinks, just run exactly the same apt operation again and it should figure itself out15:41
shaunoall that's happening is that apt updates the copies in 'mods-available', and because you have copies of them instead of links to them, your copies are out of date15:42
sander^workshauno, do-release-upgrade reports no new releases.15:42
sander^workand apt-get dist-upgrade reports the error.15:42
shaunoah.  I'd just apt-get install apache2.2-common then15:43
sander^workoh. I have to do it with reqtimeout.conf too.15:43
shaunoif everything in mods-enabled is a proper file instead of a symlink, there's probably a good many things you'll have to do it for - anything that's been updated since the prior version15:43
sander^workshauno, thanks alot, it worked now:)15:45
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fridaynextI've set up an AFP share from my Ubuntu 12.04 server for Time Machine backups, but this pops up about once every 2 months http://share.pho.to/5gIkf17:12
fridaynextis there any way to make TM backups to Ubuntu more reliable?17:13
sarnoldfridaynext: wow. what a can of worms: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/368417617:18
fridaynextsarnold: wow - that is quite the can of worms.17:20
sarnoldfridaynext: several reports of it failing often even with apple's time capsule. I don't know if that's hilarious or sad.17:21
fridaynextsarnold: time to switch exclusively to rsync, it appears.17:22
fridaynextI bet you fifty bucks THAT won't fail on me.17:22
fridaynextWell, good to know that it's nothing I'm doing wrong, and it's the damn system that doesn't work properly.17:22
fridaynextIf only  could have made this easy for me. Off to rsync I go.17:23
sarnoldfridaynext: the downside of course is that rsync doesn't provide the same thing -- there's no back-and-forth through time.. rsnapshot works okay for me, but source and destination drive are in the same machine. heh.17:23
fridaynextsarnold: ah.17:23
fridaynextBut I do'nt really care about back adn forth through time - i just want incremental backups.17:23
sarnoldfridaynext: no kidding. until today I had a high opinion of time machine..17:23
fridaynextsarnold: I've had my share of issues since I started using it.17:24
fridaynextNice as a safety net, but definitely doesn't give me the warm and fuzzies about my content being backed up properly...17:24
fridaynextalright, i'm off to go fix this. Thanks!17:24
sarnoldfridaynext: yeah.17:24
sarnoldfridaynext: have fun!17:24
med_jamespage, zul: will there be a UCA for Trusty at some point or are upgrade/support schemes changing?17:31
med_someone just suggested UCA for Trusty could exist (and just have the same pkgs as Trusty proper atm)17:32
med_gaughen, ^17:32
gaughenmed_, yes, the plan is to have  UCA for Trusty but I suspect it won't appear until further along in the Utopic cycle17:35
med_gaughen, nod. Filed #132096017:35
gaughenbut the 2nd part of that statement is my opinion, so maybe it will be sooner med_17:35
med_and thanks pat.17:35
gaughenno problem-o!17:36
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lordievaderGood evening.18:03
hxmhi, exists a log where I can see what ip is using what port?18:29
lordievaderhxm: lsof can show those things if I'm not mistaken.18:30
hxmwith lsof -i I can see the opened ports18:31
hxmbut not if someone connected time ago18:31
sarnoldhxm: no such log exists.18:46
sarnoldhxm: what are you trying to do? there may be ways to get something similar.18:47
lordievaderhxm: You could use pmacctd to capture flowrecords and use the nfsen collector to log them.18:54
hxmi have problems with postfix, and the user swears he is using the proper 587 port but cant sends emails, I see in the logs the error in ehlo command and the doc explains is because a wrongly use of the TLS19:02
hxmand im half sure they are missconfigured the mail client, if I configure it, works, if they do, dont19:02
hxmbut I dont have proofs19:03
SCHAAP137hxm, which mailclient is the user using19:46
ptronicoHello! I cannot fetch google.com using SSL. It says: "SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK." Anyone can help me? Thank!!!20:59
dasjoeptronico: is your computer's clock set correctly?21:00
dasjoe<dasjoe> ptronico: is your computer's clock set correctly?21:02
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ptronicodasjoe: no. its saying "Thu Mar 13 09:43:52 BRT 2008"21:02
dasjoeptronico: fix that (manually) and your problem will probably disappear21:03
ptronicodasjoe: I'll try21:04
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ptronicodasjoe: it worked! tanks a lot dude!21:10
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rostamhi we have installed server on field running ubuntu 12.04. Due do some performance issues, we need to change the /etc/fstab mount options for "/" (mounted on /dev/sda1 and no lvm).  We can not edit /etc/fstab on each system manually, We need an automated solution, script,.. How could I do manage this? thx22:43
sarnoldrostam: something like ansible may do the trick, if you want something better than a multiple-ssh kind of tool23:07
rostamsarnold, thanks23:30
brianblaze420anyone know what I need to do to generate keys for openvpn? in the instructions it says to move a folder from somewhere to /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/ but I don't seem to be able to find the file to copy :(23:56

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