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blimyFor install, I execute "ubuntu-device-flash --channel=devel --bootstrap", then I disconnect usb and choose recovery option.  That gives me choices "reboot system now",  "install zip now", etc.   "reboot system now" results in the four color (X) thing.   What is the correct choice.00:47
RAOFblimy: From memory I think you need to keep it plugged in until it finishes?01:19
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lotuspsychjeshorts app crashes after recent update ubuntu-touch on my nexus704:17
lotuspsychjejust leting you guys know04:18
lotuspsychjeim using live rss app for feeds and i just love it04:18
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Macerso the nexus 404:27
Macerdoes everything work hardware wise?04:27
Macerie: the cell modem, wifi, cams, etc?04:27
lotuspsychjeMacer: im on n7 and everything works04:29
Macern7 has a cell modem?04:29
lotuspsychjeMacer: still rough edges, like not all apps turn04:29
lotuspsychjeMacer: no n7 is tablet with wifi only04:29
lotuspsychjeMacer: so all phone apps dont work on it like dialer n such04:30
Maceri remember similar projects for the N900 and the hardware was difficult to get to work04:30
lotuspsychjeMacer: the new ubuntu touch improved alot on nexus04:30
Maceryeah but i can't find any information on what hardware is working04:31
Macerwith the N900 the most difficult thing to get going was the cell modem04:31
Macersince carriers and manufacturers keep that in no-man's land to prevent devs from doing dangerous things to their towers :)04:31
lotuspsychjeMacer: well maybe the BT and meizu phones will change alot for ubuntu touch04:32
Maceri'm not too worried abou the os itself.. i'm sure it will take time to mature. but i want to get a nexus 4 if the cell modem works04:33
Macerjudging by what the wiki says the other hardware works using the android stuff04:33
Macerbut there is no mention as to whether or not the cell modem is functional04:33
lotuspsychjeon the nexus status list neither?04:34
Macerthere's a nexus status list? :)04:34
lotuspsychjecell modem is for 4G to work right?04:34
Maceras well as voice calling04:34
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lotuspsychjecheck topic for nexus status04:34
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ignacio|sleepGood night | Buenas noches :)04:34
lotuspsychjeignacio|sleep: nite04:35
Macerawesome thanks04:35
Macerseems like the mobile data is green :)04:36
Maceri'll put my bid in04:36
Macerno tethering tho it seems. at least there isn't a status at all for it04:36
lotuspsychjeim very happy with touch on my n704:36
lotuspsychjei bought it specially for ubuntu04:37
lotuspsychjebecause i hate androids security04:37
Macerhm. wonder how far along mms is04:37
Macerit's purple04:37
lotuspsychjemaybe you can youtube n4 with latest ubuntu-touch04:37
lotuspsychjeyou might see it in action this way04:37
Maceryah. i have a crappy lumia 521 now04:37
Macerlotuspsychje: does the email app use pgp?04:38
Maceror does it use thunderbird?04:38
lotuspsychjethere is no email app yet04:38
lotuspsychjejust gmail app04:38
Macerouch lol04:38
lotuspsychjeyou can use the webbrowser-app to your mails directly of course04:38
Maceri'm sure that will come along sooner than most :)04:38
Macerwhat about IM?04:38
Maceranything for xmpp/facebook04:39
lotuspsychjethere is a facebook app wich i dont use04:39
lotuspsychjebut it works04:39
Macerare they using xorg for the ui?04:39
lotuspsychjenot sure for other social networks04:39
Maceris there a terminal? :D04:39
Macerand ssh?04:39
lotuspsychjeterminal works...but you cant apt-get04:39
Macerno apt-get??04:40
RAOFNot strictly speaking true.04:40
lotuspsychjebecause the device is locked04:40
RAOFYou _can_ apt-get, but you go into unsupported territory to do so.04:40
Maceroh i see04:40
Macerso you have to use an app app?04:40
RAOF(Because we distribute updates as system-images, rather than via apt)04:40
Macerah ok.04:40
MacerRAOF: what is the ui using ? xorg?04:41
lotuspsychjeRAOF: will there be room for apt-get installs in the future?04:41
lotuspsychjei miss my terminal tools :p04:41
Maceroh.. didn't know that ubuntu was going to use mir... i thought they were going to use that other xorg replacement04:41
RAOFlotuspsychje: See the various Ubuntu mailing lists, codeword: convergence - ubuntu-devel@ & ubuntu-desktop@ are where this sort of thing is discussed.04:42
lotuspsychjeok tnx04:42
MacerRAOF: so how are apps distributed then if it's not using a frontend to apt?04:42
RAOFlotuspsychje: Because we'll be supporting Click apps on the desktop, too, and would like to support system-image updates (because they're awesome), but need to work out how that interacts with apt.04:43
RAOFMacer: unity-scope-click; basically an appstore model.04:43
lotuspsychjeMacer: new apps show up on ubuntu-touch when released04:43
lotuspsychjeshall we say 50+ apps are there now04:43
Macerah ok. nice. ... hopefully the bt stuff picks up so i can use a bt flipping keyboard and ssh later heh04:44
Maceri haven't used ubuntu in a while but installed it on a laptop and unity actually works out quite well once you get used to it04:44
lotuspsychjewell i rather have ubuntu with work on, the unsecure android :p04:44
RAOFSomeone's doing an XMPP app; https://github.com/ginuerzh/gchat04:45
MacerRAOF: awesome. too bad you can't have telepathy ported from the maemo people :/04:45
* RAOF doesn't know if bt keyboards work now; they might?04:45
lotuspsychje2 irc apps released by ogra_ aswell04:45
RAOFMacer: Why would we need to port it?04:45
Macerthe app used in maemo for txting/im was probably the best i ever used04:45
RAOFOh, that app.04:45
RAOFMaemo was GTK, so it'd need quite extensive reworking.04:45
Maceryes. i think it's proprietary though04:45
Maceroh i thought they had a big move to qt04:46
RAOFWe can happily use Telepathy, the framework, though.04:46
Macerwell hopefully they can use the design from the n900 im/txt app as a base for it.. it worked incredibly well... minus the lack of mms of course04:46
RAOFHm. Maybe? I always forget the various iterations of the-cures-of-the-Intel mobile thingies.04:46
Maceri'm sure mms is a bit tricky04:46
Macerwell i was hoping that ubuntu on a phone would be akin to maemo.. it really was an amazing mobile os in its prime04:47
Macertoo bad it was put out the pasture by nokia during the plunge04:47
Macerit would be nice to eventually get an ubuntu phone with a hw qwerty04:48
Maceror maybe one that can have one of those attachable bt sliding keyboards04:48
Macersometimes i use my old N900 and am amazed at all the good things they were doing there that they simply killed off... unfortunately without solid company support as well as licensing roadblocks to the opensource side there wasn't much it could do to keep up with growing demands of today's services04:49
lotuspsychjeMacer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoFsLuBcOPg04:50
Macernot to mention the aging hardware. nokia did absolutely amazing things before ios and android kind of ruined them :) even tho they kind of ruined themselves04:50
Macerthey were years ahead of apple with the touch tech but didn't give it much mind04:50
Macerthat guy sucks at flappy bird :P04:52
Macerlotuspsychje: the terminal is what makes it special04:52
lotuspsychjeyes indeed04:53
Macerit's kind of odd tho. when asked about the placement of the unity dock being on the left and not being able to move the argument was that the vertical space was easier to give up than the horizontal space04:53
lotuspsychjebut i would have loved my terminal apps install more easily04:53
Maceryet on the ubuntu phone which is being used rotated upwards... the prime space is actually the horizontal space04:54
lotuspsychjeyes left sidebar doesnt rotate04:54
lotuspsychjebit unhandy sometimes04:54
Macerwell i'm just saying. the reason it isn't able to be moved was because the design was worried about desktop space and that it being vertical was better for the experience04:55
Maceron a phone that's problematic since it's usually being held profile so04:55
Macerthat kind of trumps the argument for prime space on a desktop04:56
Macerlotuspsychje: can you change the background to black?04:56
lotuspsychjeMacer: no colors yet to choose04:56
lotuspsychjeMacer: just pictures use as background04:56
lotuspsychjeMacer: pictures from camera taken pictures04:57
lotuspsychjecant yet download a wallpaper04:57
Maceri'm sure these are things for later. at least they have a couple devices that can run it for testing by users04:57
Macerin the end maybe some android manufacturers will keep their devices open so people can switch04:58
lotuspsychjethe dev guys do great work here04:58
lotuspsychjemany brands interested in ubuntu already04:58
Macerbecause it will take time to iron everything out for mass consumption by the cattle ;)04:58
Maceri mean people hanging out on irc can probably figure things out for themselves.. but joe user probably can't04:58
lotuspsychjelittle work to get it installed yes04:59
Macerthe real big problem is that if ubuntu finally gets one of their official phones out they're going to get into the hands of typical users who will give it a bad review to everybody because they were expecting something lik ios04:59
Macerthose hipster dare to be different types05:00
lotuspsychjeyou cant get a bad review on touch05:00
lotuspsychjeits mostly functional and secure as ubuntu desktop05:00
lotuspsychjei would never compare with ios05:01
Maceryeah but i'm just saying. nobody seems to recall the G1 ;)05:01
Macerandroid was awful when it was first released but pushed through it with all the google hype05:01
Macerubuntu probably won't be awarded such a luxury since the other devices are so much more matured.. even wp805:02
Maceri mean not like there are many ecosystems out there nowadays heh05:03
Macerios, android, windows phone, and niche cheap OSes for dumb phones05:03
Maceranyways. thanks for all the info. really appreciate it. hopefully i can get a hold of a nexus 4 to install it on. i am bidding on one now05:04
lotuspsychjewhats the price of n4 nowadays?05:06
bactget a nexus 505:07
lotuspsychjei payed 260 euro for n705:07
lotuspsychjeseen video with touch on n505:07
lotuspsychjenot sure if it works smooth as n405:07
bactthe n4 is a year and a half old, canonical might decide its too old to build toward05:08
lotuspsychjemaybe macer should wait then05:09
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Macertoo late now06:01
Macerwell i'm sure a lot of people will just work on community builds06:02
Macerthe n4 is still a strong piece of equipment for a phone ;)06:02
Maceri mean when does it end? 20 cores and 20GB of ram in a phone? heh06:02
Macerif they give me a year out of it with updates so i can see ubuntu become something impressive it will be worth the $175 i'm bidding ;)06:03
Macerespecially since finding an actual official ubuntu phone will be difficult06:03
Macerhopefully ubuntu has good luck with managing to use hardware in other devices as well. like i said earlier.. with maemo it became a matter of the licensing issues with hardware manufacturers06:04
Macerafter nokia toted the n900 being a "free and open" device devs found out it was anything but after nokia dropped official support for it.. not to mention all the closed bits in maemo itself06:04
Macerand hw manufacturers could care less about building closed blobs for dead operating systems :)06:05
chriadamlibhybris woo06:06
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nik90_tvoss: ping08:08
tvossnik90_, pong08:08
nik90_tvoss: hey, do you have an update on the alarms device sleep MP?08:08
nik90_tvoss: we are at the sprint and discussing about alarms :)08:09
tvossnik90_, so I just added the mp to the landing spreadsheet08:10
tvossnik90_, but you want to check with charles, too. Not sure if he is at the sprint?08:10
nik90_charles: I dont think he is at the sprint unfortunately08:11
nik90_tvoss: ^^08:11
tvossnik90_, ah okay, so what you need for alarms to be working is my platform-api branch landed, and Charles' work picking up those changes and wiring it up to the overall alarms infrastructure08:12
nik90_tvoss: oh so it is both branches that are required then? Can we then have both those MPs in the same silo?08:12
nik90_tvoss: btw, are you referring to this spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Au6idq7TkpUUdGNWb0tTVmJLVzFZd0doV3dVOGpWemc#gid=008:13
tvossnik90_, it's multiple changes required, and yes, having one silo for them is the plan. I bootstrapped the landing with line 3208:13
tvossnik90_, nope, I'm referring to the CI Train spreadsheet08:14
nik90_tvoss: ok, I will follow up with charles to get his MP also added to the landing 32 then08:19
tvossnik90_, that's great, thank you08:19
tvossnik90_, I will upload a custom system.img that includes the android changes08:20
tvossnik90_, added a comment to line 3208:34
nik90_tvoss: ok.08:34
nik90_tvoss: I think charles isn't awake yet..so I will ask him when he comes online08:35
tvossnik90_, ack08:35
Mirvpopey: qtpim  ppa:ci-train-ppa-service/landing-00508:49
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popeyMirv: (& balloons)  paste.ubuntu.com/7487607/ ☹09:10
Mirvpopey: that sounds like you've a PPA with ui-toolkit enabled, is that right?09:11
popeyah crud, yes09:12
* popey reflashes to get clean09:12
Wellarkplars: hi10:20
Wellarkthere are couple of .crash files10:20
Wellarkplease tell me smokeeng will retrace them for me..10:21
Wellarkdidrocks: do you know? -^10:22
didrocksWellark: check with cihelp on the #ubuntu-ci-eng channel10:23
didrocksthey are the ones politing that10:23
didrocksWellark: AFAIK, it's uploaded to errors.ubuntu.com10:23
didrocksand retraced there10:23
Wellarkok. let's see10:23
Wellarkdidrocks: thanks10:23
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seb128chrisccoulson, hey, do you know if there is a known issue about webbrowser-app segfaulting in libegl code when run on utopic/amd64/unity8-mir sessions?11:00
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, i'm aware of that11:00
seb128chrisccoulson, do you know what component is faulty/who is owning the issue?11:01
seb128is there a lp bug I can follow?11:01
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, oxide/me ;)11:01
chrisccoulsonthere's a bug somewhere for it already11:01
seb128chrisccoulson, ok, good, if it's on your todolist somewhere it's good enough for me11:02
seb128chrisccoulson, thanks11:02
seb128chrisccoulson, (we are starting an unity8/desktop iso, I'm playing with that and just ran into the issue)11:02
ogra_people should just buy ARM PCs ...11:03
mandelogra_, how do a build the android side when I want to create my own image?11:05
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mandelogra_, is rootstock-touch enough?11:05
ogra_mandel, no11:05
ogra_you could apt-get source android ... and then just build the package ... or you could branch and use whatever is needed for building nowadays (brunch, breakfast, bacon or whatever ... ask sergio)11:06
mandelogra_, ok, thx11:07
* ogra_ would run "make nutellla_sandwich" ... but i suspect that wouldnt have the desired outcome :) 11:08
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mzanettiogra_: soon... http://www.nwzonline.de/wirtschaft/roboter-schmiert-butterbrote-vollautomatisch_a_5,1,1016994523.html11:09
ogra_hahaha, i remember that11:10
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Macerso how exactly are the nexus builds being made?12:32
Macerjust strip out the android bits and build ubuntu against the kernel + modules used on the nexus?12:33
Maceror does ubuntu actually have the src for the hardware and make everything from scratch?12:33
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cwayne1ogra_: hey, did the ubuntu-touch-session updates make it into the build?13:07
ogra_i dont think there was any landing yet13:07
ogra_they surely made it to trunk13:07
MacerUbuntu Touch includes as core applications social media and media applications (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, and an RSS reader). Standard applications such as a calculator, an e-mail client, an alarm clock, a file manager, and even a terminal are to be included as well.13:21
Macerhm. someone earlier said ubuntu touch didn't have an email app13:22
ogra_Macer, it has a gMail webapp currently ... there is a native IMAP mail client in early development13:23
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popeyjhodapp_: ever tested video playback on nexus 10?14:01
popeyjhodapp_: Hint: I have a nexus 1014:01
jhodapp_popey, not me personally, but rsalveti should have in the recent past14:01
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popeyjhodapp: paste.ubuntu.com/7488655/ fyi14:02
jhodapppopey, is it playing?14:04
popeyblack screen14:05
jhodapppopey, yeah ok, you'll have to show it to me...I need to be able to see the logcat and media-hub-server GST_DEBUG output14:06
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rsalvetijhodapp: popey: I know it was working before, so probably a new bug :-)14:37
jhodapprsalveti, yeah that's what I thought14:37
jhodapprsalveti, and that was after I released media-hub, right?14:37
rsalvetiprobably, but not sure, don't remember :-)14:38
jhodapprsalveti, heh, I don't either :)14:38
rsalvetitvoss: which other MR do you need to include at silo 15?14:39
rsalvetitvoss: https://code.launchpad.net/~charlesk/platform-api/alarm-api/+merge/207107 ?14:40
rsalveticharles: tvoss: mind updating this mr ^? needs a trunk merge14:41
charlesrsalveti, tvoss: I thought we decided to defer the ~charlesk/platform-api/alarm-api branch; it's out-of-sync with how qt5organizer-eds handles URLs14:44
rsalvetialright, not on top of what was decided, sorry14:44
rsalvetijust trying to get the needed alarm changes in place14:44
charlesthe code isn't dead, but it's not the priority right now. I could cancel the MR for now to keep launchpad cleaner14:45
charlesrsalveti, np14:45
rsalvetino, not needed, will land just the hw side then14:45
charlesrsalveti, I've flagged it as WIP and added a comment explaining the status14:49
rsalveticharles: cool, thanks14:49
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edit_i am unable to connect network15:17
edit_how can i up the interface15:18
edit_is any one help me to up the interface15:18
balloonsjdstrand, ping15:19
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jdstrandballoons: hey15:30
seb128MacSlow, hey, could you add https://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/notify-osd/lp1319983/+merge/219873 to your review list?15:31
MacSlowseb128, yup15:32
seb128MacSlow, danke15:32
MacSlowseb128, de rien :)15:32
balloonsjdstrand, hey so can we talk about https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/ubuntu-calendar-app/fix-ap-flo/+merge/21992515:33
Laneya merge proposal by larsu with a change from apw15:33
jdstrandballoons: sure. ask away15:33
jdstrandI should have said 's/click packaging/click app launch/'15:34
balloonsjdstrand, so I can't get the isolation to work no matter the dir I give it. However, TMPDIR didn't seem to exist15:35
balloonsI tried that first15:35
jdstrandI think the app would need to create it15:35
balloonsI'm not sure if apparmor is still yelling or not, I need to give it a try15:35
balloonsjdstrand, the app would need to create it?15:35
balloonsjdstrand, what I'm trying to do is setup a standardized test environment for running tests within for all the core apps15:36
jdstrandI don't think upstart-app-launch does it for the app15:36
jdstrandit just sets the variable15:36
balloonsso we want to setup a fake /home area and startup the app and let it do it's thing within there15:36
balloonsI had used /tmp, but that's locked down..15:36
jdstrandballoons: I think the easiest thing to do would be to create a new user15:37
jdstrandballoons: then run the app as that user15:38
balloonsjdstrand, that's not really an option, as we need to be running as phablet on the device15:38
balloonsit's certainly not impossible, but quite difficult in our current situation.15:39
jdstrandsetting up a fake home isn't realistic though15:39
jdstrandupstart-app-launch sets up all kinds of variables15:39
jdstrandand you presumably want to launch the app in a manner that is as close to what the user will see as possible, so you need to use ual15:40
jdstrandand upstart-app-launch's variables are set precisely to what the apparmor profile expects15:40
jdstrandchanging that around would be error-prone, a maintenance problem and not testing what the user sees15:41
jdstrandunless I am missing something15:41
balloonsjdstrand, we're launching with upstart-app-launch, but the idea is to preset the HOME env to our confined space15:43
balloonswe can setup this directory however we need to do so, then pass it along and have the app launch and the test begin15:43
balloonsjdstrand, objectively we would seek to emulate a user yes. Everything else should be the same15:44
jdstrandballoons: ok, so I do understand that. how are you making ual use your values rather than the ones it sets?15:46
jdstrandI guess if you set HOME, it might work for somethings, but not all15:47
balloonsjdstrand, yes, by setting home and using a fixture15:47
jdstranda fixture?15:47
balloonsjdstrand, I'm open to doing things another way..15:48
jdstrandI don't think it is possible to do what you want without making changes to ual and if you make changes to ual it isn't as close to what the user sees as it could be15:49
balloonsjdstrand, basically we're mocking it.. a fixture lets you load states in python15:49
jdstrandright... but ual is not python15:49
jdstrandyou 'start application APP_ID=...' and it does stuff15:50
balloonselopio, you about?15:50
AndroidDevicehey waths up when devs relase stable version of ubuntu touch for I910015:52
ogra_AndroidDevice, talk to the porters .. there is no official image for the galaxy S215:52
jdstrandballoons: so, reading the code, I see that it should honor the various XDG_* variables if you set them before using ual15:52
ogra_AndroidDevice, the devices wikipage should have contact info15:53
jdstrandTMPDIR is set based on XDG_RUNTIME_DIR15:53
ogra_!devices | AndroidDevice15:53
ubot5AndroidDevice: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices15:53
jdstrandso that should be ok15:53
jdstrand__GL_SHADER_DISK_CACHE_PATH is set based on XDG_CACHE_HOME15:53
jdstrandso it too should be ok15:53
balloonsso XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is ok to use, but as you said TMPDIR doesn't exist15:54
jdstrandLD_LIBRARY_PATH should be ok too15:54
jdstrandand QML2_IMPORT_PATH should be too15:55
jdstrandalong with PATH15:55
jdstrandok, so my concerns were unfounded. so long as you set: XDG_CACHE_HOME, XDG_CONFIG_HOME, XDG_DATA_HOME, XDG_RUNTIME_DIR and XDG_DATA_DIRS correctly, all the other vars fall in to place. for now15:56
jdstrandas for TMPDIR15:56
jdstrandthat is simply $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/confined/$pkgname15:57
balloonsjdstrand, ok so we should set all of the vars you listed then to ensure it works15:58
jdstrandit is up to the app to honor TMPDIR correctly15:58
balloonsjdstrand, ahh, ok, so I'll recreate TMPDIR and pass that15:58
jdstrandif it isn't, that is a bug in the app that autopilot revealed15:58
jdstrandballoons: iirc, it is calendar that is the problem right now>15:58
balloonsjdstrand, calendar is just my example to implement15:59
balloonsjdstrand, so what should I should everything to?15:59
jdstrandcalendar might be hitting bug #1288742, I'm not sure16:01
ubot5bug 1288742 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "clock app, gallery, etc using incorrect path for config file due to StateSaver" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128874216:01
jdstrandballoons: re values> right, so you can set those XDG_ to whatever you want and ual will honor that and the env will all be setup accordingly for the app. the problem then is apparmor will block all those (as it should)16:03
jdstrandballoons: I see two ways around that: a) use a new user and don't fiddle with the env or b) ship additional apparmor policy like we do for the autopilot dbus rules16:04
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jdstrandballoons: 'b' is possible, but there is a potential maintenance burden. it probably isn't bad16:06
jdstrandthe policy doesn't currently reference XDG_DATA_DIRS16:08
balloonsjdstrand, so I tried something like this:16:09
balloonsinitctl set-env HOME=/run/user/32011/confined/com.ubuntu.calendar/tmp2vtzp89516:09
balloonsand it seems to be blocked; that lines up with what you are saying yes?16:09
balloonsjdstrand, ok, so what would the policy look like? and we would be able to set HOME then?16:10
balloonsI think I like that idea16:11
jdstrandhold on16:12
* jdstrand is getting it together16:12
balloonsjdstrand, awesome.. dinner time here, everyone is packing up :-)16:13
balloonsjdstrand, if you could draft something up and send me a mail I'd appreciate it. You can include elopio in the mail as well.16:15
balloonsmany thanks!16:15
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bitchseekingsExwhen a ubuntu touch final relase16:20
ogra_bitchseekingsEx, end of summer or so ... once you can buy the ubuntu phones from meizu and bq16:21
ogra_(well, that wont be final either, but "enduser ready")16:22
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bitchseekingsExwhen probably it's can be relased16:25
ogra_it is released regulary and many people use it day by day already16:25
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jdstrandballoons: I did it in a paste16:28
jdstrandballoons: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7489203/16:28
jdstrandballoons: untested, but something like that should work16:28
jdstrandballoons: does that make sense?16:29
jdstrandballoons: I commented in the MP16:34
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dobeymvo: yay conflicts :)17:42
dobeymvo: also, why did you propose two branches that directly conflict with each other?17:44
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mterryCan we not flash grouper anymore?18:07
dobeymterry: not from the official server at least. i don't know if Tassadar has grouper builds of utopic or not18:20
dobeyhi Tassadar :)18:20
Tassadarthe reason grouper builds were discontinued is that they don't work very well18:20
dobeyTassadar: btw, if your battery "fix" is in the current hammerhead build, i think it's not quite working as expected?18:20
Tassadarit wasn't even merged yet18:21
dobeyyeah, ubuntu has been horrible on my grouper since the full on switch to mir and all the new scopes api/unity8 stuff18:21
dobeylocks up and crashes constantly :-/18:21
dobeyTassadar: oh, i noticed the indicator would display 100% when plugged in, but would then go back to 50% immediately after unplugging from the charger18:22
dobeydidn't know if what was a reuslt of your fix or not18:22
TassadarI suppose the indicator acts kinda randomly when it has a second "battery" which contains charge of 0 Wh and it's capacity is also 0 Wh18:24
dobeyyeah, i guess so18:24
mvodobey: hi, sorry for that, happy to fix it - I don't know why I did that, I based them from devel, it just happend :/18:30
dobeymvo: another branch just landed18:31
dobeymvo: it was semi invasive to popular code, so you just ended up hitting the same bits18:31
dobeymvo: though, i have another branch up for review at the moment, which your changes also conflicts with.18:32
mvodobey: aha, ok. I can merge/fix the conflicts later or tomorrow morning or you just tell me when the flurry of merges calms down and I fix it then ;)18:32
dobeymvo: yaeh, we can fix them tomorrow/later18:33
mvodobey: sounds good18:33
tedogra_, I think we still want HUD setting that recoverable error, not sure it's gone away completely: https://errors.ubuntu.com/bucket/?id=DBusSessionAddressNotSet18:41
tedogra_, Don't see any 14.10 reports yet, but still early.18:41
ogra_ted, well, thhis landing is totally unrealted to fix a bug with 100% filled up (or readonly) homedir19:06
ogra_i answered in the MP19:06
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slvn_hello, hope this one will land : https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/upstart-app-launch/ld-library-path/+merge/21783219:49
tedslvn_, It will, I'm unfortunately busy with a few other things right now, so I can't land it.19:50
tedIf others have spare cycles they can. I just don't have :-/19:50
bdmurrayIs there anybody that could confirm bug 1320988 for me?19:52
slvn_hello ted, sorry about. But you branch is ended, right ? so you are done. what happen next, who's taking in charge of merging it ?19:52
ubot5bug 1320988 in whoopsie (Ubuntu) "whoopsie did not become on-line after connecting to wifi" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/132098819:52
tedslvn_, So it needs a lander, I recently got permission to do that, so I can do it, just need to find the time. But there are other folks that can land as well.19:54
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slvn_ted,  hopefully then someone will land it ... it's very likely an automatic merge20:01
slvn_ted, can the merge be assigned to someone else ?20:04
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Macerso ubuntu touch is going to use trojita for its email client?20:37
Macerdoes trojita have pgp built in? or some other type of encryption?20:37
dobeytrojita is going to be available on ubuntu touch20:37
dobeyi don't think there is any decision on it being the "default mail app"20:38
dobeyright now, it's the only mail app (outside of web mail apps of course)20:38
Maceroh ok. i thought it was supposed to be the default app20:41
Maceri was hoping ubuntu took the mozilla route for its browser and email client20:42
Macersince firefox still is a bit standard across the board and thunderbird has awesome plugins20:42
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Maceri can sync everything from my outlook acct (calendar, contacts, email) using thunderbird and its plugins20:42
Macerhas s/mime and pgp support can be added easily as well20:43
MacerMS uses s/mime for its signing/encryption doesn't it?20:43
dobeyyou probably need to ask trojita developers about specific features in trojita20:45
dobeyi don't think they hang out in here, but maybe there's one or two hanging around20:45
Maceryah it doesn't seem like it supports it.. i was just wondering what route the ubuntu touch devs were taking20:46
Macerconsidering nowadays people are all about actually securing their email :)20:46
dobeyi wish most people were all about securing their e-mail20:47
Macerme too... but the email clients usually don't support it20:49
Macerespecially the mobile ones20:49
Maceroutlook i believe uses pkcs12 or s/mime20:50
dobeydoing secure pgp/pkcs on a phone is just hard20:50
Macerwhich i'm sure requires a cert from a MS certified CA in order to use or something? :)20:50
Macerdobey: you would think that wouldn't be the case in an ubuntu distro20:51
dobeyno, it has nothing to do with the OS20:51
dobeyand everything to do with the hardware20:51
Macerwell. the key creation would probably suck on a mobile device20:51
dobeywell one time for 5 minutes isn't too bad20:52
Macerafter that i don't see it being a huge problem20:52
dobeybut you have to store the private key on the device20:52
dobeyyou can't keep a secure usb stick and plug it in20:52
Macerthat's what the key pw is for ;)20:52
dobeyand people lose their phones constantly20:52
dobeyyeah, because people are so good at picking secure passwords :P20:53
Macerlink the key password to the pin used to unlock the phone :D20:53
Maceror add full device encryption as well linked to the pin as well like android does20:53
dobeyyeah, that's not secure20:54
dobeythat's theater20:54
Macerreally? why's that?20:54
Maceryou can always link the key to pam unlocking the phone instead20:55
Macerbut of course typing in your password while driving is probably far more difficult than a 5-8 digit pin :P20:55
dobeybecause how long do you think it really takes for a professional theif to crack a pin?20:55
Macerprobably long enough to revoke the key somewhere else20:56
dobeyyeah no20:56
Macerhope on your ubuntu laptop and go into the same universal email client and click 1 button that says "revoke key" that sends the revokation across the board... or communicates to the device whenever it connects and revokes it remotely20:57
Macerhope/hop ;) freudian slip20:57
dobeyyou can't remotely revoke a key on a device that has no connection to the network20:57
Macersure.. if it doesn't have the connection.. but at least it will buy you some time if the person turns the thing on and it connnects just once it wouldn't take long20:58
Macereither way tho.. you're talking about some prometheus type thief20:59
dobeyi'm talking about professionals20:59
Macerexactly. in most cases it will be joe phone thief taking your phone lol21:00
dobeyand joe phone thief doesn't care about your data probably21:00
Maceri'd be more worried about the government than robin hood21:00
Maceri'm sure there has to be a safe way to do it. all that matters is keeping the key safe21:01
dobeyrandom thieves can just take the device, reflash it back to stock android, and sell it21:01
Macermake the cam retina scan an eyeball pic lol21:01
Maceri doubt most thieves can even do that... but the phone fencer might do it21:01
Macerso you probably get a good 2 hours before they get to the shady electronic pawn shop21:02
dobeyanyway, most phone thefts are just because people are stupid21:04
dobeybest thing you can do is treat your phone like cash. don't leave it sitting on the bar or in the taxi. keep it securely in your control.21:05
dobeyi don't know what the plans for a secure keyring or any such stuff is though. any such thing should be unrelated to the mail client itself, and just something the mail client uses21:06
Macersure... but getting back to the point....21:06
Macerencryption of email on a device ;)21:06
dobeyyes, it's hard21:06
Macerhopefully they actually do that21:06
Maceri don't see how it's any more difficult than any other email client that actually supports it21:07
Macerlike thunderbird21:07
Macermakes your key.. sets a password.. stores it... done... although it's not really tb that does it21:07
Macerit's enigmail21:07
dobeyfirst of all21:08
dobeyit's not an issue limited to the scope of an e-mail client21:08
ajalkaneargh... is something wrong with my QtCreator, or is it normal that Ctrl+Space does not work for expanding Ubuntu specific properties in QML files?21:10
Macersure but i'm sure the vast majority of x86/64 can be ported to arm just as well21:10
Macerubuntu is going for that same unified experience ms is going for across all platforms21:10
dobeyit has nothing to do with architecture21:10
Macerdobey: my point is that all the pieces are in place to do it21:10
dobeymy point is that they aren't :)21:11
dobeyapps on ubuntu touch are confined21:11
Macerah.. ok. that makes sense21:11
Maceri see your point with that one21:11
dobeyyou don't want every app that needs encryption to be pulling in all the libraries and programs, for every architecture, into their packages21:11
Macerwhy not? make the entire thing static! 2GB email app :P21:12
Macerbut i see your point.. but can't those types of things be tagged in apt?21:12
dobeyand you do want to be able to use the same pgp/pkcs key across multiple apps21:12
Macernot to mention for ubuntu touch you'd probably need all the libs considering it is meant to connect as a desktop to a cradle21:12
Maceror one universal app ;)21:12
dobeyno, packages in ubuntu-touch are not debs21:13
dobeyclick packages do not have dependencies. there's no archive to  pull dependencies from21:13
Macernot yet ;)21:13
Maceri'm sure there's work being done to find a sane way to use apt21:13
dobeynot ever. / is read-only21:13
Macerjust for the reason you were talking of21:13
dobeyyou can install stuff with apt if you want, sure21:14
Maceri thought / was ro for image upgrade reasons21:14
dobeybut it is unsupported, insecure, and not how the problem you're asking about will be solved21:14
Maceri'm sure there are ways to keep mounts carried over across update21:14
Macerdobey: well... we'll just have to see. but i can see that as being an awesome feature. the big reason email is so godawful insecure is the lack of ease of use for the encryption21:15
Macerplus it won't be centralized like say... lavabit was21:15
Macerthe keys would be maintained by the user21:15
dobeye-mail is insecure because it's just insecure21:15
Maceremail is secure because there's no incentive by either users or companies to make it more secure21:15
Macerpeople have been brainwashed into thinking emails are ok. they're pretty much flying around unencrypted everywhere21:16
dobeyand there never will be when all the major web sites send you plain text e-mails to recover your password, with a plain text password in them21:16
Macerit would be like if the USPS didn't have people use envelopes :)21:16
Macersure.. but these things are fixed in small steps ;)21:17
dobeyand encryption doesn't encrypt the envelope21:17
Macerstarting with ease of use for the consumer to use more secure email21:17
dobeypostcards don't have envelopes21:17
dobeyand a very large amount of mail sent through the USPS can be easily read by looking through the envelope with a light behind it21:17
Maceryes. and you can also go to the store and buy the security envelopes ;)21:18
dobeythat doesn't help with the mail i receive21:18
Macerso it's tantamount of the office supply company storing the security envelopes on the top shelf21:18
dobeyand the mail i send, well i just avoid sending mail unless it's absolutely necessary21:18
Macerand keeping the plain easier to read through envelopes on the bottom21:18
Macerwhere they can easily be reached21:19
dobeynot really21:19
dobeybut keep grasping at those top shelf straws :)21:19
Maceri'm just asking that either pgp or s/mime be placed on the bottom shelf ;)21:19
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