diddledanomg: http://www.macrumors.com/2014/05/16/apple-google-settlement/00:09
diddledanaah it's not as important as I thought it was after reading it00:11
daftykinscan't we just get along?00:12
diddledanonly as long as you don't make your sheet of glass flat and rectangular00:17
diddledanvirgin media have netflix00:20
diddledanthat's new00:20
diddledanand they have their tivo thingy00:20
daftykinsas in, an app on their set top box?00:20
diddledansky on the other hand are trying to make a new walled garden of their own00:21
daftykinsindeed, i saw it had updated on the boss' box00:21
daftykinsi got asked to take a look at it one day haha, as no channels were working00:21
daftykinsthe ol' power cord trick did it00:21
diddledanone of my lnb feeds is broken on my sky setup :-(00:24
diddledanI need to call sky to come over to fix it00:24
daftykinsit's probably cheaper just to buy a new LNB and slap it on :>00:24
diddledanyeah I saw that00:35
diddledanbit of a stupid situation apple landed themselves in with that00:35
diddledanI guess they thought once someone had an iphone they wouldn't ever want to go elsewhere00:37
shaunoit's just messups in layers00:38
diddledanshauno, like the third reich?00:38
shaunoeg, the address book lets you put in phone numbers as different types .. phone, office, etc.  one of htem is 'iphone'00:39
shaunoif you put in a number as an iphone number, when it's not going to an iphone, you'll cause exactly the same situation00:39
shaunoand then there's imessage taking way too long to timeout on delivering it as an imessage, which has to time out on your side & apple's (before it gives up and resends as sms)00:40
daftykinshey guys00:40
daftykinsi just can't giggle enough at those prices00:40
shaunoyou've never priced out a xeon workstation from another vendor then?00:41
shaunolast time I tried, there was surprisingly little difference between dell & apple00:41
daftykinsi haven't no00:42
diddledanthe dual firepro amd GPU cards is prolly a large percentage of that00:42
shaunoit's amazing how much difference (price-wise) the xeon makes :/  (what actual difference it makes, I have no idea .. I have no xeons recent enough to compare)00:43
diddledanI don't get the difference between workstation class gpu and gaming gpu is00:44
daftykinssomeone i know from another channel was actually speccing up a cheap upgrade00:45
daftykinsinstead of an i5, she picked some Xeon 2354 or similar, it seems to perform as well as an i7-4770K but for £20000:45
shaunothe one in the "entry level" mac pro is a $600 processor :/00:46
daftykinsexchange rate is almost 1.7:1 right now :O00:48
shaunothe gpus are weird though.  it's not two running in parallel.  only one of them actually has any influence on the display00:49
shaunothe other one is entirely deadweight unless you have one of very few loads that use it for computation rather than graphics00:49
daftykinshave an olive00:51
shaunolol, nice00:52
shaunoI think all in all the price isn't the bizarre part.  it's trying to put a xeon workstation in a small form-factor  (and people who'll pay the extra grand without actually requiring a workstation)00:53
shaunoI've completely messed my sleep pattern up :/  antibiotics kick me in the pants00:56
diddledanshauno, welcome to nocturnal00:59
daftykinsshauno: you were pretty quirky before no? doesn't that mean you're waking up normally for a 9-5 now? :D00:59
shaunoI've always been "quirky"  but napping 2-10pm took it to a whole new level01:00
daftykinsi just got linked to this01:03
daftykinsthe postman pat one omg01:03
diddledanomg. bbc three right now - tyger the older boy from "outnumbered" - his dad happens to be britain's number one male porn start01:03
shaunoI had no idea they were ranked01:09
shaunoI think this'll make me "officially old", but there's actually some pretty decent stuff on radio401:15
shaunohm, youtube buying Twitch doesn't sound like it'll end well for anyone01:34
daftykinsoh deary me01:35
daftykinsconfirmed happening?01:35
shaunonot confirmed yet, that I know of01:38
daftykinsoh guys this is gold01:53
brx_anyone got a link for the new game of thrones?01:59
daftykinsthat's not appropriate for this channel or network02:01
brx_soz dad02:08
daftykinslawl so funny02:09
daftykinstook you 7 minutes to come up with that02:09
brx_your mum said stop being cheeky to your new dad02:12
daftykinsyou should be asleep it's a school night02:12
brx_daftykins, shut up and find me a link02:15
shaunoooh, I forgot it's GoT night.  that'll mean there's another episode of Cosmos up02:18
brx_i really wanna watch it :(02:21
shaunothen quit wasting your time in the wrong place02:22
daftykinsshauno: http://images.cdn.bigcartel.com/bigcartel/product_images/137320543/max_h-1000+max_w-1000/tumblr_mixypynaCh1s6ylubo1_1280.jpg02:24
shaunohenry vs dyson.  that's difficult02:25
shaunowait, tyson on a dyson?02:25
daftykinsapparently it's goldie02:25
daftykinswhom i do not know02:25
brx_hes a drum and bass producer. dafty the next link had better be got or im gonna have to regulate you02:26
daftykinsthat was ace02:27
daftykinsi thought the degenerate drink of choice was white lightning though, what's that stuff 0o02:27
shaunoI get the impression that's what he's going for, but with a less family-friendly name02:30
brx_IVE FOUND IT02:31
brx_SCREW YOU daftykins02:31
daftykinsi'd prefer you go die in a fire now02:31
daftykinssorry i'm more into the ladies.02:31
brx_well you just too a length. i hope you enjoyed that.02:32
brx_im only joking mate, have a good night02:33
daftykinsin all seriousness are you <20?02:36
brx_i bossed you though didnt i?02:38
daftykinsnope not even a good try02:42
daftykinsalso you sound like a real chav :( but i'm getting personal now so i shall stop02:42
brx_a chav? far from it02:43
brx_daftykins can we make friends02:52
jussiMorning all04:36
jussimorning mr MooDoo06:06
MooDoodavmor2: ello06:07
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MooDoohow are you jussi davmor206:22
jussiMooDoo: not bad. still in the "alive" area... :D06:24
MyrttiI'm still stiff and sore :-|06:46
Myrttialso feeling a bit paranoid about my nose being a bit stuffy06:47
Myrttiwas sitting in the back garden yesterday waiting for the bbq to warm up when something wet landed on the edge of my sunglass and in my eye06:47
Myrtti--> now wondering what kind of eye pox I get06:48
MartijnVdSMyrtti: Alien spores.06:49
MyrttiMartijnVdS: bird flu or something like that has occurred to me06:49
MartijnVdSMyrtti: maybe it was just some insect droppings06:50
Myrttievidence says no06:51
MartijnVdSBBQ grease?06:52
Myrttibird poop06:53
MartijnVdSA drop from a leaky airplane toilet06:54
Myrttiand that's supposed to make me feel better than the thought of a bird poop?06:54
Myrttiyou failed, my friend06:54
MartijnVdSoh you wanted to feel *better* :P06:54
MartijnVdSsorry ;)06:54
davmor2MooDoo: sprinting lots of meetings08:18
czajkowskidavmor2: boo08:21
Laneyvirgin fault this morning08:35
* Laney wah08:35
* Laney lag08:35
diploMorning all09:06
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:14
xnoxLaney: hm, virgin announced downtime for me on friday. what is all about, i wonder....09:31
Laneyxnox: gremlins crawling around the cablez09:33
Laneyabout three days to crawl from london to nottm09:33
xnoxLaney: that's ok, i have a water sprinkler. oh wait....09:33
Laneysounds plausible to me09:34
mappsfeel so grateful that we could09:42
mappsdonated 2.5k to kings a&e few months back and theres people crying over 2 quid09:43
dvrrHi  everyone ..............11:04
czajkowskiMyrtti: are you close to Helsinki oslo or stockholm!11:30
Myrttinope :-/11:30
czajkowskijussi: I'm coming! June 11th to Helsinki11:30
Myrttimerry old England for me11:30
jussiczajkowski: woohoo!11:30
czajkowskiJune 12th Stockholm11:30
czajkowskiand June 10th Oslo11:30
czajkowskiyou had better show your face! :)11:31
czajkowskiMyrtti: ohh didnt know you're over here now full time11:31
Laneyhaz internet11:36
jussiLaney: congratulations :D11:37
dvrrHow  to configure  windows user authentication by linux samba ldap   centos 6  please  guide me11:40
dvrri configured in centos 5.6 it's working but  how to configure  centos 611:42
feisar_I believe you want to be looking at SSSD11:44
daftykinshrmm i have an old macbook of a pals to look at today11:45
jussidaftykins: dont do it! :P11:48
jussiitll poison you! :P11:49
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daftykinsit's ok i'm immune!11:49
daftykinsi have to deal with macs for someone and i already lul at their fair share of problems11:49
jussidaftykins: ok then, but use protection...... :P?11:51
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daftykinsjussi: ok, Naked Gun full body you know what now donned12:05
jussidaftykins: you scared Moodoo off!  :P12:09
daftykinshe always was a wee bit squeamish12:12
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Myrtticould someone fix my ice hockey video stream ;___;13:44
SuperEngineerMyrtti: done! did my fix work?13:45
SuperEngineer[might take a while for the telepathy to work]13:45
Myrttino :-(13:45
MyrttiI've paid to see this game on this shoddy stream ;____;13:45
SuperEngineerI just phoned Microsoft to see if they could you - they asked "have you tried rebboting?"13:47
popeyhello all13:48
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bigcalmGood morning peeps :)14:38
daftykinshi sir14:50
awilkinsSome of us are in the tail end of the afternoon14:50
daftykinsi hate macs.14:51
awilkinsSomeone wants me to port an application to one14:51
daftykinsthey don't give decent reasons as to why they won't boot things :P14:51
daftykinso rly14:51
awilkinsIt's a Java app14:51
daftykinsthat's... surely not much work then?14:51
awilkinsSo technically it should just be a matter of dropping in the Mac binaries for the native libs it uses14:52
awilkinsBut also have to remove the references to i) The Windows Registry ii) Outlook and iii) The Windows help system14:52
awilkinsI feel some dependency injection coming on14:52
awilkinsWell, I think I'll just straight out port the help to something less awful14:53
awilkinsI mean, it's basically an embedded browser... you'd think the help would be available from within it...14:53
daftykinsalrighty, making some progress with this thing at last15:06
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diddledanI guess I need to go into the hoffice16:09
diddledanmy colleague has riled management by doing something he believed they agreed to which they're backpeddling16:09
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daftykinsdiddledan: =/ are you skiving?17:14
daftykinsjust work from home? o017:14
daftykinssoo i've managed to install snow leopard and update to lion on this old late 2007 macbook17:16
daftykinsbut it still has a disk with bad sectors and a dead battery :D17:16
shaunowouldn't you be tempted to do something about the disk before you worry about putting an OS on it ?17:21
daftykinsit's a mates with no money :)17:22
daftykinsso i was more seeing what OS would go on to start to deem whether he could sell it for much17:22
daftykinsas it goes, Lion is the newest this one can run17:22
daftykinsyou can get replacement batteries for £16 O_O17:26
daftykinsebay specials mind, so not legit i'm sure17:26
brobostigonquestion, why would you be able to see a device on the same network, using bonjour and ssh, but not dlna?18:27
ali1234because dlna is a very poorly specified "standard"18:28
ali1234it is not unusual that devices can't see each other with it18:28
brobostigonthats doesnt answer the question sadly.18:28
brobostigonit can see my dlna anables tv.18:29
ali1234bonjour is 100% apple. things either work with apple's implementation, or nobody cares18:29
brobostigonit works, i can ssh to it, using a bonjour addr.18:29
ali1234dlna however is made by a consortium of different companies, one of which is microsoft18:29
ali1234as a result, there are a million different interpretations of the spec, all subtly incompatible with each other18:30
ali1234dlna is also known as upnp18:30
ali1234it is somewhat like microsoft's other networking standard: samba/cifs/whatever you call it18:31
brobostigoni knew all this, it still doesnt answer my question, or bode a path to a solution.18:31
ali1234in that half the time half your computers can't see the other half for no paticular reason18:31
directhexbrobostigon, how are you attempting to "see" the device with dlna?18:32
ali1234well, okay, to start with, which two dlna devices are you trying to make communicate?18:32
brobostigondirecthex: using various android playback apps, to listen to downloaded eps of hitchhikers.18:33
directhexbrobostigon, and which dlna server are you running?18:33
brobostigondirecthex: minidlna on debian testing.18:33
ali1234so the best upnp/dnla client for android is skifta. try that one if you haven't18:33
ali1234i think that's what it's called, let me check18:33
ali1234yeah that's it18:34
ali1234if that doesn't work you should try a different server. rigel is supposed to be the most compatible18:35
brobostigoni just dont know how to troubleshoot it, as it has worked upto this point, so i dont know where to proceed from.18:35
ali1234so it worked before?18:36
ali1234well, that's different then18:36
brobostigonhence i dont know how to troubleshoot it, as to why it is not working,18:36
brobostigonhence me asking what i did.18:37
directhexhave you tried turning it off and on again?18:37
ali1234did you update anything?18:37
brobostigondirecthex: devide or sw or both?18:37
ali1234there are actually three pieces of software involved with playing media from a upnp media server18:38
ali1234the server itself, the media player, and the media controller18:38
ali1234the controller finds the server using broadcast addresses, then it gets the media listings and sends one to the media player, which streams it on http using a normal connection18:40
ali1234step one is probably tcpdump on the server and see if there is multicast activity18:42
brobostigonie, mdns ?18:45
ali1234upnp discovery packets18:45
ali1234look for udp port 190018:46
ali1234on "weird" IP addresses18:46
ali1234239.*.*.* i think18:46
brobostigonok, i shall have to work out how to filter to just that port.18:48
ali1234tcpdump -n -i eth0 udp port 190018:48
ali1234when i start skifta on my android ablet i see a bunch of traffic on that on my desktop, but i don't have any upnp servers at the moment18:49
ali1234although i do see my router advertising it's port forwarding in response18:50
ali1234add "-A" to see contents of the packets18:52
brobostigonyep. shows loads of entries, from my android device when i fire up said sw.18:53
ali1234do you see a response from miniupnp?18:53
ali1234you *should* do...18:53
lazarus_i've been looking to optimise some code that i put together since i know there are like 100 ways to write shell scripts http://pastebin.com/1wsBDd8d19:20
ali1234use rsync19:21
lubotu3rsync is a fast remote file copy and synchronization program - For more see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/rsync19:21
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