havenstanceover all that upgrade was probably the most painless i've ever done01:33
havenstanceto note the issue i had at install this machine being an older machine required me to turn off usb 2.0 in order for it to read the usb key to install from. Other then that everything worked really well01:34
mrgoodcatso apparently bookiebot's url shortening service decided to go ahead and stop being a service...13:19
rick_h_mrgoodcat: revolt among the bots!13:48
mrgoodcati'm switching it to google13:49
mrgoodcatgoogle shouldn't disappear overnight13:50
mrgoodcatalthough.... http://www.xkcd.com/1361/13:50
mrgoodcatI'd like to propose a new internet postulate. If it is on the internet, there is a relevant xkcd13:51
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/VPRLM9 - python - How to install lxml on Ubuntu - Stack Overflow13:59
mrgoodcatthank you bookiebot :)13:59
mrgoodcatnot sure why bookiebot failed to join #bookie the first time...14:07
mrgoodcatsent a JOIN to the server... never got a response...14:08
mrgoodcatoh well. not worth dwelling over14:08
brouschGo Detroit! http://www.uscollegesearch.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/crime-rates-in-us.jpg15:38
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/hmzWPs - image/jpeg15:38
* brousch feels cmaloney's leg16:02
brouschFirmer than I thought it would be16:02
cmaloneysittig in a coffeeshop in frankenmuth trying to fix an autoprocess that appears to be fuckong up because of network issues16:02
cmaloneybrousch: double bass :)16:02
brouschFrankenmuth is open when it's not winter?!16:03
jcastron0p, around?16:08
=== sharp1 is now known as akelling
brouschrick_h_: I envy your freedom with running your own GSoC. We have extra requirements imposed by the PSF due to their umbrella, and decisions even within our org feel like going through a committee19:28
rick_h_brousch: ouch, what's the pita parts?19:28
brouschPSF deadlines for things are different from general GSoC, usually 1 day before19:29
brouschSo for instance our students were supposed to have an initial blog post yesterday, when gsoc deadline is today19:29
brouschBut we get emails from both places so it's confusing19:30
brouschAnd to make a decision like frequency of reports that we will require we need concensus from 6 people in 4 different times zones19:31
mrgoodcatGSoC students are required to blog their work?19:40
mrgoodcatwhere are the blogs19:40
brouschmrgoodcat: That might be just a PSF requirement http://terri.toybox.ca/python-soc/19:41
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/rAdWYR - Python's Summer of Code Updates19:41
brouschmrgoodcat: Here's the email for the PSF blog deadlines http://pastebin.com/iUwCvwg419:43
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/g3Ixbs - Florian Fuchs flo.fuchs@gmail.com via python.org Apr 29 to soc2014-general - Pastebin.com19:43
gamerchick02party party rick_h_23:07
gamerchick02i got my grocery list done. :-P23:08
gamerchick02bein' responsible sucks23:08
rick_h_heh, pretty much23:25
rick_h_http://www.beautiful-places.com/villas/alexander_valley_ranch man I need more $$23:26
rick_h_http://www.beautiful-places.com/villas/moonrise wow23:31
cmaloneyOh, that's purdy23:40
gamerchick02everyone needs more money23:47

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