jabberwocky_Maaz coffee on05:53
* Maaz flips the salt-timer05:53
MaazCoffee's ready for jabberwocky_!05:57
Kilosmorning jabberwocky_ Spekko bushtech_ and others06:07
Kiloshi Xethron 06:07
bushtech_morning Kilos06:08
Spekkomore kilos06:08
Squirmhey all06:18
Kiloshi Squirm 06:18
Kiloslo ThatGraemeGuy 06:18
jabberwocky_môre Kilos bushtech Spekko Squirm ThatGraemeGuy and others :P06:28
Kiloshi Kerbero 06:28
nuvolario/ hi oom Kilos, jabberwocky_, ThatGraemeGuy, Squirm, Spekko, bushtech_ 06:29
Kilosmore nuvolari 06:29
jabberwocky_hi nuvolari06:30
Kilosill be on and off again today looks like. 14.04 cant login to my router for some reason06:31
Kilosvia browser that is06:32
Kilosnow vodacom wants to buy neotel for 7 billion06:36
Kilosi thought they were struggling06:36
Kiloswhen im struggling i cant even buy airtime never mind the the neighbours plot06:38
KilosXethron, ping06:38
XethronHeya Kilos :)06:39
KilosXethron, is it you that put ubuntu onto a mac?06:40
XethronNope :P06:40
Kilosaw who was it06:40
Spekkomore nuvolari06:47
charl_morning all07:16
charl_Maaz: coffee on07:16
* Maaz washes some mugs07:16
Kiloshi charl_ 07:16
KilosMaaz, coffee please07:16
MaazKilos: Done07:16
jabberwocky_Kilos: it's a big risk trying to by neotel, but it could give them the upper hand. I would try to do the same07:18
jabberwocky_Neotel wasn't managed very well, I'm sure vodacom can do a better job07:19
jabberwocky_on the other side of things Cell C has never turned a net profit and they are still here07:20
MaazCoffee's ready for charl_ and Kilos!07:20
jabberwocky_morning charl_07:20
KilosMaaz, ty07:20
MaazYou are welcome Kilos07:20
Kiloshi Private_User 07:20
Kiloswhats with all you okes. who is the guy that installed ubuntu onto a mac successfully some weeks back07:21
Private_Userhi Kilos07:21
Private_Userhi everybody else07:22
charl_hi Kilos 07:23
charl_hi jabberwocky_ 07:23
charl_Maaz: thanks07:23
Maazcharl_: No problem07:23
jabberwocky_hi Vince-007:29
charl_hi Vince-0 07:31
Kiloshi Vince-0 07:31
* Kilos struggling to install teamviewer. software centre and gdebi go through the motions of installing but dont successfully install07:32
Kilosso ran sudo dpkg -i teamviewer and got07:33
KilosErrors were encountered while processing:07:33
Kilos teamviewer07:33
Vince-0(works on Fedora) lolz07:36
Kilosok i put the package into archives and used aptitude to reinstall now it works07:38
Kilosso me lolz too07:38
Kerberomore ook kilos08:32
Kerberoen die res van julle ander mense08:32
Kilosohi superfly inetpro 08:42
inetprogood mornings08:50
inetprohi Kilos08:51
superflyhi Kilos, inetpro08:51
Kiloshi SilverCode 11:20
Kilosyou the yoyo today bushtech 11:20
charl_good afternoon people12:08
charl_Maaz: coffee on12:08
* Maaz puts the kettle on12:08
charl_busy with contunious integration12:08
MaazCoffee's ready for charl_!12:12
charl_Maaz: thanks12:48
Maazcharl_: No problem12:48
KilosHI charl_ 14:18
jabberwocky_charl_: that sounds cool, are you using any open source projects?15:03
KilosHI Private_User 16:00
Private_Userhey Kilos16:00
Kilosinetpro, ping16:14
Kilosplustwo, where is the old man16:15
kbmonkeysuperfly, if you mean the maze underground yes, I got lost in it!16:30
kbmonkeyhi Kilos 16:31
Kiloshaha hi kbmonkey 16:31
Kilosim still trying to build my first house here before i go online16:31
kbmonkeyusing 14.04 for a bit, moving windows around feels so tacky. any hints how I can make it snappier?16:31
Kilosor do you go build there16:31
kbmonkeyja ja I just go build there16:32
Kiloswhat you mean moving them around16:32
kbmonkeyclick title bar + drag16:32
Kiloshave you installed unity-tweak-tool16:32
kbmonkeyeven opening menus16:33
kbmonkeynot yet. am unsure of tweaking, wanna try use it as close to default as possible. or would you recommend tweak Kilos ?16:34
Kilosi have made 10 workspaces and run certain things on certain ones then just click its working icon in the launcher to switch to them16:34
Kilosya the tweak can do lots of things16:34
Kilosthe switch to another workspace is instant16:35
kbmonkeyrunning updates now16:37
charl_JabberwockyA19: jenkins, artifactory and sonarqube16:38
charl_together with openjdk and maven16:38
kbmonkeyI made some ladders on the minetest world, built into the clouds and planted sky-trees. Ke ke16:42
Kilosits actually a major job and then it becomes night and i lost my torch16:43
kbmonkeyyou start with 99 torches. 16:43
kbmonkeyin the fly's world16:44
charl_hey kbmonkey, Kilos 16:50
charl_how's it going with you folks16:50
Kilosgood ty and you?16:50
Kilosjust cold. 6°c tonight16:51
charl_i'm good16:51
kbmonkeygood thanks charl_ , glad to hear it is all well16:53
kbmonkeyupdates installing...16:54
kbmonkeywonder if I should have a dinner before I start on the games :p16:55
Kilosmaybe thats a good idea16:55
kbmonkeythen I install these extra packages meanwhile16:56
Kilosthe tweak is tiny16:56
Kilosand in the repos16:57
kbmonkeyah yes +116:57
kbmonkeybe back in  a few16:58
Kilosthe game needs a gps so i can find my way back again17:46
* Kilos cries. lost my furnace looking for coal17:48
kbmonkeydid you leave the furnace somewhere you forgot to find again?17:54
Kiloshad to walk far for wood for torch then got lost 17:55
Kilosall the ups and downs17:55
kbmonkeyhey I see you in the distance on minetest Kilos !18:00
kbmonkeyI'll come18:01
kbmonkeyyou press t in game to chat too18:01
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:46
superflykbmonkey: ping20:14
superflykbmonkey: I see you're up in the sky20:16
superflysomeone has died a few times20:16
superflykbmonkey: thanks for letting me show you around :-D20:59

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