arthurfiggishello :) i recently did a fresh install of 14.04, i noticed from free and swapon -s that i have no swap partition/space enabled even though i did create a partition during the install...anyone know how i might be able to get it enabled again?00:03
Beldararthurfiggis, Should be a fstab issue00:03
trap_exitIs there a way to remotely allow a _local_ user to login? I.e. (1) I am SSH-ed into a machine. (2) I want to allow the user in front of the machine I'm ssh-ed into, to login, without using a password.00:04
trap_exitIs there a way to remotely allow a _local_ user to login? I.e. (1) I am SSH-ed into a machine. (2) I want to allow the user in front of the machine I'm ssh-ed into, to login, without using a password. (3) Is this possible?00:04
Beldararthurfiggis, gksudo gedit /etc/fstab   look for the swap lines, you can run sudo blkid to see if the UUID Is correct00:05
arthurfiggisBeldar: I did notice that one line in fstab was commented out, that looked like it could have something to do with swap, but uncommenting it had no effect :( first time i've ever had any issues with creating swap space00:05
daftykinsarthurfiggis: i'd run gparted and make sure swap's turned on00:05
Beldararthurfiggis, Pastebin your fstab if needed00:05
daftykinsarthurfiggis: then make sure the UUID in fstab matches your swap partition00:06
Beldarand the blkid00:06
arthurfiggisdaftykins, Beldar: hmm...blkid i wasn't aware of, maybe that's the problem...something's not matching up :) i'm just getting ready to reboot into a fresh install now, once i get that going i'll give it a try and stop back here, thanks!00:07
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ChaosTheoryHi all00:16
ChaosTheoryI'm having a bit of trouble with some trusty-update packages, I wondering is there a way for me to see all the trusty-update packages?00:18
daftykinswhat kind of trouble?00:19
BeldarChaosTheory, use apt in the terminal and run upgrade and you will see all the updates, and what the upgrades are.00:20
ChaosTheorydaftykins, there UI is quite sluggish after installing updates to compiz (and related packges) and xserver-xorg-video-ati/radeon00:20
BeldarChaosTheory, apt-get update than apt-get upgrade00:20
ChaosTheoryBeldar, what i'm looking for is a lits of packages installed on my system that are trusty-update packages, compared to trusty-security packages (see software & updates app under the updates tab)00:22
BeldarChaosTheory, Are you sure that is the answer to the issue? Or this a idea?00:23
daftykinsChaosTheory: here's a very quick idea, rule out your user's configuration by seeing if things still perform badly in a guest session00:24
ChaosTheorydaftykins, good idea, i'll give it a go now.00:25
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Maceranybody running ubutnu on a nexus?00:41
Macerwell.. ubuntu phone00:41
Beldar!touch | Macer00:41
ubottuMacer: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch00:41
MacerBeldar: ah ok. is that what they're calling the phone OS?00:41
BeldarMacer, Touch is the ubuntu pone development, there were ubuntu images earlier, not any under support now I believe.00:42
matheus_Algum br ai?00:43
matheus_huehuehueheu brbr?00:43
Beldarmatheus_, english00:43
ChaosTheoryBeldar, so figured out a way to find the list of trusty-update packages via synaptic, I just want to see if there are any other display related packages that may have update that could have slowed down the UI.00:44
smiremdChaosTheory: What version of Ubuntu did you have before?00:44
ChaosTheoryBeldar, if that is the case I'll either downgrade them to the previous version and disable the recommended trusty-updates and just install the security-updates which i'm fine with.00:44
BeldarChaosTheory, You can pin apps if needed, not sure what you are doing is the best option, but it is your baby. ;)00:45
Beldarjust to little detail to really have a good picture.00:46
ChaosTheoryBeldar, so i narrowed down a few updates that seemed video related and downgraded them and used "apt-mark hold" on them, my performance is much better now.00:47
ChaosTheorysmiremd, it's a 14.04 fresh install, it was a trusty-update that slowed the UI down for me.00:47
smiremdBTW: Does anyone know a USB GPS dongle that works with Ubuntu?00:47
ChaosTheorysmiremd, i may have resolved the issue though.00:47
Beldarsmiremd, ubuntu has a list of approved hardware, I have not bought one yet that did not work. You can search on major retailers like amazon for linux working usb's.00:49
smiremdChaosTheory: That's good.00:49
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pvl1icant browse my samba share from windows. ive been googling for hours00:50
smiremdBeldar: "USB GPS dongle" as in "global positioning system"00:50
ChaosTheorynight all.00:50
Beldarsmiremd, I know.00:51
Beldarsmiremd, http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Delectronics&field-keywords=usb+gps+dongle+linux&rh=n%3A172282%2Ck%3Ausb+gps+dongle+linux00:53
minimecsmiremd: I use this one... http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Holux_M-24100:53
smiremdminimec: What's the accuracy like? Especially if you go around in e.g. like on a track?00:54
jurkohello, guys. I'd like to ask for help regarding ssh reverse tunneling, but a bit tricky setup. anyone willing, please?00:55
jurkoto describe the problem: I have a machine "A" behind a router (box "B") and a home PC (machine "D") behind a router "C". i'd like to establish a reverse SSH tunnel from router B to the router D to be able to VNC from PC "D" to PC "A"...00:57
minimecsmiremd: I am quiet happy with it. Used it in my car sometimes plugged to a computer. Accuracy was ok. Depends on available satellites fixes.00:57
minimecsmiremd: Normally I use it as 'standalone' logger when I do some photo shooting. You can use the device plugged to the computer or 'standalone'00:58
smiremdminimec: It looks like it's what I need. I'm looking on forums etc to try to see how it performs when you move around in small circles (that confuses a lot of gps). Your information was very helpful.01:00
smiremdminimec: I've not yet seen a phone gps that is accurate enough01:00
arthurfiggishello again :) well, i tried a completely default, non-encrypted-lvm "erase the entire disk" install of 14.04...and...i still have no swap partition or allocated swap :( sudo blkid only lists the id for /dev/sda1 whereas fstab states the swap for install was on /dev/sda501:00
pvl1im having a weird issue where user nobody doesnt have access to a folder in my home dir, which is owned by user nobody01:00
free11do you people have the same problem in which vlc doesnt close properly?01:01
Beldararthurfiggis, Can you pastebin sudo blkid and the content of fstab01:01
arthurfiggisBeldar: sure, just one moment please01:02
Beldararthurfiggis, This a uefi computer?01:02
arthurfiggishere we go, the contents of both :) http://pastebin.com/e4HJ85hh01:04
arthurfiggisBeldar: it is a uefi system, i installed ubuntu in legacy boot mode as i usually do01:04
minimecsmiremd: And one thing... When used in comobination with a computer, the device can be powered via USB without additional battery. Otherwise you need one 'AA Battery'. BAttery life is quiet ok.01:05
pvl1i think this might be because of my encrypted home dir01:05
Locke2002free11: VLC works fine for me01:05
arthurfiggishowever unlike previous releases, whether i use encrypted lvm or not, it seems that i have no swap allocated :( i don't know if it's an installation issue or an installation bug, etc.01:05
minimecsmiremd: ... oh ... and it also has bluetooth ...01:06
Beldararthurfiggis, Can you pastbin sudo parted -l now01:07
arthurfiggisBeldar: sure, one sec01:07
smiremdminimec: thanks. it's going in a robot vehicle.01:07
arthurfiggisBeldar: ok, this should be it :) http://pastebin.com/k0xJv3BM01:08
Beldararthurfiggis, Hmm, not sure, you show the partitions as there in the parted, but blkid does not see them. However I see on sdb and sdc 'crypto_LUKS'. I wonder if that is what is causing this, you fully msdos on all 3 HD's01:11
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arthurfiggisBeldar: hmm...well the other two are usb hard drives, they are encrypted ones :) backup hard drives moved over from my 13.10 installation01:13
locolocoIs there a way to copy directories/files in Nautilus while preserving permissions (achieving same results as cp -a,  rsync -a,  scp -pr)?01:13
JCM83is there a way to monitor my system component temperature? I know the hardware has a bunch of heat monitoring components - I can see them - but I don't know how to read them meaningfully.01:14
smiremdlocoloco: Not that I know of, but Nautilus does support plugins and there might be one01:14
jrib!sensors | JCM8301:15
ubottuJCM83: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.01:15
jriblocoloco: my guess is not by default01:15
JCM83thanks jrib01:16
Beldararthurfiggis, Try in fstab commenting out this line like this #/dev/mapper/cryptswap1 none swap sw 0 0  uncomment #UUID=0261d26c-0faf-4958-af95-f66fac8dd712  and use /dev/sda5 instead and reboot and see if swap is on.01:16
BeldarThan  uncomment #UUID=0261d26c-0faf-4958-af95-f66fac8dd712  and use /dev/sda5 instead and reboot and see if swap is on.  To be more clear01:17
arthurfiggisBeldar: hmm...I think I've got that, i'll give it a try :) just rebooting now!01:17
BeldarJust a guess, welcome anyone observations on his one. ;)01:18
BeldarJCM83, I have a conky with the temperatures and lm-sensors running.01:20
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daftykinsBeldar: hmm love to help you out with that one of arthurfiggis, but all my bets are off when encryption is in use! i've never used it01:21
Beldardaftykins, I messed with it once and found swap to be a issue, about 3-5 years ago.01:21
rcmaehl_webchatI set my password to a combination of directional keys (arrow keys) in terminal, how would I enter this password in graphic interfaces?01:22
Beldardaftykins, Nothing on my computers or backups would really change my life if I put it all on the web to be honest.01:23
daftykinsBeldar: mmm, i find the use of encryption to be pretty amusing - though i suppose there are probably some people out there who do real work on their computers :D01:24
arthurfiggisBeldar: nope, still no good :( in addition: "swapon: /dev/sda5: read swap header failed: Invalid argument" <-- not sure what's going on here, i've never had this problem :(01:24
Beldardaftykins, I have a encrypted password stuff, but that is it, but yeah I chuckle and wave my cane and the encrypters. ;)01:25
Beldarat the*01:25
locolocosmiremd, jrib: thanks guys! Figured as much.01:25
daftykinshrmm is it worth formatting the swap partition?01:25
mamece2hello, this one is easy, i just disconnect one hd from my pc. then after reboot i got into grub rescue (normal.mod not found)01:26
arthurfiggisdaftykins: i should note that i didn't explicitly create any partitions myself, i let the installer do it's automatic thing rather than mess it up :)01:26
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Beldararthurfiggis, I'm not sure the issue, why that /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 none swap sw 0 0  would be in fstab on a fresh encrypted install escapes me. and the actual sda5 swap commented out.01:28
Bashing-omBeldar: IRT arthurfiggis; recon it is worth while to look at "/etc/uswsusp.conf" and see what uuid is pointed too ?01:30
BeldarBashing-om, it is all yours. ;)01:30
arthurfiggisBeldar: it's possible i may have been bitten by the following bug, as although i didn't use encrypted lvm this time, i did use encrypted home directories :) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ecryptfs-utils/+bug/95387501:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 953875 in ecryptfs-utils (Ubuntu) "Encrypted swap no longer mounted at bootup" [High,Triaged]01:31
Beldararthurfiggis, Not sure really, my real experience ends before any encryption, so the others here will have better ideas I think.01:32
arthurfiggisBeldar, Bashing-om: thanks for the help...i'm going to give it one more try with all encryption options turned off and see what happens, i'll stop by again if it's still being a pain :)01:33
Guest7138Kubuntu 14.04 Live USB won't boot with my Nvidia NVS 4200 Nvidia Optimus graphic card ON. It freezes if I click Try Kubuntu or in later stages of installation.01:33
Beldarmamece2 what is on the HD's as far as OS?01:35
Bashing-omBeldar: Appreciate that vote of confidence, but I too would be floundering ! . We see what works out when sudo arthurfiggis returns (??).01:36
BeldarBashing-om, I'm a full armchair user, just a bit interested, a little to much, a hobby here.01:36
CarlFKlong shot - how can I just print what is in my clipboard?01:36
syeekickwhat is metacity replacedd with in ubuntu 14.0401:38
Beldarsyeekick, way to vague it is used in specific context01:38
Bashing-omBeldar: Roget that ! .. Me, well, I want to know what makes this operating system of choice tick. I do spend a lot of time poking and prodding about.01:39
syeekicktrying to look for an option iin gconf but there is no metacity in the tree drop down folder list01:39
mamece2Beldar: Im sorry, I left connected my external HD which has a problem with the partition and no OS01:39
* archpc is removing the ubuntu stuff from ubuntu (except unity) and replacing it with xfce apps01:40
archpcit's already much lighter :)01:40
Beldarmamece2, You familiar with the bootrepair app?01:40
Beldararchpc, This is support, not your soapbax. ;)01:40
Beldararchpc, Odd topic gibberish sound better!01:41
raul7821hi guys, I'm having issues with php5-fpm socket01:41
mamece2Beldar: never heard of it. I have this problema, maybe you can help me: I had an external hd with NTFS. I did a mistake using dd and i overwrite a bit on the NTFS into ext. now the rest theres a lil part with ext and another big part unallocated. can i restore NTFS with testidisk?01:42
raul7821I'm running as a vagrant user, and trying to start/restart the php5-fpm as soon as it's been installed, but it should be run under another user01:42
Beldarmamece2, No idea on that, I have seen you on this here in the last couple of days. I was trying to help with the boot.01:43
rocktopsome one from chaina please ?01:44
daftykins!cn | rocktop01:44
ubotturocktop: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw01:44
ubottuchanserv.py is a ChanServ helper script for !XChat | https://github.com/seveas/chanserv.py01:44
mamece2Beldar: yeah.. ive been around.. I did photorec on the unallocated part. i recovered a lot of files. now i need time to analyze all that. I really wish i could restore NTFS to the unallocated part so it'll be easie so see whats left01:45
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Beldarmamece2, Recovery is a tough road, and is the reason I have everything cloned and backed up and a backup of that.01:46
Beldarmy ego does not allow me to ask for help01:47
mamece2Beldar: i mess my backup drive D:01:49
mamece2In theory I could just re-bacup everything but im not sure if i got everything.. if i could just look at the name of the folder/files..01:50
Beldarmamece2, That is why I have two, one is a mirror of the other, 2, 2 terabyte externals. Bummer for sure, I would not touch dd with 100 ft pole, to easy to fail.01:50
mamece2Beldar: i learned the hard way to use cp01:50
mamece2Beldar: you seem to be a backup guy. What do u use? rsync?01:51
The_Woodsmanwhen i use netbeans and step through code, a lot of time is wasted stepping through STL code. does anyone know how i can remove STL files from the list of files netbeans should step through? i've only found tutorials on windows for other IDEs01:55
Beldarmamece2, For home yes, For the OS I use clonezilla.01:57
Beldarmamece2, I have very little but the OS's on the computers though.01:57
BeldarIf I was hacked they would find an empty desert, lol01:58
smiremd_phoneWe rsync everything then run a script to restore booting.01:59
smiremd_phoneThe_Woodsman: What if the bug is in the STL? :-)02:01
JokesOnYou77Hi all.  How can I get the pid of a process immediately as it executes?  I have an executable that I want to profile the memory usage of and I thought I could use ps, but I need to run it all in the same line and get the pid if possible02:01
The_Woodsmansmiremd_phone: considering my level of "expertise", i'm willing to make the bet that it isn't the STL code that's not working properly02:02
SchrodingersScatJokesOnYou77: bash can catch the pid if you background the process02:03
JokesOnYou77does backgrounding echo the pid?02:03
smiremd_phoneThe_Woodsman: Yes I was joking. Is it actually the STL, or the stdlib?02:03
SchrodingersScatJokesOnYou77: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/ProcessManagement02:03
SchrodingersScatJokesOnYou77: so, you should read that, but it would look something like $ command & ; commandpidvariable=$!02:04
XAVIERHi   all  have  a  prob   for install  scanner mustek 1200 a3 pro 02:05
WollyWonkehWell I got the server up and running on a desktop CD (Ubuntu 12.04) and I can't seem to mount the main SAS RAID volume.. 'You must specify filesystem type'? I can mount the 250MB boot volume and open edit the grub.cfg if I knew more, but when I load the 'Disk Utillity' GUI it also has no 'mount' option for the main volume '146 GB LVM2 Volume Group' ?02:05
JokesOnYou77$! expands to pid of last process right?02:05
JokesOnYou77I will happily read the page.  And I thank you02:05
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The_Woodsmansmiremd_phone: it's the STL - i'm using lists. and sorry for not catching the humor, this bug has been baffling me for a while02:06
WollyWonkehKeeping in mind my goal was to "sudo visudo -f /mnt/etc/sudoers" and re-add my main user to the sudoers list.02:06
SchrodingersScatJokesOnYou77: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide/Parameters#Special_Parameters_and_Variables02:06
SchrodingersScatJokesOnYou77: has to be in the background, afaik, otherwise yeah, you would need to check with something like ps and filtering, etc.02:07
XAVIERHi   all  have  a  prob   for install  scanner mustek 1200 a3 pro   help me pleazz  :(02:07
JokesOnYou77That problem taken care of, does anyone know of a simple tool to track memory usage of a process?  I'm looking at just using ps now but I'd like something that will output data I can bring into excel without too much hassle02:07
ubottuScanning software: XSane, the GIMP (GNOME), Skanlite (KDE). For instructions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo and to see supported hardware: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsScanners - See also !OCR02:09
BeldarXAVIER, ^^^^^^^^^^02:09
WollyWonkeh!sudoers group repair02:09
ubottuWollyWonkeh: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:09
* WollyWonkeh laughs02:10
BeldarXAVIER, simple scan is pretty generic might just work, or xsane.02:10
daftykinsWollyWonkeh: i have no experience with LVM personally but i think you need to mount some other path rather than the actual disk device02:11
testuserWhat makes Ubuntu different from Debian + Unity?02:12
Beldartestuser, both are linux based, different developers, not really a valid question here.02:13
mamece2Beldar: do you have home and the os in different partitions? is that a good practice?02:13
testuserWhere should I ask this question, then?02:13
smiremd_phonetestuser:  more up to date, less configuration required02:13
smiremd_phonetestuser: in addition, much more documentation about how to admin/fix it02:14
testuserDoes this mean that Ubuntu prefers more cutting edge technology?02:14
Beldarmamece2, Nah, all in one partition, I have 4 OS though, 14.04, 14.10, trisquel and W8.1. I have home in each backed up however.02:14
Beldarcept winders02:14
xanguatestuser: http://raphaelhertzog.com/2011/11/17/people-behind-debian-mark-shuttleworth-ubuntus-founder/ also this is offtopic as is not related to ubuntu support02:15
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:15
testuserOK, thanks :)02:15
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:16
mamece2thanks for all, gnight02:16
BeldarI have never found a separate home applicable for memamece2 I have most everything on the externals, I also never upgrade.02:16
XAVIERsane-find-scanner  >  could not open USB device    :(    no detect on Xsane  why ??02:16
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BeldarXAVIER, I found xsane problematic and had to search the web for info to get it to work, was a reconfig is all.02:17
WollyWonkehdaftykins: Ahhh LVM is starting to feel like another layer of the 7th hell of modernization. I've yet to even learn why it's 'good'.02:19
WollyWonkehTempted to copy all my dev work off, flatten it, and start over with a guide or something that tells me how to avoid all the pitfalls.02:20
daftykinsWollyWonkeh: nah, i have no idea either - i consider it a dark art and run screaming when things try to use it02:20
BeldarXAVIER, I see a small #sane channel.02:20
anudashi, is there somewhere list of irc channels ?02:21
XAVIERThx    Beldar02:21
WollyWonkehYou can /list or something but better to see what your client can do first.02:22
qin_anudas: /list (think before youu do)02:22
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*02:22
BeldarXAVIER, No prob, I can't remember the config tweaks, I just use simple scan it just works.02:22
XAVIERok thx   for all  :)02:22
kcjI have a 2nd monitor in portrait orientation and I have to keep setting it back to portrait whenever I restart. Could somebody please help me fix this? I'm running Gnome 3 on 14.0402:23
qin_WollyWonkeh: I wonder how bad is effect of using /list... irssi asks me if I really want to do it.02:24
anudasplease, dont think too much :-)02:25
daftykinsqin_: bad things.02:25
qin_anudas: use /mgs alis help; also ircsplit.de have web ui for channel searching02:26
qin_ups... irc.netsplit.de/02:27
Zeh_Gordinhohi everyone ...02:29
Zeh_Gordinhowich channel do I have to join to solve a few problems with draft sight on ubuntu based distros02:30
BeldarZeh_Gordinho, I would start with their channel.02:30
Zeh_GordinhoBeldar ... draft sight chanel ?02:31
BeldarZeh_Gordinho, This is ubuntu support is all, not a direction channel, and it seems you are using a derivative.02:32
qin_Zeh_Gordinho: What "Ubuntu" are you using?02:32
Zeh_GordinhoBeldar, yes ... I use a derivate ...02:33
Zeh_GordinhoBeldar: I use easy peasy on netbook (based on ubuntu 10)02:33
BeldarZeh_Gordinho, Right and draft sight is a 3rd party, we don't do either.02:33
Zeh_GordinhoBeldar: and kubuntu 13.10 on notebook02:33
BeldarZeh_Gordinho, 10.04 the desktop is end of life here.02:34
Zeh_Gordinhodraft sigh is a draw software, wich has linux version02:34
Beldar!info draft sight02:34
ubottu'sight' is not a valid distribution: extras, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, saucy, saucy-backports, saucy-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed02:34
buuDoes anyone happen to know how to swap the fn and ctrl key on a rtmbp keyboard?02:34
JokesOnYou77I'm looking for a simple tool to track memory usage of a process. I'm looking at just using ps now but I'd like something that will output data I can bring into excel without too much hassle02:34
Zeh_GordinhoBeldar: yes, I just like a lot of this easypeasy ... and the new one didn't is on stable version yet ...02:34
qin_JokesOnYou77: you mean to cvs fromat? while [ 1 ]; do your ps stuff here >> data.cvs; sleep 10; done;02:36
BeldarZeh_Gordinho, we are way offtopic, none of what you are running or want to run is supported here is all, try ##linux if you're registerd with freenode.02:36
Zeh_GordinhoBeldar: you just have helped me a lot ... OFFTOPIC was the channel that other user indicates to me last weekend ...02:36
JokesOnYou77qin_, while [1] ?02:36
Zeh_GordinhoBeldar: I will look for it now ...02:36
qin_JokesOnYou77: while [ 1 ]; loop, endless loop; crude too.02:37
Zeh_GordinhoBeldar: And I will try this channel you said too02:37
Zeh_GordinhoBeldar: Thanks a lot02:38
JokesOnYou77qin_, but just calling the output file .csv (comma separated values, not Customer Valued Service) won't make it the right format02:39
buuHrm, keymap $env{DEVNAME} 0xff0003 46402:40
buuIs there a keymap command somewhere?02:41
qin_JokesOnYou77: yeah, comma separated values, my bad, any excel should do csv02:41
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qin_JokesOnYou77: It shows how to format output of ps: http://abdussamad.com/archives/488-Memory-usage-of-a-process-under-Linux.html02:46
waressearcher2I usually use: "ps -eo ppid,pid,vsz,rss,args --sort pid | grep process_name | grep -v grep"02:47
arooni-mobilehey folks;  my funcion keys arent working.... ubungu 14.04; my function brightness keys worked before02:48
waressearcher2try #ubungu02:48
arthurfiggisBeldar, Bashing-om: much better, thanks again for the help :) as it turns out i was indeed being affected by that ecryptfs bug, which affects all variants of 14.04...fortunately the workaround is simple, just don't use encrypted home directories during install :) full disk encryption makes that a bit redundant anyway02:49
JokesOnYou77qin_, That link is exactly what I was looking for.  Thank you02:50
qin_JokesOnYou77: thanks02:50
Bashing-omarthurfiggis: Great ! Good to know info, thanks for the sharing.02:51
arthurfiggisBashing-om: oh, no problem :) i posted the bug itself here earlier but i might add to it myself later if i get a chance...it's high priority and triaged at this point though, so i'd say that it won't remain a problem for too much longer!02:52
Beldararthurfiggis, Cool, enjoy.02:52
Bashing-omarthurfiggis: +10 on following through on the bug report.02:53
daftykinsarthurfiggis: good work sir!02:54
arthurfiggisBashing-om: oh i usually try to do that if i get a chance, even if i don't have much more to add than "i'm affected by this" :) the more people that send up the red flag, the faster things get noticed and fixed...hopefully!02:55
waressearcher2why there are still bugs in ubuntu ? for so many years they haven't cleaned it up ?02:55
waressearcher2first ubuntu was released when, 10 years ago ?02:55
Seven_Six_Twowaressearcher2, which release are you talking about?02:56
Bashing-omarthurfiggis: Fact, we are all in this together.02:56
jribwaressearcher2: new software = new bugs02:56
ShurtagulCan you change the resolution of a video from 720 to 480 using ffmpeg?02:56
waressearcher2jrib: s/new software/new version of the same software/02:56
qin_waressearcher2: imagine that bug 1 is still not resolved02:56
ubottubug 1 in Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102:56
WollyWonkehdaftykins: Ahh I found the fix. LiveCD won't have LVM installed and running so the first step is to get online and grab it, then you can activate the LVM volumes, then you can edit the sudoers and now my only problem is that I should fix the lack of video ('Unsupported Video Mode' on any screen I connect to it) during the grub bootloader portion. I get the BIOS messages then black screen, I...02:56
WollyWonkeh...hit enter, and then the Ubuntu login GUI  (desktop) loads.02:56
Beldarwaressearcher2, Ubuntu actually publishes bugs the non linux OS's do not, simple answer.02:56
Seven_Six_Twowaressearcher2, there isn't one version every ten years. It's a 6 month release cycle, so you get features with bugs02:56
zykotick9bug 1 is from 2004... waressearcher202:57
jribwaressearcher2: sometimes new software, sometimes new software in the form of new versions of old software, yes02:57
kcjAny ideas?02:57
arthurfiggiszykotick9: the funny thing is that if microsoft screws up as badly with windows 9 as they did with 8, that bug might actually have a chance of being closed :P02:57
Beldarkcj, many why?02:58
daftykinsWollyWonkeh: oh nice! so it does show a picture but only on that keystroke!?02:58
kcjBeldar: About the question I asked before.02:58
Seven_Six_Twokcj, do you have an nvidia card?02:58
zykotick9arthurfiggis: <ot> lets hope ;)02:58
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waressearcher2"Initial release 20 October 2004; 9 years ago (2004-10-20)", does anyone knows if there is something special coming on 10th anneversary ?02:58
kcjSeven_Six_Two: Not sure, maybe. Why?02:58
daftykinswaressearcher2: off topic.02:58
Seven_Six_Twowaressearcher2, I think 14.10 will be released.02:59
arthurfiggiszykotick9: oh yes...sorry about that, i should join the offtopic channel in a little while :) just have everything installed fresh again so i'm off doing the usual apt-get install everything-i-ever-used02:59
Seven_Six_Twokcj, because your video card is what your monitor is connected to.02:59
kcjSeven_Six_Two: Indeed it is. It's a Geforce 210.03:00
Seven_Six_Twokcj, how are you changing the orientation?03:00
Beldarkcj, Saw it, the chanel works with your post being detailed and concise, not asking for help.03:00
kcjBeldar: What?03:01
kcjSeven_Six_Two: Through Gnome's monitor settings doodly.03:01
Jeeves_Mossdoes anyone have the wvdial.conf for Bell Canada's 3G network?03:01
Seven_Six_Twokcj, ok. open a terminal and run        gksudo nvidia-settings03:01
Seven_Six_Twokcj, try and do it with that.03:01
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waressearcher2daftykins: "off topic", they contiuously ban me from ubuntu-offtopic, so what can I do ?03:02
kcjSeven_Six_Two: I don't have nvidia-settings installed.03:02
ShurtagulCan you change the resolution of a video from 720 to 480 using ffmpeg?03:02
Seven_Six_Twokcj, ok        sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings03:03
Seven_Six_TwoShurtagul, yes.03:03
ShurtagulI can't find out how.03:03
Seven_Six_TwoShurtagul, although the recommended method right now is   avconf03:03
Seven_Six_TwoShurtagul, sorry, it's    avconv03:03
Seven_Six_TwoShurtagul, to see the manual for most commands, precede it in the terminal with "man" eg         man ffmpeg      or      man avconv03:04
daftykinswaressearcher2: find somewhere else03:04
kcjSeven_Six_Two: Cool, I'll just leave that to simmer.03:04
ShurtagulReading manual for avconv nopw03:04
noguihelpHi all, My ubuntu machine froze so I restarted the box (hold the power button). Now i'm unable to log in to the gui. I ran this command "sudo grep 'warning\|oops\|segfault\|error' -iHnr /var/log/dmesg /var/log/syslog /var/log/kern.log /var/log/Xorg.0.log $HOME/.xsession-errors > $HOME/mylog.txt && nano $HOME/mylog.txt" and the output is here: http://pastebin.com/V8J6dqtn. Is anyone able to helpget my gui working again??03:05
Seven_Six_Twonoguihelp, did you try alt-ctrl-f1 first?03:05
Beldarwaressearcher2> daftykins: "off topic", they contiuously ban me from ubuntu-offtopic, so what can I do ? Stop being whatever it is ghat gets you banned.03:05
holsteinnoguihelp: i would test the hard drive, and other hardwrae...03:05
Seven_Six_Twonoguihelp, and the magicsysrq stuff?03:06
noguihelpSeven_Six_Two: Yes that's where I ran the command, whats the magicsysrc stuff?03:06
Seven_Six_Twonoguihelp, it's a series of keystrokes that do kernel stuff to shutdown cleanly.03:07
Seven_Six_Twonoguihelp, check the wikipedia page for http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key03:08
waressearcher2Shurtagul: you want to convert from 720 to 480 ?03:09
Seven_Six_Twonoguihelp, it would be helpful if you installed pastebinit and put each of the logs, complete, in a separate paste.03:09
Jeeves_Mossdoes anyone have the wvdial.conf for Bell Canada's 3G network?03:09
holsteinJeeves_Moss: try Bell Canada03:10
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Shurtagulwaressearcher2,  yeah03:19
Shurtagulwaressearcher2,  sorry I was afk03:19
ShurtagulDoes "avconv input.mp4 -f 18 output.mp4" look right?03:20
=== carlos is now known as Guest39572
Guest39572hello everybody I am new to the chat03:22
asshat1hello Guest3957203:22
Guest39572which one is the version of linux?03:22
holsteinGuest39572: welcome.. feel free to joine the #ubuntu-offtopic channel to chat. otherwise, check the /topics of the channels you join03:23
ShurtagulWhats the output format for 480 in avconv?03:23
waressearcher2Shurtagul: try "ffmpeg input.mp4 -s 480x*** output.mp4"03:23
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waressearcher2"I am new to the chat", mmm, fresh meat, now get him boys03:24
ShurtagulIncorrect frame size03:24
ShurtagulFailed to set value '480x***' for option 's'03:24
waressearcher2Shurtagul: no, you calculate that second half, what is the initial resolution ? 720x*** what ?03:24
Shurtagulah ok03:24
waressearcher2Shurtagul: than you use say: "ffmpeg input.mp4 -s 480x280 output.mp4" or something03:25
waressearcher2Shurtagul: also there are other options: "ffmpeg -i input.avi -vcodec mpeg4 -vb 1500k -s 480x280 -ab 128k -ar 44100 -ac 2 -acodec libmp3lame -y -f avi out.avi"03:26
ShurtagulIm going to go cry in a corner until it changes its resolution03:27
waressearcher2go cry03:27
ShurtagulI seem to have overwritten it with a blank file03:27
ShurtagulIll figure it out, thanks for the help :)03:27
Seven_Six_TwoShurtagul, there are a few gui options too, like handbrake, iriverter (for portable devices), and a few others.03:28
Seven_Six_TwoShurtagul, arista, transmageddon, ConvertMe03:29
waressearcher2/usr/bin/wine .wine/C/Program Files/VirtualDub/VirtualDub.exe03:30
ADWsuper n00b question: I'm playing with my first ubuntu instalation. All is well, but I'm missing the dirvers for my atheros chipset WLAN card. How should I 1. aqquire said driver and 2. install it? thanks03:32
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:32
kcjSeven_Six_Two: Back.03:33
holsteinADW: its likey just there.. the kernel i s modular, and typically contains all the drivers you need, and that are available.. though, there are exceptions03:33
holsteinADW: any manyfacturer, since linux is completely open, is always able to, and encouraged to support your hardware03:34
kcjSeven_Six_Two:  Still there?03:34
Seven_Six_Twokcj, yes03:34
ADWIts a pretty comon chipset so I bet it is there. And thanks for that link, very helpful03:34
ADWWhat do you mean by a "modular kernel"?03:34
ADWCan you tell I work in a windows IT world? lol03:35
kcjSeven_Six_Two: nvidia-settings is running.03:35
asshat1ADW: is this a laptop? if so what model?03:35
Seven_Six_TwoADW, drivers can be inserted and removed on the fly, without reboot03:35
Seven_Six_Twokcj, oh I don't know how to change the orientation, but if it allows you to, you can save it to your xorg.conf03:35
waressearcher2ADW: "modular kernel" means every part of kernel can be disabled while compiling it and you can get as tiny as 1MB kernel or as large as 100MB03:36
Seven_Six_Twokcj, yeah, mine allows it on the "X Server Display Configuration" page, listed as "orientation"03:36
ArsaneritWhy might a font work in Firefox but not in Skype?  I helped a friend install ttf-ancient-fonts as per [1].  On my machine (Xubuntu 13.10), this makes emoji work in both Firefox and Skype.  On my friends machine (Kubuntu 12.04 LTS), this makes emoji work in Firebox, but in Skype she still sees missing glyph rectangles.  What might cause this and how might we resolve this?03:37
ADWAh, alright. makes sense. And asshat1: its a Sony VAIO S Series SVS13A12FXB03:37
Arsanerit[1] https://www.kirsle.net/blog/entry/make-emoji-work-in-linux03:37
Seven_Six_Twokcj, once you get it how you want it, save to X configuration file and log out and back in.03:37
Seven_Six_Twokcj, if it's still rotated, you're golden.03:37
Seven_Six_TwoArsanerit, try running skype from a terminal, and look at the output to see if you notice an error. I don't know if skype allows it, but there might be an option for verbose logging. try   skype --help   or    man skype03:39
ArsaneritSeven_Six_Two: Good idea, we'll try03:40
admin1i have a question i need some ones help with ?03:40
kcjSeven_Six_Two: I just have "Application Profiles" and "nvidia-settings Configuration"03:40
asshat1ADW everything I can find shows that the wireless card is supported. How far does it get? Just not show it as existing or can you see networks and not connect?03:41
Seven_Six_Twokcj, can you take a screenshot of each page and put them on imagebin.org or some other "bin"? I'll be back in 10 minutes and I'll take a look then.03:43
ArsaneritSeven_Six_Two: Seems like she didn't properly restart it earlier, now the fonts are there :)03:43
Bashing-om!ask | admin103:43
ubottuadmin1: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:43
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admin1what program would i use to rdp from xubunt to windows 803:44
asshat1@admin1 I like Remmina. supports remote fx too03:44
Seven_Six_Twoasshat1, your nick isn't very family friendly.03:45
asshat1Seven_Six_Two does it need to be?03:45
kcjSeven_Six_Two: http://http://imgur.com/a/HJ6QK03:45
kcjSeven_Six_Two: Er, http://imgur.com/a/HJ6QK03:46
Seven_Six_Twoasshat1, this channel is, yes.03:46
CarlFKasshat1: " Please be considerate of everyone and keep all the Ubuntu IRC channels friendly places for everyone."  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines03:46
asshat1Seven_Six_Two I'll go change it then03:46
Seven_Six_Twoasshat1, that's appreciated, thanks!03:47
buuAnyone happen to know how to use udev hwdb rules to change the fn key on macbooks?03:47
lotuspsychjemorning to all03:48
Seven_Six_Twokcj, that's odd. I have a lot more. can you pastebin the output of     glxinfo          and         the contents of   /etc/Xorg.0.log03:48
Seven_Six_Twokcj, now really going. I'll be back soonish.03:48
kcjSeven_Six_Two: Okay. I get those pastes done. Thanks man.03:49
lotuspsychjekcj: whats going on mate?03:50
kcjlotuspsychje: With me or my monitor issues?03:50
lotuspsychjekcj: your issue yes :p03:51
carlos_how do you open a terminal in ubuntu?03:51
CarlFKcarlos_: ctrl alt t03:51
lotuspsychje!bash > carlos_03:51
ubottucarlos_, please see my private message03:51
WollyWonkehdaftykins: Yeah it's like there's a prompt waiting to load the GUI or drop to shell? Not sure.. Just happy to have sudo working again.03:52
carlos_i want to install a software center03:52
lotuspsychjecarlos_: software centre is there by default03:52
carlos_which one is the best03:52
lotuspsychjecarlos_: you can choose apt-get install packagename, software centre, synaptics03:53
carlos_i know but i seen that deepin is better03:53
lotuspsychjecarlos_: whatever you choose03:53
lotuspsychjecarlos_: whats your end goal?03:53
kcjSeven_Six_Two:  glxinfo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7486744/03:54
carlos_i want to get access to diferent apps03:54
datmofuggahey all. What is the best program for backing up a small number of windows 7 machines to a ubuntu server on a lan?03:54
lotuspsychjecarlos_: apps you already know name of or not?03:54
datmofuggasoryy for the kind of dumb question03:54
carlos_have you use deepin?03:55
datmofuggaubuntu 13.0403:55
lotuspsychje!info deepin03:55
ubottuPackage deepin does not exist in trusty03:55
Beldarcarlos_, Are you running deepin?03:55
lotuspsychjedatmofugga: 13.04 is eol mate, install a version from topic03:55
carlos_no,i have not use it03:55
datmofuggai meant 13.1003:55
CarlFKhttp://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=deepin  "Deepin (formerly Linux Deepin, Hiweed GNU/Linux) is an Ubuntu-based  distribution that aims to provide an elegant, user-friendly and reliable  operating system."03:56
raul7821hi guys, how can I sed this: sed -i 's/bind-address    = =' my.cnf03:56
raul7821 03:56
kcjSeven_Six_Two: Also I have no xorg.conf03:56
raul7821between bind-address and =, there are multiple tabs I believe03:56
lotuspsychje!backup | datmofugga03:56
ubottudatmofugga: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning03:56
datmofuggaI: can't really google, I'm on server and have no gui.03:56
kcjlotuspsychje: My monitor settings don't stick between restarts03:57
carlos_i am new to ubuntu and i am trying to get the best apps03:57
lotuspsychjecarlos_: depends your needs, what are you still missing mate?03:57
datmofuggacarlos_- the best app is called internet03:57
datmofuggahave you ever tried internet03:57
ADWI tired it once, broke it.03:58
ADWbad day03:58
lotuspsychjedatmofugga: maybe the #ubuntu-server guys might know good backup packages aswell03:58
Beldarcarlos_ Don't forget best is an opinion, not really valid for everyone.03:58
carlos_what are you guys using?03:59
lotuspsychjecarlos_: keep in mind this is an ubuntu support channel mate03:59
datmofuggaI'm looking for an easy to set up program to backup a windows 7 machine over the network to a 13.10 server. I'm comfortable editing conf files. I need something that has a free windows client03:59
carlos_hahaha you right03:59
FamilyFriendlyHa@carlos firefox but I use ubuntu-gnome03:59
datmofuggaand i cant google bc no gui03:59
lotuspsychjecarlos_: what are you still searching for?03:59
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lotuspsychje!info links2 | datmofugga04:00
ubottudatmofugga: links2 (source: links2): Web browser running in both graphics and text mode. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8-1ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 1989 kB, installed size 3007 kB04:00
datmofuggai coulnt find it04:00
CarlFKdatmofugga: "easy" is likely to setup a samba server, set up a share.  on the winows box, map a drive to the share, copy files to the drive.04:00
carlos_something to edit pictures04:00
datmofuggathought it was called lynx04:00
datmofuggai was looking to use that. havent used ubuntu since back in the day04:00
datmofuggause mostly red hat and windows for work04:00
lotuspsychjecarlos_: you can edit photo's with shotwell by default04:00
lotuspsychjecarlos_: for more proffessional editing, install gimp04:01
nith1210Has anyone had any luck playing encrypted WMV files?04:01
datmofuggacarlos: gimp is great04:01
FamilyFriendlyHa@datmofugga a quick search shows maybe a program called "Amanda" would work. Never used it myself04:01
lotuspsychjedatmofugga: lynx was first, then links, then links204:01
carlos_can you find them on the software center?04:01
FamilyFriendlyHa@night1210 do you have the license file?04:01
lotuspsychjecarlos_: yes, but i think its better you ask a nice package here in chat, wich you still search04:02
nith1210FamilyFriendlyHa: Likely yes, I have the "Digital Copy" cd from the store which was paired with the blueray04:02
lotuspsychjenith1210: what does vlc do on the encrypted video?04:02
carlos_how do you ask for a nice package?04:03
nith1210lotuspsychje: Displays 00:00 then --:-- and stops04:03
lotuspsychjecarlos_: example: i need a package to play videos04:03
carlos_in the chat?04:03
lotuspsychjecarlos_: sure, if its ubuntu related04:04
FamilyFriendlyHanith1210 you'd have to through windows media player 11 on wine or use a vm and install windows on that04:04
lotuspsychjenith1210: are those drm protected?04:04
nith1210FamilyFriendlyHa: ok; I was hoping I missed something with VLC. My wife wants to watch it on her train ride.04:05
nith1210lotuspsychje: I believe so; hence the encryption. I think FamilyFriendlyHa is right and I'd have to do it through windows/wine04:05
FamilyFriendlyHanith1210: unfortunately there's no good way. You could try to strip the DRM out but that's not something we could help  you with here04:05
lotuspsychjenith1210: well not really an ubuntu issue, but google shows howto record the drm video with vlc04:06
Seven_Six_Twokcj, and the xorg log?04:06
lotuspsychjenith1210: you can get the record button in vlc from advanced tab04:07
claws_I currently have one folder with a whole load of sub folders, with files in thise sub folders. How can I easily move all files under the main folder (but not move the sub folders, just the files in them) into a new folder?04:07
nith1210lotuspsychje: yup, I was just hoping to avoid booting into windows :)04:07
nith1210lotuspsychje && FamilyFriendlyHa: Thanks anyway :)04:08
lotuspsychjenith1210: you have the password for this protected video?04:08
lotuspsychjenith1210: maybe playonlinux can install windows mediaplayer, and stream from inside ubuntu?04:09
lotuspsychje!info playonlinux | nith121004:10
ubottunith1210: playonlinux (source: playonlinux): front-end for Wine. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 4.2.2-1 (trusty), package size 1107 kB, installed size 4208 kB04:10
dw1claws_: # find /source-folder -type f -exec mv {} /destination-folder \;04:12
nith1210lotuspsychje: I may explore something similar at some point. Thanks.04:12
claws_dw1, thanks.04:13
lotuspsychjemrhowe: welcome mate, what can we do for you?04:13
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kcjSeven_Six_Two: Sorry, got a little busy. Here you go: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7486832/04:30
dmarrhow do install gtop?04:30
lotuspsychje!info gtop04:30
ubottuPackage gtop does not exist in trusty04:30
lotuspsychjedmarr: you mean htop maybe?04:31
dmarri want to use the https://metacpan.org/pod/GTop04:32
dmarri did get the source using bzr04:33
dmarrand i think i could install w/apt-get but im not sure the synax04:33
dmarrsudo apt-get install . ?04:33
dmarr!info libgtop-devel04:36
ubottuPackage libgtop-devel does not exist in trusty04:36
IVBakerHi, I'm also looking for a tool to monitor/benchmark a process. Currently I'm using htop and looking at the average CPU usage. But I would like the same which could make an average over the time also.04:38
dmarrI tried this: https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/libgtop/main04:38
dmarrwhich just says to bzr branch lp:libgtop04:38
dmarrbut im not sure how to install that source04:38
dmarrcan apt-get install work on a checked out src?04:38
dmarrE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.04:39
dmarrwhen sudo apt-get install . > log.txt04:39
Seven_Six_Twokcj, in order to get the benefits of nvidia-settings, you need to be using the nvidia binary driver. You're currently using nouveau. You can install a binary driver by opening the software centre, edit >> Software sources, Additional Drivers tab. You'll have to reboot after04:40
dmarrlog: https://gist.github.com/cef49f935f1cfba9106f04:40
kcjThat explains it.04:40
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SohronSeven_Six_Two: hey, should it be that easy with 14.04? i had to blacklist nouveau in blacklist.conf04:45
Seven_Six_TwoSohron, the log file showed x trying to load nvidia before falling back to nouveau04:46
ramersje parle  français04:47
lotuspsychje!fr | ramers04:47
ubotturamers: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.04:47
Sohronbut after a few days there was an nvidia config appeared there blaclisting that nouveua and a bunc of other stuff too04:47
Sohrondamned, i can't type anymore04:48
RobbieHi guys, I have a DVD  and everytime I put it in my laptop it tryes to read it for many minutes withouth any results and it can't even read if it is empty or there is something so it says PLEASE PUT A CD/DVD INSIDE. It is obviously corrupted and it is happened after I tryed to burn an .iso file. There is some way to delete it completely without make try my pc to read it? thanks04:51
dmarrapt-get install libgtop2-dev04:51
dmarrfinally.. hard to find these things04:52
SohronRobbie: is it an dvd RW then?04:52
RobbieSohron, yes, correct04:52
Sohronwell, i guess that dvd-drive is out of question at least, maybe try on another box04:53
Sohronif it fails there too, then trash the disk04:53
Sohronthat dvd i mean04:53
duckchatanyone have dual monitors?04:53
RobbieSohron, yes that is the only thing i could do in my experience. the question was if I can delete it again that dvd-rw to burn it again04:54
playdoughHow do I get dpkg to not delay ldconfig on a package?  I think it has something to do with triggers, but I'm not sure how to generate my package.04:55
SohronRobbie: not with the drive which is refusing to recognize the dvd at least04:56
playdoughI put LDCONFIG_NOTRIGGER into a custom postinst, but the standard debhelper doesn't do this.04:56
SohronRobbie: try another dvd-drive, if not working in it either then it's a lost cause04:57
SohronRobbie: some dvd-drives are quite picky what they read04:57
playdoughAll I have is a .install and let debhelper do the rest.  But when I install the package the ld.so.cache doesn't contain my library.04:58
RobbieSohron, Ok Thanks anyway mate04:58
Sohronnp Robbie, sorry for a lost dvd, but it's just one dvd :)04:58
RobbieSohron, sure :)04:58
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edneiola ...05:19
edneialguem em portugues?05:22
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.05:22
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dYnahey everyone05:28
Kryperola alguem05:33
BluewolfHi all, it there anyway to pause this command if it has not finished? - wget -c http://dl.heroesofnewerth.com/HoNClient-
FamilyFriendlyHaBluewolf: you could move it to the background. would that work?05:38
Seven_Six_TwoBluewolf, possibly with ctrl+z but that's only on your end. the other end might not allow you to resume.05:38
BluewolfFamilyFriendlyHa: Seven_Six_Two: I just need to pause it as my off peak net time is coming to its end and I don't want to use my 1GB?05:46
SirLagzBluewolf: depends on the other end. it may or may not let you resume.05:47
FamilyFriendlyHaBluewolf: you can try ctrl+z but pausing likely isn't possible since as Seven_Six_Two already said it may not let you resume on the server side05:47
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RobbieHi guys I love to experience always different linux distros even if ubuntu is by far the best for me: drivers, usability etc. I have never seen some linux distro with the same high quality of display included images and text.  Debian and some other I tryed does not have a good quality of visualization, maybe for the drivers they use. Someone know some good alternative to try?05:56
Tm_TRobbie: Kubuntu05:56
somsipRobbie: you're in the ubuntu support channel, so the answer will be 'ubuntu'. Maybe you should ask in somewhere more general like #linux05:57
Tm_TRobbie: to be serious, we're happy to help with any issues you have with Ubuntu, but for other chit chatty topics you could use #ubuntu-offtopic (:05:57
Robbieok thanks guys05:57
waressearcher2how to download videos from twitch.tv ? is there a console tool ?06:00
waressearcher2Robbie: plan 9 ?06:01
monI've got a question on something I'm sure is easy, but it's impossible to google (for me at least)06:04
monI can happily run a GUI app as a local user from root using gksu and exporting XAUTHORITY things06:05
monBut running steam this way won't put the steam icon in my Unity notification bar06:05
monAnd the only way to get it there is running locally06:05
monIs there a workaround?06:05
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
=== k_sze[work]|2 is now known as k_sze[work]
Robbiesomeone know how to remove the feature that gnu.org is talking about?:  . When the user searches her own local files for a string using the Ubuntu desktop, Ubuntu sends that string to one of Canonical's servers. As of March 2014 we have heard talk of a plan to change Ubuntu to remove this surveillance malfeature. I hope Ubuntu does make that change and soon, since that will vindicate free software's reputation. However, reportedly Ubuntu 14.0406:18
Robbie in April 2014 still has the problem.  Let me know, thanks06:18
coolstarI'm having an issue compiling my application on Ubuntu06:19
coolstarwhen I allow it to compile for 64 bit, it compiles perfectly fine06:19
coolstarbut when I pass the -m32 option, it fails to find the sys/ include directory06:19
asking-problemmy problem:in several minute ago, i get my mouse can't click anywhere.only my keyboard can i use now. how to fix it without restart or logout. my condition now only acces keyboard.thx06:33
morph|99% [Waiting for headers]06:33
morph|anyone ever seen apt-get update get stuck at this stuff?06:33
asking-problemand alt+tab can't access06:34
Cutegirl1990Check out my blog, 100% legit. http://www.nattstad.se/sofi.carlsson.9 :)06:34
asking-problemhow to fix my problem?06:34
aarobcIs there no AMD openCL driver that doesn't require crappy catalyst?06:35
asking-problemi'm correct my words06:35
asking-problemmy problem:in several minute ago, i get my mouse can't click anywhere.only my keyboard can i use now. how to fix it without restart or logout. my condition now only acces keyboard.thx06:36
FamilyFriendlyHaasking-problem: have you tried restarting unity/gnome or whatever it is you are using?06:39
asking-problemif i restart, i can restart. but now i don't want to restart caused something. so , now how to fix it manually ,example using :gnome-terminal?06:41
asking-problemFamilyFriendlyHa, thx06:42
asking-problembut how to fix it06:42
asking-problemwithout restart?06:42
asking-problemis there something that i must type in terminal?06:42
Ben64why don't you just restart? or try plugging the mouse into a different usb06:43
asking-problemmouse(that i mean is CLICK)06:44
FamilyFriendlyHaasking-problem: i'm not saying to reboot the machine just the service for your desktop06:44
FamilyFriendlyHaasking-problem: are you using unity? gnome? or something else?06:44
asking-problemmouse(that i mean is CLICK). i'm using internal touchpad in laktop.06:44
bazhangasking-problem, why can you not logout? please explain06:44
asking-problemBen64, mouse(that i mean is CLICK). i'm using internal touchpad in laktop.06:45
asking-problemFamilyFriendlyHa, i'm using gnome06:45
Ben64asking-problem: ok, youve said that thrice already, so why can't you restart?06:45
bazhangasking-problem, you are on what version of ubuntu, or is this MINT/something else06:45
asking-problembazhang, Ben64 . because if i'm restart my internet connection for the next session can't use again.06:46
FamilyFriendlyHaasking-problem: hit alt+f2 then type restart. it will restart the gnome shell not the whole computer06:47
asking-problem*bazhang, Ben64 . because if i'm restart my internet my computer, my connection for the next session can't use again.06:47
bazhangasking-problem, there is no reason to restart your internet connection06:47
asking-problem*bazhang, Ben64 . because if i'm restart my internet my computer, my connection for the next session can't use again.06:47
bazhangasking-problem, please stop repeating and answer our questions06:47
asking-problemi'm sorry.06:47
asking-problemthat i mean06:47
asking-problemif i'm restart my computer, my internet connection for the next session can't be use again.06:48
bazhangasking-problem, stop that06:48
FamilyFriendlyHabazhang: I'm guessing he's like at a hotel or something like that where they only gave him access to the wifi for a limited amount of time or sessions06:49
asking-problembazhang, i'm sorry.06:49
bazhangFamilyFriendlyHa, no way to know, he wont answer any questions06:49
bazhangasking-problem, what version of UBuntu06:49
bazhangasking-problem, desktop?06:50
FamilyFriendlyHaasking-problem: do this, ctrl-alt-backspace06:50
bazhangFamilyFriendlyHa, thats not helpful at all06:51
FamilyFriendlyHabazhang: should restart gnome since he's using 10.0406:51
asking-problembazhang, i don't know my desktop version. if now i'm using terminal, i must offline from chatting, caused alt+tab can't access.06:51
someHumanWhat are you break routines from PCs?06:51
bazhangasking-problem, this is desktop, not server?06:52
asking-problemFamilyFriendlyHa, ctrl-alt-backspace?06:52
somsip!info workrave | someHuman06:52
ubottusomeHuman: workrave (source: workrave): Repetitive Strain Injury prevention tool. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.10.1-4 (trusty), package size 392 kB, installed size 1443 kB06:52
Ben64bazhang: the problem is on a laptop with a touchpad, so i'd imagine its the desktop version :)06:52
asking-problembazhang, i don't my desktop version.06:52
someHumansomsip: What?06:52
somsipsomeHuman: clarify your question if that doesn't answer it06:52
asking-problem*bazhang, i don't know my desktop version.06:53
bazhangBen64, so eol06:53
Ben64bazhang: indeed06:53
someHumansomsip: Well I don't want to die from using PCs especially that computing is my new hobby.06:53
someHumanI am currently looking up tips on how not to die from PCs.06:53
cfhowlettsomeHuman turn off PC.  go play somewhere else.  fixed.06:53
FamilyFriendlyHasomeHuman: I've heard there's something called outside that's supposed to help with that, never seen it myself06:54
bazhangsomeHuman, thats not on topic here, unless you have specific issue. for chit chat it's #ubuntu-offtopic06:54
asking-problemFamilyFriendlyHa, if i press ctrl-alt-backspace now, what happen?06:54
somsipsomeHuman: and workrave can help you to manage breaks from working. But I don't think I'll be helping you more as it's OT06:54
someHumansomsip: OT?06:54
someHumanbazhang: Thanks!06:54
cfhowlett!ot | someHuman06:54
ubottusomeHuman: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:54
someHumanAh ok.06:54
asking-problemplease, help me06:54
bazhangasking-problem, your version of ubuntu is out of support, you need to upgrade to a supported version06:55
bazhang!eolupgrades | asking-problem06:55
ubottuasking-problem: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades06:55
FamilyFriendlyHaasking-problem: if you are using 10.04 desktop standard then you are using gnome2. ctrl-alt-backspace restarts the gnome-session without rebooting the computer06:55
bazhangFamilyFriendlyHa, it's eol06:55
FamilyFriendlyHabazhang: so?06:55
bazhangFamilyFriendlyHa, not supported at all06:56
asking-problemFamilyFriendlyHa, if i'm restart the gnome-session, is my wvdial connection is stop?06:56
FamilyFriendlyHabazhang: no, but we can still offer tips. I'd recommend that he upgrade too but that may not be an option at this point06:56
bazhangFamilyFriendlyHa, the tips are to tell him how to upgrade, thats it06:57
jessidhello guys. Good morning. I am having a little doubt and is this: I am using the "echo" command to send a string to ttyUSB0. Specifically I am using an arduino at 115200 baudios. Everything works properly IF I have previously opened the arduino serial monitor. Every time I restart the pc, communication fails before I open the program. I have been searching in the Internet and some people say it is a reset issue with the microcontroll06:57
jessider, but i am not sure becaus i unplug the arduino, wait for a long time (10 minuts) and reconnect it. if the comm had been stablished before, it will work properly. So this leads me to think it is something related with the OS. I am using ubuntu 12.04. Any idea? thanks in advance!!!06:57
bazhangasking-problem, please see the link I gave you on upgrading to a supported version06:58
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades  <---- asking-problem06:58
FamilyFriendlyHaasking-problem: I don't know. never used it before.06:58
FamilyFriendlyHaasking-problem: i would also recommend upgrading too06:59
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fishcookeris it safe to resize a ssd and create a new partition  when the box running?07:06
_[mythsafe, like HDD.07:06
DaemonFCIt depends on which partition you want to size, what file system it uses, whether you used LVM or not, etc.07:07
Beldarfishcooker, If you want an exact answer show what you have and exactly what you intend.07:09
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=== jono is now known as Guest96931
fishcookerthanks _[myth07:19
fishcookerok Beldar, i want to resize the / partition on debian box for making disk space available for ubuntu installation07:19
Beldarfishcooker, show us means a sudo fdisk -l or screen shot of gparted at least to me, I like to be sure we are on the same page. However you can't resize debian while using it.07:22
=== ratskinmahoney is now known as ratskin
Beldarfishcooker, besides the swap those are all normal partition, no encryption?07:25
fishcookerthat's all normal07:25
Beldarfishcooker, Should be fine the / is in the extended, just use a live environment so the partition is not mounted for re-sizing.07:27
havokowdoes anybody know a good game engin on ubuntu ( it's just for fun not to make any badass games)07:27
fishcookerthanks Beldar07:27
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MrmappyINOFHey guys07:37
=== Tribaal_ is now known as Tribaal
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VersudoIs there a way to get partman-auto to format more than 4 partitions during a preseed install?07:56
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ubottuvalerio: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».08:16
ntzwhat am I supposed to login as to cups (localhost:631) in ubu when root account doesn't have by default a pwd ?08:16
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
lifeboyWhen I do: ps axu | grep username | awk '{print $2}' I get a list of the process id's of those running08:37
somsip!info policy-desktop-privileges08:38
ubottuPackage policy-desktop-privileges does not exist in trusty08:38
lifeboyHowever, when I d: ps axu | grep username | awk '{kill $2}', it doesn't kill the tasks.  What am I doing wrong?08:38
somsip!info policykit-desktop-privileges08:39
ubottupolicykit-desktop-privileges (source: policykit-desktop-privileges): run common desktop actions without password. In component main, is optional. Version 0.17 (trusty), package size 3 kB, installed size 48 kB08:39
onlygodHi Guys  , I have a 3G modem with a SIM , How may i connect internet  except using pppd ?08:39
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somsip!info udisks08:40
ubottuudisks (source: udisks): storage media interface. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.5-1 (trusty), package size 168 kB, installed size 998 kB08:40
somsip!info udisks208:41
ubottuudisks2 (source: udisks2): D-BUS service to access and manipulate storage devices. In component main, is optional. Version 2.1.3-1 (trusty), package size 165 kB, installed size 856 kB08:41
Najimiza halo....09:00
LILY_Hej kochana09:00
MagdaxDHalo halo09:01
LILY_hej Madzia:)09:01
MagdaxDHejka xD09:01
LILY_Who is Krypton?09:01
MagdaxDidziemy juz?09:01
MagdaxDno to go :)09:02
LILY_ale nas nie pusci:(09:02
LILY_go away Murzyn09:03
=== Murzyn is now known as WielkiePrzyrodze
Najimiasdf jk;09:03
LILY_ooo prosze09:03
exportedis it just me or did it go full retard in here?09:03
WielkiePrzyrodzeRetard what are you talking about09:04
ikoniaWielkiePrzyrodze: tone down the attitude please09:04
ikoniaWielkiePrzyrodze: no need for name calling09:04
=== joelio_ is now known as joelio
exportedi'm not certain he was even calling a name. no punctionation to be found.09:05
WielkiePrzyrodzeikonia could you shut the fuck up ? :-)09:05
exportedokay there it is.09:05
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, rww, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!09:05
ikoniaI could - but it's easier to sience you09:05
exportedwell i suppose ti isn't an emergency lol09:05
sysop_hostanyone had any issues with vbox shared folders not appearing to sync between guest/host?09:07
exported^that is pretty09:07
sysop_hostexpect its a vbox issue and not ubuntu09:07
developerhi geeks09:08
developerany good pricks in here?09:09
developerubuntu to release  ver.17 a long jump from current release09:09
exportednot sure if insulted or..09:09
exporteddeveloper: ah thanks for clearing that up.09:10
exportedbtw @ isn't neccessary just type the name09:10
exporteder tab complete it :309:10
developeroh thank you im new to xhcat09:10
onlygodAnyone knows  if we can have ppp connection without pppd ?09:10
developeronlygod, yes09:11
exporteddeveloper: also might be good to avoid insulting ppl just "instantly"09:11
ovidiu-florinhello world. system-config-printer failes to start: http://paste.kde.org/psxqehqv3/yflueb please help09:11
onlygoddeveloper: who ?09:11
developeri was not insulting09:11
developeronlygod, yes there is way09:11
developeri have seen it a section in stackoverflow09:11
onlygoddeveloper: thanks , which way ?09:11
developerpray to god09:11
emmanuel0791Does Ubuntu 14.04 have a common issue with LAN? Mostly when i try to connect to the internet it says "offline" and i have to unplug the cable and plug in again several tim es to make it work09:13
onlygoddeveloper: what have you seen09:13
developeronlygod,  1 minute.. i was just joking, i will give you the link09:13
onlygod developer thanks09:14
developeronlygod,  hope this helps http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/PPP-HOWTO/options.html09:14
onlygoddeveloper: this is using pppd too09:14
=== floown_ is now known as floown__
developeroh !09:14
ntzonlygod: you want to have ppp without pppd, right ?09:15
=== floown__ is now known as floown
developerntz, YES if you could , please help him09:16
ntzi don't think that's possible09:17
developeryeah me too09:17
ntzpersonally, i greatly dislike pppd, stick with openvpn instead09:18
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someHumanCan someone give me offline learning resources such as PDFs? I've been travelling a lot lately, this is where I'm currently learning http://www.linux.org/forums/beginner-tutorials.53/09:22
Stanley00someHuman: what do you want to learn?09:22
someHumanStanley00: Oh sorry.09:22
someHumanStanley00: What I mean is I'd like to learn to use my OS via terminal.09:23
Stanley00someHuman: I think the help system, and the manpages, and the info page have many much info :))09:23
someHumanStanley00: Ah ok, thanks!09:23
sabgentonHow do I add shortcuts to the unity menu?09:23
someHumansabgenton: Settings09:23
Stanley00someHuman: OK, for the terminal, I think the manpages, the info, and some shell programming book are good, one of them is abs guide09:23
sabgentonI have a wine shortcut on my desktop that does not appear09:24
someHumanStanley00: abs?09:24
chemist^hello everyone. I've got a problem: I have 2 separate disks in my computer (sda, sdb) ... i installed windows 7 on sda and AFTER that i installed ubuntu 14.04 on sdb... when the computer boots up, it doesn't give me the option to choose which OS to boot....it boots automatically in ubuntu09:24
Stanley00someHuman: search for "abs guide" and you will get it, :D09:24
sabgentonsomeHuman: where abouts?09:24
developerStanley00, if you have the link give to him instead of simply chatting09:25
someHumansabgenton: You can ask Stanley00 I guess?09:25
chemist^how can i repair the grub? so that i get the option to choose which OS to boot?09:25
developergrub --repair09:25
ntzchemist^: because your windows have probably its bootloader on second disk which is not booted by bios/uefi09:25
someHumanStanley00: This? http://www.tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/09:25
Stanley00someHuman: yes, that's it :D09:25
someHumandeveloper: Thanks! ;)09:25
ntzchemist^: put to your grub chainloader record pointing to second disk09:25
chemist^never had such an experience with ubuntu till now... i installed first win then ubuntu and it did everything by it's own09:26
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub209:26
chemist^but this time i have them on separate disks09:26
Machan-009After upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04: Handbrake for ubuntu 14.04 is buggy & crashes. I looked for online help & lot of users have the same problem after upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04 & still no solution. Any help guys?09:26
chemist^developer, so what...i just run the command grub --repair?09:26
someHumanStanley00: Also dude, I want grub2 to be my bootloader.09:27
chemist^ntz, i don't have windows8.... no uefi sheet ;D09:27
someHumanStanley00: I can only boot into this OS via F9.09:27
someHumanI want the dual boot menu.09:27
chemist^ntz, when i searched the forums of ubuntu, people recommend the boot-repair tool09:28
developergrub --repair -Ec 2, W 1 , T -xx -F u09:28
landauhello, i'm not able to start optirun anymore09:29
chemist^developer, what are those options?09:29
ntzchemist^: read please manual09:29
developerntz,  yes09:30
Stanley00someHuman: F9? that's for bios right? did you install ubuntu into the second hard drive?09:30
chemist^ntz, yeah...great help, thanks man09:30
someHumanStanley00: Yes? Well what I did is install Windows first then Ubuntu.09:30
someHumanYeah, I run on BIOS.09:30
ovidiu-florinhello world. system-config-printer failes to start: http://paste.kde.org/psxqehqv3/yflueb please help09:30
sabgentonsomeHuman: huh   I can google the right thing I just want to put a shortcut where   the  start screen thing will see it09:30
sabgentoncan't google *09:31
chemist^ntz, i'm sick of reading manuals for every little thing that doesn't work as it should... -09:31
someHumansabgenton: What are you trying to do again?09:31
sabgentonwhats the start menu thing called?09:31
chemist^i need my computer for work, not for programming09:31
ntzchemist^: so then please reconsider if a linux is a good choice for your OS09:31
sabgentonsomeHuman: I have a wine shortcut on  the desktop  that does not show up in the start menu09:31
chemist^ntz, yes, because i usually find people with linux willing to help09:32
sabgentonreplace 'start menu'  with freedom menu ... whats it called?09:32
someHumansabgenton: Are you sure wine is installed?09:32
sabgentonyeah it works fine09:32
sabgentonbut I have to go to the desktop09:32
ntzchemist^: i'd like to help you but I am not using grub2 so I really don't know09:32
chemist^ntz, i use ubuntu for like ... 6 years now09:32
sabgentonto open the link09:32
someHumanSo you can't go to desktop?09:32
sabgentonsomeHuman: whats the ubuntu start menu called?09:32
chemist^ntz, it's the first time this happens to me...that's why i don't know exactly what to do... the manual offers several options09:33
sabgentonsomeHuman: whats the thing on the side called then?09:33
someHumansabgenton: panel09:33
Stanley00someHuman: hmm, I don't know what that F9 can do?09:33
sabgentonok  cool I thought the pannel was dash09:33
someHumanStanley00: It's something that I should use in order to change boot options, specifically just for the sake of booting into Ubuntu.09:34
someHumansabgenton: Nope, though my terms aren't accurate.09:34
ntzchemist^: generally, if you have two disks and you installed windows first, ubu then and both on separate disks I'd dare to say, that windows and ubu have each boot record on different disk, so the best option is to add windows boot record to ubu disk and set disk with ubu to be booted primnarily09:34
someHumansabgenton: But that's the common term for them.09:34
sabgentondash seems to google better09:34
ntzI already said it09:34
someHumansyndrome: Hi!09:34
fa7adhello i am trying to render a project using openshot but everytime i try to do it the gui crashes with a segmentation fault. so i tried using openshot-render myfile.osp. but i get this https://dpaste.de/2Lrp09:34
grafico /join #linphone09:34
Stanley00someHuman: like first hard disk and second hard disk? you have 2 hard disk, right?09:35
graficoHi, does anyone use linphone and can give me a help please?09:35
someHumansabgenton: I suggest not using dash to search for your stuff, better use Google client instead09:35
someHumanStanley00: Yup.09:35
ntzgrafico: this is ubuntu channel09:35
Stanley00someHuman: OK, then you need to go to bios setup, and change the boot order as you wish :D09:35
gartralalright all, got an odd little quest of functionality here, I have a phone that, when plugged into any windows 7/8 system, the system automatically pulls up a battery icon that lets me check the charge, what is this called and how do i get in on ubuntu?09:36
someHumanStanley00: No, I want a menu that will show me Windows and Ubuntu like grub/grub2.09:36
sabgentonsomeHuman: I wish dash showed the old menu structure like in the good old days.    I don't like everything in a big pool just cause you can search now09:36
Stanley00someHuman: and then, the grub2 will boot, and normally, it'll show the dual boot menu :D09:36
graficobtz and linphone works on ubuntu so?09:37
Stanley00sabgenton: why not? just type some key and enter, it's faster :D09:37
someHumansabgenton: Well thank goodness Ubuntu's a Linux distro right? You can do what you want with it. Configure it to your needs.09:37
gartralsabgenton: use mate/xfce/kde09:37
sabgentongartral: unity should support it09:38
chemist^ntz, that's the thing i messed up in my opinion... i installed the ubuntu boot record on the windoz disk09:38
Stanley00IMO, if someone don't like unity, he should switch to other distro too :)09:38
ntzgrafico: pff .. apache2 also works in ubuntu and it has surprisingly own chan09:38
graficontz so?09:39
ntzgrafico: so type /join #linphone and ask there09:39
ntzgrafico: anyway, if you asking for meta-Q: in wrong chan, nobody will help you for sure09:40
ntz11:35 < grafico> Hi, does anyone use linphone and can give me a help please?09:40
ntz^^ meta-Q: and in wrong chan too09:40
ntznext (real) question please09:40
mitoniwhen i install a package from backports, does it get automatically updated with 'dist-upgrade' or should it be updated manually?09:41
landauhello....i'm not able to start bumblebee anymore...please can you help me to fix it?09:41
Machan-009grub menu doesn't appear on ubuntu 14.0409:42
graficontz wow you are really smart ... i bet you are an op on the idiots channel.09:43
ikoniagraingert: ok ok, lets tone it down please09:44
ntz11:43 <grafico> go fuck yourself tard09:44
ntzi love ppl who say so in PM and quit immediatelly09:44
ikoniantz: enough - please don't post that stuff in here09:44
ikoniantz: if you have a problem join #ubuntu-ops and explain, or call the !ops trigger if it's an emergency09:44
Machan-009ubuntu 14.04  boot without appearing grub menu  & grub customizer has no effect on it either.09:48
chemist^i tried to reinstall grub and update it but it only finds the ubuntu partitions ... doesn't find the windoz09:49
OerHeksMachan-009, hold shift @ boot09:50
ntzchemist^: can you please pastebin an output from `blkid; fdisk -l' as root (so sudo -i or whatever)09:51
OerHekschemist^, did you perform os-prober too?09:51
chemist^OerHeks, no, i don't know how to do that09:52
OerHekschemist before running update-grub, use os-prober to detect the other OS09:53
chemist^ntz, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7487760/09:53
chemist^ntz, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7487761/09:53
chemist^OerHeks, what's the command for that?09:53
ntzchemist^: wait .. blkid shows only these 3 lines ??? and where is fdisk -l ?09:53
ntzif so you have it wrong09:54
chemist^ntz, i pasted you 2 urls09:54
ntzokay, i see now09:55
chemist^the second one is fdisk -l09:55
ntzchemist^: i'd reconsier to completely reinstall ubu to have at least separate /home if nothing else09:55
chemist^ntz, why should i do that?09:55
chemist^ntz, separate /home partition...i've heard and read ppl doing it, but i don't see any benefits for me09:56
OerHeksntz uhh, reinstall ubuntu because why ?09:56
OerHekschemist^, 'os-prober'  is an detection script, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Setup#Scripts09:56
chemist^i never did that before, and i had no problems whatsoever09:56
OerHeksos-prober does not work with raid, but your install is normal09:57
ntzchemist^: mate, if YOU don't see a foo that clearly doesn't mean, that foo does not exists .. ad.foo == benefits of separate home .. just as a sidenote09:57
chemist^ntz, tell me what benefits are there in having a separate /home partition? ... i use ubuntu just to surf the web, write documents, listen to music and watch movies/TV09:59
chemist^and ok, music production09:59
chemist^OerHeks, amm...i'm kind of lost here10:00
OerHekschemist^, just perform the action to update-grub again, but before 'update-grub' run ' os-prober'10:01
ntzchemist^: pff .. separate /home is standard for many reasons and I really don't plan to list any of them .. if you violate a good defaults (like the separate home is default partition setup in all distros I know) it's up on you10:02
donc3Hi! I have some warnings and errors in the dmesg output could someone help me???10:02
sabgentongartral: http://www.florian-diesch.de/software/classicmenu-indicator/     ahh10:03
ntzdonc3: please ask straight away, metaquestions are pointless, if somebody knows, they will help you10:03
donc3this is the output of my dmesg10:03
r3v3rbhi everyone, I have a LAMP stack running, but am having trouble with the virtualhost - when attempting /etc/apache2/sites-available/default /etc/apache2/sites-available/mysite.com I get an error that ‘default’ is no suh file or directory - which when looked for is true, there is a 000-default which I tried and edited but a2ensite returns Site does not exist!10:04
chemist^ntz, i've always installed ubuntu this way and i had NO ISSUES whatsoever...i've only seen an OPTION to make a separate /home partition once or twice while installing.... it was NOT the default option10:04
ntzdonc3: i don't see anything wrong with your dmesg\10:04
r3v3rbthis is on an Azure VM using the latest Ubuntu release10:04
donc3ntz the acpi errors/warnings  are not wrong???10:05
r3v3rbcan anyone shed some light on the missing default conf file or suggest a way to get my site to show up as available to a2ensite?10:06
ikoniar3v3rb: what missing default config file /10:06
chemist^ntz, so i don't know which distros you have in mind, but the ones i've been using all these years, had no such default option10:06
r3v3rbikonia: when I view the /etc/apache2/sites-available folder there is no default file or directory10:06
r3v3rbjust 000-default.conf and an ssl variant10:07
ikoniar3v3rb: that's correct10:07
ntzchemist^: literally all .. anyway, lets leave this .. this discussion is inane10:07
ikoniar3v3rb: it contains the default site....10:07
ikoniar3v3rb: you have to configure any additional sites10:07
r3v3rbikonia: i am trying to ;)10:07
developerikonia,  what ?10:07
ikoniar3v3rb: then why are you saying there is a default file missing ?10:07
ikoniadeveloper: pardon ?10:07
developerwhat's wrong with you..10:08
ntzdonc3: those warning are just warnings and I don't see there errors10:08
ikoniadeveloper: ? in what respect ?10:08
ntzdonc3: is there actully something what doesn't work ?10:08
r3v3rball documentation I have read suggest copying the defaullt from /etc/apache2/sites-available this file does not exist though ikonia10:08
donc3ntz: [    1.101224] ACPI Error: [DSSP] Namespace lookup failure, AE_NOT_FOUND (20131115/psargs-359) [    1.101228] ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed [\_SB_.PCI0.SAT0.SPT4._GTF] (Node ffff880129af8fc8), AE_NOT_FOUND (20131115/psparse-536)10:08
ikoniar3v3rb: that's a directory10:08
r3v3rbikonia: I am following this example: sudo cp /etc/apache2/sites-available/default /etc/apache2/sites-available/example.com10:09
donc3ntz: yes the sound when I connect the HDMI into the tv doesn't work10:09
developerikonia, i dont know you are10:09
ikoniadeveloper: sorry, I don't understand what you are saying10:09
r3v3rbwhich when executed returns default does not exist because it doesnt10:09
ntzdonc3: but it has in my opinion nothing to do with that line you pasted here10:09
ikoniar3v3rb: do you know how to use a pastebin ?10:09
r3v3rbikonia of course10:09
developerikonia,  you mean tooth paster?10:09
ikoniar3v3rb: could you please pastebin the output of the following command "ls -la /etc/apach2/sites-available"10:10
developeri know how to use toothpaste10:10
ikoniadeveloper: I have no idea what you are referencing, however it's nothing to do with ubuntu so please stop10:10
ntzikonia: file not found .. typo10:10
ikoniantz: oops, good spot10:10
ikoniar3v3rb: please correct my typo on apache210:10
donc3ntz: okay! and I have the problem with the sound of the hdmi, it sounds fast when I connect into the tv, and this happens in browser and in the programs..10:10
r3v3rbalready done10:10
ntzdonc3: what does please "sounds fast" mean ?10:11
r3v3rbhttp://pastebin.com/XizBgsLa ikonia10:11
ikoniar3v3rb: ok, so the default file is called 000-default.conf10:11
ntzdonc3: anyway, just to make a long story short, in your dmesg I see there nothing errorous related to hdmi10:11
ikoniar3v3rb: thats the file thats your default http config10:12
developerdoes anyone know what is undampori ?10:12
r3v3rbwhich I used as my cp /10:12
developeror savalvada10:12
ntzdeveloper: some japan food ?10:12
donc3ntz: I don't know the correct word in english, it's like a smurf is speaking...10:12
r3v3rbrunning a2ensite /mysite.co.uk which is in my copy of the pastebin but not yours  ;) returns site not available10:12
ikoniar3v3rb: so what's the exact command you are using10:12
ikoniar3v3rb: have you changed the contents of the new config file ?10:13
r3v3rbcp /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf /etc/apache2/sites-available/mysite.co.uk10:13
ikoniar3v3rb: so you've updated the config in mysite.co.uk10:13
r3v3rbikonia: yes, ServerName and ServerAlias are now mysite.co.uk and www.mysite.co.uk10:13
developerntz, you there?10:13
ntzdonc3: hmm .. to be honest, hdmi might be troublesome ... i really don't know from here .. check please /var/log/messages after plugging it in and also please PA (pulseaudio) logs as well as alsa logs10:14
ikoniar3v3rb: get rid of the /10:14
donc3ntz: I have seen that in the output of the command aplay -l I have 3 hdmi output, and in my laptop I have only one... http://paste.ubuntu.com/7487813/10:14
developerwhat is this ikonia and r3v3rb speaking ? looks like there are you from K-pax10:14
ikoniadeveloper: final request - please stop with the random comments10:14
ikoniadeveloper: the channel is for ubuntu support discussion, you're welcome to join in, or be quiet10:15
r3v3rbikonia: remove which /10:15
developerok sorry10:15
ikoniar3v3rb: on the a2ensite command10:15
r3v3rbso a2ensite etc/apache2/sites-available/mysite.co.uk10:16
r3v3rbikonia: ^^10:16
ikoniar3v3rb just mysite.co.uk10:16
ikoniaI didn't think you needed the path to the file10:16
ikoniait creates the symlinks based on the name, not the file path10:16
r3v3rbnope still get ERROR: Site mysite.co.uk does not exist10:17
magggHi guys :) I'm trying to find out of a kernel bug (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1307674), and I'd like to try to apply a patch (https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromiumos/third_party/kernel-next/+/fd1acc54a6b3db4e6503ccc4a9349f28b436031a). What is the recommended way of going about this?10:18
ikoniar3v3rb: what's the actual file called ?10:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1307674 in linux (Ubuntu) "Broadcom BCM57765/57785 SDXC/MMC Card Reader doesn't work" [Medium,Triaged]10:18
ikoniar3v3rb: as in the config file10:18
magggDo I need to compile the entire kernel, as described here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile ?10:18
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magggor is it sufficient to somehow compile the affected modules only?10:18
ikoniar3v3rb: and you do "sudo a2ensite mysite.co.uk and it fails ?10:18
r3v3rbikonia: yep10:18
r3v3rbeverytime with or without the path10:18
blah-blah-blah00How do I become root by using the sudo command?10:19
ikoniablah-blah-blah00: sudo -i10:19
r3v3rbsudo su blah-blah-blah0010:19
ikoniar3v3rb: found it10:19
r3v3rbyou have?10:19
ikoniar3v3rb: no, it's not sudo su - that is a bad command10:19
blah-blah-blah00ikonia, Thanks. Is that the same as sudo su?10:19
ikoniar3v3rb: you need to have the config file with a .conf extension10:19
ikoniablah-blah-blah00: sudo su = wrong, sudo -i = right10:19
r3v3rbffs, why does every example show without extension then?10:20
ikoniar3v3rb: examples where ?10:20
blah-blah-blah00ikonia, Okay thanks.10:20
r3v3rbikonia: various azure/vm/ubuntu setup examples10:20
ikoniar3v3rb: different versions of apache/ubuntu behave differently10:21
ikoniar3v3rb: got to find the one that matches your version10:21
r3v3rbright okay10:21
r3v3rbikonia: should i drop the .co.uk in favour of mysite.conf?10:21
ikoniar3v3rb: it's just a name, so whatever works best for you10:22
ikoniamysite.co.uk.conf will be fine, mysite.conf will be fine10:22
r3v3rbikonia: yep, .co.uk.conf worked fine10:22
ikoniano problem10:22
ikoniar3v3rb: always worth reading a2enmod - it's just a script10:23
ikonia(if you are comfortable with scripts)10:23
r3v3rbokay, will take a look later10:23
r3v3rbikonia: i hope i am I’m a web developer by day10:23
r3v3rbbeen asked to setup a test LAMP stack on Azure though for client10:23
ratskinikonia: whats exactly is the difference between sudo su and sudo -i?10:23
ikoniaratskin: the enviornment and the way it trys/fails to source it10:24
ratskinikonia: ta. one of these where the effect i see is the same, so have never properly respected the distinction10:25
r3v3rbikonia, don’t suppose you know how to setup a mod_user tweak to view a site as ~username do you?10:34
ikoniar3v3rb: just load the mod_user module,10:34
r3v3rbikonia: okay, will do10:35
ikoniar3v3rb: I think from memory apache's modules are seperate patches in ubuntu, so if you install the mod_user package it should auto add it to the list10:35
BartDudeIs there a way to KEEP "File, Edit, View..." visible all the time in the window menu?10:35
r3v3rbsure, will take a look10:35
donc3one question10:38
donc3 is it better use uefi on bios or efi??10:38
BartDudeNo one knows?! :O10:39
BartDudeI thought it would be easy.10:39
Blender_NoobMorning all, new Ubuntu user was looking to get some help with command line code for installing newer version of Blender than what is in the repository10:42
geirhaBartDude: or perhaps we don't understand the question10:42
BartDudegeirha: Then you need to ask. :P10:46
BartDudegeirha: Whenever I don't hover over the menu in any browser, the menu goes back to whatever the current page has as a title.10:47
BartDudeDo you understand now?10:47
humbagBartDude: if you press alt-v in the browser do the menus appear?11:00
dan2003on a new 14.04 install,  something (NetworkManager?) keeps clobbering my /etc/hosts , turning "w.x.y.z myhost" into "myhost myhost" which obviously doesn't work. any ideas how to ix this?11:01
BartDudehumbag: Yes.11:01
ikonianetwork manager shouldn't be touching /etc/hosts11:01
humbagBartDude: so can you select toolbars -> menu bar11:02
BartDudehumbag: No, only bookmarks bar. :(11:03
humbagin my toolbar submenu i have menu bar, bookmarks bar, navigation bar; i only use navigation bar11:06
BartDudehumbag: That is weird. :S11:06
BartDudehumbag: Ubuntu 14.04 + Mozilla Firefox?11:07
humbagbut File, Edit, View.. have been there since before the mouse was used, at least the keyboard shortcuts still work11:07
BartDudehumbag: This is really annoying me now.11:08
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BartDudeI don't want to see that stupid title replace my menu!11:08
philinuxOn FF 29 the View drop down menu only has View> toolbars> Bookmarks toolobar11:08
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=== GrumpyStudio is now known as zequence
philinuxBartDude;~ when i mouse away from top the menu changes to just Firefox Web Browser (global menu system at work)11:09
BartDudephilinux: How do we disable that?!11:10
BartDudeI hate it.11:10
philinuxBartDude;~ easy hang on11:10
developerphilinux, oh shit11:11
BartDudephilinux: I've already tried Apperance --> Behaviour --> Show the menus for a window... thing.11:11
BartDudeDid not work.11:11
developerBartDude, are you in a hurry?11:12
BartDudedeveloper: Not really. :P11:12
ntzdeveloper: please stop your random and clueless comments11:12
philinuxBartDude;~ when you have that option on and mouse away then you get the website title11:12
developerso take a nap and come back by the time philinux will google the answer11:13
BartDudephilinux: But I want File, Edit, View to be visible ALL THE TIME.11:13
philinuxBartDude;~ not possible11:13
BartDudephilinux: That BLOWS! :@11:13
philinuxBartDude;~ I prefer the global menu on option.11:14
humbagBartDude: some suggestions here: http://superuser.com/questions/747278/firefox-29-how-to-get-control-menu-back11:14
ntzdeveloper: stop sending me unwanted PMs11:14
BartDudephilinux: I don't. :P11:14
BartDudehumbag: Thank you. Bookmarked.11:14
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philinuxBartDude;~ ok11:14
philinuxhumbag;~ i think that link works for win 711:16
developerhumbag,  or scumbag?11:16
saniahey can anybody help me, i am using this script to login in remote machine using a script, without user nteraction, but it doesn'twork , please check this , to rectify the error11:16
Guest6526the underlined letter of text menu. what is it called?11:17
ikoniadeveloper: stop11:17
TomyWorksince the update from 13.04 to 13.10, whenever i leave my screen locked and/or turned off (havent figured out which one is the crucial part, yet), the display goes all crazy, until i kill kwin. what's wrong?11:22
TomyWorkis that a known bug?11:22
TomyWorkthis is some nvidia chip11:22
ntzTomyWork: depends .. please check /var/log/Xorg.0.log and ~/.xsession-errors11:23
TomyWorknothing in the later11:23
TomyWorkcant tell which of the former's lines are old and which arent11:24
saniahey guys pls check my script http://bash.cyberciti.biz/security/expect-ssh-login-script/ for remote login by ssh11:27
ntzsania: that scripts is terrible .. don't use it please11:28
ntzdon't write in plaintext passwords to teminal eg they are stored in your bash_history, whatever .. use please rsa/dsa keys login instead (and/or ssh-agent)11:29
ikoniasania: please don't just randomly posts your scripts in here11:29
saniantz: can you please suggest me any such script11:29
ntzsania: no need for script :) .. just: ssh $where -l $who "$some_command"11:30
ntzsania: if you have proper auth by using rsa/dsa keys it will work11:30
ntzsania: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys11:31
saniantz: thanku11:31
KGM70Good Morning11:33
asumohi, im using ubuntu 14.04 and installed ccsm and other tweak programs, for some reason when i press shift w my screen becomes a bit darker. I have tried to look everywhere but cannot find where I can change this11:39
asumoany help is greatly appreciated11:39
ntzasumo: darker in the meaning of backlight ?11:43
asumontz yes11:43
ntzthat's weird .. check an assigned key shortcuts11:43
asumothere is only one setting, it is seperate from my brightness function which works properly11:44
asumontz where can i check it since i have no clue which program is responsible for it11:44
ntzin ccsm (if it is that compizconfig settings manager) should be assigned keys for actions11:45
ntzasumo: i was using ccsm many years in past .. really can't get it at glance11:45
asumontz k, thx for your help my friend11:46
ntzi didn't help you much ;)11:46
majodanyone using skype? not sure if its ubuntu related, but i cant resize the chat window properly, it has minimum width 700px which is way too much11:47
philinuxasumo;~ you could do a compiz reset. http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/04/reset-unity-and-compiz-settings-in-ubuntu-14-04/11:47
philinuxasumo;~ you may need to install dconf package first11:47
asumophilinux will do that if there is no other solution11:47
asumoi have dconf installed already11:47
philinuxasumo;~ ok11:48
asumophilinux thx for the help11:48
ntzasumo: but just for my curiosity .. you can check directly in sys .. try ``find /sys | grep brightness$''11:48
philinuxasumo;~ tweaking compiz can be a royal pain11:48
ntzasumo: check, if ctrl+w really decreases this level11:48
ntzyou should see there file max_brightness and actual_brightness11:48
ntzfor video0/ device or so11:49
MonkeytoeHello. I am running ubuntu 12.04LTS on a hyperv VM. I have attached to my linux VM a 5.97 TB .vhdx  hard disk image. I shut down my vm, made sure there were no snapshots, and then shrank the storage.vhdx image down to 5.6 TB since there was over 800 gigs free on the actual vhdx (fixed size). The actual data drive that holds the storage.vhdx image is 6TB. I then mounted it to the host OS windows11:49
Monkeytoeserver 2012, and copied some files off to check transfer speed (about 490MB/s). The transfer speed with it attached to the linux vm was down around 40 MB/s. So now that I freed up space on the data drive, and made sure the storage.vhdx image transfered at expected speed when mounted to the host OS I unmounted it from the host OS and re attached it to the linux VM. Upon starting I get UNEXPECTED11:49
MonkeytoeINCONSISTENCY; RUN fsck manually11:49
ntzasumo: http://susepaste.org/view/raw/3507451811:49
MonkeytoeErrors were found while checking the disk drive for /. Press F to attempt to fix the errors, I to ignore, S to skip mounting, or M for manual recovery.11:50
ntzMonkeytoe: yes, that expectable sideproduct of offline shrinking11:50
asumontz the brightness function works properly, this is something else...im pretty sure it is ccsm11:50
Monkeytoentz : I figured it was normal and due to that. What I didnt know is if "Pressing F to attempt to fix the errors" would start a destructive process.11:52
ntzfsck should not destroy things11:53
ntzso you can run it safely11:53
MonkeytoeSo it would be best to indeed hit F to attempt to fix the errors, or should I do some manual command?11:53
ntzyes, you can either hit F or run fsck manually11:54
Monkeytoewell that fixed it11:55
Monkeytoeall the files show up etc... but alas my shrinking did not fix its transfer speed11:57
Monkeytoeonce re attached to the VM transfer speeds drop to about 40 MB/s11:57
Monkeytoeits a gigabit network so I would at least expect it to peg out around 100 MB/s since it hits 480 MB/s attached directly to the host11:57
ntzjust curious, why do you expect that FS size has something to do with its i/o speed ?11:58
kikimeterHi, I’m just curious, what could I do if I got an error doing apt-get install <package> on ubuntu 14.04 ?12:01
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MonkeytoeI had filled up the .vhdx with less than 200 MB free. I then deleted around 900 gigs off the vhdx. I then looked at the drive that held the vhdx image and it only had about 700 MB free. I shrank it to make sure that the .vhdx filesystem wasnt getting bogged down over some automatic file system overhead that I was unaware of. So I figured since I only have around 4.9 gigs actually used on the12:02
Monkeytoevhdx, I would resize it to 5.4 gigs... thus leaving 600 gigs free on the Data drive.12:02
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Emy63Can I ask you how to change image without changing the tumbhnail inside exif data ?12:09
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cornfeedhobohas anyone ever gotten this to work?? It doesnt seem to do squat. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AnonymizingNetworkMACAddresses12:13
ntzcornfeedhobo: that's nonsense12:14
cornfeedhobontz: tell that to my unchanged mac address12:14
ntzyou can set up permanently that you have some custom mac address but no need for that crap12:14
cornfeedhobontz: i think i have a decent grasp on my needs ;-)12:15
ntzcornfeedhobo: so then put one script to cron assigning every N minute new random lladdr to your iface ...12:17
ntzbut I doubt that NM will like it12:17
ntzNM == Network Manager12:17
ntzalso I doubt that your local router will like if it is sanely set up12:17
cornfeedhobontz: yeah. it wont. plus the goal is not to randomize per X time frame, but rather before each connection12:18
Icehawk78I'm having a strange issue - whenever I load certain websites which execute javascript (I've not been able to identify *what* js code is causing it, but offenders include 2048 and the current Google Rubik's cube homepage), my radon driver appears to crash, and when I try to escape to a command line, it's simply spewing 'Radeon failed to schedule IB' forever12:18
cornfeedhobothe router should be fine, assuming it's setup like every other router in the world12:18
cornfeedhoboassignments last 24hours usually, and i dont think i can cycle through 100s of macs that quickly12:19
Icehawk78However, most websites that use javscript cause no problems at all for me. Just a few specific ones.12:19
cornfeedhoboIcehawk78: what browser?12:19
ntzcornfeedhobo: that's pointless .. if you're behind nat nobody will care for your mac .. it just makes a sense only if you wish to change mac for communication between you and default gateway so I dare to say perhaps you don't have decent grasp on your needs ;)12:19
cornfeedhobontz: not true. starbucks uses merikai, which has a national data collection network12:20
cornfeedhobontz: it is *known* and *advertised* that they sell that data12:20
Icehawk78cornfeedhobo: Chromium 34.0.1847.11612:20
ntzcornfeedhobo: hmm ..12:20
cornfeedhoboi.e. "mac addres XXXX was at these airports today, and has done this trip 12 times in the last year"12:21
cornfeedhoboso does Boingo12:21
cornfeedhoboIcehawk78: I am wordering, i think they added a JIT, maybe it can be turned off in about:config? sorry havent used chrome in a while12:21
cornfeedhobojit compiler*12:22
cornfeedhobontz: yeah, it sucks. so i figure it's time to stick it to starbucks.12:23
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woockashekhello everybody12:26
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syeekickanyone having any trouble with pipe light and 14.04 unity?12:27
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someHumanWell, happy book hunting to me.12:32
skinkittenhow do I undo a rm -rf12:34
IdleOneyou usually can't12:36
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel12:36
KGM70skinkitten, afaik, you can't undo it12:36
ntzmurder can't be reverted .. if you murdered your files with rm -rf you won't bring them back12:36
cornfeedhoboskinkitten: turn off the computer12:42
cornfeedhoboskinkitten: dont turn it on again12:42
ritesh_#join logstash12:42
ritesh_join logstash12:42
cornfeedhoboskinkitten: take out the drive, and put it into a windows machine12:42
ritesh_#join logstash12:42
cornfeedhoboskinkitten: install StellarPhoenix and cross your fingers12:42
ritesh_how do i join a irc chat12:43
DJonesritesh_: its "/join"12:43
ritesh_thanks man12:43
cornfeedhoboritesh_: `/join #logstash`12:43
Roryritesh_: same way you joined #ubuntu !12:43
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talohleave #ubuntu12:46
bubble_beamhey, i cant play certain metroska files in ubuntu12:55
bubble_beamthe audio is stream ,but not the video12:55
ntzdepends .. depends on codecs and player you use .. generally if neither vlc or mplayer is able to play it it's broken media file ;)12:56
greustbubble_beam: Do you have ubuntu restricted extras loaded?12:56
greustbubble_beam: If you have restricted extras, and it doesn't work in VLC, the video is probably broken or using some weird codec, or DRM12:57
greustgraingert: you could try a windows video player under WINE12:57
graingertgreust: I guess so, but that sounds a lot of effort, for no value12:58
bubble_beami can play it in my mobile12:58
greustno value? must be a good video then! :-)12:58
graingertgreust: I don't have a video that needs playing right now. Did you mean to ping bubble_beam instead?12:59
graingertbubble_beam: have you tried using VLC?12:59
bubble_beamgraingert, yep12:59
graingertbubble_beam: that's fairly French so should play video fine12:59
bubble_beamgraingert, vlc , smplayer, kmplayer12:59
bubble_beamnothing plays the video under ubuntu13:00
graingertbubble_beam: in that case it probably doesn't have a Video component13:00
greustbubble_beam: have you tried the metroska tools in software center?13:00
graingertbubble_beam: what does avutils think of it?13:00
bubble_beammetroska tools?13:00
greustYour phone plays it fine though, bubble_beam ? Android or ios?13:03
bubble_beammx player13:03
greustbubble_beam: What i might be tempted to do is submit the file and a bug report to VLC, so they can fix it13:05
bubble_beamvlc can play the file in windows13:05
gameraIs there any way to configure aptitude to fall back to an older package source if the current one fails?13:05
greustbubble_beam: Yea so it's a bug, and needs to be fixed.13:05
greustbubble_beam: vlc linux bug13:06
bubble_beamgamera, yep , you can manually edit them13:06
barathHi I have some video files from my macbook but I cannot seem to play them of convert the comes up with error message Videos requires to install plugins to play media files of the following type: video/x-apple-intermediate-codec decoder13:06
bubble_beamgreust, okay13:07
gamerabubble_beam: I guess I'll have to do that, but I was talking about having it work automatically, and change back to trust when that's available.13:07
barathHi I have some video files from my Macbook but I cannot seem to play them on ubuntu or convert them, I get error message Videos requires to install plugins to play media files o the following type: video/x-apple-intermediate-codec decoder13:11
greustgamera: when you mean older package source, you mean alternative source? or are you using like older ubuntu repo in a newer ubuntu?13:12
greustbarath: i dont know aything about that file format, but do you have the ubuntu restricted extras loaded?13:13
gameragreust: I meant, if a PPA with trusty in the URL 404s (which happens to me quite a bit) it would try again with saucy in place of trusty.13:13
greustgamera: That will break your OS13:13
greustgamera: use a different trusty13:13
barath@greust I have got restricted extras loaded13:14
gameragreust: what about it will break my OS? Assuming nothing I have depends on older versions of important shared libraries.13:15
greustbarath: In vlc, can you open it and see what codec is it using? that might help you to track down what player you need13:15
ntzdoes in ubuntu work ``init 3'' from dev/tty console ?13:16
greustgamera: If you know what you're doing and are very sure of your dependencies, you can get away with it, but if mess up, that's a broken OS. is it worth it? Cant you use a diferent trusty mirror?13:17
barathI've installed VLC this is the message I get No suitable decoder module:13:18
barathVLC does not support the audio or video format "icod". Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this.13:18
TomyWorkbarath "apple intermediate codec" sounds like something made on the fly while recording13:20
TomyWorkthat shouldnt be sent around anyway13:21
greustffmpeg claims to play it13:21
gameragreust: it's mainly single applications with few dependencies. I've done it before, but I was wondering if there was an automatic fix. (now I know why there isn't one.)13:21
barath@TomyWork their personal family videos you can hear the audio just no picture.13:22
=== satan is now known as sa`tan
TomyWorkconvert them to some other format, using whatever was used to record them.13:23
greustbarath: I've checked ffmpegs website and they say it can decode the video, so I'd recommend you perhaps try updating ffmpeg13:23
greustsec 2.3 http://ffmpeg.org/general.html13:24
bah_hi all, I have a macbook with a US keybord but use it with  swedish language.  This work fine in OSX but in ubuntu some keys are missing like  the  "<"  and ">"  signs13:24
bah_do anybody know a fix?13:24
barath@greust I'm a bit of a novice with ubuntu do you know if their is any step by steps on how to do this13:25
=== bezet is now known as the_bz
=== the_bz is now known as bezet
IrnBru55barath: Just find a PPA with a newer version of ffmpeg, or compile it yourself. I'd recommend using a less esoteric codec in future, if possible13:27
barathI'm don't know how to use the PPA website thing it brings up13:28
greustlet me see what version trusty has13:28
ernest_Hello i have a question. First time installed ubuntu on my laptop. Do i have to install additional nvidia drivers for my videocard?13:29
bah_actually I should like to keep the US keymap on my keybord but change three different keys, are that possible somehow ?13:29
EarloHello, if i upgrade to 14.04 from 13.10 via the upgrade question pop-up i get every time when booting, what kind of changes will i experience?13:29
ernest_because everything is kinda laggy13:29
greusternest_: What video card is it? The new GUI needs a modern-ish GPU. if it's causing a problem you can install "Lubuntu" which is better on older hardware13:31
ernest_greust: i have nVidia GeForce GT 420M13:32
greustbarath: OK ubuntu forked ffmeg into the libav-tools package13:32
greustbarath: Try "sudo apt-get install libav-tools"13:32
bah_ernest_, you have a macbook ?13:32
ernest_bah_: no13:33
greusternest_: A quick check implies that chip works with the standard driver. You could try the 3rd party driver from "additional drivers" in the software updater. Or you could unstall Lubuntu-desktop, which uses a gui that doesn't need graphics acceleration13:34
barath@greust I tried that still not working13:35
greusternest_: Just a quick check, do you have nvidia optimus? if so, i have no idea ... sorry13:35
ernest_greust: no i dont, will try to install the 3rd party driver13:35
bah_ernest_, I thought I also had a nVidia GeForce GT 420M but I think there are  a  NVIDIA GeForce 320M card in my machine,  anyway theese drivers can drive you mad.  I have a lot of issues on my system13:38
greustbarath: Checking some more, support for that codec was added in May 17 2013. I dont know why the version bundled with ubuntu doesnt play it. perhaps Trusty has an older version than May 201313:39
ernest_bah_: aghhh i think ill intall lubuntu then. But ubuntu looks so pretty :(13:40
barathok thanks13:40
daniele_I created an hotspot wireless with this script : http://www.webupd8.org/2014/02/how-to-set-up-unlocator-dns-under-linux.html . All work fine. Now I would create a vpn and share the vpn with all mobile devices that I will connect in wireless. How can I do?13:42
daniele_sorry the correct link for the guide is http://www.webupd8.org/2013/06/how-to-set-up-wireless-hotspot-access.html13:45
ntzdaniele_: irc is not a good tool for providing you accurate step-by-step manual .. just ggl what you need, follow that article and ask in case of troubles with particular step13:47
HoiheSorry, wrong channel13:48
daniele_ntz, ookk, I rephrase the question, I create an hotspot wireless, how can I share this connection with a vpn13:49
ernest_so i've installed nvidia drivers but now the screen randomly goes black, any ideas?13:51
ntzdaniele_: perhaps I don't understand to what you want .. what does vpn have with hotspot ?13:51
ernest_fixed the lag though13:51
raubdaniele_: Do you want to have the vpn and the wireless in the same network?13:51
raubOr you want to be able to runa  vpn inside the wireless connection?13:51
daniele_raub, I created a virtual hotspot on ubuntu and I want that all my mobile devices connect to virtual hotspot can use a vpn13:54
daniele_ntz, sorry but I don't speak english very well13:55
raubntz: I think daniele_ just want to be able to have a vpn that can be reached through wireless13:56
daniele_raub, yess!!13:57
daniele_raub, but not from the modem wireless, but from virtual AP created on ubuntu13:58
raubdaniele_: the virtualAP is an interface as fas as ubuntu is concerned13:59
raubSo, something like https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenVPN would be a good start13:59
raubdaniele_: note you will need to change the interface to fit your needs14:00
raubdaniele_: just to be sure, when you say virtualap you mean virtual access point, right?14:01
daniele_raub, yes14:01
raubHere's another pretty link: http://www.instructables.com/id/Host-Your-Own-Virtual-Private-Network-VPN-with-O/14:01
raubdaniele_: I googled for "ubuntu openvpn virtual access point"14:02
daniele_I shoud this for connect chromecast and mobile devices in no US contry and be able to view netflix US14:02
daniele_raub, my router 3g don't support vpn and therfore I created a virtual AP14:03
raubdaniele_: those links I gave you should get you started. Or at least in the right direction14:04
daniele_raub, okkk, but openvpn is a protocol or application?14:05
ntzopenvpn is application14:06
ntzor better said daemon14:06
=== bng_ is now known as bng
raubdaniele_: the more you describe your problem, the more I wonder that what you want is (1) have a vpn tunnel going somewhere in the US and then (2) connect (brdige) that to your virtual access point thingie14:06
daniele_ntz, okkk14:06
raubntz: what do you think of my non-caffeinated theory?14:07
daniele_raub, correct14:07
raubdaniele_: that is even easier to do14:08
daniele_raub, good ;)14:08
raubdaniele_: do you have the vpn going to the US up and running?14:09
ntzraub: sorry, i was doing someithing else ... i just checked only very fastly what happens here14:09
daniele_raub, no at the moment14:10
=== miller is now known as paperman
raubntz: I too need to go back to doing some crap here myself14:10
daniele_raub, I just have only the virtual AP, and I wand subscribe for an vpn service (ex. purevpn expressvpn etc)14:11
bitikinDoes ubuntu leave some kind of install note on the harddisk after installation?14:11
raubbitikin: you mean like how centos/rh does?14:12
bitikinraub, yes14:12
ehuhi!  If you have user accounts authenticated with LDAP (say), and use nss tables other than passwd to store user information, then you find that the system automatically creates an entry in the user account database on login. This is handy: it means the user gets listed by lightdm in the greeter, for example.  However, these users cannot be deleted. If you use the accounts-daemon from the control center to remove them, you get that the user isn't in /etc/passwd14:13
KGM70daniele_, recommend PIA VPN14:13
raubdaniele_: whatever vpn service you use will create an interface in your computer. Then you need to enable packet forwarding and then create some firewall rules to forward all traffic from ap to the tunnel14:13
raubdaniele_: I would probably also do NAT so the vpn people do not get very pissed14:14
raubehu: could you explain it again? AFAIK, a ldap user should not be in /etc/passwd14:15
daniele_raub, ookk but How do... :)14:16
daniele_how to create a vpn, ok I can do, but how enable packet forwarding mmmm, I don't know14:16
ehuraub: When user connect through LDAP, automatically creates a user in a system. It seems that it use for cache credentials. So, when user disconnect, the user still listed in the system as normal user, and i cannot delete it14:17
raubehu: there is something funky configured in your machine. I do ldap and have crap for caching credentials and it does not create an entry in /etc/passwd14:18
=== Jeff_ is now known as Guest12467
daniele_KGM70, PIA VPN is fastest ?14:19
afidegnumhi ll, anyone familiar with zentyal ?14:19
ehuraub: sorry for my english. The user is not in /etc/passwd, i mean that I can't remove the user because the system says me that dont exist in /etc/passwd14:19
afidegnumI am stick in a middle of water14:19
raubehu: Do oyu wan tto remove the user from said machine or from ldap alltogether?14:20
ehuraub: only on the machine14:20
KGM70daniele_, it has over 20 servers around the world and most are quite fast, you can research which ones are fastest closest to you.14:20
raubehu: I take you then mean the user's homedir being created locally14:21
raubdaniele_: Htbrddtp://stackoverflow.com/questions/10275953/how-to-redirect-packets-received-from-one-network-interface-to-another-network-i14:21
ehuraub: yes14:21
raubehu: here is the issue: you can just go and delete /home/crazy-user, but as soon as crazy-user logs back in the homedir will be created14:22
raubso you need to not allow him to log back in14:22
raubeither in LDAP or at the local level. Whichever you prefer14:22
raubehu: it depends on how you setup ldap14:23
kupo_how dare i wak eup to a kernel panic14:24
kupo_that has neve rhappened before14:24
raubkupo_: Aliens14:24
kupo_something wacky. must have been massive GoT seeding14:24
daniele_KGM70, ok thank you14:24
meldronhi everybody, does anybody know how i can check which AccelMethod my graphic card is using?14:24
ehuI do not understand. I have many computers with many users. When a user logs into the system using an LDAP account, the system creates the home and can work well...14:24
E888im trying to make a ubuntu usb on ubuntu for ubuntu but each program installs a custom boot loader - I need "advanced options" available on the boot menu, what app should i use14:25
daniele_raub, but if I redirect tha packet from wireless interface to ethernet interface, then I can connect only in wireless ?14:25
raubdaniele_: that is a routing question. You can make it do whatever you want14:25
ehuwhen the user leaves the machine on and off, the user is still created in the system, but not in / etc / passwd14:26
ehuraub: when the user leaves the machine on and off, the user is still created in the system, but not in / etc / passwd14:26
raubehu: yes. What is the problem?14:26
raubehu: I now officially donot know what you want to accomplish14:26
ehuraub: I can get to accumulate hundreds of users created in the system, but i cannot delete them14:27
raubWhy not?14:27
ehuraub: because it says that the users are not in /etc/passwd14:27
raubAnd what you mean by deleting them? Their homedir?14:27
ehuno only their homedir, user account center i see them14:28
raubWhat is user account center?14:28
ehuin the advanced settings, user management14:28
raubehu: for a given user or what?14:29
ehuall users appear created as normal in the user management window14:29
raubHave you tried deleting the user homedir and seeing if it goes away in that?14:30
ehuand in the top right menu, where you can switch betweeen users14:30
raubehu: that sounds about right; it is a valid network user, right?14:30
ehuraub: I have exactly this error: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/accountsservice/+bug/98807214:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 988072 in accountsservice (Ubuntu) "Can't remove user if they're not in /etc/passwd" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:31
raubehu: userdel does not apply to ldap users14:32
ehuraub: im not deleting LDAP user, only the created local user14:33
daniele_raub, I don't understand this guide, it's difficult :(14:33
raubehu: userdel thinks the user is local14:34
Guest37152Hi. I am having trouble installing ubuntu onto my usb. It gets as far as 84%. then stops. How do i complete the install?14:35
ehuraub: the users I dont know why are created in a system user database14:35
ehuraub: inside the ubuntu database, and I cannot delete them14:36
rahuL__Are you trying to install ubuntu to your usb or from you usb, Guest3715214:36
Guest37152rahuL__:  No. from a cd.14:36
rahuL__Guest37152, to your pc?14:37
daniele_raub, but the virtual AP interface is mon.wlan0 ? Can you see my ifconfig command ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/7488797/14:38
raubehu: I do not know what to suggest then; I automount my ldap user's homedirs. If you are using pam, you might take a look at what pam-auth-update is configured to use and clean it as needed14:39
Guest37152rahuL__: Well not exactly. I was given a computer(used/2nd hand) Pent 3.0GHz. 700MB Ram. It doesnt have a HDD.14:39
rahuL__So you want to make a bootable ped drive14:40
cfhowlettbootable *pen* drive14:40
cfhowlett!persistence > rahuL__14:40
ubotturahuL__, please see my private message14:40
Guest37152rahuL__:  who me?14:40
Guest37152thanks cfhowlett. I was wondering what rahuL__ meant by ped drive.14:41
cfhowlettGuest37152 keyborad tourettes will do that ...14:41
Guest37152hmmm now you're comfusing me cfhowlett14:42
cfhowlettGuest37152 never mind then14:42
Guest37152whats a tourette?14:42
jakey2hi, does anyone know a router I can connect a mobile network to. i.e. a dongle to run a device remotely14:44
Guest37152Ive tried lots of times. Ive downloaded the iso 4 times, thinking i may have had a bad download. I did the check disk thing from the boot up menu on the live disk(s) all was said to be ok. But i can never get passed 84%.14:45
r3v3rbwhats the best way to setup an ftp usr that can read/write to a /var/www/ directory?14:45
cfhowlettGuest37152 but did you ever verify the ISO?14:45
raubcfhowlett: md5sum time?14:46
r3v3rband not screw up permissions of files/folders to being unreadable/writeable/executable by the apache group www-data group14:46
cfhowlettraub every time.  *every* time.  removes the guess work on that issue.14:46
LectusHello! I did a clean install of Ubuntu 14.04. Previously I had Xubuntu 12.04. I kept the same /home partition. All my documents are there. No problems at all. Is it safe/useful to delete the hidden .something files? I really want this installation to be as clean as possible but keeping my documents, of course.14:46
saimoeleciao ciao14:46
raubcfhowlett: where's your adventure spririt?14:46
cfhowlettLectus safe but count on losing all of your custom configurations.14:47
Guest37152cfhowlett:  I think so. once it was burnt to disk. and then booted the disk. I did that checksum check. and all was ok.14:47
LectusYeah... I want a fresh start. Don't care about losing configurations.14:47
shtrwlfLectus: to maximize the reinstallation its ideal to move your files to another drive then format the partition before reinstalling14:48
cfhowlett!md5sum| Guest37152 there are 2 checksums: one of the downloaded ISO and one to verify that the ISO copied properly to disk.  DO the first .14:48
ubottuGuest37152 there are 2 checksums: one of the downloaded ISO and one to verify that the ISO copied properly to disk.  DO the first .: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows14:48
citrixkaha ho14:48
shtrwlfold installations ten d to leave a lot behind i've noticed14:49
cfhowlettcitrix ask your ubuntu questions.14:49
jakey2hi, does anyone know a router I can connect a mobile network to. i.e. a dongle to run a device remotely via usb14:52
raubjakey2: define running a device remotely14:52
kevin_anyone here14:53
nith1210kevin_: many of us, just !ask and we'll try14:53
=== ecks2 is now known as away
ubottukevin_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:53
cfhowlettkevin_ only a few thousand.  ask your ubuntu questions14:54
kevin_i see this server is just for asking questions about ubuntu14:54
shtrwlfmost routers would accept a dongle wifi adapter14:55
kevin_Are there any windows emulating software other than wine?14:55
KGM70kevin_, this chat is, the server has many other chats14:55
Vanfanelhi! How can I activate en_US.ISO-8859_1 locale? I added it to /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local, but when I run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales" after adding it, I get "bad entry" error!14:56
TyfusHow can i use the the "find" command, or a perl script to search for email addressees in multiple files and folders?14:57
r3v3rbhas anyone got five minutes to help set up a VSFTPd setup ?14:57
=== elliotd123_ is now known as elliotd123
ntzr3v3rb: metaquestions are pointless, ask straight away15:00
r3v3rbntz: I thought I did, I need to setup an ftp account that accesses a virtualhosts /var/www/folder15:01
wawrekCan we resize partitions without using boot cd?15:02
wawrekCan we resize partitions without using a boot cd?15:02
rstefanovis there a way to find out if policyd is working or not?15:03
rstefanovwawrek: you can, except /root15:03
rstefanovi mean except root partition15:03
vindolinhello everyone, I have a strange problem with CPU temperature rising 10-20° after a standby while CPU load is almost zero, I suspect it has something to do with the GPU but I don't know how to trouble shoot this, how do I find out the current GPU load? (Intel Graphics)15:04
wawrekrstefanov: thanks I will check it out15:04
wawrekrstefanov: what do you mean by except root?15:05
chris112hi, how can i get rid of lvm? i had an encrypted lvm on my old system. when i migrated to ssd i created new partitions only encrypted without lvm and used cpio to get my data to the new disk. now i have trouble booting because it still looks for lvm where there is none: evms_activate is not available15:05
stomanataHi, if i set up wpa_supplicant because my network is with wpa2 and connect to it, did i need to use wpa_supplicant every time when i want to connect to other network with wpa2?15:07
ntzchris112: proabably rebuilding initrd and checking grub would fix it15:07
ntzstomanata: i'd suppose so15:08
neongasI've started xubuntu 14.04 from from its ISO image saved on my HDD, using grub loopback. I am trying to install to another partition of same HDD. But the installer says "failed to unmount /isodevice; needs to commit changes to partition tables, but cannot do so because one partition in mounted". I didn't ask it to create/resize/delete any partition.15:09
stomanatawhy it is necessary to do people this? why isn`t enought to type pasword in wicd and then connect to prefered network?15:09
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest8932
OerHeksneongas, you cannot install on the same disk with the iso, the installer needs to unmount it to make partitions15:10
OerHeksneongas, it will work on a 2nd hdd15:10
chris112ntz: i have updated grub several times. how to rebuild initrd15:11
neongasOerHeks, I don't need to make any partition changes. Why cannot I install to existing partition?15:11
OerHeksneongas,  that is how the installer works15:12
OerHeksneongas, who told you that an iso on the same disk would work?15:13
neongasOerHeks, I think I've done it with 12.04 version15:14
neongasOerHeks, It should not need to unmount all other partitions,  just to format one.15:15
phungmylongco ai khong? giup minh cai nay voi15:16
OerHeksneongas,  so what happens when you choose manual, and enable format the partitions you already have and continue?15:18
OerHeksi gues it wouldn;t too15:18
neongasOerHeks, that's what I did. It still says it needs to unmount all partitions.15:19
LectusDoes anybody know which one is the right driver for NVIDIA Geforce GT 360? I got a couple options in the proprietary drivers dialog.15:19
ichatLectus:  current15:20
Checkyis there any software out there, that can stream a desktop or a rectangle of it via network?15:21
padhuChecky: for audio, icecast15:22
fcrickhi i'm running Ubuntu on Hyper-V and I increased the virtual drive size, but when I boot up i run df -h and I see /dev/sda1 is still the old size - i found a guide about lvm2 and how i can create logical volumes and somehow resize them - will this allow me to make my original partition larger if it wasn't initially set up within the lvm2 system?15:22
compdocChecky, maybe X15:22
Checkyaudio is not needed15:22
Checkyit needs to be a webstream, accessibly by windows clients15:22
OerHeksLectus, i use the nvidia-331-updates for my gt 43015:23
neongasOerHeks, http://i.imgur.com/8KCz8p3.png15:23
OerHeksneongas, that is what i thought, no solution15:23
padhuChecky, You have to weave it,Icecast, mpc,darkcast, LAMP does the think15:23
neongasfcrick,  resize2fs might help?15:26
Checkyi need a fast solution. The thing is: i have webcams, which images are processed for VR-Mapping. Then they have an overlay with 3d Models. This runs only under linux. The output should be streamed to an oculus rift, where there is only streamingsoftware available under windows :/15:27
fcrickneongas: I can't resize the partition the OS is running off of, though, right?15:28
padhufcrick: yes15:29
timneed help with my ubuntu 12.04 lts15:29
timgnome pages--15:29
padhutim: what help15:29
=== liquidsword is now known as liqsword
fcrickpadhu: serves me right for asking a negative qn :(15:30
timgnome .. after last reboot, after login.. ubuntu faill message end backrogund screen, mouse only remains15:30
fcrickpadhu: I'm gonna assume you meant correct, I can't do that15:30
padhuYes, You boot your machine with live CD like ubuntu remix and edit it with parted. I prefer pupply linux for this15:31
ikoniayou don't need any "remix"15:32
neongasfcrick, not sure then.15:32
jakey2can anyone recommend a cabinet to store wall mounted computer15:34
padhuikonia: ubuntu rescue remix *15:34
ikoniapadhu: you don't need that15:34
ikoniaany ubuntu install media will work just fine, there is no need for any remix15:34
padhujakey2: ##hardware15:34
padhuikonia: how?15:35
OerHekspadhu, just the iso installed from is fine15:35
ikoniahow what ?15:35
eoeoHi I have a problem with the sound in hdmi, when I connect it, it sound pitched in, like the voice of a smurf15:36
eoeocould somebody help me??15:36
padhuikonia: is live CDs contain gparted?15:36
neongasOerHeks, seems a bug then, doesn't it? If you can reproduce it, please report.15:36
padhutim: what?15:36
ikoniait contains parted15:36
sudormrfpadhu, yes, live CDs contain gparted15:36
timgnome .. after last reboot, after login.. ubuntu faill message end backrogund screen, mouse only remains15:36
Beldarpadhu, Yes gparted is on the live ubuntu15:36
OerHeksneongas, afaik it is not a bug, i never succeeded with an iso on the same HDD, booting from it and install on the same hdd15:37
eoeosomebody knows about the problem??15:38
timpadhu gnome .. after last reboot, after login.. ubuntu faill message end backrogund screen, mouse only remains15:38
timgnome .. after last reboot, after login.. ubuntu faill message end backrogund screen, mouse only remains..?? any halp?15:40
DarkAceXtremeis there a way to connect to a wireless network (WiFi) via a terminal command?15:40
gameraDoes anyone know how I enable scroll lock on Ubuntu trusty? The button does nothing.15:40
bazhangDarkAceXtreme, sudo dhclient wlan015:41
neongasOerHeks,  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/68428015:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 684280 in Baltix "Ubiquity cannot install if you are booting LiveCD directly from ISO" [Undecided,Invalid]15:42
SteelGolemwow, 1800 users, wasn't expecting that kind of load15:42
erryHow do you turn off the screenreader?15:43
sudormrfSteelGolem, and about 15 are active :D15:43
SteelGolemi read the rules but i don't see anything about whether this was specifically a help channel only, or if chitchat is allowed15:43
erryoh i see.15:43
OerHeksneongas, old bugreport, 2010-12-0215:44
sudormrfSteelGolem, it is a help channel.  #ubuntu-offtopic is used for chit-chat.15:44
=== wycats___ is now known as wycats
OerHeksneongas, keep lkooking for bugreports if you want, i say it is a no go.15:46
SteelGolemsudormrf thanks15:46
OerHeksneongas, by the way, that bugreport is invalid too15:46
sudormrfSteelGolem, no worries.  if you have a question make sure to ask away!15:46
padhutim: I resolved the same problem long time before. I forgot the solution15:46
neongasOerHeks, see the last comment on that bug15:47
SteelGolemi'm a linux newbie so i'm going to keep the questions as few as possible15:47
mos_ла ла Россия15:47
sudormrfSteelGolem, we all start somewhere and we are all in some stage of learning.  Do not be afraid to ask, no matter how trivial it may seem.  Also, a good place to start learning a lot of things is the man page for whatever you are curious about.15:48
KGM70!ru | mos_15:49
ubottumos_: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:49
bazhang!manual | SteelGolem and here15:49
ubottuSteelGolem and here: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/15:49
SteelGolemsudormrf no i mean, i'm going to google as hard as i can, ideally i'll find most of the answers there15:49
mos_мне не нужна помошь.15:49
DarkAceXtremedidn't work15:49
DarkAceXtremeoh well15:49
sudormrfSteelGolem, I would say man page first, google second.15:49
bazhangmos_, speak english here thanks15:49
SteelGolemtime to learn man then15:49
mos_begin LOL end15:50
sudormrfSteelGolem, man is a command.  so you do something like man COMMAND15:50
sudormrfSteelGolem, to learn all about man, from a CLI type man man15:51
SteelGolemsudormrf a "CLI" must be the equivalent to cmd.exe15:51
SteelGolemstill trying to find everything15:51
sudormrfSteelGolem, correct.  CLI = command line interface.  also called the terminal15:51
logikosAfter upgrading our server to 14.04 LTS our virtual hosts now respond with a 403 error to the browser15:52
sudormrfSteelGolem, if you are using unity click the top left icon (ubuntu logo) and type "terminal" in the search box.15:52
logikosany idea where i start to resolve this issue please?15:52
SteelGolemoh good, that helps, thanks sudormrf!15:52
bazhang!rute | SteelGolem also this15:52
ubottuSteelGolem also this: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com15:52
sudormrfbazhang, nice one :)15:53
bazhangSteelGolem, the ubuntu.manpages.com is on the net15:53
SteelGolembazhang i figured as much, but i want to get use dto using a terminal again anyways15:53
SteelGolemespecially a *nix terminal15:53
wadHey guys. Does the google.com rubicks cube work for you guys? Mine just emits a message saying I need to use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. I'm using Chromium, does that not work?16:10
wad(By the way, I *love* that it doesn't work with IE.)16:11
randolph`Works on firefox nightly on ubuntu 14.0416:12
wadYeah, mine works on firefox. Wish it worked on Chromium.16:13
wadI wonder what it does if you solve the cube....16:14
* wad is tempted to try.16:14
uri-i have a problem with amule, some files are 100% complete but never goes green, never complete16:15
uri-<uri-> whats happens16:15
prodnixhi all, im using trusty, need some tips as ive come over from debian. I need "People near by" in empathy and a decent replacement for alacarte for subitems and such. thanx in advance for any help.16:16
OerHeks uri- looks like you need to share back to a certain % before your files are released.16:17
OerHeksuri-, bad luck for you :-D16:17
allenhey folks, any ever see some programs that don't see all their drives. All drives work and are available in the file manager, and by most programs, but i have a few that only see the main drive. any thoughts ?16:19
prodnixallen: Have you checked under /media/username/drive_name?16:22
joaoHi guys16:23
joaohow can i change screen without a special keyboard key?16:23
joaoI want change to my hdmi television16:23
joaowhat can i do?16:23
prodnixjoao: Not sure what you mean by "without special key" but u can make a launcher that runs a xrandr command16:25
joaospecial key mean fn + f8 in my notebook keyboard16:25
allenprodnix, thanks this is only my second day running ubuntu, loving it so far16:25
allenand that worked16:25
joaoprodnix - how can i do that?16:26
joaoruns a xrandr command?16:26
prodnixjoao: Sorry, im not sure that would suit your situation.16:27
MantissaMy boot time is very long due to trusty being installed on my slower drive. Could I re-partition my /boot/ onto my faster drive?16:27
wols_Mantissa: that won't make it boot faster16:27
gamerawols_: it would if the computer booted from that drive16:28
wols_gamera: /boot only has grub, the kernel and initrd. that is all loaded inside 1 second or two. it's all the rest in userspace which takes that long16:29
MantissaShould I install trusty to my faster drive and just put /home/ on the slower one instead?16:29
joaoprodnix - i understand. But is there a option inside of video or display configuration that changes screen?16:29
gameraMantissa: probably16:29
prodnixIm with wols_ on this 116:30
gameraI suggest making a copy of your added repositories and installed packages beforehand though.16:30
wols_Mantissa: yes. easily16:31
Suboruhello all16:31
MantissaOkay thanks I shall do that16:31
SuboruI've tried to install AMD catalyst driver to my Ubuntu 14.02 box. and after that there is only blank screen what should I do? please help16:32
fartfaceI'm trying to VNC to a headless Ubuntu 14.04 box running Vino, but every time I do, I just get a black screen.  If it has a monitor hooked up to it, Vino and VNC work fine, but the whole point of me wanting VNC/Vino is not needing a monitor.  I can't seem to find any help, anyone have any ideas of where I should even look for a configuration file or something I can see where the error is?16:32
Guest53878 I am trying to find the right repository to use for saucy for x2goserver16:32
=== raf is now known as Guest50168
Guest53878I would like to add it manually to sources.list if possible.16:34
prodnixfartface: I hate to sound a dick but try using console. more powerful than any desktop environment16:35
williamtdryey consoles16:35
fartfaceprodnix: I am primarily using console, but I need a desktop for certain things16:35
williamtdrseriously, you'll resist it at first16:35
Suboruhow to install ati catalyst driver for the Ubuntu 14.0416:35
williamtdrbut hwne you're done it's twice as efficent16:35
Guest53878prodnix:  not for graphics16:37
fartfaceTrue, but set up a virtual machine with specific settings, using a specific path, launching an ISO that's located in another path from the console vs the like, 4 clicks it takes from the DE.  There are applications for both, hence why I'm asking, and not just using the console exclusively.16:37
Guest53878fartface: x2go is lightyears better16:37
fartfaceGuest53878: than vino?16:37
fartfaceI was trying to use vnc4server like I was with 12.04, but it just *won't* work right with 14.04 gnome for some reason16:38
KGM70Guest53878, http://wiki.x2go.org/doku.php/doc:installation:x2goserver16:38
fartfaceGuest53878: What is x2go better than?16:38
Guest53878but if it isn't your server then you are stuck with vnc16:40
fartfaceIf I was connecting solely from linux machines, it might be.16:40
fartfaceBut I'm not, so it isn't.16:40
Guest53878you can connect FROM anything to an x2goserver16:40
prodnixI use xen daily and I have given up on any GUI tool. I know where i am with a config file and nano. Cant trust those pesky GUIs lol16:40
Guest53878but only TO linux machines16:40
KGM70Guest53878, python-X2Go is in the repos16:41
Guest53878yes I use x2go,  it is the x2go server I can't find16:41
* ichat shoots to kill16:42
ichatno screeming and shouting :P16:42
prodnixdid you rub it so hard that it caught fire?16:42
SteelGolemthey make a lotion for that16:43
Suborui need fucking help!!!16:44
SteelGolemi'll say.16:44
=== rafael is now known as Guest75068
IdleOneSuboru: Keep the language clean please16:44
prodnixSuboru: Did u install from the repo?16:44
Suboruprodnix yes I've tried both cases16:45
Suboruofficial repo and amd zip16:45
prodnixwhat hardware you got?16:45
Suboruprodnix I have 685016:45
Suborunot sure about the board16:45
Suborusorry for my bad english16:46
prodnixye just the card is fine16:46
Suboruprodnix are u using same hardware?16:46
prodnixi cant help you. would have thought it would work just fine16:46
prodnixSuboru: I use open drivers sorry16:47
Suboruwhen I run sudo startx16:47
Suboruthere is16:47
Suborufglrx: No matching Device section for instance (BusID )16:48
kfizz_New build. System boots up fine. Installed Ubuntu. However, I can't get the system to reboot or shut down unless I hold the power button. Even from the BIOS it won't reboot. When I select reboot, all peripherals get disconnected, but the case fans and CPU fan stay on. MoBo: MSI Z87I; RAM: 4GB PNY; SSD: Patriot 60GB; CPU: Intel i3-4150 Any idea what would keep the system from powering off?16:48
SteelGolemi may be a noob, but that sounds like sleep mode to me, kfizz_16:50
SuboruMOM please help16:51
SteelGolemMOM i'm hungry16:51
kfizz_SteelGolem, it's very similar to sleep mode. But it's like it's getting 99% of the way to powering off, but then it doesn't actually power off.16:51
prodnixkfizz_: You tryed restoring to default bios settings and see if that solves it?16:52
prodnixkfizz_: or just short the cmos pins16:52
kfizz_prodnix, yes. UPdated to most recent BIOS. Returned the MoBo, got a new one thinking the original one was defective, but same results.16:52
YOUR_MOMI'll gave you life son16:52
prodnixkfizz_: have you got another PSU for testies?16:53
kfizz_Only other thing I can think of is the PSU, but I'm not sure what role it plays in the shut down process.16:53
kfizz_prodnix, no. But I think I may just return this one for a new one and see if that helps.16:53
Node_448how do i install latest nvidia drivers? i dont want nouvea bullshit ones16:54
Node_448i got cancer from using nouvea drivers16:54
OerHeksNode_448, tone down your language please16:54
Node_448if you tell me how to install 'em16:55
Node_448because ubuntu repo has version from 200716:55
Node_448which isnt very usefl16:55
prodnixkfizz_: Your PC may have turned off but if your PSU isntr shutting down properly then your fans will keep running. Are you sure your PSU doesnt have a cooldown feature which keeps the fans runnin for a minute or 2 after poweroff?16:55
Node_448ubuntu drivers are worse than aids16:56
kfizz_prodnix, I don't think so. I've even let the computer sit for 10 minutes after shut down to see if that was the case.16:56
YOUR_MOMNode_448 -> ubuntu drivers are very good16:57
prodnixkfizz_: If you have run the system at default settings then I suspect the PSU but Im guessing. Good luck16:57
kfizz_prodnix, thanks16:57
OerHekskfizz_, sounds like a ACPI issue, check your bios and manual16:58
=== afidegnum_ is now known as afidegnum
YOUR_MOMI'm leaving my guys by my sons17:03
robbiehow can I mount my ntfs data drive as read-write instead of read-only?17:03
bozeis there anyway to bind a specific window to a hotkey? like make it pop-up and minimize?17:04
robbieyou should be able to make key assignments to commands -- you have to find the wm command to use first I guess17:07
bozerobbie: wm == windows manager?17:07
robbiehow can I mount my ntfs data drive as read-write instead of read-only? I tried remounting it:  sudo mount -t ntfs -o nls=utf8,umask=000 UUID=FOOOOBAAAA3 /media/ntfs1 (UUID different but otherwise like that)17:08
robbieboze: yea17:08
robbieit still comes up read-only17:08
robbieoo I think I found my own answer just guessing: add to -o a "rw" tag too17:10
robbieit is rw now but Im not certain that I won't damage the data if I try to write to it17:10
SGnixthere's only one way to find out, robbie17:10
robbie:) yes, taht is to find out before you screw anything up!17:11
robbieSGnix: you think I have it right, then?17:12
SGnixsorry, i'm really new to *nix, i've got no idea17:13
fridaynextI've set up an AFP share from my Ubuntu 12.04 server for Time Machine backups, but this pops up about once every 2 months http://share.pho.to/5gIkf17:13
fridaynextis there any way to make TM backups to Ubuntu more reliable?17:13
grimetonso, when upgrading from 12.04 to 14.04 and there is secrets.tdb in /var/lib/samba or /var/lib/samba/private it stops configuring the packages and the upgrade fails17:14
Draconishi running ubuntu 14.04 and fullscreen video is a bit laggy. windowed is fine. This applies to youtube etc. I've tried proprietary ATI drivers and the open source driver. Anyone experience this before?17:21
daftykinsDraconis: what's the system spec?17:28
BeldarDraconis, Youtube has different qualities they call it, in download info, you checking this and have made sure this is a valid concern with your hardware setup.17:29
KekaiCan Ubuntu be ran off a netbook with a 1GB of ram?17:30
Draconisdaftykins, Beldar I found a solution for chrome where you override software rendering to enabled in the chrome://flags17:31
Draconisthis makes fullscreen lag dissapear. Once again ATI dissapoints heh17:31
Edna93Does anyone know how to install Ubuntu using the minimal CD? Whenever I boot it (after doing everything in UNetbootin) all I see is a black screen with some white error text about no operating system found. :(17:35
Locke2002Kekai: Ubuntu maybe, maybe not. Lubuntu seems to fare ok17:35
ubottuforzajuve: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:35
BeldarDraconis, The perils of open source in general. ;)17:37
=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
=== tcpman is now known as Guest38754
r3v3rbguys I need to add my ftpusr to my www-data group so that I can alter files/directories when logged in via ftp - how can I do that?17:41
r3v3rband gals too :)17:41
daftykinsr3v3rb: man chgrp17:43
r3v3rbdaftykins: I’l read it but fear I’ll be back :)17:43
daftykinsin that case you won't have read it!17:43
=== am0nrahxWork is now known as am0nrahx|work
=== LoRez is now known as HiRez
r3v3rbdaftykins: maybe not, I read change thegroup of each file as the opposite of what I want though17:44
r3v3rbsurely I want to be able to add my ftpusr to another group? not change all the files groups17:45
=== cc is now known as nos
daftykinsr3v3rb: my bad, 'man usermod'17:46
verodebis there any kind of dependencies between postgresql 9.1 and cron17:46
verodebyesterday i was having problems with cron so i decided to reinstall cron i did a "apt-get remove cron --purge"17:46
verodeband it removed all postgresql packages17:47
r3v3rbdaftykins: no problem :)17:47
r3v3rbbtw, wtf: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0pFZG7j5cE17:47
allenprodnix, if your still around, thanks for the help, sorry for the delay getting back to you, breakfast was ready :)17:47
prodnixallen:  no problems :)17:48
alleni had looked under mnt folder, thinking that was right because the drives are mounted, but didn't realize about the media one17:48
rrahey, I just installed lubuntu in dual boot with win 7. I 'm having 2 problems. 1. Lubuntu drops to intframs 2. WIn7 is not recognised in the grub or even by the pc prober. help?17:49
alleni can' t get over the differences between this and mint, this is much more stable, and way faster17:49
Dreadlishif it drops to initramfs it just can't mount root.17:49
Dreadlishat most17:49
=== HiRez is now known as LoRez
papermanwow. I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 on intel i5 3 GHz with 6GB ram. I have grooveshark playing, opened couple imgur albums on r/malefashionadvice, and songs started skipping. mouse stuck. wow. windows 8 i can run 3x more applications smoothly simultaneously17:49
papermantyping this message was a pain17:49
robbiewhy doesn't my sound show 5.1 output?17:50
rraDreadfish, I tried boot repair17:50
allenpaperman, something must be wrong then bud, i have several graphics programs open, plus web browser wth multi-tabs, and this, and there is no issue at all17:50
Beldarrra, You save the bootinfo summary from bootrepair?17:50
Dreadlishpaperman: i dont have any issues17:51
papermanallen: what could be the issue?17:51
papermanthe only thing I can think of is I didn't specify any swap space during install17:51
ubottubooo_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:51
rraer, I made a persistance disc so maybe it might be there?17:51
=== ainx is now known as Ramdhani
allenpaperman, sorry man, i'm a total noob myself, but there are some very knowledgable guys in here17:51
papermanthis has been going on for a while17:51
robbieI have a solution in my system's local wiki for adding 5.1 to this system from years ago, on the 12.04 build I think, but by now I don't think I should have to go and configure custom drivers from pulseaudio-ac3's alsa-lib17:52
allenpaperman, and i'm transferring files between external HD's with no issues, and all that other stuff running :)17:52
=== nos is now known as Guest43093
Beldarrra, That was given as a url, use the app again and just run the bootinfo summary only and send me the url, use nicks here.17:52
Dreadlishpaperman: swap is redundant with such amount of ram17:52
papermanyes, thats what I thought17:52
Dreadlishpaperman: it wouldn't be used at all.17:52
papermanbut then why is my OS freezing up?17:52
rraok Beldar, I'll post itin abit17:53
Beldarpaperman, If you want to hibernate swap is needed is all.17:53
Dreadlishcheck average load17:53
=== lonix_ is now known as lonix
Dreadlishcheck what gets at most resources17:53
Dreadlishand so on17:53
Beldarrra, Thanks. ;)17:53
papermanhow do I do that? Dreadlish?17:53
Dreadlishsome kind of htop or something like that17:54
Dreadlishiotop for disk usage17:54
papermanis that an app?17:54
mbffQuestion: I am looking for a tool I saw on HackerNews that you installed on a server and when you ssh and visit a localhost you can see you server performance and stuff. It was kinda like new relic17:54
papermanok, my computer is practically unusable. I will restart and be back.17:55
Beldarmbff, This is ubuntu support for apps in the ubuntu repos.17:55
allenso any photographers in here today ?17:55
robbiehow do I use my system's 5.1 audio instead of sterio?17:55
alleni'm interested in knowing what some people are currently using for a photo workflow17:56
lonixmbff: Are you pherhaps refering to Byobu17:56
mbffnope. thanks though17:56
Beldarallen, This is support for actual issues polling is not really part of the schema, just a heads up is all.17:56
JohnOliverIsAwesHey guys... I'm installing Ubuntu 12.04 on my sister's laptop. There's something weird going on. I can connect to my Wifi router administration pages, but not to the internet. Other devices on the same network have no problems browsing.17:57
=== Starduster_ is now known as Starduster
mbffthis was a ruby app or something that display a web page showing real time server stats.17:57
daftykinsJohnOliverIsAwes: "nslookup google.com" and "ping" in a terminal result in...?17:57
allenok Beldar, recommend somewhere i may find someone to discuss that sort of thing ?17:57
BeldarJohnOliverIsAwes, You are accessing through the browser right? This using wifi?17:57
OerHeksallen, i use gimp and darktable, see the ubuntustudio-photography package17:58
robbieJohnOliverIsAwes: does netstat -rn have a destination at the top?17:58
papermanHi, I'm back. trying to solve my ubuntu freezing up problem.17:58
JohnOliverIsAwesBeldar- yes17:58
Beldarallen, Not sure to be honest, not really within my pay scale, research you can do. ;)17:58
papermancould google chrome be responsible f?17:58
daftykinspaperman: certainly. have you memtest'd?17:59
allenBeldar, no worries man, i have found some forum info, but some of them are kinda old, was just hoping to chat with a live body lol17:59
BeldarJohnOliverIsAwes, Hmm that is strange, not sure myself.17:59
allenOerHeks, would you be ok with a pm ?17:59
papermandaftykins: no, how do I do that? On day 2 on ubuntu. sorry17:59
Beldarallen, Cool, there is the #ubuntu-offtopic, and ##linux are two I can think of. ;)17:59
robbieQuestion: how do I use my system's 5.1 audio instead of sterio?17:59
daftykinspaperman: hold left shift just before your system is about to boot from the hard disk, then look for the memtest boot option18:00
robbieJohnOliverIsAwes: does "netstat -rn" have a destination at the top?18:00
papermanRobbilie: under sound setting you can change from stereo to 5.118:00
robbiepaperman: it doesn't show up18:00
allenBeldar, thanks very much, i'll keep the questions here to technical issues18:00
daftykinswow, ubottu18:00
papermanRobbilie: can you paste a screenshot of your sound setting dialog box?18:00
hplosercan lubuntu do what ubuntu can do as far as for the normal user..?18:01
robbiepaperman: I could if it was important .. there are just two options, both sterio, in Output: Digital Output (S/PDIF) Built-in Audio ... and Analog Output Built-in Audio18:02
Beldardaftykins, a few of our favorite ubottu links have been removed I tend to check here at times. http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi?search=wifi18:02
daftykinsBeldar: :D thanks18:02
JohnOliverIsAwesrobbie - yeah.. there is a at the top of the dedtination column18:02
robbiepaperman: but I have a 5.1 system and in a earlier version of ubuntu I got it to work .. just now on 14.04 I have to find it again.18:03
daftykinsJohnOliverIsAwes: you haven't run my two commands yet.18:03
robbieJohnOliverIsAwes:  does it have flags "UG" and point to the Same iface as the 192.168 destination?18:04
hplosercan lubuntu do what ubuntu can do as far as for the normal user..?18:05
JohnOliverIsAwesrobbie - Yeah! It's like you're looking at my laptop!18:05
Beldarhploser, yes, just a bit more configs than gui to tweak18:05
daftykinsrobbie: really, DNS is far more likely18:06
robbieJohnOliverIsAwes: sounds like the router has to be configured to allow your machine to connect to the internet -- they might be using MAC address restrictions or something18:06
Beldarhploser, You are linked to the ubuntu repos with lubuntu, it is all there.18:06
hploserBeldar, Well, Ubuntu 13.10 is feeling sluggish, everything slow to open and reaction time is bad...18:06
robbiedaftykins, JohnOliverIsAwes - daftykins is right -- I was assuming a network issue because he said everyoneone else's connection (and their DNS) were working18:07
hploserBeldar, This system has 2.8GB ram..I thought it should be able to run Ubuntu fast and with no problem, but something doesn't feel right.18:07
JohnOliverIsAwesrobbie- Nope..I'm the router admin. I checked the MAC filter list, and there are no bans active.18:07
legatuxwho-s here_18:07
Beldarhploser, 32 or 64 bit?18:07
daftykinsJohnOliverIsAwes: can you run the commands i recommended now please? "nslookup google.com" should return a bunch of IP addresses.18:07
hploserBeldar, 32-bit18:07
legatuxholy.... IRC still alive!!18:08
Beldarhploser, You might be swapping you can change that, just a guess at this point.18:08
robbieJohnOliverIsAwes: okay, I pass to daftykins: looking like he's got it18:08
daftykinslegatux: this channel is for support only, if you have a question feel free to ask it, otherwise please join #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat18:08
robbiehow can I get 5.1 sound option to show up on 14.04 ?18:09
JohnOliverIsAwesrobbie - alright thanks!18:09
legatuxi do have a question. im unable to download all my content from Ubuntu one at once. Ive upgraded to 14.0418:09
Beldar!patience > robbie18:09
ubotturobbie, please see my private message18:09
hploserBeldar, Well I wa just guessing that lubuntu may run faster...18:09
hploserBeldar, of course it may not..18:09
rraHey Beldar, here is the log url http://paste.ubuntu.com/7489628/18:10
Beldarhploser, It is a bit lighter for sure, less gpu and cpu used for sure.18:10
robbiebeldar - give me a break man, it's been some minutes since I asked last :)18:10
JohnOliverIsAwesdaftykins - yeah..there's a bunch of ips listed18:10
=== timrc-afk is now known as timrc
homeX11Hello I'm using Ubuntu but somehow i cann't get Vidalia to work18:10
homeX11I always get errors starting it18:10
daftykinsJohnOliverIsAwes: and what happens when you type "ping google.com" ? does it get replies successfully?18:10
legatuxsomeone know how download all Ubuntu One content? i have quite a bit data to take off18:11
JohnOliverIsAwesdaftykins- nope..the ping doesnt work.i tried thst already to rule out browser issue18:11
legatuxprivate message acceptedf18:11
daftykinsJohnOliverIsAwes: can you run "ping" ?18:11
JohnOliverIsAwesdaftykins - hang on.. the ping google.com is working18:12
daftykinsJohnOliverIsAwes: interesting. did you say this is a clean 12.04.4 install, or a live session?18:13
JohnOliverIsAwesdaftykins- but the browser still doesnt open google!18:13
daftykinswe're talking about firefox here?18:14
Beldarrra, Not exactly sure, however I see uefi notations, this is a uefi computer that has a msdos partition table correct?18:14
JohnOliverIsAwesdaftykins- a live usb session. laptop already has win 7. But there were issues with that, hemce the install18:14
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
daftykinsJohnOliverIsAwes: what's wrong with 7?18:15
legatuxanyone manages Ubuntu One18:17
RoelI have developed a good functioning Gothic keyboard for ubuntu18:17
Roelwhere can I go to to ask if it might be useful for an official Ubuntu release?18:17
legatuxas of to take down all contents off Ubuntu 1_18:17
Beldarlegatux, It gas been discontinued18:17
rraBeldar, so any suggestions?18:18
lduroswhen I run a 'tar czf' command as my regular user I have no problem, however in a rc0.d/ script I get the following: tar: Options `-[0-7][lmh]' not supported by *this* tar18:18
ldurosthis only happens when it is run at shutdown18:18
ldurosnot with my regular user even using sudo, is it using a different tar? Which tar should I use? :)18:18
Beldarrra, I would put that url in this thread, best help around concentrated on this area, besides on occasio here. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10871917#post1087191718:19
legatuxBeldar - I know, that's why i want my data off18:19
daftykinslegatux: only volunteers are here, i can only direct you to ubuntu one emails you may have received to do with the closing down to try for some contact details18:19
Beldarlegatux, And you can't?18:19
legatuxBeldar / i cannot18:19
rraBeldar, I did http://paste.ubunintu.com/7489628/ here it is aga18:19
qwebirc589068daftykins - Phone battery died... on a different laptop now. So yeah.. any ideas on what's possibly wrong with the LiveUSB?18:20
Beldarrra, Dead link, I'm not sure I understand as well.18:20
legatuxdaftykins - define contact details. i have receive that mail so, i want all my data off18:20
qwebirc589068daftykins - dammit nick changed. This is JohnOliverIsAwes18:20
daftykinslegatux: email, phone.. support links...18:21
rraBeldar, oh sorry,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7489628/ here18:21
onlygod1 i'm using a usb 3g modem, but i don't find out why it sucks at connecting ... http://pastebin.com/gE5J71cr18:21
onlygod1 and this way i've configured wvdial.conf http://pastebin.com/EXnNaEsV18:21
daftykinsqwebirc589068: ok, what's wrong with windows 7?18:21
legatuxdaftykings - i'll try looking other places18:21
Beldarrra, Post it to that thread at the ubuntu forums.18:22
qwebirc589068daftykins - Don't know.. like I said.. it boots to a guest session by default..doesn't show any files or anything. Plus, it's become really, really slow.. to the point of unusability. I didn't bother doing anymore troubleshooting, since I had the LiveUSB18:22
Beldarrra, The people who work on that thread are online US day time, you will get an answer today, probably quite soon.18:23
daftykinsqwebirc589068: i see, well there's not much use diagnosing a live session, so you need to decide whether you're fixing windows or installing ubuntu :)18:23
skinuxI've been having problems with Ubuntu warning about low disk space. but it's inconsistent and inaccurante. 3 days in a row it was warning less than 100MB remaining (decreasing each time) and then yesterday it warned that only 1.1GB was available.18:23
Beldarskinux, How big is the HD and how full is it?18:24
franzhblakeI have a little problem with ubuntu 14.0418:24
franzhblakeI got once a day a kernel panic18:24
daftykinsfranzhblake: please ask with detail on one line18:24
qwebirc589068daftykins - Definitely installing Ubuntu. But it doesn't help if the net doesn't work.18:24
qwebirc589068daftykins - And just as I say that..it's back and working magically..18:24
skinuxI have 'home', 'www' and 'opt' directories on a separate partition and have removed software since the warnings started happening.18:24
qwebirc589068daftykins - let me run the same terminal commands and check if anything changed18:24
daftykinsqwebirc589068: is the flash drive 12.04.4 ?18:24
franzhblakedaftykins, ok, sorry, I have one kernel panic a day, and don't know why, it happens only with ubuntu18:24
skinux31.6GB total, says 29.1 used right now18:26
daftykinsskinux: can you pastebin "df -h" ?18:26
Beldarskinux, You should not have that full period to be honest ssd or not, a ssd actually is supposed to have a unused space.18:26
qwebirc589068daftykins - no... it's LTS18:27
daftykinsfranzhblake: hmm, some logs if possible would be handy but kernel panics are out of my experience i'm afraid.18:27
Beldarskinux, read this link on that issue. https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/ssd18:27
daftykinsqwebirc589068: ok, if you do install i would fully update the system over a wired network connection if it has one18:27
Voyagehow can I access a remote ms access database?18:28
qwebirc589068daftykins - yeah.. installing now, and I've checked download updates during install.. lemme find out how it goes. Thanks for the help!18:28
skinuxBeldar: The disk should'n't be full.18:33
franzhblakeyep, I know it's a photo, but I don't have more18:34
skinuxPart of my problem is that two days ago Ubuntu warned less than 30MB was available, but yesterday warned I only had 1.1GB. It doesn't make any sense at all since I hadn't added anything to the system.18:34
franzhblakeskinux, I didn't read all your problem, may it be related to cache or similar? perhaps you did and update two days ago, then yesterday you rebooted and flushed cache or /tmp and you gained almost 1gb18:35
Voyagehow can I access a remote ms access database?18:35
Beldarskinux, Yeah, you are risking a completely filling it with just error logs, and HD in general "although many will argue this" have a percentile used below 98%, 10% to 30% empty has been the idea. And ten percent of a ssd should not be formatted per the link I gave you.18:36
michaelaguiarIf I need to give users ftp access, is it better to create then a shell account, for SFTP, or just setup an FTP server?18:36
Beldarskinux, What you have not verified is how full it should be from what you put in there, all we have gotten so far is I have errors.18:37
Beldarand a full HD18:38
BeldarVoyage, some patience and no cryptic posts go a long way here.18:39
RoelDoes anyone know how to log in as operator of your IRC channel?18:39
systestanyone have a pointer to docs related to kernel packages in 14.04? specifically, trying to find out when 3.15 will be out and/or if a bug patch has been back ported to the latest package18:39
BeldarRoel, ask #freenode18:39
skinuxI'm not sure how full it should be, but the amount of free disk space should not have changed, much less have been so low.18:39
RoelOk Beldar18:39
Beldarskinux, there are good cleaners if you think it is just logs....etc.18:40
RoelBeldar, I have developed something for Ubuntu, and I wonder where I can go to to ask if it might be useful for an official release18:40
skinuxI've already run bleachbit a few times.18:40
franzhblakecan anyone help me with a kernel panic?18:41
BeldarRoel, Long process and you have to be a ubuntu member, not sure the link you need someone will know.18:41
aw80Good afternoon18:41
Beldarfranzhblake, Do you have any more kernel sets onboard?18:41
aw80Anyone with USb cards experience?  Just upgrade to 14.04 and my usb DL-195 card giving me a green screen18:41
franzhblakeBeldar, I'm currently on 3.14.318:42
franzhblakeI know it's not official, but I can't believe that any other kernel apart from official (and this one is vanilla from ubuntu kernel team afaik) can cause a kernel panic18:42
Beldarfranzhblake, This the only working kernel on board, it is not supported is all.18:43
franzhblakeBeldar, I have also the official kernel on board18:43
Beldarfranzhblake, Yeah regular ones "from repos" should work, not really an area I'm really able to help with efficiently is all.18:44
franzhblakeBeldar, thank you anyway18:46
VoyageI have a machine that has 5005 port open. I want to access an ms access database in it. How can that be done?18:46
Voyagethe machine is a thumb impression device. obviously having linux smb share and ms access on it. I am also on linux18:46
Beldarskinux, In the end it is to full and not explicitly set up correctly overall, for long term use and protection of a ssd. Do you have trim setup?18:46
Beldarfranzhblake, NO problem, I have on occasion had a specific kernel that crashes, I just remove it, but others work.18:47
aw80Any ideas?18:48
Beldaraw80, please keep the details and request together, confusing otherwise.18:48
BeldarVoyage, what does lsb_release -a   say18:50
VoyageBeldar,  on the server that holds the msaccess db?18:51
Guest53878do ubuntu, xubuntu, lubuntu etc. require accelerated graphics?18:51
BeldarVoyage, on your linux18:51
BeldarVoyage, What is the OS Is the question.18:51
VoyageNo LSB modules are available.18:51
skinuxI haven't setup trim, so probably not.18:51
Voyagemine is linux, the server is a biometric thumb impression device for attendance running 5005 port and using ms access db18:52
VoyageBeldar, ^18:52
Beldarskinux, Read that link I sent you it has a cron and manual trim and tweaking of specific areas.18:52
BeldarVoyage, What is the linux operating system?18:52
skinuxI have been reading through it.18:52
VoyageBeldar,  ubuntu18:53
VoyageBeldar,  mine is linux18:53
VoyageBeldar, server: i dont know18:53
Beldarskinux, Cool, I have a ssd, but much bigger, I have all the OS in single partition 4 in all I run a trim manual at the end of daily updates.18:53
BeldarVoyage, Your use of the term Linux, just had me wondering are we dealing in this situation with ubuntu, this is ubuntu support, not linux is all.18:54
RoelBeldar: I 'm using Ubuntu 13.04, does that mean that I 'm an ubuntu user?18:54
aw80I just upgrade to 14.04 and my USB card DL-195 is giving me a green screen, any ideas/help please?18:55
michaelaguiarIf I have a bunch of VOIP phones, that are frozen and need to be restarted every morning, can that have something to do with my DHCP server?18:55
BeldarRoel, Yeah, ubuntu is ubuntu.18:55
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) was the 18th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 27, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/raring18:55
VoyageBeldar,  isnt ubuntu a linux18:55
RoelBeldar: Ok. I have looked at the Ubuntu site, but I can't find where you can send e-mails for asking if something you have done can be used for an official relase.18:55
=== franzhblake is now known as franz1789
BeldarRoel, EOL Is all, and not supported here.18:55
VoyageBeldar,  there might be some tools in ubuntu that I can use?18:56
BeldarVoyage, Not sure I have not messed with smb, should be some help here though.18:56
BeldarRoel, YOU a ubuntu member?18:56
JokesOnYOu77Is there a way to use ps to track a process and all of its children?  e.g. I now have while kill -0 $PID ; do ps --pid $PID --format foo,bar done But I'd also like to track all of the children of $PID18:56
RoelBeldar: I 'm using Lubuntu, but technically I believe that is Ubuntu18:57
tgm4883Roel: what did you create?18:57
BeldarRoel, yes, same question, you at the least would have to join ubuntu, and go from there, outside offers I doubt will even get an answer.18:57
Roeltgm4883: I have created a Gothic keyboard. You can select it from the keyboard lay-outs and directly use it to type in Gothic18:58
tgm4883Roel: is it just a package you install?18:58
RoelHow can I turn it into a package?18:58
RoelI know which files need to be changed, but I don't know how to create packages, I would need to learn that18:58
RoelI also wonder if you can translate the ubuntu operating system18:59
Beldarviva Diamanda Galás the goth Queen.18:59
tgm4883Roel: so you'll need to get it packaged. I'm going to point you here, as I believe it's the standard starting place for developers now  http://developer.ubuntu.com/19:00
skinuxI just tried trim manual, it didn't work.19:00
tgm4883Roel: if that doesn't give you info on packaging and getting it into the repos, then we can discuss packaging in general19:00
Roelok thanks19:01
tgm4883Roel: minimally, you'll want to get a launchpad account, then you can push your packaging up their for testing.19:01
Jordan_URoel: To get it included in Ubuntu, I would recommend trying to get it included as far upstream as possible. So first figure out what package normally ships keyboard layouts, then look at that package in Debian and see what upstream project they get their files from (or if the upstream is Debian itself), and submit a patch adding your new layout to the final upstream.19:01
RoelJordan_U: Can you explain that in simple words to a noob19:02
RoelJordan_U: upstream projects = the last projects ??19:02
Beldarskinux, You have multiple partitions on sda, did you make sure you ran that trim correctly? I have the feeling you are just ignoring the obvious here I have shared.19:03
tgm4883Roel: if you do a "dpkg -S <path to file>" on one of the files you need to change, you can see which package that is in. Then from there, you can find out where the package comes from19:04
tgm4883Roel: ideally, you wouldn't submit a patch for it to Ubuntu, you'd submit the patch to the original project19:04
RoelSo I should look for Ubuntu Keyboard Layouts project?19:04
tgm4883Roel: for instance, if you patched Gnome, you would submit the patch to Gnome, not Ubuntu19:04
tgm4883Roel: no, you should run that above command on one of the files and see what package it's in. Then we look to see where that package comes from19:05
Roelok I will do it, one second19:05
RoelIt doesn't work, do I first have to install Ubuntu developer tools?19:06
RoelI get this result:19:06
tgm4883Roel: no. Are you getting an error message?19:06
Roelat first it did nothing but now it says:19:07
Roelxkb-date: /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules19:07
Roelthat's the path, it echoes it.19:07
michaelaguiarin my network interfaces, should my LAN address be included in the dns-nameservers range?19:07
tgm4883Roel: yes, that is actually what we want to see19:07
tgm4883Roel: so the package "xkb-date" is what put that file there19:07
RoelSo we are looking for the xkb-date package?19:08
tgm4883Roel: Do you have any PPA's or installed packages from elsewhere? I don't see that package in the official repos19:09
tgm4883!info xkb-date19:09
ubottuPackage xkb-date does not exist in trusty19:09
RoelWell, I installed ibus, xkb might be installed too19:10
RoelI don't know anymore, to be honest19:10
michaelaguiarSo I use PPTPD for VPN, but when I VPN in, I don’t seem to have access to the internal network19:11
michaelaguiarIn my LAN interface, I have my dns-domain set for LAN19:12
michaelaguiardo I need to set the DNS domain for WAN as well?19:12
tgm4883Roel: is it xkb-date or xkb-data19:12
tgm4883!info xkb-data19:12
ubottuxkb-data (source: xkeyboard-config): X Keyboard Extension (XKB) configuration data. In component main, is important. Version 2.10.1-1ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 287 kB, installed size 2836 kB19:12
Roelxkb-date, not xkb-data19:12
Roelno wait19:13
RoelNOT xkb-date19:13
tgm4883Roel: yea that is what it is on mine :)19:13
Roelit's for me the same too19:13
michaelaguiaranyone familiar with PPTPD?19:13
Roelso if I want to help those guys by adding the Gothic keyboard to xkb-date, how can I do that?19:14
Roelsince it's not part of the official release I guess19:14
Mikerhinosif I have a "/" and a "/home" partition on separated drives, when I install an app, will it be on the "/" or "/home" drive ?19:14
BeldarMikerhinos, most likely a bit in both, what is the issue?19:15
SamizdataI would say app in / and configs in /home.  That is, of course, based on the idea he is installing it system wide and not just a personal install.19:16
tgm4883Roel: ok, so that looks like it comes from debian. http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/xkb-data  You've got a few options. Upstream for that package is going to be the freedesktop devs (  http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/XKeyboardConfig/ )  So ideally, that is where you could send a patch so that it is now available in all distros that use freedesktop.19:17
tgm4883If they won't accept it, your next bet is to contact the maintainer of the package (see the first link) and talk with them regarding the patch19:17
SamizdataIs there any news on getting Empathy working with Facebook?19:17
RoelOk, but first I would need to make a patch for that19:17
Roelis it difficult to learn? As I have 0% experience.19:17
tgm4883Roel: it's not difficult to learn, but I don't have any links handy on it19:18
MikerhinosBeldar: not really an issue, just that my "/" is on a RAID-0 420mo/s reading, and my "/home" is on a 90mo/s reading HDD lol, I want speed for launching apps, but not killing my SSDs by writing too much on it, and use my HDD as a storing drive for my settings, videos, photos etc...19:18
RoelDo I need this? http://developer.ubuntu.com/apps/sdk/tutorials/creating-an-sdk-app-project/19:18
tgm4883Roel: no you don't need that19:19
BeldarMikerhinos, statistically a modern ssd has an equal life to a spinning HD.19:19
RoelWhat do I need to write a patch? Just a simple text editor?19:19
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bekksMikerhinos: Unless your SSD is about 10y old today, you wont kill by writing too much onto it.19:19
MikerhinosBeldar: in fact I'd want to have my system and apps on the RAID-0, and personnal files like settings, photos etc... on the HDD.19:19
tgm4883Roel: Well, basically you get the source, copy it to a second (working directory), make the changes you need to make, and then run diff on the directory19:20
tgm4883Roel: that will make a patch (or rather, you run 'diff > my.patch')19:20
MikerhinosSSDs are Intel 320 40Go, so 2x40Go, it's not that much, it's not the latest technology, but in RAID-0 it's pretty quick19:20
RoelI 'm sorry, but this is incomprehensible for me.19:20
BeldarMikerhinos, Sure, I have no knowledge of raid, so that is your thang, not sure I can help beyond this.19:20
tgm4883Roel: How many files did  you need to change19:21
RoelDo I also have to include one file which you need to ADD and not MODIFY?19:22
tgm4883Roel: just modified files19:22
Roelshould the file to add also be in the patch?19:22
Roel7 files19:22
SamizdataSo, nothing on Empathy/Facebook then.19:23
Roelin fact it could be that only 4 are needed, but I modified 7 files to be 100% sure that it will work.19:23
tgm4883Roel: can you run that same dpkg -S command on the 7 files and see if they are all part of the same package19:24
RoelWell, one of the files is an ibus file19:24
Roelso I can already see they are not all of the same package most likely19:24
RoelI will run a dpkg on it19:24
tgm4883how many different packages19:24
Roelibus, and xkb-data19:25
Roelthose are the two packages to change19:25
tgm4883Roel: good. Ok, so now the hard part19:26
SamizdataWell, cheers, all.19:26
Roelwriting a patch?19:26
tgm4883Roel: I'm going to give you the basics of doing a patch, but then you're going to have to read through their rules for patch submission and such   http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/XKeyboardConfig/Development/19:27
tgm4883Roel: basically (and keep in mine that this is all from my limited patch writing experience), you need to checkout their repo (makes a copy of their source files on your desktop), then you can copy the repo into a second directory (this second directory is where you will make your changes and add any new files you have), then you'll run the diff command (eg.19:30
tgm4883'diff <SOURCEDIR> <MODIFIEDDIR> > my.patch') that will make a file called my.patch that will have all of your changes19:30
tgm4883Roel: where this gets difficult, is that the files you are changing may not be where you are expecting them in the source. Unfortunatlely I don't know much about that package19:31
RoelSo I guess19:32
RoelI need to download the code?19:32
tgm4883Roel: well first read though their rules for patch submission. They might have some other info or pointers for doing the patch19:32
tgm4883Roel: but generally yes, you need to download their sourcecode19:33
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Guest37152thanks to those who tried to help me with my problem. Hope you all have a great day. bye : )19:35
thumbeenew to ubuntu. is there a quick way to load up a pre-configured color scheme so i can see filenames/folders easier? as oppose to manually setting 1 color at a time?19:36
thumbeeright now its all just black/white bash terminal19:36
soultitaniumHi, I'm having some trouble with a new version of ubuntu server (14.04) vs an old version (8) as I'm running the same custom application on both of them (same hardware) and the one with 8 shows cpu usage of about 30% - does that seem reasonable?19:36
soultitaniumI'd like to upgrade to 14, but I can't have that much loss in performance19:37
rickestthumbee: terminals themselves are responsible for setting their primary fore/background colors.  google 'LS_COLORS' to find different themes for using ls19:38
Jordan_Usoultitanium: What do you mean by "CPU usage of about 30%"?19:38
thumbeefor example.. background color, filename color, folder color. im sure there's a way to manually change it all 1 at a time. but looking for a quick way to load up some template ? ie. someone did that all for me already19:38
thumbeeah LS_COLORs ok19:39
masoud_hi all19:39
masoud_i need laf for grub in ubuntu. whos is help me?19:39
soultitaniumJordan_U, when I look at top, it shows all the tasks that are running. our app (irtracker), under the cpu column is using 114 on ubuntu 14 and 70 on ubuntu 819:39
soultitaniumJordan_U, sorry, I meant to say it's a difference of 30%...19:40
path_of_exiledisplay server Mir uses license GPLv319:40
soultitaniumJordan_U, I'd like to upgrade all of these boxes running our custom app to the newest version of ubuntu, but it doesn't seem right that there such a difference in processor utilization between the two different OSes.  I was hoping someone might be able to suggest somewhere to look to see if there's an obvious configuration error that I'm making19:41
tgm4883soultitanium: that sounds odd. Was their any customization done to the server? A 30% loss of performance while running on the same hardware for Ubuntu server sounds weird19:41
tgm4883soultitanium: since it's a custom app, the only people that could tell you where to look is... um... you19:42
soultitaniumtgm4883, it does sound weird!  I install it, install vsftpd, telnetd, build-essentials, and setserial and copy the files over19:42
Jordan_Usoultitanium: Is your application actually performing less well, or is it only using less CPU? Using less CPU but performing just as well is possible for many applications, and would clearly be a good rather than a bad thing.19:42
tgm4883Jordan_U: my understanding is it's using more CPU, not less on trusty19:43
soultitaniumJordan_U, it still seems to be performaing well...19:43
soultitaniumtgm4883, more cpu on trusty, less on ubuntu 819:43
tgm4883Jordan_U: ^19:43
Jordan_Usoultitanium: OK, is it using more CPU for the same tasks, or is it performing more tasks per unit time?19:44
tgm4883Jordan_U: +1, good question19:44
soultitaniumJordan_U, sorry, I'm a bit confused by your question.  The program is just one task - is that the answer you were looking for?19:44
thumbeeis LS_COLORs for ubuntu?19:45
tgm4883soultitanium: lets say on Ubuntu 8, it processes 10000 records in 10 seconds and uses 50% CPU, but on Ubutnu 14 is processes 10000 records in 5 seconds but only uses 75% CPU. Obviously the second one is running better, even though it's using more CPU19:46
tgm4883soultitanium: and again, we're just making general guesses about your custom app19:46
Jordan_Usoultitanium: No. For instance if your custom application were calculating digits of pi, and on Ubuntu 8.04 (there is no "Ubuntu 8") it was calculating 1,000 digits per second, and on Ubuntu 14.04 (again, not just 14) it was calculating 10,000 digits per second, but using twice the CPU cycles per second, that would be an overall improvement.19:47
Jordan_Usoultitanium: What does this app actually do?19:47
soultitaniumtgm4883, ahhh.. yes, I understand.  This is a time-sensitive application that pulls frames from our gigabit camera, processes those frames, and sends information to the server.  So if the main loop timing gets longer than 5ms, we're in trouble.  so, I could look at that timing between the two of them and let you know if it's different19:47
tgm4883soultitanium: yea, lets see if it's processing them faster but using more CPU19:48
soultitaniumso the application always needs to be able to process about 178 frames per second, and as long as we can keep up with that, we're good..19:48
tgm4883soultitanium: sweet, any way you can bench test how many FPS it can process?19:49
soultitaniumOk.. the programmers put some timing information in there so lemme see if that processing time is faster on ubuntu 8 than 14.. I'll take a look and let you know.19:49
tgm4883soultitanium: which is almost exactly the scenario that Jordan_U mentioned19:49
Jordan_Usoultitanium: Please stop talking about versions of Ubuntu that don't exist. There is 8.04 and 8.10, and there is 14.04 and (in development) 14.10. There is no Ubuntu 8, and no Ubuntu 14.19:50
soultitaniumtgm4883, I think it might be difficult to recode the software because everything is synchronized to a trigger..... so all I can do is see how fast it processes the data per frame, but I think they have that timing information in there so it should be a pretty quick test.. lemme check19:50
soultitaniumJordan_U, the versions are 14.04 and 8.04...19:51
robbiehow can I get 5.1 audio to appear as an option in Sound properties?19:51
mistawrightalright guys i have been stuggling with logrotate and rsyslog. i have to manully restart rsyslog to have it send my logrotated files. is there anyway to fix on this on ubuntu 12.04 lts19:52
thumbeei just tried uncommenting "force_color_prompt=yes" in .bashrc. and rebooted. any idea why still no color ?19:54
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fhfDoes any1 know when updated translations are released as SRUs?19:58
tendo]does anyone know why swat for samba is no longer available?19:59
=== gnu is now known as Guest16187
fhftendo: In 14.04 have samba4 where some things changed19:59
fhfwithout in*19:59
tendooh ok, that's too bad i hate making the samba config files.  is there an alternate tool to do this?20:00
fhftendo: Have you tried system-config-samba app? BTW your nick is from Pacific Rim movie isn't it?20:02
tendoi've been tendo for about 15 years :)20:02
tendoi'll check it out thanks for the tip fhf20:02
fhftendo: np. ;)20:03
thumbeewhats a good google search term for enabling color in my ubuntu terminal :20:06
shtrwlfi think aterm is most configable20:07
fhfthumbee: colored terminal ubuntu <insert version here>20:07
thumbeethanks fhf. lemme try that20:08
Picithumbee: what colors are you trying to enable?20:08
thumbeeany color. lol. i use secureCRT to ssh into an aws isntance of ubuntu20:09
thumbeeits black and white. need it give it some life :(20:09
Picithumbee: does ls --color=auto   give anything?20:12
thumbeeit just dislays whats in the folder20:13
thumbeelike normal. no color20:13
fhfthumbee are `ls -l` colored?20:13
fhfor mby "is"..20:13
thumbeefhf: no. still just black20:14
thumbeemaybe its cause of my securecrt?20:14
fhfthumbee it looks like wrong or missing .bashrc file20:15
thumbeeHMM. shtrwlf just told me why. it was my securecrt after all..20:17
wotan147how to execture script at shutdown?20:18
wotan147a script that backups things on my aharrdrive20:18
thumbeehmm. thats kindda annoying. would have hoped secureCRT would just leave the colors for ubuntu terminal to set20:18
wotan147I placed it in /etc/rc0.d but did not work20:18
bekks!backup | wotan14720:18
ubottuwotan147: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning20:18
bekks!upstart | wotan14720:19
ubottuwotan147: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/20:19
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Jordan_Uwotan147: At shutdown seems like an odd time to trigger a backup. What is your end goal, and how long do you expect each backup to take?20:25
randolph`testing keyboard20:25
wotan147Jordan_U usually I manually backup with rsyn after graphical session log off then I ctrl+alt+f1 sudo service lithgtdm stop <to ensure it is not writing files while I save and then I am rsyncing20:26
wotan147basically I want to automate that task so that it does that all the time automaitcally when I shutdowhn the computer20:27
Troy__Anyone have any suggestions on remote desktop connection server software for linux? I want to control the gui via another computer20:27
shtrwlfrealvnc is one option20:29
lmatI upgraded recently and now I get a ding every time I press backspace at an empty prompt (Terminal). What is the setting to reverse this ?20:30
Jordan_Ulmat: In gnome-terminal, or at a tty?20:31
lmatJordan_U: gnome-terminal20:32
lmatJordan_U: I haven't reset the terminal :)20:32
Voyagesmb://admin:admin@     is time out. I can ping the ip though. can anyone tell why?20:32
Jordan_Ulmat: Edit > Profile Preferences, uncheck "Terminal Bell".20:32
lmatJordan_U: Thanks. We'll see how that goes20:32
Jordan_Ulmat: You're welcome.20:33
lmatJordan_U: Another artifact: it's *terribly* behind... oh well20:33
Ugb3Voyage: ports opened in firewall ?20:33
Ugb3Voyage: It's maybe a good starting point.20:34
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thumbeesuccesss! there is color in my life xD20:37
=== neo is now known as Guest82424
thumbeeEmulation -> Terminal: Xterm: ANSI Color20:38
Guest82424que haceis??20:39
Theory``anybody can help with a lubuntu question in here?20:40
adamcunningtonHi, I am receiving the following error when trying to copy a DVD that I own - it's a handbrake error output but it looks the same in vlcmedia player when trying to scan the title so I believe it may be an ubuntu-related issue. Can anyone shed some light? http://paste.ubuntu.com/7490198/20:43
OerHeksadamcunnington, CSS key ... are you able to play that dvd on your system?20:45
soultitaniumHi, I was here ealier testing a custom application on two systems (identical hardware), one running ubuntu 8.04 and the other 14.04.  We noticed that the main program loop runs a hair faster (.1 ms) on 14.04 vs 8.04, but it's using about 20% more cpu to do it.  Can I attribute this very slightly faster processing, yet higher cpu utilization to OS optimization from 8.04 to 14.04?20:45
Jordan_Uadamcunnington: Please pastebin the output of "dmesg".20:45
OerHeksif not, follow the !dvd factoid to get the css script to read the contents20:45
Jordan_Usoultitanium: Is the same binary being used for both systems, or did you build one with 8.04's gcc and the other with 14.04's gcc?20:46
adamcunningtonJordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7490198/20:46
OerHekssoultitanium, ofcourse in the years the kernel is getting bigger. as 8.04 is EOL., i won't look for answers20:46
LihisWhat would be best way to clone my HDD to another different size HDD?20:47
soultitaniumOerHeks, I guess I'm trying to understand if it's running more ineffeciently because it's taking more processor power to do the same thing as what is being done in 8.0420:47
adamcunningtonOerHeks: i'm not, no20:48
ubottuUbuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats20:48
Jordan_Uadamcunnington: I'm not used to dmesg output being in quite that format. Did you run literally just "dmesg" to get that?20:48
adamcunningtonJordan_U: yea20:48
OerHekssudo apt-get install libdvdread4 && sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh20:49
adamcunningtonJordan_U: weird, maybe not... try http://paste.ubuntu.com/7490226/20:49
john_ramboMy SSO acount which I use to login to ubuntuforums.org wont let me login in ....It says wrong username password combination ...This has happened before and I did reset my password ....but same thing is happening today ....20:50
Jordan_Uadamcunnington: That looks more like what I was expecting.20:51
adamcunningtonJordan_U: yea no idea what happened the first time20:51
Jordan_Uadamcunnington: Might want to check your CPU fan, and maybe vaccum out your case :)20:52
adamcunningtonJordan_U: on that note.. the first time I did dmesg | pastebinit | xclip but i find xclip behaves really weird, half the time it doesn't save anything to my clipboard20:52
adamcunningtonJordan_U: need a new machine fullstop to be honest but how an earth did you get that from that output?!20:52
adamcunningtonJordan_U: is it getting rather warm?20:52
Jordan_Uadamcunnington: "CPU2: Core temperature above threshold, cpu clock throttled (total events = 24)", all over the place :)20:53
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john_ramboDo SSO people maintain an  IRC channnel ?20:55
adamcunningtonJordan_U: lol ok but with regard to the issue, would you agree with OerHeks on installing libdvdread4?20:55
adamcunningtonOerHeks: ah just checked, i already have libdvdread420:56
adamcunningtonOerHeks: would i still need to run sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh20:56
Jordan_Uadamcunnington: Yes.20:57
OerHeksadamcunnington, yes, that install-css is adding the key, you obviously missing according to the paste20:57
OerHeksrestart any dvd application after that20:57
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Ugb3Jordan_U: Okay I found what is wrong, on the kernel v3.13-rc1 it seems that for the radeon driver, radeon.audio was on 1 by default, and it just seems that is what makes my card crashes and why I have to used radeon.audio=0, so i guess I won't be able to get audio over hdmi even with older kernel.21:08
Ugb3Jordan_U: And I checked, if i boot 3.12 with radeon.audio=1, it crashes.21:09
Theory``lubuntu freezes on install lubuntu screen..whats up21:09
duckchatJordan_U: Do you have any experience with radeon dual monitor?21:09
antlongis there a difference between saying environment or environmental variables?21:10
darky_which format is recommended for installation by usb?21:13
darky_I'm going to format first then run unetbootin'21:14
ntzdarky_: rephrase please21:14
legrandindoes anyone here have any experience downgrading php from 5.521:14
adamcunningtonOerHeks: ran that, still getting the same error21:14
OerHeksdarky fat3221:14
Theory``lubuntu freezes on install lubuntu screen..whats up21:14
adamcunningtonOerHeks: and btw, I've copied several DVDs with success - it's just this 1 dvd that is causing me problems - could the dvd be broken / corrupt?21:14
OerHeksadamcunnington, could be an newer copy protection, not all dvd's will work on linux, see the factoid21:15
darky_OerHeks: Ok, going to run arch now... Thanks.21:15
Ugb3Jordan_U: And it seems that even on windows, people experience problem with audio over hdmi with this precise card.21:18
Jordan_UUgb3: All the more reason to make Linux handle the brain damage better if we can :)21:19
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Ugb3Jordan_U: Do you think there is a way to make audio works ?21:20
adamcunningtonOerHeks: this dvd is from 2006 so i doubt it, will try and play it in a different system, thanks21:20
Jordan_UUgb3: Clearly, as it works with the older kernel.21:21
Ugb3Jordan_U: I'm not sure it does, I think i confused it working with another computer, I actually booted it with 3.12 and there is no HDMI sound card recognized and no audio goes over the TV...21:22
Ugb3Jordan_U: And i can't boot 3.12 with radeon.audio=1 :'(21:24
Jordan_UUgb3: Ahh, so maybe 3.13 just enable HDMI audio by default. Still, it would be good to let the kernel developers know that, until there is a proper fix, radeon=0 needs to be the default for your card.21:28
xanguawhat's wrong with radeon/hdmi¿ Jordan_U21:29
xanguaMine works ok21:29
Ugb3Jordan_U: It seems on forums that people got it working in the past, and alsa mixer sees my card, so there is some hope.21:31
skinuxHow do we set Python 3 as default version of Python?21:32
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest56800
tgm4883skinux: system wide, or just for you user?21:35
ki7mtskinux, you probably dont want to do that, just set you scripts to use python3 v.s. the default python or use virtualenv21:35
skinuxI just changed it by reassigning python symlink. However, now it says a library doesn't exist.21:36
motaka2hello I am trying to share a folder in ubuntu and I get this error:  'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare: cannot open usershare directory /var/lib/samba/usershares. Error Permission deniedYou do not have permission to create a usershare. Ask your administrator to grant you permissions to create a share.21:39
ki7mtskinux, have a read of /usr/share/doc/python/python-policy.txt.gz .. that will shed light on your questions.21:39
ntzhow are you doing it .. what exactly ?21:40
ntzmotaka2: ^^21:40
motaka2right click on the folder and clicking share21:41
ntzit should ask you for a admin/root password21:41
motaka2then ticking share this folder and so on ...21:41
motaka2ntz: it doesnt21:41
Ugb3Jordan_U: Tried to edit /etc/pulse/default.pa to works with the hdmi audio card detected with aplay -l, but it doesn't work, i don't see any device in control panel, i guess the radeon.audio=0 just kill it, maybe the driver just doesn't handle audio over hdmi...21:41
ntzi now don't know because I'm using kde .. i know only "hard way" in commandline, but if you run your filebrowser with gksudo (under root) it will work21:42
motaka2what is gksudo ?21:43
ntzit's UI dialog asking you for a password like sudo does in commandline21:44
ramkamxi'm trying to install arduino on 12.04, but it keeps on dumping me errors with openjdk-6-jre-headless21:44
ntzshould be iirc in package gksu .. apt-get install gksu21:44
motaka2ntz: and what should I do with that box?21:45
ramkamxit's a netbook, with a very slow internet connexion, and nothing is up to date, and i can't afford waiting hours (or days) so that everything updates / fix dependancies because i jumped too many updates. any quick fix ?21:45
ntzyou'd better wait until someone more suitable for answer answers you or run your filebrowser temporarily under root and enable share there21:46
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ntzmotaka2: or if you want to it super-properly just find on unbuntu wiki article describing "samba" and do like that21:47
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html21:47
ntzs/want to it/want to do it/; s/and do like that/and do it like that/21:48
ki7mtramkamx, have you install 6-jre and updated alternatives : sudo update-alternatives --config java and selected 6-jre21:50
ramkamxki7mt: 6-jre-java refuses to install, due to openjdk-6-jre-headless, and openjdk-6-jre-headless refuses to install due to 6-jre-java21:51
DavidODhi! does anyone know how to add more options to this list (like openvpn)? https://i.imgur.com/PlHBDWH.png21:51
ramkamxsudo update-alternatives --config java  --> error no update alternatives for java21:52
ramkamxalso: libnss3-1d seems to be in the state "keep as is" (translated from french)21:52
ki7mtramkamx, nothing like a little circular dep issue to start one's day ey .. I'd try to purge --force sun-java6-jre .. autoclean, autoremove, then reinstall 6-jre21:56
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ramkamxyeah ... i feel it's going to eat my night ...21:56
ramkamxlet's leave it as is21:56
ramkamxis there a utility that allows to pipe the USB of a machine on the USB of another machine ?21:57
adamcunningtonHi, xclip seems to behave inconsistently, often when i type some_command | pastebinit | xclip, nothing is copied to my clipboard, any ideas / how can I debug?21:57
ramkamxheard about something like that a long time ago, but cant remember, and it's hard to find21:57
ramkamxadamcunnington: try somecommand > somefile.txt21:58
ramkamxand check the output, maybe your command output is not on stdout but on stderr21:59
Ugb3Jordan_U: I got it to work, I added the corect hardware reference in /etc/pulse/default.pa21:59
Ugb3and then, the secret magical command : xrandr --output HDMI-0 --set audio on21:59
Ugb3And woot, it works.21:59
skinuxWhere can I find out what Python2.7 libraries Ubuntu relies on?21:59
ntzadamcunnington: depends .. what command exactly ? some commands just does weird things with theirs stdout21:59
ramkamxntz: like whois ?22:00
ki7mtramkamx, also, make sure something has not removed updates from your source list. precise-updates precise-security precise-backports etc.22:00
skinuxI need to install libraries for Python3.4, but I don't have enough disk space without removing them from Python2.722:00
ramkamxki7mt: yeah, seems to be an uncommon error, it's a dummy machine i'll reinstall all someday, easyier, faster22:00
ramkamxki7mt: any clue on creating a virtual usb device on one machine, and forwarding the data (both ways actually), to a remote machine ?22:02
ramkamxki7mt: i've lost so much time recently on compilation dependancies that i'd be happy to tackle another type of problem :D22:02
ki7mtramkamx, Nada clue on that one, never even thought about it actually.22:03
adamcunningtonramkamx: how does that fix my issue with xclip?22:03
adamcunningtonntz: in this case, dmesg22:03
ramkamxadamcunnington: test each piping step, does it give an output ?22:04
ramkamxand can the output contain characters that might produce an error (" or non utf8 chars)22:05
ki7mtskinux, apt-cache show python.27 will give you a good start.22:05
Jordan_UUgb3: With what kernel, and what kernel parameters?22:05
ki7mtwhoops ..  apt-cache show python2.722:05
Guest43008Can someone help me I am getting internet connection problems with Ubuntu only22:07
Ugb3Jordan_U: Any kernel (with radeon.audio=0 for any 3.12+)22:08
DavidODhi! why do i never get the option to import my .ovpn file?22:08
TristanexI need some help installing Ubuntu on a preloaded win 8 laptop22:08
DavidODevery guide shows me that that should be done22:09
adamcunningtonramkamx: it does when i don't use xclip yes22:09
Guest43008I am able to connect to sites at first then after a while I try installing something or trying to update I get "failed to download repository information"22:09
adamcunningtonramkamx: maybe something is broken - typing xclip into terminal does nothing22:09
Guest43008I also can't connect to sites or anything even though my other computers work fine22:10
a930913How can I set up a bandwidth limiting proxy for my brother to torrent through?22:11
DavidODis anyone using an openvpn connection on ubuntu here? :/22:14
Bashing-omGuest43008: A DNS issue ? .. what returns different -> ping -c3 , ping -c3 google.com <- ?22:15
rrva_are there any trusted virtualbox images where ubuntu desktop is preinstalled?22:16
Ugb3Mhh guyz, how I can reinstall the current updated kernel ?22:16
Guest43008Bashing-om: Thank you I will try this I am just rebooting the computer22:17
Ugb3Which one is the current 14.04 one ? linux-image-generic-lts-trusty  ?22:17
Guest43008Bashing-om: I got a response from but not google.com22:19
Jordan_UUgb3: Very interesting. Please file an Ubuntu bug report requesting that working default configuration be added, and also add a comment to the Fedora bug report explaining how you got this working in Ubuntu (and ideally, try to reproduce the working configuration in Fedora as well).22:20
Ugb3Jordan_U: Will do, thank you so much for your help.22:20
Ugb3Jordan_U: I have a lil question before i go to bed, i'v messed up quite a bit with my kernel, i don't even know which one i'm supposed to run, how can i find out ?22:21
Guest43008Bashing-om: On my other PC using the same DNS server I am able to access any sites, so I'm kind of baffled22:22
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Ugb3Jordan_U: I will figure it out, bye i'm gonna sleep.22:25
Ugb3Bye everyone.22:25
Guest43008Can anyone else help me I can't access any sites or update on my 14.04 machine but I am able to access anything on my other computers. :|22:25
Bashing-omGuest43008: Look'n more and more like a DNS issue -> cat /etc/resolv.conf | pastebinit <- you might have to install that tool .22:25
harumphhey guys, i'm installing ubuntu alongside windows xp. when i'm "trying" ubuntu with the install media, wired and wireless internet connections work fine. when it's fully installed, can't get either ethernet or wifi working. any ideas why?22:25
daftykinsharumph: you're installing with "download latest updates" enabled, so something changes between your install media and the final install22:27
harumphmust be it. i'll try installing without enabling latest updates to see.22:28
Bashing-omharumph: Maybe NOT select "3rd party software" also .22:30
harumphBashing-om: I'll give it a shot.22:31
Guest43008Bashing-om: I can't install anything now I don't have any connection even though I am connected to Wifi22:31
Guest43008I even changed my DNS server22:32
Guest43008I guess I will just try a fresh install22:32
Bashing-omGuest43008: Sirry, my bad ! .. do in terminal -> cat /etc/resolv.conf <- do you see 2 lines similar "nameserver
Guest43008Bashing-om: It says "nameserver"22:34
Bashing-omGuest43008: I expect this is but a simple config issue. Not a reason to (RE-)install.22:34
Bashing-omGuest43008: See, a config issue. OK, is this a "managed Network" ? such that you have the icons in the task bar ? ( can enable DNS from there).22:36
erlisGood afternoon everyone22:36
erlisI need help with an error I'm getting in emacs "starter-kit"22:37
Guest43008Bashing-om: Sorry I don't know what you mean22:37
erlisbasically I cannot install "starter-kit"22:37
erlisIt's failing with message Wrong type argument: listp, "No commentary"22:37
Bashing-omGuest43008: Ask'd another way, do you have a standard desktop installation of ubuntu ?22:38
erlisanyone with emacs24 ?22:38
Guest43008Bashing-om: Yes just the standard 14.04 desktop installation (amd64)22:38
Bashing-omGuest43008: Be aware, I do not run with a "managed network", nor have I got 14.04 installed; so a bit of flying by the seat of our pants. In the tak bar you should have network icons - as 2 arrows in opposing directions, right click -> wired connection -> edit connection.22:41
Guest43008Bashing-om: I have a wireless connection but I clicked edit22:43
jostWhen using ufw, how do I open a port for use with IPv4, but not IPv6?22:45
jost(just don't want to have an unused open port)22:45
Guest43008I tried changing the DNS server in IPv4 but no success22:46
Bashing-omGuest43008: OH, my, Wireless I am gravely lacking in.. but still got to get ya a "nameserver" activated. // in the edit connections are fields to add the nameservers, right ?22:46
daftykinsjost: is this system not behind a NAT router?22:47
jostdaftykins: I'm not sure, but probably not.22:47
daftykinshow come you're not sure?22:47
daftykinsis it on your home network?22:47
jostdaftykins: it's a cloud server22:47
daftykinsah i see22:48
daftykinsi am of no use then, sorry22:48
ki7mtjost, if this is a hosted server, you need to speak with the host provider on how / if they configure 6to4 or 4to6, but here's the basics of enabling ports, it can be much more complex: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW22:54
harumphugh. installing without recent updates and 3rd party software didn't fix the issue - still no wireless or wired connection after install. any other reasons why running the install media would have working networks but not when installed?22:54
Bashing-omGuest43008: How are you doing ? Have you found the nameserver fields ?22:58
ntzharumph: depends.. does `ip a' command print something other than "lo" interface ?22:58
Beldarharumph, Run in the ubuntu terminal lspci and find the ethernet and wifi hardware and ket us know what it is22:59
harumphntz: it prints: 1: lo: <LOOPBACK, UP, LOWER_UP> ....22:59
Guest43008Bashing-om: Sorry was afk. Yes it works now! I set it to thanks for the help!!22:59
harumphi can type the whole thing here if that's helpful. i'm on a different computer, so no copy/paste.22:59
ntzharumph: I asked if it shows other interfaces than lo23:00
harumphno, just lo23:00
ntzso if there is 2: eth023:00
ntzdoes `dmesg | grep eth' show something signicicant ?23:00
ki7mtGuest43008,  a quick test fer DNS checks: dig @ yahoo.com or something you know should render23:00
harumphntz: nothing23:01
ntzso then just show us please an output from `lspci -v'23:01
harumphBeldar: Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corp BCM4401-B023:01
ntzsave it to flash drive and pastebin please23:02
Bashing-omGuest43008: Good deal. Ya might wqnt to look at the name servers on the other machine and match this machin's nameserver. ( but nothing wrong to continue to use googles and secondary //.23:02
Megabytehi guys23:02
MegabyteWhat do you think of open source documentation quality in general?23:02
bastetxhowdy all23:02
superlouMegabyte, typically as good or better than proprietary documentation23:03
Megabytesuperlou, Super, as what kind of computer user would you describe yourself?23:03
ntzharumph: in short, paradoxly, licevcd contains proprietary and non-oss drivers which you have to add after installation by enabling respective option in menu23:04
harumph00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/PM/GMS, 943/940GML and 945GT Express Memory Controller Hub (rev 03)23:04
harumphSubsystem: Dell Device 01bd23:04
harumphFlags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 023:04
superlouMegabyte, uh, linux user, embedded and web programmer, also I smell nice23:04
harumphCapabilities: <access denied>23:04
harumph 23:04
unopasteharumph you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted23:04
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Megabytesuperlou, and what documentation do you usually read? Compiler documentation?23:05
harumphMemory behind bridge: efc00000-efcfffff23:05
harumphPrefetchable memory behind bridge: 0000000080000000-00000000801fffff23:05
harumphCapabilities: <access denied>23:05
harumphKernel driver in use: pcieport23:05
harumph 23:05
harumph00:1c.3 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation NM10/ICH7 Family PCI Express Port 4 (rev 01) (prog-if 00 [Normal decode])23:05
superlouMegabyte, library documentation, wiki pages, etc.23:05
harumphFlags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 023:05
harumphBus: primary=00, secondary=0c, subordinate=0d, sec-latency=023:05
harumphI/O behind bridge: 0000d000-0000dfff23:05
harumphMemory behind bridge: efa00000-efbfffff23:05
harumphPrefetchable memory behind bridge: 00000000e0000000-00000000e01fffff23:05
harumphCapabilities: <access denied>23:05
superlouMegabyte, what are you getting at, sorry?23:06
harumphKernel driver in use: pcieport23:06
harumph 23:06
Beldar!pastebin | harumph23:06
ubottuharumph: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:06
harumph00:1d.0 USB controller: Intel Corporation NM10/ICH7 Family USB UHCI Controller #1 (rev 01) (prog-if 00 [UHCI])23:06
harumphSubsystem: Dell Device 01bd23:06
harumphFlags: bus master, medium devsel, latency 0, IRQ 2023:06
harumphI/O ports at bf80 [size=32]23:06
ntzseems like *unopaste bot has bug :D23:06
harumphKernel driver in use: uhci_hcd23:06
harumph 23:06
harumph00:1d.1 USB controller: Intel Corporation NM10/ICH7 Family USB UHCI Controller #2 (rev 01) (prog-if 00 [UHCI])23:06
harumphSubsystem: Dell Device 01bd23:06
harumphFlags: bus master, medium devsel, latency 0, IRQ 2123:06
harumphI/O ports at bf60 [size=32]23:06
unopasteharumph you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted23:06
pakairmaybe lspci -nn would be better23:06
Megabytesuperlou, I'm trying to figure out what open source users expect of their documentation23:06
* ntz goes for some coke before next chapter begins23:07
harumph 23:07
harumph00:1e.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation 82801 Mobile PCI Bridge (rev e1) (prog-if 01 [Subtractive decode])23:07
harumphFlags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 023:07
harumphBus: primary=00, secondary=03, subordinate=03, sec-latency=3223:07
harumphMemory behind bridge: ef900000-ef9fffff23:07
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, rww, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!23:07
harumphCapabilities: <access denied>23:07
harumph 23:07
harumph00:1f.0 ISA bridge: Intel Corporation 82801GBM (ICH7-M) LPC Interface Bridge (rev 01)23:08
harumphSubsystem: Dell Device 01bd23:08
harumphFlags: bus master, medium devsel, latency 023:08
harumphCapabilities: <access denied>23:08
harumphKernel driver in use: lpc_ich23:08
harumph 23:08
harumph00:1f.2 IDE interface: Intel Corporation 82801GBM/GHM (ICH7-M Family) SATA Controller [IDE mode] (rev 01) (prog-if 80 [Master])23:08
unopasteharumph you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted23:08
apb_Megabyte: Accuracy.  Detail.   Plus Quick Start summary info.23:08
superlouMegabyte, relatively thorough, or at least clear where the "todos" are.  Also, DRY and readable code can go a long way23:08
admin1looking for rdp program to remote to windows 8 computer23:08
apb_I like my code a bit wet23:08
pakairadmin1, rdesktop23:09
harumphMemory at efdf0000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=64K]23:09
harumph[virtual] Expansion ROM at efd00000 [disabled] [size=128K]23:09
harumphCapabilities: <access denied>23:09
harumphKernel driver in use: radeon23:09
harumph 23:09
harumph03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4401-B0 100Base-TX (rev 02)23:09
unopasteharumph you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted23:09
apb_moist might be the right word23:09
gotxihi everyone! i need some help with mounting a raid with ntfs partition, anyone can help me? :)23:09
harumphgawd. i broke irc.23:11
CyberSixharumph, doit again!23:11
Megabytesuperlou, If you guys had the power to ask for detailed documentation of anything for one day to make your life easier, what would you ask for?23:12
CyberSixmanual on women.23:12
superlouWell played.23:12
pakairharumph, go to http://pastebin.com and paste the result of lspci -nn Then post that url23:13
ki7mtMegabyte, that's a question only the end user can answer, and would very per user. I may want technical information, someone else may want just the facts, that doesn't mean the docs are good or bad if they don't provide either.23:13
Megabyteki7mt, you wouldn't consider yourselves end users?23:13
superlouRight now, I'd like to know the URL of the link behind the stream at http://lmctvny.swagit.com/live/23:13
daftykinsgotxi: what kind of RAID?23:14
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ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:14
daftykinsguys, keep it relevant or join -offtopic please.23:14
gt8ost4li need help how do i get to the commandline in eclipse23:15
ki7mtMegabyte, I would and do, but what I want, and what I want, and other want, may be two different things. This is really OT for Ubuntu channel, probably better for #ubuntu-offtopic23:15
gotxidaftykins: i have a ISW raid 0 of 2 discs, the only way i can mount it is with the gnome automount, if i try to manually mount it it is mounted as read only23:15
admin1i need to rdp in to my windows 8 pc any program best for that23:16
gotxii would like to mount it manually with /etc/fstab or with some command in etc/rc.local23:16
Megabyteki7mt, don't you think Ubuntu would benefit from better documentation? Or do you think it is well-documented?23:16
ki7mtwhoops, that used to work.. LOL..23:16
daftykinsgotxi: hmm, intel chipset RAID-0? nasty. i don't think that's without risk23:16
superlouMegabyte, Ubuntu is a huge project.  There's pieces that could use better documentation, but there's also a huge community that is constantly providing updates23:17
gotxidaftykins: i managed to mount it creating a new dev/mapper device with "#ldmtool create all" command, and then clicking over it in nautilus, and gnome auto mount does it23:17
superlouTo the end user, it's not much different than any other OS.23:18
Megabytesuperlou, that is true... Ubuntu has a huge community23:18
ki7mtMegabyte, Yes I do, and Im part of the docs team, but there is a a channel for that, ubuntu-doc and ubuntu-manual23:18
gotxidaftykins: but i need to do that click to mount it, if i mount it with a manual mount, it mounts as read only, besides it has rw in the mount23:18
daftykins^indeed please move all non-support talk to those other channels23:18
gotxidaftykins: i would like to auto mount it when system starts without me doing that click in nautilus. It is posible?23:20
daftykinsgotxi: i have no experience with the ldmtool you mentioned so i don't see how you would do that23:23
daftykinsis one click really too much? :)23:23
gotxithe idea is to have a media streaming system without screen mouse or keyboard, so yes, it is a problem for me to do that click23:24
gotxiit would be really weird to do a vnc connection just for doing one click, besides it should mount it correctly23:25
daftykinswhy is an NTFS RAID-0 used in a Linux system then? :)23:25
daftykinsit'd be fine if the RAID were created with native tools23:25
gotxii have almost 4 tb of data in that raid, i cant burn it to dvd or upload to dropbox23:26
harumphpakair: http://pastebin.com/fwJhumUv23:26
daftykins4TB in a RAID-0? omw.23:26
gotxiyes, why not?23:26
daftykinsbecause one disk dies and it's all gone.23:26
buugotxi: Do you hate your data?23:26
gotxithat's what everyone tell me, but the HDD also does half of the work each23:27
gotxii have that raid for 5 years and still intact23:27
buuSo its nearing its MTBF ?23:27
daftykinsok well anyway sorry i don't know23:27
gotxino problem, thanks for caring anyway :)23:28
buugotxi: Anyway, you have a raidcard exposing this raid to linux?23:28
gotxinope, asus motherboard "hardware" raid (ISW)23:28
gotximy old mobo was an asus too, the raid migrated correctly from the old mobo to this one without losing data23:28
buugotxi: Uh, how does the kernel see it? As a device?23:29
HotSwapHey, anyone have a suggestion for a web administration panel?  Both webmin and zentyal are broken in ubuntu 14.04 with no apparent workarounds.23:29
buuHotSwap: ssh23:29
gotxils /dev/mapper -> "isw_deibedgabi_DEIMOS" and "isw_deibedgabi_DEIMOS1"23:29
loahow i can use ssh key auth in cronjob?23:30
gotxithats how ubuntu sees the raid23:30
gotxiwith "#ldmtool create all" command it creates a new mapper device: "ldm_vol_PHOBOS-Dg0_Volume1"23:30
feitinge1gotxi: first, take backup, second, try mount -o rw -t ntfs /dev/asd /where/ever and see if you can write23:30
gotxithat ldm is what i can mount23:30
buugotxi: Do you have a /dev/dm-* device?23:31
feitinge1gotxi: i feel sorry for you knowing that you will probably lose your data within a year or so23:31
anomI have two laptops running Ubuntu, the newer (1080p) displays  colors differently to my older laptop. Is there anyway to see  which laptop has the correct settings?23:31
gotxiyes -> dm-0  dm-1  dm-223:32
jon-workim on 12.04 and 'sudo do-release-upgrade' says 'checking for new release. no new release found' why cant it find 14.04?23:32
feitinge1anom: unless you have proper color profiles loaded, they are probably both "wrong"23:32
gt8ost4lanyknow know how to access keytoool.exe via commandline?23:33
Jordan_Ugotxi: Why are you using Windows Dynamic Disks rather than just an msdos or GPT label?23:33
anomThey both give the same xgamma output: red 1.000, green 1.000, blue 1.000 urghhhhh23:33
feitinge1Jordan_U: he probably don't have space to migrate 4TB away from what he's stuck with23:33
HotSwapjon-work, do-release-upgrade -d will make it find it23:33
jon-workso i have to upgrade to 13.xx to get to 14?23:34
gotxii just switched from windows 7 to ubuntu, formatted my old C:\ partition and installed ubuntu. I have a D: partition with almost 4 tb of data that i created with windows 5 years ago23:34
HotSwapshouldn't have to23:34
HotSwapi did 12.04 straight to 14.04 on a system23:34
jon-worki dont understand why i need -d then, isnt that for devel releases?23:34
Jordan_Ugotxi: Do you know what LDM/ Windows Dynamic Disks is?23:34
HotSwapit is, but i they havent pushed 14.04 out to LTS clients yet23:35
HotSwapthat will happen later23:35
HotSwapso if you want to force it now, gotta -d it23:35
HotSwapor such is my recollection from what i did this the other week23:35
jon-workok. very strange to have a release but it not being ready yet..23:35
Yeluanom, maybe not a ubuntu problem => http://www.qualitylogoproducts.com/lib/why-monitors-display-different-colors.htm23:35
Beldarjon-work, The LTS even though released is still a development till july with the official LTS upgrade.23:36
HotSwapjon-work, they decided to wait for the first point release i think23:36
HotSwapmakes sense since lts is supposed to be rock solid23:36
HotSwapand, for example, try to install zentyal on 14.04 (why im here now)23:37
buugotxi: Ok, so since I'm just coming in here, what happens when you try to mount the device created by ldm create all23:37
daftykinsHotSwap: do not recommend running release upgrades with -d, at some point that will update people to 14.10 instead.23:38
HotSwapdaftykins, then what's the appropriate way to upgrade to 14.04 now?23:38
gotxiroot@deimux:~# mount -t ntfs /dev/mapper/ldm_vol_PHOBOS-Dg0_Volume1 /media/gotxi/Datos/ -> and it mounts well, i can read it but i cant write on it23:38
daftykinsgotxi: ah, maybe just add -o rw23:39
buugotxi: Can you mount ntfs-3g instead?23:39
ki7mtCheck cat /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades |grep ^Prompt  that should stay as lts .. unless your willing test.23:39
BeldarHotSwap, 5 years support, the official update is in july.23:40
Beldarer upgrade23:40
gotxiok that seems to work :) i can create and delete files23:40
HotSwap"you can't do it" is never an answer I'll give :P23:40
buugotxi: which worked?23:41
ki7mtIf you want to upgrade to 1.40 now, use -d thencheck to ensure Prompt-lts is set again.23:41
ki7mtto 14.04 sri23:41
gotxintfs-3g also seems to work23:41
=== dfs is now known as Guest58961
gotxi-t ntfs and -t ntfs-3g both worked23:41
buuOh well23:41
gotxiwith the -o rw option23:41
buuThat does seem like a useful option.23:42
feitinge1gotxi: you'll probably ignore me, but you should think about backing up or moving your data to other disks since disks normally fail before 5 years and most good disks won't last longer than 6 years23:43
feitinge1gotxi: install smartmontools and do smartctl -AiH /dev/sda to check the health to at least get a warning23:44
Schnabeltierchensetting up an ubuntu system, needing to do all the typing on an tablet-keyboard, cause i was running out of normal usb-keyboards... now my fingers feel twisted, broken and raped...23:44
BeldarHotSwap, None of your comments on this upgrade were said with any real clarity other than the -d that is all we want here, clear concise informed help.23:44
gotximaybe, but i cant backup 4 tb, i dont have that space. Most i have in those disks are movies and games, i can redownload them if the disks fail, but i wont buy more while these work23:44
ki7mtAny good data recovery plan has at least 2 methods / levels of reduncy23:44
feitinge1ki7mt: so raid+tapes? but raid isn't backup :P23:46
ki7mtIf you can't do a full back up, at least get the mission critical stuff onto some other media.23:46
Jeeves_Mosshow do I connect my USB 3G modem to the Bell canada netwrok from the cli?23:46
Schnabeltierchengotxi, i went to my local computer dealer and borrowed an external drive for this... copied all data from my nas to the external, fixed my nas and deleted/formated the ext and gave it back without needing it, cause no data were lost while fixing my nas :D23:46
ki7mtfeitinge1, it's up to the CIO as to what is acceptable for recovery, but "anything" is better that "nothing"23:47
gotxifor that, i should borrow a couple of  2tb usb drives, or 4 1tb usb drives, i dont know anyone who can borrow me that :(23:48
Schnabeltierchengotxi is there an pc dealer/shop in your neightbourhood?23:48
gotxiyes, 4 or 5 stores23:48
YeluWasn't gotxi telling us, that his backup/recovery strategy in case of emergency is called "cloud"? - I think, he's quite aware of his situation ...23:49
feitinge1gotxi: as ki7mt says, at least copy your photos and stuff you don't want to lose out somewhere23:49
Schnabeltierchengo, ask and offer some money for renting an hdd23:49
gotxiah, those are backed up, dont worry :) small and important data is easy to backup23:49
Schnabeltierchenthe guy in the shop borrowed me an hdd for free, cause i´m doing all my pc shopping in there :D23:49
ki7mtThat's a good point, even cloud storage, all be it slow,  is a cheap alternative to hardware solutions.23:50
gotxii have a personal account on mega.co.nz and also i burned them on dvd23:50
gotxii do all my computer shopping on amazon, in the stores is too expensive :P23:50
Schnabeltiercheni don´t like online-shopping....23:50
gotxihere in spain is the only way to save cash, stores are way too expensive for our wages23:51
Schnabeltiercheni like talking with the guys in the shop, get some pieces for free, cause the owner likes me....23:51
ki7mtgotxi, I think that's the case just about everywhere unfortunately.23:51
=== b3N is now known as Guest672
gotxianyway, you helped me, and i owe you a big thanks to you people :D23:53
Schnabeltierchenand now: trying to run minecraft on arm, take 999923:53
shtrwlfopen source like ubuntu will help innovation shift global trends to green, renewable ... intelligent .. SMART23:53
shtrwlfhopefully that will create jobs23:53
Schnabeltierchenanybody here running minecraft with ubuntu on arm? could need some help..23:54
Beldarshtrwlf, really, you hold your breath for that. ;)23:54
loahow i can use ssh key auth in cronjob?23:54
jribloa: is your key encrypted with a password?23:54
shtrwlfwell if people dont utilize the information given them and choose entertainment and distraction I'd say were cooked23:54
gotxithanks again for your help, its late here so im going to sleep. see you guys :)23:55
cyborgcygnusWhere to find out where or when ubuntu mobiles & tablets will be available in Australia (O-stralia)23:58

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