nick87720zfigured out, that it is common problem of some ladspa plugins, also in ubuntu/universe - not linked with -lm02:03
nick87720zblop, omins02:03
nick87720zholstein: as for tap and others from kxstudio, i already reported02:06
nick87720zautotalent (undef sym: atan)02:12
holsteinletstrythis: for audio production?03:01
holsteinletstrythis: what "system" latency?03:01
staxxhello everyone! I keep having a problem with jack now when I'm using Ardour it suddenly zombifies, shuts down and does not let me safe my work. Anyone know how to fix this? thanks03:19
holsteinstaxx: try relaxing the settings03:20
staxxany suggestion where?03:22
staxxto start03:22
holsteinstaxx: yes.. relax the settings in jack03:23
holsteinstaxx: if you are running 64 frames/period, try 512, and test stability03:24
holsteincompromise latency for stability03:24
studio-user913I am installing ubuntu studio right now, when the install is done, what are some apps that your say I would need to install06:35
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mattmoosehello there. I'm struggling to enable recording from the line input on my SB0100 card. The mixers provided with the latest Ubuntu Studio LTS do not seem to include any switch to capture line input, although I can fade it up and down as a monitorable source. Can anyone suggest some helpful next steps please?08:06
mattmooseeven kmix which used to work fine with this card, does not show anything like the number of controllable channels as before.08:07
zequencemattmoose: The mixers aught to be alsa generic mixers08:31
zequencemattmoose: Make sure it's not muted08:34
zequenceAh, sorry. The number of channels has changed?08:34
zequencemattmoose: If the controls for your card has changed, then it's some sort of change in alsa.08:35
mattmoosehi zequence , thanks I'll take a closer look. Ultimately I want the line input to go to Ardour, via the Jack sound system. I can't bring the line input up as a capturable source, if I understand things correctly.08:41
zequencemattmoose: But there is a input source in jack?08:47
zequenceIf yes, then your problem has to be either external, or leveling for the channel(s)08:48
mattmooseThere is certainly a monitor level for the Line Input, which makes it audible at the SB0100's output. I may be confused regarding how to get the Line Input signal into the Jack sound system, I though it should appear as a 'capture' stream08:50
zequencemattmoose: It should. If it doesn't there's some problem with the alsa driver09:34
zequencemattmoose: Is there no capture channels at all when you start jack?09:35
mattmooseok i suspect the alsa driver doesn't know how to connect the line input signal to the record/capture bus. Jack shows a system:capture stereo pair as a source, but I couldn't get that capture source to operate the meterbridge app.09:56
zequencemattmoose: That sounds very much like the line input, so I would think the driver is working fine10:12
zequencemattmoose: Either the input is muted, the level is not raised, or it's an external problem with cables and connectors10:12
Guest68326any help on frequency scaling can`t find any recent info/howto ,but strange for a music program :)10:23
Guest68326but=bit  oops10:23
zequenceGuest68326: We're going to add that to future releases of Ubuntu Studio. Until then, if you don't find a gui tool, find other solutions. Here's a thread about a custom gui tool http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=197248910:31
Guest68326Thanks zequence   but that state:  cpufrequtils - Can be installed from software center.     not there.10:33
zequenceGuest68326: do this command in a termina: sudo apt-get install cpufrequtils10:35
Guest68326Neat :) thanks10:36
zequenceGuest68326: There's also a CLI tool, that might or might not be installed: cpufreq-selector10:38
Guest68326it is not no but found the way :)10:39
Guest68326still strange that this is not better documented specially in a music distro10:40
zequenceGuest68326: Would you like to help with that? We are like two guys10:40
zequenceIt's not strange at all, when you consider it is a volunteer project and not enough people are helping out with it10:41
Guest68326but you made my day , yes i can try to help10:41
zequenceGuest68326: To see the current governor, do: cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor10:41
zequenceTo change it, I use: cpufreq-selector -g performance10:42
zequenceor: cpufreq-selector -g ondemand10:42
Guest68326on demand   as ardour say10:42
Guest68326screenshot  my best friend :)10:43
Guest68326but i can spend time ,just wondering how10:45
zequenceGuest68326: Check out http:ubuntustudio.org/contribute10:46
zequenceGuest68326: Check out http://ubuntustudio.org/contribute10:46
zequenceGuest68326: Subscribe to our devel mail list, and drop into our irc channel #ubuntustudio-devel. Keep an eye out for anything you would like to spend a little time on. You don't need to commit to anything.10:48
zequenceWe just begun planning the next release. You can catch up on it herte https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-studio-devel/2014-May/thread.html10:49
Guest68326yes read that  working on it . Love linux but some things are still verry much hidden10:49
zequenceEven just offering experience and opinions is worth a lot10:50
Guest68326"and opinions is worth a lot" lol i am grumpy10:51
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mattmoosethanks for the earlier help zequence -- back soon :) bye13:45
liquorstoredrunkhi everyone im having a problem with jack, i cannot get it to connect to the server once i hook up my zoom h4n usb audio interface20:29
liquorstoredrunkit will connect to the server when the settings are default though20:30
zequence_liquorstoredrunk: What server is that?20:35
zequence_jack server?20:35
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trixhi there20:51
liquorstoredrunkyes it is the jack server21:09
zequenceliquorstoredrunk: Default means which ever card is the first option in the menu21:17
zequenceliquorstoredrunk: do you set input and output separately+21:17
zequenceliquorstoredrunk: First try making sure those are set to default, then set "interface" to your usb card21:18
zequenceliquorstoredrunk: 2 I/O?21:18
liquorstoredrunkokay i will try that21:18
liquorstoredrunkit has 2 mic inputs21:18
zequencehow many outs?21:19
liquorstoredrunkand i have headphones connected to it21:19
liquorstoredrunkone if im not mistaken21:19
zequenceyou mean, stereo output?21:19
zequenceShould be fine then21:19
zequenceHas the device worked at any time with a Linux distro?21:19
liquorstoredrunkthis is my first time using linux21:20
zequenceI gotta leave you there, sorry. Time to sleep :)21:20
liquorstoredrunki needed a backup since my os x compture has trouble21:20
zequenceliquorstoredrunk: Google your device with linux, and see if anyone uses it. If yes, it's mostly about configuring jack. And, the less you do that, the better.21:20
zequencegood luck21:21
liquorstoredrunka few people used it and some people had problems but i heard coming here was a better way to troble shoot since it's in real time21:21
MaynardWatersliquorstoredrunk: it isnt a tascam US-122 is it?21:22
liquorstoredrunkmo it's a zoom h4n handy recorder21:23
MaynardWatersooo, ok can't help ya then21:23
liquorstoredrunkits okay21:24
moosebaghowdy folks. please can someone help me? I can't get my SB0100 soundcard's line input into the Jack sound system. anyone got a moment?22:21

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