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ochosimorning everyone07:45
ochosihey sergio-br2 09:11
ochosihow's it going?09:15
sergio-br2well, don't touch anything since that day09:16
sergio-br2one thing i realized using unity09:16
sergio-br2thumbnails in nautilus is active by default, and mimetype for text files such as .c, .cpp, .txt and .lua, they not appear09:17
sergio-br2in humanity theme, text-x-preview is a .icon file, not a png or svg09:18
sergio-br2so, you have a thumbnail showing a small fraction of your text. But using elementary, all them are blank.09:20
ochosii think i'd consider that a bug in nautilus rather than a feature09:21
ochosidon't think there's much we can do about that09:21
ochosithumbnails are also activated by default in thunar, but not all thumbnailers are installed by defaut09:22
sergio-br2only for pictures?09:22
ochosii think there's a tumbler-extras package or something09:22
ochosipics and pdfs mostly09:22
ochosiand movie files i think09:22
ochosibut there can always be pics or movies where the thumbnailing service fails for some reason to create a thumbnail09:23
sergio-br2hum, so in nautilus, if  text-x-preview is a png or svg icon, it should use the default mimetypes of text files, instead a thumbnail?09:25
sergio-br2it makes more sense09:27
sergio-br2hum, tumbler-plugin-extra you said ?09:29
ochosiin thunar you have very fine-grain control over thumbnailing09:36
ochosiyou can enable specific thumbnailers only for some directories etc09:36
sergio-br2i will see this in trusty, maybe nautilus got improvements in this09:41
sergio-br2see you later !09:41
bluesabremorning ochosi09:51
ochosihey bluesabre 09:54
ochosiandrew has quite a few branches for the greeter in the pipe btw09:54
ochosinot only the one/s i referenced in the email today09:54
ochosithere's one for orca support (which would be great, i think)09:55
bluesabresaw all that, yeah, let's roll them into trunk09:55
ochosias we've both been a bit slow processing his merge-requests i thought it's a good idea to motivate him to occasionally just push to trunk too09:56
ochosiespecially when it's bugfix09:56
bluesabreI'll try to merge those in this morning/tonight10:00
bluesabreworking on the debian merge atm10:00
ochosifor the 1.8.5 release?10:01
ochosibluesabre: btw, i'm really curious how the whole gtk3-only transition and using only a single window for the greeter will mess with all the positioning code10:16
bluesabreit will greatly simplify it10:16
ochosiyeah, and i guess there won't be such a big need for checking whether the window is offscreen10:16
bluesabreGtkOverlay lets you easily specify where the overlay items will be placed10:16
ochosicause it'll be inside a window10:16
ochosijust checked another item on the todo-list for xfpm today10:17
ochosimostly one thing left to do, then we'll do a huge merge/push to the git repo10:17
ochosiand then a dev release10:17
ochosireally looking forward to that10:18
ochosibluesabre: maybe we could look at the lid-close stuff again together soonis10:29
ochosii think the patch by eric needs to be tweaked/extended a little10:30
bluesabreok, I'll probably be free this evening10:30
ochosicool, can't promise yet but i'll try10:35
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knomewhat do people generally think about the timespan for voting on the mailing list?11:46
ochosii'm currently considering a 1-week period for votes like the one we're holding about the MÃL11:47
knomeMÃL ?11:48
ochosiyeah, M�L11:48
ochosithat's a common shorthand for mailinglist in german ;D11:48
knomeaha ;)11:48
knomei thought a with ~ was more connected to spanish ;)11:48
knomeanyway, another idea is...11:49
knomewe could *begin* the voting on the ML, then finish it off in a meeting11:49
knomecurrently people voted on the meeting, *then* we got the arguments on the ML11:49
knomeso in a way, the votes on the meeting might not have been as informed as votes after the arguments11:50
slickymasterWorkI agree with knome 11:50
slickymasterWorkor else will be dragging the vote11:50
knomei guess we all agree there has to be some deadline11:50
ochosislickymasterWork: well the dragging is only a problem if there is no fixed maximum period11:50
slickymasterWorkbut is that maximum period fixed?11:51
knomei don't see why it wouldn't be11:51
ochosiknome: in this current vote, we *did* have a discussion on the ML first11:51
knomeochosi, sure, but some of the arguments weren't posted before the voting :)11:51
slickymasterWorkjust asking because I don't remember when it was fixed11:52
knomewhich i guess can be pinpointed to be another problem11:52
knomeslickymasterWork, it wasn't... there is no deadline for this vote11:52
slickymasterWorkhence my question11:52
slickymasterWorkbut I do agree with your reasoning knome 11:53
ochosiknome: i can also point arguments on the ML after this vote is finished... that can always happen11:53
ochosii think that the order in which we executed this vote was fine11:53
ochosifirst put the proposal on the mailinglist11:54
ochosithen discuss in the meeting, then vote11:54
knomeochosi, absolutely... what i'm saying is it would benefit the voters (and ultimately, the project) most if arguments were made in advance11:54
ochosiyeah, there's no arguing with that :)11:54
knomewe could have had more time between the proposal and voting11:54
ochosipleia2: ^ did you read that ;D11:55
knomewe really should just decide/vote11:55
knometo not drag along11:55
ochosiyeah, discussions are fine, but i wanna get things done too11:55
knomehardly any decisions are irreversible11:55
ochosiyeah, and the proposal even contained a sort of "natural deadline" to the "lockdown"11:56
knomeand finally, those who do, decide... so if somebody is away for more than a week or two (from the original proposal to voting ending), it's fair to not count their vote11:57
knomeanyway, i'm off to buy some food12:00
elfythe other question re this vote on m/l is - what happens if not enough people vote to get quorum?14:55
elfyI think that a week - given that it was on the agenda for at least as long as the discussion first started14:56
elfyhowever, perhaps there is some virtue in - discuss on m/l vote on m/l in the week leading up to the next irc meeting - final vote in the irc meet - then everyone knows exactly when the vote will end14:57
ochosihey elfy 15:06
ochosiyeah, i'm not sure though that this (slightly complicated) process, even though it might bear some virtue, is very feasible in practice15:07
ochosiimo we can keep voting as we did, try to announce votes (that aren't adhoc) previously on the ML15:07
ochosiand then if we don't have a quorum extend the voting for a week to the ML15:08
elfyI'm just throwing out thoughts - though I think the only complicated thing is knowing that we might want to vote on something :)15:10
elfyanyway - I'm pretty easy about it 15:11
ochosiyup, same here :)15:17
brainwashochosi: bug 131830718:59
ubottubug 1318307 in xfdesktop4 (Ubuntu) "accounts-daemon rewrite /var/lib/AccountsService/users/xxx file every time workspace is changed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131830718:59
brainwashany idea?18:59
brainwashit can be only cause by xfdesktop, because it's the only Xfce app which has been patched to support accountsservice19:00
ali1234xfdesktop now has per-workspace wallpapers19:05
ali1234accounts service does not19:05
ali1234so each time you switch workspace, it writes the new wallpaper to accounts service19:05
ali1234this is just a guess19:06
brainwashyes, I think this is what's going on19:06
brainwashwe... uhm, ochosi needs to adjust the patch then :)19:07
brainwashbut it should work properly19:11
brainwashGtk-Message: Failed to load module "overlay-scrollbar"19:15
brainwashGtk-Message: Failed to load module "unity-gtk-module"19:15
brainwashali1234: any idea? ^19:15
ali1234about what?19:15
brainwashwhy something tries to load these gtk modules and fails?19:16
ali1234bug 130765719:16
ubottubug 1307657 in xfce4-indicator-plugin (Ubuntu) "UBUNTU_MENUPROXY should not be set in Xfce" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130765719:16
brainwashstill not fixed19:16
ali1234patch available though19:16
ali1234poke tedg if it you have a specific problem caused by this... at the moment it is relatively harmless on a default setup19:17
ali1234(and attente)19:17
brainwashI thought that people which use xubuntu + unity have this problem19:18
ali1234yes, but that isn't a default setup19:18
ali1234and they're not al unity's fault either, eg fork() after gtk_init()19:19
brainwashbut this cannot be a reason to not upload the patched version19:19
ali1234the patch hasn't even been merged upstream yet19:19
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brainwashonce a final release is out everything is going in slowmotion19:21
ali1234start chasing people then :)19:22
brainwashI already left the ubuntu channels :P19:23
ali1234the thunar crash should be fixed soonish... the fix is in saucy-proposed now19:39
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