xubuntu044Hi. Can I ask a really quick and kind of stupid question?02:43
xubuntu044What do you call the gui file manager in xfce?02:44
xubuntu044I've been in Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and now Xubuntu02:44
xubuntu044Theirs are dolphin and nautilus02:45
Poisoned_Dragonyup, in xfce it's thunar02:45
xubuntu044Ah, thunar! Thanks! :)02:46
hohohello, would anyone happen to know how to customise the login-screen of xubuntu 14.04 ?03:01
Poisoned_Dragonone sec03:02
hohoYes, I did try that03:03
hohoBut only certain changes are accepted.03:03
Poisoned_DragonWhat are you trying to change?03:03
hohothe theme03:03
hohoI can change font size, but not the theme03:04
Poisoned_DragonAnd you're editing the file with root privilege?03:04
Poisoned_DragonAre you putting your themes in /usr/share/themes?03:04
hohoI'll check...03:04
hohoThey are there03:06
Poisoned_DragonThen it must depend on the theme03:06
hohoFont size changes are accepted03:06
hohoI tried NOX and darklooks, but neither works...03:07
Poisoned_Dragonlink me, so that I can see them.03:08
hohoSorry, bit of beginner, how does one link?03:08
Poisoned_DragonI just wanted you to copy and paste me a link03:09
Poisoned_Dragonis it this? http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/ECSTATiCA+(formerly+NOX)?content=10534903:09
Poisoned_Dragonit only has gtk-2.0 in it's folder.03:11
Poisoned_DragonI dunno if lightdm uses that.03:11
Poisoned_DragonThe default theme, Greybird has other schemes.03:11
hohoOkay. Other schemes? How do I specify those?03:12
Poisoned_DragonI would try Adwaita, just to see if the theme changes. If it does, Then you'll know that you need a theme that has a scheme that lightdm can use.03:12
Poisoned_Dragonin the conf file03:12
Poisoned_DragonYou don't specify the scheme. The theme folder has to have it.03:12
hohookay. I'll test it03:12
Poisoned_DragonI think lightdm might be gtk-3 now03:13
Poisoned_DragonNox, doesn't have a scheme folder for that.03:13
Poisoned_DragonChances are, the other theme you're testing won't either.03:13
Poisoned_DragonSo, what happened?03:22
hohoIt worked!03:22
Poisoned_DragonTold ya03:22
hohoSo why exactly?03:22
hohogtk 2 vs. gtk 3 ?03:22
Poisoned_Dragonagain, I don't think lightdm uses gtk-203:22
Poisoned_DragonAnd Nox only has that folder in it's theme folder03:22
hohoI see.03:23
Poisoned_DragonGreybird and Adwaita have gtk-3 and other schemes.03:23
Poisoned_DragonSo, you'll have to experiment some.03:23
hohoOkay, so they are compatible with lightdm.03:23
Poisoned_DragonAfter all, greybird is the default theme03:23
Poisoned_DragonI would have to play with it myself, to be sure.03:24
Poisoned_DragonI dunno if it's a gtk-3 thing, or metacity, or what.....03:24
hohoAnother question - can one change the language of the login? For a French system it still says 'log on". No big deal, just, well not français...03:24
Poisoned_DragonI just know that Nox won't work for lightdm03:24
hohoOkay no nox. Such a nice theme though...03:25
hohoI like Darklooks too.03:25
Poisoned_DragonLink me for darklooks03:25
Poisoned_DragonI found it03:31
Poisoned_DragonIt's part of gnome extra themes03:31
hohodoes that mean it won't work with lightdm?03:32
Poisoned_Dragonare you savvy with screenshots and image paste websites.03:32
hohoWith instructions....03:32
Poisoned_DragonI'd like to see the folder contents of Darklooks.03:32
Poisoned_Dragonwait... lemme just install the package.03:32
hohoWhat OS are you using?03:33
Poisoned_DragonI'm getting the package now.03:34
hohoOkay. I didn't come pre-installed?03:34
hohowhat release?03:36
Poisoned_Dragonbtw, Darklooks only has a gtk-2 folder.03:36
Poisoned_DragonNot lightdm compatible.03:36
Poisoned_DragonYou could Always try MediterraneanDarkest.03:37
hohoHmm. I'll take a look03:37
hohoNot pre-installed...03:38
hohoWhere did you grab Darklooks from?03:38
Poisoned_DragonGotta get it from gnome looks03:38
hohosudo apt-get ?03:38
hohosudo extract the tar to themes?03:44
Poisoned_DragonI suppose you could do that.03:45
Poisoned_DragonI usually open the tar in archive manager and pick and choose.03:46
Poisoned_DragonLess to go wrong.03:46
hohoBut doesn't the theme need to be under usr/share/themes/ to be used?03:47
hohoThanks for your help! Bye.03:53
Poisoned_Dragonheh, guess he got it03:54
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boeriHiyas all,07:53
boerisince i upgraded 2 trusty tahr my logout window has changed. a new button occured for a sleep or standby mode (my desktop is german) but neither of the 2 buttons work. Does anyone have experienced this too?07:55
emmanuel0791Hello , question: Is it a common issue that the LAN connection sometimes works and sometimes not?09:10
donc3Hi! I have some warnings and errors in the dmesg output could someone help me???10:04
donc3this is the output of my dmesg10:04
gryIt is interesting that I have /usr/bin/X11/xflock4 and /usr/bin/xflock4, they are identical but not symlinked. Is that intentional?10:37
gryAnd what do I use to lock an xfce screen with lightdm? light-locker exists, but not in Ubuntu repos.11:44
ochosigry: it does, from 14.04 onwards11:45
gryOkay, thanks.11:45
gryI'm on 12.04 now, so I will try to update.11:45
ochosigry: FYI, xubuntu uses it by default in 14.04 ;)11:45
meek_geekbookman, HI12:14
bookman<meek_geek> hi)12:16
meek_geeksup bookman12:18
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simpleuserHi there. When pressing backspace in thunar it goes to previous location. I’d like it to go to parent location. Where can I change this behaviour ?14:05
simpleuserFound ! :) http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/23998/how-to-set-up-backspace-to-go-up-instead-of-back-in-thunar14:23
kupo_herro room15:27
kupo_I sadly woke up to a kernel panic screen this morning :(15:27
kupo_I didn't update kernel yesterday or anything though. strange.15:27
bookman<kupo_> that haapens each boot?15:28
kupo_first time it has ever happened.15:29
kupo_with linux. never once woke up to an error.15:29
kupo_I'll just see if it happens again. probably won.t15:29
kupo_it mentioned hdmi and intel. I do use hdmi15:29
LonelyDanboMy PlayStation 2 gamepad USB adapter seems to have mapped the controls to move my mouse cursor among other things, and I don't know what's doing this to unbind it.16:04
LonelyDanboI'm pretty sure I didn't install anything for that. no search results in installed packages for gamepad or joystick16:05
LonelyDanboIt didn't do this in my Debian installation.16:06
bazhang!info joystick16:06
ubottujoystick (source: joystick): set of testing and calibration tools for joysticks. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:1.4.7-1 (trusty), package size 36 kB, installed size 157 kB16:06
LonelyDanboI installed something called jstest-gtk which does calibration and remapping, but it just has the controls mapped to like "AXIS_X" or something.16:07
LonelyDanboand the buttons are just BTN_THUMB , but when I press them I get like pasting from my clipboard or mouse double-clicking. so it's being remapped somewhere else.16:09
LonelyDanbohm... I seem to have joystick package installed. ... where do I find the device name that it needs?16:13
bazhangtry lsusb16:13
LonelyDanboah, thanks.16:14
LonelyDanbohm... I found it, but it's not taking the "005" as a device even though that's the device.16:16
LonelyDanboBus 003 Device 005: ID 0810:0001 Personal Communication Systems, Inc. Dual PSX Adaptor16:16
LonelyDanbojscal -t 005 just gets me jscal: can't open joystick device: No such file or directory16:17
LonelyDanbohm. man page says it wants <device-NAME>16:18
LonelyDanbojscal Personal Communication Systems, Inc. Dual PSX Adaptor16:19
bazhang 0810:0001  <---- what about that16:19
LonelyDanbogets me "jscal: missing device name"16:19
LonelyDanbonope. no such file or directory16:19
LonelyDanbooh man I found a webpage while saerching for a settings file that has a section "Disable Joystick From Controlling Mouse"16:22
bazhangTwin USB Joystick <--- what about that16:23
LonelyDanbohm but I don't have an xorg.conf.d folder...16:24
LonelyDanbonope, bazhang. missing device name.16:24
bazhangthats odd16:25
LonelyDanbohm. another page mentioned a /dev/input/js016:27
LonelyDanbogot it. jscal /dev/input/js016:28
LonelyDanbohm.... I'm a little lost now. calibration hasn't changed anything.16:37
LonelyDanbothis webppage I found talks about that /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ folder that I don't have.16:38
LonelyDanboin a later section it says "make sure you have xf86-input-joystick installed" but Xubuntu doesn't have that in the package manager.16:39
LonelyDanbowell it is a page for arch linux... but it was talking about XFCE so I thought maybe...16:39
bazhangyou might try qjoypad as well16:40
bazhang!info qjoypad16:41
ubottuqjoypad (source: qjoypad): Configuration tool for joypads. In component universe, is extra. Version 4.1.0-0ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 82 kB, installed size 241 kB16:41
bazhangnice gui on that16:41
LonelyDanboI don't think any of these programs are going to work, as the mapping to the mouse cursor is happening in spite of them.16:43
LonelyDanboI gotta find a settings file somewhere.16:43
bazhangI'd not give up quite so easily16:43
bazhangI spent a good deal of time setting one up, and once it was done, played a *tonne* of games with it16:44
LonelyDanbohm. looks like qjoypad won't run without a restart16:45
LonelyDanboDebian doesn't have this problem, but Debian's out of date with the emulator (among other things} and so getting the emulator running is my problem over there.16:45
LonelyDanbocat /proc/bus/input/devices gives Handlers=event15 js1  and I bet event15 is the problem.16:48
LonelyDanbooh wait, event14 for js0. event15 is for js116:49
LonelyDanbobrb. gonna restart.16:57
LonelyDanbo"Uninstall xserver-xorg-input-joystick.   It's a package to control the mouse with the joystick. "17:07
LonelyDanbohm. now the gamepad's not working at all.17:07
LonelyDanboI don't know why the light on the adapter wouldn't turn on though when I plug it in.17:08
LonelyDanbohm. lsusb still lists the device.17:09
LonelyDanbooh there's the light17:09
LonelyDanbowell, it's working under the emulator. I guess uninstalling that one package was all I needed.17:13
LonelyDanbothanks for bearing with me and trying to find the solution.17:13
bazhangvia qjoypad?17:17
bazhangaugh he quit17:17
KekaiCan Ubuntu be ran off aa netbook with a 1GB of ram?17:28
pleia2Kekai: this is the Xubuntu support channel, and Xubuntu can17:29
pleia2Kekai: http://xubuntu.org/getxubuntu/requirements/17:29
KekaiI have Xubuntu I wanted to try Ubuntu Through terminal then delete using the Pure XCFE website17:31
baizonKekai: i dont think it will run well, but thats my opinion17:31
KekaiThis is why I cant wait for autumn17:32
pleia2Kekai: you should really ask in #ubuntu17:33
pleia2not here :)17:33
baizonKekai: what happens in autmn?17:35
KekaiI posted to offtopic17:35
bazhangKekai, here is fine, as is #ubuntu , but with that minimal amount of ram, you really might try lubuntu17:37
bazhanglubuntu-desktop for the full suite, install, then logout, select at login17:37
KekaiI been using Xubuntu just fine17:38
KekaiSInce november I been using 13.1017:38
Kekaithen upgraded fine to 1404 without problems17:38
Kekaimy PC seems to run cooler in 14.04 lts17:38
bazhangyou can certainly try ubuntu, but I think it would be very slow17:39
Kekaiits only till autumn till I get my 12GB ram, 1TB laptop17:39
bazhangthat will run anything17:39
KekaiThen I dual boot either Ubuntu and windows17:39
Kekaior Xubuntu/Windows17:39
KekaiMaybe the later because I dont like the look the launcher in Ubuntu17:40
bazhangso use gnome-shell , not unity17:40
heineken12xubuntu, plz help18:08
heineken12I installed gparted and formatted an external drive to btfs but now i cant write to it18:08
meek_geekSlesa, hi19:24
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aleXUBUNTUi have one question, i'm in windows 8, i burned XUBUNTU 14 in a DVD, and when i restart the system pressing F12 to BOOT DVD nothing happen20:03
aleXUBUNTUwhats wrong?20:03
InokiYo, came to ask, anything gonna happen with the screensaver turning off sound when it locks the screen? Really annoying....20:29
TheSheepInoki: did you report a bug?20:30
TheSheepInoki: if no then no, nothing is goign to happen20:30
InokiTheSheep: nope, but guess I'll have to. Do you know, is it safe to simply do a sudo apt-get purge light-locker && sudo apt-get install xscreensaver?20:30
TheSheepInoki: no idea, I didn't upgrade yet myself20:31
InokiTheSheep: Technically, on Webupd8 they mentioned that those running GNOME can simply try out light-locker by installing it and removing it simply returns to GNOME screensaver.20:32
InokiAnybody here with experience on how to get GNOME screen saver running under Xubuntu?20:38
InokiOr does a simple install do the trick.20:38
TheSheepjust install it and enable in the sessions and startup in settings20:38
InokiOk, coz I really think adding a development release (light-locker) to a stable branch was a mistake. Thanks.20:39
starratsInoki does your cursor/kb lockup at startup/reboot?20:45
Inokistarrats: nope.20:46
starratsah ok20:46
KekaiMy network Manager is gone and I cant connect to the internet.21:57
KekaiPlease help22:02
knomeKekai, please remember to keep patient; we're all volunteers here. you can search in ubuntu forums, askubuntu etc while you wait22:03
m1chaeli'm plagued by a bug in 14.04 where when i close my screen, the laptop never recovers.. its listed as critical and the fix seems to be working for some... once a proper fix is found, what happens? will the updates magically fix this?23:42

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