shadeslayersigh, why did I even bother reading the scrollback at 2 AM in the morning on a saturday night00:00
shadeslayerhurray, workspace crash with random plasmoid00:05
* yofel wonders why one reads crash reports at 2 AM on a sunday ^^00:05
shadeslayeror well00:06
yofelduring college times, we always made a mess out of it when talking around midnight so in the end we decided to use the strictly correct day. Became a habit I guess ^^00:08
shadeslayeryofel: got a email from bdmurray about that crash00:08
yofelit would be kinda nice if a problematic plasmoid wouldn't take plasma with it :/00:12
shadeslayernot a issue in plasma next00:13
shadeslayeronly QML is supported00:13
shadeslayeror actually00:13
shadeslayerit's not00:14
shadeslayerI recall being able to crash plasma, but then it was a bug in Qt00:14
shadeslayerso seems like a gray area00:14
shadeslayerplasmoids are evil and malicious00:14
yofelesp. random ones written in python00:14
shadeslayerno better than ones written in C++00:15
shadeslayerlet me rephrase that, the C++ ones are not necessarily better00:15
CodePulsarIs /usr/bin/partitionmanager broken on purpose? It's asking me for my password, I input it *correctly* and it fails to auth, and then it asks again and again...09:51
CodePulsarand after some time I can just cancel the auth dialog and it stops botheres me and it opens the GUI09:51
CodePulsarIs it a good idea to install ubuntu-sdk on Kubuntu? I see it brings a ton of dependencies related to unity / gnome /gtk 10:08
shadeslayerCodePulsar: don't think there would be an issue10:18
CodePulsarHow can I see what's included in kde-developer-sdk package?10:30
CodePulsarWhen I try to install it I see it shows "The following NEW packages will be installed:" git git-core git-man kde-developer-sdk liberror-perl qt4-doc valgrind10:31
shadeslayerit's a meta package10:34
shadeslayershould also install qtcreator/kdevelop I think10:34
shadeslayerunless you already have that10:34
BluesKajHowdy folks11:08
Riddellno Firefox, I really don't want to open PDFs in krita12:19
Riddelland a file open dialogue is just not a great way to recommend other programmes12:32
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RiddellKF5 beta 3!18:23
santa_Riddell: that's great, how could I help? doing merge requests like I did with the "Install *.pri files in multiarch location" changes?19:20
santa_p.s. I have acess to the pre-release tarballs because of siduction19:28
Riddellsanta_: merge requests would help19:33
Riddellneeds the kubuntu-automation initial script run19:33
santa_Riddell: hmm I won't have time to look into the kubuntu scripts until tuesday, so if you or someone else want to go ahead with beta 3 before me no problem. however I plan to fix the remaining issues with beta2 (the changes will be helpful for beta3 too) so before updating to beta3 I would suggest to have a look at my current merge requests; they are too many but they are easy to review (imho)19:37
Riddellsanta_: do you have ones I haven't merged already?19:38
santa_Riddell: yep, https://code.launchpad.net/~panfaust/+activereviews and I didn't finish yet19:39
Riddellgosh sorry I don't think I got notification of them19:42
NoskcajWhat's kde need for upower 0.99? Just rebuilds?22:39

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