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hydra7where is /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 in kubuntu01:54
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chatHow are the prerouting post routing and nat tables looked at?08:44
lordievaderchat: iptables -L [-t <table>]08:45
chatit looks empty08:46
lordievaderThat might very well be.08:46
chatBut when blocking everything except dns nslookup doesnt get through08:46
chatIs this happening on all ubuntu machines?08:47
lordievaderBlocking in- and out-going connections?08:47
chatallowing realted08:48
chatallowing dns out08:48
chatrelated in08:48
chatHas lordievader ever setup a custom iptables ruleset?08:49
chatDoes lordievaders eyes work properly?08:49
lordievaderchat: Meaning to, just a few custom rules that ufw cannot do. Mostly use ufw to configure the firewall.08:49
lordievaderDoes chat want help or not?08:50
chatufw is about useless08:50
chatlordievader I am about sick of the 'social' work talk business08:51
chatu tryna hip me?08:51
lordievaderI was trying to help you, yes. But it seems you do not want my help.08:52
chatIt is like a cookie cutter lordievader08:53
chatusing established related then clearing the rules08:53
chathowever theres some crap routing it through something else08:54
chatlooking at the counters on pre and post rouing08:55
chatlooks lika a leaf node08:55
chattalk business vader08:55
chatlordievader: it is very rewarding you know08:58
chatI invest effort in the expectation of satisfaction08:59
chatlordievader: ever used a cookie cutter?09:05
chatlordievader: animate09:11
chatJuniper Junos is the FreeBSD-based operating system used in Juniper Networks hardware routers. It is an operating system that is used in Juniper's routing, switching and security devices. Wikipedia09:11
chatwelcome to the dark side lordievader09:14
chatangel is the centerfold09:14
lordievaderYou do know this channel is for Kubuntu support only, chat?09:14
chatlow level09:15
chatwhat environmental parameters must be present for the kernel to function?09:16
valorieif you want to talk about the kernel, please chat up #ubuntu-kernel09:17
valoriethat's where the experts live09:17
chatlet lordievader live09:18
lordievaderI usually only use 'dolvm' since that is needed for my (custom) initrd. On my Kubuntu boxes nothing is added.09:18
chatHow may the hex id of the cdrom's bus port be found?09:23
chatsodium pressure lights09:27
chatput together a team to tear down the street lamps09:27
ikoniawhy are you saying that in #kubuntu ?09:27
chatcrystal crypto09:28
ikoniait has nothing to do with kubuntu09:28
chatdoesnt kubuntu have a lock on hosts09:28
ikoniaputting a team to pull street lamps down is nothing do with kubuntu09:28
ikoniaplease keep it out of this channel09:28
chatthey follow me aroundat every moment09:29
chatput them to work09:30
ikoniaplease stop09:30
ikoniathis is nothing to do with kubuntu09:30
ikoniaif you need help with kubuntu ask, and wait for help09:30
chathas kubuntu figured out yupanakernel09:32
lordievaderThank you, ikonia09:33
ikoniaknown problem user, took me a moment to identify him, sorry09:33
lordievaderikonia: No problem, glad you guys are around from time to time :)09:34
valoriesorry for ignoring the troll; thank you ikonia for removing it09:40
DesignerXhi, anyone having problem with ntfs ? mount.ntfs seems to use alot of CPU & freezes my PC .09:46
DesignerX(using kubuntu 14 64)09:46
CodePulsarLooks like the Kubuntu installer failed to create the swap partition09:56
CodePulsarwhen I look at it in Gparted it shows as unknown filesystem09:56
CodePulsarand free -mth doesn't show the memory09:57
CodePulsarswapon -s doesn't show anything09:57
Toniushi! I have kubuntu 14.04 and can`t open .doc files from samba shares10:21
Toniusand can normaly open .doc files from my hard drive10:22
Toniusit shows libre office splash screen on 1 second10:22
Toniusond nothing after10:22
Toniussorry for my broken english, it is not my first language10:23
Toniuswhen i try open file from Menu "File-Open File" and choose lan from a three - I see message: protocol remote is not supported10:23
Toniusshould install something?10:23
DesignerXwoohoo ,, trying voice rec on Kubuntu, wish me luck10:38
CodePulsarTonius: Can you copy the file locally and open it ?10:45
CodePulsarTonius: and see if that works10:45
Toniuslocaly all works fine10:45
CodePulsarTonius: Can you try CAlligra Office?10:48
CodePulsarTo open the file remotely10:48
Toniusmaybe.. but i want resove thislem10:48
Tonius*resolve this problem10:48
CodePulsarSure, but see if Calligra is able to open it remotely first10:48
CodePulsarIf yes, then it means it's something related to LibreOffice10:49
Toniuscalligra words open it normaly10:53
Toniusgoogle can`t fing any normal answer on my error^ protocol remote is not supported10:53
CodePulsarTonius: Is your Samba share mounted?11:01
Toniusi just open Dolphin and choose "Lan" from left three11:02
Toniusand see much machines from main workgroup11:02
Toniusi can open files from a lot different machines11:02
Toniuslike txt, mp3 files11:02
Toniusi do not doing any special operations for it. just fresh install kubuntu 14.0411:03
Toniusand .doc files with caligra11:04
Toniusbut libre office is give me error "rotocol remote is not supported" when i just click on "Lan" in left panel of open menu11:05
Toniusmay be I see more if try to open it from terminal11:06
Toniusbut i don`t know what typing11:06
BluesKajHowdy folks11:08
Toniusjust one big broblem wiht open .doc files from samba shares)11:09
CodePulsarTonius: I think you may need to tweak Samba configuration, i.e. /etc/samba/smb.conf11:10
CodePulsarTonius: Don't know exactly what11:10
ToniusNo. I have windows machines too11:10
Toniusand from this shares it happen again11:10
CodePulsarTonius: There are some people who have this problem: https://www.google.ro/search?client=ubuntu&channel=fs&q=libreoffice+protocol+remote+is+not+supported i.e. they're unable to open files remotely with LibreOffice11:11
CodePulsarTonius: You can try the system-config-samba GUI to configure the Samba Server11:14
CodePulsarsudo apt-get install system-config-samba11:14
CodePulsarTonius: and also check the logs in Samba status monitor program11:15
Toniussorry, i can`t understand. I have windows machines. Just one or two with linux11:15
Toniusi cant open this files from windows machines and from linux machines11:16
Toniusso why i need touch samba settings?11:16
Toniusi have kubuntu 13.04 before11:17
Toniusand there is no problem with this11:17
CodePulsarTonius: No idea, maybe ask in #libreoffice also11:17
Toniuswith same machines11:17
Toniusa try... but they do not responding11:18
CodePulsarSoftware changes in multiple packages11:18
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SamwiseGamgeeAre there Youtube tutorials that show you how to extract files using Ark?16:49
BluesKajSamwiseGamgee, http://docs.kde.org/development/en/kdeutils/ark/ark-extract.html16:54
BluesKajyoutube shouldn't be necessary for a tutorial16:54
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punehi, i'm on kubuntu 14.04.  can somebody point me to the menu where i can tell it not to use kwallet for wireless passwords?  there used to be an option to store the wireless key in an unencrypted file, but i'm not seeing that option now.19:27
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tony__how do I remove E: The method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/httpo could not be found.20:37
Unit193tony__: You seem to have a typo in one of your sources files, you can edit it using the Software & Updates tool.20:39
tony__where can I find the Software and Update tool in Kubuntu 14.04?20:41
Unit193tony__: In Muon, under "Sources"20:44
tony__I am attempting to install Gnome which would I hope install Muon and then go to Sources but more errors occured20:56
tony__What should I do?20:59
dougielslow and careful comes to mind20:59
BluesKajtony__, kmenu>apps>system>package manager21:00
BluesKajtony__, or software center21:01
BluesKajdon't think muon is default anymore , it has to be installed from the software center21:02
BluesKajtony__, you can install chromium from the software center as well21:03
tony__Error mate-archive-keyring:subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2.....any idea of what this means??21:20
SamwiseGamgeeHow do I list all the devices attached to my PC?21:26
DragnslcrSamwiseGamgee- in a terminal (e.g. Konsole), lsusb will list USB devices, and lspci will list PCI devices21:48
joseluis64I have a problem with KDE, it does not recogniza some monospace fonts as monospace21:57
joseluis64it is this bug: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=22940022:00
ubottuKDE bug 229400 in general "Some monospace fonts are not listed in the font selection dialog of konsole" [Normal,Resolved: upstream]22:00
SamwiseGamgeeI have some instructions for creating a bootable USB drive with MemTest86 on it, but I am not sure how to identify the device in the command line.  The only part that doesn´t make sense is the device name, so I need some help.  Here are the instructions:22:00
SamwiseGamgee1. Insert a USB drive into a USB slot22:00
joseluis64it is not fixed for me... there are some fonts that I can't use in Konsole22:00
SamwiseGamgee2. Determine which device the USB drive is assigned as I think it is fthe following:  /org/freedesktop/UDisks/devices/sdb22:00
SamwiseGamgee3.  As root, type the following command:  dd if=memtest86-usb.img of=dev22:01
SamwiseGamgeeThe device is supposed to be the USB drive it is assigned to....now that´s my problem 3. Use the base device (ie. /dev/sdc) and not a partition designation22:01
SamwiseGamgeeSo tell me, would the following be the proper command line to make my jump drive bootable:  dd if=memtest86-usb.img of=/devices/sdb22:01
SamwiseGamgeeThe device is supposed to be the USB drive it is assigned to....now that´s my problem22:02
SamwiseGamgeewould the following be the proper command line to make my jump drive bootable:22:03
SamwiseGamgeedd if=memtest86-usb.img of=/devices/sdb22:04
SamwiseGamgeeor would it be the following instead:     dd if=memtest86-usb.img of=devices/sdb22:04
SamwiseGamgeeor would it be just this:     dd if=memtest86-usb.img of=sdb22:05
SamwiseGamgeeI have a problem with the trash22:41
SamwiseGamgeeKubuntu says my trash has reached its maximum size, but when I looked at it there is nothing inside the trash22:41
SamwiseGamgeewhenever I try to delete files, Kubuntu keeps telling me my trash has reached its maximum size22:42
SamwiseGamgeethereś nothing inside my trash, so what do I do?22:42
SamwiseGamgeeI even checked for hidden files22:43
SamwiseGamgeethere´s nothing in there22:43
SamwiseGamgeeSo, how do I fix my trash so it recognizes that it´s empty?22:44
valorieSamwiseGamgee: are you running out of disk space perhaps?23:01
SamwiseGamgeei have a lot of free space23:02
valoriethis might help: https://www.kubuntuforums.net/archive/index.php/t-48871.html23:02
valorielooks like you might have the wrong permissions on your trash folder perhaps23:03
SamwiseGamgeeHow do I operate as ¨üser¨ instead of ¨root¨?23:09
joseluis64it is normal that Xorg uses 128 MB of RAM some hours later, when in the begining it just uses between 28-5023:10
valorieyou are yourself in ~/home/youruser23:10
valoriefor root, you use sudo, and have to enter the password23:11
valorieSamwiseGamgee: here is another look at the issue: https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=8841823:11
SamwiseGamgeethanks Valorie23:12
joseluis64how may I realase RAM that Xorg leaks23:12
valoriejoseluis64: you could restart x I suppose23:13
SamwiseGamgeeValorie, that last link is a bad gateway23:13
valorierather drastic though23:13
valorieSamwiseGamgee: there is a problem in the forum23:14
valorieI'll go report it23:14
SamwiseGamgeeIḿ still reading your first link, there´s a lot in there23:15
valorieyou can read this as well: https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=88418&p=268474&hilit=trash+has+reached+maximum+size#p26847423:21
valorieSamwiseGamgee: away from the keyboard for a few hours23:24
SamwiseGamgeeIĺl try configure > configure Dolphin > Trash ....then see what my options are [18:20] <SamwiseGamgee> that command does not work [18:22] <SamwiseGamgee> where is my trash stored? [18:22] <SamwiseGamgee> which directory? [18:22] <SamwiseGamgee> this is the second time I had a problem with the trash [18:23] <SamwiseGamgee> the first time, I could not even find the trash on my desktop [18:23] == DarkAceLaptop [~BillyMays@unaff23:25
valoriekeep asking if you don't get this solved23:25
valoriemaybe in one of those forums, if you don't get good help here23:25
valoriesee ya23:25
ledzepHi Guy!23:46
ledzepis there anybody out there23:49
ikoniajust ask your question23:50
SamwiseGamgeeI just discovered that I can empty files from my desktop into my trash can, but I cannot empty files from my jump drive into my trash can...is that a problem?23:51
ledzepdoes anybody know where the TLS vpn connection is in the new kubuntu 14.04?23:51
SamwiseGamgeeLike, should I be able to empty files directly into my trash can on my desktop from my jump drive?23:52
TheFakeazneD525SamwiseGamgee: its probably because the filesystem is different23:57
TheFakeazneD525flashdrives use a FAT filesystem usually23:57
TheFakeazneD525kubuntu uses ext4 by default23:57
SamwiseGamgeeyeah, itś an old flash drive23:57
TheFakeazneD525ext4 is like NTFS, in some ways23:58
SamwiseGamgeeabout seven years old23:58
TheFakeazneD525for one, the trashcan/recycle bin23:58
TheFakeazneD525SamwiseGamgee: I mean if you really need it, I guess you should reformat your flash drive to ext423:58
SamwiseGamgeebut I will be using the flash drive with a Windows PC23:59

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