dsfgLubuntu with LXQT 1 Wheer get?07:07
dsfgi want lxqt07:12
Auctusso on 14.04 wifi doesnt autodetect and the network manager doesnt start -- does wired ethernet still work automatically?10:00
cristian_cAuctus, How have you verified this?10:06
Auctuswhat, that the wifi doesnt work? It didnt work for me and I googled and a lot of other people seem to acknowledge that wifi doesnt work in 14.04 unless you manually add a network by ssid or update nm-applet and start it?10:07
cristian_c'so on 14.04 wifi doesnt autodetect'10:08
cristian_cAuctus, rfkill list10:08
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:09
cristian_cAuctus, Paste the command output in pastebin10:09
Auctuscristian_c, i dont have a problem, i was just asking if anyone knew if it was a network thing or a nm-applet thing10:10
Auctusapparently its just that nm-applet doesnt start10:10
Auctusthat guy says that ethernet works fine10:10
Auctusso i'll assume thats true10:10
cristian_cAuctus, so, does wifi is detected?10:10
Auctuscristian_c, i guess if you start nm-applet from the terminal it is, but im trying to help my dad get a working computer and he doesnt know shit about the terminal :p10:10
cristian_cAuctus, nm-applet is working10:11
Auctusnm-applet doesnt autostart10:11
cristian_cAuctus, Preferences10:11
cristian_cAuctus, Defaul applications for LXSession10:11
Auctusya my dad is not gonna figure that out lol it should start by default on the ISO that every non-tech user gets10:11
Auctusanyway he uses ethernet so i guess it'll be fine10:12
cristian_cAuctus, Have you opened 'LXSession configuration'?10:12
Auctusi think you might be missing my point10:13
cristian_cAuctus, I'm trying to help ypou10:13
cristian_cif you want be helped10:13
cristian_c*to be10:13
Auctusi got my copy of lubuntu doing all the stuff i want i was just wondering about what works on the standard ISO without making any changes since its gonna burn to a CD with no persistence10:13
cristian_cAuctus, but you've solved this problem?10:14
cristian_c*do you have10:14
Auctusfor myself yes10:14
cristian_cAuctus, How have you solved this?10:14
Auctussec trying to remember10:17
Auctusupdated lxsession from a ppa10:18
cristian_cAuctus, this is not a good solution10:19
Auctusanything that works is a good solution10:19
Auctusproblem: I wasnt online10:19
Auctussolution: I am now online10:19
cristian_c<cristian_c> Auctus, Have you opened 'LXSession configuration'?10:19
Auctusanyway none of this is relevant if im dropping a lubuntu cd off at my dad's house since no configuration changes will remain when he reboots10:20
cristian_cAuctus, select 'Core applications' tab10:20
cristian_cAuctus, then write in 'Network GUI': nm-applet10:21
cristian_cAuctus, finally, click on Reload10:21
Auctushmm thats pretty easy, i would have done that, butwhen i googled it i saw the PPA thing first and did that10:21
cristian_cAuctus, if you want make persistent this solution, you can select 'Autostart' tab10:22
cristian_cAuctus, you have not the followed the right thing10:22
cristian_cAuctus, in Autostart, go to 'Manual autostarted applications'10:23
cristian_cwrite: nm-applet10:23
cristian_cand click on Add10:23
cristian_cAuctus, Done.10:24
cristian_c*to make10:24
onla`grrh still can't get my monitor to turn off any other time than 10minutes from idle11:48
onla`v@v-MS-7599:~$ sudo setterm -blank 3012:14
onla`[sudo] password for v:12:14
onla`v@v-MS-7599:~$ cat /sys/module/kernel/parameters/consoleblank12:14
onla`setting blank time takes no effect?12:14
melodieonla` what have you used?12:24
* melodie hands xset to onla` 12:25
melodieonla` : 'xset s off &'12:25
onla`I found a new trick I'm in midst of trying though12:25
melodiexset -dpms &12:25
melodiejust after12:25
melodiethen if you want to set up how much time (with some time) the string "xset dpms 0 0 600 &' sets it up to ten minutes, then I let you figure out the rest12:26
onla`I write that down. Try it if not satisfied with this one I'm trying.. I edited grub to do consoleblank=0 at boot,but haven't bothered to boot yet12:26
melodieI use these setups in the ~/.config/openbox/autostart of mine12:26
Bart_I am wondering whatsni20:24
Bart_What is the easiest to use application to automate torrent downloads in transmission20:24
Bart_Something witha GUI preferably20:25
Bart_No flexget20:25
Unit193Doesn't transmission have an rss plugin?20:25
Bart_Wait il double check20:25
Bart_Nope it doesn't20:26
Bart_I have version 2.82 btw20:27
onla`anyone know a translator app, which translates selected text or copied text in a bubble or popup or such?20:33
onla`is there a buffer somewhere that has x selection buffer's history20:45
tewardhow efficiently would lubuntu 14.04 run in a VM environment as compared to Ubuntu 14.04?20:45
* ianorlin hasn't tried ubuntu 14.04 in a vm so I can't really compare the two20:46
Unit193Lubuntu should do a fair amount better, partly due to less ram usage and partly less graphical power needed.20:46
ianorlinand less disk input output20:46
Unit193I haven't technically either, at least not for a while, but mainly because it tends to not like being put into a VM on here very well.20:47
onla`okhay.. I installed http://www.soimort.org/google-translate-cli/ and xclip... I wonder how I can translate the clipboard content with the trs now with linux commands21:50
onla`if I type in CLI trs bonjour, it will put to standard output the text hello21:51
onla`xclip -i inputs text to CLI21:53
onla`to clipboard21:53
onla`d'oh.. I want to output with xclip -o .. but how I can put that trs bonjour there21:54
krytarikonla`: trs "$(xclip -o)"21:57
onla`v@v-MS-7599:~$ trs "$(xclip -o)"22:00
onla`trs "$(xclip -o)"22:00
onla`v@v-MS-7599:~$ xclip -o22:00
onla`trs "$(xclip -o)"22:00
onla`oh wait :)22:01
onla`I used clipboard to to put that there22:01
onla`yesh.. it does work :)22:02
onla`now just put an alias... or maybe if I somehow put it so that every single time xclip -o changes, it will write the translation to a file, removing the older data from that file so it won't grow too big22:04
onla`could that be hard?22:04
onla`if (xclip -o changes){ clear file.txt; trs "$(xclip -o)" > file.txt ;  <-- something like that22:05
onla`do I need to start comparing xclip -o and file.txt?22:06
onla`hmm maybe that is unnecessary. I just want to automate as much as possible to translate a word on irc, preferably so that when I xclip -o a word, meaning that I double click it and select it, it has been stdouted on my other console window hmm22:15
onla`so now I just select it and go to the other window and type my alias and hit enter... to remove that step, there should be some trigger to stdout the result from xclip -o changing22:17
unreadyhi guys... I just installed lubuntu and want to get wifi working... drivers don't show under 'additional drivers'...I have downloaded them in a tar file - how do I go from here?22:17
Unit193unready: What chipset?22:18
unreadyI don't have the option to connect via cable at the moment...22:18
Unit193Sweet, did you see the offline guide?  Basically, use b43-fwcutter to install the file in the tarball.22:18
unreadyno, i didnt see the guide and also googled unsuccesfully....22:19
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx22:19
unreadyubottu: thanks!22:20
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)22:20
gfrederickswhich program is responsible for audacious not responding to the special keyboard audio-control keys?22:20

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