jakubohi, can someone help me with this kind of bug:09:20
jakuboinsserv: warning: script is corrupt or invalid: /etc/init.d/../rc6.d/K09reboot09:20
jakuboFehler traten auf beim Bearbeiten von:09:21
jakubo python-httplib209:21
jakubo python-ubuntu-sso-client09:21
jakubo oneconf-common09:21
jakubo python-oneconf09:21
jakubo software-center09:21
jakubo ubuntu-sso-client-qt09:21
jakubo ubuntu-sso-client09:21
jakubo python3-oneconf09:21
jakubo ubuntu-desktop09:21
jakubo oneconf09:21
jakubo python-piston-mini-client09:21
jakubo software-center-aptdaemon-plugins09:21
lordievader!paste | jakubo09:21
ubottujakubo: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:21
jakubowhat triggered the recent breakage? did they sync with debian without testing?09:23
ikoniawhich breakage ?09:28
ikoniathere are many at themoment09:28
jakubooh ok...09:29
jakubocan you name them?09:29
ikoniawhich one are you talking about09:30
jakuboim not sure. soemthing broke my system, and my guess now would be that the reboot script is broke, leaving nasty faults in the FS09:31
ikoniathe reboot script ?09:31
ikonianasty faults on the file system ???09:31
ikoniawhat are you on about ???09:31
jakubowell i can only name you the symptoms09:32
jakubothe fs faults are gone, not sure what repaired them09:32
jakuboand i can use one of 3 setups that were broken before09:33
ikoniado you understand how very very early in the development cycle 14.10 is ?09:33
jakuboi have done it for years now. and there were times when it was like this so i am prepared09:34
jakubook... actually never this bad that it wouldnt at least boot into console...09:34
ikoniaif you understand this why do you appear to have no idea what's going on with your system09:34
jakubocant follow you09:35
ikoniayou're saying things like "non-tested syncs from debians" and "problems with reboot script"09:36
jakubook. well, it just that it didnt happen to me for the last umm.. 3 or 4 years09:36
jakuboso i was wondering if something has changed09:36
ikonia??? it's not been out for 3 - 4 years09:37
ikoniait's been in development for a few months09:37
ikoniaif that09:37
jakuboand i apparently falsely assumed that there would be some kind of prevention09:37
jakuboi know -.-09:37
ikoniaprevention ??? against what09:37
ikoniawhat are you actually talking about ?09:37
ikoniathis is a development version - it WILL break, a lot09:38
ikoniayour system will fail,09:38
jakuboi mean that i switched to pre alpha versions for 3 or 4 years09:38
ikoniayou need to be aware of your system and how to deal with the issues09:38
jakubotake this as my kind of "getting to know" ubuntu as an OS09:39
ikoniayou've just said you've used pre-alpha versions for years ??09:39
ikoniayou should have a basic idea of how it works by now09:39
jakubowell there were a couple of problems in the past: like stripped compatibility with raid on boot (grub)09:40
jakuboused - not developed09:40
ikoniayou're not developing it now09:41
ikoniaso why are you talking about developing it ???09:41
ikoniaI don't understand what you are saying09:41
jakuboi never have09:41
lordievaderjakubo: Maybe it is an idea to switch to a non-development release, like Trusty.09:41
ikoniaif you are using software at this stage, you need to have a solid understanding of the OS and expect thigns to break a lot09:41
jakuboyou people get me wrong. im not compliaining. im simply asking because im curious09:41
ikoniaexpecting to use it on a day to day basis and people to fix things to help you get a stable system isn't really realistic09:42
jakuboi dont rely on these PCs, and if i did i can always install trusty on them09:42
jakuboits simply out of curiosity09:42
ikoniaI don't understand.....09:43
ikonia jakubo> hi, can someone help me with this kind of bug:09:43
ikoniathat suggests you want someone to fix it09:43
ikoniaor help you get it working09:43
jakubois there something wrong with it?09:43
jakubocan i not ask?09:43
jakubois this not a chatroom to ask09:44
ikoniasure sure09:44
ikoniabut you don't appear to know what you're asking09:44
ikoniaapart from "please fix this for me"09:44
jakuboi have not asked that09:44
jakuboyou assumed it09:44
ikoniathat's how it read09:45
ikoniawhat where you asking then ?09:45
jakubothats waht YOU read09:45
jakuboi want to know where it came from. how it got there and how or IF it affects my machine09:45
ikoniait came from the development package09:46
jakubonot all warnings do have consequences (i think)09:46
ikoniathat specific error will effect the execution of the reboot run level script, you need to validate that script and see how that will impact you09:46
ikoniavalidate if it's repeatable as a problem, or a corruption due to that moment in time install09:47
ikonialog a bug if it's repeatable09:47
ikoniaif possible apply a patch file to fix it09:47
jakubook. or maybe asked more stupidly: what package will i have to wait for that fixes it (i mean the name)09:48
jakubowhat package carries these scripts?09:48
ikoniawhy ?09:48
ikoniawhat does that matter ?09:48
ikoniathen research it09:48
jakubook thanks09:48
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