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ogra_Mirv, did any of these get acked yet ?11:34
ogra_(the split greeter packaging changes)11:34
ogra_(if not ... ACK ... )11:37
ogra_popey, looks like unity8 didnt land until 2h ago https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/utopic/+source/unity8/7.87+14.10.20140530.1-0ubuntu112:01
ogra_it is funny that all the tests pass though ... the results for 57 and 58 dont look massively bad or anything12:02
ogra_i'll trigger an image build to pick up that package12:02
ogra_image triggered ...12:03
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popeythanks ogra_ ☻12:13
ogra_sent a followup email too ...12:13
popeymade it home eventually then?12:17
ogra_1am instead of 8pm ... and i had the worst train ride in my life (weird connetions on ultra slow trains going in wrong directions etc) but yeah ...12:21
ogra_many aussies got stuck in dubai for the night ... though i guess dubai isnt the worxt place to spend a night :)12:22
cjwatsonunless you're the "wrong" skin colour :P12:23
cjwatsonyeah, I feared they'd get stuck12:23
cjwatsonhad some train difficulties myself; got to King's Cross and it was all OH HAI NO TRAINS FOR THE NEXT TWO HOURS so I had to reroute12:23
ogra_well, after standing for over an hour in the bright sun with only few opportunities of shadow i guess the average skin colour was bright red12:23
cjwatsongot home at 1:30am12:24
ogra_mine for sure is :)12:24
cjwatsonheh, yeah, I was asymmetrically sunburnt12:24
cjwatsonright arm noticeably redder than left12:24
ogra_(susie was pretty shocked seeing my face)12:24
ogra_especially my frehead looks funny now :)12:25
* ogra_ found the most funny note about all this is that canonical didnt make it "in the news" but "made the news" this time :)12:26
ogra_seems our social media was the base of all news about this (gustavos pic, your twitter post) ...12:27
cjwatsonNot quite; I started by searching for "Malta airport" on twitter, and found Malta Independent and Malta Today breaking-news articles about it before I said anything there12:30
cjwatsonMalta Today were clearly running a search since they replied to me immediately and then edited their article12:31
cjwatsonBut yeah they were obviously trying to find anyone who was there12:31
cjwatsonThere were a couple of other (non-C) people who tweeted just before me12:31
cjwatsonIt's amazing how much attention twitter gets for this kind of thing nowadays though12:32
cjwatsonI didn't really have much first-hand information since there were no announcements and all we saw was planes with passengers clearly not being allowed off and fire engines going past12:33
ogra_yup ... especially since there seemed to be a lot "real" news people around doing interviews etc ... i havent seen much from them and google revelaed nothing either12:33
cjwatsonI dodged the BBC asking for me to DM them my phone number for an interview :)12:33
cjwatsonMostly 'cause I don't much like being interviewed but it was really noisy anyway12:34
ogra_there was a lot guessing going on around me since thwe two passengers were announced pretty urgently while we stood in line for like 30mins beofre the evacuation started12:34
cjwatsonYeah, I was already airside so had no idea about that12:34
cjwatsonHadn't heard that it was two passengers - I only heard one name12:34
ogra_it became clear that this was somehow related when a guy with a megaphone ran around asking the same named people to contact the security/emergency personnel12:35
cjwatsonAlso: loudest alarm I have ever heard12:40
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imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/59.changes ===13:36
* popey updates to #5914:27
ogra_black screen for me on flo :(14:36
ogra_phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ ps ax|grep unity814:36
ogra_ 2230 ?        Ssl    0:06 unity8 -testability14:36
ogra_why the heclk is it running with that option14:37
popeyfine here on flo and mako14:40
popey 2172 ?        Ssl    0:12 unity814:41
ogra_ok, then it is the condition of my flo14:41
popeymy flo booted to black with #57 iirc and i --wiped to get back to normal14:41
ogra_iirc xnox played with it to fix the lsb breakage ... might be that i have weird test stuff installed14:41
* ogra_ wipes too14:41
popeysuppose i better mow the lawn ☻14:42
ogra_on a sunday ?14:43
ogra_(my neighbors would freak out :) )14:43
ogra_bah ... the test results look awful ... seems unlocking doesnt work with many of the apps14:50
ogra_(Saviq actually feared that ... hopefully we can get that fixed tomorrow)14:50
Mirvogra_: nope15:31
Mirvah, but apparently did and robru has published it already15:32
Mirvon Friday already actually15:33
Mirvso I'll do Sunday's good deed and kick a rebuild of unity8 in 018 then15:34
bzoltanMirv:  are you around?17:51
bzoltanogra_: Mirv: The Silo3 is fixing the gallery test failures  ... I have pushed both the lp:gallery-app AP tests and the UITK AP tests to /home/phablet/autopilot and the tests look good17:52
popeyhmm, the filemanager 193 published to the store refuses to download for me on nexus 417:54
popey2014-06-01 18:53:56,897 - CRITICAL - ../../../../lib/SignOn/connection-manager.cpp 106 setupSocketConnection p2p error: QDBusError("org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.FileNotFound", "Failed to connect to socket /run/user/32011/signond/socket: No such file or directory") 117:55
ogra_bzoltan, i'll carry it into tomorrow mornings landing meeting ...17:59
bzoltanogra_: thank you, I will be here if I am needed18:00
ogra_great ...18:00
ogra_there are quite some app test failures thanks to the greeter split ... we'll need to dig into them too18:00
ogra_(i think the unlocking behavior changed, seems the test suite needs some love=18:01
popeybug 132540218:05
ubot5bug 1325402 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Can't download app updates on #59 on mako" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/132540218:05
popeyif anyone fancies trying to reproduce that, I'd appreciate it18:05
ogra_popey, works fine18:08
popeywhy is it broken here ☹18:09
ogra_do you have an U1 account set up already ?18:09
ogra_afaik thats now needed18:09
ogra_then look if you have a signond crash file ...18:09
popeyno crashes today18:10
ogra_oh ... is the new filemanager unconfined now ?18:11
ogra_the last version didnt allow me to navigate above home18:11
popeycan't download anything now18:12
* popey removes and re-adds u1 account18:12
* ogra_ notes that apps get killed a lot heavier on his flo 18:13
ogra_i cant really just flick through them if i have more than two running ... they are restarting all the time18:14
popeythat fixed it18:14
ogra_thats really unpleasant18:14
popeynot the first time that's happened18:15
ogra_two news webapps and G+ open and whatever is in the bg gets killed18:15
* popey tests that18:15
ogra_the two that you can flick between are fine ... as soon as you switch to the tird that was in bg for a while it gets chaotic18:16
ogra_now i managed to have G+ only showing a white screen18:18
ogra_and with that all three other open apps woork just fine18:18
popeyI have G+, BBC News, Music and Calendar open18:18
ogra_seems G+ i the evil bit here ... eating my ram18:22
popeyright, just tried to install filemanager on #50 and it did exactly the same thing!18:23
popeyso maybe it's a 1st of the month thing?18:24
ogra_well, it installed just fine here18:24
ogra_looking with htop i see unity8 uses constantly 205M ... plus unity8-greeter eating another 95M18:25
ogra_each open webapp container eats between 90 and 100M18:26
ogra_thats insane !18:26
ogra_and the load on flo is constantly above 518:27
ogra_well, when i interact with it18:27

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