tewardquestion: is there a reason libc6-dev-i386 is an amd64 package, and libc6-dev-amd64 is a i386 package, and not the other way around?02:23
teward(in Trusty)02:23
Logan_teward: because they're for developing for the other architecture02:26
tewardLogan_, ahhh, that explains it, thanks.02:26
Logan_Riddell: could you please merge k3b for the libav10 transition?02:27
tewardLogan_, okay, next question: how come there's no /usr/include/sys/ symlink or otherwise on i386 or amd64's libc6-dev package(s)?02:30
tewardbased on #ubuntu i'm seeing that that lack of a symlink or folder is causing some source-code-compiling problems02:30
tewardpsusi, Logan_: if either of you have any insight... ^02:31
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BluesKajHowdy folks11:08
cjwatsonteward: It's in /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/sys/ etc. (and similarly for i386).  /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (etc.) is on the default include path so if this breaks anything it's generally the fault of a broken build system that wrongly thinks it knows better than the compiler.11:46
cjwatsonIt's that way as part of multiarch support.11:46
mapreristgraber: I packaged pencil2d in debian, and now it's in ubuntu. My first intention was to remove pencil from ubuntu and keep only pencil2d, but pencil is seeded in edubuntu. could you test pencil2d to see if it fulfil your needs and in the case change the edubuntu seeds? (see #1306960) if you want I can send you an email13:08
mapreribug #130696013:09
ubottubug 1306960 in pencil (Ubuntu) "update to pencil2D" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130696013:09
stgrabermapreri: ok, I'll take a look. Feel free to nag me again if I haven't done so in a week :)14:11
* highvoltage tries out pencil2d14:57
stgraberhighvoltage: ah, even better if you can do that :)15:10
highvoltagestgraber: looks good, should I through it in a merge request or do you want to do it directly?15:12
stgraberhighvoltage: I'll update the seed directly, thanks15:14
highvoltagestgraber: cool15:14
stgraberhighvoltage, mapreri: seed updated. Refreshing edubuntu-meta now and that should be all we need to drop pencil.15:16
highvoltagegreat. thanks for checking your package(s) in ubuntu, mapreri!15:18
mapreristgraber: highvoltage: thank you for a so quick reply. I mind if I should upload pencil as a dummy package... what do you think?16:40
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orbisvicisubuntu doesn't spindown external usb-powered hard drives on shutdown. leads to drive damage. should I file a bug, is it in upstart ?18:52
orbisvicisso, which folder in /etc/initramfs-tools/scripts is responsible for the shutdown script ?19:16
tewardcjwatson, that fails with some third-party sources, where the instructions and build scripts refer to /usr/include/sys/something.h20:44
tewardcjwatson, as observed in #ubuntu at the time of my question.20:44
tewardcjwatson, that being said, I understand the reasoning for it as-is, but it seems confusing for non-devs and non-power-users why that's the case20:45
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infinityteward: Things that reference header locations absolutely are pretty much broken by design.  But it would be more helpful to see the actual problem code, maybe it's a third-party application we could, like, help and send a patch for?22:59

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