asfsafasfasis this package the same as the package from Ubuntu?00:07
darkxstNoskcaj, gnome-session .91 is not too happy10:09
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sickgirlhey people I started testing ubuntu gnome yesterday. when I was going to turn my computer off. it says others users logged in, live session console. what does it mean?16:17
codingmanIt means someone was probably logged into a VT. I might be wrong on this.16:19
codingmanVirtual Terminal, can be accessed with Ctrl-Alt-F116:20
sickgirlThere are 5 other users... but is this mean using my computer?16:20
codingmanTo go back press Ctrl-Alt-F716:20
codingmanNo, just means they were logged in, and they locked the computer.16:21
sickgirlyou're speaking chinese to me16:21
codingmant worry about that/16:22
codingmanYou can still turn the computer off, can't you?16:22
sickgirlI'm just paranoid about my privacy lately16:22
sickgirlwanted to check16:22
codingmanIf you're really paranoid, http://crunchbang.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=2472216:23
sickgirlsoulseek works with linux?16:29
codingmanLook at their website.16:29
sickgirlhow can I log in here always? is there a way to autojoin the rooms?16:32
sickgirlCan I make the widget autoconnect?  No, if this was allowed then bad people could IFRAME lots and lots of copies, which would get you glined for having too many clones. However you can prefill the channel/nickname information (type /EMBED in the main window).16:33
sickgirljust found the answer... nevermind16:33
sickgirlI got it now, when I turned the computer off using the testing version, I didn't know I had to turn the live session off before16:37
sickgirlso this is why it seems there are still users logged in16:37
sickgirlit was me16:37
sickgirlI think I'm learning just fine16:38
sickgirlis that right?16:38
codingmanEveryone seems dead here, try #ubuntu16:38
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sickgirlyou're answer.. that's fine, but I joined the ubuntu room16:39
sickgirlI'm making dumb questions to these rooms. haha16:40
codingmanMore people to help and I'm not a Linux God.16:40
sickgirlyeah I know. no worries16:41
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Noskcajdarkxst, what do you mean?20:41
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sickgirlsomeone to help me?21:29
darkxstNoskcaj, it is crashing21:42
Noskcajdarkxst, crap21:43
Noskcajany suggestions for fixing it?22:02
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darkxstNoskcaj, need to work out which commit is causing the crash, although I don't see anything obvious22:11
darkxstmaybe the d-bus commit, but that is just a guess22:12
NoskcajWhy can't things just work :(22:12
Noskcajxfce power manager is done in the ppa.22:12
Noskcajxfce session is still not reayd22:13
darkxstmixing different GNOME releases is always problematic22:13
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