psusiI'm trying to get mediatomb to transcode mkv files using ac3 audio to use aac audio so the roku can get working sound.  it doesn't seem to be trying to transcode.  My config.xml is here: http://pastebin.com/VCczgwQv01:24
psusicould the problem be that mediatomb uses mime types that don't differentiate the audo codec used ( just treats both as video/matroska )?01:24
psusiit doesn't seem to be trying to run avconv and nothing is in the log file01:27
psusiand the original video seems to be what the roku is still getting, so no audio01:28
* psusi whacks xchat01:58
Logan_psusi: please use #ubuntu for support02:28
psusithat was meant for #mediatomb, but xchat didn't join the channel when I asked apparently ;)02:29
Logan_ah :P02:29

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