ubuntuaddictedi just opened mythweb for the first time in a long time i want to schedule a new series that's on AMC and the option to record the series is missing. I only have 4 options for recording.05:02
rhpot1991ubuntuaddicted: the recording rules changed a while bac, I want to say 0.27 release05:03
ubuntuaddictedi have don't record, record only this showing, find and record one showing of this title, and record at any time on any channel. what happened to record this show in this timeslot every week?05:04
rhpot1991you probably want "any time on any channel" with the "this series" checkbox05:04
rhpot1991I normally do "any time on any channel" with the "high definition" "new episode" and "this channel" checkboxes05:04
rhpot1991if you want time slot there is "this time" checkbox05:05
rhpot1991see under filters05:05
ubuntuaddictedahhh, i see now.05:05
ubuntuaddictedthanks, that's weird they added the filters vs the various rules.05:05
rhpot1991my method normally gets me all new showings of a show on a specific channel05:05
rhpot1991drop the "new episode" to get past episodes too05:05
rhpot1991the filters are there to give you the same control you used to have05:06
ubuntuaddictedit's a brand new show, about the 80's computer boom. should be interesting05:06
rhpot1991I forget the reasoning, but you should be able to get the same results05:06
ubuntuaddictedso i checked, New Episode, This Series, This day and Time, and This Channel. that should do it right>05:07
rhpot1991is it "halt and catch fire?"05:07
rhpot1991I'll have to poke at that, AMC hasn't let me down yet05:07
rhpot1991I'd drop this time and day05:07
ubuntuaddictedi agree05:07
rhpot1991only cause amc reruns like crazy05:07
rhpot1991so if you happen to miss one it can snag a rerun05:08
ubuntuaddictedgood point but it won't record it twice right?05:08
rhpot1991nope, as long as you don't mess with "Duplicate Check method:"05:09
ubuntuaddictedi didn't check High Definition because believe it or not i still get an analog signal over my internet line from TWC. So i'm still using a PVR-350 and a PVR-50005:09
rhpot1991I do HD check by default so I don't get it on one of my analog stations by acciden05:09
rhpot1991ah, I have a few of those just  sitting in my closet05:09
rhpot1991comcast country so hdhr prime works well for me05:10
ubuntuaddictedi'm just waiting for the day that TWC stops broadcasting the analog signal, than I am not sure what to do to be hoenst05:10
rhpot1991comcast cut it and you have to use dta's05:11
rhpot1991I stopped using my pvr-xxx's then05:11
rhpot1991went to clear qam, but they cut that not so long ago too05:11
rhpot1991digital transition adapter I want to say05:11
rhpot1991the thing that converts their digital to analog for your legacy hardware05:11
ubuntuaddictedah ok, so there's a chance when they drop the analog signal that they'll still transmit clear QAM?05:12
ubuntuaddictedi don't pay for cable right now. i only pay for an internet line05:12
rhpot1991normally yes05:12
rhpot1991I believe TWC is still clear qam friendly too05:12
rhpot1991and yes i've heard of people getting internet and having clear qam, sometimes needing to remove a filter that the cable co placed05:13
rhpot1991that part may or may not be a good idea05:13
ubuntuaddictedthey never came to my house to install a filter which is why i still get the ananlog05:13
rhpot1991probably depends where they place it05:13
ubuntuaddictedso which HDHR would I look into if TWC stops sending the analog signal considering i don't pay for any cable05:14
ubuntuaddictedyeap, TWC has those as well BUT they only give them to people who pay for cable05:14
rhpot1991probably that one05:15
rhpot1991your choice would then be clear qam, or antenna05:15
ubuntuaddictedthe dta you linked me is only if i wanted to still use my PVR's correct?05:15
rhpot1991you have to get those from the cable co though, so you can't really get away without paying then05:15
ubuntuaddictedyeah i know05:15
rhpot1991also keep in mind HD is much harder to play back then SD video05:16
rhpot1991so your hardware might need an overhaul too05:16
ubuntuaddictedhow does that DLNA work in those new HDHR's? i was reading a little  about them awhile back05:16
rhpot1991normally you can just get by with something from nvidia that can do vdpau05:16
ubuntuaddictedyeap, i'm aware.05:16
rhpot1991if you have devices that can stream dnla you can connect right to it05:16
rhpot1991take for instance my samsung tv05:16
rhpot1991it can talk to my hdhr and my nas05:17
rhpot1991that said the interface is junk05:17
ubuntuaddictedcurrently my frontends are both running XBMC, 1 on an original apple tv and the other on an ATV205:17
ubuntuaddictedah ok05:17
rhpot1991so you prefer xbmc over mythfrontend?05:17
ubuntuaddictedthe oriinal atv won't be able to play back the hd streams i doubt05:17
rhpot1991how is mythtv support there anymore?05:17
ubuntuaddictedi love XBMC as a frontend05:17
rhpot1991back when I checked it couldn't do comm skipping05:18
rhpot1991and support for mythtv versions lagged behind05:18
ubuntuaddictedit's awesome,05:18
ubuntuaddictedall current and up to date. the PVR addon for xbmc is a huge deal now05:18
ubuntuaddictedit has support for tvheadend, mythtv and others05:18
rhpot1991one of our devs was contemplating doing a theme for it to match our mythfrontend one05:19
ubuntuaddictedi will say though that I don't use commflagging so i can't speak on that05:19
rhpot1991if you hang around I'm sure he can chime in at some point if that is still a possibility or not05:19
rhpot1991tgm4883: ^05:19
ubuntuaddictedtgm is a good guy, he's the dev for mythbuntu right?05:19
rhpot1991you should, its a great feature05:19
rhpot1991one of us05:19
ubuntuaddictedok, he's the one i always see responding in the ubuntu forums.05:19
ubuntuaddictedi'm running mythbuntu 14.04 on my server now. well, sort of. it was upgraded from 12.04 and i have that nasty mysql bug05:20
rhpot1991which one is that?05:21
ubuntuaddictedmy backend used to be very low powered so i never enabled commflagging. it was just a P4 with 1GB of RAM05:21
rhpot1991if you have other hardware around you can make it a 2nd backend and offload the commflagging there too05:21
ubuntuaddictedbut now i'm running an A8-3870k with 4GB of RAM so maybe i should look into enabling commflagging05:21
rhpot1991for SD video that shouldn't be much work at all05:22
ubuntuaddictedi could but i got rid of it. it was a dell dimension 8200 i believe05:22
rhpot1991just use your new one I say05:22
ubuntuaddictedi was running it headless towards the end05:22
rhpot1991what mysql bug are you hitting?05:23
ubuntuaddictedthe one where doing anything within mythbuntu-control-centre results in Exception in compareState of plugin Repositories Disabling Plugin. Let me find the forum thread05:24
ubuntuaddictedi had this bug http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2220885&page=305:26
rhpot1991looks like tgm4883 fixed it and it just needed to get pushed05:33
rhpot1991unfortunately its a pain to get things pushed post release, lots of paperwork involved05:33
ubuntuaddictedtrying to enable backups using mcc, it just keeps crashing over and over.05:35
ubuntuaddictedi've already set up backups myself using mythconverg_backup.pl so it's not a big deal to me.05:36
ubuntuaddictedwhere do i set up commflagging anyway?05:37
rhpot1991it is on the user job page in either mythtv > setup > general via frontend, or in mythtvbackend-setup06:17
ubuntuaddictedyeap, i found it. thanks06:17
ubuntuaddictedgotta get to bed, take care. thanks for your help06:20

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