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lotuspsychjesomeone knows if there's an existing trigger in #ubuntu for this wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Debugging/Backlight06:25
lotuspsychjeif not, maybe interesting to add?06:25
rww!search backlight06:25
rww!search Backlight06:25
rwwi answered the first question!06:25
lotuspsychjerww: :p06:25
rwwthat might be too specific, but https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Debugging might be handy06:26
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)06:26
rwwholy commas batman06:26
ubottuThe Ubuntu Kernel gets updated in stages.  If you have the updated kernel, but do not have the corresponding restricted modules, you may be leaving yourself with no X when you reboot.  If you have compiled binary versions of your video driver, eg from the nVidia site, you will need to recompile them for the new kernel.  This is normal, and not a bug.06:26
lotuspsychjerww: well alot of users asking backlight issues no?06:26
rwwnot really06:26
rwwhuh, didn't know we had that factoid06:27
lotuspsychjerww: ok well i just thought, if wiki already exists, would be easy trigger add :p06:27
lotuspsychjerww: kernel one i know off06:27
rwwi should make chu do it, he doesn't poke ubottu enough06:27
lotuspsychjerww: ok tnx for the considering06:28
bazhang<airtonix> all software is beta08:31
bazhang<airtonix> to think otherwise is presumptious and tantamount to god worship08:31
tsimpsonit's a valid point of view08:47
ikoniahello liouys09:39
knomebeta regarding "perfect software", not necessarily beta regarding some features/bugfixes11:45
tsimpsonbeta as in "work in progress"11:47
knomedepends what the goal is.11:48
tsimpsonperfection, what other goal is there? ;)11:49
* knome sighs11:51
IdleOnetsimpson: profit!12:33
FritzenduganHi, I feel pretty silly having to do this, but a particular op has muted me apparently for being "smart-mouthed." I have since said that I will drop the discussion and move on, but he/she refuses to un-mute me because he/she "doesn't like my attitude." Reference: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7568401/20:40
ikoniayou've missed the first line of the paste off20:45
ikoniacould you please paste it fully20:45
ikonia(in a pastebin)20:45
ikoniawould you like me to paste the complete log ?20:45
ikoniayou've still edited it20:46
ikoniaahh sorry20:47
ikoniayou've not now20:47
FritzenduganThere's likely some miscommunication going on between the two of us. Text is an imperfect medium after all. I'm just ready to move on with my day, I'm done with the discussion20:47
Fritzenduganno, it's complete.20:47
ikoniajust the formatting of the second paste20:47
FritzenduganI can offer you a screenshot if that's better20:47
ikoniamy fault20:47
ikoniano no, it's fine20:47
Fritzenduganit was never my intention to misrepresent the discussion. I simply missed the first line20:48
ikoniaand yet you didn't correct it20:48
ikoniabut these things happen20:48
FritzenduganI didn't see it until you pointed it out20:48
FritzenduganI corrected it as soon as you asked me to20:48
ikoniano problem20:48
ikoniaFritzendugan: apologies, there seems to be no other ops around at the moment, if you hang in, I'm sure someone will get to you20:58
ikoniaFritzendugan: still there ?21:25
ikoniacool, well as no-ones around, I don't want to keep you waiting, so if you're comfortable with dropping the smart comments I'll remove the mute in #ubuntu ?21:25
ikoniaI hoped someone else would have been around, but I don't want to keep you locked out for a minor issue21:26
ikoniayou can then come back and raise your complaint at a later time21:27
FritzenduganYou know very well that I said 30 minutes ago I dropped the argument and was ready to move on. So yes, I'd appreciate that, thank you.21:27
ikoniaagain - to be clear, it's not the argument21:27
FritzenduganI have no need to raise a complaint if the mute is lifted21:27
ikoniait's your attitude with the smart mouth comments to simple polite requests21:27
ikoniaif you can drop those - I'm happy for you to be able to talk in #ubuntu again21:28
ikoniais that acceptable ?21:29
FritzenduganI think it's largely your opinion what's a smart mouth comment and what's a polite request. You blatantly ignored the abuse I was receiving in the channel and chose to single me out, so I could only assume you were being antagonistic. If you weren't, then there was clearly some miscommunication and I apologize for the intitial comment. But frankly, the fact that you left me muted for so long points to you having somewhat of a g21:30
Fritzenduganod-complex. Nonetheless, yes, I have already dropped it and am ready to move on. I'm not sure why I have to keep repeating that. Like I said, the only issue here is that you have me muted and I can't participate in the #ubuntu channel. Once that mute is lifted, I no longer have any issues.21:30
ikoniathis is the problem21:31
ikoniano-one singled you out21:31
ikoniaI asked if you needed anything - you responeded with this parting quip21:31
ikoniaNo need to get offended because I'm pointing out one minor thing21:31
ikonia                      I didn't like (and disabled) from an operating system I21:31
ikonia                      otherwise very much enjoy. Thanks for playing internet21:31
ikonia                      police, though.21:31
ikoniathere is zero need for it21:31
ikoniayou then come at me calling me fan boy in private21:31
FritzenduganYes, you can keep harping on that, but the fact remains others were making comments about tin-foil hats and such that were totally unnecessary and you chose to ignore their comments and focus on mine21:32
ikoniaI explain to you that I just wanted to make sure you had the info you required and end the debate21:32
Fritzenduganso yes, you singled me out21:32
ikoniaFritzendugan: I didn't ignore it21:32
FritzenduganI'm not here to argue with you. Either you're going to un-mute me or you're not21:32
ikoniaI didn't see it - and I've spoken to them since21:32
ikonia21:26 < ikonia> wilee-nilee: please, lets drop it, he's muted21:32
Fritzenduganwilee-nilee didn't make the comment21:32
Fritzenduganit's not important21:32
ikoniaand another private conversation with another user that I'm not going to paste as thats not your business21:32
ikoniaso no-one was singled out21:32
FritzenduganThat's fine, I'm not here to argue with you.21:33
ikoniaso there will be no more smart / rude comments to simple / polite requests ?21:33
Fritzendugan"<Fritzendugan> You know very well that I said 30 minutes ago I dropped the argument and was ready to move on. So yes, I'd appreciate that, thank you."21:34
ikoniano- thats the conversation21:34
FritzenduganI'm not sure what you want from me21:34
ikoniaI'm asking you to confirm there will be no more smart / rude comments21:34
FritzenduganThere will certainly be more smart comments. I'm a smart guy. As for rudeness, I have no intention of being rude.21:35
ikoniaI suggest you talk to someone else21:35
ikoniaI rightly/wrongly get the impression you are trying to play word games with your ocmments21:38
Fritzenduganthat's why I came here, thanks.21:38
FritzenduganNo, I'm simply trying to get un-muted.21:38
ikoniaso I'd rather someone else dealt with it, apologies21:38
FritzenduganI get the feeling you want me to kiss your feet, which I have no intention of doing. Apologies.21:38
ikoniaI want nothing of the sort21:38
ikoniaI just wanted you to confirm there would be no more smart mouth jibes/rude comments21:39
ikoniaso I'd personally rather leave it at that point to someone else21:39
ikoniaand you responded with snother smart comment about you being a smart guy21:39
Fritzenduganyou're not sorry, but thanks.21:39
ikoniaI am sorry, I Assure you, I had no intention of leaving you muted for this long, I only didn't interact as you said you wished to complain, then when no-one else responded I thought I'd try again21:40
ikoniaI want no feet kissing or anything like that, just a clear statement that you'll not make any more of these smart comments such as "thanks for being the internet police"21:40
FritzenduganYeah, I mean, I'm not sure how to be any more clear than "I'm ready to move on."21:41
ikoniathat's not what I asked for21:41
FritzenduganIf you want me to type a certain string of characters like some type of computer program, I can do that21:42
ikoniayou seem to be doing everything possible to not give a clear statement21:42
Fritzenduganjust let me know what string21:42
ikonia"will you please stop making smart comment such as example: thanks for being the internet police" yes/no21:42
ikonia"will you please not be rude to people such as the rant about me being a fan boy" yes/no21:43
ikoniaI'm done with this21:44
ikoniaI'm not interested in more smart responses21:44
ikoniaI'm asking for yes/no responses to be as clear and simple as possible21:45
Fritzenduganand I'm not interested in answering yes to a thousand questions21:45
ikoniatwo questions,21:45
ikoniathat's all it was21:45
ikoniaI'll leave you to deal with someone else, sorry21:45
Fritzenduganwell maybe you can give me a progress bar next time21:45
ubottudw1 called the ops in #ubuntu ()21:46
CarlFKFritzendugan: you seem more interested in sparing than resolving.   sparing can be fun, but if you continue it when the other person is not interested, that is not nice.21:56
CarlFKpersonally, I would call it harassment.21:56
CarlFK<- me gets back to work.21:58
FritzenduganActually, I've explained numerous times that I'm ready to move on and be un-muted21:58
Fritzenduganbut for some reason ikonia wants me to jump through hoops21:58
FritzenduganOne definition of harassment is "a feeling of intense annoyance caused by being tormented," if anything I am being harassed. I've been dealing with this issue for well past an hour.21:59
FritzenduganCarlFK, if you could explain to me how I'm harassing him, exactly.22:00
CarlFKIf you need that, I am not the one.  I suggest you find someone in real life that you trust.22:04
FritzenduganActually, what I need is for someone to un-mute me. If I were you, I'd be careful about making "smart responses" as ikonia has warned me before about them.22:05
FritzenduganI wouldn't want you to get muted.22:05
ikoniaFritzendugan: I'm really sorry, I can't seem to find any other operators awake/available at this time (very unusual)22:53
ikoniaFritzendugan: you may want to /part /come back later, it's very rare for only one guy to be awake at this time22:53
ikoniajust didn't want you to think you'd been forgot about22:53
IdleOneFritzendugan: I am going to remove the mute but I would ask you to avoid debating in #ubuntu. We do have #ubuntu-offtopic for civil debating if you want to join there22:55
IdleOnemute has been removed.22:55
IdleOnePlease part this channel and have a good $time_of_day22:56
FritzenduganIdleOne, totally understood, thanks23:34

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