InvadeDhow horribly under capacity we talkin?00:08
h0pI am following the wiki to set up a headless server00:22
h0pBut i am having a hard time for  h81 btc to pick ip my r9 290x00:23
h0pwhen i remove the GPU it boots up fine00:23
h0plike i get an ouput to the HDMI and screen works etc00:23
h0pas soon as the GPU is plugged in i get no signal anymore00:24
h0phere is a picture, i think i am messing up the wiring00:24
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zombu2plug power into the molex and it might be an issue with that 4x port00:41
zombu2what happens if you plug the card into the 16x00:41
zombu2looks like you building a bitcoin miner lol00:42
h0pno its not a miner00:45
zombu2plug that card into the 16x and fire it up00:45
zombu2no extension cable00:45
h0pi don tthink it will fit tho :/00:45
zombu2make sure you fill the molex on the board to supply power to the bus00:45
h0pi mean the fans spins and all00:46
zombu2why wouldn t it00:46
h0pbut no output00:46
zombu2yeah the card might need the 16 to produce video00:46
h0pBut the problem is i am not using for video00:46
zombu2the 4x extensions are used for mining no video needed00:46
h0pbut when i plug it in it kills the HDMi output on the motherboard00:46
zombu2well whatever you use the card for plz just stick it in the 16x port for now to test if it posts00:47
h0pand keep the power cables the same?00:47
zombu2yeah of course00:47
h0pAre they plugged in cirreclty i the pic?00:47
zombu2you might be able later on to change the bios setting to post on mainboard video first00:47
zombu2as far as i can tell yes00:48
h0pi might try and do that first00:48
zombu2put power to the boards molex00:48
zombu2those cards use a lot of bus power00:48
h0pi plug PSU-MOLEX-CARD with one cable in that order?00:49
zombu2just plug in 2 molex into the board where they fit there is 2 places00:49
zombu2leave everything same00:49
h0por both for one card?? that cant be right00:50
zombu2i would really like to try to post it with the card in the 16x00:50
h0pok ok00:50
h0pil get the card in the x1600:50
h0pgive me  a sec00:50
zombu2make sure you plug video in the r900:50
zombu2if it posts put the extension back on the card and plug it into the 16x too and see if that boots then00:51
zombu2the only real thing you can do with that card with the 4x extension is mining or boinc00:53
h0pfuckin hell00:53
h0pit works when in the x16 slot00:54
h0pdoes that mean i will only be able to run one of those card then00:54
h0p???? i read everyhere else i could run multilple00:54
zombu2put the extension on00:54
h0phence the motherboard00:54
h0pThank you very much btw!00:54
zombu2well you reducing the bus00:54
zombu2and 1st slot is usually crap00:55
zombu2it means the card is only good for mining or boinc00:55
zombu2video will be godawfull slow00:55
h0pi have yes00:55
h0pyes that oks00:55
h0p1 x PCIe 2.0 x16, 5 x PCIe 2.0 x100:55
h0pWill i be able to stick more of those cards in the x1 slots?00:56
zombu2does the card post with the extension in the 16x?00:56
zombu2well if it does try it in the 3rd 4x port00:56
zombu2and see if it posts00:56
h0pi dont know i only have 1 extension and its x16 to x100:57
zombu2well take it from the 16x and plug it into the next slot down and try to post if you see a pic it works00:57
zombu2you should have gotten a better board that has 4 or 5 16x00:58
h0pbut if it doesnt work with x1 number one00:58
h0pwhy yould it work in the others00:58
zombu2just try it00:58
zombu2i have seen that many times00:59
zombu2hell i got a board where the 1st slot can t even run a nic card00:59
zombu2i think it has to do with bus id's00:59
h0pamdconfig --adapter=all --initial -f01:00
zombu2does the card work in the 3rd slot?01:01
h0pshuting down01:01
zombu2remember using that cable the card is siriously gimped and not good for pretty much anything01:02
zombu2exept for mining and distributed computing01:02
h0pnope nothing in that sot01:03
zombu2yup i figured01:03
h0pHDMI is still in the card01:03
zombu2do yourself a favor and get a board with more 16 slots01:04
h0pfair enough01:04
zombu2lol a 60$ board is a 60$ board01:04
h0phahahah yup01:04
h0pany reccomendations?01:05
zombu2well evga msi asus or gigabyte01:05
zombu2i personally prefer evga and msi01:05
zombu2but evewrybodys taste is different01:05
h0pWell thanks for your help and time01:06
zombu2but i tell you right now those boards ain t cheap01:06
zombu2yeah np been there done it01:06
zombu2you do know that card is a 3.0 card and prolly not compatible with 1x slots01:07
zombu2minimum is prolly 4x01:07
joe_dmHey just tuned in, I too thought you could run the card from a x1 port, are you sure its not just a BIOS thing sending video out the mainboard whenever it doesnt detect a card in the x1601:08
joe_dmLike if you plug the card into a x1 and connect video to the motherboard can you still use it and see the hardware?01:09
zombu2it will prolly not work01:09
zombu2minimum requirements for that card is 4x01:09
zombu2i looked01:09
joe_dmoh I see01:10
zombu21x will not work01:10
zombu2not enough pins01:10
joe_dmh0p: Mind if I ask, What do you want the card for?01:10
joe_dmGuess that makes sense01:12
zombu2well i m using gtx 780's for wifi cracking01:12
joe_dmwhitehat of corse ;-)01:12
joe_dmI used my 680 when it was still latest and greatest01:13
joe_dmgetting dictionary list is the hard part01:13
zombu2heh i use a 680 for physics only01:13
joe_dmI should day getting good ones01:13
joe_dmI didnt think you could combo a 600 and 700 series together?01:14
zombu2yo don t use dictionaries you use rainbow tables01:14
joe_dmtwo different chipsets.01:14
joe_dmhow can you rainbow table a wifi?01:14
zombu2you can t sli em but you can run it for just physics01:14
joe_dmI thought rainbow tables were pre-hashed and wifi are all hashed against different things... so no rainbow tables for wifi?01:15
zombu2it does work01:15
zombu2yo gotta know ssid and make of router01:15
joe_dmand make of router?01:16
joe_dmare they adding more to the hash than just the SSID now?01:16
zombu2nowadays to crack a wpa2 aes you can use the code vulnerbility01:17
zombu2just plain brute force attack01:17
zombu2most routers have code numbers on01:17
zombu2takes a couple hours and you in01:17
zombu2you  know what i mean ... the 6 digit code01:18
joe_dmhow could you get that though without being close enough to plug in?01:18
zombu2how do i get what01:21
joe_dmthe code01:21
joe_dmrouter info, etc01:21
zombu2the code is unknown01:21
zombu2you can bruteforce it01:21
zombu2it s only 6 digits01:22
zombu2and brute force atack can be done over wifi01:23
zombu2best card for that is alfa01:23
joe_dmThe result was a set of hash tables of about 8 gig total, comprising 1000 of the most common SSID's, computed for 172,000 dictionary words01:31
joe_dmSo far that doesnt look like a viable option01:31
zombu2it s for wpa psk01:32
zombu2wpa2 aes only option is code atack01:32
joe_dmI still think for brute force unless the SSID your attacking is in the rainbow table then it's pointless01:36
zombu2well yeah01:38
zombu2if it s not in the table you have to make a new table wit hthe ssid01:38
zombu2either way wpa2 aes only option to break in is brute force on the 6 digit code01:39
joe_dmHow do I set an SSH session to never time out for a user?05:15
Gallomimia_joe_dm: sorry i can't remember exact command. keepalive something in /etc/sshd_conf06:02
joe_dmYeah tried that06:02
joe_dmstill seems to time out06:02
joe_dmalso i was hoping there was a way to do it for just one user06:03
therealklanniHey, I am getting "Reading package lists... Error!" when running `sudo apt-get update` ... I tried `sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf` but still getting the error, any ideas?06:14
therealklannion precise06:14
therealklanniAnd yes, the apt-get update output in that paste does just stop there, no additional information printed out06:15
cloudmandoes 14.04 configure a dhcp ip rather than a static as 12.04 and if so how can I stop it doing so?06:22
InFiernoImput the IP address and set it IIRC06:26
cloudmanI tried altering /etc/network/interfaces but the server will not start after reboot06:28
cloudmanthis new server will not use 12.04 for some reason regarding new hardware which is a shame06:29
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therealklannican't find anything on forums or elsewhere to fix my issue :/06:51
samiuxtherealklanni, did you stop the process during the update/upgrade?06:54
samiuxmaybe some respos not working06:55
therealklanniIt gets the list but when it's read that one after the universe translate-en it throws that error and exits06:56
samiuxtry to change server06:56
samiuxto other country, such as gb or us06:56
therealklannihmmm, I commented out universe translate-en and no more error06:57
therealklanniwhat does that repo provide? translations? (dumb question)06:57
samiuxI do not know, may be06:58
therealklanniwhoa just got an error on apt-get upgrade now06:58
therealklanniOK found out why I was getting these errors07:00
therealklannia runaway process had eaten up the memory07:00
therealklanniso it was error on memory alloc07:00
therealklanniJust apt-get wasn't outputting the erorr07:00
samiuxwhat process?07:01
therealklanniKilled the proc then uncommented those universe repos and redid it and everything was good07:01
therealklannijava :/07:01
samiuxjava application?07:01
therealklanniyeah minecraft server07:01
samiuxor java itself?07:01
samiuxI see07:02
samiuxfind a bug07:02
samiuxfile a bug*07:02
therealklannifor minecraft?07:03
therealklanniOr bug for apt-get not throwing error correctly07:03
InFiernoAnyone know if there is an easy way to sandbox a java application?07:13
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InFiernoHey anyone mind giving me a hand with IpAliasing?12:56
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kikinovakHi. I can't seem to install Dnsmasq on a fresh install of Ubuntu Server 12.04. I get "dnsmasq : Depends: dnsmasq-base (>= 2.59-4) but it is not going to be installed". Any suggestions ?15:31
InFiernokikinovak, just run aptitude install dmasq-base dmasq15:57
kikinovakInFierno: that doesn't change anything. "Unable to correct problems."16:00
kikinovakInFierno: "dnsmasq-base : Breaks: dnsmasq (< 2.59-4ubuntu0) but 2.59-4 is to be installed16:00
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Joe_DM2Hey All, Does anyone know how I can set a users SSH session to never time out?23:36
Joe_DM2When logged in locally it never times out howeven when connected via the internet it times out after like 10 mins.23:36
ikoniaJoe_DM2: keep_alive23:42
ikoniaJoe_DM2: it's possible you could be being killed at network device level, eg: switch/router23:42
Joe_DM2ikonia: I have already se the universal keep alive, I hadn't though of the router killing my session. Good advice.23:44
ikoniaJoe_DM2: did you set it on the client or the server23:44
Joe_DM2client it putty, not sure where to find it in putty23:44
Joe_DM2I set it on the server23:44
ikoniaah, so that should do it then23:45
ikoniaif you're doing it in putty23:45
ikoniayou know you have to start a new session, that setting doesn't change dynamically (although the docs say it does)23:45
Joe_DM2Yeah, It looks like you can set the keep alive in putty23:46
Joe_DM2Thanks for the tip. :) will see how it goes.23:48

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