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knightwisemorning everyone ! :)06:44
mappshey all06:46
mappshey knightwise06:46
knightwisehey mapps :) how are you today06:46
mappsnot bad mate..going sleep in a bit06:46
knightwiseha :)06:46
knightwisei just go up06:46
knightwiseworking on my macbook pro. Installed 14.04 on it06:46
knightwisenow just need to find out a way to move my bootloader over to the right partition06:47
knightwiserookie mistake !06:47
mappsi was out for the froch fight06:47
mappsthen came home and went out again at 3am06:47
knightwisefroch fight ?06:47
mappsthe boxing match06:48
mappsfroch v groves06:48
mappswent to the casino for 10..was done by 103006:48
mappswent home..watched anchorman went back out at 3;p06:48
knightwisehaha :)06:49
knightwisezo you gonna catch some ZZZ's06:49
mappsyeaa in a bit06:50
mappswent strip club too..yawn06:50
knightwisehahahah :)06:50
mapps'oh i really like you'06:50
mapps'oh im a moron and believe you'06:50
knightwise* now give me a dollar !*06:50
mapps'oh i got no money' *walks off*06:50
knightwisemen are surprisingly naive when most of there blood is below their belt06:50
shaunothe age old problem.  two brains, and only enough blood to run one at a time06:51
knightwisehey funkyHat06:52
mappsim not a mug i just say06:52
mapps'no got no money;06:52
mappssuddenly they dont like me06:53
knightwisedamn :)06:59
knightwisemuscle memory getting in the way . i keep pressing the command key instead of the control key06:59
knightwiseI need to switch them around in the compiz meny07:01
knightwiseI'm gonna get a new laptop for my company (i just started a business) and I think i'm gonna go for a macbook air 11.6 inch ( I7, 8gb, 500gigSSD) that I can use to dual boot OSX and ubuntu07:02
knightwiseSo i'm using my (old) macbook pro as a training ground to get everything setup07:03
mappsmacs are nice07:04
knightwiseThe age of my macbook  is starting to show in the fact that it has a resolution of 1280 by 800 on a 13.3 inch screen07:06
knightwisethats a little on the low side07:06
shaunothe current (non-retina) 13" is exactly the same07:07
knightwisehey shauno07:07
knightwiseI am waiting untill the WWDC is over next week to make sure they are NOT planning a retina version of the 11.6 inch07:08
knightwiseif they don't i'm ordering the current one.07:08
knightwisebut i'll be going for a 11.6 inch07:08
knightwisethat size is just too damn handy07:08
knightwisebtw , have any of you tried conky-manager ?07:17
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shaunofinally started watching 24.  seems like just the ticket for 12hr shifts09:19
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:52
mappshey all11:41
* SuperEngineer is upgrading lubuntu on netbook from 12.04 to 14.04... upgrade by painfully slow upgrade13:15
* SuperEngineer taps fingers impatiently13:15
penguin42netbooks don't have the fastest disks13:16
SuperEngineerPendulum: nor the fastest processors... the download was faster than the [ongoing] configuring13:17
SuperEngineerpenguin42: ^13:17
SuperEngineer[but it is fun having 3 different "buntus": 12.04 ubuntu on desktop; 12.04 xubuntu on HP mini [used as a docs machine for work] [with steam for boring sorfware reloads; lubuntu on netbook... keeps one "occupied"13:23
SuperEngineerI was once asked how I knew about xbuntu when I claimed to be a Ubuntu desktop user..13:26
SuperEngineer..I fired up the netbook & mini in front of them and added the "now imagine a full blown desktop with proper ubuntu on it at home" bit13:26
SuperEngineer...the person who asked is now a convert :D13:27
penguin42nod, I run mostly KDE, although my dads on Mate and my mum  I think has Unity13:28
popeyjust dug out an Eee 90013:44
popeyshould probably put this away in the loft, will never get used really13:44
popeyheh, its running 12.0413:46
popeylast booted this exactly 5 months ago13:48
* SuperEngineer thinks of offering ££ pounds for Eee90013:50
penguin42it's worth more than £2 - a little bit more13:51
SuperEngineer£££ perhaps?13:51
popeyaccording to ebay, no13:54
popeyheh, found an eee 701 on ebay for 120 quid.. optimistic13:54
popeystill has the original xandros install13:54
popeyi think the description is supposed to say "Notebook" but it got nicely truncated...13:55
penguin42phhh - £120 for a 7 inch?!13:56
SuperEngineerdarn - I was hoping you wouldn't check, popey ;)13:58
popeytakes a while to update ☻14:07
SuperEngineerhelp! lubuntu netbook 12-.04->12.10 upgrade ok.  Just kicked off upgrade to 13.10 & stuck on "Do you want to start the upgrade" screen...14:13
SuperEngineercan't move it to see the buttons - or find a key press to accept14:14
SuperEngineer...all ideas accepted ;)14:14
SuperEngineerdamn window is to big for netbook screen14:16
SuperEngineer[big = tall]14:16
popeycan you navigate it with tab keys?14:16
popeytab and space14:16
popeyhold down ALT on window to move it around with mouse14:16
SuperEngineerpopey: will try it [ I Alt-F4'd out of it & noe restarting upgrade14:19
* SuperEngineer plugs in mouse & hopes ;)14:19
penguin42plug in a monitor?14:21
SuperEngineerpenguin42: no need14:23
SuperEngineerpopey: once again, Sir, you are a hero.  Thank you :)14:23
SuperEngineerthings not to do when upgrading netbook - doze off just before the upgrader asks a question... zzzz... :)16:51
SuperEngineerstill here we go - no probs so far16:51
SuperEngineerwhoopee - finally.... netbook lubuntu 12.04->13.10->14.04 upgrade is upgrading to 14.04 [fingers crossed]17:46
SuperEngineeronly prob noticed so far [in 13.10] was gnome-do didn't auto start... nice to have something to do after all going so well [so far] ;)17:48
SuperEngineerhmmm - should I take the opprtunity to catch up on work emails during upgrade?17:52
SuperEngineerwork email or tv ... work email or tv... so hard to choose [not!]17:53
SuperEngineerLaney: Rick Wakeman does The Bill?18:04
daftykinsSuperEngineer: crikey, i'd have just clean installed.18:15
SuperEngineerdaftykins: I too that thatr was a good idea - but I was determined [just for once ] to see what an upgrade to upgrade to upgrade was like - not too bad so far18:17
SuperEngineer[though been bleach biting at end of each upgrade too keep some free space towards start of didk ;)18:18
daftykinsi'd imagine there's a fair stash of useless kernels mounting, yeah18:18
SuperEngineersurprisingly, during the 12.10 -> 13.10 I noticed it automaticaly removed old kernel but as synaptic's there by default removal of "spares" isn't that hard even if it hadn't18:21
daftykinsGUI package management!? heresy!18:21
daftykinshow come you didn't have to go 12.10 to 13.04, to 13.10 ?18:21
SuperEngineer*that* is a question I will not know the answer to! It went from 12.04 -> 12.10 -> 13.1018:23
SuperEngineer[but I have no complaint about that!]18:23
popeyyou dont have to with 12.0418:24
popeyer, 14.0418:24
popeywe support direct upgrades from releases between 12.04 and 14.04 to 14.0418:24
popeybecause of the strange support timescales for the inbetween releases18:25
SuperEngineerdaftykins: ^ ...& there is the answer... thanks popey18:25
daftykinsi understand LTS to LTS18:26
daftykinsi think if you can clean install it's undue waste on the package mirrors really18:26
popeyclean install = ~800MB+ and then the post-install updates.18:27
popeyso still a fair chunk of updates18:27
popeywith an upgrade you jump directly to latest18:27
daftykinsnot in the above scenario18:28
popeywell thats unusual.18:28
popeyhe could have jumped though, and not gone through everyone18:28
SuperEngineerI've done this upgrade in less time thanm it would have taken to download the full iso - create disk or usb - install - reload extras18:28
daftykinsi've a couple of VMs on 10.04 server still18:28
daftykinsmaybe, but i wouldn't fancy the likely quirks i anticipate with upgrades :D18:29
SuperEngineerThat's the fun I'm about to find out!18:30
popeymy laptop has gone 12.04 -> 12.10 -> 13.04 -> 13.10 -> 14.0418:30
SuperEngineerany probs encountered?18:30
popeysure, i upgraded to dev releases18:30
* SuperEngineer checks temperature of netbook - whew...so far, so good18:32
daftykinswhoops, Nexus 4 just came out of my pocket totally unresponsive18:35
daftykinspower button did nothing, but managed to get to bootloader and boot normally18:35
SuperEngineerdaftykins: next time - don't drop it down the loo bowl!18:36
daftykinsbut it wanted to go for a swim :(18:36
SuperEngineer"Global warming will lead to a significant increase in extreme summer downpours and flash floods in the UK, a study suggests."  Any other suprises, BBC? Preferably ones we hadn't already noticed!18:57
* SuperEngineer lives where a whole county went underwater in July!18:58
penguin42SuperEngineer: Note those are the downpours/flash floods rather than the month long pour downs that cause prelonged flooding19:01
SuperEngineerpenguin42: In Gloucestershire a very few years back it happened in *one* downpour, one afternoon.19:03
penguin42SuperEngineer: Right, and that's what they're predicting more of I think, rather than the type of thing that caused last winters problems19:03
SuperEngineeragrred - but it ain't "news"19:03
shaunoit's better than an elephant taking a 'selfie' :/19:04
SuperEngineer...it's just depressing19:04
penguin42shauno: Yes!19:04
SuperEngineershauno: I show that pic - rather that than where it *could* have pointed the camera ;)19:05
SuperEngineersub show/saw19:07
* SuperEngineer always giggles when watching installs/updaes... and see "girl2" passing by in terminal !! #chiildish!19:10
SuperEngineer..but is always reassured when machine has successfully installed the girls!19:12
penguin42it might be reassuring for you....19:13
SuperEngineeroooh - it is!19:13
shaunoplural?  usually installing girl2 causes a lot of problems with girl119:13
SuperEngineershauno: depends on your relationship with girlx - - if anythinfg goes wrong... "..but it wasn't my fault - she just appeared & forced her way in... honest!"19:15
SuperEngineernever do a - "sudo upgrade girl" - unless you really know what you you are doing!19:17
diddledanyeah, because "bash: upgrade: not found"19:18
diddledanand just to prove it I just tried, slightly different message than my attempt at memory above, but it reports: "sudo: upgrade: command not found"19:19
diddledanI think that's just trying to tell me I'm single tho19:19
daftykinsthis foreign neighbour behind my place is on the phone, i can hear *both* sides of the convo19:20
SuperEngineerdaftykins: give a shout out and say "hi" to both for me please19:21
daftykinsugh why do Europeans require such greater volume to speak?19:21
SuperEngineerdaftykins: it's revenge for brits doing the same abroad19:22
diddledanPAS D'IDÉE19:22
SuperEngineerwell, that's the upgrades done [would have been quicker if I hadn't had a snooze half way through!]20:43
SuperEngineerno problems apart from the one I was expecting - gnome-do doesn't work on the 14.04 lubuntu - ho hum - I can live without that if I must ;)(20:45
SuperEngineer[just noticed that it isn't in the lubuntu 14.04 software centre]20:48
SuperEngineer...even though it still shoes in synaptic [hmmmm]20:48
SuperEngineerno probs - I ain't crying20:48
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