superflyI'm not playing... I'm hacking on the script kbmonkey started...00:32
superflyanyway, I'm going to bed now00:32
KilosMaaz  coffee on05:59
* Maaz flips the salt-timer05:59
Kilosmorning peeps05:59
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!06:03
KilosMaaz  ty06:03
MaazYou are welcome Kilos06:03
kbmonkeyoh hai Kilos 09:19
Kiloshi there kbmonkey  what a great job you did. well done09:20
Kilosbusy adding to home09:20
kbmonkeyoh glad you like Kilos it was just an idea :)09:31
kbmonkeyArdonel taught us how to make tiles: craft 2x2 cobblestone09:31
kbmonkeyhow did we never discover that!09:32
Kiloslooks good, adding basement and atic in the glass top09:32
kbmonkeyI left you gravel on the sides as I know you like the sound of walking onit he he09:32
kbmonkeyyou can change anything you like09:32
kbmonkeybusy cropping the roads on the map: me and the fly added some of them twice09:33
Kiloscropping the roads?09:37
kbmonkeyremoving the extra ones09:38
kbmonkeyand working on getting the file size smaller09:38
Kilosaha good job09:45
Kiloshey kbmonkey  dont crop my directions to the desert mine hey. took too long to find it09:49
superflykbmonkey: I think it comes from the "moreblocks" mod09:59
kbmonkeynice :) now we need some sheep for Kilos 10:03
Kilosya sheep will be goos im tired of cutting grass10:04
Kilosgood too10:04
Kilosmaybe geese even10:04
kbmonkeyhe he yeah10:32
kbmonkeysuperfly, have you placed any signs in-game  to mark roads?11:14
kbmonkeydo you think we need them? we could just work by landmarks hey?11:14
kbmonkey(I just number them for easier edit in the future11:15
kbmonkeyin that regard I want to remove the R and U prefixes11:16
superflykbmonkey: I didn't name any roads12:08
superflyI didn't see the point12:08
kbmonkeyKilos, you still in game? I cant seem to connect :(12:11
Kilosyeah 12:11
superflykbmonkey: still struggling to connect?13:43
kbmonkeyall fine now thanks superfly.13:44
kbmonkeyI think my brain is over worked :013:46
Kiloshmm... lucky man got a brain14:05
kbmonkeysorry Kilos got disconnected14:26
Kilosi see14:26
Kiloskbmonkey  we need to store bread and apples in chests in the deep16:25
Kilosgoing ofline when im afk saves lotsa data16:25
Kilos45m today and 110m when online all day16:26
* theblazehen got pulseaudio running across network :D16:26
Kiloswell done16:26
theblazehen(more difficult than it sounds, when combining it with X)16:26
kbmonkeycool theblazehen 16:27
Kilospost your method for others to use too16:27
theblazehenkbmonkey: yeah, also got that16:27
kbmonkeyKilos, just chopped half a forest16:27
kbmonkeygonna put wood blocks as in down below16:28
kbmonkeylet the dwarves take it down16:28
theblazehenRunning pulse server on netbook, with pulse client and mpd on a VM16:28
Kiloslol ya16:28
Kilosbring home16:28
theblazehenvlc sucks, but i don't need that16:28
Kilosvlc is all i use for media16:29
theblazehenVLC is choppy with pulse16:29
Kilosoi fix it16:29
* theblazehen <3's ncmpcpp16:30
Kilosyou peeps that can, must16:30
theblazehenKilos: lol. I'd hate to imagine what a mess that code is16:30
Kiloshi superfly  fone still?16:30
Kilosshame man16:30
superflyit's telkom's fault, as far as I can tell16:31
Kilosthe cables16:31
Kilosthey more worried about keeping me happy16:32
Kiloscause i tweet their ceo16:32
theblazehensuperfly: Can you reach anything in SA?16:32
theblazehenWhat's the tracert to do?16:32
kbmonkeyja Kilos we must watch out for this data heh16:35
Kilosfull time online to game will be 3g a month16:37
Kilosheres another question16:38
Kiloscan one move a full chest to another place16:39
theblazehendont think so16:39
kbmonkeyno, you have to empty it16:39
theblazehennot in normal minecraft at least16:39
Kiloswe need bigger repos16:40
theblazehenKilos: aur.archlinux.org ;)16:41
theblazehen]ah, inventories16:41
theblazehenthought you meant in the apt-get kind16:41
superflytheblazehen: ADSL line is down16:41
theblazehensuperfly: ah, ok. 16:42
Kiloshmm... memories16:42
superflyOn the other hand, USB tethering FTW16:43
theblazehensuperfly: heh, thats what I hate about iOS16:43
Kilosin the old days when telcom had probs to our fone id connect 220 to it quickly and it would pop something in the exchange and they would soon fix i16:43
theblazehenor at least aother thing on the list16:43
theblazehenKilos: heh, ya know in the US and other places that could actually shock other people connected to the exchange16:44
theblazehendunno about SA16:44
Kilosno man it pops the equipment where the lines connect16:45
Kilosbut i spose someone working on the actuall lines could be woken up too hehe16:45
kbmonkeyright I am going to do some real life stuff again...16:46
Kilosmodern exchanges are all connected via interface cards16:46
theblazehenwas somewhere in http://bnrg.cs.berkeley.edu/~randy/Courses/CS39K.S13/anarchistcookbook2000.pdf16:46
Kiloswes http://dwarf.namegeneratorfun.com/16:46
theblazehenthats an entertaining read BTW16:47
kbmonkeyhe he Kilos. I chose gimli :p16:47
kbmonkeyah yes that theblazehen :)16:47
kbmonkeyit is a pdf now?16:47
theblazehenkbmonkey: looks like it..16:47
kbmonkeyhow great were those ascii art diagrams 16:48
theblazehenthere might be newer versions too16:48
theblazehenyeah, was great16:48
theblazehenstill in pdf I think16:48
Kiloshaha says mine is Bartlen Granite-Alum16:49
Kilosused the generator16:49
theblazehenAnyone here play dwarf fortress?16:49
Kilosya bart is good methinks16:50
kbmonkeytheblazehen, I played it for a bit. 16:50
theblazehenkbmonkey: how'd you like it?16:50
kbmonkeylove it,16:50
kbmonkeyso much depth16:50
kbmonkeyhardly scratched the surface16:50
theblazehenPlain ascii or with graphics pack?16:50
theblazehenI just need to get rdp into my win8 box running at startup, then ill get back into it16:51
kbmonkeyhey I used to play moria and angband dont be scared of the ascii16:51
theblazehenyeah, I also do ascii16:51
theblazehenBut might get different font16:51
kbmonkeyit runs on *nix16:51
theblazehenI know, but xdmcp is too slow16:51
theblazehenI played it on my netbook for around a week16:52
kbmonkeyoh 16:52
theblazehenMax 15 fps16:52
kbmonkeycleaned up the map16:52
kbmonkeyneed road and landmarks added16:53
kbmonkeyfunny that you mention DF theblazehen, I was thining about the last week.16:54
kbmonkeyI played for about 2 weeks, I need to play more. just so much to do in there.16:54
theblazehenheh nice. I wonder if people can get multiplayer running16:54
theblazehenWill need to look at dfhack16:54
theblazehenBTW dfhack makes managing labours much easier16:54
kbmonkeyI'll do thanks!16:55
kbmonkeygenerally I only do one game at a time16:55
superflykbmonkey: technically, the world's name is "Fook Island"16:55
kbmonkeyI did not know that superfly, cool.16:56
superflykbmonkey: look up Walter Battiss on Wikipedia16:56
kbmonkeyI noticed the name logging in...16:57
kbmonkeyI like that16:59
Kilosso whats that mithril stuff do17:43
superflySo, looking at some of the mods, we need the cart mod18:04
superflyThe cart mod gives us the ability to travel along rail tracks... Perfect for our roads18:14
ThatGraemeGuyoh hai18:48
theblazehenhey ThatGraemeGuy 18:48
theblazehenhi hashtagyoloswag 19:00
superflyhi hi19:19
superflyKilos: you can log in again20:11
Kilosty superfly  thyat was quick20:12
Kilosthat as well20:12
superflyKilos: it might take a while to log in again, there's more textures to download20:12
Kiloshmm... taking a while to login ya20:15
Kilosnight all , sleep tight20:48
Kilosnight inetpro  . see ya morrow20:49

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