Bashing-ommojtaba: We will follow Jordan_U 's lead here. He do know what he is doing !00:00
kellevanhey there; i like to setup my workspaces to have several browser windows open to particular things... when i reboot, ihave to reposition all these browser windows00:01
kellevanis there a way to save this state, so that when i boot i automatically boot into the arrangement i've pre-determined?00:01
owen1how to make my thinkpad's trackpoint faster?00:02
mojtabaJordan_U: It does not have any output, it just mounts it00:03
mojtabaBashing-om: http://paste.debian.net/102756/00:04
Bashing-ommojtaba: look'n at /102756/ .00:04
mojtabaBashing-om: http://paste.debian.net/102757/00:04
ring3what does nepomuk service?00:05
ring3is nepomuk a dangerous process?00:08
jsheldongreetings and salutations00:08
ring3does nepomuk leaks information from computer?00:08
Snowleaksangeahh this install is pretty nice00:09
__raven_14.04 upgrade brings completely broken networking. resolvconv reinstall and edit of nslookup did not help. what is the solution for that?00:09
deansHurrah!  I found the answer.00:09
mojtabaBashing-om: Any result?00:11
Bashing-ommojtaba: The UUIDs aggree, the mount point does exist, the partition is formatted 'ext4', the format of fstab is correct, you can mount 'sda1' from terminal // It is above my level of knowledge as to why the system does not automount 'sda1'.00:11
deansThe answer is that nothing was displayed because there was a carriage return after each line and the last line was blank so when I removed all the new-line characters the carriage return backed-over the results00:11
__raven_14.04 upgrade brings completely broken networking. resolvconv reinstall and edit of nslookup did not help. what is the solution for that?00:11
daftykins__raven_: can you describe to the channel in more detail what 'completely broken' means? are you missing the interface?00:11
daftykins__raven_: please do not repeat yourself.00:11
mojtabaDoes anybody know why my /sda1 does not auto-mount? PLEASE HELP00:12
Jordan_Umojtaba: I'm trying to help but you're not answering my questions.00:12
mojtabaJordan_U: You said does it have any output, I said no.00:13
Jordan_Umojtaba: Ahh, sorry I missed that comment.00:13
__raven_daftykins: slow/no connection, timeouts, no dns lookups...00:13
humbagdeans i guess that is funny, in hindsight00:13
Jordan_Umojtaba: Is this a phone / netbook / tablet?00:14
mojtabaJordan_U: none of them00:14
Jordan_Umojtaba: What type of computer is it?00:14
mojtabaJordan_U: PI00:14
Bashing-omJordan_U: -> mojtaba // I also would like to know. as stated over my head now.00:15
Jordan_Umojtaba: Ok. Where did you get the Ubuntu image for your Rasberry Pi?00:15
mojtabaJordan_U: that is raspbian which is like ubuntu00:16
deanshumbag: I still feel like the result is wrong ... I should see the last line despite the carriage-return00:16
deanshumbag: the carriage return shouldn't delete the characters?00:17
deanshumbag: sorry, not the last lie -- the longest line and parts of shorter ones00:17
Jordan_Umojtaba: Apparently not enough like Ubuntu to handle /etc/fstab normally. This channel only supports Ubuntu. Try ##linux for generic linix support.00:17
mojtabaJordan_U: Thank you so much for your help00:18
Jordan_Umojtaba: You're welcome.00:18
Bashing-omJordan_U: -> mojtaba Thanks, makes me feel like I am not a total idiot .00:19
mojtabaBashing-om: I did not get you00:19
humbagdeans: apparently not: printf "foo\rbar\r"00:20
Bashing-ommojtaba: Like Jordan_U advised. something in pi is not ubuntu, and is not handling fstab like ubuntu does.00:20
Snowleaksangelol it install grub to wrong mbr00:20
Snowleaksangenow if i try to boot my hd i install usb on, it gives me file not found, grub rescue.  if i try to boot my windows hd, it give me grub!00:21
mojtabaBashing-om: sorry for bothering then00:21
Snowleaksangeand then i can boot my other hd00:21
Snowleaksanges/usb on/linux on/00:21
Bashing-ommojtaba: I was glad to try to assist. It was not a wasted effort.00:22
deanshumbag: I guess I don't understand what a carriage return is -- I thought it moved the cursor but didn't "erase" any existing text00:22
mojtabaBashing-om: I really appreciate it00:22
Jordan_Umojtaba: It's an intersting problem, and I'd love to try to help further, in ##linux.00:23
jsheldonisn't there a different between a carriage return and a line feed?  or is that no longer the case?00:23
Snowleaksangehow the hell do  i open a terminal00:23
mojtabaJordan_U: I think if you could help, you could do it here. (my opinion)00:23
Snowleaksangelol ok that worked00:23
Snowleaksangekinda boggles the mind that i cant easily click to open terminal00:24
deansSnowleaksange: it used to be the center mouse button anywhere provided a way but I think now you can use ctrl-alt-t00:24
Snowleaksangesure i dont mind memorizing random keyboard codes00:24
Snowleaksangegreat design00:25
humbagcliquer c'est passé00:25
jsheldoni think ctrl-alt-t probably stands for terminal ;-)00:25
jsheldonso not so random00:26
deansSnowleaksange: In the past I had make SUPER-L my hotkey to open a terminal but ever since 8.04 that doesn't seem to be allowed (although it works if you install 8.04, set the keyboard shortcut, then upgrade)00:26
deansSnowleaksange: it is a better design than the new cryptographic symbols which have been replacing words in "applications" like gmail00:27
deansSnowleaksange: at least you don't have to hit the square with a swooshy thing to xyz00:27
Snowleaksangethink i have to disagree there deans.  you can mouseover icons to get description of them.  i had to ask on irc how to open terminal00:27
deansSnowleaksange: isn't it in the "start" menu?00:28
humbagon a mac i think it's apple-t, on openbox it's windows-t00:28
deansSnowleaksange: you can also use ctrl-alt-F[123456] to get access to the command line00:29
Snowleaksangethanks i think ctrl-alt-t will be enough for me00:30
deansctrl-alt-F[1..6] is better for switching between "known" terminals fast00:30
deansIf I know a certain things is always open on ctrl-alt-F4 I can get to it faster00:31
Snowleaksangeim really just visting linux...00:31
Snowleaksangeonce i make and test some builds will release them and return to my beloved macbook air00:32
deansSnowleaksange: I like linux better.  Not so much Ubuntu but I feel I must use it because it is so well supported.00:32
deansUbuntu seems to be moving backwords by hiding more and more information from users and things of this nature.00:33
Snowleaksangei wouldnt be such an apple fanyboy except that microsoft and linux make me appreciate it so much00:33
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deansApple is terrible for things like censorship.00:34
Snowleaksangegranted they have lot easier problem making software for limited hardware00:34
Snowleaksangedunno about censorship00:34
TuxThunderI'm suffering from this exact problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=170088200:34
TuxThunderBut, using a DVI to hdmi converter isn't currently an option.00:35
TuxThunderAny advice?00:35
deansApple is pro-censorship.  Also they do things like make the batter built-in so that device "must" be thrown away after some time.00:35
TuxThunder(Video, Xorg scrolling when attached to a TV)00:35
Snowleaksangesounds like rhetoric00:35
deansApple is also basically closed-source.00:36
ImdsmI am trying to install 13.10 along side windows. sda1 is recovery, sda2 is windows, sda3 is what I am trying to use for ubuntu with sda5 (logical) as swap. I previously installed 14.04 LTS which booted fine with grub, but it had bugs. So I removed that and installed 13.10, but now grub is broken. I just boot to recovery mode.00:36
ImdsmI'm now reinstalling 13.10 onto sda3, but wondered, before I reboot, how can I fix grub?00:37
XeHow would I upgrade swig in Ubuntu 12.04 to version 2.8?00:37
TuxThunderImdsm: grub has an option to tell where to install itself00:37
TuxThunderI believe it's grub -i /dev/whatever00:37
Imdsmwould that be /dev/sda?00:37
deansApple also is happy to make sure you don't have any privacy.00:37
thechaHi i am an ubuntu user and i have accidently overwritten the locale.gen, how do i fix this?00:38
ImdsmTuxThunder: it complained about missing 'normal.mod'00:38
ImdsmI wondered whether it had left grub on from the previous install (14.04) maybe00:38
TuxThunderThat I don't know about the :-/00:38
deansLinux cares more about user-privacy than anyone.00:38
Imdsmok, no problem, thanks00:38
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puffI need to rip an audo CD to mp3.  sound juicer seems to be the default ubuntu app for that... any recommendations?01:04
mark__Hi I'm new here first time on Smuxi too01:05
puffmark__: Welcome aboard.01:06
chadwhat cd puff?  just curious :D01:08
chadpuff: i'd use vlc, only because it's what i use for playback and it happens to have ripping capabilities01:09
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daftykinsmark__: "smuxi" ?01:09
mark__smuxi chat client ubuntu01:10
daftykinsah, client, ok01:10
dw1Imdsm: 13.10 expires in july, id do 14.0401:10
puffchad: Mamady Keita01:10
ZooklubbaAnyone know why I cant install apparmor? Well I can install it, but the init script doesnt run properly. Ends with: invoke-rc.d: initscript apparmor, action "reload" failed.01:11
Zooklubbahttps://gist.github.com/davols/5d44cd0e5487d210c35a complete install gist with errors01:11
puffchad: Actually this appears to be a data CD full of .wav files... so now I need to convert those.01:11
puffchad: Specifically, Mamady Keita:  A life for the djembe.01:12
puffI really need to get a good eye loupe of some sort, for looking at edges.01:13
mark__want to install java jmf2.1.1e on ubuntu ?01:18
puffmark__: Java media framework?01:18
Blender_NoobI see a lot of people coming and going but does anyone actually chat here?01:21
alfonsojonYou'll wake them01:22
mark__I found this great web site with ubuntu ppa's to install java1.8.0_0501:22
puffmark__: What problem are you having?01:23
puffBlender_Noob: Sometimes.  Apparently not right now.01:23
alfonsojonpuff: He's having no problems01:23
alfonsojonHe's just stating he found a nifty website.01:23
puffalfonsojon: Ah?01:23
Blender_NoobNew to Ubuntu and Linux all around trying to figure this stuff out.01:23
puffalfonsojon: Earlier he asked about jmf.01:23
rodicioHi. How I execute a .bin?  It is an emulator of Android. The Genymotion01:23
mark__the download of the jmf on oracle splatters all over my terminal when I try to install01:24
puffmark__: I'm a java developer, been installing it on my own forever (for the longest time there was NO package support for java on just about anything, except maybe redhat) so I usually just install stuff manualy.01:25
puffmark__: Also, last I looked jmf was orphaned, hadn't been a release or update in several years... maybe Oracle changed that.01:26
mat1603hello. Can i somehow increase firefox internet connection prioritate? for instance i'm downloading something from software center and i want to surf the internet at the same time01:26
mark__I think oracle left it01:27
CoolBitchthe coolest bitch is here01:27
puffmat1603: In the address bar, type: about:config  Look for: network.http.max-connections-per-server01:28
CoolBitchouuuuu ouuuà01:28
CoolBitchno no no01:29
CoolBitchsee i dont know why i loved u so much01:29
puffmark__: Which download from oracle did you use?01:29
CoolBitchi gave u all of my trust01:29
puffmark__: Also, if you're going to go swimming in the java deep end, I suggest you learn about alien and similar things.01:29
CoolBitchyou told me you loved me01:29
mark__the one for linux01:29
CoolBitchnow you put me through pain i wanna let you know how i feel01:29
CoolBitchfuck what i did was your fault somehow01:29
chadcoolbitch: shut up :x01:30
CoolBitchi used to get so worked up on mirc when i was 10 id be sweating when ppl called me hot01:30
mark__what is alien ?01:31
ivan__ayuda para activar pad en ubuntu 14.02 lts01:31
mark__I need to goto supper now01:31
puffmark__: the linux performance pack?01:32
CoolBitchone of the first ppls?01:32
mark__yeah linux performance pack01:32
mark__I got byte code all over my terminal window01:32
puffmark__: Yeah, I see what you mean.01:33
CoolBitchthe first smart ones01:33
puffmark__: Well, how about trying out the zip file first, before you get into the performance pack?01:33
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mark__I wouldn't know where to put it01:33
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:34
mat1603sorry i got out of ram. in connection per server i have there value 601:34
mark__be back in a few01:34
CoolBitchi bought omega 3s today01:37
deanswith mp3wrap I get Error: too many files to wrap! so what application can I use instead (from the command line)?01:37
CoolBitchi was almost high lol01:37
holsteinCoolBitch: please enjoy discussing it in the #ubuntu-offtopic channel.. thanks01:38
mat1603network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server;6         should i change it to set higher internet priotitate to firefox?01:40
CoolBitchokilies dokilies01:40
Snowleaksangeblundering thru tons of random package installs01:49
Snowleaksangei have no /usr/include/sys01:49
Snowleaksangethis is a nightmare01:49
holsteinSnowleaksange: this?01:49
Snowleaksangeoh i didnt install build-essential01:50
holsteinSnowleaksange: consider not installing a bunch of random packages.. try and stay in repo01:50
Snowleaksangewonder how many other random build-semi-essential packages left to discover01:50
Snowleaksangeactually i still have no /usr/include/sys01:51
Snowleaksangeso at least 101:51
holsteinnone, if in repo.. dependencies will resolve01:51
Snowleaksangehow do i determine what package i need for  /usr/include/sys/types.h ?01:51
holsteinwhat are you trying to accomplish?01:51
Snowleaksangeim trying to INSTALL APPROPRIATE FILE INTO /usr/include/sys/types.h01:52
Snowleaksangesigh. there has to be a better linux distro01:52
holsteinSnowleaksange: "better" is a matter of opinion..01:53
Radon_3hi everybody, can I ask a question about Kget application in here? not usage of the application, the running proccess of it?01:53
holsteinSnowleaksange: you can put what you need there.. for that file.. but, it seems like you may be just trying to make ubuntu be something else?01:53
holsteinSnowleaksange: what are you looking for at /usr/include/sys? and why? what makes you think anything is missing?01:54
Snowleaksangedpkg -S /usr/include/sys/types.h says nothing01:54
holsteinSnowleaksange: right..01:54
holsteinSnowleaksange: dpkg is for package management.. not for asking about file locations.. what do you need there, friend?01:55
Snowleaksangehmm maybe i need apt-get update01:55
holsteinSnowleaksange: maybe?01:55
Snowleaksangeim finding refereces on web to libc6-dev-i38601:55
holsteinSnowleaksange: if you want to update your system, thats one way to do it.. do you want/need to update?01:56
Snowleaksangeholstein no offense but youre obviously a noob01:56
Snowleaksangei need help from experienced people01:56
holsteinSnowleaksange: you can use "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"01:56
holsteinSnowleaksange: im actually quite experienced here.. and what you are asking is quite uncommon01:56
Snowleaksangeanyone who has used linux for 10 years knows about /usr/include/sys01:57
holsteinSnowleaksange: sure.. and what the problem?01:57
Snowleaksangedoesnt exist on my machine01:57
holsteinSnowleaksange: what do you need it for?01:57
Snowleaksangeso probably i need to install some package01:57
holsteinSnowleaksange: do you?01:58
Snowleaksangecompiling c programs01:58
holsteinSnowleaksange: why "probably? ?01:58
holsteinSnowleaksange: are you compiling C applications?01:58
Snowleaksangesome people on web suggest symbollic linking01:58
holsteinSnowleaksange: if you are, seeks support with those application maintainers01:58
Snowleaksangetheres no maintainers im just trying to compile hello world01:58
Radon_3can I?01:59
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holsteinSnowleaksange: ubuntu has what is required, and the package management resovles dependencies. if you are trying to add 3rd party applications, they let you know what is needed01:59
holsteinRadon_3: can you ask? sure..01:59
Snowleaksangehow do i find a list of all packages matching a prefix?01:59
trismSnowleaksange: apt-cache search -n '^prefix'02:01
ldiamondI'm in the Ubuntu 14.04 server install right now, I want to reuse my old home partition, but I'm not sure which one it is.02:01
Snowleaksangethanks trism02:01
ldiamondHow can I mount them from busybox to see what's in there?02:01
Radon_3I thought maybe kget was offtopic, thank you. I was using the app for a few days now, but last night it stopped working, no matter how I start the application, I wouldn't see it's window, the proccess shows in the System Monitor, but I can't get a window to work with the application, What is wrong?02:01
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount02:01
Snowleaksangei think its libc6-dev-x32 heh02:01
Guest29347Snowleaksange, try something like "sudo ln -s /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/sys/types.h /usr/include/sys/types.h" (or google for missing /usr/include/sys/)02:01
Snowleaksangedont give advice you havent followed Guest2934702:01
Snowleaksangei think i just found the magic package name02:01
Radon_3Ialso tried purging the app and the dependencies, and reinstalling them but the same is going on...02:02
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines02:02
Radon_3Kget wouldn't load02:02
ldiamondholstein, unfortunately, mount doesn't work.02:03
holsteinldiamond: i would just use a live CD and look02:04
holsteinldiamond: i would want to have any important data backedup regardless..02:04
ldiamondholstein, actually it works now. Not sure why it failed before...02:04
ldiamondwell, it's really not "that" important.02:04
ldiamonddon't want to reboot02:04
holsteinRadon_3: what are the errors?02:05
Snowleaksangehmm the web seems to say libc6-dev-x32 actually for amd64 systems02:06
Snowleaksangei dunno why there isnt an libc6-dev-i38602:06
Radon_3holstein: there are none man, does kget have some log of some sort?02:06
holsteinSnowleaksange: what does the application you are trying to compile need?02:06
holsteinRadon_3: you can try running it from the command line..02:07
Snowleaksangeholstein; type man socket.  see how it  says #incluyde <sys/types.h>  ?  that doesnt work for me.  because i have no /usr/include/sys dir02:07
holsteinSnowleaksange: you have gcc?02:09
holsteinSnowleaksange: whats the error message?02:10
Snowleaksangeyoure wasting my time02:10
Snowleaksangeyou can possibly help me so stop trying02:10
holsteinSnowleaksange: ?02:10
Snowleaksangeim not talking to you holstein02:10
holsteinSnowleaksange: im not sure why you would be hostile toward a volunteer.. but, feel free and ask a support question here. otherwise, use the #ubuntu-offtopic channel for *all* other communitcation.. thanks02:12
tewardSnowleaksange, your attitude needs to adapt to allow others to assist, please make a note of that.  This is a public support channel, anyone is allowed to assist you, and you need to have patience and need to answer people's questions to get further help.02:12
Radon_3holstein: Here is the output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7562882/02:12
tewardSnowleaksange, and unless you have a support question, holstein is right, use #ubuntu-offtopic for all other communication.02:12
Snowleaksangemy Q is what package to install to get /usr/include/sys ?02:12
Pheral[21:10:38] <Snowleaksange> im not talking to you holstein02:13
Snowleaksangesince noone can answer that or even comprehend motivations behind this02:13
Pheral>asks for help02:13
Pheral>doesn't talk to somebody who can help02:13
Snowleaksangedownloading centos image02:13
tewardSnowleaksange, does this help?  http://askubuntu.com/questions/414110/wheres-my-usr-include-sys-directory02:13
tewardthat seems to be the question you asked02:13
teward(ignoring that the question refers to an upgrade to 13.04, it might still be relevant)02:13
Snowleaksangeyeah im hoping that not official answer02:14
Snowleaksangetheres a lot of symbollic links to make02:14
=== megabitdragon is now known as megabit|away
Snowleaksangethat was abbreviated as "..etc" in the answer02:14
Snowleaksangeanyway if thats official answer im def going centos02:14
Snowleaksangetheres also a lot of other conflicting answers if you keep googling teward02:15
Radon_3holstein: Any ideas?02:15
tewardSnowleaksange, which version of Ubuntu are you on?  It may be different per version...02:16
teward(and I have VMs of each supported release, I can always poke them and see)02:16
tewardone moment then please02:17
Snowleaksangethanks a lot02:17
tewardSnowleaksange, try installing the libc6-dev-amd64 package.02:19
Radon_3holstein: you gone ? :(02:19
tewardhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/libc6-dev-amd64/filelist suggests that has the /usr/include/sys/* stuff02:19
holsteinRadon_3: no..02:20
Snowleaksangehm yeah but im on 32 bit machine02:20
Radon_3holstein: so any suggestions man?02:20
tewardSnowleaksange, it's an i386 package02:20
tewardlemme check what the i386 package has02:20
Snowleaksangeah ok well ill try it02:20
Snowleaksangeyeah i really thought i needed a libc6-dev-i38602:20
Snowleaksangethats what some answers said02:20
Snowleaksangebut there is none02:20
holsteinRadon_3: where did you get kget?02:20
Radon_3holstein: from the repositories02:21
Radon_3'apt-get install kget'02:21
holsteinRadon_3: no ppa's?02:21
Radon_3no ppa's I don't like them02:21
Radon_3I only go official02:22
tewardSnowleaksange, libc6-dev-i386 is in the amd64 builds, libc6-dev-amd64 is in the i386 builds02:22
tewardSnowleaksange, that's your problem - the -amd64 variant seems to be the 32bit package, and the -i386 variant seems to be the 64bit package02:22
Snowleaksangeheh yes!02:23
=== vladhaun- is now known as vladhaund
Snowleaksangeinstalling the amd64 filled my /usr/incluyde/sys with links to (not the 64 bit dir) but the i386 dir02:23
Radon_3holstein: could it be because I am on unity and not using kde ?02:23
Snowleaksangeok great that fixes me.02:23
holsteinRadon_3: sure.. but, it should get what it needs02:23
tewardSnowleaksange, see?  doesn't being calm and answering people's questions when they try to get information on an issue you're having help?  :002:24
teward:) *02:24
Radon_3holstein: I kind of need it to work man ....02:24
tewardSnowleaksange, I can't guarantee you'll get all the header files you'll need, but it's a start02:24
holsteinRadon_3: oh, i hear you.. but, im saying, it *should* pull in what it needs and work02:24
Snowleaksangeyeah guess so :)02:24
holsteinRadon_3: looks related to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde4libs/+bug/95915102:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 959151 in kde4libs (Ubuntu) "QDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave." [Low,Invalid]02:25
holsteinRadon_3: are you on 14.04? are you up to date with updates?02:25
psusiI believe that libc6-dev-amd64 is for cross compiling 64 bit apps on a 32 bit system, and vice versa02:26
Snowleaksangeyou would think that given the name would you psusi02:27
psusifor compiling apps for whichever arch you are on, you just use libc6-dev02:27
Snowleaksangewoudldnt you02:27
tewardpsusi, according to -devel that's what it's for.02:27
GoncalofHi all02:27
Snowleaksangebut actually libc6-dev-amd64 is what supplies the i386 version of /usr/include/sys02:27
psusiwell, no, from the name I would think -amd64 was for use on -amd6402:27
Snowleaksangeprobably in addition to amd64 cross compiling libs, not sure about that02:27
tewardSnowleaksange, as psusi said, you may also just want to install libc6-dev.02:27
psusiyes, because it is for cross compiling amd64 programs *from* a 32 bit system02:27
tewardSnowleaksange, i may have been incorrect in my initial assessment02:27
Snowleaksangealready had that installed teward02:27
Radon_3holstein: I am on 12.0402:28
psusiwhich is why the -amd64 package is only in the :i386 arch02:28
Snowleaksange /usr/inclyde/sys is for lot more than cross compilation02:28
Snowleaksangeand you dont overwrite /usr/include/sys for each arch you want to cross compile for02:29
tewardpsusi, i think this needs further devel discussion.  libc6-dev fails to install a /usr/include/sys package02:29
GoncalofI'm looking for some help with my powerpc g5 i'd like some change and was hoping to get some info here. Anyone ?02:29
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ02:29
Radon_3holstein: can you please stay around for a little while? I am gonna restart the system I guess I have found the source of the problem.... so can you?02:29
Radon_3this might be intresting02:29
holsteinRadon_3: if im not here, many volunteers are.. but i should be here a bit02:30
Radon_3ok, great02:30
Goncalofthank you holtein will look into it02:30
Snowleaksangeyeah the /usr/include/sys files are def in the wrong package, going by package descriptions02:30
Snowleaksangemaybe theres some technical hack for the packaging system that makes it conveniant to put them there, but its really confusing02:30
tewardSnowleaksange, actually i'm curious on that, and i'm poking the dev team now, because me curious is a bad thing :P02:30
tewardSnowleaksange, i can think of one hack... symlink folders around.  but that's a lengthy workaround, but meh.02:31
DesignerXhi, is there a way to run a program & log it's activity like what files it uses & permissions of these files ?02:31
Snowleaksangeconveniant to put them s/there/inthe amd64 package/02:32
kostkonDesignerX, lsof02:32
modernbobanyone know where I can get info on command line tools to look at network traffic as in wireshark02:32
handsomejackrepent or perish02:33
modernbobSnowleaksange: thank you02:34
Radon_3holstein: nope, I thought it was because I somethings I installed lastnight, but nope.02:39
Radon_3Sorry If I kept you waiting man... :(02:39
allengood evening all02:42
=== allen is now known as Guest71623
Guest71623has anyone had trouble changing cursors in Ubuntu 14.04 ?02:43
=== Guest71623 is now known as AllenRM
AllenRMi install the theme, but i see the default white cursor all the time, but the other effects for the cursor seem to be working02:44
Goncalofholstein from what i understand in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ#How_do_I_boot_from_a_USB_drive.3F i need to already have ubuntu for this ? ô_Ô02:44
holsteinGoncalof: i just boot the CD and install02:45
GoncalofNevermind i found a link in it for a mac sollution02:45
holsteinGoncalof: apple doesnt tend to faciliate USB boot, so, i just go with what they do02:45
Goncalofwell the problem is my dvd drive is well "retired"02:46
chadQ) is there a way to hide the menu bar the same way you can hide the dock (hidden until your mouse hits the edge of the resolution border)?02:46
holsteinGoncalof: sure, but if the machine *only* boot it, you'll need to get one02:47
holsteinGoncalof: i just swapped in a different one on my older PPC mac's02:47
CatBurglerV8I'm still contemplating installing jmf02:48
DesignerXcan I use lsof to start a program like  lsof -c "sudo vmware"  ?02:48
Goncalofi just got the one mac for like 9 years now :-) I read that my mac should be able to boot from usb but it requires some kind of yaboot02:48
holsteinGoncalof: i would just put an optical drive in02:48
holsteinGoncalof: all the tricks i have used to boot usb on mac were using a bootable cd to start the process..02:49
chadno ideas on hiding the menu bar?02:49
holsteinGoncalof: you should be able to find a DVD rom drive that would work in that machine for free/very-cheap somewhere02:49
Radon_3holstein: you wanna know something intresting? All the other KDE applications are working just fine, only kget is messing around...02:49
Radon_3where does it store its settings? maybe if I erased them ....02:50
lolllipoopWhen an Azn teenager is reluctant to finish getting ass fucked, it's this guy's cue to utilize a pro-wrestling style submission maneuver and ride it home. Featuring acting so good Kirk Cameron would shed a single tear.   http://www.efukt.com/21122_The_Anal_Full_Nelson.html02:50
GoncalofI'll see what i can find holstein thanks for the replies :)02:50
Onia ***  I am now away.  Reason: Idle.  ***02:50
Radon_3could it be because maybe I was hacked?02:52
holsteinRadon_3: were you? i doubt one would target only kget02:52
SchrodingersScatRadon_3: have you been hacked?02:52
holsteinRadon_3: all i can offer is alternatives.. wget.. other download managers02:53
Radon_3I don't know folks, I was only guessing.... maybe I was hacked yesterday, now the effects of it was that kget won't work anymore02:53
holsteinRadon_3: otherwise, you could try 14.04 live CD, and see if the issue is there, and consider moving up to the next LTS if its worth that to you.. or, add a PPA for the application to 12.0402:53
holsteinRadon_3: you need to confirm if you were hacked or not, regardless of kget..02:54
Radon_3maybe they missed, or miss placed somethings02:54
holsteinRadon_3: did they?02:55
holsteinRadon_3: i mean, i would know they didnt, or fresh install 14.04 ASAP02:56
=== chad is now known as killkim
Radon_3I mean there is no button there for me that I can push so that I can jump to 14.0402:58
Radon_3holstein: but isn't 14.04 still in testing? Cause the update option is not available yet for me?02:58
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04 - Read the release notes at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes02:58
holsteinRadon_3: no02:59
holsteinRadon_3: 14.04 is released april (the .04 part) af 2014 (the 14 part). so, its been out for a bit now03:00
Radon_3holstein: no what?03:00
holsteinRadon_3: no, 14.04 is *not* testing03:00
Radon_3holstein: so why the option is not yet available for 12.04 users?03:00
Jeeves_Mosshow can I throubleshoot why I can't connect to the internet?  I can ping the local subnet, but, after doing an update, I can't connect to the internet now.03:00
holsteinRadon_3: its held back til the 14.04.1 release03:01
holsteinRadon_3: you dont want to upgrade, anyway03:01
holsteinRadon_3: if you think you have been hacked, you need to assume *all* is compromised.. and fresh install, after confirming you dont have a bios hack that will reinfect03:01
Radon_3you guys are so pushing me, I am gonna do it....03:01
Radon_3alright here we go03:01
holsteinRadon_3: i assure you, im not pushing anything03:01
CatBurglerV8does someone have some pull with oracle ?03:02
Radon_3ok, how should I upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04?03:02
Radon_3how can I do it?03:03
holsteinCatBurglerV8: someone at oracle would.. contact them03:03
holsteinRadon_3: no03:03
Radon_3I mean without loosing much...03:03
holsteinRadon_3: as i said, if you have been compromised, you need to wipe and fresh install and be careful what you backup and how03:03
holsteinRadon_3: you *want* to lose much03:03
bsdbanditi have cgroups setup and configured but my question is now is there a way to be alerted when cgroups hits the threshold ?03:03
=== justinS is now known as jhsimpson
Radon_3forget about all that, I *want* to upgrade from 12.04 to 14.0403:04
holsteinRadon_3: not if you have been hacked03:04
Radon_3holstein: is there some way I could determine if I have been hacked? And why not?03:05
holsteinRadon_3: any guide you find like http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/04/upgrade-ubuntu-14-04-12-04 will help you upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04.. and you should *not* do that03:05
Radon_3why should I not do that?03:05
holsteinRadon_3: as i said, frien, if you have been hacked, you have been hacked. the upgrade can leave your hacked system in place03:06
Radon_3man I am so confused now ...03:06
holsteinRadon_3: if you have ben hacked, dont upgrade.. fresh install03:06
SchrodingersScatRadon_3: why would you trust a compromised system?03:06
Radon_3Ok, I get the message, thank you guys, but how can Isee if I was hacked ...03:07
holsteinRadon_3: now, you reallly cant03:07
holsteinRadon_3: you can do things *before* getting hacked, and see what files were changed, or be notified when things change.. but, you need to keep that copy in a safe place..03:08
Radon_3I wish I had some NESUS thingy in place ;(03:08
Radon_3or a TIGER .... I have tiger installed, can I check things with that?03:09
holsteinRadon_3: not now03:09
holsteinRadon_3: if tiger or *anything* or *everything* was compromised, you cant trust it03:09
ziyourenxiangdoes ubuntu publish official checksums of files somewhere? i ran aide on several installations and the checksums are the same, so looks fine to me, but will be good if there is an “official” source03:09
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows03:09
holsteinziyourenxiang: ^03:10
holsteinziyourenxiang: maybe those are just the iso's though.. you may be looking or more03:10
holsteinfor more*03:10
ziyourenxiangyes i am. :-)03:10
=== svm_invictvs is now known as mrmeeseeks
Radon_3ziyourenxiang: me too, for some time now...03:11
Radon_3ziyourenxiang: I want what you want man03:11
holsteinRadon_3: i dont thin kso03:11
holsteinRadon_3: if your system was compromised, you cant trust anything.. you cant trust reports of any kind03:11
Radon_3holstein: no I mean A few months back when I was a debian user, I craved such a thing.03:12
holstein!info debsums03:13
ubottudebsums (source: debsums): tool for verification of installed package files against MD5 checksums. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.52+nmu1 (trusty), package size 42 kB, installed size 199 kB03:13
holsteinziyourenxiang: i might start there ^03:13
=== mrmeeseeks is now known as meeseeks
holsteinRadon_3: that might work upstream in debian the same..03:13
ziyourenxiangholstein, thanks.03:14
=== akiha is now known as tetor
Jeeves_Mosshow can I throubleshoot why I can't connect to the internet?  I can ping the local subnet, but, after doing an update, I can't connect to the internet now.03:19
holsteinJeeves_Moss: you can ping the router?03:20
Jeeves_Mossholstein, yes, I can ping everyhing interally03:20
Jeeves_Mossand I was bombing along just fine until I did an update!03:20
holsteinJeeves_Moss: you can look at dns03:20
killkimQ) is there a way to hide the menu bar the same way you can hide the dock (hidden until your mouse hits the edge of the resolution border)?03:21
Jeeves_Mossholstein, yes, DNS resolves03:21
holsteinJeeves_Moss: so, you can ping google.com ? whats the error when you try?03:22
Jeeves_Mossholstein, it resovles the DNS, but times out with the ping03:23
holsteinJeeves_Moss: so, whats the error?03:23
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:23
holsteinJeeves_Moss: sounds to me like it could be a networking error with your isp or router...03:24
killkimi'll just keep asking ;D03:25
holsteinkillkim: please dont03:25
Jeeves_Mossholstein, it's weird.  everything was working before, and the router has the same ACL as the other working Linux boxes03:25
aq_killkim: What was the question?03:25
killkimwell honstein, that was my first response03:25
holsteinkillkim: you know how to hide the dock?03:25
killkimthat's not what i asked03:25
ianorlinat the top is what you are asking03:25
holsteinkillkim: this is what im asking.. do you know how to hide the dock?03:25
killkimoh, yeah03:26
holsteinkillkim: so, you want to hide the menubar along the top in unity?03:26
killkimthere is no auto-hide option i can find for the menu bar like there is for the launcher/dock :\03:26
killkimyes holstein03:26
holsteinkillkim: i would use a panel that has that option03:26
killkimholstein: i'm not sure what that means03:27
holsteinkillkim: i would use a technology that does what i seek.. AFAIK< the panel stays in place.. i would go with xfce which has a panel that hides.. and docks you can add that hide03:28
killkimso by "i would use a technology that ..." you mean use a different "launcher" ?03:29
holsteinkillkim: i mean, if you want a desktop where you have full control over hiding all elements, there are many, and many other elements to try03:30
killkimliterally (precisely) all i want to do is have the menu bar hide/show like the dock does on mouseover :\03:30
holsteinkillkim: customization and total control is not what unity is seeking to provide.. but, something like KDE is providing many options..03:30
holsteinkillkim: sure.. it doesnt03:31
killkimso you suggest to use something other than unity?03:31
killkimsince i'm too picky03:31
holsteinkillkim: its not intended to facilitate that happening.. but literally every other menubar/panel does03:31
holsteinkillkim: im not suggesting you are too picky.. im saying, if you want different functionality, try a different product03:32
killkimnah man, sorry, i didn't mean that you were suggesting i'm picky03:32
killkimi'm just pointing out my own flaws03:32
holsteinkillkim:  i dont think its a flaw at all.. i mean if you want to hide it, hide it.. but its just not a feature of unity03:33
killkimexactly what i needed to hear03:33
killkimthanks :D03:33
Snowleaksangeall my code built and everything working gloriously :D03:33
Snowleaksangewas bit of a rocky ubuntu-upgrade-day for me03:34
killkimi love this OS03:34
Snowleaksangethanks for everyones help and patience03:34
holsteinSnowleaksange: congratulations!.. be sure to utilize the #ubuntu-offtopic channel for non-support banter.. thanks03:34
killkimi'm disappointed in myself for staying away from irc for so long. i haven't been involved in irc channels for 10+ years. shame on me03:35
brianblaze420I feel you on that killkim but the thing it's cool how it's one of those places that you come back to and are right back at home haha03:36
* felcher spanks killkim's ass03:36
killkimi hope so brian :)03:36
brianblaze420for sure haha03:37
killkimi'm also in another channel that you'd be into03:37
Jeeves_Mossholstein, kicked the router, and everything works.  ugh03:37
killkimbut it's the first time i've been there03:37
john---Hello everyone03:37
killkimnobody is talking in there right now :\03:37
sc4rejohn--: heloo!03:37
holsteinJeeves_Moss: enjoy.. at least you know where the issue is03:37
john---I would like to interject for just a moment03:37
john---to speak to you about why Ubuntu is not free software03:38
holsteinjohn---: use the #ubuntu-offtopic channel for non-support questions03:38
sc4reWhy would you say that, john--?03:38
killkimit's not free?03:39
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:39
killkimheh sorry03:40
hiro__Hi all. I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 and I've installed pipelight-multi and netflix-desktop from ppa:pipelight/stable . When I attempt to launch netflix-desktop or use Firefox or Chromium with a Windows user agent, Netflix asks me to install Silverlight03:42
hiro__I have already run sudo pipelight-plugin --enable silverlight03:42
hiro__can anyone help?03:42
wilee-nileehiro__, Netflix is a ppa, ppa's are not technically supported.03:43
killkim^aka wrong room for support on netflix app :\03:44
wilee-nileehiro__, you may get help though, just a heads up03:44
killkimright on.. netflix app works fine on my ubuntu box :D03:44
joe_dmyou Americans and your netflix, just taunting the rest of us :(03:45
john---When I say free, I do not mean free as in free beer -- I mean free as in the concept of liberty. Ubuntu is an operatng system that does not respect your freedoms. The GNU project speaks of the four essential freedoms, required for a piece of software to be free. You should have the freedom to run the program as you wish, no matter what the purpose. You should have the freedom to study how the program works, and change it so that it does your03:45
john--- computing as you wish. You should have access to the source code, so that you can study and modify the program. You should have the freedom to redistribute copies of the software so that you can help your neighbor. Finally, you should have the freedom to distribute copies of your modified programs to others. Only a piece of software that provides all of these freedoms is considered free software. Ubuntu does not provide all of these freedom03:45
john---s -- it distributes non-free software in every aspect of the system. The kernel contains non-free binary blobs. You cannot study these blobs, and you cannot modify them. Ubuntu distributes non-free drivers...You cannot study these drivers, to see how your system works. You cannot modify them, to change how your system works. Finally, Ubuntu includes non-free software in the repositories. You cannot study this non-free software, you cannot se03:45
john---e what it is doing on your computer. You cannot modify this software to your specifications -- if you don't like what the program is doing, you can't do anything about it! This is why Ubuntu is not free software -- from the bottom up, it does not respect your four freedoms. This is why you should not use Ubuntu -- it does not respect you, nor your computer. It does not give you the opportunity to share your works with your neighbors, and it03:45
john---does not give you the opportunity to modify your software.03:45
CarlFKjohn---: please stop03:46
killkimi have a shit load of movies on my media server03:46
killkimi'd love to share them with you03:46
brianblaze420lol for real03:46
killkimif you can give me a good reason to :D03:46
daftykinsjoe_dm: it's not america only.03:46
daftykinsbut - that's offtopic03:46
joe_dmkillkim: Depends if you use plex03:46
joe_dmkillkim: If you use plex we can do a two way exchange03:47
killkimi do use plex, actually03:47
wilee-nileekillkim, There are language rules, no swearing please. ;)03:47
killkimis he serious?03:48
joe_dmyeah, looks like it03:48
killkimsure does03:48
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList03:48
killkimcalmer than you are03:49
joe_dmIf you ever saw the matrix you know rules are made to be bent... or broken o.003:49
joe_dmBut if there are kids in this channel. Contratz on taking an intered in Ubuntu03:50
* joe_dm waves to kids03:50
* starkittn waves back to joe_dm 03:50
Macerok. i don't know what went wrong with this ubuntu install but i am having grub issues where i can't seem to run grub-install03:50
killkimlol i hope youtube links are around. this cracks me up http://youtu.be/P5VT-ofxdh4?t=1m03:50
starkittn(kidding. I'm a grown up. at least physically)03:50
Macerdoes not have any corresponding BIOS drive03:50
daftykinskeep it on topic people.03:50
daftykinsfar too much useless chatter going on03:51
joe_dmNaw, I don't see any support request, Can't we have a bit of fun?03:51
daftykinsthat's what #ubuntu-offtopic is for, go there03:52
joe_dmnot sure if serious?03:52
killkimthanks daftykins, thats the channel i was looking for :)03:52
oeuvresudo apt-get install windows9503:53
oeuvreo_o 1,674 people03:53
Maceri think the issue is that grub doesn't understand gpt ? :/03:53
Macerno idea what is going on here but it's driving me a bit batty now03:53
Maceri made an efi boot partition is that where i'm supposed to install grub when the installer makes a gpt table?03:54
daftykinsMacer: only EFI can boot GPT afaiui03:54
daftykinsis it the only OS on the disk?03:54
Macerdaftykins: yes03:54
Macerit boots03:54
Macerbut i need to change a setting and install grub onto it03:54
Ranieri_Hey Ubuntu 14.0403:54
Maceri need to add nomodeset to the default03:54
daftykinsMacer: i don't follow03:54
daftykinsif it boots already why are you installing GRUB?03:55
Macerdaftykins: the system boots. i have to constantly press e because of video mode issues03:55
Macerdaftykins: do i not have to do it again?03:55
e^Macer: no you dont03:55
Maceri just edit /etc/default/grub and it reads it?03:55
Maceroh :/03:55
daftykinsi am familiar with nomodeset, don't you have a proprietary driver you can install to solve it?03:55
Macerdaftykins: probably not.. it boots and hits a certain point where it tries to change the video mode then the entire system blanks out03:55
Macernomodeset fixes the issue03:55
daftykinswhat graphics hardware?03:55
Macere^: so i can just change it in /etc/default/grub ?03:55
Macerand reboot will pick up the default boot cmdline?03:56
Maceri always thought such changes required a re-install of grub03:56
daftykinsyeah read up on editing the boot line permanently03:56
daftykinsnooo no no :)03:56
daftykinsquick edit, a sudo update-grub and job done.03:56
Macerdaftykins: it's an AMD A1003:56
hiro__so, uh, no one else has issues/ideas about the netflix thing?03:56
daftykinser, or is that grub-update :)03:56
hiro__thank you wilee-nilee03:57
daftykinshiro__: i'd bet your browser isn't seeing the plugin.03:57
Macerok! didn't know that lol03:57
Maceralrighty let me test it out :) thanks.. brb03:57
wilee-nileehiro__, No problem, hope you get it working. ;)03:57
hiro__daftykins, I used netflix-desktop as well, which is supposed to be a preconfigured wine firefox03:57
e^Macer: sometimes if you want to add an os in etc/grub.d/custom files you have to run grub-mkconfig03:57
daftykinshiro__: i see03:58
e^dunno if you just have to update-grub here03:58
hiro__so, no one else is having similar issues? Any other users?03:58
Macerok that didn't work lol03:59
Maceri must have put it in the wrong place :)03:59
e^i just saw the /etc/default/grub03:59
* Macer checks03:59
sisterFisterhey does lubuntu current release use the same kernel as ubuntu?03:59
hiro__I guess I'll just try purging wine, netflix-desktop, and pipelight and try again...03:59
Maceroh. i think i sure did. blah. let me reboot.03:59
ianorlinsisterFIster yes03:59
sisterFisterianorlin: ty.03:59
sisterFisternow my next question is, will it be okay to use the sputnik kernel under crunchbang?04:00
* Macer waits's for it to reboot04:00
Macerthis is quite the torture lol04:00
Macerand........ now my mouse isn't working04:00
Macerawesome lol04:00
Macerthere seem to be quite the issues with these amd apu systems and ubuntu lol04:01
Macerdaftykins: heh04:01
daftykinsMacer: what you're trying to do isn't a solution, it's a workaround - surely installing a graphics driver is the correct way to go about it04:02
Maceracpi doesn't seem to work either04:02
daftykinsbuuut i'm going to sleep now so can't help, good luck04:02
Macerdaftykins: but i don't think the modechange is really a part of the xorg/gui stuff04:02
Macerit's a problem on the kernel side04:02
Macerlike the mouse not working :P04:02
Macerprobably some jacked up devfs stuff04:02
e^Macer: you have to run grub-mkconfig04:02
e^then update-grub04:03
bubble_beammy screen resolution automatically changed04:03
Macerok this mouse issue is driving me batty.04:05
Maceralmost e^ ok i'll try it out04:06
=== mcl0vin_ is now known as mcl0vin
DesignerXhi, is it notmal for  /media/user/  to be owned by root or should it be  user:user ?04:07
DesignerXnormal *04:07
UbuntuQHi! What's the correct way of browsing the file manager with permissions in 14.04?04:08
Macere^: ok. done. seeing if it works now :)04:08
* Macer crosses fingers04:08
e^DesignerX: yes it is owned by root here too.04:08
Maceralthough i have no idea what is going on with the mouse bit it seems like it simply disappears for whatever reason04:08
DesignerXe^: kk ty04:09
Macerwhy didn't that work?04:09
DesignerXIt seems I'm having a problem with running VMware worstation. The VMS are very slow when loaded from an NTFS HDD ! but the same VM copied onto an ext4 HDD works fine !04:10
Macere^: shouldn't it add the default flags to all menu?04:10
Macerall of the grub menus to boot?04:10
Macerbecaue i'm not seeing the option being placed into grub04:10
=== yuz is now known as jsing
=== jsing is now known as yuz
Macerok wtf?04:11
Maceri swear it just loaded grub twice04:11
* Macer scratches his head on this one04:11
Macerand now the mouse doesn't work again :/04:12
e^Macer:  :/04:12
Macerwow this is quickly becoming a nightmare04:12
Macerand i can't swap to a console04:12
Macerbecause for whatever reason.. the console is blank04:12
Macerprobably due to jacked up video modes from the kernel driver04:12
Maceris there some key combo i can press to get to the reboot menu from the login screen?04:12
ianorlincontrol alt f1 to switch to tty , login, then enter sudo reboot04:13
UbuntuQHi! What's the correct way of browsing the file manager with permissions in 14.04?04:14
Macer23:12 < Macer> because for whatever reason.. the console is blank04:14
e^ctrl alt f7 or f8 to switch back to desktop04:14
Macerianorlin: i'd have tried that already04:14
Macerthere is something seriously broken with these videomodes with this amd apus04:14
Macerbut i always run into problems like this in linux with gpus :/04:15
Macerthis isn't the only one i've had04:15
* Macer hard resets04:15
e^UbuntuQ: type in the terminal gksu nautilus04:15
UbuntuQe^: Not installed, apparently.04:15
ianorlininstall gksu then04:15
Macerneat. i'm still on the same boat with this thing04:16
e^UbuntuQ: you can use sudo nautilus, but it's not recommended.04:16
Macerhits the video mode again :/04:16
Macercan't use a mouse to fix it and can't get to a term04:16
UbuntuQe^: Why not?04:16
wilee-nileegksudo is the correct use04:16
=== Hemant is now known as Guest12539
Macerand now it seems like two grubs are installed for whatever reason04:17
Macerno idea how that worked out04:17
e^UbuntuQ: something to do with files in your directory becoming owned by root.04:17
Radon_3dearest folks correct me if I am wrong, Ubuntu 14.04 has replaced xorg with xmir, is that right?04:17
e^UbuntuQ: http://askubuntu.com/questions/11760/what-is-the-difference-between-gksudo-nautilus-and-sudo-nautilus04:17
Guest12539ubuntu cant detect my usb dongle net connecter04:17
wilee-nileeRadon_3, no yet04:17
Macerok so the advanced options have the nomodeset there04:18
Radon_3wilee-nilee: can you explain a bit more please?04:18
Macerand it still craps out on me lol04:18
* Macer facepalms04:18
Radon_3wilee-nilee: if not yet, when will that happen?04:18
Guest12539please help me04:18
UbuntuQe^: Reading now.04:18
wilee-nileeRadon_3, not yet and I don't know why. ;)04:18
Radon_3wilee-nilee: you are confusing me bro :)04:18
e^Guest12539: there is a ppa for that. is it an iburst ?04:19
Radon_3Guest12539: what's the problem man?04:19
* Macer starts ripping hair out04:19
Macerthis wasn't nearly as difficult of a problem using ubuntu-server for some reason04:19
Maceris there a way to edit the default grub config during install?04:19
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest10289
wilee-nileeRadon_3, Really this is free support, not associated with canonical. I happen to know it is not xmir, yet but don;t know why, how could it be more clear?04:20
UbuntuQe^: Why is gksu no longer installed by default?04:20
Radon_3wilee-nilee: OK I get it man, chill, no need to grab so quickly, :)04:20
Guest12539im using mobily usb dongle for connecting internet  ,,  in ubuntu cant work dis04:21
wilee-nileeUbuntuQ, Not sure anyone here knows decisively.04:21
Radon_3wilee-nilee: Don't kill me please, don't soot.04:21
UbuntuQwilee-nilee: Well... Why do you THINK?04:21
Macerok seriously. why does ubuntu only give a menu sometimes?04:21
Macerand not others?04:21
Maceror should i say grub?04:21
Guest12539please elp04:21
wilee-nileeRadon_3, Seemed clear and you gave no response explaining what you did not understand.04:21
Macerdoes it skip the menu unless it crashes?04:22
e^Guest12539: is it an iburst usb card?04:22
wilee-nileeUbuntuQ> wilee-nilee: Well... Why do you THINK? Aliens from another universe, is what I thin. ;)04:22
e^Guest12539: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ginggs/ppa04:22
MacerLOL! invalid environment block!04:22
Jeeves_Mosswhat causes this?   http://pastebin.com/crN03vfS04:22
Radon_3wilee-nilee: oh I see, everything was totally clear man, I just wanted more info on that, that's all04:22
Macerwhat.. the hell... something is just totally broken with ubuntu running on this amd apu04:22
e^Guest12539: check this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Iburst04:23
DesignerXHow can I create a basic sh script that prompt for use input (password) & pass that password to sudo04:23
Guest12539  ok  <e^>04:23
=== XStatik1 is now known as XStatik
Radon_3Guys, I happened to notice a lot of people have or report problems with 14.04 yet, now are these people mostly those who have upgraded from 12.04 to 14.04 or they have newly installed 14.04?04:24
UbuntuQe^: wilee-nilee: What was the gksudo command again?04:25
wilee-nileeUbuntuQ, gksudo is for opening gui stuff.04:26
UbuntuQwilee-nilee: Just "gksudoi" and nothing else?04:26
e^UbuntuQ: if you want to know more about it check this http://askubuntu.com/questions/284306/why-is-gksu-no-longer-installed-by-default04:27
Radon_3gksu nautilus = root filemanager04:27
wilee-nileeUbuntuQ, gksudo is the same as sudo except for graphics, Why do you want root access?04:27
greeterwell i can only answer based on my own experience Radon_3. i have had a few minor issues with 14.04 but it fixed a significant bug in 13.10 for me04:27
UbuntuQwilee-nilee: (nautilus:6851): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid cast from 'GtkMessageDialog' to 'NautilusWindow' ** ERROR:nautilus-window.c:2116:nautilus_window_get_slots: assertion failed: (NAUTILUS_IS_WINDOW (window))04:27
UbuntuQRadon_3: That is for you too.04:28
wilee-nileeUbuntuQ, This is from?04:28
UbuntuQwilee-nilee: Trying to run "gksudo nautilus".04:28
Radon_3greeter: thanks for the info, but did  you upgrade to 14.04, or you installed it afresh ?04:28
wilee-nileeUbuntuQ, Why in the first place, what is the issue?04:28
UbuntuQwilee-nilee: And I need root because I want to copy a couple of files to a folder.04:29
wilee-nileeUbuntuQ, I don't know that error.04:29
UbuntuQwilee-nilee: Oh...04:29
UbuntuQRadon_3: Do YOU know this error? (nautilus:6851): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid cast from 'GtkMessageDialog' to 'NautilusWindow' ** ERROR:nautilus-window.c:2116:nautilus_window_get_slots: assertion failed: (NAUTILUS_IS_WINDOW (window))04:29
Radon_3UbuntuQ: my best guess is that there might be something else running, that prevents the operation, try a restart and run the command again, see if that'll do it man.04:30
Radon_3UbuntuQ: Also I am a beginner here04:30
UbuntuQRadon_3: I'll try.04:30
UbuntuQSee you soon.04:30
Macerwow totally insane04:30
e^Macer: it worked ?04:31
Macerthere has got to be a way to edit hte grub config upon install04:33
Macernow grub won't even go to its menu04:33
=== sl33k__ is now known as sl33k_
Radon_3UbuntuQ is a lil late, I wish I hadn't said anything to the guy, what if he can't login now... OMG04:36
Bashing-omMacer: Has the install completed ?// such that now - only 1 instance of an OS installed - the grub menu does not appear (normal).04:36
Radon_3good god...04:37
=== AlHafoudh_ is now known as AlHafoudh
Radon_3UbuntuQ: what up? done?04:37
UbuntuQRadon_3: Did not work. Same error. :(04:37
greeteri seem to be getting lots of lag, not sure if you'll get this. i upgraded from command line04:37
Radon_3UbuntuQ: then I don't know anything, you have to ask bigger penguines in here man04:38
UbuntuQRadon_3: All I want to do is to open /etc/openvpn as root. ONCE. Do you know of ANY alternative ways of doing this?04:38
bennyyyyysomeone needs to help me my dash keeps showing porn sites in the search04:38
e^UbuntuQ: just sudo nautilus04:38
UbuntuQe^: wilee-nilee: Same error after a reboot. :(04:38
Radon_3UbuntuQ: well you can use the terminal, and forget about gksu nautilus04:39
UbuntuQe^: But you told me NEVER to do that?04:39
UbuntuQRadon_3: How would that work?04:39
=== Rallias is now known as Guest20859
e^UbuntuQ: it isn't recommended is all.04:39
UbuntuQe^: There's NO other way?04:39
=== Guest20859 is now known as Rallias
sisterFisterhey everyone. I'm currently installing lubuntu and got the error: ubi-partman failed with exit code 141. What should I do? I have a terminal opened04:41
Radon_3UbuntuQ: cd ..  ,  cd , dir , and so on ... open a terminal, then put two 'cd ..' s in it, you will get to the root directory, then put 'cd /etc/openvpn' in it, hit enter, and you will be in the directory I guess, then put a 'dir' command in, and you will get a list of all the files in the directory.04:41
e^UbuntuQ: try to cd /etc/openvpn and type gksu nautilus .04:41
e^(with the ".")04:41
UbuntuQRadon_3: One minute.04:41
UbuntuQe^: Let me try that.04:41
UbuntuQe^: "(nautilus:2991): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid cast from 'GtkMessageDialog' to 'NautilusWindow' ** ERROR:nautilus-window.c:2116:nautilus_window_get_slots: assertion failed: (NAUTILUS_IS_WINDOW (window))"04:42
UbuntuQRadon_3: But how do I copy files to a folder doing that?04:42
Radon_3UbuntuQ: there are mv, and cp commands for that man, these are the basics04:44
UbuntuQRadon_3: You need to guide me through it.04:44
Radon_3'mv' will move the files ,and 'cp' copies files, put these in your terminal to read more about them : "man cp" and "man mv"04:45
e^UbuntuQ: listen, type sudo nautilus, when it loads up quit it dont use it.04:45
Radon_3also "rm" removes files and folders for you04:45
e^then type gksu nautilus it should work04:45
UbuntuQe^: Where did you find out about this?04:45
Radon_3UbuntuQ: Told you man I am a two weeks old penguine in here, totally inexperienced, listen to e^ he seems to be more in the wild and more experienced04:46
UbuntuQRadon_3: But I'm a 2 DAYS old "penguine". ;)04:47
UbuntuQe^: And you're 100% this won't mess up anything?04:47
Maceri give up lol04:47
Macerthere is something flawed with this amd apu04:47
Macerubuntu just won't work with it04:47
Radon_3UbuntuQ: OK, then you wouldn't want to be following another chicken then for sure :)04:47
AllenRMhey guys, any idea how to fix cursors not applying correctly, seems to be lots of cases in the forums, but no solutions that seem to work.04:47
Radon_3God I love penguins, specially rockhopper penguins, they are sooooo cute I want to hug them real tight. see you guys in a bit04:49
UbuntuQe^: I never tried sudo nautilus because of all the bad stuff I read about it, but... Guess what solved it in the end. :P04:53
e^UbuntuQ: still there?04:53
e^UbuntuQ: what ?04:53
UbuntuQe^: Guess! :P04:53
vilambitdoes anyone use screenlets on 14.04?  no screenlets load for me even on fresh install04:54
e^hehe no idea04:54
UbuntuQe^: I installed Samba from Ubuntu Software Center...04:54
UbuntuQTHAT of all things solved it.04:54
wilee-nilee!info screenlets04:54
ubottuscreenlets (source: screenlets): Widget-like mini-applications for GNOME. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.1.6-0ubuntu2 (trusty), package size 396 kB, installed size 1948 kB04:54
vilambitAllenRM: u mean cursor themes?04:54
e^UbuntuQ: great!04:54
vilambitwilee-nilee: wish that helped :P04:54
UbuntuQwilee-nilee: gksudo nautilus works now thanks to Samba from Ubuntu Software Center!04:55
AllenRMyes vilambit04:55
UbuntuQe^: YES! Finally. :)04:55
vilambitAllenRM: what u mean by not applying correctly?04:55
wilee-nileevilambit, Did not do it for you.04:55
AllenRMi can apply them all i want, still get the default cursor, BUT the theme seems to be applied for say the waiting cursor and stuff like that.04:56
wilee-nileeI thought they were gine jsut checking04:56
UbuntuQe^: wilee-nilee: I need to go now, but thanks for trying to help me. See you around, I'm sure.04:56
wilee-nileegone just*04:56
vilambitAllenRM: tried this?: http://askubuntu.com/questions/295101/ubuntu-tweak-tool-mouse-cursor-would-not-change-theme04:57
AllenRMyeah mate, sorry for the slow reply, just scrolling through to make sure its the same thread i did try :)04:59
AllenRMits not a big deal, just would be nice to see it working04:59
tony__yo, anyone know of any populated sports irc channels?05:00
wilee-nilee!alis | tony__05:04
ubottutony__: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*05:04
Radon_3So based on what I have read, I guess it is the best strategy to grab an iso image of ubuntu from the servers, and format my whole drive and install it anew, right?and then install all my other applications, even if the point release was out today?05:06
Radon_3I mean instead of going force upgrading from 12.0405:07
sisterFisterhey everyone. I'm currently installing lubuntu and got the error: ubi-partman failed with exit code 141. What should I do? I have a terminal opened... can I just continue the installation anyway?05:07
scuba323I have a slight issue. I just installed PAMUSB module on 14.04, and now I can't seem to get it to let me log in as root. even with the right password. It says pad checking failed! and then access denied then asks for password. even wen I put the right one in it won't let me log it. What are my options05:10
* Macer gives up for now05:11
=== Hi is now known as Guest64434
Guest64434I need help :s05:12
Guest64434I just got Kubuntu 14.04. I logged in and I can't do anything.05:13
wilee-nilee!details | Guest6443405:14
ubottuGuest64434: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)05:14
Guest64434I can't click or do anything05:15
scuba323So...do i lose su then? rather annoying takes forever for it to log in05:19
mashuhey ... are there any noteworthy places to get new themes for ubuntu?05:30
mashualso is there a way to change the icons from orange to some other colour?05:31
=== kilab33z is now known as harrybawlz
wilee-nilee!theme | mashu05:40
ubottumashu: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy05:40
mashuwhat is the difference between gnome and kde?05:51
thunder1212my laptop backlight is not persistent05:52
thunder1212mashu, http://www.linuxuser.co.uk/features/gnome-vs-kde05:54
therealklanniHey, I am getting "Reading package lists... Error!" when running `sudo apt-get update` ... I tried `sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf` but still getting the error, any ideas?05:55
therealklannion precise05:55
therealklanniPretty much every solution online says to run that command above, but it doesn't fix it for me :/05:57
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest38182
larrypgtherealklanni, it does not fix it for you after doing what before that?05:58
thunder1212i am using ubuntu 14.04 and my laptop backlight is not persistent05:58
thunder1212please help05:58
therealklannilarrypg: huh? ... I ran `sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf` which most of the forums about my issue suggest, but I still get "Reading package lists... Error!" when trying to do `sudo apt-get update`05:59
therealklanniCouldn't find a working solution online, that's why I came here06:00
therealklannialso tried `sudo apt-get clean`06:01
chillibite /msg nickserv identify aisha0208201106:04
wilee-nileetherealklanni, Can you pastebin a full apt-get update?06:04
jimmybensonhI GUYS !  I need to install flash for the first time in 14.04 ubuntu + unity ..  I followed the wiki ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Chromium/Getting-Flash ) .. I am not getting anywhere! Can someone help me , please ?06:05
therealklanniwilee-nilee: https://gist.github.com/therealklanni/d09678e233b79213f3d906:06
therealklannichillibite: oops06:07
chillibitepassword change06:07
wilee-nileetherealklanni, So it ends right there no additional info?06:07
mashuare ubuntu and linux mint the same OS just different GUI and starting programs?06:07
therealklanniwilee-nilee: yep06:07
jimmybensonWho do I ask to get flash On my 14.04 ?06:08
rwwmashu: no06:08
rwwubottu: derivatives06:08
ubottuUbuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)06:08
wilee-nileemashu, Mint is not supported, what does that tell you? ')06:08
wilee-nileetherealklanni, Have not sure of the error, That is strange, not sure.06:09
lotuspsychjemorning to all06:09
jimmybensonI feel as though my question is a stone that has been thrown to the other side of a big lake in winter.06:10
therealklanniAlso my npm is throwing a really weird error (which is why I tried to apt-get update, thinking maybe npm needed an update)06:10
therealklanniSo I wonder if something got corrupted06:10
wilee-nilee!patience | jimmybenson06:10
ubottujimmybenson: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:10
therealklanniI would really hate to have to reimage this server06:10
wilee-nileetherealklanni, I have seen server users do voodoo not needed and end up painted into a corner, could this be the case, like forced installs ppa's a partial upgrade....etc?06:12
therealklannino, it's really vanilla install of ubuntu. I haven't really changed anything on it in a year, other than `sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade` and npm installs06:13
therealklanniNo custom ppa's or anything06:13
wilee-nileetherealklanni, You might try #ubuntu-server for a second opinion, kinda slow here at this time in general.06:14
therealklanniok, thanks06:14
thunder1212need help06:16
therealklannithunder1212: just ask your question and be patient :)06:16
thunder1212my intel laptop backlight is not persistent06:16
lotuspsychjethunder1212: maybe some relevant info here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Debugging/Backlight06:21
Ranieri_Hey guys, I launched eclipse from my gui by accident, and quit it, but still have a dialogbox that's unresponsive, how do I quit processes or jobs from the shell?06:21
Ranieri_Hey guys, I launched eclipse from my gui by accident, and quit it, but still have a dialogbox that's unresponsive, how do I quit processes or jobs from the shell?06:21
Ranieri_Woops sorry.06:22
lotuspsychjeRanieri_: try xkill maybe06:22
larrypgRanieri_, ps aux   then kill the process06:25
Ranieri_Perfect, thanks larryph06:27
jenenliuhi guys, when I run 'apt-get install' command there is an error: can't open file /var/lib/dpkg/status - open (2 no such file or directory)06:34
lotuspsychjejenenliu: you have other software centre open while apt-get install?06:34
jenenliulotuspsychje: no06:34
vilambitjenenliu: are u using sudo?06:35
lotuspsychjejenenliu: maybe try a reboot and sudo apt-get update?06:35
jenenliuI run 'file /var/lib/dpkg', it says, /var/lib/dpkg: broken symbolic liink to '/home/var/lib/dpkg'06:36
jenenliulotuspsychje: it doesn't worked06:36
lotuspsychjejenenliu: what package are you trying to install exactly?06:36
ondait's bad06:36
jenenliulotuspsychje: emacs, and I can't run any command that with apt06:36
jenenliusuch as apt-cache search, apt-get update .....06:37
lotuspsychjejenenliu: wich ubuntu version you have?06:37
jenenliulotuspsychje: a very old one, I guess06:38
lotuspsychjejenenliu: lsb_release -a06:39
larrypgjenenliu, old means what?06:39
lotuspsychjewe had a users with 8.04 yesterday :p06:39
=== kamori|home is now known as kamori
larrypgis 8.04 the most current?06:40
lotuspsychje!trusty | larrypg06:40
ubottularrypg: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04 - Read the release notes at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes06:40
PolishPickerlol 8.04 is way outdated!06:41
larrypgactually 14.04 is not the most current:)06:41
ubottuUbuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) is the next development release of Ubuntu due for release in October 2014. Support in #ubuntu+1. For more info, see the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/136306:41
larrypgsorry for the sarcatic humor06:42
lotuspsychjeand we have ubuntu-touch also :p06:42
lotuspsychjereza: welcome, what can we do for you06:43
alfonsojon_Xyloid Xanclomys06:43
alfonsojon_I bet $5.00 that will be the name06:44
=== e is now known as e^
therealklannistill having no luck with this apt-get error :/06:52
=== Aleph is now known as Guest51437
CrowX-therealklanni, what error06:55
alfonsojon_therealklanni: What error?06:56
=== rahul is now known as Guest71368
=== Guest71368 is now known as Rahul__
therealklanninm guys, got it figured out07:02
therealklannibut thanks :)07:02
therealklannijava had eaten up all the free mem07:02
therealklanniso apt was crashing on memory alloc but not reporting it07:02
jimmybenson                     i couldn't find any correxct answers about installing flash in 14.04 x64bit07:03
jimmybensoni do have flash installer installed .. but chrome still doesn't work with flash.07:04
wolschrome doesn't use flash installers. flash is built in07:04
lotuspsychjejimmybenson: did you install ubuntu-restricted-extras ?07:04
jimmybensonthink so .. i'll check ..07:04
jimmybensonyes.. & it says it's the newest ubuntu-restricted-extras version.07:06
=== e is now known as Guest71580
lotuspsychjejimmybenson: and how did you install google chrome?07:07
InFiernoEww g00gle chrome07:08
jimmybensonTBeHoenst I am a newbie & i am com,pletely lost , on a day when most people do something else  ... I installed chrome thru the "10 things to do after 14.04" , althou .. i use software center eventually.07:08
jimmybensonI just want content to work.07:08
lotuspsychjejimmybenson: you added the ppa for installing chrome?07:09
jimmybensoni use software center07:09
jimmybenson**used .. sc07:09
lotuspsychje!info chromium-browser | jimmybenson maybe try this one just to test flash07:10
ubottujimmybenson maybe try this one just to test flash: chromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 34.0.1847.116-0ubuntu2 (trusty), package size 39250 kB, installed size 144582 kB07:10
lotuspsychjejimmybenson: does firefox show you flash? youtube working?07:11
jimmybensonI have no idea what instruction you are giving .. I am an old XP user   .. I don't use firefox .. ever.07:12
lotuspsychjejimmybenson: well can you just tryout to test flash07:12
Trudkoguys I want to resize my windows partition bit more to get extra space for ubuntu using gpart, right now it looks like this http://postimg.org/image/gs1hudxxf/ . What should I do next?07:13
lotuspsychjeTrudko: you want the unallocated space used for ubuntu, or resize your 68gig windows partition?07:15
jimmybensonI tried this video : it works on firefox , but not chromium :: : http://manx.net/tv/mt-tv/watch/5045/iom-based-astronaut-1-07:15
Jordan_UTrudko: Looks like you shouldn't have any problem. Are you having trouble figuring out how to use GParted in general or are you trying to do something and it's not working how you expect?07:16
lotuspsychjejimmybenson: as wols said, chrome should have flash builtin07:16
lotuspsychjejimmybenson: so we know firefox uses flash correclty now, without graphics corruption?07:16
lotuspsychjeJordan_U: he likes to have more ubuntu space07:17
Trudkolotuspsychje: the unallocated space is from resizing Windows partition. Not sure what to do to add unalloacated space to ubuntu parition. When I click on ubuntu parition there isnt extra space after that I guess I need to switch order of unalloacted and ubuntu partition07:17
TrudkoJordan_U ^^07:18
Trudkobtw I dont need such a large swap place do I07:18
InFiernolotuspsychje, Chrome does, chromium doesnt have flash07:18
wolsTrudko: depends if you want to hibernate or not07:19
lotuspsychjeInFierno: thats what he was asking, his flash on chrome doesnt work07:19
InFiernoAh fair nugg i just saw chromium mentioned somewhere07:19
InFiernoAnyone here used gazelle?07:20
lotuspsychjeInFierno: :p07:20
lotuspsychje!info gazelle07:20
ubottuPackage gazelle does not exist in trusty07:20
lotuspsychjeInFierno: what does it do?07:20
InFiernoIt has to be compiled - its a torrent tracker07:20
lotuspsychjeInFierno: you have issues with it?07:21
InFiernoWondered if anyone knew if it can be modified to allow freeleech but require registration to upload or something similar07:21
InFiernoI started porting it to centOS but gave up - way to many compile errors07:21
InFiernowhen you fix 400 "errors" or so then get to the next part (Ocelot - the actual tracker) and it throws up another 1k errors - its like why am i bothering07:22
Trudkowols:  I dont07:22
lotuspsychjeInFierno: on wich ubuntu version are you trying>?07:23
Jordan_UTrudko: You could easily replace the swap partition with a new partition made from the free space, to gain some disk space. Resizing "to the left" is unfirtunately a very intensive operation.07:23
InFiernoI wasnt :P I was porting it to centOS (the errors are caused by CentOS' gcc having only incomplete/experimental C++ compiler support vs full support on ubuntu/gentoo07:23
lotuspsychjeInFierno: well we cant discuss centos errors here :p07:24
InFiernoI know - i will actually try and built it today on ubuntu07:24
InFiernoBut i dont really wanna build it and then find out it doesnt easily support what i want it to do07:25
lotuspsychjeInFierno: that github page shows some info: https://github.com/WhatCD/Gazelle/wiki/Gazelle-installation-on-Ubuntu-12.0407:25
InFiernoYea im aware07:25
InFiernoHence i now have a server running ubuntu1207:26
lotuspsychjeInFierno: what does gazelle do exactly?07:26
=== myth is now known as Guest74271
InFiernolotuspsychje, provides a frontend to Ocelot (a really really really optimised torrent tracker), and gives you a lot of the usermanagement and such built in07:27
Jordan_UTrudko: To reclaim spce "before" / "to the left" of a partition GParted first needs to move the entire partition's worth of data to the left, then resize the moved partition/filesystem to the right as normal (an operation which requires almost no IO).07:28
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
InFiernoopenTracker is awesome - but manually white-listing hashed and setting up MRTG on a per torrent basis == far too much like hard work07:29
lotuspsychjeInFierno: ok tnx for info07:29
=== tt_ is now known as Guest31491
TrudkoJordan_U: I guess  this all cant be done while running Ubuntu07:35
Trudkoneed to get bootable usb07:35
=== tt__ is now known as Guest62253
Imdsmevery time I install 13.10, grub is installing /boot/grub/x86_64-efi/ but then looking for /boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod07:57
Imdsmdoes anyone know how I can get grub to install i386-pc not x86_64-efi?07:57
lesshasteI am trying to compile povray but I get configure: error: cannot link with the boost thread library08:00
lesshastehow can you install povray in ubuntu?08:00
Imdsmhave you installed the boost thread library?08:01
arhi, why is binwalk in ubuntu 14.04 still v1.0? the latest release (1.3) was released over 6 months ago08:01
cfhowlettlesshaste it's part of blender IIRC08:02
cfhowlett!info povray08:02
ubottuPackage povray does not exist in trusty08:02
lesshastecfhowlett, oh?08:02
cfhowlettlesshaste looking for source ...08:02
Imdsm!info grub-pc08:02
ubottugrub-pc (source: grub2): GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (PC/BIOS version). In component main, is optional. Version 2.02~beta2-9 (trusty), package size 168 kB, installed size 553 kB (Only available for any-i386; any-amd64; any-powerpc; any-ppc64; any-ppc64el; any-sparc; any-mipsel; any-ia64; any-arm; any-arm64)08:02
Imdsm!info os-prober08:03
ubottuos-prober (source: os-prober): utility to detect other OSes on a set of drives. In component main, is optional. Version 1.63ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 17 kB, installed size 142 kB08:03
aeon-ltdar: testing and documentation + (time/labor?), ubuntu is not designed to be bleeding edge. You can use ppas or compile if you really want it though08:03
cfhowlettlesshaste couldn't find source.  see  http://www.povray.org/download/     but note the equivalent functionality is in blender.  see the #ubuntustudio channel for minds greater than mine08:04
cfhowlettlesshaste or #blender08:04
lesshastecfhowlett, ok thanks.. that page  http://www.povray.org/download/    doesn't actually seem to link to the 3.7 source code does it?08:04
cfhowlettlesshaste there is a github link for source08:05
lesshastecfhowlett, right but where is the actual download link?08:05
cfhowlettlesshaste https://github.com/POV-Ray/povray/tree/3.7-stable08:05
lesshastecfhowlett, how do you get the source from there?08:05
lesshasteoh.. there is "download zip"08:06
cfhowlettlesshaste I've not used github, but - again - better minds than mine would know.08:06
airtonixusing git08:07
airtonixgit clone https://github.com/POV-Ray/povray.git08:08
airtonixurl is right above the download link08:08
lesshasteairtonix, ok thanks08:08
lesshasteairtonix, it's very odd.. there is no configure script08:08
airtonixoh ok08:09
lesshasteI mean the docs claim there is :)08:09
lesshastewell.. I am cloning now08:09
lesshaste(using the zip before)08:09
airtonixtry actually reading the page08:09
lesshasteairtonix, can I correct that to "try actually finding the correct installation instructions"08:11
lesshasteairtonix, I mean your suggestion worked. But if you read install.txt you get the wrong instructions08:11
lesshasteairtonix, thank you08:12
cfhowlettlesshaste seeing that the last update was - what?  October 2013?  entirely possible that the package maintainers are behind the times.08:12
lesshastecfhowlett, right.. it's all slightly mysterious to me08:12
lesshasteI mean surely everyone still  loves ray tracing08:12
lesshasteit hasn't gone out of fashion has it?08:13
cfhowlettlesshaste thus my original suggest to see blender08:13
lesshastecfhowlett, I a pov description file. Does blender support those?08:13
lesshasteI have a08:13
cfhowlettlesshaste I believe such support is integrated into blender08:14
lesshastecfhowlett, oh cool08:14
cfhowlettlesshaste seems the official package in blender is called "cycles" ray-tracing render engine08:15
lesshasteI'll look that up thanks08:16
lesshaste"It is still in development, and more production features are planned to be added, this can be considered as a first preview release. "£08:16
lesshasteso povray is too old and cycles is too young :)08:16
cfhowlettLOL.  cycles has been out for a couple of years now.08:17
cfhowlettEVERYTHING is "beta" in opensource  :)08:17
airtonixall software is beta08:26
airtonixto think otherwise is presumptious and tantamount to god worship08:26
airtonixnothing is perfect08:27
=== Arbition is now known as Arbiter
=== Arbiter is now known as Arbition
AlherMozilla Firefox wants me to point to a program that can handle magnet links (Transmission), but I don't know where everything is stored. Any ideas? :/08:40
bekksyou can configure that in transmission.08:41
AlherAnd as always, I have to figure it out for myself. Found it.08:45
cfhowletttransmission generally downloads to Downloads08:48
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phyzlocWhen you install kdm should it take over the existing DM?09:02
bekksphyzloc: It asks you what you want to do.09:02
phyzlocbekks: Yea, is there anything else I need to do besides that?09:02
cfhowlettphyzloc "take over"?  no.  it'll be inactive unless you logout/choose KDE and login09:02
bekkscfhowlett: kdm will stay disabled even he choose to use lightdm when he was ask.09:03
bekkscfhowlett: kdm will stay disabled even when he choose kde when he chose lightdm when he was asked.09:04
phyzloccfhowlett: I'm getting the kdm login interface but the window system never starts up after I log in. Is this due to previous lightdm?09:04
bekks*moar coffee*09:04
cfhowlettbekks I need coffee as well.  KDE is the desktop environment *session* not KDM ... my bad.  sorry.09:04
cnzwhat's the network manager package for kde 4.1209:10
cnzmkumar: it's already installed I guess, how do I launch it09:14
mkumarcnz:it is displayed in panel09:16
cnzmkumar: not for me it isn't09:17
didaka11hallo all09:20
cfhowlettdidaka11 greetings.  ask your ubuntu questions09:20
didaka11anyone from Bulgaria ?09:20
ubottuопитайте #ubuntu-bg за български потребители . try #ubuntu-bg for bulgarian users, and please idle there patiently09:21
* cfhowlett bg? "BG"? 09:22
cYmenDoes anybody know how gnome mounts phones? I switched to a different window manager and now my nexus 3 doesn't get a device file anymore...09:22
cfhowlettcYmen should automagically mount in 14.04 - if not, see MTP pacakges09:22
cYmencfhowlett: It does automount in gnome but with awesome I get nothing.09:23
cfhowlett!info mtp09:24
ubottuPackage mtp does not exist in trusty09:24
RawrHi can someone pleaseh elp09:25
bazhang!info gmtp09:25
ubottugmtp (source: gmtp): simple MP3 player client for MTP based devices. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.4-2 (trusty), package size 122 kB, installed size 402 kB09:25
bazhangtry that one09:25
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Guest91352okay so I wanted kubuntu so I opened terminal and put the command sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop   now it finished installing. now how do I access Kubuntu desktop?09:27
raoukhey, my vmware vm of xubuntu 14.04 LTS keeps freezing. I've updated vmware workstation, checked the logs, found nothing in vmware logs and ubuntu kern.log or syslog. Any ideas?09:27
Guest91352okay so I wanted kubuntu so I opened terminal and put the command sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop   now it finished installing. now how do I access Kubuntu desktop?09:27
wilee-nileeGuest91352, logout at the login is a dropdown09:28
cYmencfhowlett bazhang: I think I'm trying to connect as camere which should be as an usb drive, right?09:29
Guest91352wilee-nilee: will you walk me through step by step? I'm a newbie :(09:29
bazhangGuest91352, logout09:29
Guest91352Just log out?09:30
bazhangthen login, choose kubuntu09:30
Guest91352Got it09:30
murosaii got a windows machine with hdmi output to tv, can i control this windows machine using remote desktop with a linux laptop09:30
Guest91352Why is it lagging so bad bazhang??09:31
Guest91352I can09:31
bekksSure, just use RDP.09:31
Guest91352I can't click anything09:31
murosaibekks: i tried, but it seems to open up a new windows session instead of controlling the existing one09:31
bekksmurosai: thats how rdp works.09:32
vifinohm, how does ubuntu 64-bit differ from ubuntu 64-bit Mac?09:32
murosaiokay so i guess i can't use rdp, any other alternatives?09:33
vifinoI always used 64 for my mac09:33
vifinonot the specific mac variant.09:33
cYmenSo, my phone says it is trying to connect via PTP.09:34
cYmenNever even looked into what that is.09:34
cfhowlettcYmen ptp?  say who?  connect as camera.09:34
cYmenthat is connect as camera09:39
cYmenthe other option is connect as media device09:39
cYmenaka mtp09:39
cfhowlettcYmen and NEITHER way connects?09:40
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cYmenboth do with gnome09:42
cfhowlettcYmen could be that your other DE just isn't ready to support USB09:43
vifinoTethering is superb in every mayor Linux distro, plug and play, more than other oses, such as WinCrap09:43
cYmencfhowlett: I don't have a DE justa WM...09:44
cfhowlettcYmen sorry I mean WM ...09:44
cYmenWell, yeah of course it doesn't support USB it's a WM. :)09:45
cYmenI don't expect anything to happen automatically. I just want to know how to mount the damn thing.09:45
cYmenSince gnome can mount it I assume the necessary tools are installed somewhere.09:45
sre-suHi! I've been noticing unusual behaviour in RAM and SWAP memory stat as fetched by system monitor -  http://postimg.org/image/qwelwth5p/f15712dd/  - graph above is of swap and below is of RAM. The zig-zag behaviour in RAM consumption is strange, is there something wrong?09:46
vifinosre-su: Termination of memory intensive program?09:47
bekkssre-su: Looks pretty normal.09:47
Toniushi! I have kubuntu 14.04 and can`t open .doc files from samba shares09:49
Toniusi should install something?09:49
cfhowlettTonius libreoffice writer09:49
Toniusi already have it/ and can normaly open .doc files from my hard dryve09:50
cfhowlettTonius samba is ONLY the networking functionality.  .doc = wordprocessing09:50
cfhowlettTonius check the .doc preference settings09:50
Toniusi see libre office splash screen on 1 second09:51
Toniusand nothing after09:51
cYmenTonius: can you copy the files to your hard drive from the network share?09:51
Toniusyes, I can it09:51
Toniusand then it wirks normaly09:51
Toniussorry for my broken english, it is not my first language09:51
bekksTonius: Start it in a terminal, to see error messages.09:52
Toniusok... wait a while..09:52
Toniuswhen i try open file from Menu "File-Open File" and choose lan from a three - I see message: protocol remote is not supported09:55
Toniusi have just fresh install kubuntu 14.0409:57
Toniusand nothing more09:57
zombu2did you start it from a terminal09:57
Toniusno, can you tell me a syntax ? what the difference, if I already seen error message09:58
Radon_3hi fellas, how come ubuntu is not using the latest kernel?10:00
Radon_3mine is using 3.11.0-22-generic10:00
cfhowlettRadon_3 ask the upstream ...10:00
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cfhowlettRadon_3 debian10:01
Radon_3I am using Ubuntu man... not debian10:01
* zombu2 sighs10:01
Radon_3ok got you10:01
Radon_3big time10:01
zombu2every night before i go to bed i pray10:02
zombu2dear lord please give me the ability to punch ppl in the face over standard TCP/IP10:02
zombu2as you can see no luck so far10:03
gryouch, it seems a bit redundant - you can always tell them what's the nice thing to do, and they'll follow readily10:03
zombu2it was funny though10:04
gryon that note, I might realize now that debian is one of the few 'upstream' things that isn't a company; for a few other distros, the 'upstream' is novell, rhel, or some other exciting company10:04
grythat is a bit peculiar10:04
zombu2novell and rhel exiting??10:05
zombu2didn t novell sell out to m$10:05
grynot exiting, exciting10:05
grythat's a large difference10:05
zombu2tomato tomato10:05
Radon_3you guys .... make me fly .....10:05
grygood :)10:06
zombu2i m waiting for the usual please take hardware discussions somewhere else speech10:06
* zombu2 thinks it s the only macro they got10:07
grywhat did you say?10:07
zombu2i dunno what makes you think i can remember more then 3 minutes back10:07
zombu2i think my galaxy gear is busted10:08
zombu2no chargie10:08
jackargHi there just upgraded to 14.04 and i'm getting this error with bumblebee:  [ERROR]Cannot access secondary GPU - error: [XORG] (EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA GPU at PCI:1:0:0.10:12
jackargany help?10:12
Radon_3jackarg: you installed the nvidia prop driver? the nonfree?10:16
jackargRadon_3: which one is that?10:16
jackargThis is what I'm doing right now: http://mylinuxexplore.blogspot.fr/2014/03/solved-nvidia-cant-access-secondary-gpu.html10:16
Radon_3ok, as you were10:17
Toniuszombu2 so what i need type in terminal?10:18
lotuspsychjeRadon_3: hello mate, did you fix your xorg issue yet?10:18
darkxploithello everybody10:18
lotuspsychjedarkxploit: hello mate10:19
darkxploitso hw things going on here..10:19
Radon_3 /msg NickServ identify <p10:22
Radon_3who asked me if I had fixed my xorg issue?10:23
sultanselephantwear is the fancy bread? in the heart or in the head?10:23
cfhowlettsultanselephant man , not this mess again.  go elsewhere to play10:24
Radon_3my system froze and I had to restart the system man, I only could read your message for like one second, no mate I have still got it, but I have made my peace with it10:24
Radon_3I don't want nvidia nonfree drive anyways, cause I don't need it10:24
Radon_3Also I can't afford compiling and repalcing everything anew for each kernel update, so I just use nouveau now10:25
Radon_3who asked me that anyways?10:26
Radon_3ok, keep hiding...10:27
Ben64Radon_3: if you install it properly you never have to compile anything10:27
bekksRadon_3: you asked that...10:27
sultanselephantwho will guard the guards, Radon_3 ?10:27
Radon_3Ben64: but it says in the ubuntu manual for nvidia property drivers that for each kernel or major update they should compile or install the driver for that specific kernel version.10:28
lotuspsychjeRadon_3: me :p10:28
Ben64Radon_3: where does it say that?10:28
Radon_3sultanselephant: a very sad question sultanselephant, who will???10:28
ddr9hey everyone, i was unable to load ubuntu14.04(there were some black screens coming) so I changed "quiet splash" to "nomodeset" and it worked, but I have to do this everytime I run ubuntu10:29
ddr9is there any fix to this?10:29
sultanselephantRadon_3: Twas brillig and the slithytoves did gyre and gimble in the wabe10:29
cfhowlett!ot|sultanselephant as you well know10:29
ubottusultanselephant as you well know: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:29
sultanselephanti provide support in profundity10:30
sultanselephantddr9: you installed it?10:30
cfhowlettsultanselephant whatever but do it in #ubuntu-offtopic.  It's just good manners.10:30
jackarg!find libSDL2-2.0.so.010:31
ubottuFile libSDL2-2.0.so.0 found in libsdl2-2.0-010:31
ddr9sultanselephant: what?10:31
sultanselephantcfhowlett: ddr9 be more specific about 'i was unable to load ubuntu'10:31
sultanselephantthe boot screen?10:31
Ben64ddr9: ignore the troll10:31
cYmencfhowlett: installing gphotofs worked out great btw10:31
sultanselephanti'm not a troll i just have a personality you guys need to relax10:32
cYmenfor some reason that worked as opposed to mtpfs which didn't10:32
cfhowlettcYmen I wouldn't have thought of that.  good trouble shooting!10:32
cfhowlettsultanselephant no YOU need to follow the guidelines.10:32
Ben64ddr9: you want to edit the /etc/default/grub file, find the section where it says something like "quiet splash" and add on your nomodeset. After that, run "sudo update-grub"10:32
cfhowlett!guidelines | sultanselephant10:32
ubottusultanselephant: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines10:32
FritzenduganI'm receiving the following on apt-get update: http://pastebin.com/8jBrN04z This is a fresh ubuntu 14 install (just installed 2 days ago) Were some of the repos moved or something?10:32
jackarghi again, I'm getting this error when trying to load the witcher 2: ./witcher2: error while loading shared libraries: libSDL2-2.0.so.0: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS6410:32
Radon_3sultanselephant: I am still thinking about that "who will guard the guards question" man.... :( who will protect linus??10:33
sultanselephanti'm being bullied honestly10:33
hounddogGood Morning, i just am seeing error no device xyz grub rescue... didnt instqll new or qnything...  also my bios seemed to have died as it reinstalled the bios earlier.10:33
sultanselephantgo ahead and ban me if thats where this is headed10:33
ddr9Ben64: ok , thanks10:33
sultanselephanti did virtually nothing10:33
AmpelbeinFritzendugan: You have some ppa's activated that haven't been updated for trusty. It sure is no fresh install. Check /etc/apt/sources.list.d for the entries.10:33
hounddogI see all the hard disks. i guess i need a rescue disk or?10:33
jackarghow do I use the !find bot privately?10:33
ubottusultanselephant: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.10:33
lotuspsychjesultanselephant: plz stop talking if you have no support questions10:33
jackarg!find  libSDL2_image-2.0.so.010:34
ubottuFile libSDL2_image-2.0.so.0 found in libsdl2-image-2.0-010:34
Ben64!msgthebot | jackarg10:34
ubottujackarg: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".10:34
neagixhi. can somebody please help me with gpg? I see some crazy behaviour.. I can send signed emails fine, openpgp does not ask for a password. but then if I export the secret key and import it in another computer I cannot edit it..because it asks for a password :(10:34
ddr9Ben64: is there some fix for the brightness  issue? I mean it loads to max brightness and from nowhere I can reduce it10:34
sultanselephantthe only people who are talking are you guys who are abusing ubottu rather than bringing this "bait ban" power trip to PM to explain to me just how important you are on this corner of the internet10:35
Radon_3lotuspsychje: no man I have not touched that problem, why you asking me now?10:35
Ampelbeinneagix: That means you have saved the password at some time.10:35
lotuspsychjeRadon_3: well what happened after you switched drivers yesterday?10:35
neagixAmpelbein: in the gnome keyring?10:36
Ampelbeinneagix: You can open "seahorse" (I think it's called Password and Keys in the menu) and check the "login" keyring.10:36
Radon_3I never switched anything10:36
Radon_3lotuspsychje: I never did that man...10:36
neagixlet me check that..10:36
Radon_3lotuspsychje: What are you talking about?10:36
lotuspsychjeRadon_3: ok you gonna stick to fglrx_pci drivers then?10:36
FritzenduganAmpelbein: fair enough, not exactly fresh, but still pretty new. What am I looking for exactly? Are there no amd64 packages for trusty?10:36
Ben64sultanselephant: this is a support channel. for support questions and answers only. anything else belongs in #ubuntu-offtopic ... just follow the rules and everything will be fine10:36
sultanselephantbesides two friendly remarks the only conversation following that was responding to be reprimanded for breaking the rules10:36
lotuspsychjeRadon_3: you still remember i helped you sort your xorg issue yesterday right?10:36
sultanselephantdo i not respond ?10:37
AmpelbeinFritzendugan: You have to ask the maintainer for the ppa's that you have activated.10:37
AmpelbeinFritzendugan: It's not a problem with the official Ubuntu repositories10:37
catphishis there any way to get a taskbar in unity?10:37
neagixAmpelbein: it10:37
neagixAmpelbein: it's there! now I wish I could show it plain..10:37
bobby_any worthwhile tutorials on rolling your own ubuntu distro ? have been using ubuntu-builder. Although it is a great tool, I still miss some things10:37
Ampelbeinneagix: You can.10:37
cfhowlettbobby_ look for "linux from scratch" to roll your own10:37
Radon_3lotuspsychje: I was not here yesterday, someone helped me with my debian driver over thre months ago, but it was not you, but I am not totally sure man ....10:38
Ampelbeinneagix: Right click, properties, password -> show password10:38
FritzenduganAmpelbein: I have "gnome-terminator-ppa-trusty" that sounds pretty official, no?10:38
lotuspsychjeRadon_3: you was the guy with 6 grafix cards right?10:38
AmpelbeinFritzendugan: That sounds like a ppa, so, no, not official.10:38
bobby_cfhowlett, i know about lfs, I would like to base my distro on ubuntu10:38
ddr9Ampelbein: : is there some fix for the brightness issue? I mean it loads to max brightness and from nowhere I can reduce it10:38
sultanselephantFritzendugan: is that whatupd8.org?10:38
sultanselephantthat' pretty legit10:38
Radon_3lotuspsychje: hell no...10:38
Radon_3lotuspsychje: you sure you didn't have some time travel of some sort?10:39
lotuspsychjeRadon_3: ok nvm then10:39
Fritzendugansultanselephant: I don't know what that's supposed to mean :/10:40
Radon_3lotuspsychje: I could barely afford buying my nvidia Gforce 210 man, let alone 6 cards .... when did I hit US central bank that I didn't know about ... o_O10:40
sultanselephantFritzendugan: the source of the PPA10:41
sultanselephanteither way be careful when enabling PPAs10:41
lotuspsychjeRadon_3: must be another Radon_ nick i confused with, nvm10:41
Radon_3lotuspsychje: alrighty, moving on then ...10:42
neagixAmpelbein: thanks, I thought I had tried already that but I was looking at wrong place!10:42
ddr9lotuspsychje: : is there some fix for the brightness issue? I mean it loads to max brightness and from nowhere I can reduce it10:42
neagixnow I have an issue with the uids. isn't the gpg2 save command enough to save changes?10:42
didaka11join #pleven10:43
gryhello myhappy10:44
myhappyis zhere and body use mint 17 to play dota2?10:44
cfhowlettmyhappy sorry but no mint support here.10:44
myhappyis zhere and body use mint 17 to play dota2?10:44
ubottumyhappy: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org10:44
neagixah! the primary command..now I get it10:44
sultanselephantmyhappy: check out WINE or PlayOnLinux10:44
myhappyi think zhey are same10:44
cfhowlettmyhappy zhey are NOT and mint IZ not supported here.  sorry10:45
myhappyok.thank you10:45
jackargso I'm trying to run the witcher 2 straight from the file and I get this: SteamAPI_Init() failed; unable to locate a running instance of Steam, or a local steamclient.dll.10:45
gryFritzendugan: you should also be able to ask the https://launchpad.net/~gnome-terminator/+archive/ppa folks to package it into the main repos at leisure so they get their software up a bit and test it against the distro's builtin stuff10:45
Ben64jackarg: you should see if steam has support for that10:45
jackargwith another message telling me that I need to make sure steam is open and I have the game in my library10:45
=== whirlpool is now known as croftworth
myhappywhich country are you come from? everybody10:46
Radon_3who can I see if someone was using my nick or not?10:46
Radon_3who can I see if someone was moving my nick or not?10:46
Fritzendugansultanselephant: Ampelbein: according to http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/terminator it's already an Ubuntu package? So I should just be able to remove the ppa and then re-install it from default Ubuntu repos, right?10:46
sultanselephantjackarg: like cfhowlett said, also not supported here, but i'm sure they have an official support place no?10:46
cfhowlett!ot|myhappy this is an international channel. f10:46
ubottumyhappy this is an international channel. f: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:46
hounddogi am somehow trying to recover my system here... now starting from a live system i used to install i get initramfs unable to find a medium containing a live system...10:47
ubottucf: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".10:47
lotuspsychje!info terminator | Fritzendugan10:47
ubottuFritzendugan: terminator (source: terminator): multiple GNOME terminals in one window. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.97-2 (trusty), package size 337 kB, installed size 2048 kB10:47
Fritzenduganlotuspsychje: not sure what you're telling me, is that a yes?10:48
guthey, anyone using Oibaf PPA in Ubuntu 14.04 with Unity?10:48
bazhang!ppa-purge | Fritzendugan10:48
ubottuFritzendugan: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html10:48
lotuspsychjeFritzendugan: you can install terminator as official package yes10:49
=== WLM|zzzzz is now known as WLM
Fritzenduganlotuspsychje: I assume if I remove the ppa with something like "sudo apt-add-repository --remove blah blah" and then update, it will automatically remove the old terminator?10:50
lotuspsychjeFritzendugan: check what bazhang sugested you10:50
bazhangFritzendugan, see the ppa-purge info I gave you10:50
gutseems that mesa git from Oibaf PPA and Xorg Edgers doesn't work well with Unity in 14.04, at least not on my rig. Gnome Shell and Openbox work as intended, any ideas?10:51
Ben64gut: PPAs aren't supported here, you'd have to contact the maintainers for support if they provide it10:52
grywelcome to ppas; if you'd like to have them supported, you need to poke their maintainers to package them with the distro10:53
grythere is absolutely nothing in the PPAs system itself that encourages them to do so10:53
gryso make it happen by asking10:53
Fritzenduganalright, I'm still not sure what ppa these two are coming from: http://pastebin.com/0r1nB7RQ how do I find out?10:54
gutboth oibaf PPA and Xorg Edgers work properly on same machine with Ubuntu Gnome 14.04, but in Ubuntu 14.04 with Unity, Unity fails to start... problem is with mesa git propably and I was just wondering if anyone experience same thing, I'm not asking for professional support10:54
murosaiim not sure if this is the issue with my window manager or what, but for example in firefox im able to go past the vertical scroll bar to the right and this is really annoying, anyway to position the scroll bar so that i can't go past it?10:54
hounddogmy system is not stqrting only showing not able to find xyw, grub rescue.10:56
=== adrien_ is now known as Guest98595
bekkshounddog: Whats "xyw"?10:57
hounddogbekks: ok, let me get the correct number for you10:57
bekkshounddog: Whats the full, exact error message? :)10:57
gutuseless fucks10:57
hounddogbeeerror: no such device: 2aa25dba-f81d-44811-9ff48-70df560f80ca. grub rescue10:59
hounddogbekks:  error: no such device: 2aa25dba-f81d-44811-9ff48-70df560f80ca. grub rescue10:59
hounddognbow trying to load from the usb i installed ubuntu with i get another error but i guess i should type that also accurately11:00
FritzenduganOk, I figured it out with some mediocre grepping. Better be careful guys, if you keep ignoring me I might just solve my own problems through experimentation. Then what ever will you do? :P11:01
Fritzenduganit looks like the offenders were these two lines in steam.list: http://pastebin.com/HwrRMERU Any steam on linux users know what to do? Or what IRC I can go to that will know more?11:02
hounddog(initramfs) Unable to find a medium containing a a live file system.11:03
hounddogbekks: any ideas?11:03
Fritzenduganhounddog: are you using a usb3.0 port? I think that caused issues for me. Try to use a 2.0 port11:04
hounddogusing the normal port11:04
hounddogswitched all the ports around already11:04
Potato1‎does anyone have play on linux11:06
sultanselephantPotato1: you can go visit 'em /join #playonlinux otherwise this channel is to support ubuntu11:06
Fritzenduganhounddog: not trying to be rude, but https://duckduckgo.com/?q=(initramfs)+Unable+to+find+a+medium+containing+a+a+live+file+system. has lots of hits for your error message. I would try skimming some of the results to see if any are relevant while you wait for a response on IRC. I'm a novice myself, so I can't help much :/11:07
lotuspsychjesultanselephant: playonlinux is an official package users can ask help here11:08
sultanselephanti know nothing, jon snow11:08
hounddogFritzendugan:  and i looked all most of these and all are saying to reinstall grub from a live cd. But i cannot seem to start from a live cd as i just get an error11:08
cfhowletthounddog and the error is ???11:08
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest9856
hounddogcfhowlett: what i had written before ;)11:09
hounddog(initramfs) Unable to find a medium containing a a live file system.11:09
=== WLM is now known as WLM|weg
cfhowletthounddog 1. did you set the bios to boot from the live cd.  2.  did you verify the live CD for integrity?11:09
hounddogFritzendugan: oh, that was about the starting from live11:10
lucaciao a tutti11:10
hounddogcfhowlett: 1. no i did not set the bios to start from the livecd. I just selected it via the boot menu. 2. how can i check the integrity?11:10
sultanselephanthounddog: did you look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/casper/+bug/543875 ?11:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 543875 in casper (Ubuntu) "unable to find a medium containing a live file system" [Medium,Confirmed]11:11
lotuspsychje!it | luca11:11
ubottuluca: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:11
cfhowletthounddog if your computer isn't set to boot from the CD, it's still booting from your non-functioning HDD11:11
hounddogcfhowlett: even if i tell it explicilty to boot from usb? Why is there a boot option then and why does it show me all the boot options from the usb stick?11:12
cfhowletthounddog if your computer boots from the HDD, you get one menu.  if you boot from the live CD you get a different menu ... be explicit.11:14
cfhowletthounddog assuming your live CD didn't work previously, verify the ISO and then verify the CD/USB11:14
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows11:14
Fritzenduganhounddog: both your hard-drive and the usb drive probably are using grub as a boot loader and have their own boot menus. If you're trying to install linux onto your hard-drive, I'd recommend booting directly from the USB and installing a new bootloader onto the hard-drive, although you can technically use the existing one. I don't know what your system set-up is like i.e. if you're trying to dual-boot or anything like that11:16
hounddogOk. Explicitly i press the power switch, after the splash screen comes i press f12 to select from which device to boot. I then go ahead and select USB. I contnie then to get a screen whcih shows me options Default, help, try ubuntu without installing, indtyall ubuntu, check disc for defects, test memory, Boot from first hard disk. I select Try  ubuntu without installing.11:17
cfhowletthounddog that's the ticket!11:17
Fritzenduganhounddog: ok then yeah, I recommend verifying the iso file isn't corrup like cfhowlett recommended11:18
Fritzenduganhounddog: and possibly recreating the live usb11:18
bigo72hello everybody, I've this problem with gnome shell, what's wrong? https://www.dropbox.com/s/a8p85i8imh1o1xd/Screenshot%202014-05-31%2023.10.34.png11:18
hounddogThen it starts loading the ubuntu splash screen and after a few seconds it falls back to the console giving me the error. (initramfs) unable to find a medium containing a live file system.11:19
hounddogwell il start in verifying11:19
cfhowlettbigo72 ouch!  don't know what that is but --- ouch!11:19
Fritzenduganbigo72: restarting your DE and/or rebooting your PC doesn't fix it?11:19
cfhowletthounddog either your usb is a bad burn or your source ISO is bad.  verify the ISO then verify the bootable media11:19
bigo72Fritzendugan, unfortunately not11:20
hounddogcfhowlett: its the exact same burn i installed it from earlier11:20
hounddogearlier = a few months ago11:20
cfhowletthounddog and it takes about 90 seconds to verify ...11:20
hounddogam not on windows btw11:20
cfhowlett!md5sum | hounddog11:21
ubottuhounddog: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows11:21
Fritzenduganbigo72: well I've exhausted my trouble-shooting expertise ;) You said you're using gnome, not Unity right?11:21
vifinoHow can I set to install grub to the root partition?11:21
hounddogFritzendugan: i am trying to install a new bootloader, thats my issue currently11:22
bigo72Fritzendugan, yes, no problems with unity for me, gnome shell is the only DE that does like that11:22
Fritzenduganhounddog: Ok, I see. So you're trying to boot into a live distro so you can repair the boot-loader, but the live distro won't boot. I would verify the iso and then verify the usb media itself like cfhowlett said and let us know how that went11:23
Fritzenduganhounddog: and if that all fails, possibly try using a different live distro to repair the bootloader11:23
hounddogoh well, cannot verify it as i do not  have the iso anymore... guess i need to redownload11:23
Fritzenduganhounddog: unfortunately, sounds like you will have to redownload yeah :/11:24
cfhowlett!es|camilo  greetings11:24
ubottucamilo  greetings: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.11:24
Fritzenduganbigo72: what graphics card do you have and are you using proprietary or open source drivers?11:24
cfhowlettvifino ask your questions11:25
vifino[13:21:46]  <vifino> How can I set to install grub to the root partition?11:26
ubottuvifino: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub211:26
vifinoI mean on the standard iso.11:27
cfhowlettvifino same method works on the standard ISO11:28
vifinois there an option for that?11:28
cfhowlettvifino boot the ISO.  select your target.  install.  it's all in the wiki11:29
timg_any unison hacker here? -repeat watch doesnt work for me.11:30
hounddogFritzendugan, cfhowlett i managed to get in by enabling iommu in the bios11:37
hounddognow to reinstall grub...11:37
Radon_3folks, I got an idea....11:38
Fritzenduganhounddog: no clue what iommu is, but congrats :)11:38
Radon_3should I share in here?11:38
hounddogFritzendugan: i remember i had to disable it for windows 8... so i just tried while downloading the new iso11:38
cfhowletthounddog glad you got it going - though I have NO idea what iommu is ...11:40
hounddogcfhowlett: just googling for the error with iommu now spits out that many had this problem as seems11:42
cfhowletthounddog that there is some fine detective work, Lou!11:42
hounddognow i am just trying to get my boot repaired and am praying nothing really got f...11:43
=== _dv_ is now known as dv_
circ-user-1axqmnick <reverse_running>11:45
hounddogFritzendugan, cfhowlett: thx for the help, finqlly got my system running and can now take a shower after sweating like shit lol12:02
cfhowletthounddog ... happy to ... help?12:02
hounddogbut dont know why... started system and then got bios damaged... reinstalling main bios and the fun began12:03
=== jak is now known as Guest33537
Fritzenduganhounddog, mucking about with OS installs is always stressful, glad you got it all sorted out12:04
Guest33537speak italian?12:04
cfhowlett!it| Guest3353712:05
ubottuGuest33537: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:05
hounddogFritzendugan: i was no installing it was working now for months12:05
hounddogFritzendugan: just start computer and it had crashed12:06
=== dhanvi is now known as c0mrad3
hylianhow do i remove the keyring so that chrome doesn't ask for a password in 14.04? (using xfce), i don't have unity. It's no longer a gnome thing, because there is no keyring folder under the .gnome2 folder.12:18
=== whirrior is now known as whirr
droidz7hey people, can anybody help me with a usb disk mounting problem?12:24
subz3r0!ask | droidz712:25
ubottudroidz7: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:25
droidz7i manually mount my usb disk as a folder12:25
lubuntu14help to connect internet via wi-fI USB Adapter TP Link TL-WN725N model through ADSL modem HUAWEI HG 532e. Through wired connection works without problems. Sees adaptr system and network requests password after you enter anything Tests - but not connecting. On the Wi-Fi bar cross. Internet operator Ukrtelecom.12:25
droidz7i want it to happen on startup12:25
droidz7before "sudo mount -t auto /dev/sda1 /media/USBHDD1" did it automatically, it doesnt anymore12:26
subz3r0droidz7: you may want to have a look @ /etc/fstab12:26
subz3r0and use a UID for that device12:26
droidz7subz3r0: ive tried, but i have no clue what parameters to put in12:26
droidz7subz3r0: ive added /dev/sd1        /media/USBHDD1  vfat    defaults12:26
droidz7subz3r0: but it still doesnt automount12:26
subz3r0droidz7: sd1? Never seen that before12:27
subz3r0first disk= /dev/sda. first partion on that disk /dev/sda1 etc..12:28
subz3r0just as an example12:28
droidz7subz3r0: sorry, i misspelled,12:28
droidz7subz3r0: ill fix it and restart12:28
droidz7subz3r0: it should have been sda112:29
subz3r0use uuid12:29
subz3r0you can see the needed uuid with: sudo blkid12:30
oaulakhhow to repair booting problem in ubunutu with windows 8?12:30
oaulakhhow to repair booting problem in ubunutu with windows 8?12:30
droidz7subz3r0: ok done, ill try to add that information12:31
subz3r0just an example...12:31
oaulakhanyone knows?12:32
subz3r0@fstab: UUID=fsdfsdf435-345435-345345-32434-5435kljDSFdsf /boot           ext4    defaults        0       212:32
ODB2which did you install first?12:32
ODB2have you overwritten MBR?12:32
oaulakhi installed ubuntu first12:33
oaulakhthen windows 812:33
cfhowlettODB2 windows 8 - eufi - no MBR12:33
droidz7subz3r0: thank you, it worked :)12:33
droidz7subz3r0: many thanks :)12:33
oaulakhwindows 8 working fine12:33
subz3r0droidz7: you're welcome12:33
oaulakhbut my ubuntu is not working in old way, even its not booting at all12:34
subz3r0!uefi  | oaulakh12:34
ubottuoaulakh: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI12:34
oaulakhi duuno how to reapair grub from windows12:34
subz3r0you may want to read this12:34
ActionParsnipoaulakh: you'll need to reinstate Grub to the MBR. OmgUbuntu has a guide called "sticking it to Grub" which will show you how to chroot from live CD and resolve the issue12:34
subz3r0also its not a good idea to install ubuntu first. as descibed in like 1000000 tutorials :)12:34
subz3r0and windows 8 is a special case, too12:35
oaulakhi dont have live cd now12:35
ActionParsnipoaulakh: you cant repair grub from Windows. Its not got the capabilities12:35
oaulakhthat ubuntu was installed a year ago12:35
ActionParsnipoaulakh: make a new one then.....too obvious?12:35
oaulakhand was working fine12:35
oaulakhbut due to sime problem in windows i reinstalled windows 812:35
cfhowlettoaulakh and you'll need to reconfigure your ubuntu.  which is why dual booters are advised to always install windows first.12:36
oaulakhbut i have so much work and programs in that ubuntu edition12:36
cfhowlettoaulakh it's still there.  you just need to fix the boot12:36
oaulakhbut now what should i do12:36
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub212:36
ActionParsnipoaulakh: again, make a new Ubuntu CD, use the guide, reinstate Grub12:36
IdleOneoaulakh: if you follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 you will not lose any of your data.12:37
ActionParsnipoaulakh: i already told you but put it all on one line incase you missed it and cant scroll your IRC client text up.12:37
oaulakhbut i have irc also in my iphone12:37
oaulakhi will ask you question if i stuck somewhere12:38
ActionParsnipoaulakh: the guide is pretty sweet. Even has a video.12:38
oaulakhi think i did that before12:38
oaulakhbut the problem is now12:38
oaulakhthat i dont have have live cd or even a usb12:39
oaulakhi have to find it first12:39
cfhowlettoaulakh come back when you have it.12:39
ActionParsnipoaulakh: the Ubuntu iSOs are still available and are still 100% free. Why not download a new one..12:40
ActionParsnipoaulakh: much easier and quicker, right?12:40
oaulakhi have to find a usb first12:41
oaulakhyeah i know12:41
IdleOneok go do that12:41
oaulakhall i need a usb12:41
oaulakhi have this iso12:41
ActionParsnipoaulakh: or a CD?12:42
oaulakhfrom which i installed ubuntu a year ago12:42
oaulakhno i haven't cd12:42
oaulakhi never install anything from cd12:43
ActionParsnipoaulakh: as long as you can chroot from it, its fine. It needs to be the same arch as the Ubuntu you have installed (32bit or 64bit)12:43
oaulakhiso is always perfect one12:43
ActionParsnipoaulakh: what do you mean "perfect one"?12:43
oaulakhmeans usb is always a perfect choise12:44
oaulakhfaster and coustmizable12:44
ActionParsnipoaulakh: you can customize the iso then burn to CD...12:45
IdleOneawesome, if you feel like chatting about it you are welcome to join us in #ubuntu-offtopic12:45
oaulakhhahahahha sory man12:45
oaulakhi was just thinking where i can get a usb12:46
oaulakhcalling my friend12:46
ActionParsnipoaulakh: amazon? Ebay? Local PC store?12:46
oaulakhthen when friends will help haaa? ;)12:49
lkjhgfdsahow do you switch user in ubuntu12:52
lkjhgfdsain command line12:52
cfhowlettlkjhgfdsa su username12:52
vifinoWhats the root password on the livecd?12:52
lkjhgfdsadoes that bring up that users wallpaper etc12:52
lkjhgfdsatheir files12:52
cfhowlettlkjhgfdsa no.12:52
lkjhgfdsathats what I mean12:53
lkjhgfdsacan it do that12:53
=== tcpman is now known as Guest60931
cfhowlettlkjhgfdsa logout.  change user.  login12:53
lkjhgfdsacant you be logged in twice12:53
=== soee_ is now known as soee
cfhowlettlkjhgfdsa change user?  I think that's on the ubuntu menu12:54
trijntjevifino: there is no root12:54
ubottuvifino: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo12:54
=== WLM|weg is now known as WLM
InFiernoAnyone here done IPAliasing on ubuntu 12 recently?12:59
=== Lo^08 is now known as Loaft
perhapstiredAnyone here had success installing openvpn inside an windows host ubuntu guest virtualbox instance?13:03
nikam08hey! I want to get kdelibs version 4.12.0 in ubuntu 13.04? how do I do that?13:06
lkjhgfdsain ubuntu how do you exit the window manager13:09
lkjhgfdsain terminal13:09
IdleOnelkjhgfdsa: sudo service lightdm stop13:10
bah_anybody know how to change spell to another language in AbiWord ?   http://nerdanswer.com/answer.php?q=35460113:11
cfhowlettnikam08 13.04 is dead - end of life - no longer supported.  upgrade to a supported version.13:11
ODB2dude's wtf is goin on with truecrypt?13:12
ODB2apparently the NSA has put a back door in13:12
ubottuODB2: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList13:12
cfhowlettODB2 truecrypt has already published their recommendations for a fix.  suggest you follow them.13:13
ubottucfhowlett: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList13:13
bah_totally insane  to try to implement automatically detection then not even Google can get it to work !13:13
ODB2cfhowlett, what use Bitlocker? Yes because I trust microsoft blindly13:13
IdleOneODB2: that is not related to ubuntu support, please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic and remember to keep the language clean in all ubuntu channels13:13
cfhowlettODB2 you have options.  but please continue this discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic13:14
=== luke is now known as Guest58472
Macerugh i finally go tthis thing to boot correctly13:16
Macerno idea what went wrong there13:17
nikam08cfhowlett: is ubuntu 12.04 is supported for next 3 year right? is it possible to upgrade on that?13:17
Maceri need to disable the "hidden" grub menu and set a normal delay tho13:17
Whaleyes. run do-release-upgrade13:17
cfhowlettnikam08 yes 12.04 has 5 years support so - 201713:17
Macerdon't know why in the world it would default to a hidden timer anyways13:17
Whaleshould up you to latest13:17
cfhowlettnikam08 as you're currently EOL you'll have to muck about a biit13:17
Whale@macer it's because simplicity13:17
cfhowlett!eolupgrade| nikam0813:17
ubottunikam08: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades13:17
=== Whale is now known as PopTart
PopTartI AM A POPTART13:18
m100No you are not13:18
cfhowlettPopTart stop that.   play elsewhere13:18
bah_are there any alternatives to AbiWord, such crap software13:24
cfhowlettbah_ libreoffice writer -13:24
cfhowlettfernandosucre ask your questions13:24
abhrabah_, why do you think abiword is "crap"?13:25
bah_abhra, they implemented some automatic language detection without documenting it, http://nerdanswer.com/answer.php?q=35460113:27
trijntjebah_: thats hardly evidence they do un-documented language detection13:30
trijntjebut you can always use alternatives like libreoffice if you dont like abiword13:31
abhrabah_, that seems a bug; but is that an evidence of undocumented language detection? anyway, you may like to give libreoffice/openoffice a try13:32
whitehathi group. is there a way to save state in unity upon logout without writing one's own scripts?  thank you.13:32
bah_abhra, yes maybe I was wrong about that,  anyway i now downloaded libreoffice and it works fine, thanks13:33
abhrabah_, one more thing you could do. install google doc app in chromium; enable offline use. and use it for small, simple usage.13:33
abhrabah_, good to know. :)13:33
bah_abhra, yes I thought about that but I don't want NSA to be able to read everything I write13:34
abhrayeshuah, that's a problem13:35
abhrasorry, last one was meant for bah_13:36
trijntjewhitehat: define 'save state'13:36
whitehattrinode: hi. thank you.  ??  define 'save state'  where?13:38
ikoniaas in open windows ?13:38
ikoniahe means what do you mean by save state13:38
whitehatikonia: :-)  sorry.  need more coffee on this end.  I have 6 viewports in compiz.  I want to (save|restore) window positions, number of windows and placement of windows within the viewports upon both logout/shutdown and reboot/login13:40
lotuspsychjeare there alternatives for mono on ubuntu to play silverlight content?13:40
whitehatas you know  "define save state" could refer to something else in the linux/unix world.13:40
OerHekslotuspsychje, as of silverlight 5.1 there is no solution AFAIK13:41
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: mono webpage showing ubuntu install till 13.10 not yet trusty13:42
whitehatthere are of course a slew of utilities such as wmctrl, devilspie,  as well as compiz in the "place/window' plugin, however, I'm having difficulty getting the 'place window' plugin to work for class=VirtualBox13:42
diverdudeHi, anybody knows a program which runs on linux which is good for creating images (mock-ups) of screens? (Like if i am designing a new IT system and i want to draw how i imagine a specific screen should look like)13:44
lotuspsychjediverdude: screenshots of desktop?13:46
nevyndiverdude: inkscape? or maybe gimp but I prefer paper or whiteboards.13:46
diverdudenevyn, yeah but paper and whiteboards are not good for putting in a report13:46
nevynwrite the html?13:47
nevynor use rails/grails or something to mockup the forms?13:47
lotuspsychje!info pencil | diverdude13:47
ubottudiverdude: pencil (source: pencil): animation/drawing software. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.4b-0ubuntu5 (trusty), package size 483 kB, installed size 1216 kB13:47
=== tcpman is now known as Guest42150
lotuspsychjediverdude: or this one: http://wireframesketcher.com/download.html13:51
VolisHi, my ubuntu just crashed and I see this on the screen: http://i.imgur.com/YJhsqwG.jpg13:51
VolisIs there a way I can still recover my ubuntu. I hope my data still remains intact.13:52
lotuspsychjeVolis: you can try enter grub and recoverymode?13:52
Volislotuspsychje, how do I do that?13:52
lotuspsychjeVolis: hold shift during boot process to enter grub13:52
lotuspsychjeVolis: then select ubuntu(recoverymode) and try fix broken packages from list13:53
Volisok thanks lotuspsychje I'll try that!13:53
=== terry is now known as Guest791
lotuspsychjeVolis: maybe consider installing 14.04 after?13:53
avavavI have problem dual booting windows with ubuntu, if I install ubuntu in legacy mode and windows in UEFI boot mode, only ubuntu stays , windows doesnt , could anybody help here? Or should I expect answers from other channel13:54
lotuspsychjeavavav: did you disable secureboot in bios?13:54
lotuspsychje!uefi | avavav13:55
ubottuavavav: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI13:55
avavavLotus, No i didnt , please explain13:55
lotuspsychjeavavav: you can also try sudo update-grub from your ubuntu13:56
avavavLotus, I ve tried that, to no avail13:56
lotuspsychjeavavav: the easiest way is to single boot ubuntu and loose windows once and for good :p13:57
lotuspsychjeavavav: we already have lots of alternatives for windows applications13:57
avavavLotus, yes I m an ubuntu user since 1 year now, but there is simply no match for adobe photoshop, Cinema4D, and many other Adobe products which i desperately need13:58
lotuspsychjeavavav: some adobe products you can find on playonlinux aswell13:58
lotuspsychje!info playonlinux | avavav13:58
ubottuavavav: playonlinux (source: playonlinux): front-end for Wine. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 4.2.2-1 (trusty), package size 1107 kB, installed size 4208 kB13:58
lotuspsychjeavavav: gimp is also good alternative for photoshop13:59
lotuspsychjeavavav: would make your life easy single install ubuntu on laptop13:59
lotuspsychjeavavav: and there is virtualbox to install your windows from inside ubuntu14:00
avavavLotus, it has on programming skills perspective14:00
avavavLotus, But i want to learn more, playlinux, wine are still buggy14:00
avavavLotus, I had Graphic card issues on Vmware and virtualbox14:01
lotuspsychjeavavav: alot of professional packages in software centre mate14:01
nevynmeh gimp is no photoshop14:02
nevynavavav: why didn't you install ubuntu in uefi mode?14:02
lotuspsychjenevyn: photoshop is on playonlinux aswell14:02
nevynright because one of the big studios wanted it (Dreamworks I think)14:03
avavavNevyn, it didnt , when I tried, there was nothing on screen coming on rebooting14:03
nevynavavav: are you using a 64bit version?14:03
avavavLotus, Cinema4D, After effects, premier pro are much user friendly than blender14:04
avavavNevyn, yes 64 bit14:04
nevynwhich release?14:04
nevynthis improved a bunch in 14.0414:04
nevynyou do need to turn off secureboot.14:04
lotuspsychjeavavav: i recently installed blender for someone who uses 3d printing14:05
avavavNevyn, how do I do that?14:05
* lotuspsychje doesnt like those dualboot nightmares14:05
avavavLotus, but the tutorial base for adobe suits is huge, blender has less free tuts if i m not wrong, or am i?14:05
OerHeksFastboot can give troubles too.14:06
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: true, depends on the machine you install on14:06
e^is there a way to use applications in a livecd that are installed on the OS on the computer?14:07
lotuspsychjeavavav: http://www.blender.org/support/tutorials/14:07
e^something like mount --bind or something to use the files from the OS and install them in the live session?14:07
Fritzendugane^, if the drive is mounted, you can navigate to where the binary is and run it like any program14:08
avavavLotus, are they enough to kickstart a layman?14:08
avavavLotus, does blender outputs in popukar video formats?14:08
Fritzendugane^, of course, which configuration files it uses can get confusing, so I can't say I'd recommend it14:08
lotuspsychjeavavav: well im no real blender expert, not sure14:08
awestrokethe "beep" command from the identically named package makes no sound, how do I debug?14:08
lotuspsychjeavavav: ./join #blender14:09
e^Fritzendugan: ok thanks14:09
avavavLotus, yo dude, last question how to disable secure boot and from where?14:09
lotuspsychjeavavav: from your bios, disable secureboot14:10
avavavLotus, ok, and then I ll be able to dualboot?14:10
lotuspsychjeavavav: should be, but dont shoot me if not, i never dualboot14:11
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avavavLoyus, alright, thanks14:11
lotuspsychjeavavav: good luck!14:11
xrandrHello. I just installed a ATI Radeon 6450 graphics card on my computer. I keep getting an error that cinnamon has crashed. How can I fix this?14:12
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Fritzenduganxrandr, you probably want to install ati's proprietary graphics drivers14:13
Fritzenduganxrandr, I'm not sure how to do that in cinnamon but maybe someone else knows, a google search would likely tell you14:13
e^Fritzendugan, it didn't work, the program is called Psensor it was installed using the software center.14:15
Fritzendugane^, you can just install it on the live filesystem, right?14:16
awestrokehow do I get a /dev/<x> path to a sound device?14:16
xrandrFritzendugan: thanks14:17
Fritzenduganawestroke, I see some /dev/snd/ stuff on my box, but I'm not sure14:18
ODB2u bitches better recognise14:25
ODB24 real14:25
ace__what do you guys think is the best tethering program for ubuntu (i have ubuntu)14:26
ace__just installed on an eee pc 4g14:26
ace__im using easy tether but for some reason its only working on IRC. not for webpages lol14:26
ace__anyone there14:29
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KHFAre you using Easy Tether Lite?14:33
FritzenduganKHF, the dude already left lol14:33
Fritzendugannot very patient apparently14:33
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KHFI can't see leaves/joins14:34
FritzenduganI was sitting here wondering why my tab complete wasn't working until I realized lol14:34
KHFthe Description for the software, in the Play Store, says that is blocks https14:34
Fritzenduganthat's horrible14:35
KHFbut android has built in tethering14:35
KHFso I am not sure why he'd use it14:35
KHFI assume android is used of course14:36
daincredibleholgI have a small issue: After a fresh install of Ubuntu 14.04 the SSH_AUTH_SOCK isn't set correctly. I cannot use the gnome askpass function :( Any ideas?14:39
jvarcabaHey anyone using Nvidia optimus driver ?14:42
jvarcabaI have a question regarding it.14:42
bekksjvarcaba: so ask it.14:43
jvarcaba:) After installing optimus driver caffeine stopped working , cannot start it14:43
jvarcaba:) After installing optimus driver caffeine stopped working , cannot start it.14:43
holsteinjvarcaba: does caffine require 3d? are you getting 3d support?14:44
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jvarcabaholstein, "Unity 3D supported:       yes" I guess I do have 3d support .14:45
holsteinjvarcaba: sure.. just dont guess.. check and confirm14:46
holsteinjvarcaba: unity has a fall back mode14:46
jvarcabaholstein, I do have the 3d support. Caffeine worked fine till the installation of optimus drivers.14:47
ikoniashock horror14:48
ikoniaoptimus drivers cause problem14:48
holsteinjvarcaba: you can try starting it from the command line and see if you have any helpful error messages.. try and not assume anything.. its not constructive when troubleshooting14:49
jvarcabaikonia, :D Bet everyhing else runs smooth except caffeine.14:49
Stinky-Feetawestroke: Check the man page on beep (the IOCTL WACKINESS section), and then also look at /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf. Basically, to make it work: sudo modprobe snd_pcsp, then: beep --debug -l 1000 -r 5  But it is not a good way to go. Try installing sox instead and use the play command.14:49
holsteinjvarcaba: ok14:49
holsteinjvarcaba: you can always just do the tasks manually and not use caffine..14:50
jvarcabaholstein,  The error - "raise error.DisplayConnectionError(self.display_name, r.reason) Xlib.error.DisplayConnectionError: Can't connect to display ":0": b'No protocol specified\n'"14:51
jvarcabaholstein, I have already tried to looking it up in google, no results.14:51
natsukaohttp://beta.slashdot.org/story/179639 and  http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lang.smalltalk.gnu.general14:51
holsteinjvarcaba: where did you get caffeine? ppa?14:52
Macerhm. my printer works but the status is messed up.. it keeps saying Idle - Waiting for printer to finish.14:52
jvarcabaholstein, yes14:52
holsteinnatsukao: use the #ubuntu-offtopic channel for non-support.. thanks14:52
holsteinjvarcaba: could be something they are not taking into account ..try reporting to them14:52
jvarcabaholstein, oK14:53
guestingMy packages are borked. Is it possible to upgrade 12.04 to 14.04 by replacing the OS but keeping users and their home folders (the home folder is on a separate drive)?14:54
holsteinguesting: yes14:54
holsteinguesting: just do exactly what you said14:55
guestingholstein: I'm assuming dist-upgrade -d won't work as the package management is dead14:55
holsteinguesting: however, the issues can be with the user's config files14:55
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Onia ***  I am back.  Gone for 47mins 42secs  ***14:55
Onia ***  I am now away.  Reason: Idle.  ***14:55
holsteinguesting: if yuo have everything backedup, you can try it.. and assume nothing14:55
guestingholstein: What do you mean? Aren't those in their home folders?14:55
Onia ***  I am back.  Gone for 32secs  ***14:56
Onia ***  I am now away.  Reason: Idle.  ***14:56
holsteinguesting: correct.. im saying, you are assuming those packages are "ok".. so, if you go through all the trouble of saving them, and get the system back up, and have issues still, try isolating the users config files14:56
ubottuPlease do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»14:56
holsteinOnia: ^14:56
Onia ***  I am back.  Gone for 20secs  ***14:56
Onia ***  I am now away.  Reason: Idle.  ***14:56
Onia ***  I am back.  Gone for 13secs  ***14:56
Onia ***  I am now away.  Reason: Idle.  ***14:56
Onia ***  I am back.  Gone for 11secs  ***14:57
Onia ***  I am now away.  Reason: Idle.  ***14:57
Onia ***  I am back.  Gone for 13secs  ***14:57
Onia ***  I am now away.  Reason: Idle.  ***14:57
guestingholstein: The problem was when removing the ghc package--the whole process bugs out14:58
guestingholstein: I'm assuming it's because of that package, not because of a config14:58
guestingholstein: At least, not due to a config in a home directory14:59
holsteinguesting: sure.. if you run into issues in the future, try not assuming.. but, test and confirm.. good luck14:59
guestingholstein: When I install 14.04 replacing 12.04, wouldn't I have to remake each user and each password?14:59
ldiamondanyone knows how to move panels in LXDE?15:00
bekksguesting: yes.15:00
ldiamondAh, I'm relieved.15:00
ldiamondbekks, ah, I though you said, "guessing yes"15:01
guestingbekks: Shoot. Is there a way to, when making the user, assign him or her to their original folder on the other drive?15:01
ldiamondwhich was a good reply :p15:01
guestingbekks: Without making a new home folder15:01
Guest28405hi how i can go 123 . line15:03
Guest28405with nano?15:03
Guest28405i use ubuntu15:04
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dhanushHi. Why isnt the broadcom wireless card still not supported by default in the new lts release? I was hoping it would be added.15:07
Nope_avidhanush it isn't supported by default because there is a package that must be installed that the installer does not have the URL for last I checked.15:08
ldiamondAlright... I'm trying to migrate a non-encrypted home to encrypted using ecryptfs-migrate-home. It tells me "not enough free space". Though I only use 35% of /home. Anyone know more about the free space requirements?15:09
gasshoi want to set up a firewall; any further precautions for ubuntu security?  (i dont know how to set up a firewall)15:11
Nope_avildiamond I would not recommend using an encrypted home directory. If your system ever crashes, you can't access it without the generated recovery key. Try using man ecryptfs-migrate-home to find space requirements, and if that fails, look it up on the wiki.15:11
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Nope_avigassho I'd recommend using a Tor SOCKS proxy.15:12
ldiamondNope_avi, I looked at the man, no info. I assume it needs at least the same amount as the data in free space. The problem is I don't know where it does the backup.15:12
ldiamondNope_avi, if it uses /tmp then I'm screwed.15:12
ldiamondNope_avi, well, the point of encrypting is making it secure. If I could access it without the recovery key then, well, it wouldn't be worth it :p15:13
c0mrad3can any one suggest me what is the exact way to install ubuntu with windows15:13
gasshothanks Nope_avi15:13
Nope_avic0mrad3 you mean dual-boot?15:13
c0mrad3i have done it once and screwed it up15:13
ldiamondI'm going on vacation, so I don't want some stupid thief to have access to my porn.15:13
dhanushNope_avi: ah. :( ; Tough luck. btw, I have installed the default broadcom sta module. But I've heard it is the wrong one. I mean not recommended probably. Also it shows my wireless as eth1. Do you know how can I fix it?15:14
Nope_avic0mrad3 You want to install Windows first, then install Ubuntu. Windows' bootloader doesn't support other operating systems very well. It will ask you if you want to install grub to the MBR, say yes as long as it also says it found another operating system. When you install Windows though, make sure you leave enough room for Ubuntu.15:15
Macerah ok. i figured it out. had to use the ipp protocol15:15
Macerseems to work great now although the borders are a bit off for the page :/15:15
Macernot sure what's up with that .. there's really no wya to adjust that15:16
handsomejackJesus caused 9 1115:21
gasshonevar forgit15:27
ubuntu-studioloucura e essa15:27
gasshohello ubuntu-studio15:27
ubuntu-studioeu sei gassho15:28
* gassho hides15:28
gasshoforeigners D:15:28
ztanegrr wrong window :P15:29
ztanehave the following problem, my lenovo edge internal card reader stopped working, just did insert, remove and now it does not work, even after reboot, remove battery etc :D15:30
ztane[   85.033182] rtsx_pci 0000:03:00.0: no hotplug settings from platform15:30
ztane03:00.0 Unassigned class [ff00]: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTS5209 PCI Express Card Reader (rev 01)15:31
ztanewonder if my card reader got fried :D15:31
DexterFset up a 14.04 machine, can display its X with x11vnc but mouse does not work. any pointers? (har har)15:33
DexterFhold that, keyboard is not getting through either... hm..15:34
KwaaiWolfhow to I connect to other channels?15:34
DexterFso no X events are transported. any new oddities in 14's Xserver I should knwo about?15:34
DexterFKwaaiWolf: /join #<channelname>15:35
AndrewMMhey guys, i need help on a script, can you please help?15:43
deansAndrewMM: of course they can help .... but will they?15:44
deansWhat about your script needs help?15:45
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AndrewMMi want the scripts starts messaging from the last to the first name on the room15:47
deansAndrewMM: This room is for Ubuntu help ... and at best this is off topic15:47
deansAndrewMM: you probably need to go to another room with irc-topic15:48
AndrewMMok! im sorry :D15:48
AndrewMMand thanks15:48
phaoHi. I'm running xfce4 in here (I've installed xubuntu-desktop on my ubuntu 14.04). How do I stick a system monitor (something like gnome-system-monitor) on my desktop area? I see lots of pictures of linux-ish operating systems doing that. I'd like to do it on my own. ANy ideas?15:52
koki26ay algien de españa?15:55
koki26de donde?15:56
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jess44does anyone know how to use fimap?16:01
jcgsHi everyone16:04
jcgsdoes anyone know how to get openjdk working as a browser plugin? googling has only given me results for icedtea...16:05
jcgsOr is that the only solution?16:05
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Guest73599hello, i installed 12.04.1 specifically because it works with my graphics card. Ubuntu has updated me to 14.04.4 and it broke my driver. How do I reverse?16:05
jcgsGuest73599: You might be able to repoint to the old repositories and go back, but there's no guarantee that will work in-place16:07
deansProbably off topic but how do I suppress join/quote notices on http://webchat.freenode.net/ ?16:07
Guest73599I guess I will have to reinstall my entire ubuntu16:07
Guest73599what do i look out for to prevent ubuntu frmo updating to 12.04.4?16:08
jcgsGuest73599: You went to 12.04.4? not 14.04.4?16:08
Guest73599jcgs, that's correct16:08
gueriLLaPunKwhats the cmd i use to download files from a github? i tried wget, but it didnt really grab anything16:09
Guest73599my ISO was 12.04.1, everything worked fine. then after update. I can't even go into amdccc16:09
jcgsGuest73599: Amd's own drivers aren't very good16:10
OverandI was helping a friend with a remote "do-release-upgrade" - and he rebooted the system when it was on the "234 packages need to be rmoevd blah blah  Continue [yN]  Details [d]"16:10
OverandWhat should I do to 'finish' that stage?16:10
Guest73599jcgs the open source drivers don't work for me otherwise i would use 14.0416:10
jcgsGuest73599: I would have thought updating to a later version than 12.04 might be adviasable16:10
Guest73599no i have been at 14.04 and dealt with the issues there the only way for me to use ubuntu would be 12.0416:11
jcgsGuest73599: In 14.04 the binary drivers have got somewhat better16:11
Guest73599but no one wanted to help me with the open source drivers, i couldnt use two monitors16:11
jcgsGuest73599: you can also download drivers direct from amd as well16:11
Guest73599no since the drivers only support the kernel version of 12.04.116:11
Guest73599amd legacy drivers16:12
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jcgsGuest73599: you can always boot into your old kernel... you can pick it from the menu in grub. Have you tried that?16:13
Guest73599jcgs, i found an unoffical driver that would be able to work for 12.04.4 im going to try that16:14
jcgsGuest73599: Good luck anyway... graphics drivers can be a pain :( I've got a hybrid card and that makes everything doubly awkward16:14
Guest73599and thanks for the help16:15
jcgsGuest73599: You're welcome, although it sounds like you could use someone a bit more expert16:16
jcgsOverand: Probably try doing sudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:17
jcgsand see what happens16:17
jcgsalthough you might be able to re-run the entire thing because I don't think you got that far into it16:17
jcgsalso, you could try opening aptitude (if it's installed) and doing things manually16:18
Overandjcgs: it's basically prompting me to auto-remove, which seems to be working fine16:20
OverandI'm pretty annoyed that he rebooted the system while i was 'mid-upgrade' but c'est la vie16:20
jcgsmeh, this stuff happens16:21
jcgsOverand: he didn't pick such a bad time though , I've managed to really stuff the package resolver before16:22
Overandjcgs: yeah, it could have been a lot worse16:22
Overandhe was having all sorts of weird issues beforehand, too - like network manager dying due to SIGABRT and stuff16:23
OverandSo I just crossed my fingersa nd did an upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 - which I had to do with "do-release-upgrade -d" - without -d it said he was ont he latest release. o_O16:23
Alex_______ERROR: The kernel header file        '/lib/modules/3.13.0-24-generic/build/include/linux/version.h' does not        exist.  The most likely reason for this is that the kernel source files        in '/lib/modules/3.13.0-24-generic/build' have not been configured.16:24
skinuxI'm having a major problem with incorrect disk space reports. Every time I restart it reports either ~30MB free or ~700MB free. I've been removing software not installing software.16:24
Overandskinux: what filesystem are you using?16:24
skinuxExt3 as far as I know16:24
skinuxMight be Ext416:24
Overandcabn you checkm, via "mount" ?16:24
Overander.  without the xtra 'n' and ',16:24
skinuxIt's using Ext416:25
skinuxThis problem started after upgrading to Trusty16:25
Alex_______ERROR: The kernel header file        '/lib/modules/3.13.0-24-generic/build/include/linux/version.h' does not        exist.  The most likely reason for this is that the kernel source files        in '/lib/modules/3.13.0-24-generic/build' have not been configured.16:25
OverandAlex_______: do not paste repeatedly16:26
Overandskinux: I'd suggest you start by forcing a filesystem check16:26
skinuxI already just ran fsck via recovery16:26
Overandskinux: you can either do "sudo touch /forcefsck"16:26
skinuxIt said 'recovering journal', but otherwise it didn't report anything wrong.16:27
Overandskinux: yes, but was it a 'forced' fsck or did it just do a quick one?16:27
Overandyou want it to do a thourough one16:27
OverandDO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT CHECKING THE MANUAL:  it may be "fsck -f /device" to do that16:27
Overand(on a non-mounted filesystem)16:27
OverandAlex_______: Please be patient.16:28
jcgsAlex_______: Have you installed the kernel header files?16:28
OverandAlex_______: what's thej context for your error message?16:28
jcgsAlex_______: do aptitude show linux-headers-generic16:28
Overandskinux: you may also get different free space reports from root vs. a standard user, due to the 'reserved' space - bt don't quote me on that either16:29
ianorlinwhy does installing linux headers take so long?16:29
Overandianorlin: lots and lots of files.  do you have a16:29
jcgsopen up a terminal window and then type that command in16:29
Overandianorlin: 'normal' hard drive, as opposed to an SSD?16:29
skinuxOverand: These reports are balloon reports I keep getting every time I login to my user account.16:29
Alex_______how  command?16:29
ianorlinI have normal hdd16:29
Overandianorlin: that's probably why.  the header has thousands and thousands of files.  it'll be slow16:29
jcgsAlex_______: wait a minute you may not have aptitude installed16:29
Overandianorlin: do you also have kinda low free disk space?16:30
ianorlinno I don't ahve low free disk space16:30
Alex_______sudo: aptitude: command not found16:30
skinuxOverland: Forcing fsck is to see if my drive is failing??16:30
jcgsAlex_______: I thought so, you don't have aptitude installed16:30
Overandianorlin: that'll only exacerbate the problem, you may get it anyway.  is this kind of an older system?  and how 'long' is 'long'16:30
Overandskinux: no, it's to check to see if there are filesystem errors16:30
Overandnot physical errors16:30
Stinky-Feetskinux: Try df from a terminal first16:31
jcgsAlex_______: try apt-get -sy install linux-headers-generic16:31
ianorlinlike 10 minutes but is more noticeable in virtual machines16:31
Alex_______and aptitude stop install? or remove?16:31
jcgsAlex_______: don't worry about aptitude, you don't need it16:31
Overandianorlin: if the virtual machines are running with constrained memory and there's swapping/paging on the host OR the VM itself, that'll exacerbate the problem16:31
Alex_______i started install16:31
Overandianorlin: but 10 minutes is a lot.   is your disk thrashing a lot?16:31
jcgsAlex_______: it is kind of useful, but not necessary16:32
Alex_______apt-get -sy install linux-headers-generic installed16:32
ianorlinI think it might be running a vm with no vmx on cpu16:32
jcgsAlex_______: what did that tell you?16:32
Overandianorlin: that's not going to help either.  nor is an abstraction layer of virtual scsi rather than paravirtual, etc.16:32
jcgsAlex_______: that was only a simulation16:32
Overandianorlin: what are the specs of the host (CPU, ram) and guest (cpu, ram, e tc)16:33
Alex_______and what now?16:33
jcgsAlex_______: apt-get install linux-headers-generic16:33
jcgsAlex_______: no -sy16:33
Alex_______7% download slow speed lol16:34
Alex_______low speed server16:34
jcgsAlex_______: it's a lot of software,16:35
ianorlinoverand ^ for host16:35
jcgsAlex_______: you will need it though16:35
Overandianorlin: holy smokes that's hard to read16:35
jcgsAlex_______: what were you trying to do originally>16:36
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Overandianorlin: bummer, that chip doesn't have virtualiation, you're right16:36
Tsld22NYPlease, how to add applications shortcuts on ubuntu 14.04 top panel  using unity?16:36
Alex_______rofl second file downloading...16:37
Alex_______30% of all process16:37
Alex_______i go smoking16:37
Overandianorlin: but i really can't make heads or tales of that, it's all loaded with escape sequences16:37
Overandianorlin: can you maybe do a screenshot (via 'scrot' or printscreen) and stick it on imgur.com or something16:38
Overandianorlin: or, just... how much RAM do you have on the host (laptop itself) and how much is in the guests / VMs?16:39
ianorlin4 GB16:39
ianorlin1 GB guest16:39
Overandianorlin: you might wanna try installing 'dstat' on the host and guest16:39
Overandto get an idea of if the system is paging a lot.16:39
Overandbut i'll tell you right now, virtualizaion performance on systems without virtualization assist can be really bad16:39
Overandwhat hypervisor (virtualization platform) are you using?16:40
Overandand what OS is on the host, and the guest?16:40
ianorlinlubuntu and ubuntu mini with lxqt on guest16:40
Tsld22NYPlease, how to add applications shortcuts on Ubuntu Unity 14.04 top panel ?16:40
Overandare you using virtualbox or something?16:40
ianorlinI do have guest additions installed16:41
Overandianorlin: can you check to see if the guest is using 'paravirtual scsi' ?16:41
OverandI think virtualbox supports that16:41
whilomanchicos saludos.16:41
Overandwhiloman: #ubuntu-es perhaps?16:41
OverandWait, that's wrong16:41
whilomanyeah ubuntu16:41
Overandwhiloman: hablas espanol?  -  /join #ubuntu-es16:42
Overandianorlin: even so, you may find that using paravirtual SCSI will help a lot16:43
Overand(You also may not)16:43
whilomaneu falo portugues mais que ingles16:44
ianorlinoverand is that kernel module?16:44
dhanushi have a broadcom BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY [14e4:4315] ; The wireless works fine. But bluetooth doesnt. Can someone help me out?16:44
jcgsAlex_______: So what were you doing when you got the error message about not having kernel headers installed?16:44
Alex_______go to here16:45
Alex_______and one little command16:45
Alex_______or 2...16:46
Overandthe biggest thing I'm going to suggest is to go as paravirtual as you can.16:46
Alex_______apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)16:46
Alex_______it is16:46
Overandand to make sure you're using page files as little as possible16:46
Alex_______all installed16:47
Alex_______what now?16:47
ianorlinyeah Am not using page files at all16:47
hubelibubhi! i'm trying to search for all .mov files in a specific folder and subfolders using nautilus. how do i do this?16:48
ianorlinI did notice like 80 perecent or more cpu usage in the vm16:48
Alex_______jcgs  now go nvidia install?16:48
Alex_______now try install nvidia driver?16:49
jcgsAlex_______: Sorry, fat finger... Check if you need any other packages first16:49
Alex_______gcc make i have16:49
Alex_______i go install16:49
dhanush_i have a broadcom BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY [14e4:4315] ; The wireless works fine. But bluetooth doesnt. Can someone help me out?16:50
Tsld22NYPlease, how to add applications shortcuts on Ubuntu Unity 14.04 top panel?16:50
whilomanhola necesito instalar aplicaciones para entrar a una aula virtual que plataforma me lo recomiendan16:50
jcgsAlex_______: you should be good to go16:50
vo_idany1 interested in linux russian roullete?16:50
vo_id[ $[ $RANDOM % 6 ] == 0 ] && rm -rf / || echo *Click*16:51
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!16:51
vo_idofc dont run16:51
vo_idunless you feel lucky.16:51
FestourHi all! Someone can help me with vsftpd server? I cant upload some files to my server, there are error : There was an error copying the file into ftp://myserverip Show more details Operation failed16:52
jackanyone familiar with linuxmint 17?16:54
humbagianorlin: sorry to not answer your question but: $ find -L /path/to/folder -type -f -iname *.mov16:54
Alex_______all bad no work :(16:55
Alex_______error headers16:55
keevitajahi, how can i make ubuntu start without xserver? i just want to to give me a root shell17:00
keevitajai need to use apt-get there17:01
bazhang!nox | keevitaja17:01
ubottukeevitaja: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode17:01
Guest29347hubelibub, 1. Open Nautilus, 2. Go to your start folder, 3. Click on Search icon, 4. Type in .mov in field "Search", 5. Click on Search icon, 6. Wait for results17:01
ubottuGuest60368: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:02
ubottuGuest60368: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:07
aaron1Hey guys, just installed Ubuntu and Nvidia is giving me trouble. Installed the latest drivers. Used nvidia-settings to get a good xorg.conf, but now in the log it's giving all kinds of errors. Timed out detecting displays, EDID setting problems, failed to validate the modes it's trying to set.17:12
aaron1If I had anything but a terminal I'd do a pastebin or something :|17:12
ianorlin!paste |aaron117:13
ubottuaaron1: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:13
ubottuaaron1: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com17:13
aaron1Oh thx.17:13
orbisvicisi need to run a program on shutdown, after the disk has been unmounted17:14
orbisvicisbasically I installed to a usb hdd and it doesn't spin-down before powering off17:14
orbisviciswhere would I put this ?17:14
ubottuGuest60368: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:14
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aaron1Got it :D17:16
aaron1Uh oh.17:16
aaron1Anyways, this is the Xorg.0.log here. You'd think the Nvidia tool wouldn't make so many invalid settings... http://paste.ubuntu.com/756727117:18
belgianguyHi, I've logged a Firefox translation bug months ago17:18
belgianguyfilled out the correct one on the page on launchpad17:18
belgianguybut it hasn't made it to my computer yet17:19
belgianguywhat is missing here?17:19
shunya_chakrahi i downloaded tar.gz of jdk on ubuntu how can i install it?17:20
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=== Paradisee_ is now known as Paradisee
jvarcabaAnyone from Latvia ?17:35
jvarcabaI need to ask question regarding regional settings.17:35
Dawid12373If I compiled program, when there will be an update, will apt show me anything about this is myself compiled program and that I will lose changes?17:36
Dawid12373*when there is an update17:36
jvarcabano apt will not do that17:36
Dawid12373Jvarcaba: thanks, so I will have to remember about it... Is there any program or sth what could show me any warning?17:37
casual_llamaHi, I installed Ubuntu 14.04 and I have no sound or brightness level indicators that used to pop up on screen in 12.04. Is there a way to get them back?17:38
jvarcabaDawid12373, idk , but you can ask this question in ask ubuntu or forum.17:39
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Dawid12373Jvarcaba: I will, when I am on pc. Thanks17:40
orbisvicisDawid12373: rather than compiling, you should package the updated version yourself (using pbuilder, or other tools)17:43
Dawid12373Orbisvicis: What will it change? Because I'm not shure17:44
JoshDreamlandI have a couple quick questions, if anyone can answer them. I was trying to run a program in WINE, and for some funny reason, WINE has permissions to set my screen resolution17:44
orbisvicisJoshDreamland: so do you, via xrandr17:44
JoshDreamlandso my resolution *was* 640×480, briefly. Now, it's 1920×1080, but it's in some strange 4:3 window.17:45
Zenyhooubbithello all :-)17:45
orbisvicisDawid12373: well you can hold back the official package, or pin the local package, and I believe there is a package settings (like epoch) that allows lower versioned packages high priority17:46
orbisvicisJoshDreamland: xrandr -s 017:46
JoshDreamlandAwesome! thanks!17:46
orbisvicisJoshDreamland: don't run that17:47
etzerdHello all17:47
JoshDreamlandI already ran it; it fixed everything17:47
xiphiask so17:47
xiphiasi'm trying to install ubuntu17:47
Dawid12373Orbisvicis: I think I now know what you mean. I will propably try.17:48
JoshDreamlandpresumably because size index 0 is the correct size; it's all good, now17:48
xiphiasit won't detect windows 717:48
orbisvicisDawid12373: use the official ubuntu back as baseline17:48
JoshDreamlandis there a way I can stop WINE from doing that? :P17:48
xiphiasso uh17:48
xiphiasis there any way to fix this?17:48
xiphiasi tried that fixparts command17:48
xiphiasdid shit17:48
wilee-nileexiphias, Can you run in the ubuntu terminal sudo parted -l and pastebin it?17:48
orbisvicisJoshDreamland: it worked? hmm, size index 0 just blanks my screen here. Anyway, you can run wine apps windowed (like in a virtual desktop), see winecfg17:48
xiphiaswilee-nilee: sec17:49
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hunthey ubuntu, im trying to set up base16-colors but i cant get the scripts to change the background color of my terminal17:53
huntwhat do id o?17:53
orbisvicishunt: what terminal17:54
JoshDreamlandthat fixed the fullscreen issues, orbisvicis; thanks!17:54
huntdefault ubuntu terminal17:55
JoshDreamlandnow I just need to figure out why it's not rendering unless I switch workspaces17:55
orbisvicisgnome-terminal... i think17:55
orbisvicisit tries to be xterm compatible17:55
huntis there a way to check?17:55
Zenyhooubbithello! I have to reinstall ubuntu on my netbook. It has intel atom processor. what is better to choose:32 or 64 bit version? is the 64 bit version only for amd pcs?17:55
xiphiaswilee-nilee: almost17:56
huntso then how do i get base16 working17:56
wilee-nileeZenyhooubbit, Choice would be if the computer 64 bit or not, no not for amd only.17:57
xiphiaswilee-nilee: http://pastie.org/924787117:57
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=== moarrr is now known as moarrr_darkcoins
orbisvicishunt: echo $TERM and $COLORTERM17:58
orbisvicisor xprop and click the terminal window17:58
wilee-nileexiphias, So you have gpt, do you want that, and is this a former W8 setup?17:58
xiphiaswilee-nilee: i just put windows 7 on it17:58
huntTERM: xterm; COLORTERM: gnome-terminal17:58
xiphiaswilee-nilee: these are two brand new hard drives by the way17:59
wilee-nileexiphias, Right, YOu know no history of the computer?17:59
huntorbisvicis: do you want me to xprop too?17:59
orbisvicisits gnome-terminal17:59
xiphiaswilee-nilee: there is no history to them18:00
orbisvicishunt: so you are running one of these scripts? https://github.com/chriskempson/base16-gnome-terminal18:00
huntim willing to switch terminals if thatlly change anything orbisvicis, also the scripts for base16-gnome-termianl dont work18:00
wilee-nileexiphias, Did you install with gpt on purpose sda?18:00
huntthey give me permission denied18:00
xiphiaswilee-nilee: no?18:00
huntand it gets a lot of errors for [[]]18:00
xiphiaswilee-nilee: i just installed it using the windows 7 standard process18:00
avavavI recently installed Ubuntu 14.04 , i have dual graphics card, what should i use? NVIDIA X Server Settings or Bumblebee for power optimization ?18:00
wilee-nileexiphias, You mention a fixparts command why did you run it.18:01
xiphiaswilee-nilee: because i looked up for a solution as to why windows 7 wasn't being detected18:01
xiphiasfound that18:01
xiphiastried it and no luck18:01
wilee-nileexiphias, So just random commands? did you have a clue as to why any fixparts would be useful?18:02
keevitajaafter experimenting with desktop environments and uninstalling and reinstalling unity, all menus are allways on windows and under window name: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/60672885/menus.png18:02
keevitajais there a way to fix this?18:02
orbisvicishunt: so if you're not using the scripts, what are you doing to change the background color that isnt working. and if you say "using the scripts", then you should have lead with the errors. and you should pastebin them18:02
xiphiaswilee-nilee: sure, let's go with that18:02
keevitajaalso i am missing the unity welcome screen18:02
huntorbisvicis: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7567533/ thats with the gnome-terminal scripts; with the base16-shell scripts i get no errors but the background color doesnt change18:03
huntorbisvicis: gimme a sec :/18:04
xiphiaswilee-nilee: is the partition table wrong or something18:04
avavavI recently installed Ubuntu 14.04 , i have dual graphics card, what should i use? NVIDIA X Server Settings or Bumblebee for power optimization ?18:04
wilee-nileexiphias, So having gpt partitioning is unusual without an apple computer or the newer releases of computers running W8. Where did you get the computer and was it new?18:04
xiphiaswilee-nilee: perhaps i haven't made myself clear, with respect18:05
xiphiaswilee-nilee: these are completely brand new hard drives with completely brand new installations that i did myself18:05
wilee-nileethat is for sure. ;)18:05
xiphiaswilee-nilee: i built it myself18:05
xiphiasliterally every component is new18:05
wilee-nileexiphias, Ah, looks like my guess is that you have a UEFI setup since you built it, UEFI something you recognize?18:06
xiphiaswilee-nilee: yes18:06
wilee-nileexiphias, Good, so you want ubuntu on sda or dsb?18:07
hunthey guys if anyone knows anything about using base16 in the ubuntu default terminal (TERM: xterm, COLORTERM: gnome-terminal) help would be appreciated! I tried using base16-gnome-terminal and got (http://paste.ubuntu.com/7567533/). On the other hand base16-shell works exxcept it doesnt change bg color18:07
xiphiaswilee-nilee: dual boot, stb18:07
xiphiaswilee-nilee: sdb18:07
orbisvicishunt: echo $SHELL18:07
huntorbisvicis: /bin/bash18:08
huntorbisvicis: i tried using zsh as well, no difference18:08
wilee-nileexiphias, sdb is a msdos partition table, probably should be gpt. In installs if you read the UEFI wiki windows is often not seen if filling a whole HD. So if your target was sda, you woud have an unallocated space for ubuntu, it would see that.18:09
orbisvicishunt: those are some weird errors18:09
huntorbisvicis: ik :(, u think its solvable?18:09
xiphiaswilee-nilee: i see18:10
avavavI recently installed Ubuntu 14.04 , i have dual graphics card, what should i use? NVIDIA X Server Settings or Bumblebee for power optimization ?18:10
orbisvicishunt: run these 2 things18:11
orbisvicisif [[ "s" == "ss" ]]; then echo "True"; else echo "False"; fi18:11
orbisvicisgconftool --get "/apps/gnome-terminal/global/profile_list"18:11
keevitajai posted question on askubuntu about my problem as well: http://askubuntu.com/questions/475374/window-menus-stick-under-window-name-how-to-fix-this18:11
wilee-nileexiphias, I would make the sdb gpt, and do a manual install there is all. here is a thread that shows some options in gpt setup install just info for you. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729518:11
huntFalse; gconftool --get "/apps/gnome-terminal/global/profile_list"18:11
hunter sorry18:11
huntFalse; [Default,base-16-solarized-dark] orbisvicis18:11
orbisvicisorbisvicis: and maybe explain how you are running base16-solarized.dark.sh18:12
orbisvicishunt: yeah, so [[ is valid and you don't get permission denied for using gconftool18:12
huntorbisvicis: in .bashrc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7567575/18:12
huntorbisvicis: those spaces come from my editor not in the actual doc18:13
wilee-nilee!uefi | xiphias just to be sure you have seen this.18:13
ubottuxiphias just to be sure you have seen this.: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI18:13
jhutchinsorbisvicis: Why does it matter if your drive spins down before it powers off?  Powering off will spin it down just fine.18:14
orbisvicisjhutchins: not most usb drives18:15
orbisvicis*usb hard drives18:15
jhutchinsorbisvicis: I guarantee that if you power off a USB drive it WILL spin down.18:15
wilee-nilee!details | keevitaja18:15
ubottukeevitaja: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)18:15
jhutchinsorbisvicis: Is it externally powered and keeps spinning when the PC shuts down?18:16
orbisvicisjhutchins: not safely. it'll do an emergency head retractions18:16
orbisvicisaka big crunchy sound18:16
=== a is now known as Guest60762
orbisvicisjhutchins: no, it is usb-powered, so it shuts down with the PC18:17
jhutchinsorbisvicis: Very bad design then.  Power loss happens, if the drive can't survive it it's badly made.18:17
keevitajawilee-nilee: did you check the image i posted? it is the screenshot of the current situation. check the menus.18:17
orbisvicishunt: 1s18:17
huntorbisvicis: ls where?18:17
orbisvicishunt: sry, one second18:17
wilee-nileekeevitaja, yes I did just not clear to me is all.18:17
huntorbisvicis: ah ok sure, thanks for helping btw18:17
orbisvicisjhutchins: not really. these things don't have batteries. emergency head retraction is about the only thing it can do on power loss18:18
keevitajawell there should be 2 options. either the menus are on the panel or on the window at the top. but never on the window and under the window name18:18
keevitajaand if i put the menus on the panel from the settings, they won't go there18:18
michagogoHey, where can I find sudo logs?18:19
michagogoI'm trying to figure out which binary sudo is running so I can add a nopasswd line for it.18:19
wilee-nileekeevitaja, Menus on panel?18:20
wilee-nileemenu os plural18:20
keevitajayes, the window menu18:20
wilee-nileeer menus*18:20
orbisvicisjhutchins: so yeah hdds with switches and external power supplies will spin down before shutdown, but not ones that depend on say, a computer, for power18:20
wilee-nileekeevitaja, okay what menu(s)s wont go there?18:21
keevitajacheck this screenshot. on the panel there's a title terminal, but terminal menus are still on the window18:21
orbisvicisjhutchins: anyway if you can help me... ?18:21
wilee-nileekeevitaja, use nicks on every post if addressing some one as well.18:21
orbisvicisbefore things like upstart/systemd it would have been simple to edit the shutdown script. now...18:22
ePaxI have problem with make... It asks for some pyhton lib /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lpython3.218:22
wilee-nileekeevitaja, I'm not understanding you looks fine except you have changed the theme, I can't help with out a real exact description here I guess.18:23
keevitajaok, thx for trying!18:23
yeticryhi, xfce4 project is stopped?18:25
nopiiyeticry: you'd think if that were true it would be mentioned on the XFCE website.18:26
Stinky-Feetmichagogo: /var/log/auth.log18:26
xanguathat would be a question for #xfce yeticry , xubuntu ships with the latest xfce18:28
huntyo guys! why is base16 failing on me so hard18:28
huntthe gnome-terminal scripts get weird errors18:28
huntand the shell ones dont change my background color18:29
xanguakeevitaja: looks to me like you either disabled the globalmenu or uninstalled appmenu18:29
michagogoStinky-Feet: Ah, thanls18:30
keevitajaxangua: how can i check this?18:30
thechaxangua i accidently overwritten /etc/locale.gen in my ubuntu18:30
orbisvicishunt: try gconftool --set --type list --list-type "string" "/apps/gnome-terminal/global/profile_list" "[Default,base-16-solarized-dark]"18:30
thechawhere can i get the proper content18:30
orbisvicisand make sure base16-solarized.dark.sh is executable (chmod a+x ...) and then try executing it directly18:30
huntorbisvicis: the [[ dont work in sh, whereas they work fine in the shell18:30
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xanguakeevitaja: well I don't know what you did, assuming you uninstalled it just install back the ubuntu-desktop metapackage and should install any missing packages from a regular ubuntu install18:31
huntorbisvicis: when i start the terminal as i detailed i dont get any errors, those errors only show up when i run it with sh18:32
keevitajaxangua: i have appmenu-qt and appmenu-qt5 installed18:33
orbisvicishunt: run it with sh? don't follow. $SHELL was bash18:33
huntorbisvicis: yea sorry, those aerrors that i pasted earlier come from me trying to do sh $colorscheme.sh, when i start the terminal there is no output regarding errors, although the colors appear unchanged18:34
keevitajaxangua: i have no clue, which packages i should install back. i installed unity back with installing the ubuntu-desktop18:34
huntorbisvicis: or sorry, tyhe bg color is unchanged, the rest of the colors are alright18:34
phendryx_anyone ever have 'screen' just dump out and say "screen is terminating"? I've removed my .screenrc and I see no reason why it should be doing this.18:34
pickledherringif i'm dd'ing with noerror a drive with several errors, will the sectors that are bad be written as null and can i just re-image my new drive with that?  or do i have to do some sort of seeking past the NUL/bad blocks?18:35
xangua!info indicator-appmenu | keevitaja18:35
ubottukeevitaja: indicator-appmenu (source: indicator-appmenu): Indicator for application menus.. In component main, is optional. Version 13.01.0+14.04.20140404-0ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 23 kB, installed size 138 kB18:35
keevitajaindicator-appmenu is already the newest version.18:36
orbisvicishunt: ok let me get this straight. you are in bash/gnome-terminal. you run the gnome-terminal version of base16-solarized.dark.sh like so: "./base16-solarized.dark.sh" No errors18:36
pickledherringi just had a tuna-fish sandwich =)18:36
orbisvicisright? then when you restart gnome-terminal.... everything changed colour except the background ?18:36
huntorbisvicis: when i run it from my bashrc, yes (As pasted)18:37
huntorbisvicis: i dont think i can execute it otherwise though18:38
_ynkhello, looking for the source of http://paste.ubuntu.com/. Is it even open source at all? :-/18:38
huntorbisvicis: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7567575/18:38
orbisvicishunt: first things first you are modifying gnome-terminal settings. no need for touching .bashrc18:38
orbisvicishunt: you can go to gnome-terminal's edit menu -> profiles18:39
orbisvicisyou should see "base-16-solarized-dark" permanently18:39
huntorbisvicis: AHHH! yea18:40
orbisvicisthen you can fix the background color yourself18:40
huntorbisvicis: omg thanks man that was really dumb of me18:40
huntorbisvicis: it sets the bg color18:40
lolmausWhat is the simpliest way to configure a mail transfer agent on Ubuntu Server 14.04? I only need sending mail (for notifications like RAID failure), nothing else.18:43
AaronEstradahola jose18:43
phendryx_lolmaus, install postfix, thats about it18:44
lolmausphendryx_: it requires pseudogui configuration. I'm puzzeld what options to choose.18:44
phendryx_lolmaus, huh? apt-get install postfix, done18:45
phendryx_no config required18:45
phendryx_I mean, you can, but you dont have to if you arent sending mail to other people than yourself18:45
orbisvicisphendryx_: which program requires this18:45
lolmausphendryx_: nope. You do that and you're presented with a pseudographical configuration.18:45
phendryx_I *just* did it at the command line with 14.04 lts, selected "internet site", done18:46
xrandrHello, I keep getting a prompt to upgrade my version of ubuntu, and I want to, but it keeps saying that it failed. I get an error about missing packages? How can I see what packages are missing?18:50
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xrandrI also downloaded the ubuntu ISO file and have it mounted. Can I just upgrade from there?18:50
ActionParsnipXrandr: i believe there is an update script in the root of the CD...18:52
xrandrdont see it18:53
sudormrfhey guys.  I am having an issue setting up DHCP on a test VM.  here is my dhcpd.conf file.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7567826/ when I try to start the service it fails with the error "expecting a parameter or declaration ddns-update-style interim;"18:54
sudormrfbut AFAIK the parameter/declaration is there as "interim"18:54
sudormrfnot sure why it is failing18:54
CapsUm Hi. I'm sort of having problems installing a new driver for my AMD HD 7770 graphics card. I have the file downloaded and all, but whenever I try to run the installer, it doesn't do anything. I'm really not sure what's causing the problem and wouldn't know how to find out. I've checked in the files properties and the file is executable. I'm just not sure atm. I'm quite new to Linux so does anyone know anything about this so18:58
Capsrt of thing, if it's not a problem to ask?18:58
sudormrfmind you, this conf file is almost a direct copy of a currently working dhcpd conf18:58
sudormrfso I am really confused why it won't start18:59
LinkinPARKI need a little bit help :(18:59
sudormrf!ask | LinkinPARK18:59
ubottuLinkinPARK: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:59
ActionParsnipxrandr: http://askubuntu.com/questions/440423/how-can-i-upgrade-ubuntu-12-04-to-ubuntu-14-04-offline19:00
LinkinPARKI want to install heartsome translation studio19:00
keevitajaxangua: thanx. you pushed me to the right direction. i uninstalled indicator-appmenu and installed it back. it autoinstalled some packages i was missing. one problem solved19:02
ActionParsnipLinkinpark: seems they are closing soon, why would you want to use it with no support?19:03
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sudormrfis there perhaps a isc-dhcp-server channel?19:07
SchrodingersScatActionParsnip: installation guide says there will be a .bin, which is a little misleading, because the only executable I see is named "Heartsome Translation Studio". that might be the installation file they speak of.19:07
xrandrActionParsnip: when i do the do-release-upgrade I get an unresolvable error has occured. How do I find out what that error is?19:07
ActionParsnipSchrodingersScat: mark it executable and run it19:08
ActionParsnipxrandr: if you run: sudo apt-get update ,is it smooth?19:08
SchrodingersScatActionParsnip: I don't want to install this, I don't even really understand what this does.  Just in case linkinPark ever comes back, I hope the music doesn't.19:09
orbisvicisanyone know what ubuntu uses for the initramfs shutdown script19:09
CapsDoes anyone here use an AMD graphics card?19:09
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ActionParsnipCaps: im sure many do19:09
sudormrfhey guys.  I am having an issue setting up DHCP on a test VM.  here is my dhcpd.conf file.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7567826/ when I try to start the service it fails with the error "expecting a parameter or declaration ddns-update-style interim;"19:10
sudormrfany idea why it is failing?19:10
TwistedPoetHello to that's willing to answer me. I am a complete novice on Ubuntu. I managed to get a live link usb going but now I'm lost. I'm attempting to find a room or group where I can get help for unbricking a Kindle Fire HD 2cd gen19:10
Tsld22NYPlease, how to add applications shortcuts on Ubuntu Unity 14.04 top panel?19:10
ZiberHey, I'm sharing a network folder with Samba. How can I mount it on another ubuntu server?19:10
CapsCould I ask what graphics driver anyone uses for an AMD card. The fglrx that's downloaded in the drivers manager seems a bit useless.19:10
xrandri don't believe it. It won't upgrade because I've got cinnamon installed19:10
ActionParsnipTsld22NY: usually rhey go on the launcher, on the left19:10
xrandrand i've uninstalled unity19:10
minttuHowdy folks, im thinking of switching to linux - Ubuntu. Does anyone here have experiance using wine - steam and playing some games there? Is it better to use windows when playing those games?19:11
ActionParsnipXrandr: the packages will still update19:11
sudormrfminttu, depends on the game.  some games will work fine, others won't19:11
ActionParsnipminttu: games are being ported to Steam for Linux all the time. Steam has a native client so doesnt need wine19:11
xrandrActionParsnip: it says it won't... I get unresolvable errors when i try to use the do-release-upgrade19:11
minttuhmm ActionParsnip, but my friend said that only a few games are avaiable if you install it directly19:12
ActionParsnipXrandr: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue19:12
SchrodingersScatminttu: should check you game list and see which ones have linux support, I've seen good results, Natural Selection 2 still has a bug that makes it unplayable for me though..so far everything else has been great.19:12
minttuwithout using Wine that is.19:12
ActionParsnipminttu: many are ported over. Depends what you 'own'19:12
xrandrActionParsnip: Ubuntu 13.10 \n \l19:12
ActionParsnipXrandr: if you can wait a few weeks it will be offered as Trusty will go to the first point release.19:13
TwistedPoetanyone able to point me in the right direction? kindle Fire hd 7 help needed.19:14
xrandrActionParsnip: also, it seems software update has upgraded my kernel version, but not other things. It's kind of odd.19:14
minttuActionParsnip, sudormrf and SchrodingersScat: I mostly play FPS games, so the thing im most afraid of is losing the frames, get lag. Other "bugs" i can handle.19:14
ActionParsnipTwistedPoet: we dont know your issue, so how can we give any direction.19:15
ActionParsnipminttu: all i can say is try it19:15
sudormrfSchrodingersScat, familiar with dhcpd?19:15
sudormrfActionParsnip, familiar with dhcpd?19:15
ActionParsnipsudormrf: not on linux, ive sorted it on Windows and home routers19:16
minttuActionParsnip, this is my setup right now. I'm going to switch harddrive to SSD tomorrow.19:16
minttuOS: Windows 7 Ultimate, SP1  –  CPU: Intel Core i5 760 2.80GHz (at 2794 MHz)  –  Memory usage: 3662/8188 MB (44%)  –  Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series (1280x1024x32bit 75Hz)19:16
TwistedPoetActionParsnip: I didn't want to get out of line and just throw stuff out there if I were in the wrong place.19:17
Capsminttu: Sorry to bother you but which graphics driver do you use for your card?19:17
ActionParsnipTwistedPoet: if its ubuntu support you want then you are in the rigjt channel19:18
minttuCaps, just the lastest drivers that are avaliable on AMD's product/drivers page.19:19
TwistedPoetI'm using a xubuntu live link usb in an effort to fix a soft-bricked kindle fire hd 7. I hadn't ever sat in front of a linux system until about 5 hours ago19:20
Capsminttu: Could I ask what method you used to install them?19:20
minttuCaps: If you read the first thing that came out from that /sys command (OS: Windows 7).19:21
minttuI'm currently on windows.19:21
minttuI guess you're asking method installation for ubuntu, that i can't help you with.19:22
Capsminttu: Oh yeah lol. Should've seen that. Sorry to bother you but thanks anyway.19:22
minttuNo problem :)19:23
elidHey guys, I just recently tried out the xubuntu desktop environment, didn't like it and purged it. Now, however, the login screen and system headers and highlighting  are off. They look like the ones from xubuntu. Steps I have taken: I purged xubuntu-desktop and went into aptitude and purged all the pakcages under the xubuntu section.19:25
elidBy headers I mean the haeders on top of windows19:25
stxaBeelid: do you mean top panel?19:26
elidstxaBe: Yes I do, sorry.19:26
elidstxaBe: I just fixed that by changing the theme.19:26
elidstxaBe But login screen persits19:27
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ashley_hola a todos19:27
ashley_alguien habla en español?19:27
ashley_some boy speak spanish?19:27
wilee-nilee!es | ashley_19:27
ubottuashley_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:27
stxaBeelid: login screen might be lightdm theme19:27
elidstxaBe: How do I change that?19:28
ActionParsnipElid: sudo apt-get --purge remove xfce4; sudo apt-get --purge autoremove19:28
ActionParsnipElid: installing just that package would have installed a minimal xfce session. The xubuntu-desktop installs a lot more like a text editlr, that you alrady have19:29
sudormrfhey guys.  I am having an issue setting up DHCP on a test VM.  here is my dhcpd.conf file.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7567826/ when I try to start the service it fails with the error "expecting a parameter or declaration ddns-update-style interim;"19:30
elidActionParsnip: I'll see if it works. If it doens't, I'll be right back.19:30
elmalafachaHola alguien sabe como puedo instalar whatsapp o telegram en mi ubuntu 14.04?? seguì un tutorial con genymotion pero no puedo19:31
SchrodingersScatminttu: and just so you know, iirc you can't run the steam games off an ntfs partition.19:31
elidIt didn't work.19:34
elidThe login screen is still wrong.19:34
ActionParsnipSchrodingersScat: minttu: correct, you'll need to install them in the Ubuntu app which can bloat your $HOME folder19:34
ActionParsnipelid: xfce is an option?19:35
elidAlso, when I reboot, the little turning off animation says xubuntu and looks different19:35
calpDoes anyone know if there is any plan to release a security fix for the GnuTLS vuln?  It's been public for many hours now and there is still nothing on the ubuntu security page: http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/19:35
minttuhmm.. maybe it's better to install a dualboot, have windows aswell ?:P19:35
elidActionParsnip: Xubuntu Session it says19:36
SchrodingersScatActionParsnip: you can install them on other partitions.  I have some in ~ and some in a /media/user/19:36
ontopHi, my nvidia driver is setting my modes wrong. Log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7568044/. First I'm not sure why it sets them three times, and then somewhere along the way, it overlaps the two DP monitors. Config: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7568046/19:36
ActionParsnipElid: udo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth19:36
ActionParsnipElid: you can change your splash using that command19:37
ActionParsnipElid: alongside the Ubuntu session though?19:37
MagePsychowhats the cron expression if you want to run twice a day at 9am and 3 pm?19:37
elidWhen I click on the little icon, It gives me the option of Ubuntu (selected) or Xubuntu Session19:38
rajWhen running `make`, I'm getting `no rule to make target 'build' needed by 'default'. Stop`19:38
wilee-nileecalp, We would not know, this is a free volunteer channel with no real association with canonical or security and or development on that level.19:39
elidActionParsnip: When I click on the little icon, It gives me the option of Ubuntu (selected) or Xubuntu Session.19:40
ActionParsnipMagePsycho: separate the hours with commas, no spaces19:40
Fuchsontop: I unfortunately don't have the time to crawl through the whole log, but it switching resolutions multiple times (and wrongly) at the end of the log usually means a DE tool doing silly stuff,19:40
Fuchsontop: so a ~/.config/monitors.xml   (or similar, depending on your desktop environment)19:40
ActionParsnipelid: what is the output of: dpkg -l | grep -i xfce19:40
stxaBeraj: have you done ./configure ore something else?19:40
MagePsychoActionParsnip: 0 9,15 * * * ???19:41
ActionParsnipMagePsycho: yes19:41
ontopFuchs: The only thing I've got going is lightdm at that time :| And it does switch many times. Startup is painfully slow because it's constantly messing with modes.19:41
stxaBeraj: was it successful configuring?19:41
rajseemed so19:41
rajoh, I see19:42
rajit wasn't19:42
ActionParsnipMagePsycho: if you have a desktop UI, you can use gnome-schedule as a GUI for CRON but learning crontab is good to do19:42
elidActionParsnip: http://bpaste.net/show/329213/19:42
stxaBeyou might missed some dependencies for building packages19:42
rajstxaBe, http://paste.ofcode.org/LRiMnMLs6B3ndqJc9KHUGq19:42
Fuchsontop: next guesses would be a wrong or defective (also: any adapters / switches in between monitor and GPU?) EDID,19:43
ActionParsnipElid: sudo apt-get --purge remove xfce4-taskmanager19:43
ontopNo adapters, nothing. :(19:43
rajany ideais libpcre3 the latest?19:43
Fuchsontop: you can tell the nvidia driver to ignore that completely (or parts of it), that would be worth a try19:43
rajand do I need libpcre3-dev as well?19:43
ontopAlso, this works fine in Windows, and work_ed_ fine on Linux Mint 1619:43
ontopseems like Linux Mint 17 and also Ubuntu 14.04 both don't work with it19:43
ontopSo I don't think anything is defective.19:44
stxaBeraj: you need libpcre3-dev at least19:44
ontopThough, the EDID part is confusing.19:44
ActionParsnipOntop: tried a nonDebian based OS like Fedora or Mandriva?19:45
ontopI haven't, no.19:45
wilee-nileeontop, Preface the answers to another with there nick every time please, and keep the post compacted together, otherwise it is really confusing. ;)19:45
ontopwilee-nilee: Sorry. Will do.19:46
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elidActionParsnip: The option is still there and the login screen is still wonky.19:47
rajstxaBe, this is getting annoying, can I have it automaticlaly get the necessary libraries?19:47
stxaBeraj: what package do you want to compile? have you tried sudo apt-get build-dep the-name-of-package?19:48
wilee-nileeraj, What are you installing and are you sure it is not in the repos?19:49
henning3Hi! Anybody knows where I can find a screen-saver that displays videos19:50
henning3Hi! Anybody knows where I can find a screen-saver that displays videos?19:51
ActionParsnipElid: how do you mean wonky?19:51
elidActionParsnip: It still looks like it did when I used Xubuntu, which is to say it looks like gnome with a little window in the middle.19:52
ActionParsnipElid: does it let you log in ok?19:53
ActionParsnipElid: what is the output of: ls /usr/share/xsessions/*19:53
elidActionParsnip: Yep. It isn't really a problem as much as it should be different.19:53
ActionParsnipelid: use a pstebin.19:53
wilee-nileehenning3, Kinda old but took about 3 seconds to find on google. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=136822419:53
ActionParsnipelid: if the login screen works, who cares? Its on the screen for what, 4 seconds tops. Right?19:54
dontknowi would like to learn something. can i chooose expert text installation using ubuntu desktop iso?19:54
Bottronicshenning3, vlc does this native you may want to try it too.19:55
elidActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/PRa2xxkB Yes, but I would like to change it.19:55
ActionParsnipdontknow: youncan install using minimal if you like, it installs in text mode. It uses the repos to install the OS with, saving the need to upgrade once installed19:55
Stinky-Feetsudormrf: It's been a long time, but I remember it being particularly fussy about the syntax and reporting the wrong the wrong line as the cause of the problem. Either it cannot find the .conf file or there is a parsing error. Perhaps one of the lines ending with a dot? Or an encoding problem? Have you tried to do a file on the. conf file to make sure it is not UTF-16 or even worse cp1252?19:55
dontknowActionParsnip, ok. but i am asking if can install with "expert install" mode with regular ubuntu desktop iso19:56
henning3wilee-nilee: Hmm. Look like something right. My google-foo wasn't good enough ;-)19:56
CREEEPEREXPLOSIVqien eres yojose19:56
sudormrfStinky-Feet, interesting.  I am still looking in to this.19:56
Fritzendugananyone have any luck installing skype on ubuntu 14? I'm trying to do so with the 12.04 .deb package from the skype website, but it seems like every time I click install in the ubuntu software center nothing happens19:56
ActionParsnipDontknow: what exactly is expert install?19:56
henning3Bottronics: Do you have a hint on how to set that up?19:56
wilee-nileehenning3, It happens, that is a bit of a never seen option here. ;)19:56
ActionParsnipElid: what is the output of: dpkg -S /usr/share/xsessions/xubuntu.desktop19:56
Bottronicshenning3, install vlc cvlc --video-wallpaper --no-audio /your/videofile19:57
dontknowActionParsnip, you cann choose if standard destop will be installed or not etc..19:57
ActionParsnipdontknow: that isnt expert anything19:57
CREEEPEREXPLOSIVpor que soi uno de los pocos que hablan español19:57
dontknowyou can choose only install basic system19:57
rwwubottu: es | CREEEPEREXPLOSIV19:57
ubottuCREEEPEREXPLOSIV: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:57
ActionParsnipdontknow: you can use minimal and it will install the base OS, you will also be offered to install various desktop sessions as you need19:57
dontknowActionParsnip, i know. newermind19:58
CREEEPEREXPLOSIVbueno voy ha hacer un server para españoles19:58
Fritzendugannevermind, apparently it worked fine, the ubuntu software center just never changed the button text for some reason19:58
wilee-nileeFritzendugan, Skyoe is in the ubuntu repos, make sure all if them are being read and install from there.19:58
elidActionParsnip: Just this: "xubuntu-default-settings: /usr/share/xsessions/xubuntu.desktop" w/out the quotes19:59
CREEEPEREXPLOSIVllamado españa okk¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡19:59
ActionParsnipElid: ok then uninstall that package....19:59
wilee-nilee!skype | Fritzendugan19:59
ubottuFritzendugan: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga19:59
Fritzenduganwilee-nilee, really? I tried doing it from apt-get and it wasn't working. Can you tell me what the exact package name is?19:59
sudormrfStinky-Feet, looking at the lines seeing no lines ending incorrectly19:59
ActionParsnipElid: too obvious?19:59
Fritzenduganwilee-nilee, k just got that link I'll check it out19:59
elidActionParsnip: Sorry, I didn-t realise that's what it was.20:00
henning3wilee-nilee: I know it. And when you have been looking for hours, you ask someone, and it often shows up rigth in front of you. ;-) ANyway. Thanx for using you better google-foo on me ;-)20:01
wilee-nileeFritzendugan, Look in the software center-edit-preferences look at the repos ticked, make sure all are, run a update and skype should show in the center.20:01
elidActionParsnip: Works20:01
elidActionParnsip. Thanks20:01
ActionParsnipElid: magic stuff20:01
wilee-nileehenning3, No problem. ;)20:01
ActionParsnipElid: worked it out as thatbfolder holds the selectable sessions in the DM20:01
ActionParsnipElid: the command shows the package which gives that file. Removing it removes the file20:02
Fritzenduganwilee-nilee, I don't want to just straight up enable all of them :/20:02
sudormrfsolved YAY20:02
jcstarkenwhen it comes time to move install to new machine what is the best way 12.04 lts20:02
rajwhere are the configuration files for nginx kept20:03
henning3Bottronics: Ahh. I'll look into it. Thanx  - we need it in the local LUG on all our demo-mashines at an exebision i a couple of months ;-) Now I just need som video-content to show.20:03
wilee-nileeFritzendugan, Why unless you have added anything they should be.20:03
rajembarrassingly enough, i can't find them20:03
ActionParsnipjcstarken: there is no single best way20:03
Fritzenduganwilee-nilee, looks like they are all checked already except for the (source) ones20:03
rajah, found it20:03
ActionParsnipjcstarken: you can use rsync to copy from partition to partition.20:03
wilee-nileeFritzendugan, Try this in the terminal sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install skype20:04
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Fritzenduganwilee-nilee, actually, I don't have canonical partners enabled, I guess that's where it is20:04
ActionParsnipjcstarken: id do a clean install then copy over configs / restore configs from your backups20:04
Bottronicshenning3, that will definitely do it for you, there are a lot of switching you can try with the -h as well as streaming if neccessary20:04
wilee-nileeFritzendugan, Yep that is where it's at and other cool stuff. ;)20:04
Fritzenduganwilee-nilee, other cool stuff like amazon ads in unity search? :P20:05
jcstarkenActionParsnip: can I find documentation on that the copy configs from backup and thank you20:05
ActionParsnipjcstarken: do you not have them backed up now?20:05
wilee-nileeFritzendugan, Not sure of those, that is easily turned of in privacy, 3rd party non free stuff in general, not sure all that is there.20:06
ActionParsnipFritzendugan: the ads are cool, helped me a lot20:06
jcstarkenI have done just a back up local then I upload them using wuala20:06
FritzenduganActionParsnip, I hope that's a joke :P20:06
ActionParsnipFritzendugan: why not?20:06
Fritzenduganwilee-nilee, yeah I turned them off already fixubuntu.com20:06
* wilee-nilee reaches for his tinfoil fedora20:06
ActionParsnipjcstarken: also backup the entirety of /etc20:07
FritzenduganActionParsnip, I get enough ads spammed to me when I'm browsing the web, I don't need amazon receiving even more data about me :P if I'm typing someting into the unity search, I'm usually looking for software and/or unix commands, not for stuff from amazon. If you find them useful, though, good for you. To each their own ;)20:07
jcstarkenActionParsnip: i use the back up tool that is part of ubuntu. Should I be doing it differently20:07
CREEEPEREXPLOSIVque algien me hable en español :( :( :( :(     ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡20:07
ActionParsnipFritzendugan: yeah tried it and saw a cool book, bought it.20:07
Stinky-Feetsudormrf: Tell me20:08
ActionParsnipjcstarken: no idea what that backs up. I just copy my data to a usb drive using cron and cp20:08
Stinky-FeetWas just starting to try it myself :_)20:08
henning3Bottronics: The plan is that we will have a number of demo-videos mounted via LAN, and if a mashine is unused they should fire up a random  of the videos as screen-saver.20:08
ActionParsnipFritzendugan: i use LXDE so dont have any of this amazon stuff by default anyway....20:08
ActionParsnipFritzendugan: not even installed to then need disabling, same in Xubuntu, same in Kubuntu.....20:09
wilee-nileeFritzendugan, If you are under the impression you can hide or have any privacy, you have to be off the web to do this, and that is only a partial protection.20:09
henning3Bottronics: Another solution could be to stream a single stream to all mashones, so the same image is shown on all idle mashines, but there are pros an cons on both solutions20:09
jcstarkenActionParsnip: ok where can I read on how to do that, thank you20:09
ActionParsnipjcstarken: its just ancopy and paste of files, you can do that right?20:10
Fritzenduganwilee-nilee, it's not a black or white issue. Just because I sacrifice some privacy by using the internet does not mean all my privacy is forfeit. That's a fallacy and harmful thinking.20:10
CREEEPEREXPLOSIVvenga ya¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ no puteeis ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡    ;(20:10
Bottronicshenning3, you can very easy launch a crontab idle i do believe you can play the streams randomly as well if you assign more than one file argument. but don't quote me on it20:11
wilee-nileeFritzendugan, I did not address in the form of a dichotomy, but the reality of the situation.20:11
jcstarkenActionParsnip: Yes i believe so I will read about what is need as you stated in earlier chat,configs / restore configs from your backups and the etc folder20:11
ActionParsnipjcstarken: then why do you need to read how to do it, when you can alread do it?20:11
jcstarkenActionParsnip: because I dont want to screw it up20:11
Fritzenduganwilee-nilee, I like to think that amazon doesn't know everything I type into my console. I feel pretty confident in this belief20:12
ActionParsnipjcstarken: remember to copy your hidden folders in $HOME20:12
jcstarkenActionParsnip: i am new to all this20:12
jcstarkenActionParsnip: Thank you20:12
wilee-nileeFritzendugan, Cool, we all like to have a belief system, carry on. ;)20:12
wilee-nileeor plural systems*20:13
Fritzenduganwilee-nilee, wouldn't call it a belief system so much as a deduction based on facts :P20:13
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ActionParsnipFritzendugan: you do realize that individual users are not identifiable at Amazon?20:17
FritzenduganActionParsnip, they could (likely do) aggregate data. There are lots of ways they could do this, for instance if you click a link from the unity lens and load their site, then you're probably already signed in on the browser and they would be able to link the two. There are plenty of other ways to link data as well.20:19
henning3Bottronics: the random-thng might be something to look into. Otherwise it should be easy to shuffle the playlist on start - I suspect that I can pull the playlist from a webserver (and perhaps also the videos themself), and we already have a webserver runnning on or server, so it would be simple to script that serverside. Then we could also centrally control priority of the videos.20:19
ActionParsnipFritzendugan: there is no proof of that, pure conjecture20:19
CREEEPEREXPLOSIValgien?????????????????? :(20:19
FritzenduganActionParsnip, well, I know that if I don't send them any data at all then they can't possibly identify me. Also, I find the ads annoying, anyway.20:20
Bottronics,henning3, agreed but you may not need to, --no-random      Play files randomly forever20:20
Bottronicshenning3, This is it here, -Z, --random, --no-random      Play files randomly forever (default disabled)20:21
ActionParsnipFritzendugan: thats fine but please try to keep to facts. The searches go to Canonical, then to Amazon. The onl thing Amazon can see is what Ubuntunusers (as a whole) search for. Users are not identifiable20:21
FritzenduganActionParsnip, your computer loads the images directly from the amazon server, therefore amazon knows that somebody at your IP address is loading those specific set of images.20:23
pickledbeets"authentication token manipulation error" when i do passwd, NOTE: I am logged into the live DVD trying to recover a failing HD, so the default user is "ubuntu"20:23
ikoniaFritzendugan: is there something you want/need from this channel ?20:23
ActionParsnipFritzendugan: and no other user is requesting the same images?20:23
afidegnumHI, I don't understand what is going on! mysql   import doesn't run if it meets a query similar to this: /*!40101 SET @OLD_CHARACTER_SET_CLIENT=@@CHARACTER_SET_CLIENT */;    /*!40101 SET @OLD_CHARACTER_SET_CLIENT=@@CHARACTER_SET_CLIENT */;20:24
ActionParsnipFritzendugan: basically you don know what you are afraid of, and fabricate 'facts' to make it sound like you do. I suggest you try and reduce your tinfoil hat collection.20:24
Fritzenduganikonia, I got what I needed and then ActionParsnip felt the need to ping me again, take it up with him. No need to get offended because I'm pointing out one minor thing I didn't like (and disabled) from an operating system I otherwise very much enjoy. Thanks for playing internet police, though.20:25
malimbar_woh, walked into some drama, eh?20:25
afidegnumany insight ?20:26
wilee-nileeFritzendugan, If you do not to be called, out, be informed20:26
ikoniawilee-nilee: please, lets drop it, he's muted20:26
wilee-nileeikonia, Ah, no problem. ;)20:27
henning3Bottronics: Damn. vlc just gets better and better ;-)20:29
Bottronicshenning3, sure does saved me hide more than once that is for sure.20:30
henning3Bottronics: Anyway. I have lots to work with now, thank you very much for you assistance20:32
afidegnum_I was disconnected any answer ?20:32
Bottronicshenning3, your very welcome you have a good day, don't work to hard20:32
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ActionParsnipafidegnum_: tried in #mysql20:33
henning3Bottronics: have a nice day / night / week - pick whatever fits your needs ;-) - have just had a 4 day weekend - now 3 days of wark, and the a 5 day weekend :-) - so I think I'll survive the hard work 8-D20:34
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nooobI am trying to install swtor via playonlinux, however I'm getting network connection error 20820:39
ActionParsnipnooob: did you check the wine appdb to see if the application is compatible with wine?20:41
nikonmxHow do i meet a ubuntu cick...tongue in cheek20:41
nooobActionParsnip: it has gold status on wine forums20:41
wilee-nilee!ot | nikonmx off topic and offensive20:42
ubottunikonmx off topic and offensive: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:42
ActionParsnipnikonmx: try ##ubuntu-cafe20:42
ActionParsnipnooob: any hits on making it work ok on the appdb entry ?20:42
usdfaavant-window-navigator is not available for Ubuntu 14.04?20:43
ActionParsnip!find avant20:43
ubottuFound: xavante, xavante-doc20:43
nooobActionParsnip: what is appdb?20:43
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu20:43
ActionParsnipNoob: the wine appdb sometimes has tips to make apps run better / at all20:44
ActionParsnipusdfa: seems not, maybe there is a PPA20:44
usdfaHmm, ok.20:44
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge20:44
jackarius86hello, can anyone help me with my sound issue please : http://bpaste.net/show/WynhmW8410r7trO9dFHj/ . for some reason my account has no access to the card through aplay -l, even though I have done 'sudo adduser jack audio'20:45
rajhow do I remove a source installation?20:45
wilee-nileeraj, should be a read me in the install.20:46
nooobActionParsnip: I have tried the instructions, but they don't work.20:47
rajwilee-nilee, you know what it says?20:47
raj"Documentation is available at http://nginx.org20:47
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wilee-nileeraj, Nope, just usually there is that info there.20:48
wilee-nilee!info nginx20:48
ubottunginx (source: nginx): small, powerful, scalable web/proxy server. In component main, is optional. Version 1.4.6-1ubuntu3 (trusty), package size 5 kB, installed size 93 kB20:48
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wilee-nileeraj, Seems to be in the repos, why did you not use that?20:49
nfordI just tried (and failed, though this question isn't about that) to upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04. Ever since then, my machine is booting to a black screen with a non-blinking cursor right after the Ubuntu logo. I'm able to boot into recovery mode. Can anyone help me fix this?20:49
rajwilee-nilee, I do'nt know20:50
rajthought i was too cool for school20:50
rajbig mistake20:50
wilee-nileeraj, I noticed you were being help on the install without addressing this is all, I asked you earlier, kinda concerned was my issue.20:50
wilee-nileeraj, 3rd party stuff is not supported, so you have to know what your doing in the end.20:51
rajhow do i figure out where-all it installed crap?20:52
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nooobActionParsnip: no hits20:54
wilee-nileenford, Were you using a propriety graphic driver? into recovery mode meaning what exactly?20:57
nfordI was using a proprietary graphics driver, which has worked for years. Could it be broken now?20:58
nfordI can get into recovery mode through the GRUB menu. It doesn't seem like there's anything wrong with the filesystem or anything.20:58
wilee-nileenford, Wont follow a kernel upgrade nor distro upgrade.20:58
wilee-nilee!nomodeset | nford try for desktop access20:59
ubottunford try for desktop access: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter20:59
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nfordI tried that already, sadly.20:59
jackarius86hello, can anyone help me with my sound issue please : http://bpaste.net/show/WynhmW8410r7trO9dFHj/ . for some reason my account has no access to the card through aplay -l, even though I have done 'sudo adduser jack audio'20:59
sickgirlhey I'm new user of ubuntu I'm having some issues. here  do you guys use pm? or just the room? I get completely lost around here21:00
wilee-nileenford, So this has been 'bricked' from the upgrade till now21:00
nfordThe screen with the purple background and the Ubuntu logo with the colored dots shows up perfectly, for what it's worth. The problem happens right after that.21:00
guntbertsickgirl: support is best kept in the channel21:00
dinogreen_rexanyone familiar with virsh ?21:00
dinogreen_rexi have a couple of questions21:00
nfordwilee-nilee: The upgrade was never successful. I tried a few times, and after the most recent time this happened.21:00
guntbertsickgirl: just ask your question - solvle that, then the next,...21:01
guntbertdinogreen_rex: ask your real question21:01
wilee-nileenford, Seems like a fresh install is in order to be honest, dual boot it if needed to be sure you are swet.21:01
nfordThere were some broken packages which were getting in the way of the upgrade that I got rid of. It occurs to me as I'm typing this that it's possible one of those packages was the proprietary graphics driver I was using.21:01
Bashing-omsickgirl: Use the room, for the beifit of all, and for peer review of any advise given.. - help is but a keyboard away.21:01
sickgirlI'm having some issues with the flash player, I'm using a live session, the first time I logged was ok, but now is a pain in the ass.... and I also have a question about the log in. When I'm about to turn the computer off. It appeared there were 5 online users connected via live session. what does it mean?21:02
nfordIf I'd accidentally killed the nvidia drivers could that cause this problem?21:02
nfordNow that I think more about it I'm actually pretty sure I killed the nvidia drivers.21:03
wilee-nileenford, I'm not up on this area, be sure to preface anyone your answering with their nick everytime, get confusing otherwise and you can just get lost in the channel movement. ;)21:03
nfordwilee-nilee: Fair enough. At any rate, no harm in trying to reinstall them, I guess.21:04
Bashing-omnford: To look at what graphics driver is installed ( if any ) -> sudo lshw -C display <-. Look at the "configuration" line.21:04
wilee-nileenford, Yeah, probably.21:04
sickgirlabout the flash player is working fine most of the time on youtube, but not on tumblr. and even on youtube it says it needs to be installed. and sometimes doesn't work21:04
wilee-nileesickgirl, Using Firefox? is this a live with persistence?21:05
nfordBashing-om: "configuration: latency=021:05
sickgirlsorry for the stupid doubts.. but I'm starting...21:05
nfordBashing-om: The lack of close quote made it look like I was about to type more stuff but that's it.21:06
sickgirlwilee-nilee: so, I have no idea what is a live with persistence lol I'm just using the option (try ubuntu) till I download the final version I want. I'm using ubuntu gnome21:07
Bashing-omnford: As you surmised, no driver is installed. so what ya wanna do ? .. what card is installed -> lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 vga <-.21:07
wilee-nileesickgirl, So you have install the flash plugin right and are trying the usage on firefox?21:07
s1991Hey guys can anyone help me. i'm facing problem with my wireless keyboard-mouse in ubuntu21:08
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wilee-nileesickgirl, A live boot saves no info unless you have a persistent setup that saves any thing done.21:08
nfordBashing-om: Looks like it's an onboard Intel card? "VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller". This doesn't exactly match my memory but I could be wrong.21:09
s1991whenever I plug dongle, "lsusb" shows that as "Weltrend Semiconductor"21:09
sickgirlwilee-nilee: : well youtube says I need it but then when I say ok install flash the answer is "no suitable puglins were found" but the videos are working fine.. it's weird...21:09
Bashing-omnford: I have no experience with Intel, others will have to advise, Intel generally just works !21:10
sickgirlwilee-nilee: I know that, I don't care. but it seems like a bug21:10
wilee-nileesickgirl, YOu have to install flash from the ubuntu repos21:10
sickgirlwilee-nilee: repos?21:10
nfordBashing-om: Hmph. All right, thanks.21:10
nfordBashing-om: It21:11
nfordBashing-om: It's still definitely bad that there was no driver, right?21:11
wilee-nileesickgirl, repos=repositories all OS call to there's for apps, updates, upgrades...etc21:11
Bashing-omnford: Wish I could, but would not want to mislead you. I do not know, best left at that.21:11
s1991guys can anybody pls21:11
wilee-nilees1991, No pleading and have some patience.21:12
sickgirlwilee-nilee: but the first time I used the ubuntu yesterday was working just fine, why now is giving me trouble?21:12
s1991wilee-nilee: ok, waiting,,,21:12
Bashing-omnford: Yeah, it is a fact that there is no driver -> mine : configuration: driver=radeon latency=0 <- where my driver is "radeon" .21:12
x0rsI am having a bitch of a time getting php5 working on my ubuntu 12.04 web server. It seems to be a permissions issue, my web files are stored in my /home/user/public_html directory. But I gave access to www-data and still nothing21:13
wilee-nileesickgirl, The live environment saves nothing you have done. Working is your definition with variables I can't really know. Flash has to be installed to work.21:13
nfordBashing-om: Cool, thanks.21:13
sickgirlwilee-nilee: alright. thank you21:14
x0rsAnyone know how to configure php5 with apache2?21:14
x0rsI am getting the following error when trying to access a simple php file (http://pastebin.com/7XXdnDLU)21:15
wilee-nileesickgirl, THe chrome browser has flash built in, try using it, just install, and remember it will be gone if you reboot, if you are not using a usb with persistence.21:15
Bashing-omnford: : D .. hang loose, someone here has been there and can advise on best procedure to (re-)install the graphics driver for Intel.21:15
sickgirlwilee-nilee: so you're saying I cannot install just clicking the button the firefox suggest, right?21:15
ikoniax0rs: where did you get the php install packages from ?21:15
wilee-nileesickgirl, Nope.21:15
x0rsikonia, apt-get21:15
nfordBashing-om: Sounds great. I'll focus on getting all my data off this hard drive in case something awful happens.21:15
ikoniax0rs: where did the packages heom from21:16
x0rsikonia, I amdefault repositories?21:16
sickgirlwilee-nilee: I know it will be gone, I was just confused because first I installed via firefox. But ok. My bad.21:16
x0rsikonia, the default repositories?21:16
ikoniax0rs: it's failing to open a file21:16
Bashing-omnford: Good backups is always a good practice, but here is just a matter of installing the graphics module.21:16
x0rsikonia, so i should uninstall and reinstall from another repo?21:16
sickgirlwilee-nilee: what about the live session question... what is that?21:17
wilee-nileesickgirl, http://www.wikihow.com/Install-Flash-Player-on-Ubuntu21:17
ikoniax0rs: no, as long as it comes from the official ubuntu stable repos, that's great21:17
wilee-nileesickgirl, THe live session is reading the cd/usb, you have to switch it to reading the ubuntu repos for most installs from it.21:17
wilee-nileeexcept the OS install21:18
ikoniax0rs: check the permissions on the files AND directories before the file21:18
dinogreen_rexi am adding user to group with usermod -a -G <group> user, the user is added to /etc/groups , when i execute groups , the new groups are not listed , am i in the groups ?21:18
sickgirlwilee-nilee: I'm using the gnome ubuntu, it's a bit different I cannot find this app place21:19
sickgirlwilee-nilee: about the live session  I was asking because  it says there are other users logged in. what does that mean?21:19
wilee-nileesickgirl, software center-edit-software sources go to tab showing the repos turn off the cd, tick all make sure the rest are checked on, close that run a update and you can pull from the ubuntu repos.21:20
sickgirlwilee-nilee: it says when I click the turn off computer button, there are users logged in. it's that me using the computer so I have to log off before turning the computer off?21:20
Bashing-omnford: While awaiting better help -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1743535&highlight=i915 <- Upgrade /Blank Screen after reboot. That is a huge thread and will take a while to digest through it.21:21
sickgirlwilee-nilee:  it's saying (live session  user console) 5 times21:21
wilee-nileesickgirl, To be honest you seem to be new at this, I have no idea what you have or not have done.21:21
keychainred?register password1 smoothballs71@hotmail.com21:21
PushyGood morning21:21
wilee-nileekeychainred, Highly hackable password21:22
keychainredcant hack linux21:22
sickgirlwilee-nilee:  I am new haha21:22
wilee-nileekeychainred, easy password are the easiest no matter the OS21:22
dcopeis there a decent raid program? i'm using snapraid right now but it feels really sketchy21:23
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skinuxHow can I set /var/www (symlink for /opt/www/) to be writable by my user account as well as root?21:24
wilee-nilee<keychainred> cant hack linux If you really believe this you are misinformed. ;)21:24
ikoniaskinux: why simlink it ?21:24
ikoniaskinux: just change the document root path21:24
skinuxBecause /var/www/ is default expected configuration, but I want it on a second partition.21:25
ikoniaskinux: so change it21:25
ikoniaskinux: changing it to point at the right path is better21:25
CheekioDoes "Disks" still throw errors when you try to use it to format a USB drive in 14.04?21:25
AndrewmmHey guys, you can be advertised for free up to 22 million users sign up for free https://www.globallshare.com/en/2002959.html and maybe make some money :D Cheers!21:26
skinuxEither way, how do I set /opt/www/ to be writable by both my user account and root?21:26
CheekioI'm going to take that as a yse.21:26
ikoniaskinux: change the permissions/owner/group21:26
skinuxI was hoping someone might give me command to do that with. I hate reading docs on stuff like that :P21:27
humbagif you want to drive a car you should read the highway code21:28
ikoniaskinux: it's not something people should give you blindly21:28
ikoniaskinux: it's specific to your system21:28
wilee-nileeskinux, learn the stuff so you can help others, not expected help. ;)21:28
sickgirlI'm using gnome 14.04. what is the best version?21:29
ikoniaskinux: ubuntu 14.0421:29
ikoniaskinux: oops, sorry, not you21:29
ikoniasickgirl: ubuntu 14.0421:29
ikonianot ghome, gnome is the desktop libraries in ubuntu21:29
phi0xBashing-om: you around?21:31
sickgirlikonia: thx21:31
dw1sickgirl: stay on 14.04 its good for 5 years21:31
sickgirldw1:  but using gnome or not?21:31
dw1sickgirl: if you want... there are lots of desktops http://tinyurl.com/ubdesk21:32
phi0xBashing-om: i think i figured out where my problem was partially. i was installing the drivers with the .run file doing generic install and then after was doing the install of the fglrx*.deb files, when really all you need to do is the .deb files since they're compiled for the ubuntu 14.04 build while the .run file does a generic build. only supposed to use the .run file to generate the build for 14.04 not install the generic drivers and21:32
phi0xthen install fglrx*.deb21:32
sickgirldw1: thx21:32
dw1sickgirl: i use gnome-session-flashback aka gnome classic21:32
Pupeno_How would I pipe the output of a command, like pg_dumpall, to a file on another server?21:32
Bashing-omphi0x: Yeah , I be here.21:33
phi0xBashing-om: but now when i purge everything and just install fglrx*.deb the amdconfig/aticonfig commands dont actually install to /etc/ati or /usr/share/ati for some reason. yet when i purge again, it says it's purging the fglrx files21:33
skinuxwilee-nilee: You're right! Thanks for setting me straight. Frankly, I'd like to be able to be a volunteer supporter, instead of always being someone asking questions.21:33
sickgirldw1: I don't know which one I'm using. My friend showed me another version was a easier interface, but I Don't want something easy.. I know it depends21:33
phi0xBashing-om: maybe there is a permissions issue with how the .deb files write the files to those folders and cannot write the files in properly? not sure.21:33
phi0xBashing-om: only way i can actually get the amdconfig cmd to work is when i install generic drivers via the .run file.21:34
wilee-nileeskinux, For me my ego does not allow me to ask, I have to figure it out.21:34
phi0xBashing-om: but then nothing really works, fglrxinfo cmd just hangs when using generic install of ati drivers.21:34
skinuxDoes Ubuntu have a basic email server out-of-the-box?21:34
__raven14.04 extreme network problems with wired and wireless nic. connection crashes, extremely slow connections, no dns - whats that and how to solve21:35
skinuxIsn't there supposed to be a bot that can be pm'd to provide links to specific areas of documentation21:35
Bashing-omphi0x: OK, the end goal here is to bring up the system with 6 graphics cards installed, to utilize the memory of thise GPU's ? corect ?21:36
sickgirldw1: http://ubuntued.info/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Ubuntu-Gnome-3.8.jpg like this one21:37
phi0xBashing-om: yes need to have all 6 active.21:37
phi0xBashing-om: with generic install of ati drivers via .run cmd i believe i can get 1-4 cards maybe working. 1 for sure cause i remember before i plugged the other cards back in, it was working with 1 card. i think past 4-5 cards it may always have that issue with generic.21:38
dw1sickgirl: ic21:38
sickgirldw1: what?21:39
phi0xBashing-om: i just dont get why when i install *.deb files amdconfig commands arent installed. its supposed to be the custom built install packages for 14.04 when i run the .deb files.21:39
phi0xBashing-om: and when i run the .run file to do a generic install, it says its already installed. so i have to purge all fglrx* via apt-get.21:39
dw1sickgirl: i see21:39
phi0xBashing-om: it seems to be partially installed when doing *.deb files21:39
Bashing-omphi0x: I got some chores to get done, let me get back to this in a bit.. Now, just thinking, what does "/etc/X11/xorg.conf" relate, and is "/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d " populated ?21:40
phi0xBashing-om: there is no xorg file unless i use generic install of .run ati drivers21:40
sickgirldw1: sorry I'm not a native speaker and I don't know all codes you guys use.21:41
dw1sickgirl: ah sorry21:41
Bashing-omphi0x: Now that makes no sense to me that the proprietary driver does not make/need xorg.conf.. maybe time for me to do some homework... back in a bit ..21:41
phi0xBashing-om: yes ill keep testing things too21:42
sickgirldw1: naaah, it's ok21:42
largecocki heard that this is the new home for linux for niggers?21:43
largecockis that true21:43
sickgirldw1: can I change the interface of this version I have now?21:44
largecocki heard that this is the new home for linux for niggers?21:44
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dw1sickgirl: yep just install something else then choose it by clicking the icon on the login page by the username21:45
sickgirldw1: ok21:45
Infanthello. anyone knows how to change default nautilus behavior where new tab is opened at current dir but not home folder? thank you!21:46
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, rww, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!21:46
ikoniadw1: what's up ?21:46
dw1racism, offensive username ...21:46
ikoniadw1: ?21:46
ikoniadw1: pm me details please21:46
largecockexecuse me?21:46
ikoniaI see it21:47
ikoniadw1: thank you, sorry I missed it21:47
trubblewithubuntwhere can I find gksu?21:48
nfordMight as well ask the whole room at this point. Anyone know the right package to install for Intel graphics drivers and/or if there's anything else I should do after I've installed them? It seems that just installing xserver-xorg-video-intel wasn't enough.21:48
trubblewithubuntnford: that's all you have to do21:49
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=== And is now known as RaptorJesus
nfordtrubblewithubunt: It doesn't seem to have worked. At least, the output of `lshw -C display` is no different, and it's still the case that the graphics don't seem to work.21:50
nfordtrubblewithubunt: I can go into more detail if you're willing.21:51
dw1trubblewithubunt: sudo apt-get install gksu21:51
trubblewithubuntE: Unable to locate package gksu21:51
dw1trubblewithubunt: what version of ubuntu?21:52
dw1hmm itsin my apt-cache search21:52
dw1maybe enable the other repositories21:52
s1991can anyone help me, I'm having problem connecting my wireless mouse21:53
dw1trubblewithubunt: its in universe repo21:53
zohaniajust use an old mouse.21:54
trubblewithubuntthank you21:54
Hugo_there is no sound when I play a mkv file. can anyone help me?21:54
ehrlichjawhat program?21:54
wilee-nileeehrlichja, Notice with preface with nicks. ;)21:55
trubblewithubuntwhy can't I create a folder on my hard drive? I opened up nautilus with root21:56
wilee-nileetrubblewithubunt, More than that an end goal and details will get you help more likely.21:57
trubblewithubuntwilee-nilee: what?21:57
trubblewithubuntI want to create a folder on a drive but it doesn't allow me21:58
trubblewithubuntthe menu item is grayed out21:58
zlevetskyhi all21:58
wilee-nileetrubblewithubunt, More than that; an end goal and details, will get you help more likely. With punctuation, Your scenario is flawed and needs more details to get help.21:58
trubblewithubunthow is it flawed?21:59
wilee-nileetrubblewithubunt, sigh.21:59
zlevetskyi need help for my ubuntu 13.0421:59
dw1its out of support21:59
wilee-nilee!13.04 | zlevetsky21:59
ubottuzlevetsky: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) was the 18th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 27, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/raring21:59
Infanttrubblewithubunt im no expert but that seems like permissions problem. usually when doing sudo nautilus its opened with su and works on every folder21:59
wilee-nileeInfant, Not sudo it is a graphic if the have X gksudo is used.22:00
OerHekstrubblewithubunt, if greyed out, looks like that hdd is mounted readonly22:00
Infantwilee-nilee ty for info! :)22:00
trubblewithubuntI thought you needed to use gksudo for graphic apps22:01
zlevetskyso i must update my ubuntu?22:01
wilee-nileezlevetsky, For support yes, and general security up to date.22:01
dw114.04 good for 5 years22:01
trijntjeI have ufw set to deny all outgoing traffick, and now I want to create an exception to packages.ubuntu.com so that my pc can still update. How can I do this? I've tried searching online but everything I find is either for incomming IP's or outgoing ports22:02
zlevetskywilee-nilee, thanks for ur info22:02
zlevetskywhat the last for ubuntu?22:02
wilee-nileezlevetsky, No prob, 12.04 is supported for 5 years from it's release as well.22:02
acovrigI'm trying to setup profiles for windows in samba, this is my smb.conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/7568853/ I joined the domain but get 'No DNS domain configured for goaways. Unable to perform DNS Update.'22:03
ikoniaacovrig: what are you dns servers ?22:03
acovrig$ cat /etc/resolv.conf returns nameserver <ip of ad ds> and nameserver <ip of router>22:04
acovrigas it should (I believe)22:04
acovrigand nslookup <domain>.net returns the ip of the windows server (as it should, I believe)22:04
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gunarm_is there any genesis emulator that works on current ubuntu versions?22:08
whoski_Hi, i just created an ubuntu virtual server. I just installed xchat on the server and need to figure out how to launch the application.22:09
whoski_any ideas?22:09
acovrigwhoski_, what access do you have (I.E. command line or graphical)?22:10
whoski_command line22:10
whoski_it's my first attempt at using command line22:10
whoski_i understand the directory systems22:10
acovrigxchat is a graphical program, you would need graphical access (may be able to apt-get install ubuntu-desktop, but I wouldn't recommend it)22:10
trijntjewhoski_, try this command after installing a package to get the most likeley name22:11
trijntjedpkg -L packagename | grep bin22:11
acovrigwhoski_, I know irssi is a command-line IRC client, but I don't know how 'good' it is22:11
whoski_alright how would you recommend getting an irc client on command line ubuntu server then?22:11
acovrigsudo apt-get install irssi is what I would do (just because I know about irssi)22:12
whoski_alright ill run the command right now22:12
whoski_how do you launch an application after it is installed via command line?22:12
acovrigthen run irssi to open it (and do '/server <server>' and '/nick <nick>' and '/msg NickServ identify <nick> <password>', per say)22:13
whoski_alright thanks22:13
acovrigwhoski_, I don't know how good an idea it is if you are new, but personally I use GNU Screen (it allows me to have more than one virtual terminal open at once), so you can have the IRC open and still be able to use the command line.22:14
trijntjewhoski_, if you run my command for xchat, you get /usr/bin/xchat as output, which tells you you can start it by typing xchat22:14
acovrigtrijntje, but they don't have a GUI (CLI) xchat is a graphical-only program, isn't it?22:15
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whoski_alright ya i am using putty right now22:15
hroiIm trying to do the following with nt smtp server:   http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=2003072102224523222:15
hroibut its like it never accept my login name password22:15
acovrigwhoski_, then again, if you're using putty, you can just open a new window :)22:16
trijntjewhoski_, in that case you could also try quassel-core, then you can connect to the core from any linux pc or android device22:16
daftykinshroi: yeah a guide on a site for macs probably isn't the best way to approach something22:16
hroithe user name is  "foo@mydomain.com"  while the smtp server is "mail.mydomain.com"22:16
whoski_alright sounds good ill try that22:16
daftykinshroi: what OS is this on?22:17
hroiactually on debian machine22:17
daftykinshroi: sorry, we don't support debian here - only ubuntu and the ubuntu family22:18
hroidebian irc guy thinks it impossible, but clearly its possible.22:18
hroidaftykins, off course this isnt stricly a debian or ubuntu question22:18
hroidaftykins, suppose its openssh question22:18
hroidaftykins, ubuntu uses the debian package I think22:18
ikoniahroi: just ask it in #debian22:19
daftykinshroi: yes, debian is upstream - but it does affect what you're using and thus it affects what is supported in here.22:19
hroidaftykins, My desktop is ubuntu, and when I do it from here I get the same result22:19
daftykinssorry, i've shared policy, there's nothing more to add22:19
hroiits funny how little info there is on this way of doing things22:19
ikoniahroi: use #debian22:19
acovrigis samba the 'best' way to access ubuntu as drive letters in windows? I.E. H:\ -> ~/22:19
ikoniahroi: or is this your bluehost box ?22:20
daftykinsacovrig: it's a good speedy way, yes22:20
freeroutehi, HexChat 2.10.0 Released (hexchat.github.io)22:20
freeroutesubmitted 3 hours ago by KindOne22:20
freeroute2 commentssharesavehidereport22:20
freeroutewhat I mean was...22:20
Burritofreeroute, well, thanks, that is useful information to me, even if you didn't mean to :P22:20
hroistrangely basic kind of sysadmin question,  I dont know the answer, and almost everyone else dont know this... might be something we "professionals" would want to know.22:21
freerouteBurrito: haha, glad to have helped at least someone :p22:21
ikoniahroi: is this your bluehost box ?22:21
acovrigbecause I have spent most the day trying to get it to work. would sudo apt-get purge 'samba*'; sudo apt-get install samba be a good way to start fresh?22:21
daftykinsacovrig: shouldn't be any need to do that, are you worried you've messed up the config file?22:22
acovrigdaftykins, yes: goal: use samab as storage with a WindowsServer AD DC.22:23
edoctoorjoin ##diycnc22:23
daftykinsacovrig: ah, ok now you've added the domain involvement - you're on your own! i've only done workgroup peer to peer sharing with it22:23
daftykinsedoctoor: no thanks, don't do that again.22:24
freerouteso what I really meant was... has a patch already been released for this? - http://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/2713pl/cve20143466_gnutls_buffer_overflow/22:24
daftykinsfreeroute: can you link to a more trustworthy source rather than reddit regarding that issue?22:24
acovrigdaftykins, which I guess I can pull a smb.conf from a backup before I was using AD DS, and share ~/, but I am wanting to setup profiles...22:24
rincewind_yay, new installation of Ubuntu is working. :]22:24
freeroutedaftykins: it links to a bugzilla page22:24
freerouteof redhat22:24
daftykinsfreeroute: yeah, can you paste that link? i'd rather not visit reddit if possible :)22:25
freeroutelol ok, didn't know some people were that averse of reddit :p22:25
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 1101932 in vulnerability "CVE-2014-3466 gnutls: insufficient session id length check in _gnutls_read_server_hello (GNUTLS-SA-2014-3)" [High,New]22:25
daftykinsyeah, there are people there with *gasp* opinions :( it's horrifying22:25
daftykinsacovrig: mm-hmm, there may even be a sample file still in the same path that you can re-use - whenever editing configs i'd copy it first to keep the original22:25
freeroutealso, here's a technical explanation which I for the most part fail to grasp - http://radare.today/technical-analysis-of-the-gnutls-hello-vulnerability/22:26
daftykinsradare.today - bit of an odd address22:27
freerouteafaik it's one of the newer TLD's22:28
daftykins!info gnutls22:28
ubottuPackage gnutls does not exist in trusty22:28
daftykinseh, i best not play with the bot to try and find out what it'd be called22:28
pickledbeetsyou can always message the bot22:29
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daftykinsyes, but i'd also rather not22:29
daftykinsoh, found it via apt-cache anyway22:30
daftykinsyeah so unsurprisingly the version numbers are incomparable between redhat there and trusty22:30
daftykinsfreeroute: i'm too newb to know how to look up a packages version history sadly22:30
freerouteperhaps looking at libraries rather than individual packages might shed some light?22:31
daftykinsnot a clue :D22:32
acovrigO.o changing the smb.conf (by the beloved explore.exe) makes the host appear and disappear...22:32
luvs2spoogeHey guys. Is there any way to replicate dropbox in ubuntu? I don't want to use dropbox but my own storage device on my local network. (I have already looked at btsync but cannot use it as I want to point dydns to my ip)22:33
freeroutedaftykins: you can see there, libgnutls26 is installed22:33
ikonialuvs2spooge: owncloud ?22:33
daftykinsfreeroute: ok, but i don't see where you're going with that22:33
rincewind_daftykins you must feel the force around you. Then, someday, you will be able to look up this info. ;)22:33
acovrigluvs2spooge, I've heard owncloud is quite good (have yet to set it up myself)22:33
OerHeksfreeroute, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2014/CVE-2014-3466.html22:33
acovriglol, someone beat me to it :P22:33
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-3466)22:33
peppersghostowncloud is good for that22:34
luvs2spoogeikonia , acovrig , peppersghost : I cannot use owncloud because I am going to be running this off of a raspberry pi.22:34
luvs2spoogeikonia , acovrig , peppersghost : need something smaller22:34
ikonialuvs2spooge: then you are not using ubuntu22:34
acovrigwill it not work on the pi?22:35
luvs2spoogeikonia: yes I am.22:35
luvs2spoogeacovrig: too intensive for pi22:35
ikonialuvs2spooge: how are you using ubuntu on a pi ?22:35
luvs2spoogeikonia: stripped down22:35
daftykinsikonia: there is some unofficial modified version of it i believe22:35
ikonialuvs2spooge: that's not an answer22:35
ikoniadaftykins: right, so it's not ubuntu then22:35
ikonialuvs2spooge: ubuntu doens't have an armv7 build, so it won't work on the pi22:35
freerouteOerHeks: I assume the "needed" tag signifies the patch hasn't been released for that library / distro version?22:36
daftykinsfreeroute: needed is under 'triage' which means nobody has confirmed it and assigned a severity, i'd think22:36
OerHeksfreeroute, i think needed testing22:37
daftykinsi'm curious what the 'DNE' beside Lucid means22:38
daftykinsdoes not exist?22:38
acovrigluvs2spooge, owncloud should work on the pi, u tried it?22:38
ubottuciccio: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».22:38
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OerHeksdaftykins, as it affects gnutls client side, 10.04 desktop does not exist indeed22:39
walmyrjoin #tallerws22:40
GazzaBazzaHi is there a specialised channel on freenode dedicated to linux security across all distros?22:40
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*22:40
ikoniaGazzaBazza: ##linux is a good starting point22:40
yxshello everyone, could you please tell me where I can find polly folder?22:43
bekksyxs: Whats "polly"?22:45
bekks!info polly22:45
ubottuPackage polly does not exist in trusty22:45
acovrigyxs, 'find / -type d -name polly' ?22:45
Bashing-omphi0x: OK, Back o the keyboard. // Thoungt, how much hassle is it to remove all the cards less the one driving the monitor. Bring the system up on one card - open source driver - then see what we can do when another cqrd is addes ??22:45
Bashing-omThoungt/Thought *22:46
OerHeksconfig  /home/<user>/.config/polly22:46
phi0xBashing-om: i just re-imaged the flash drive to the point where it was just bare bones install of ubuntu 14.04 now just making the .deb files again and going to install those. last time my problem was i didn't realize u aren't supposed to run the .run file installer and the .deb files too. we shall see what happens on a fresh install now.22:47
OerHekscache path: /home/<user>/.cache/polly22:47
Bucklesim looking for some help with dual booting ubuntu?22:47
daftykinsBuckles: ask away22:47
sacrelicioushey guys, quick question here - I just connected my ubuntu laptop to my tv using HDMI for the first time, however its currently set to "extend" mode, where instead of displaying whats on my pc, it only displays a second desktop that I can drag windows on to22:48
sacreliciousis there a way to change this setting?22:48
phi0xBashing-om: it is installing .deb files now wish me luck22:48
Bucklesok, i was following a forum to dual boot with windows 8. Unfortunately after installing ubuntu i can only boot into windows 8. i used boot repair and got this URL http://paste.ubuntu.com/7568894/22:49
yxsacovrig, thank you, this helps!22:49
zaxiusi have two monitors, one on top of the other, but it thinks the top one is to the right of the bottom one. does anyone know how to fix this?22:50
wilee-nileeBuckles, Did you read the info at the bottom of that script, regarding the efi or legacy boot?22:51
phi0xBashing-om: now when i do sudo amdconfig it works. we shall see if it initializes upon reboot22:52
Bashing-omphi0x: Fingers crossed : ) .22:52
BucklesNo. When i opened the URL i didnt understand it so i felt it was best to search for help rather than make it worse22:52
whoski_hey guys, so i got irssi installed on my server. i was wondering how to start multiple rooms and if the rooms would stay active when i end the session22:53
wilee-nileeBuckles, Understandable, on the bootscript wiki is a link to it's webpage at the ubuntu forum, post the script there, excellent focused help in this area there.22:53
Bucklesthank you22:54
zaxiusanswered my own question...22:54
zaxiusnext question, how do i know if i'm running gnome or unity?22:54
screenuserhow do I remove my current ssh keys22:54
screenusercuz I just reformatted my remote server22:54
jribscreenuser: remove them from what?22:54
screenuserI don't know, it keeps saying Host key verification failed when I try to ssh22:55
nopiizaxius: if you can't locate an about button somewhere in the menus, looking at pictures of both desktop envs on google should set things straight.22:55
jribscreenuser: read the whole message22:55
whoski_i am running my first ubuntu server and am looking how to log different channels22:55
screenuserjrib: yes, I'm going to go through the ssh-keygen instructions again, but i want to make sure no old useless keys are lying around22:56
phi0xBashing-om: uh oh. it rebuilt xorg again saying check failed in gpu-monitor.log22:56
zaxiusnopii: good idea, lol22:56
jribscreenuser: that's all you have to do22:56
screenuserit'll delete previous keys?22:56
jribscreenuser: well... maybe you can be more specific about what exactly you are doing.22:56
screenuserI'm just trying to ssh to my remote linode server (ubuntu)22:56
jribscreenuser: you said "I'm going to go through the ssh-keygen instructions again".  What instructions exactly?22:57
screenuserjrib: https://library.linode.com/security/ssh-keys#sph_id222:57
jribscreenuser: what does this have to do with the message you originally quoted?22:58
screenuserjrib: can I just delete authorized_keys and uploaded_key.pub ?22:58
screenuserjrib, I thought the issue was the key was not valid22:58
jribscreenuser: if you reformatted your server, authorized_keys should be blank on your server...22:58
Pr0jectRec0nIs LightDM the default login manager in xubuntu?22:58
screenuserjrib: what about my local machine?22:58
jribscreenuser: this message that you are getting about the host key not being valid... I asked you to read the whole thing.  Do you want to pastebin it?22:59
Pr0jectRec0nIf it is, and looks like it is (after looking at the process list), why isn't it documented anywhere?22:59
Bashing-omphi0x: Unconfuse me ->  gpu-monitor.log == Nvidia ? no ?? // then why are we discussing ATI/AMD ?22:59
phi0xBashing-om: i dont know i just found that log in /var and it always seems to roll when reboot.23:00
screenuserjrib: http://paste.ofcode.org/7w87PZZRMETwRjC7mcixFh23:00
phi0xBashing-om: and yes amd23:00
jribscreenuser: "Offending ECDSA key in /home/raj/.ssh/known_hosts:1"23:02
jribscreenuser: edit that file and delete line 1 if you want23:02
wilee-nileeBuckles, No problem, there are just a handful regulars here that know this uefi stuff is all. ;23:02
Bashing-omphi0x: Playing cach up bear with me -> http://wpitchoune.net/blog/news_experimental-ati-monitoring-support/ .23:03
screenuserthanks jrib!23:04
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phi0xBashing-om: that is for monitoring api only i think?23:04
meeseeksIs there an ncurses tool that can setup wifi?23:07
pancakerhow can you ftp with ubuntu but have persmissions applty to what you upload?23:08
raj`I want to have `raj@home` for my command prompt instead of `raj@localhost`, how can i do that?23:11
raj`every instruction I find seems to tell me to change within /etc/hostname to have the hostname I desire, but that file is empty for me. Though /etc/hosts does have some stuff, but that doesn't have either23:11
daftykinsraj`: check how your computer is called in /etc/hosts23:11
ubottuUse hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.23:12
festourHi all! Someone can help me with vsftpd? I cant upload someting in ftp server, ftp client give me 550 error. I have uncommentet write_enable=YES23:12
daftykinsraj`: check the content of /etc/hostname also23:12
Bashing-omphi0x: Yeah, I think // OK, let's look and see what the system recognizes and go from there, -> lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 vga | pastebinit <-.23:12
raj`so how is different from
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phi0xBashing-om: i have sent you a private message with outputs23:16
Bashing-omphi0x: k looking23:17
phi0xBashing-om: this may be an answer http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=222055223:17
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phi0xBashing-om: i have commented out that gpu file i rebuilt aticonfig xorg.conf and now rebooitng we shall see!23:19
phi0xBashing-om: it rebooted and now has not overwritten it! shall test fglrxinfo23:20
rajhow can I use my new hostname without rebooting?23:21
phi0xBashing-om: fglrxinfo still seems to hang.23:21
rajdoes ubuntu not use init.d anymore?23:22
m4xxevening all23:22
OerHeksraj, new hostname without reboot is not possible AFAIK23:23
m4xxtrying to make a mame box using ubuntu minimal23:23
m4xxanyone care to help me get my sound working?23:23
rajOerHeks, it used to be then http://sharadchhetri.com/2012/07/15/how-to-change-hostname-in-ubuntu-12-04-and-12-10-without-system-restart/23:23
ikoniaraj: that never works23:24
rajok fine, bye23:24
ikoniausing the "hostname" command never works23:24
nopiiwhy not?23:24
ikoniawhy not what ?23:25
m4xxi've added myself to the audio group23:25
nopiiif it doesn't work, is there a bug for it?23:25
nopiithat'd be a pretty serious flaw23:25
ikonianopii: it's a bit of a bad wording23:25
ikonianopii: it technically does work, however all the services, name services, applications are registered on the old hostname, so changing it like that normally causes breakage23:25
ikonianopii: so it technically does change the hostname23:25
m4xxalsamixer runs with out an error23:26
nopiii see23:26
nopiiso you'd more or less have to restart everything23:26
ikonianopii: somethings that can't be restarted23:26
OerHekshow often do you change hostname. it might break sudo too.23:26
ikonianopii: it's a problem that's been around sine the dawn of time really, it's just accepted that it's a design flaw (or better worded description)23:27
__joe__When I turn on my computer, it boots up, but then I get a weird GNOME-esque login screen, and when I log in, it took me to the regular login screen, which I could login to just fine. But now, when I login to the GNOME one, it goes to what appears to be the desktop, but without the dash or anything like that. Help?23:29
wilee-nilee! info gnome one23:31
wilee-nilee!info gnomeone23:31
m4xxanyone? :(23:31
ubottuPackage gnomeone does not exist in trusty23:31
wilee-nilee__joe__, Isn't gnome one been discontinued?23:32
__joe__wilee-milee: I don't know23:32
wilee-nilee__joe__, YOU can tab complete nicks23:33
__joe__wilee-nilee: What does that mean23:33
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wilee-nilee!who | __joe__ ubuntu one has been discontinued23:34
ubottu__joe__ ubuntu one has been discontinued: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)23:34
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.23:34
asdfsfsdfsdfhello. Some years ago i use http://ubuntuforums.org/ with login and password. Today only openid. How i can restore old login&23:36
sickgirlhey I'm using ubuntu gnome how can I change to Cairo dock?23:37
wilee-nileeasdfsfsdfsdf, Try #ubuntuforums  you have to set up a new password, it was hacked about 6 months ago, there is a new security profile.23:39
majorastrowhat is this channel for23:41
majorastroI am trying to get arduino working with ubuntu23:41
bobo69what are you trying to do with arduino23:42
majorastrojust trying to get the software to talk to arduino23:42
letstrythismajor supporting ubuntu os23:42
majorastrosomething about joining dialout group23:42
rodney77Hi, Sometimes when I connect my external HD, it mounts to /media/xthd; however, sometimes, it mounts to /media/myuser/xthd. Why is this, and how to I get it to always mount to the same folder?23:43
bobo69majorastro: what is the exact error message23:43
letstrythisrodney77: format a partition on the drive when installing23:44
majorastroserial port not found23:45
Vivekanandacan I use okular in gnome 12.04 to read and annotate epub. I found that installing extra backends package should do it but even after the install I am not able to open the files.23:45
letstrythisotherwise you have to eit it in later and if you don't do it riight you could damage the install23:45
Bashing-omphi0x: All looks to be in place. Bards are reconized, FGLRX drivers are loaded and adressing is done, All I can see in xorg file seems you are trying to use 6 monitors rather then one, and I get real fuxxy - maybe now trying to "screen" all the outputs to one monitor (??)// opencl what you are doing ? -> http://wiki.tiker.net/OpenCLHowTo <-. With a change "aticonfig" is depreciated -> try as -> amdconfig --initial --adapter=all <- ....23:45
majorastroso my error is com port something23:45
rodney77letstrythis, I would rather not alter my drive like that, and it's too late now, as I have already installed my os23:46
phi0xBashing-om: yes i've done the --adapter=all --initial which created that xorg conf23:46
letstrythisbashing opencl is widely used, its basically needed for general use  and full features of gfx card, acceleration of many things etc23:46
majorastroarduino serial port com1 not found23:47
phi0xBashing-om: trying to use sgminer which utilizes all cards with opencl23:47
letstrythisi would love to get amd drivers working right on my gma 4500 again23:47
phi0xBashing-om: but i dont want to test sgminer out now since fglrxinfo isnt outputting. i think if it doesnt output then it means sgminer wont work either.23:47
bobo69majorastro: ok, I dont have an arduino on hand atm but I think you need to select the correct serial port23:47
majorastrothat what i am trying to figure out23:48
bobo69majorastro: what happens when you type groups into a terminal23:48
Vivekanandahope someone can comment/help on the problem with okular and epub in gnome23:49
letstrythisif i ecall sgminer would detect te cards if the drivers ae installed properly regardless of if the os knows they are23:49
Bashing-omphi0x: I do agree that fglrxinfo must show functioning.. As to where it is failing, sorry even after all this I do not have a clue.23:49
letstrythisi'd use sgminer bt i don't think any versions use cpu's so meh23:49
phi0xBashing-om: yes i dont know where the log is for fglrxinfo23:50
letstrythisi had much the same worries with guiminer in windows...but guiminer worked23:50
Bashing-omphi0x: Maybe look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log .. see what it has to tell.23:52
majorastrookay i got it working23:53
majorastroI needde to sudo start the program23:53
majorastrowith passwaor23:53
majorastrowith password23:53
bobo69bad idea23:53
bobo69bad idea23:53
majorastrosudo arduino23:54
letstrythiswhy not just run gpuid, and see if oencl libraries are listed as capabilities? driver version should be displayed too i think?23:54
bobo69usermod -a -G dialout whateveryourusernameishere23:54
bobo69then log out and back in23:54
bobo69dont sudo that23:55
majorastroyoure talking about arduino23:55
majorastroyoure right there was a dialout thing when i stated it23:55
majorastroenter my username etc23:55
majorastrobut stil not go23:55
bobo69yeah you will be fine after you add yourself to the dialoutgroup with that command23:56
bobo69provided you log out an in23:56
majorastrobut why would sudo be a bad idea23:56
letstrythiswhat does it mean when monitorix says my nice is 97*?23:56
bobo69majorastro: http://askubuntu.com/questions/16178/why-is-it-bad-to-login-as-root probably explains things better than I could23:57
majorastrookay secrutiy issue23:58
bobo69but its dangerous and insecure23:58
majorastrookay so am trying to muodulate a pwm on adruino23:58
letstrythisdepends on what your sudoing into...23:58

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