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ochosihi everyone10:34
gryhello ochosi10:34
gryhow's things10:34
grywhat you working on now10:35
ochosiat this moment, on nothing, have a lot of RL work ahead10:35
gryis it school related? anything periodic or predictable?10:36
ochosiwork related10:36
gryah okay10:37
grymaintaining things is hard -_-11:07
gryespecially when they change and people dont stay enough to troubleshoot properly11:07
knomethis is interesting/useful if we decide we'd like to apply for the community funds: http://mhall119.com/2014/05/community-donations-funding-report/12:23
ochosihihi, i can't apply cause i'm not an ubuntu member12:25
knomewell apparently it's possible to lift ~$1k for travel expenses for one person for one event12:26
knomeand up to, like ~$2.7k for one person for all events in a year12:27
knomethough i'm pretty sure that if more applications start coming in, that'll not be possible12:27
ochosiso you're saying i should apply for ubuntu membership? :p12:27
knomei'm saying we could be able to pull out one event where most of the contributors could be 12:28
ochosiyup, that would be very nice indeed12:28
knomesay, apply for sponsorship to fosdem for sean and lyz12:28
knomeand then the europeans take one for the team :P12:28
knome(or share the rest of the expenses with the team...)12:29
pleia2someone should nudge me when the fosdem CFP comes up, might be able to go for work17:20
ochosithat'd be nice17:22
olbihi guys, I'm testing proposed files for langpack and there aren't any updated files form Xfce language git :/17:32
Unit193ochosi: Were you actually interested, or just perhaps interested in that one package as an installable option for utopic?17:34
Unit193knome: Why you no fix translations yet?17:34
ochosiUnit193: not sure what you're referring to, i don't have any backlog17:35
knomeUnit193, i no resposible!17:35
Unit193knome: But you're far better.17:39
Unit193ochosi: xfda<tab>17:39
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ochosiUnit193: ah i see, well i wanted it in the utopic repos, or at least in our extras PPA (i'd actually also be happy with the latter for now)17:40
ochosii still have to ask micahg to set up that PPA for us though17:41
Unit193ochosi: Asked our friendly neighboorhood uploader, he was fine with the idea of uploading.17:42
ochosithere are also a few other things we might wanna consider17:43
ochosiskippy-xd is one of them17:43
Unit193Ubuntu doesn't like to carry packages Debian doesn't have.17:45
ochosii thought xdash also wasn't in debian17:46
ochosiand corsac had no interest in adding it17:46
Unit193Right, which thusly makes it more or less fine for Ubuntu to do so.17:46
ochosiso what is different for skippy-xd?17:46
Unit193Ah, do you want to update the description and short description?  That was the worst part of packaging.17:46
Unit193And no idea there, never used it.17:48
ochosithere's no description for it?17:48
Unit193http://paste.openstack.org/show/au60bXlCVnxS3GXUkV8j/ Kind of copy+paste. :P17:49
Unit193ochosi: Have you asked Corsac if he's interested?17:52
Unit193(ITP - #698065) http://bugs.debian.org/698065 skippy-xd17:53
ubottuDebian bug 698065 in wnpp "ITP: skippy-xd -- A full screen Expose style standalone task switcher for X11." [Wishlist,Open]17:53
ochosino, haven't17:56
ochosii agree, the xfdash description is in bad english :)17:56
ochosithis is the current location of skippy xd btw: https://github.com/richardgv/skippy-xd17:58
ochosisame maintainer/developer as compton i think17:58
Unit193Yep, know the name.17:59
ochosii think that one we could get in touch with17:59
Unit193http://paste.openstack.org/show/ANWZxhK5zOx9xt9CoEJZ/ still bad, but slightly less so.18:06
Unit193Logan_: Can you work with git+pristine-tar?  Or do you need a dsc?18:06
brainwashochosi: can you change the status/importance of lp bug reports?18:09
ochosibrainwash: nope, not part of the bugsquad18:09
ochosiUnit193: that pastebin gets me a 500 internal server error18:09
brainwashbut you are the xpl :/18:09
Unit193ochosi: F5, openstack are getting issues.18:09
ochosiUnit193: still no worky18:12
ochosibrainwash: that doesn't mean i have to do everything. become a member of the bugsquad and get to work! :)18:13
* knome approves18:13
Unit193http://paste.progval.net/show/eKrSSH9wV4lYwCBiOmbU/ Hrm, annoying. :/18:13
ochosiUnit193: yup, that reads much better. thanks!18:14
Unit193Also of course set Xubuntu Developers as the maintainer, not just myself. :P18:14
brainwashI don't feel like I need to be in the bugsquad just to mark a report as wishlist once in a while18:15
brainwashoh, and you need to be member of bugcontrol, bugsquad is not enough18:28
knomebrainwash, i think you're trying to sneak under the radar18:29
brainwasham I? :)18:37
knomeyou're involved enough to actually "take one for the team" and actually get the bugsquad membership18:38
Unit193He's at least interested in cleaning up bugs enough.18:39
knomeyeah, why make others do the actual status/importance changes?18:39
knome(that way others need to work AND you don't get the attribution)18:39
Unit193knome: Have any idea what broke the translations?18:39
ochosijust seems duplication of efforts18:40
knomenope :)18:40
knomeUnit193, ^18:40
ochosidinner time18:40
knomeUnit193, well i also didn't look very deeply into it18:41
ochosiNoskcaj: xfpm 1.3.0 released18:42
olbisome1 know, when xfce4-power-manager 1.3 will be available here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-power-manager19:21
olbicould some1 send me screenshots of the xfce4-power-manager 1.3, from all tabs?20:42
knomeolbi, please do that yourself...20:46
ochosiolbi: what for?21:29
olbifor translations :)21:34
olbii'm compiling it now :)21:34
ochosiolbi: http://imgur.com/a/5uK6f#021:34
olbiochosi: thank you very much21:35
ochosinp, i'm in a good mood because of the release, that's all ;)21:35
brainwashalready miss the fancy sidebar21:36
ochosiyou can always keep using 1.2.021:36
brainwashmmh, right21:37
brainwashespecially for the tray icon21:37
ochosisure, if you prefer it21:37
Unit193brainwash: Something bad about the new one?21:38
brainwashit requires xfce4-panel I think21:39
brainwashpanel plugin21:39
Unit193Well, if it's still just a small space to take up, and has the same mouseover information...21:40
olbihttp://goodies.xfce.org/projects/applications/xfce4-power-manager, should this site be upgrade for newest version? :-)21:40
ochosiolbi: no, it will be removed as soon as i have time or we approach the stable release21:41
ochosiit'll all be on docs.xfce21:41
olbioh, ok :)21:42
olbiforgot it :]21:42
Noskcajbluesabre, ping21:42
NoskcajYour latest power manager upload is broken21:42
NoskcajYou didn't add the patch to d/patches/series21:43
ochosioh, bad21:43
ochosiNoskcaj: i guess we need to fix that first in utopic then, then do the SRU21:43
ochosiand after that upload 1.321:43
Noskcajcan't upload 1.3 yet21:43
Noskcajdoesn't it need upower 0.9921:45
ochosiit's optional21:45
ochosii'm using it just fine in trusty btw21:46
Noskcaji'll upload sometime today then21:46
Unit193But if you upload now, it'll have to be rebuilt for .99.21:46
ochosiyeah, better to get the fixed version of xfpm 1.2 first21:47
ochosialso for the SRU21:47
ochosiwould be nice if you could look into that though21:47
ochosias it's our worst 14.04 bug21:47
Noskcajwill do. I've got to finish the upower transition first though, which is a real pain21:48
ochosihmm, yeah, it breaks lots of things21:48
ochosie.g. xfce4-session21:48
ochosiin case you were wondering21:48
andrzejrhmm.. xfce4-power-manager's battery/brightness plugins do not support multiple row panel layouts.21:48
Noskcaji knew that one, but at least it's an active upstream21:48
ochosiandrzejr: yeah, the panel-plugin isn't finished yet, there are still a few rough edges21:49
Noskcajunlike razorqt and wmbattery21:49
ochosiandrzejr: also, we didn't have much experience with panel plugins21:49
ochosiandrzejr: patches welcome! :p21:49
andrzejrochosi, brightness plugin displays a slider right-to-left (+ on the left, - on the right)21:50
Unit193Noskcaj: Razor basically moved to LXQt, so you're likely looking at the wrong source.21:50
NoskcajUnit193, I've not looked in lxqt for a patch yet, but it's annoying that it's there21:51
ochosiandrzejr: yeah, that plugin will be redone to use a menu, it currently does a popup that only works in a horizontal panel. that was like that before, so "not our fault"(tm)21:51
andrzejrochosi, are you ok with dependency on libxfce4panel >= 4.10 or do you want ifdefs for older versions?21:52
ochosiandrzejr: i think we're ok with that. older than 4.10 is just... oooooold :)21:53
andrzejrochosi, configure.ac.in is missing libxfce4panel dep anyway21:56
andrzejrochosi, sorry, wrong.21:56
andrzejrit already depends on 4.1021:57
ochosiandrzejr: well generally speaking, it's the first dev-release after 2 years, there is still a lot broken so be gentle with us ;)21:57
ochosihey sergio-br2 22:01
ochosithanks for merging the branch22:01
ochosithere's still something odd in the 32px version of calendar: http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-2014-06-02-000127.php22:01
sergio-br2well, after that i realized that is missing more webicons yet...22:01
ochosiyeah, but no worries22:02
ochosiwe can still do a release imo22:02
sergio-br2let me see22:02
sergio-br2what exactly wrong with it?22:03
sergio-br2in icon preview of inkscape it's seem ok22:03
ochosiwell if you look at the screenshot, 1) the number is not centered and 2) the shadow of the "1" is off to the right22:04
sergio-br2try export to png, it's right i think22:05
ochosiwill do tomorrow, gotta go now22:07
sergio-br2take a look http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/google-calendar.php22:08
ochosinot sure what's wrong there, i'm testing the icons from the daily PPA22:08
ochosiyeah, that looks like it shou22:08
olbiandrzejr: when I was compiling, I needed xfce4-panel-dev, so maybe You should fix this in README22:12
sergio-br2yeah ochosi, i can confirm calendar problem here22:16
sergio-br2maybe imagemagick implementation is different from inkscape?22:17
sergio-br2(it uses imagemagick right?)22:17
andrzejrochosi, https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1092822:39
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 10928 in General "Panel plugin size/orientation" [Normal,New]22:39
andrzejryay, notification works22:40
andrzejr:-) (wrong window)22:40

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