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stemidI think I still have the old gnome ubuntu desktop starting even though I installed the xubuntu-desktop package. can you guys help me with this? or do you only help people who install xubuntu directly.07:43
stemidI saw the mouse start, but then the gnome desktop came in over it07:43
stemidthe wallpaper and the top dock changed07:43
meek_geekstemid, log out and select Xubuntu / Xfce07:44
stemidoh yeah I forgot to select session07:45
stemidI did log out07:45
meek_geekdo it07:45
stemidhmm I have no options button in gdm that let's me change session. I think this is in lightdm.07:48
stemidswitched to lightdm now07:48
stemidthere we go, had to kill gdm, restart lightdm service so I wouldn\t lose my  tmux. but apparently keyboard layout is wronig07:52
stemidfixed, I am loving xfce07:56
meek_geekstemid, yaaaaaaaaaaaaa08:06
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BlueSharkHow can I turn off these annoying sound notifications? http://i.imgur.com/1aOpv1o.png08:57
cfhowlettBlueShark silence sound?08:58
BlueSharkFigured it out. Settings Manager -> Session and Startup -> Application Autostart -> Xfce Volume Daemon09:10
BlueSharkcfhowlett: How do you do that?09:10
cfhowlettBlueShark click on the speaker, reduce sound to 009:10
BlueSharkcfhowlett: I don't want to mute sounds. I just want to turn off the notification popups.09:11
cfhowlettBlueShark click on the speaker, sound settings > system sounds 009:11
cfhowlettBlueShark popups?  so NOT the audio sounds?09:11
cfhowlettBlueShark settings > notifications > disappear after 0 seconds should kill them09:12
BlueSharkSee the screenshot I posted above: http://i.imgur.com/1aOpv1o.png — Whenever a sound plays in the system, this little tabbed pane appears at the right-hand side corner of the screen (which is what I called a "popup" above). I was asking how to disable/turn them off.09:13
BlueSharkcfhowlett: I can't find a Notifications icon in Settings Manager.09:15
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:16
cfhowlettBlueShark waiting for imagebin to load - great firewall of china is slow today09:17
deshipuBlueShark: I don't think there is an easy way to disable that, you might want to ask at #xfce09:17
skribblezatchaBlueShark: those are called notifications you can turn those off through system settings.09:17
BlueSharkskribblezatcha: Could you explain how?09:17
skribblezatchado you know where your system settings are BlueShark?09:18
BlueSharkdeshipu: I disabled them by removing Xfce Sound Daemon from the Autostart applications list and it seems to have worked.09:18
deshipuBlueShark: that also disables your media keys09:18
BlueSharkdeshipu: OK, I'll ask around in #xfce.09:18
cfhowlettBlueShark sound settings daemon has nothing to do with nofications09:19
deshipucfhowlett: it has, as it generates them09:19
cfhowlettBlueShark but #xfce are the experts09:19
skribblezatchaBlueShark: go to system settings, notifications, and you will see how to disable that.09:19
deshipucfhowlett: as far as I understand, he only wants to disable a specific class of the notifications09:19
deshipuskribblezatcha: there is no option to disable them there09:20
deshipuskribblezatcha: please check before you give advice09:20
skribblezatchahmmm, there used to be deshipu. sorry.09:21
BlueSharkcfhowlett: sorry for the ping, but what screenshot were you going to take?09:25
cfhowlettBlueShark I was going to show you the settings > notifications tab09:25
skribblezatchaits in there cfhowlett?09:26
cfhowlettskribblezatcha 12.04 yes09:26
skribblezatchathats what i thought cfhowlett. thanks.09:26
deshipuskribblezatcha: sorry, apparently my version is too old to have it09:26
skribblezatchaits ok deshipu. np. :)09:27
BlueSharkcfhowlett: Oh, I think I know what you're talking about.09:27
BlueSharkThis? http://i.imgur.com/Jmyn31t.png09:28
BlueSharkI thought that might be displaying the notifications and removed the 'xfce4-notifyd' package entirely.09:29
deshipuit does09:30
deshipubut you do need some of those notifications09:31
BlueSharkWell, I removed them and logged out/in and the notifications were still there.09:33
skribblezatchathats because i dont think that is the right spot BlueShark.09:33
xubuntu873hello, is there anyone here?10:11
cfhowlettxubuntu873 ask your questions.10:11
xubuntu873ah, there is someone10:11
xubuntu873well I'm having a small problem with skype icon in the system tray10:12
xubuntu873it's big, it won't resize with the panel10:12
xubuntu873is this a known issue?10:12
brainwashxubuntu873: it is known that some tray icons are not resized properly10:14
xubuntu873I remember having this same problem with clementine and hplip if I remember correctly10:16
xubuntu873but skype worked before, now with xubuntu 14.04 skype isn't working10:16
xubuntu873clementine works ok10:16
brainwashnot working at all?10:17
xubuntu873other than having thick panels, there's no solution for this so far?10:17
xubuntu873no, skype works fine, this is a non-issue basically10:17
xubuntu873it's just annoying10:17
brainwashbug 131353110:18
ubottubug 1313531 in xfce4-indicator-plugin (Ubuntu) "Huge Wallch icon in Xubuntu 14.04" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131353110:18
xubuntu873thanks, I'll post there also10:19
brainwashok, thanks :)10:20
AerganSkype icon is resizing for me ok in XFCE4 16-48px10:23
AerganTried updating the icon cache for your icon theme?10:24
xubuntu873no, how do I do that?10:24
xubuntu873oh, I think I know10:25
AerganI use: for D in /usr/share/icons/*; do sudo gtk-update-icon-cache $D; done10:25
brainwashAergan: the normal xfce4 session without indicator area (panel)?10:25
AerganAh no sorry, mine's coming in via Indicator plugin on the panel10:26
brainwashwe are talking about the indicator plugin10:26
brainwashI thought that you were referring to the normal notification area which works fine :)10:27
AerganMine's coming in via Indicators > Application Indicators within the Indicators plugin on xfce4-panel10:28
xubuntu873ok, I tried updating the icon cache, but it's still the same10:29
AerganIt doesn't respect any icon style changes but it does re-size correctly on mine currently10:29
xubuntu873so wait I can use a different indicator for system tray?10:30
brainwashif you remove the indicator area, apps will fall back to the notification area10:30
xubuntu873oh I see, there's two of them10:31
brainwashbut all the (unity) indicators will disappear also10:31
brainwashlike the mail indicator etc10:31
xubuntu873I see that network is also gone10:32
xubuntu873and without the indicator, I don't see skype icon at all10:32
brainwasheven after a restart of the panel?10:32
brainwashxfce4-panel -r10:32
brainwashor just relog10:32
xubuntu873no, not even after restarting the panel10:33
brainwashthat's odd10:33
xubuntu873clementine and dropbox icons are there10:33
xubuntu873I lost skype, network, volume and yes the message thingy10:33
brainwashwell, removing the indicator area is not an optimal solution anyway10:33
xubuntu873which I don't really need10:33
brainwashmaybe you can resize the skype icon and get it working10:34
brainwashicon file10:34
brainwashother than that, you'll have to wait until it's fixed officially10:35
xubuntu873I read somewhere that skype icon can be accesse10:35
xubuntu873can't be accessed10:35
brainwashsadly I have no clue :(10:36
gry<xubuntu873> and without the indicator, I don't see skype icon at all10:36
gryuninstall that plugin, it'll go to the old plugin then10:36
xubuntu873it's not that big of a deal, I just thought that there might be some kind of ninja fix that I'm not not aware of10:36
grythere is, you can get it working in minutes10:37
xubuntu873so I just remove the package?10:37
gryyes, granted you have the notification area active10:37
gryyou might need to log off and log on, or restart skype, for it to work10:38
xubuntu873xfce4-indicator-plugin, that's the name of the package?10:39
gryyes, but you need to check that you have notification area active, first10:41
gryactually I see you mentioned it earlier that you do; go ahead then, yes it is the correct name10:42
grythe weird thing is that the skype icon shows up correctly for me in either of these two plugins, so if it doesn't, you might need to reinstall skype or give me a kick so I check some versions of my things and compare to yours10:43
AerganI've been messing around with mine and I can't seem to break the resizing - it's always worked for me since installing it on Xubuntu 14.04 so far10:45
AerganI did do a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade before installing any applications when I first installed10:45
gryhow high is your panel?10:46
gryoh, sorry, you said it works for you. I misread10:46
AerganI have mine at the bottom, version 4.11.010:46
AerganSkype vertsion
xubuntu873I removed the package with the notification area added, restarted the panel and skype, but skype icon isn't showing10:48
xubuntu873notification area active10:48
grytry to log off and log in10:48
xubuntu873ok, I'll be back in a sec10:48
* gry hopes it's not one of the old broken things; debugging skype is hard10:48
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gryhello there10:51
gryis it better now?10:51
zorvalentand I'm back, logged out/logged in and there's no skype icon10:51
gryaugh. would you mind trying under another OS user please?10:51
grymake a new user, try running skype there10:51
gryjust so we can isolate user-specific config issues for starters10:52
zorvalentok, hold on10:52
zorvalenthello, I'm back, logged in with a new user account, skype still doesn't show up10:58
zorvalentclementine works10:58
zorvalentso is dropbox, for example10:58
zorvalentI'll just install the indicator plugin back or do something I don't know11:01
zorvalentthanks for the help, I have to go now11:01
grythat is so complicated11:04
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xubuntu868hi.i have a problem with xubuntu 14.0411:31
gryhello, please describe your problem11:31
deshipuso, anybody have a problem with chromium's interface being huge?11:32
deshipuI saw a bug reporting it, but it was closed "because that version is not yet released"11:32
deshipubut it is released now11:32
cfhowlettdeshipu is the new version in the ubuntu repos?11:33
xubuntu868mouse pointer flashes always when i move it near icons or menu labels11:33
deshipuversion 3411:33
deshipuit's the default in trusty11:33
cfhowlettdeshipu sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade will grab that as well as the other upgradeable packages in trusty11:34
deshipucfhowlett: yes, sure11:34
deshipucfhowlett: that's not my problem though11:34
deshipumy problem is that chromium's user interface is too big and cannot be used11:35
cfhowlettdeshipu  new chromium?  the above will grab the new chromium - which you described as fixing your issue.11:35
deshipucfhowlett: I did not11:35
deshipucfhowlett: I described it as having my issue11:36
xubuntu868hi.i have a problem with xubuntu 14.04: mouse pointer flashes always when i move it near icons or menu labels11:36
gryoh interesting11:36
deshipu!patience | xubuntu86811:36
ubottuxubuntu868: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:36
grywhat hardware and did it work before?11:36
gryor first install?11:36
xubuntu868cpu : amd athlon xp 2600+11:38
xubuntu8681 GB RAM pc320011:38
xubuntu868memory video shared 64MB11:38
xubuntu868another info?11:38
gryprobably model of the computer or mouse11:39
deshipuxubuntu868: what video card and which driver are you using?11:39
xubuntu868VIA KM400/KN400/P4M80011:40
xubuntu868driver is UNICHROME11:40
deshipuhmm, doesn't ring any bells11:42
xubuntu868mmm :(11:44
deshiputry to search the forums maybe11:45
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xubuntu591hi, i've try to install xubunto from Live USB, but the pc show me: "xubuntu@xubuntu:$"...what i've to write?13:35
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DexterFon two rather different machines (pentium M laptop and amd64 desktop) 14.04 won't power down after shutting down. known issue?15:24
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xubuntu146hello every one16:09
xubuntu146I have a problem with the Terminal is it possible that some one can help me?16:10
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:11
xubuntu146When I type php-v i get the error that php is not installed, only I have installed Xampp16:12
bazhang!xampp | xubuntu14616:13
ubottuxubuntu146: We do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.16:13
xubuntu146thank you ubottu16:13
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might_get_loudguys i have 3 partitions on my laptops hdd18:45
might_get_loud1 for win, 1 for xub, 1 for data (500 gb)18:46
might_get_loudhow can i mount 3rd partition (data) automaticly every time i boot system18:46
might_get_loudwith some script or something like that18:46
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions18:46
might_get_loudi know that, but some more noob friendly solution?18:47
bazhangthats very user friendly18:47
might_get_loudso should i edit etc/fstab file?18:57
bazhangdid you read the link I gave you?18:59
z4nD4RHi all, what's new? :)18:59
might_get_loudim reading it18:59
might_get_loudi dont want to fuck up things18:59
might_get_loudi found UUID for my partition and im editing fstab19:00
might_get_loudbut i dont know what to pass as options / dump / pass arguments19:00
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xubuntu530Im clearly missing the info on sticking xubuntu onto a flashdrive instead of a dvd, any ifno?19:42
xubuntu530Universal Usb Installer?19:42
Unit193Are you currently on Windows or Linux?19:44
xubuntu530Windows currently.19:45
z4nD4Rxubuntu530: use unetbootin to create USB flashdrive install medium19:45
Unit193I'd rather highly recommend: http://www.linuxliveusb.com/19:46
xubuntu530Thanks for the options!19:46
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xubuntu530Ive got a question, is it possible to install xubuntu to a usb drive as a full install instead of live cd?19:47
Unit193Well, you can make a persistent install.19:49
xubuntu530Do programs and settings stick on a persistant install?19:50
xubuntu530I know files do.19:50
Unit193You can't do kernel updates, but other stuff does.19:52
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent19:52
xubuntu_userI have a laptop with a bad screen. I've connected another monitor to the laptop, and it's been working perfectly for the last few days. I fixed the resolution, etc. using the xubuntu settings (only when I'm logged in), but during the bootup/login screen, the resolution is wrong or the view is shifted. Is there a setting for this?20:13
xubuntu_userBy the way, the screen sizes of the broken laptop screen and the monitor aren't the same20:15
RileyOkay, so I'm pretty new to linux, so please handle me with kid gloves. :D I enstalle xubuntu a few days ago because my Windows. However it's behaving anomalously and I can't figure it out. What happens is that when I leave and come back, the desktop background looks like it's been cut into  1000 1/2" squares and spread out like an impossible puzzle. Sometimes I can move the mouse, sometimes I can't, but other than that it's unresponsi20:52
RileyInstalled* Windows crashed**20:52
Rileyany ideas?20:52
xubuntu932Hello! I have a silly question. I changed over to Xubuntu from Ubuntu. In the process of updating packages, something has happened to the Greybird default theme on my system. Is there a way for me to reinstall it?23:59

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