DalekSecSo why is it when I use bzr lp-propose (with or without target branch), it seemingly randomly targets whatever it wants, not what I specify?  Most recently, I targetted nothing and it errord out, I targetted branch/utopic and it tried to submit to branch/trusty.01:51
SamBDalekSec: I have no clue01:57
SamB#launchpad may or may not have more clue01:57
DalekSecThis has been the cause of a fair amount of frustration for me, as I found out the only way to cancel is to killall bzr (kill the process.)01:58
SamBSIGINT doesn't work?01:59
DalekSecNot tried.02:00
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mardyI have a serious issue with bzr (bug 1336682), looks like git imports are not working anymore08:54
ubot5bug 1336682 in bzr (Ubuntu) "bzr crashed with KeyError in get_raw(): '66531594d8745e0ae7bdeeffea2a6c51c0506cf3'" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133668208:54
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