huwshimiIs anyone about?00:45
rick_h__huwshimi: what's up?00:45
huwshimirick_h__: I'm just a bit stuck with this branch...00:46
huwshimirick_h__: I probably just need to talk it over with someone00:46
rick_h__huwshimi: sure, let me look at what you're up to00:46
rick_h__huwshimi: setup a call and I'll jump in00:47
huwshimirick_h__: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/gw3fj4cjdgws5hjs5dngj7og6ma00:48
rogpeppehuwshimi, urulama: morning!07:16
huwshimirogpeppe: Morning07:17
urulamarogpeppe: hi (got lost in the document land) :D08:59
lucaMorning rick_h__ we are planning to do some MV testing next Tuesday, what state do you think comingsoon will be in?11:19
rick_h__luca: I'll see, I'm out tomorrow through tues so will leave instructions awnd try to keep an eye on it while away11:58
rick_h__luca: but I'll have a sever lack of interwebs while away in the woods. This place has no cell coverage, but a clubhouse with slow wifi I can try to visit11:58
rick_h__rogpeppe: got a sec to chat?11:58
rogpepperick_h__: sure11:59
rick_h__rogpeppe: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/g27ldilysl2kzyynhvqc3ahbiea?authuser=1&hl=en11:59
rick_h__rogpeppe: google search ftw, found the resources draft spec, might be a bit out of date but something to look at. 12:21
rick_h__rogpeppe: shared it with you so you should get an email/see it now12:21
rogpepperick_h__: thanks12:22
rick_h__rogpeppe: also forwarding you another email12:22
bachi rogpeppe, i'm having some issues with godeps.  do you have a moment?12:26
rogpeppebac: sure12:26
bacrogpeppe: this is on jenkins, trying to build and test juju/charmstore.  i have this script: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7736543/12:27
bacthe godeps step is producing odd output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7736539/12:27
rogpeppebac: sorry, didn't see your second line there. looking.12:48
bacrogpeppe: in this output http://paste.ubuntu.com/7736609/ i see two problems: 1) some specified bzr version revisions don't appear to exist.  is it then trying again too quickly and hitting locking issues?12:48
bacrogpeppe: ignore that second paste and look at the most recent12:49
lucarick_h__: that’s no problem, we are just testing users reaction to how its designed and to see how they would use the drag and drop feature12:49
rick_h__luca: sounds good12:51
rogpeppebac: interesting. i'll try to repro12:51
bacrogpeppe: thanks12:51
bacrogpeppe: the script changed a bit to produce that output.  it was: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7736632/12:53
rogpeppebac: hmm, i tried (almost) exactly those steps and it works for me12:59
bacrogpeppe: with a fresh GO directory?12:59
rogpeppebac: yes12:59
rogpeppebac: hold on, i'll paste a slightly simpler script which should be equivalent12:59
bacrogpeppe: cool, can you do our ci then?  i'll just have it email you.  :)12:59
bac s/trusty-slave/roger-slave/13:00
rogpeppebac: one thing that might be affecting it is that you really want to put $GOPATH/bin at the start of $PATH, in case there's a godeps elsewhere (unlikely i guess)13:01
bacthat's a good change but highly unlikely13:02
bacrogpeppe: if you'll paste your simplification i'll try it on jenkins13:04
rogpeppebac: just making sure it works13:05
rogpeppebac: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7736692/13:09
rogpeppebac: it's possible that bzr doesn't like running concurrently13:10
rogpeppebac: hence the -P flag13:10
rogpeppebac: but i don't understand the `unrecognized import path "labix.org/v2/mgo/..."` error13:11
bacrogpeppe: yeah, i'll bet that helps.  also the trap is nice.13:11
rogpeppebac: just like Go defer :-)13:11
bacrogpeppe: line 11 won't cause my revision of charmstore to get updated will it?13:11
rogpeppebac: there is no revision of charmstore at that point13:11
rogpeppebac: so it'll get the latest13:12
bacyes there is.  the one i copied13:12
baci don't want the latest13:12
rogpeppeah twats13:12
rogpeppebac: i just realised what you were doing :-)13:12
bacsorry, i didn't explain well13:12
baci think the -P might be enough to test13:13
rogpeppebac: can it make a difference which way the merge happens?13:13
bacrogpeppe: i don't understand your question13:14
bacwhich merge?13:14
rogpeppebac: the merge that's being done with git pull13:14
bacrogpeppe: in http://paste.ubuntu.com/7736539/ everything before line 20 is done by jenkins.  my script starts at 20.13:16
rogpeppebac: jenkins knows about GOPATH?13:16
rogpeppeah, i see13:16
rogpeppeyou mean the actual script that will be given to jenkins starts at line 2013:17
rogpeppebac: is it possible that the bot doesn't have permissions to access some third party hosts?13:17
bacrogpeppe: yes.  prior to that is jenkins checking out the revision that it saw had changes.13:17
bacrogpeppe: i don't think this machine has any outbound restrictions13:18
rogpeppebac: so jenkins sets up GOPATH for your script?13:18
bacrogpeppe: with -P 1 godeps succeeded.13:18
bacit is very odd it can't find the specified revisions13:18
rogpeppebac: ok, that's interesting. i wonder why it would fail when run concurrently.13:19
bacrogpeppe: no, that GOPATH biz is done in my script13:19
rogpeppebac: so... some stuff before line 20 isn't done by jenkins?13:19
bacrogpeppe: are you looking at http://paste.ubuntu.com/7736539/13:20
rogpeppei wonder how two bzr processes running in two entirely separate repositories can interact13:20
rogpeppebac: ah no, i was looking at your shell script13:20
rogpeppebac: i understand now13:20
bacrogpeppe: yay, it worked: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7736744/13:21
bacrogpeppe: i'm a bit concerned that godeps isn't finding the exact revisions specified in dependencies.tsv13:22
rogpeppebac: in that latest output?13:22
bacrogpeppe: yes, like line 3613:23
bacrogpeppe: all where it says "trying to fetch new version" seem wrong to me13:23
rogpeppebac: so, the default behaviour of godeps is to update whatever repository is already in place13:24
bacwhy didn't it find the specified version13:24
rogpeppebac: but in this case, the repositories are not downloaded yet13:24
bacrogpeppe: i thought the idea was you wanted to peg it to a specific version13:24
rogpeppebac: so it tries to update; that fails (because it doesn't exist), then it downloads and tries again13:24
rogpeppebac: it does that13:24
bacrogpeppe: but why doesn't it get the version i asked for?13:24
bacso when it says "trying to fetch newer version" it is really getting the one is specified in dependencies.tsv?13:25
rogpeppebac: it's fetching the newest version it can find13:25
rogpeppebac: then it updates that to the version it needs (see line 46)13:25
rogpeppebac: the error message is perhaps misleading13:26
baci understand now13:26
rogpeppegiven that -P 1 fixed it, i think i'll have to make that the default13:27
rogpeppea pity really, because it speeds things up a lot13:27
bacyeah, it is quite slow.  is it just bzr that has issues?13:28
rogpeppehmm, maybe there's a bug in my code; some of those errors look highly suspicious13:38
bacrogpeppe: hey the 'trap' worked great.  i've learned something new and useful today.13:59
rogpeppebac: cool13:59
jcsackettdoes anyone know what a url patter of /inspector/service/charm/true corresponds to? i see url generation for it and tests for it but can't actually seem nagivate to anything even *kinda* like that.13:59
jcsackettjujugui ^14:09
jrwrenwho runs azure.archive.ubuntu.com?14:11
rick_h__jrwren: not sure, on some clouds we run servers on their network to provide those close archvies14:17
rick_h__jrwren: I'd ask in #cloud-dev perhaps14:17
rick_h__jrwren: in that link you posted a MS eng says it was corrected?14:17
rick_h__jcsackett: so in theory we're supposed to have /inspector/servicename/charm to open the inspector for a service in the environment and /charm would open the charm details for that popout14:19
jcsackettrick_h__: ah, so it *is* meant for this card.14:19
jcsackettrick_h__: that was my assumption.14:20
jcsackettdispatching details, much like /unit seems to be for unit details.14:20
rick_h__jcsackett: right14:20
jcsacketthuzzah. i'm not actually colliding with anything.14:20
rick_h__jcsackett: so the idea is that I should be able to share a link from my environment to you that has the inspector in the sidebar opened to what I'm looking at14:20
jcsackettrick_h__: right, that i know--inasmuch as that's dispatching details. i was just curious why the /charm pattern was already part of the url stuff when we weren't doing that yet.14:21
rick_h__jcsackett: ah, yea because it was ToBeImplemented14:22
* jcsackett laughs14:22
hatchget back home from vacation...power is out....no biggy.....open fridge....it's warm.... :/14:29
rick_h__oops :(14:30
hatchguys drilling in fiber drilled through the cable bundle in many peoples backyards on Monday14:30
hatchso I'm hotspotting yay14:30
hatchoh and I have a big above ground cable running to the box in the yard for power14:31
rick_h__jrwren: how goes the bug reproduction steps?14:37
jrwrennot great.14:38
jrwrenI think I picked 2, effectively not functional, providers.14:38
jrwrenimo azure and joyent don't work, or at least don't work with 1.19, I didn't go back to 1.18 to see if that matters.14:39
rick_h__jrwren: ok azure we're aware of and there's work going on around that in 1.19 but not in the release 14:40
rick_h__joyent we need to check for bugs on then and if we can't find them file them14:40
jrwrendifferent issue though, AFAIK.14:40
jrwreni'm not hitting the azure ssh issue, which I see fixed in master.14:40
rick_h__jrwren: but you had talked about doing an ec2 test on the bootstrap takeover issue14:40
jrwreni am hitting the azure.archive issue 14:40
rick_h__jrwren: right, there's a thread right now about not running apt-get upgrade on bootstrap and such14:41
jrwrenyup, i've not yet tried ec2. i'll do that14:41
jrwrendo you mean http://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1316185 ?14:41
_mup_Bug #1316185: juju bootstrap hangs in slow environments <juju-core:Fix Committed by axwalk> <juju-core 1.20:Fix Committed by axwalk> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1316185>14:41
rick_h__jrwren: yes14:42
jrwrenyeah, that is a different azure issue.14:42
rick_h__jrwren: that's the one that bac hit on azure around slow/timeout related bootstrap 14:43
rick_h__jrwren: ok, want t join the standup hangout early and let's chat out what's up and what we need to file bug-wise?14:43
Makyojujugui call in 1014:50
bacrogpeppe: this is pro forma, but would you look at this trivial PR so i can exercise the landing? https://github.com/juju/charmstore/pull/814:57
bacrogpeppe: add a +1 if you would14:57
rogpeppebac: LGTM14:58
rick_h__jujugui call in 2 14:59
antdillonkadams54, where you looking for assets for gui?15:19
antdillonkadams54, I have Spencor on the design team to provide any assets you need15:20
rick_h__jrwren: so we're set from our call and have good stuff to move forward on from here correct?15:23
rick_h__jrwren: ok cool, so once we get these bugs filed let's go to ec2 and try to have juju work a few times before you give up on us :) 15:23
jrwreni don't mind finding these bugs. it just makes juju better15:24
bacrick_h__: if a jenkins -merge job fails, can you re-trigger another from github?  i added a second :shipit: but it is ignored.15:24
rick_h__jrwren: definitely15:24
rick_h__bac: youhave to remove the comment from the lander that says " merge job accepted"15:24
bacrick_h__: ty15:24
rick_h__bac: that's the trigger it uses to make sure it doesn't try to rerun a merge over and over15:24
bacrick_h__: is a second marker required?15:24
rick_h__bac: no, just remove the marker and it'll retry15:25
rick_h__assuming by marker you mean that comment15:25
bacno i meant :shipit:15:25
rick_h__bac: oh no15:25
rick_h__it'll just retry15:25
bacrick_h__: we still have a call in five minutes, right?15:26
rick_h__antdillon: so we're looking for something for the uncommitted indicator for service blocks15:26
rick_h__bac: yes15:26
rick_h__antdillon: in the visuals/etc we've got things for the MV UX, but trying to find one for the service view and the blue circle indicator that I recall having there15:26
rick_h__luca: what is the final decision on uncommitted and service blocks? 15:28
rick_h__luca: we talked about a lot of designs but can't find a final one that matches the grey line for relation. 15:28
rick_h__luca: and what we need to indicator on the service block. Did we ditch the blue circle? 15:29
lucarick_h__: no15:29
lucarick_h__: sec i’ll find image15:29
rick_h__luca: ty, kadams54 is working on it and needs the resrouces 15:29
rick_h__rogpeppe: are you free for a call in 1min?15:29
rogpepperick_h__: sure15:29
rick_h__rogpeppe: k, will link you in a sec15:29
rick_h__https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/jaas-store?authuser=1 rogpeppe 15:30
antdillonrick_h__, Sure I just wanted to put kadams54 and Spencer in direct contact to speed up asset creation15:30
rick_h__antdillon: rgr thanks15:31
=== urulama is now known as urulama-away
hatchMakyo did you have a reviewer for your branch? I just updated on develop forgetting about that bug and now I'm blocked lol15:45
Makyohatch, need a QA15:45
hatchok on it15:45
hatchMakyo qa ok - but I don't understand the fix....why did destroying the inspector early cause it to not dispatch?15:49
Makyohatch, It left the state pointing at the temporary id.15:49
Makyohatch, and we wanted it pointing at the deployed ID.15:49
hatchahhh it didn't fire the serviceDeployed event15:50
hatchgot it, thanks, shipit!!!15:50
hatchMakyo looks like your avatar is no more on github15:52
MakyoWhat happened?15:54
MakyoShows up for me..15:54
hatchMakyo https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/414 you see it here?15:58
hatchI had to remove/add mine again when it did this a couple weeks ago to me15:58
hatchhmm intersting16:00
hatchMakyo build failed16:01
hatchlooks like gh error16:01
* Makyo froths16:02
MakyoMocha timeout.16:02
MakyoTrying again.16:02
jrwrensomething tells me series: precise machine mixed with cs:trusty/juju-gui-3  won't work. am I right?16:05
hatchjrwren the gui charm is identical for precise and trusty16:07
hatchbut juju may complain about the tools missing16:07
hatchI want to write a android wear app......but Java......16:12
hatchMakyo looks like another fail....16:16
hatchCI borked?16:16
MakyoYeah, can't reproduce locally.  Not sure what's up.16:17
hatchrick_h__ any insight into the failures of Makyo's branch?16:17
hatchmocha is failing to start16:17
hatchwell Makyo I'm just going to pull your branch into mine so I am not blocked and hope for the best with this landing :)16:19
MakyoAlright, sounds good.16:20
hatchhmm apparently pulling it in creates a merge entry16:21
hatchnot a FF16:21
hatchMakyo is your branch up to date with develop?16:21
Makyohatch, looks like there's one branch ahead of it.16:23
MakyoLet me see if updating helps.16:28
hatchjcsackett so this branch I'm working on requires me to modify the state object to select a tab in the inspector so we are likely going to conflict 16:36
hatchjcsackett so I can put this branch on hold, any ETA on yours? (although it doesn't look like we can actually land anything anyways)16:37
rick_h__hatch: looking16:40
hatchrick_h__ thanks, I'm also going to move onto another card as mine and jcsackett's will conflict pretty badly in a few files16:45
rick_h__hatch: wtf, mocha init timeouts? 16:46
hatchright? I have noooo idea16:46
rick_h__no idea honestly. Quick google seems to have some version unhappiness 16:46
hatchrick_h__ is mocha instlled?16:46
rick_h__but we've had good branches land16:46
rick_h__yea, if it wasn't installed that would be a diff error I'd think16:46
rick_h__hatch: quick call please?16:49
hatchyup there16:50
* rick_h__ goes to get food for today biab16:54
hatchbac could you ssh into the ci box and see if mocha is already running?16:58
hatchbac the process is mocha-phantomjs16:59
hatchsome of the reports seem like there is a mocha plugin missmatch which is causing our issues17:04
jrwrenjuju-gui doesn't load in safari eh? :)17:12
hatchjrwren there is an https issue with safari17:13
hatchyou need to pull some strings to make safari show it17:13
hatchsafari may be fast and good on battery usage but just like everything apple if you don't do it their way....17:13
jrwrenit loaded for me, but sits there spinning at Connecting to the Juju environment.  must be XHR https issues or something?17:14
jrwrenah. i see.17:14
hatchyeah - we have a card/bug to investigate/fix17:14
jrwrenthat is windows sharepoint services, right? :p17:14
hatchhaha - yeah that'll be the day17:15
rick_h__jrwren: you have to give it explicit permission17:17
rick_h__jrwren: see the bug in the maint lane with a link to the bug report to make it work17:17
rick_h__jrwren: if you're interesting in helping fix that as the bug report for the final mission let me know. It'd be a good one to fix up our charm around that17:18
rick_h__https://launchpad.net/bugs/1322596 is the bug report with the instructions for clicking on 'show certificate' first and then it will work/load17:18
_mup_Bug #1322596: deploying to 1.0.2 to live environment fails in safari <juju-gui:Triaged> <juju-gui (Juju Charms Collection):Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1322596>17:18
hatchjuju quickstart is so awesome17:19
hatcheven if amazon is taking forever to give me new instances17:19
hatchrick_h__ whenever you return I'll need some extra insight into this because it works just fine when I create a new instance myself....I'd need ssh access into the ci machine to investigate further17:35
rick_h__hatch: rgr, getting ready for our call. We can jump in early17:56
hatchjust grabbing some headphones17:57
hatchMakyo hey can you do me a favour to see if your CI can land?18:21
hatchin test/index.html can you increase the timeout to 200,000 from 100,00018:21
hatchrick_h__ lol we were so lagged, you left the room and then started talking again18:22
rick_h__yea, gotta love tech until the bandwidth drops down 18:23
hatchyep, using the latency of lte and video conferencing just doesn't quite pan out18:24
hatchjrwren those are some funky steps for safari :)18:30
jrwrenit took me a while to even read them.18:32
jrwrenI looked, and said "huh" and looked again, and said "huh" again, and finally read again and understood.18:32
hatchI don't think showing a dialogue to the user in safari to follow those steps is a very good UX haha18:33
jrwrenha! no.18:34
hatchrick_h__ do you have a preference for the cards I work on for the next...5 days? I can start on the scale up journey 18:35
rick_h__hatch: sounds good to me :)18:35
rick_h__redir: ? who let him in :P18:37
* redir hides in the shadows18:37
rick_h__kadams54: jcsackett I cancelled out 1-1s because I'm out tomorrow. If you want to chat I've got 1 hr before I EOD and crawl to the couch for a nap 18:37
hatchhaha, hey redir18:38
rick_h__bac: sorry, same for you as well if you want to chat this week18:38
redirhi hatch 18:38
hatchhow goes things?18:39
bacrick_h__: i think i'm good.18:39
hatchbut just wait until next week....amirite bac? amirite??18:39
bacuh, sure.18:39
rick_h__bac: cool, I see successfull charmstore runs woot!18:40
redirhatch: busy:) finally home after 3 weeks of travel18:40
bachey rick_h__, i'm keeping my eyes on the hurricane, though.  there is a chance we may have to change our travel plans.  if we do i'll work friday and swap to next week.18:40
rick_h__bac: oh right, I heard about that heading up the east coast18:40
rick_h__bac: ok, well stay safe18:40
hatchredir oh right, all of that vacationing 18:41
rick_h__and don't tell mramm about that18:41
redirhatch: 2 wseeks vaca one for work18:41
bacit is supposed to get to around norfolk friday 8am.  we land there friday 2pm18:41
bachi redir.18:41
rick_h__bac: /me crosses fingers for you18:41
rick_h__bac: are you set to work on other charmstore cards then tomorrow/monday?18:41
bacrick_h__: haven't looked really.  but yeah, i'll pick up something18:42
rick_h__bac: especially keep an eye with roger on the api v4 stuff18:42
rick_h__bac: ok cool then. Sounds like a plan. 18:42
hatchrick_h__ so the scale up journey card has a bug associated with it for unit scaling....is this just for reference or...18:42
rick_h__hatch: yea, it was filed as a bug from luca if I recall18:43
* rick_h__ looks at the bug18:43
rick_h__hatch: oh, well I guess let's make sure while we're doing scale up journey that's fixed :)18:44
rick_h__it might be drive-by-able or fixed as part of updating the scale up journey18:44
hatchsounds good, and do you have reference to the latest scale up journey ui stuff?18:44
hatchwas it just what was in those new inspector mockups?18:44
hatchwherever those are....18:45
hatchI don't think a lot of these files were put into the drive, just shared...18:46
rick_h__yea, the shared stuff is in drive18:47
rick_h__it's shared from there18:47
hatchoh, I need to pin the proper directories or someting heh18:47
rick_h__yea, search for the juju gui directory18:48
rick_h__and in there is a design folder18:48
rick_h__and in there are assets/wireframes for the things18:48
rick_h__hatch: all else fails bug ant18:48
rick_h__and spencer18:48
rick_h__Makyo: looks like your branch landed yay18:50
bacrick_h__: http://ci.jujugui.org:8080/job/charmstore-merge/18:55
bacbig blue dot18:56
bacrick_h__: i have had to install jenkins-github-lander on the slave but i have not made it self-updating yet.  does it really need to be?  what about just a daily cron that does a pull?18:56
rick_h__bac: to update the jenkins-github-lander tool itself?19:00
bacrick_h__: yeah19:00
rick_h__bac: to date I've just manually updated those whenever we landed an update to the lander tool19:00
rick_h__so I'm fine either way19:00
bacrick_h__: ok.  just need to be aware it lives on the slave too19:00
rick_h__fortunately it's a quick manual step we could automate with juju run 19:00
rick_h__bac: rgr, thanks for the heads up19:00
bacyou and 'juju run'19:00
rick_h__well I got thinking a lot of the stuff we're doing could be scripted19:01
rick_h__especially like this, since we can target the same command at many services/units19:01
bacrick_h__: enabling future go projects should be much easier now...19:01
rick_h__did a bit of face-palm that I didn't think of doing that earlier19:01
rick_h__bac: awesome, thanks for fighting that down into shape so we've got some good problems solved for us going forward19:02
bacrick_h__: i've created a bundle, and a branch with all of the required bits including the current .jenv file.  i'll push to a private location at ~yellow shortly.19:03
rick_h__bac: awesome19:03
Makyohatch, https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/41619:05
hatchMakyo thanks :)19:06
hatchrick_h__ was the "please test this" something added int he latest iteration of ci?19:06
hatchMakyo hopefully this works heh, although I can't believe a 100s timeout is not enough lol19:07
rick_h__hatch: hmm, yea it should just be auto running19:07
hatchahh ok then yeah something broken :)19:07
hatchit doesn't auto-run any longer it doesn't look like19:07
rick_h__hatch: hmm, did you trigger the current running test run?19:07
hatchnope, Makyo is landing his latest branch19:08
rick_h__oh hmm, maybe that triggered it19:08
hatchbut that should be the merge 19:08
rick_h__hatch: right19:09
jcsackettrick_h__: naw, i'm good.19:11
rick_h__jcsackett: ok cool19:14
rick_h__hatch: flipped a couple of switches. Will see if it runs test runs19:14
hatchsounds good thanks19:14
bacrogpeppe: juju/charmstore now has jenkins landing.  like our other projects, after approval use :shipit: to trigger a final test and landing.19:23
rick_h__bac: he's EOD, can you send an email to peeps maybe?19:27
rick_h__wow, didn't realize how popular a name uros was until looking in lp for uros19:29
rick_h__jujugui I'm out. Time to get the camper loaded up and ready for the trip. I'll be around via email or hangout if you need anything. 19:42
hatchhave a good holiday rick_h__ 19:42
hatchI'll try to not break anything.....19:42
rick_h__woot woot19:42
rick_h__keep an eye on that shifty jrwren character  :P 19:42
rick_h__and make sure to help out with any juju fun 19:43
hatchyou bet19:43
jrwrenimma see what I can break.19:47
hatchplz don't let it be ci again......plz not ci :P19:49
jrwreni'm really NOT going to see about breaking anything. With my luck lately, things will just happen.19:52
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hatchoh blarg this viewlet manager20:37
bacgood evening gui-peeps20:52
hatchcya bac20:53
hatchjcsackett ok I'm totally with you on this viewlet manager thing20:57
hatcher rick_h__  ^20:57
hatchit's gota go20:57
hatchgotta 20:57
jcsacketthatch: \o/21:06
jcsackettnot that we have time to rearchitect the whole thing right now, but i'd say bye-bye viewlet manager is right up there with bye-bye slots.21:07
hatchyeah, the problem that it solves still exists but it needs some work so that there can be nested views21:08
rick_h__hatch: yea, it was an interesting idea to managing chunks of UI but bit off a bit more than it can chew at this point. Frameworks and patterns that last are darn hard. 21:21
hatchyeah I'm not sure how this is going to work properly without fixing viewlet manager....21:22
hatchworking on it21:22
hatchdatabinding will just not work for a while :)21:22
rick_h__:/ we just can't rip the thing out at this point though. That's a bigger chunk of work and should have more input from devs gone. 21:22
hatchoh yeah no definitely can't go21:23
hatchit'll be a ton of work to get rid of it21:23
hatchI'm hoping we can fix it21:23
rick_h__hatch: if it's going to be that bad then put the card back and work on the other ones until Makyo and I get back and we can get together and put more brains at it21:23
rick_h__hatch: I think it'll take all our vision on it to be honest. There's got to be a path in there somewhere21:23
rick_h__hatch: but we can work on other bits. The destroy stuff, the config changed stuff that should be unblocked at this point right?21:24
hatchyeah right now I'm just manually instantiating the new view so that it can keep moving forward21:24
rick_h__hatch: ok, trust your judgement of moving forward without getting bogged down for 3 days of work. 21:25
hatchthe config changed stuff requires the new UI doesn't it?21:25
hatchmaybe I'm miss remembering21:25
rick_h__I don't recall 100%. I thought some of it was moving to the tab in ghost and such21:25
rick_h__which the ghost is unblocked a bit now I thought21:25
hatchyeah I'll have to take another look21:26
hatchatm I'm going to get this new view structure done so that huw can do the styling and markup21:26
rick_h__well, all we needed for that was the destroy stuff21:26
rick_h__with that he could move forward21:26
rick_h__so don't reorg code/structure for Huhw 21:26
hatchI mean the scale-up UI 21:33
hatchlots of styling/markup for that21:34
rick_h__hatch: right, but the only thing he needs to be unblocked is the destory of non-slot viewlets 21:34
rick_h__and then he can go back to cleaning up that markup some more21:34
hatchoh I wasn't working on that stuff at all, I'm not really sure the story behind the slot destroy business21:35
hatchoh right the change version stuff21:35
rick_h__when we moved viewlets to be real views, they could have a destructor and thus .destroy()'d then they're swapped out21:36
rick_h__oh sorry, yea bleeding things together21:36
rick_h__anyway, back to packing21:36
kadams54Makyo: how do I change the border on the blocks? I tried setting the stroke color in stylesheet.less but that doesn't seem to be doing it. Very little experience with SVG in HTML…22:11
Makyokadams54, is this for the indicator on the block, has a square border around it?22:11
kadams54It's the border on the block itself. Mocks show them with a light blue border instead of grey.22:12
kadams54Makyo: see http://cl.ly/image/2n3f3S31281922:14
Makyokadams54, oh, we'll need new assets for those, then.  Those are included using img tags.22:14
kadams54Ah, OK, thans22:14
kadams54thanks even22:14
MakyoWell, image, for svg.  So they're not modifiable wihin the doc.22:14
MakyoWe do something similar with subordinate vs. regular blocks.22:15
hatchjujugui can I get a quick review on https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/417 no qa necessary22:49
hatchmorning huwshimi 23:13
huwshimihatch: Hey23:13
hatchI have assigned a task for you I was hoping you could get started on today23:13
hatchif you have the time that is23:13
huwshimihatch: Let me take a look23:14
hatchI assigned you the card in Project 1 which requires https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/417 to land first (test failure is the intermittent one)23:14
huwshimi_hatch: So do you just want me to create the HTML/CSS for the four states the view can be in?23:38
hatchhuwshimi_ yeah so if you could review and land my pr 417 then modify the template/css to match the design 23:39
huwshimi_hatch: Well, the template is empty at the moment :)23:40
hatchyeah.....heavily modify23:41
hatchYou've got some other stuff in the works I see but I'd like to see if we could 'pair' on this 23:42
hatchso at your EOD, leave it in a landable state and create a PR23:42
hatchI'll land it in the morning and continue....etc etc23:42
huwshimi_hatch: Yeah, I'll take this card now23:42
hatchI'm thinking we can probably get this done by my EOD Friday pending any big blockers23:43
hatchI'm working off of a hotspot today so I'm going to hop offline for a while (used up 2GB today heh) I'll likely be back later23:45
hatchhave a good one23:45
rick_h__huwshimi: I'm out thurs/fri/monday. Cancelled the call tonight, but let me know if you want to chat and we can setup something later23:53
huwshimirick_h__: Yep, no problems. I think I'm all good! Thanks for asking :)23:53
rick_h__huwshimi: k23:54

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