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user___Un français ?09:23
simpleuser1I just made a dist-upgrade and now every time the screen of my laptop goes black (screensaver) there’s a prompt to check my password… Any idea? The only option in power management is about activating the screensaver (I disabled it and nothing changed). No other option. Any idea?10:49
holsteinsimpleuser1: i use the setting, specifically, for locking the screen13:52
B24I have 2 wifi signals indicators. how to fix it ?14:52
holsteinB24: maybe you have 2 running nm-applets?14:53
B24Maybe.. i dont know.. I have it in autostart because it was the only way to make it works when i start up.14:56
holsteinB24: ok.. check and see how many nm-applets you have.. drop the one from the "autostart" since, it seems, one is being started as it should be (like, a fix was applied) and you no longer need the added one14:57
B24there was an update to fix it ? i tought it cud be.14:57
holsteinB24: im not saying specifically there was.. im saying, *if* there was, then, i would expect to see 2, as you are.. so, test.. see if you have 2 running, then, drop the one you added to autostart14:58
holstein*or*, just go ahead and drop the one from autostart, and reboot, and see if you only have one, as intended and preferred14:58
B24I will try to reboot.14:59
b24It is ok now.. i have only one nm-applet.15:04
simpleuser1holstein: Yep, and I don’t have this setting.15:20
simpleuser1Can’t find anything about locking the screen.15:21
simpleuser1Found !15:21
simpleuser1(I think)15:21
simpleuser1It’s the Light-Locker settings15:21
dj_beirutHi.. i have to network cards in my computer. i have changed the mac address for one of the cards and i want to do some other changes that i want done on startup like:  echo 2 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/eth1/force_igmp_version i don't want to do that manually. is there a way to make that done automatically on startup?15:31
rafaellaguname :D16:46
dj_beirutHi.. i have to network cards in my computer. i have changed the mac address for one of the cards and i want to do some other changes that i want done on startup like:  echo 2 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/eth1/force_igmp_version i don't want to do that manually. is there a way to make that done automatically on startup?16:47
rafaellagunaevery command you want can be added to startup process16:47
rafaellagunawhat Lubuntu version do you have?16:48
dj_beirutit's built on lubuntu16:48
rafaellagunayes, the media server16:48
rafaellagunado you have an app called "Default applications for LXSession"?16:49
dj_beiruti don't know it's all in terminal.16:50
rafaellagunaor open a terminal and type "lxsession-default-apps"16:50
dj_beiruti don't have x i ssh to the box16:51
rafaellagunayou dont have X? how do you run apps?16:51
dj_beirutxbmc starts automatically when the machine starts. no keyboard no mouse. just a remote control. and the machine is at home and i am at work so i just ssh to it16:52
rafaellagunacan you access to a folder inside its home there?16:53
dj_beiruti can access all folders16:53
rafaellagunayou must edit ~/.config/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart and put there the commands16:55
rafaellagunajust the command, no # or @ prefixes16:56
dj_beirutbash: cd: /root/.config/lxsession/Lubunt: No such file or directory16:56
rafaellagunaif it's Lubuntu it may read it. if not found, just create it (typed "Lubunt"?)16:57
dj_beirutI created the file. how can i verify if it reads it or not?17:00
rafaellagunarebooting :D17:00
dj_beirut[ Error writing /root/.config/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart: No such file or directory17:02
rafaellagunamaybe the folder doesn't exist too17:02
rafaellagunaplease, make a "ls /root/.config/lxsession"17:02
dj_beirutls: cannot access /root/.config/lxsession: No such file or directory17:03
rafaellagunacan you tell me your version? 10.04?17:03
dj_beirutLinux MediaServer 3.16.0-031600rc2-generic #201406220135 SMP Sun Jun 22 05:36:21 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux17:03
rafaellagunaplease, wait, checking...17:05
rafaellagunathere's another autostart folder: ~/.config/autostart/17:06
rafaellagunait works for every environment (Gnome, KDE, etc)17:07
dj_beirutjust rebooted.. give e a sec17:07
simpleuser1Ok, unchecking light-locker did not remove the screen locking… F*CK YOU Lubuntu.17:14
rafaellagunait happens to me too, they're working on it17:15
rafaellagunait's not a Lubuntu bug, it's a LockScreen bug (Fedora and OpenSuse have it too)17:15
simpleuser1Thanks rafaellaguna.17:15
rafaellagunayou're welcome17:16
simpleuser1Well, F*CK YOU LockScreen then.17:16
rafaellagunasorry, not Fedora. ArchLinux uses LightDM17:21
rafaellagunadj_beirut, went fine?17:38
dj_beirutnope... didn't come back up for some reason17:40
rafaellagunalookm, I found this on AskUbuntu: http://askubuntu.com/questions/209650/autostart-xbmc-at-boot17:40
rafaellagunait may help you more than me ;)17:40
dj_beiruti got bigger problems now! :P i gotta figure out why it didn't come back up. i rebooted it with reboot -f17:41
rafaellagunathat's beyond my skills, sorry :(17:42
SuperHigginsHello everyone. Would anybody here be able to help me with a networking issue on my lubuntu install? I just upgraded the hardware but I'm using the same installation as a previous machine, and since the upgrade i have been unable to connect to the internet whatsoever18:32
SuperHigginsunfortunately google has been unable to assist me, since my problem appears to not correlate to any other help topic i've seen, and to be honest i'm not very experienced with networking issues.18:34
rafaellagunahave you tried AskUbuntu' sometimes it's better that Google18:34
SuperHigginsi have looked a bit but the questions i found were more focused on how to connect to the internet... i didn't really see anything pertaining to installs that were unable to connect, or at least nothing that had the same issues as mine18:36
rafaellagunamaybe you'll have to re-adjust manually the settings for the new net card18:37
rafaellagunabut sure you've already tried that with nm-applet, no?18:37
SuperHigginsuh, no i've never heard of that18:37
rafaellagunait's the network applet in the panel18:38
rafaellagunayou may see a double arrow or, if you updated recently the artwork, a connected couple of computers18:38
SuperHigginsi'm running command line :S18:38
rafaellagunabut you'd have desktop sometimes, don't you? :D18:39
SuperHigginsumm... i didn't install a GUI shell :S18:39
SuperHigginsit's a command-line only machine i use as a personal web and file server18:39
rafaellagunait's easier to manage networks if you that applet, I have no idea how to do it via command line18:40
SuperHigginscan i install the GUI temporarily without internet?18:40
rafaellagunayou may install lubuntu-core and nm-applet packages, not too heavy18:40
rafaellagunaoh no, right, you can't18:40
rafaellagunabut if you have a livecd you can test it, memory the settings (IP, mask, route, etc) and put it via terminal on your normal session18:41
SuperHigginsgood point18:41
SuperHigginsi think i'll try that18:41
SuperHigginsoh um would you be able to clarify something else?18:42
rafaellagunaanyway, have a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkConfigurationCommandLine/Automatic18:42
rafaellagunaof course, tell me18:43
SuperHigginswhenever i shut down or reboot18:43
SuperHigginsi recieve a text query that says "Give root password for maintenance (or type Control-D to continue)"18:43
SuperHigginsif i press Control-D, it seems to hang on the shutdown after a while and i have to manually turn it off. And well, I haven't set a root password on this install18:44
rafaellagunabecause you need to use "sudo reboot" or "sudo halt", a user can't switch off nothing18:44
SuperHigginsoh i see.18:44
rafaellagunaUbuntu uses "fake" root passwords18:44
SuperHigginsif i shut the computer down manually after it hangs it wont damage my install right?18:45
rafaellagunathere's a user who have root privileges (the first one during the setup) and there's no root really18:45
rafaellagunaI do sometimes ;)18:45
rafaellagunabut it's not good for the hard disk, if do it it will appear the disk check app sometimes18:46
rafaellagunalike that scandisk for windows :D18:46
SuperHigginsoh right, i dont have a CD drive in here anymore haha... forgot about that. the new case couldn't fit it. well i'll use the command line network config18:47
SuperHigginshopefully it works, my friends have been waiting for me to put the teamspeak server back up haha18:47
rafaellagunayou should install a full Lubuntu desktop with an USB stick18:47
rafaellagunaI hope so, good luck :D18:47
SuperHigginsthanks! yeah i installed CLI because the original desktop i had it on was pretty old so i did it to save memory and cpu usage18:48
rafaellagunaI'm the Artwork maintainer for Lubuntu Desktop artwork. It's the one I use now, and I have a "Pre-War" computer :D18:49
SuperHigginsit was an old pentium 4 desktop with 2 gigs of DDR1 memory. my new setup is much faster luckily18:49
rafaellagunamine is an AMD K8 (like a Pentium 5) so it's cousin of yours18:49
SuperHigginsoh wow. i guess it could have handled it then18:50
rafaellagunayes, it does ;)18:50
rafaellagunaI also use Compton, a composite manager for fancy shadows18:50
SuperHigginsoh neat!18:50
SuperHigginsdang... i followed the instructions on the guide you sent, but sadly it didn't work19:07
rafaellagunatry using a livecd to setup a desktop19:07
rafaellagunasorry, the network thing is beyond my skills :(19:08
SuperHigginsuhh ther's a live usb right?19:08
SuperHigginsno worries19:08
rafaellagunaLubuntu is the only ISO of Ubuntu that fits on a CD. You can use both, CD or USB19:08
rafaellagunahttp://lubuntu.net ;)19:08
SuperHigginsprobably not possible, but ill ask anyways, can one upgrade a 32-bit lubuntu to become a 64-bit install? i'm pulling at any straws that allow me to avoid setting everything up again haha, but it's probably inevitable19:10
rafaellagunaI tried and it's not possible, it's not an upgrade, it's about changing the "nature" of programs and kernel19:11
rafaellagunabetter you substitue it19:11
SuperHigginsdang... maybe i should just suck it up and reinstall, would probably solve my current network issues anyways. just not looking forward to re-configuring the teamspeak server and my web server, but it'll definitely run better on a 64-bit machine19:13
rafaellagunaif you have a separate home partition it (new setup) won't affect your data19:14
SuperHigginsill try out a 64-bit live USB then.19:15
rafaellagunaalso, if computer has 3gb ram or more, it'll work better19:15
SuperHigginsyeah, this one has 819:15
rafaellagunalike mine, use 64bit19:15
SuperHigginsi went a bit overkill with the machine haha, it's a 6-core FX processor too XD19:16
rafaellagunayou can use either http://lubuntublog.blogspot.com19:16
rafaellagunagod, that's a good machine19:16
SuperHigginsthe plan is for it to be a multi-purpose server so I decided to sink a bit of cash into it19:17
rafaellagunagood decision, but there're plenty utilities to manager servers in a graphic way, there's no need to "pain" ;)19:17
SuperHigginsyeah that's true, though i do quite a bit of server management away from my machine, using SSH19:19
SuperHigginshow much space does lubuntu take up approximately? i've only got a 250 gb hdd in there19:21
SuperHigginsim assuming not a lot since the actual iso is tiny19:21
rafaellagunahmm, I'm  not sure you'll have enough, Lubuntu uses near 2gb :D19:23
rafaellagunaand 300mb ram19:23
SuperHigginsoh gee, that's cutting it pretty close XD19:23
SuperHigginsuh oh :S i'm getting a disk read error for the usb boot :S oh joy D:19:41
phillwSuperHiggins: you can create a new home partition, and then do a re-install. It's not pretty, but it's quite achievable.19:42
SuperHigginsis the disk read error being caused by the hard drive or the USB? cuz i just want to wipe the partition clean and re-install lubuntu from scratch19:43
phillwusb boots are pretty broken atm. try either Please use the OBI installer  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OBI or the 9w installer at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/9w19:43
SuperHigginsoh okay19:46
SuperHigginswhich would you recommend?19:46
phillwSuperHiggins: both of those are supported by the same person. Have a read of both and choose :)19:48
phillwthe installer team only say to use dd now, I think the (U)EFI support stuff has broken what used to work. OBI and 9w are tested by lubuntu testers, so even though they are community - they are known to work :)19:50
SuperHigginswell, OBI makes a bit more sense from what i've read, but I'm still not entirely sure how to go about this for a 64-bit lubuntu install :S19:51
SuperHigginssadly i do not have a disk drive in this computer, that would solve all my problems :S19:51
phillwSuperHiggins: I need to get nio to add a 64bit ISO for you (and others).19:56
phillwwe've been busy on a non-pae kernel for 14.04... other stuff keeps getting added :)19:58
SuperHigginsoh okay :S um so what would you suggest i do for the time being?19:59
pmatulisanyone running trusty notice the screen locking when it did not before?  might be a screensave thing gone wild (preferences do not show screen locking) or maybe it's something else21:02

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