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DanChapmanGood Morning all06:16
mardydpm: hi! You can access those parameters by either:06:17
mardydpm: ^06:18
dpmhi mardy, good morning, thanks! Let me try this now06:19
dpmmardy, worked like a treat, thanks!06:25
kalikianat1mp: https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/NewColors/+merge/225230 components.api must not be forgotten :-D06:28
mardydpm: yw :-)06:33
dholbachgood morning06:37
mihirdpm: merged, sorry for 2 reworks, I couldn't test as i don't have device06:46
mihirdpm:  i have modified it now06:46
mihirdholbach: Good Morning :)06:47
dpmmihir, np, thanks for working on the fix!06:47
dholbachhey mihir06:48
dholbachbeuno, did you have a chance to look at the MP?07:17
AskUbuntu_What to learn Ubuntu application development in python, where to start? | http://askubuntu.com/q/49066907:31
mzanettidpm: o/08:00
dpmhey mzanetti, nice work with fixing the plugin for production accounts!08:01
mzanettidpm: did you have a chance to test it yet?08:01
dpmmzanetti, yes, I've tested it on the emulator, and it works for fetching the notes. However, viewing the notes has 2 issues: the single note is shown as a black screen (I think it's an emulator/web view issue, it was there before that change), and there are some thrift exceptions thrown (not sure if they stop the note from loading or not, as it's all black). So I've just finished building everything on the ppa, and now I'm testing it on my phone08:03
mzanettidpm: that was working for me... but I only tested with the welcome note08:04
dpmI'll have to wait a few minutes more, the armhf build in the ppa has finished, but it's not yet published08:05
dpmok, here I go...08:10
dpmmzanetti, it works on the phone \o/ - very nice details with "TODO" notes: they list items can be checked and unchecked :)08:13
mzanettidpm: yeah... that was quite tricky to get those running :)08:14
dpmmzanetti, I've noticed an issue, though: I just got a "Error refreshing notes: Default TException", which it doesn't seem to recover from08:15
mzanettidpm: any way for me to reproduce?08:15
mzanettior is it just randomly happening?08:15
dpmmzanetti, it just happened. What I did was to scroll down to the bottom of my notes, open the welcome note and then back08:16
dpmlet me restart it to see if I can reproduce08:17
dpmhm, now it does not even load the notes.08:18
dpmit says no notes available08:18
dpmlet me check the account in system settings...08:18
dpmmzanetti, it seems the app now somehow lost the connection to the account (which is still in system settings) and it can't fetch notes. Let me see the upstart logs...08:20
t1mpkalikiana: I updated components.api here - https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/NewColors/+merge/22523008:25
t1mpkalikiana: and https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/110-headerInput/+merge/224994 was also updated and is ready for another review08:26
dpmmzanetti, here's the log: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7735623/ it seems I've lost the ability to fetch notes at all now08:28
mzanettidpm:     RATE_LIMIT_REACHED = 1908:30
mzanettiEDAMSystemException Default TException. 19 "" 290908:30
dpmhm, I wonder how I managed to do that :/08:31
mzanettidpm: hmm... I see quite some "refreshing note" calls above08:31
mzanettimaybe the fact that we fetch every note's content isn't so good08:31
dpm"Operation denied because the calling application has reached its hourly API call limit for this use"08:32
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy I Forgot Day! :-D08:32
mzanettigood morning James08:33
dpmmzanetti, not sure. They seem to do exactly the same for their web frontend: they show a preview of each note, and a list with all notes08:34
mzanettidpm: I suspect their web frontend isn't rate limited08:34
mzanettidpm: still I guess it should be possible... but seems we need to be more clever about it08:34
dpmmzanetti, I did run the emulator with an old image that had the sorted list bug, could it be that that bombarded the api server with calls?08:35
mzanettidpm: sure, well possible...08:35
mzanettidpm: I've hit the rate limit too yesterday after constantly starting/stopping the app for testing08:35
mihirdpm: ping !!08:40
mihirdpm: was trying to resolve some bitesize bug on Weather app08:40
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1298107 in Ubuntu Weather App "Edit locations sheet should say "Locations" instead of "World"" [Low,Triaged]08:40
mihirdpm: is that okay to just change World to Locations as of now untill we get new deisng for that08:40
dpmmihir, yeah, should be fine, I think. You should also update the .pot file for translators if you change any UI messages08:47
mihirdpm: okay :)08:47
mihirdpm: i proposed MR for that , https://code.launchpad.net/~mihirsoni/ubuntu-weather-app/1298107/+merge/225273 :)08:51
m-b-omihir dpm approved :)08:52
mihirm-b-o: thanks :)08:52
dpmthanks m-b-o, mihir :)08:53
mihirm-b-o: just a thought , can't we use ubuntu swip delete in Cities while deleting added city?09:10
m-b-omihir most probably yes. had it already implemented once, but removed it, since it was not stable at that time09:11
t1mpkalikiana: thanks for the reviews09:12
m-b-omihir perhaps the tests will break. I don't know if there's an emulator available for this09:12
mihirm-b-o: okay , because i feel that there are no instruction when you swipe either of side09:12
m-b-omihir for me it would be ok09:13
m-b-odpm ^09:13
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dpmm-b-o, mihir, I think it should work. We do use swipe to delete for the music app09:17
dpmmzanetti, ok, I've been able to access my notes now that the hour limit passed, but after browsing them a bit, I got locked out again with the rate limit. So it's something that happens during regular use of the app, not only for development09:18
mzanettidpm: so we might need to rethink the downloading of the notes content when they become visible09:19
dpmmzanetti, yeah. I've also written to the Evernote folks to find out more about rate limits09:19
dpmactually, https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/rate_limits.php09:20
* dpm reads09:20
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mihirpopey: ping10:48
popeymihir: pong10:48
mihirany idea , how did this branch got merged without any reviews, https://code.launchpad.net/~mihirsoni/ubuntu-calendar-app/1335512/+merge/225155?10:48
mihiri don't see any history in comment as well :|\10:48
popeyoh, how odd10:48
mihiris there anything balloons triggred by Jenkins?10:49
popeyI honestly don't know. hmm, who to ask..10:49
popeylet me ask in #ubuntu-ci-eng10:49
mihirpopey: okay10:50
mihirpopey: i am worried, because it is not been tested by anyone :|10:50
popeymihir: well, I wont update in the store, and we can always revert it10:51
mihirpopey: :D10:51
popeymihir: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-calendar-dev/ubuntu-calendar-app/trunk "Approved by David Planella, Ubuntu Phone Apps Jenkins Bot." - dpm?11:03
dpmpopey, looks good to me. I only didn't top-approve because I hadn't had the chance to actually test it11:04
mihirpopey: he has approved the other one , not the one11:04
mihiri gave you.11:04
mihirpopey: dpm approved this one , https://code.launchpad.net/~mihirsoni/ubuntu-calendar-app/1291906/+merge/22516111:05
mihirpopey: do you have utpoic installed ?11:08
popeydpm: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-calendar-dev/ubuntu-calendar-app/trunk shows https://code.launchpad.net/~mihirsoni/ubuntu-calendar-app/1335512/+merge/225155 merged11:09
mihirpopey:  okay, i just upgraded it and Wi-Fi doesn't work on utopic :(11:09
popeyand an unrelated bug11:09
popeydpm: see latest revision, approved by you it says, but untested11:10
popeymihir: which wifi chipset?11:12
mihirpopey: Intel Corporation Centrino Wireless-N 1000 [Condor Peak]11:13
brendandmihir, you sure it's the wifi and not just dns? did you try ping?11:15
brendandmihir, i had the problem when i upgraded to utopic that dns broke11:15
popeymihir: same here..11:16
popey(same chipset)11:16
mihirbrendand: i am not able to see any available Wifi  conenction11:17
mihirbrendand: it just shows blank , doesn't list any available wifi hotspots :(11:18
brendandmihir, you are using network-manager right?11:19
mihirbrendand: yup11:19
mihirbrendand: is there anything else that needs  to be installed ?11:19
brendandmihir, what does 'nmcli dev list' say? (pastebin(11:19
mihirbrendand: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7736264/11:20
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brendandmihir, try perhaps to roll back the kernel, if that doesn't work it's probably a configuration issue11:26
mihirbrendand: how can i do that ?11:26
brendandmihir, but you can see the device so i don't think it will be that11:26
brendandmihir, well just enter grub on boot and select the older kernel11:26
brendandmihir, the second newest11:26
mihirbrendand: okay i'll try to do that11:26
mihirbrendand: i am able to see Bluetooth and Wired conenction except Wi-fi :(11:27
dpmpopey, mihir, balloons, that's a bit worrying. The only approval I did today was https://code.launchpad.net/~mihirsoni/ubuntu-calendar-app/1291906/+merge/225161 - and that was not even top-approving. How Jenkins thinks I've top-approved this other one is beyond me -> https://code.launchpad.net/~mihirsoni/ubuntu-calendar-app/1335512/+merge/22515511:37
mihirdpm: I have top approved this one after you apporved it , https://code.launchpad.net/~mihirsoni/ubuntu-calendar-app/1291906/+merge/225161 as it shows Approved by Mihir11:38
mihirbut i have no clue about the otherone it doesn't have any approval or comments11:39
dpmmihir, yeah, that's fine. I'm talking about the other one11:39
popeydpm: please could you upload http://popey.com/~alan/com.ubuntu.music_1.3.509_all.click to the store?11:53
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dpmpopey, "The package has an invalid framework specified in the manifest. The currently allowed frameworks are: ['ubuntu-sdk-13.10', 'ubuntu-sdk-14.04-dev1', 'ubuntu-sdk-14.04-papi-dev1', 'ubuntu-sdk-14.04-qml-dev1', 'ubuntu-sdk-14.04-html-dev1', 'ubuntu-sdk-14.04', 'ubuntu-sdk-14.04-html', 'ubuntu-sdk-14.04-papi', 'ubuntu-sdk-14.04-qml', 'ubuntu-sdk-14.10-dev2', 'ubuntu-sdk-14.10-qml-dev2', 'ubuntu-sdk-14.10-papi-dev2', 'ubuntu-sdk-14.10-html-dev2'].11:56
dpm" :(11:56
ahayzendpm, do we need to move to -dev2?11:57
beunodholbach, I did. Didn't I comment?11:57
popeydpm: you on trusty?11:57
dpmahayzen, I think the -dev1 was dropped when the -dev2 was uploaded, yes11:57
dpmpopey, yes, on trusty11:57
popeybut is that error coming from your local machine or the store?11:58
dpmpopey, from the store11:58
dpm    "framework": "ubuntu-sdk-14.10-qml-dev1",11:58
popeyi dont understand quite why we had to deprecate the existing frameworks11:58
dpmthat's what the manifest of that click package specifies11:58
dholbachbeuno, oh yeah - you did11:59
dpmpopey, I can try to repackage and reupload11:59
dholbachbeuno, maybe the mail went into spam11:59
popeyno, we should fix in trunk11:59
dpmsounds good11:59
popeyahayzen: do you have a moment to fix that, and I'll approve and rebuild?11:59
popeymhall119: repeating alarms work for me btw, keep meaning to tell you.12:00
beunodholbach, you wouldn't be the first person to send all my email to spam12:00
ahayzenpopey, errm ... maybe... i'm also hoping my sheets-to-pages will land soon12:00
popeyi cant upload to store right now ☹12:00
ahayzenpopey, i'll try and bump it now hang on12:00
popeyand this is going to break _all_ the core apps isn't it.12:00
popeyahayzen: lemme file a bug about it.12:01
dholbachbeuno, fixed12:01
beunodholbach, WE'LL SEE12:01
popeyahayzen: also, security policy is 1.2 i believe12:03
ahayzenpopey, we're already 1.212:03
ahayzenpopey, this bumps the framework https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/bump-framework-dev2/+merge/22529912:04
popeyahayzen: bug 133676412:05
ubot5bug 1336764 in Ubuntu Music App "-dev1 framework deprecated, move to -dev2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133676412:05
ahayzenpopey, and this just got approved \o/ https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/move-sheets-to-pages/+merge/22044412:05
ahayzenpopey, linked12:06
ahayzenpopey, do you mind waiting for that sheets-to-pages to land in trunk and then pushing to the store? ... it should hopefully land next as it has been top approved (assuming jenkins doesn't find any conflicts etc)12:08
popeyahayzen: sure12:08
ahayzenpopey, thanks12:08
beunodholbach, so, one thing I'm trying to wrap my head around is when do you actually override the json file in the project?  following the code, it seems to only override the one in the cache12:16
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dholbachbeuno, any user using this code on their machines will have their copy updated once a week in ~/.cache12:17
beunodholbach, right. But then cr_lint only ever reads from ../local/frameworks.json12:18
dholbachbeuno, but for example during the execution of tests during the build, we need the data too and there won't be any internet connection12:18
dholbach(and I guess there might be other cases, where we have firewalled servers just allowing package updates and nothing else)12:19
beunodholbach, so I don't understand when the updated copy under .cache gets used12:19
dholbachbeuno, always - it'd be the default thing12:20
beuno44+ local_copy = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__),12:21
beuno45+ '../data/frameworks.json')12:21
beuno46+ frameworks = Frameworks(local_copy)12:21
beunodholbach, so you do that12:21
beunofrom cr_lint12:21
beunoand following down the code, that's what it'll use12:21
dholbachhum hum hum12:21
beunothe local, non-updated copy12:21
dholbachlet me take another look12:22
dholbachbeuno, that's not quite how I read read_frameworks_file()12:28
beunodholbach, ah!12:28
dholbachbeuno, AFAICS it'd try to update the file in .cache, if after that the .cache file is not there, it'd resort to the local copy12:28
beunodholbach, you are correct, sorry  :)12:29
dholbachbeuno, man... I looked at the code yesterday for ages trying to figure out and make it make sense - it wouldn't have surprise me at all if there were mistakes12:29
beunodholbach, +1!12:29
dholbachbeuno, so now you merge it into your branch and repropose?12:35
beunodholbach, sure12:35
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beunodholbach, https://code.launchpad.net/~beuno/click-reviewers-tools/deprecate-14-10-dev1/+merge/22488712:51
kalikianat1mp: more incoming https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/readableDocLinks/+merge/22531512:52
dholbachbeuno, all rightie - I'll have a chat with mvo as well to look over it - not sure who else we could ask with jdstrand not being around12:53
kalikianat1mp: I didn't find a more generic way than setting the link color inside 'style=', it reminds me of the old days where css was still new :-P12:53
beunodholbach, I could get one of the guys from my team to look at it, but their perspective will mostly be from the pure python code, rather than how reviews work. It depends on what you'd like to be looked at12:55
dholbachbeuno, right right - just in terms of direction12:55
dholbachbeuno, if we want the other projects to use this as well, it might help12:55
beunodholbach, true12:55
beunoI'll get them to review then12:55
dholbachbeuno, I pinged mvo as well12:57
mhall119thanks popey13:06
t1mpkalikiana: isn't this better than using rich text for the color? http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5/qml-qtquick-text.html#linkColor-prop13:22
t1mpkalikiana: or does styledText not support links?13:23
t1mphmm.. if it didn't support links then the linkColor property would be useless ;)13:23
dholbachbeuno, some fixes for you: https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/click-reviewers-tools/deprecate-14-10-dev1-fixes13:26
dholbach(based on Ricardo's review)13:26
dholbachthe other bits will need more work across the entirety of c-r-t13:26
beunodholbach, thanks!13:27
t1mpkalikiana: I commented on https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/readableDocLinks/+merge/22531513:27
t1mpkalikiana: what do you think of https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/120-HeaderState/+merge/224813 ?13:35
dpmrpadovani, mzanetti, popey, are you up for the Reminders call today in a few minutes?13:52
dpmcool, tty in a few, then13:52
kalikianat1mp: hrm weird I didn't see that property in the docs, must've been on some outdated copy14:11
kalikianat1mp: hrm 120-HeaderState looks familiar but I don't see any comments from myself14:14
t1mpkalikiana: I think you didn't review it yet, but you reviewed its pre-requisite https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/110-headerInput/+merge/22499414:16
kalikianat1mp: updated https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/readableDocLinks/+merge/22531514:19
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balloonslol @ popey we both resubmitted the job @ https://code.launchpad.net/~popey/ubuntu-calendar-app/fix-1336764/+merge/225306 and it worked14:53
kalikianat1mp: pondering about the "" state hack in 120-HeaderState… is it impossible to fix it? if it is, how about using PageHeadState there to avoid the hack?15:12
kalikiana^^ commented15:25
* DanChapman 's head just exploded trying to look through thunderbird source.15:47
dholbachbeuno, pushed more changes to lp:~dholbach/click-reviewers-tools/deprecate-14-10-dev1-fixes - this should address all of pindonga's feedback15:55
josharensonAnyone have docs for kit configuration? Trying to get my app to run on nexus 7 and I'm getting errors.15:58
t1mpkalikiana: state hack?16:04
t1mpkalikiana: ah, adding the extra "" state to set the actions value back16:04
t1mpkalikiana: I'd have to add PageState { actions: [ searcAction ] }16:05
t1mpkalikiana: you are right, that's a bit shorter. Is that what you meant?16:05
popeyballoons: will you be around to help me get calendar in the store a bit later?16:10
balloonspopey, sure thing..16:10
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josharensonI've crashed the SDK like 10 times trying to add a device... Any tips at all?16:16
josharensonzbenjamin, I was told you might know?16:17
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popeyballoons: i am an idiot, please see bug 133676416:34
ubot5bug 1336764 in Ubuntu File Manager App "-dev1 framework deprecated, move to -dev2" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133676416:34
balloonspopey, are you pushing 14.04 framework still? ;-p16:36
popeyno, i'm fixing the typo I made ☻16:36
* balloons looks16:36
popeybrb, popping out for 20 mins, will fix rest when i get back16:36
balloonshaha; https://code.launchpad.net/~popey/reminders-app/fix-1336764/+merge/22531316:37
balloonspopey, kk16:37
mihirballoons: then why did the status get Merged of that MR, ?https://code.launchpad.net/~mihirsoni/ubuntu-calendar-app/1335512/+merge/22515516:48
mihirrenato__: ping !!16:49
balloonsmihir, I'm working on it right now. I'm not sure. I'm going to propose a new branch16:49
mihirballoons: okay no issues :)16:49
balloonsmihir, I'll take your change and add a test for it and have you review then16:49
balloonsfound a little bug in timelineheadercomponent also..16:50
mihirballoons: yes i noticed that it is throwing this error in console , file:///home/mihir/Documents/ap/ubuntu-calendar-app/TimeLineHeaderComponent.qml:26: ReferenceError: root is not defined16:50
balloonsmihir, yep, so the full name isn't displayed.. simple fix16:50
mihirballoons: okay :)16:51
mihiryou'll include this into your MR, or should i propose saperate MR for this?16:51
balloonsmihir, yea it's already committed locally. Just finishing the test atm16:52
mihirballoons: okay :) Thank you16:52
elopiomardy: do you know how to run the ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts autopilot tests?17:03
t1mpkalikiana: I updated https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/120-HeaderState/+merge/224813 and commented17:10
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t1mpkalikiana: I happroved https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/readableDocLinks/+merge/22531517:11
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Guest25129hmm... can someone help me setup the emulator? I'm new to the SDK17:26
renato__mihir, hi17:26
=== Guest25129 is now known as hmm_guy
hmm_guyhmm... can someone help me setup the emulator? I'm new to the SDK17:26
mihirhi renato__17:27
hmm_guymihir: ^17:28
hmm_guyrenato__: ^17:28
mihirrenato__: we have been trying to add multiple repeat option in calendar17:28
mihirany idea regarding this renato__17:29
mihirhmm_guy: hi17:29
mihirdid you follow the instruction from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Emulator17:29
mihirwhat problem are you getting ?17:29
hmm_guywhen i add an emulator, it just asks for the password, loads for some time and comes back to the empty devices tab17:30
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mihirare you doing form Ubuntu-SDK Qt Creator?17:31
mihirrenato__: the problem is , if today (Wednesday ) I create an event of Tue & Thu exected it should create an event from Thus17:31
mihirhmm_guy: can you post logs at paste.ubuntu.com17:31
hmm_guymihir: where can i find the logs? i'm really new to this thing17:32
mihirif you go to device tab, you can see dropdown on left side of top corner17:32
renato__mihir, could you report a bug for that?17:33
hmm_guynope... it just says ubuntu devices... and btw... I'm on Mint 1717:34
zeebokhmm_guy: same is happening to me on 14.0417:35
hmm_guyzeebok: mihir http://imgur.com/PzuXhKZ17:37
mihirhmm_guy: zeebok , could you try doing this from terminal17:38
mihirit will take some time as it downloads an image from Internet ~300 MB17:38
balloonsmihir, https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/ubuntu-calendar-app/fix-1335512/+merge/22537317:39
balloonsgonna clean it up, so one more commit before it's ready17:39
hmm_guyumm.... now that i created many terminals, how can i stop them from getting downloaded?17:39
hmm_guymany emulators*17:40
umm_guymihir: how can i create an emulator using terminal?17:44
mihirumm_guy: open the terminal and follow the instruction given at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Emulator17:46
mihirballoons: looking into it17:46
mihirrenato__: here is bug , https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtorganizer5-eds/+bug/133688017:46
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1336880 in qtorganizer5-eds (Ubuntu) "In Event Days repeat not functioning properly " [Undecided,New]17:46
renato__mihir, thanks17:46
mihirrenato__: you need MR that i have mentioned in Description to reproduce this17:47
mihirballoons: looks good to me17:50
mihirballoons: i believe that MR i proposed i suspended.17:50
balloonsmihir, yes, I superseded with this one, so should be good17:50
mihirballoons: great , thanks :)17:51
mihirballoons: thanks for AP :)17:51
balloonsyou are most welcome.. it's easy to add as you add features17:52
zeebokmihir: so reinstalling the emulater package and restarting the SDK seems to have fixed it somehow. i didn't remember it installing emulator-runtime:i386 last time so maybe that did it for me17:54
zeebokmihir: thanks! wish i could help with the apps. best of luck :)17:54
mihirzeebok: Happy to help you :)17:55
mihirballoons: yes it should be, i just have fresh install of Ubuntu screwed my last because of some bad upgrades .17:55
balloonsmihir, yes, can I help with that?17:55
popeyballoons: can you upload http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/calendar-app-click/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/out/com.ubuntu.calendar_0.4.342_all.click to the store pls17:57
balloonspopey, sure.. sorry I didn't know you were uploading already, we're landing this atm :-) https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/ubuntu-calendar-app/fix-1335512/+merge/22537317:58
mihirpopey: i just spoke to renato__ regarding repetition issue , he'll get back to us17:59
balloonspopey, https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/156/changerequest/17:59
popeyapproved anyway18:02
popeyam doing music next18:02
balloonspopey, yep, no worrie18:02
balloonsalways something else :-)18:02
zeebokohhh i finally found the log for the Devices tab, but there is no icon or anything to indicate there is a drop down menu :/18:05
popeyballoons: so, we should have an autopilot test which tests for whether the framework is correct18:05
popeybecause right now, if it's wrong, we don't know until we upload to the store18:05
popeywhich is wrong, it should be caught early on18:05
balloonspopey, how can we know if we have the proper framework or not?18:06
popeyrun click-reviewers-tools18:06
popeyor some subset of it18:06
popeyballoons: please upload http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/music-app-click/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/out/com.ubuntu.music_1.3.511_all.click to the store (cc/ ahayzen )18:25
ahayzenpopey, \o/18:25
popeyahayzen: thanks for replacing the music whoever that was18:26
ahayzenpopey, it was victor as part of the ms2 reshuffle18:27
balloonspopey, done18:31
popeyballoons: link?18:32
popeynvm, got it18:32
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
rpadovanimzanetti, o/ fast update: oxide on trusty is at Version 1.0.0~bzr501-0ubuntu2, on unicorn is at Version 1.0.2-0ubuntu3. loadHtml() is avaliable only on unicorn. So I need to update my system and the transition to oxide will broke compatibily with trusty21:45
mzanettirpadovani: I see... well you could still develop on the phone if you don't want to upgrade your system...21:51
rpadovanimzanetti, is faster update my system, I'll do in next days21:52
rpadovani... and now it's my bday, so see you another day :-)22:03
popeyrpadovani: happy birthday!22:24
elopioping boiko. Have you had time to check the messaging app autopilot errors?22:53
boikoelopio: nope, not yet23:40

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