dholbachgood morning06:37
AskUbuntu_Ubuntu Login issue | http://askubuntu.com/q/49074210:29
jcastromhall119, good news14:16
jcastromy nexus5 is here14:16
jcastrowhich means ... ubuntu on my N4!14:16
mhall119oh, I thought you were putting Ubuntu on the N514:16
jcastroI am going to dual phone for a while14:17
jcastromhall119, my phone is stuck on "waiting for device" when trying to unlock the boot loader. :-/15:48
dholbachhave a great rest of your day everyone! see you tomorrow!15:57
mhall119jcastro: did you unlock the bootloader?15:57
mhall119you have to do that on the phone, ubuntu-device-flash doesn't do it for you (that I recall anyway)15:57
jcastroyeah, the waiting for the device is when I am trying to unlock the bootloader15:58
jcastroI haven't even gotten to ubuntu installation yet. :(15:58
mhall119jcastro: hmmm, it was straight forward for me, are you in the fastboot screen?16:01
jcastroweird, my phone just stop being detected when I plug it in16:02
jcastroI'm going to switch back to dalvik on it from ART, maybe some other subtle bug or crazy jorge-specificness16:02
belkinsaHappy first Wednesday everyone.16:03
mhall119happy wednesday belkinsa :)16:03
belkinsa(I hope someone got the reference unless it's a Ohio thing)16:04
mhall119must be an ohio thing, makes no sense to this floridian16:05
belkinsaI figured, since you guys don't get tornadoes16:05
mhall119we do, sometimes16:06
mhall119is this the start of tornado season or something?16:07
belkinsaActually, It could be a Mid-west thing.  Testing Tornado Sirens on the first Wednesday.16:07
mhall119oh, ok16:07
mhall119I suppose we're lucky, at least with hurricanes we get several days notice16:07
belkinsaYou are, because they come slowly up on you guys.16:08
popeyWe get tornadoes in the UK but the damage is usually quite localised. http://278efy3ybwg25033p1al4ib176.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/news-events/files/2011/08/130727318.jpg16:10
mhall119popey: that's tragic16:10
mhall119belkinsa: the downside of them being slow-moving is that they sit on top of you for a full day16:11
jcastromhall119, hah! It was a bum cable16:21
balloonsping jose16:21
jcastroso the adb commands weren't even going to the phone16:22
balloonsbelkinsa, I'm from Ohio originally and I get it. I believe we did it the first friday of the month however16:23
belkinsaI guess it depends on what area of Ohio, that first of the month testing is16:24
belkinsaBut it was at noon, right?16:24
balloonsbelkinsa, yep noon16:25
jcastromhall119, who's responsible for the developer.ubuntu.com/start page? aka where do I give feedback?16:25
balloonsbelkinsa, this was in Northern Ohio; I lived all along the lake16:26
belkinsaAh, I see.  I live in South Western Ohio, in th middle of  Cincinnati and Dayton16:27
belkinsajcastro, +1, I need to give feedback too.16:27
mhall119jcastro: there's a "file a bug" link on every page16:28
joseballoons: pong16:28
mhall119jcastro: it was kyle working on it, but it'll have ot be someone else on the community team now16:28
jcastrohey also16:28
jcastrowhy keep the old stuff on the wiki?16:28
jcastroall that did is confuse me16:29
mhall119kyle was pulled away to work on other things, so he probably just didn't have a chance16:29
jcastroI would just delete it and redirect it to the correct instructions16:29
mhall119jcastro: is there any system where wiki pages can be proposed for deletion, and then reviewed by someone else before actually being deleted?16:29
jcastrono, only for help.u.c16:30
jcastrofor wiki. you can do what you want16:30
mhall119I *want* to not touch the wiki16:30
jcastroI can do it if you want16:30
jcastrotakes me 2 minutes16:30
balloonsjose, I have a couple dates / times I'm hoping to snag ubuntu on air for. can you confirm / deny that I can use it :-0  7/10 @ 1900 UTC and 7/15 @ 1900 UTC16:31
mhall119jcastro: I'd like to double-check with the phone team before deleting things like that16:31
mhall119which is why I asked if there was a way to mark them as proposed for deleting16:31
mhall119jcastro: which specific pages did you want gone?16:31
jcastro#refresh http://developer.ubuntu.com/start/ubuntu-for-devices/installing-ubuntu-for-devices/16:31
jcastroYou can just replace the entire page with that16:32
jcastroand you'll be set16:32
jcastrothis one16:32
czajkowskiello ello folks16:32
joseballoons: all of 'em available16:32
josehey czajkowski!16:32
jcastromhall119, even though there's a deprecation notice on the top16:33
jcastroif you give someone this URL for example16:33
jcastromhall119, it's not a deletion per se either, it's a new revision that's a redirect, so if people want to keep the old thing around it's still in moin16:34
jcastroit's just not easily findable16:34
jcastrowhich I think is what we want16:34
mhall119jcastro: ok16:36
jcastromhall119, I assume I should not even try trusty and go right to utopic?16:37
mhall119jcastro: for device images?  use "devel" channel16:38
jcastroman it's been a while, I've never seen this cool rotating ubuntu logo before16:39
mhall119that's utopic right now, but it'll point to utopic+1 when that next release is started16:39
mhall119"devel" it latest goodies that pass testing16:39
mhall119"stable" is old goodies that isn't updated anymore16:39
jcastroyeah if it's a backup phone I might as well go all in16:40
mhall119"devel-proposed" is bleeding edge, hasn't gone through testing yet16:40
mhall119devel-proposed will always give you the newest stuff, but it might also break entirely16:40
jcastrodevel sounds perfect for me16:40
mhall119devel should always be safe16:40
mhall119it's what I run on my daily driver phone16:40
mhall119jcastro: redirect is in place now16:44
jcastrothis way you don't lose the old references from the web, they all just redirect. \o/16:45
jcastromhall119, ok I am up and running!16:52
jcastromhall119, is the google sync supposed to work? seems to not work16:52
mhall119jcastro: it's supposed to, did you add your google account and flip the switch for contacts and/or calendar?16:53
mhall119it might take a while the first time16:53
jcastroI had to explicitly turn it on in the online accounts16:53
jcastrogot it16:53
mhall119I think so, I don't remember if it defaults to on or now16:53
mhall119my calendar still isn't showing sync'd events though16:54
mhall119popey: ^^16:54
popeyyou have to switch it on16:55
popeyand then wait16:55
popeytakes a while16:55
jcastrocool, looks like it's syncing now16:55
jcastropopey is all over my UI16:59
jcastrothere's like "favourites" instead of favorites16:59
popeyHell yeah baby!17:07
popeyI mean, verily, forsooth, you are accurate my good man.17:07
jcastrojono, you know what I am doing this 4th grilling wise?19:59
bkerensajcastro: bison steak, ribs or burgers?20:08
jcastrosteak and burgers20:08
bkerensajcastro: you going to use bbqpad and put up pics? :)20:09
jcastroI don't usually track grilling20:09
* mhall119 has a pork butt to smoke Saturday20:14
mhall119which means I have to get up *early* on a holiday weekend :(20:14
mhall119bison burgers sound tasty though20:15
mhall119jose: what day do you get into Orlando, that Thursday or the Wednesday before?20:15
pleia2bison is lovely, lean and not too tough <320:28
cjohnstonBison is really good.20:43
popeybkerensa: yo, what's in the loco swag packs?20:48
popeyFirefox Flame phones ㋛20:48
bkerensapopey: Well it depends by the scope of the loco event but it could be anything from stickers, buttons, wristbands all the way up to t-shirts and more20:49
bkerensaand availability of all that stuff of course20:49
bkerensapopey: no but we will be giving phones away at OSCON this year20:50
popeymy flame should arrive soon I guess#20:50
bkerensathey are pretty nice compared to previous hardware20:51
bkerensaI have five of them currently20:51
bkerensaBut my favorite thing is the Tablet20:52
popeyyeah, i expect it to be quite a bit quicker than this orange thing20:52
bkerensaoh its blazing fast20:53
bkerensaeven the boot times are amazingly faster20:53
bkerensaalso now that we have the Flame.... part of this launch is that Mozilla is working with the RIL owners to hire a third party to build images daily20:53
bkerensathis was an issue that Mozilla learned from with GeeksPhone and ZTE20:53
bkerensaOEM's cannot be trusted to get images to end users on a regular timeliness20:54
bkerensaso with the Flame having the third party doing this will be very useful20:54
bkerensaand Mozilla itself unfortunately cannot distribute images due to the licensing limitations on commercial distribution of RIL20:55
popeyyeah, my zte open is looking dated now20:55
popeybe nice if I could update it20:55
bkerensapopey: what version are you running?20:57
bkerensaoh dear there is a 1.4 image available for the ZTE Open20:59
bkerensapopey: also did you see this shiny thing https://plus.google.com/115750270177636397262/posts/67afkKvSHBV20:59
popeyi did, yes!21:02
bkerensapopey: gladly it doesn't play any songs ;)21:03
bkerensapopey: oh and its powered by Xubuntu21:03
bkerensathe Mac Mini's run Xubuntu21:03
popeywhat are the stands they sit in?21:06
popeyjust usb chargers?21:06
josemhall119: I'm getting there on Thursday (Day 0) at 4pm, should clear immigrations/customs in 1h or so21:42
josemhall119: otoh, on the CDF report it says 968 was given to me, I actually was sent 86821:44
mhall119jose: you may be overly optimistic about immigration control at MCO :)21:47
josemhall119: oh, I've experienced LAX21:47
josebelieve me, it's horrible21:47
mhall119jose: was that 868 USD?21:48
josemhall119: yeah, I mentioned Michelle the price for the ticket was lower (as I told you too) and she sent 100 USD less21:49
mhall119ok, maybe she just didn't update the spreadsheet I used21:49
mhall119I'll check with her in the morning21:49
josecool then :)21:50

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