didrocksgood morning05:49
pittiBonjour tout le monde05:57
pittihey didrocks05:57
didrocksbonjour pitti !05:59
mvohey seb128, good morning06:10
seb128hey pitti didrocks mvo06:10
mvoseb128: you are here early, how come? did the sun wake you up :) ?06:10
pittibonjour seb128 -- c'est tôt !06:11
seb128what are you talking about? I'm an early bird!06:12
seb128mvo, sun? I'm in Lyon, it's raining there06:12
mvo:) I am not, I'm just forced by circumstances to be one06:12
seb128I blame didrocks06:12
mvoseb128: haha, I get it06:12
mvoseb128: he is responsible for the rain ;)06:12
* mvo hugs seb12806:12
* seb128 hugs mvo06:12
didrocksyou are mean guys06:13
didrockscome on, beautiful weather the whole week and now you are complaining about rain!06:13
seb128Saviq, rsalveti: hey, did you coordinate on the ubuntu-system-settings landing?06:45
rsalvetiseb128: no, was planning to respin it once my change lands, but then it got stuck temporarily because of a flaky test06:49
rsalvetiI'm in china this week, so my timezone doesn't help much, so that's why I just went ahead06:50
rsalvetiafter making sure it wasn't breaking anything in the other landing06:50
rsalvetias I thought this the other landing would land yesterday, but didn't happen06:50
seb128rsalveti, do you know why the suru changes didn't land yesterday?06:50
rsalvetiseb128: no idea06:51
seb128let's hope your landing doesn't create too much work for Saviq then06:51
seb128he's trying to land the suru transition for a while06:51
rsalvetiit shouldn't, should be migrating to propose in a few minutes06:51
rsalvetisorry, to release06:51
rsalvetinow that pitti retried the job06:51
seb128right, well it still means the silo needs a rebuild06:52
rsalvetiyup, I'm waiting it to migrate to rebuild it06:53
rsalvetiit would be all fine it wasn't this annoying flaky test, but well06:53
rsalvetilife is not that easy06:53
Saviqheh... /me rebuilds settings :|07:15
rsalvetiSaviq: what happened that this didn't land yesterday?07:21
Saviqrsalveti, no QA07:21
rsalvetisorry for the noise07:21
rsalvetioh, ok, hope we can land this today then07:21
Saviqrsalveti, yeah, just need to catch davmor2 or om26er07:22
seb128Saviq, do we need to block on qa for that?07:40
Saviqwe don't *need* to07:40
seb128but you prefer? ;-)07:40
Saviqbut it's a significant change affecting the whole system, I just wanted to dilute the responsibility of something breaking ;P07:41
* didrocks adds more water to Saviq's glass :)07:41
Saviqisn't that what QA signoff is for? :D07:41
seb128yeah, it is07:41
seb128why do you think you find nowhere there to actually do the signing?07:41
seb128they know what they are doing!07:41
seb128(nowhere -> nobody)07:45
Laneyseb128's been up early!08:05
seb128come on!08:05
didrocksand 5th in a row \o/08:05
seb128hey Laney, how are you?08:05
* didrocks just hopes desrt wake up and tell the same :)08:06
Laneywednesday trolling08:06
Laneyyeah I'm good, went to a cool talk last night about how you can make people remember false things08:06
seb128Laney, did you tell them about yourself remembering that you had to upload the new gtk?08:07
LaneyI'd be able to recall how we talked about that08:08
Laneyand details of where we were, what we were eating and so on08:08
Laneyeven though it never happened08:08
Laneyin summary: memory can suck08:08
seb128so you can make people remember false things? do you have to get tem hypnotized or something?08:11
seb128rsalveti, Saviq: u-s-s migrated, you can m&c and trigger a rebuild of the other silo08:12
seb128oh, you had m&c before it migrated it seems08:13
seb128ignore me then ;-)08:13
Saviqseb128, yeah, I already rebuilt ;)08:13
* Saviq checks that it got in08:13
Saviqoh no I'm not, didrocks FYI http://people.canonical.com/~didrocks/citrain/silos/ is out of date :|08:14
Saviqk it's there08:15
didrocksSaviq: well, they are moving the infra without any warning or discussion and so on, so I can't follow that08:15
Saviqdidrocks, thought so, probably best to just drop it then?08:15
didrocksyep, doing so08:15
Laneyhmm, one way she showed was to show people three true memories and one false one and ask them to talk about it (telling them that all four were true)08:18
Laneythen at the end if you say that one of them was false sometimes people even guess the wrong one then08:18
Laneyalso you can falsify videos or pictures to make people actually believe that they did something they didn't, which is interesting for e.g. justice08:19
seb128interesting indeed08:19
Laneyapparently presenting false evidence in police interviews is allowed even today in some parts of the US(!)08:20
seb128crazy country08:20
didrockssil2100: as I was removing the whole citrain directory in my home folder which was out of sync (seems you changed some IP without telling me) so that people not relied on that, I deleted the whole directory08:23
desrt5th in a row!08:23
didrockssil2100: part of it contained the images for the buttons on the spreadsheet08:23
didrockssil2100: so, I guess the spreadsheet might have lost its images08:24
seb128desrt, hey, good "morning"? or are you going to bed?08:24
sil2100didrocks: what IP? I didn't change any IP08:24
larsuseb128: probably he had a long Canada day party ;)08:24
larsuis dholbach in Toronto?08:24
seb128larsu, yeah, sounds like it08:24
didrockssil2100: the ci-train machine changed apparently08:24
didrockssil2100: it doesn't respond to ping08:24
sil2100didrocks: not to my knowledge08:24
didrockssil2100: well, it does08:24
seb128larsu, no, if dholbach was there, desrt would only start the party08:25
didrockscould have been weeks ago, you didn't keep me in the loop :)08:25
seb128larsu, not be back08:25
didrocksbut IIRC, you reinstalled it08:25
larsuseb128: maybe he's still getting ready :P08:25
sil2100didrocks: maybe it was changed during the 'switch to a bigger disk'?08:25
seb128marga, ;-)08:25
didrockssil2100: can be, I didn't follow the operation08:26
seb128marga, ups, sorry08:26
seb128larsu, ;-)08:26
* desrt trouble sleeping08:26
didrockssil2100: so, the silos projection in my people.canonical.com didn't work08:26
desrtfor a very very odd reason...08:26
didrockssil2100: I removed the whole directory, without remembering there were those buttons…08:26
sil2100didrocks: just so you know - I was not aware of the machine IP being changed, my understanding was that everything stays the same just the machine is upgraded08:26
larsudesrt: excited for Berlin?08:26
didrockssil2100: you should probably readd some and point to another dir08:26
didrockssil2100: no worry, I didn't notice before Saviq pinged me about an outdated projection08:27
desrtlarsu: no.  spent most of my holiday untangling a ball of yarn.  was very satisfying, but didn't quite finish, so it's bothering me :)08:27
didrockssil2100: so, just a warning for the icons, so that you know :)08:28
sil2100didrocks: ok, will find some buttons then and put them in some seperate place ;)08:28
sil2100Thanks! I now see they're being gone ;p08:28
didrocksyep, google doesn't cache them for long for sure08:28
larsudesrt: that's ... random. But cool!08:29
Laneyseb128: I don't see your inline comment08:42
Laneyis it that you wanted me to add some ()?08:43
seb128lol, that was part of it ;-)08:43
* Laney looks harder08:44
seb128Laney, sorry, I didn't click submit on the inline comment08:47
Laneynp, it's easy to forget that08:47
seb128Laney, done08:50
Cimimpt, small bug: scroll wheel behaviour on sound indicator and within output volume in control center is inverted08:52
mptCimi, possibly bug 107173809:00
ubot5bug 1071738 in libappindicator (Ubuntu) "Indicator scroll event says direction UP on 12.10 even when scrolling down" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107173809:00
mptOr possibly not, if it’s happening in System Settings as well09:00
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seb128larsu, ^ do you know about that?09:03
larsuseb128: nope. I remember fixing this last year and I can't reproduce it now09:06
larsumpt: libappindicator doesn't have anything to do with the sound menu (it's for apps only)09:07
LaneyI just replied to that09:07
Laneywhere did I do it?09:07
* Laney is going mad09:07
larsuCimi: you seeing this on utopic?09:07
seb128larsu, weird, it happens in settings for me09:07
seb128but that's trusty (though with GTK 3.12°09:07
larsuso scrolling up moves the slider to the left?09:08
larsuand the other way around in the sound menu?09:08
larsuLaney: please don't :)09:08
seb128larsu, sound menu works fine, u-c-c is reversed indeed09:09
ubot5Gnome bug 407242 in Widget: GtkRange "Unexpected behavior of GtkScale widgets controled by keyboard" [Normal,Unconfirmed]09:09
larsu"controlled by keyboard"09:09
larsuseb128: woah. I have the same in _other_ panels09:09
seb128gtk bog?09:09
Laneytry using up/down or the scroll wheel09:09
larsuMouse & Touchpad sliders behave the other way09:09
larsuI am using the scroll wheel, that's what we're talking about, no?09:10
larsuup/down is broken as well09:10
LaneyIt is the same for the scroll wheel and the arrow keys09:10
Laneythat's what the bug I just linked says09:10
larsuokay. In the sound panel, up/down is broken but scroll wheel works09:10
larsu(for me)09:10
Laneyall broken for me09:11
larsu                gtk_range_set_inverted (GTK_RANGE (priv->scale), TRUE);09:13
seb128key and scroll are reversed here09:13
larsuthis is from the sound panel ^^09:13
ogra_just rename it to volume-lottery09:14
larsuah, this was only for the vertical case. The panel does override scroll events though09:16
larsuprobably it gets it wrong09:16
LaneySeems like a general GtkHScale bug to me09:17
larsubut why do different ones behave differently then?09:17
larsuand why do I only see the problem in the Mouse panel?09:17
LaneyI don't know why you see that because it's not what I see, or seb from what he said09:18
Laneyevery GtkHScale in u-c-c I'm trying scrolls the same09:18
* larsu wonders what he's doing wrong09:20
larsuyou guys are on utopic?09:20
larsufor me, everyone except the ones in sound scroll the same (wrong) way09:21
larsuCimi, seb128, Laney: do you have natural scrolling enabled?09:24
Laneythe indicator is right though09:24
seb128larsu, no09:25
Laneydon't think so09:25
Laneyis that where it's always inverted?09:25
larsuyes, but only for touchpads iirc09:25
larsugsettings get org.gnome.settings-daemon.peripherals.touchpad natural-scroll09:25
Laneyyeah don't have one of those09:25
larsuhm, there's a couple of more bugs about this on gnome bugzilla09:38
Laneyanyone noticed / investigated the appearance panel crash?09:39
larsunot yet, but I have it on my list. I'll try to get to it after lunch09:40
Laneyit's okay, I think I see it09:41
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darkxsthey desktopers!10:11
Laneylarsu: https://code.launchpad.net/~laney/unity-control-center/appearance-settings-schema-unref/+merge/22528210:16
Laneyhey darkxst, what's up?10:16
darkxstLaney, would you believe we had sunshine today ;)10:16
Laneya mere 18C, right?10:17
darkxstLaney, maybe 10C10:17
Laneyyou poor thing10:17
darkxstbut first time in weeks, that sun decided to come out!10:17
Laneyit's actually 22-23 today, this is quite summery for me10:18
darkxstLaney, its winter here!10:18
Laney10 in winter is amusing to me10:18
darkxstLaney, Australian winters, you have to head 4 hours drive to get the mountains (and snow)10:19
darkxstor 36hours to get to the French Alps ;(10:19
darkxstI really should just move to europe!10:21
Laneydo it10:21
Laneyyou're doing a PhD right?10:21
Laneyget yourself a nice little postdoc after10:21
darkxstLaney, yes10:22
darkxstcould be a go, postdoc's here are pretty dodge10:24
larsuLaney: cool thanks. Do you know why this didn't crash with the old glib?11:01
larsuI also love how the other unrefs in that function are already correct11:02
Laneylarsu: It goes through the new g_type_check_instance_fundamentally_is_a() thing now11:03
larsuah, interesring11:04
Laneynot sure if it's meant to crash or not though11:04
larsuLaney: can't top-approve, sorry11:04
Laneywhat team is this?11:05
Laneylarsu: try now11:05
larsuworks, done, thanks.11:06
larsuoh. firefox crashed11:07
larsuhasn't happened in a long time for me11:07
LaneyI had a really bad period a month or so ago but it hasn't crashed for a while for me11:17
LaneyI think it was an extension causing it11:17
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darkxstochosi, not sure you fix is actually right, but it will do11:35
darkxstochosi, fwiw, gnome-shell fallback to gnome-screensaver when used with lightdm11:35
darkxstso light-locker would probably be a valid option in that case, just not quite how things are setup right now11:36
seb128Saviq, so, are you finding qa to test and land suru? ;-)11:44
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xnoxLaney: seb128: what handles auto-mounting usb sticks? is that just udisks2? or not at all, and something higher (e.g. gvfs) or lower (e.g. plain udev)?11:54
ochosidarkxst: right. my main problem is i don't have time atm to look into the lightdm-check (even though i agree that it's the better fix), so i thought i can easily push this for the meantime and revert it once we have the better fix11:57
ochosidarkxst: i guess for unity it's always correct to not show/launch light-locker >=14.0411:58
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Saviqseb128, it's already ACKed12:22
Saviqseb128, sil2100 wants to serialize with Mir, though12:22
seb128sil2100, it's not friday, no need to be cautious12:24
ogra_seb128, hmm, was that (football) pun intended ?12:48
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didrocksmvo: hey, I was trying to be a little bit smarter on the euid of my program which is using python-apt13:47
didrocksmvo: I thought that the part needing root was what is under the fork()13:47
didrocksand so, doing a seteuid(0) in that part13:48
didrocksbut it seems that apt.commit() needs to be root as well?13:48
mvodidrocks: hm, I can only think that it tries set/unset a lock14:00
didrocksmvo: exactly! Do you have an idea if I can seteuid(0) just before the commit and then seteuid(user)?14:01
didrocksmvo: and in the fork() I seteuid(0) again14:01
mvodidrocks: not from the top of my head, need to look at the source first14:02
didrocksmvo: hum, doesn't seem to work14:03
didrocksoh, maybe I know14:04
didrockslet me try something14:04
didrocksyeah, I can just "swandwich" the commit() call with those14:05
didrocksmvo: that would be good enough for now, thanks ;)14:05
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seb128oh, Laney doing landings, nice14:44
seb128I had a "wth" moment when I saw robert_ancell mp going "merged" ;-)14:44
Laneymight as well use the powers ;-)14:45
seb128that's the spirit!14:45
Laneyit's much nicer when you can do the whole thing yourself14:46
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Laneyyou going to do a u-s-s one?14:53
Laneydid the icons happen?14:53
GunnarHjHi seb12815:03
seb128hey GunnarHj15:04
GunnarHjseb128: Talked with infinity about bug 1308771. He didn't see any problem with the new binaries. Any chance you could upload?15:05
ubot5bug 1308771 in openoffice.org-hyphenation (Ubuntu Trusty) "Update Swedish spellcheck and hyphenation dictionaries" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130877115:05
seb128GunnarHj, can you just add it in the sponsoring queue?15:05
seb128but I can have a look tomorrow if nobody pick it up before15:05
GunnarHjseb128: It has been there for a loong, loong time.. But tomorrow is ok.15:06
seb128right, it was blocked on SRU team to ack the change as being ok for a SRU though15:06
GunnarHjseb128: I added the IRC conversation as a bug comment.15:07
seb128that's useful, thanks15:07
Laneydarkxst: I'm testing your stuff15:25
Laneythe only problem I see now is that the monitors are the wrong way aroudn15:25
Laneyx and y look right in monitors.xml15:28
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Laneydarkxst: if I use xrandr to set the position it gets fixed16:25
Laneylooks like there's a problem applying the monitors.xml config16:25
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eriduhello, is this an appropriate channel for unity shell bug reports?17:52
eriduI'd report on launchpad but it seems to be a regression and I'd like help firetesting it a bit first17:53
sarnolderidu: there's also an #ubuntu-unity that might work17:57
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psusiso I'm trying to figure out how the desktop session hangs together... lightdm, gnome-session, etc.. and looking at all their config files I can't see how init --session and dbus and such are run... it looks like the only thing they start is compiz+unity-settings daemon or gnome-settings-daemon+gnome-shell.. what gives?23:10

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