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Bluefoxicyyou guys should publish something on Google Docs next time you need animal names04:30
Bluefoxicyholy crap.04:30
Bluefoxicythere are 42 people looking at my spreadsheet now04:30
BluefoxicyAnonymous aardvark04:30
BluefoxicyAnonymous ibex04:31
Bluefoxicywhat the hell is a Quagga?04:31
pittiGood morning05:55
rsalvetipitti: hey, maybe you know better and is also able to help me :-)06:09
rsalvetibasically, https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Utopic/view/AutoPkgTest/job/utopic-adt-ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/ is failing for amd6406:09
rsalvetiseems like the same failure also happened on the testrun number 5506:10
pittirsalveti: hm, that looks like an "honest" failure, or do you think it's an infrastructure problem?06:12
pittirsalveti: I can retry the test, it just seems to be a bit flaky?06:13
rsalvetipitti: yeah, seems so06:15
rsalvetipitti: that would be nice, thanks06:15
pittirsalveti: looks better now06:23
rsalvetipitti: great, thanks so much06:23
pittimvo: argh, one more :( https://launchpadlibrarian.net/179013440/buildlog_ubuntu-utopic-amd64.python-apt_0.9.3.8_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz06:35
pittimvo: I gave up enforcing PEP-8 during builds (only run with || true); I run them on release, but found that one runs into eternal pain when doing backports, or with newly appearing pep8 versions06:36
dholbachgood morning06:37
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mvopitti: thanks, let me have a look06:42
pittimvo: I suppose it built in Debian, so that's weird06:42
pitti pep8 | 1.4.6-1.1 | sid     | source, all06:42
pitti pep8 | 1.5.6-0ubuntu1  | utopic         | source, all06:43
pittiwe are ahead06:43
mvopitti: hrm, hrm, I will fix it, no big deal, but maybe pep8 could start with warning instead of errors for newly added checks06:44
mvoand only make it a hard error after e.g. 6 month or so06:44
seb128"autopkgtest for ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts 0.3+14.10.20140530.1-0ubuntu1: Regression (Jenkins: public, private) "06:45
seb128but the jenkins link has green tests?06:45
seb128is that going to clear itself on next run?06:45
pittiseb128: yes, I just retried it (flaky autopilot test)06:45
seb128pitti, thanks06:46
pittiseb128: see https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Utopic/view/AutoPkgTest/job/utopic-adt-ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/71/ that's what it failed on06:46
seb128some autopilot issues, I see06:46
pittiit uses select_single(), probalby needs a wait_select_single() or so06:47
seb128mardy, ^ is that a known issue?06:51
mardyseb128: no, a bug report would be welcome :-)07:02
seb128mardy, k, thanks07:03
seb128pitti, you didn't open one I guess?07:03
smbHm, interesting... not at all related to anything said before. Just had this mild wtf moment when I accidentally (lack of caffeine I guess) tried to "apt-get install ^server" instead of "server^" in Utopic. The command did not respond an equivalent of "what the heck are you thinking" but offered to install apache.07:03
pittiseb128: no, I didn't07:03
* seb128 opens one07:05
seb128mardy, pitti: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/+bug/133665007:07
ubottuUbuntu bug 1336650 in ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts (Ubuntu) "some autopilot tests seem to be flaky" [Undecided,New]07:07
mardyseb128: thanks07:09
pittixnox: I finally have some time again to work on sysvinit/systemd; sorry to ask again, but I didn't follow this at all: what's left to do for starpar? do you still have the list of tasks which need to be converted to jobs?07:52
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LocutusOfBorg1sil2100, you there?08:34
LocutusOfBorg1is that "original maintainer" field really needed in lucene++?08:34
LocutusOfBorg1you have a lintian warning08:35
sil2100LocutusOfBorg1: hi! I can remove it, no problem - I guessed this wouldn't be a big problem?08:41
mardyI have a serious issue with bzr (bug 1336682); are there any bzr experts online?08:44
ubottubug 1336682 in bzr (Ubuntu) "bzr crashed with KeyError in get_raw(): '66531594d8745e0ae7bdeeffea2a6c51c0506cf3'" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133668208:44
Noskcajmardy, #bzr might have better answers08:46
LocutusOfBorg1sil2100, the package will go through the new queue, so keeping it lintian free avoids many headaches to ftp-masters ;)08:47
sil2100LocutusOfBorg1: ok, let me remove it in a moment and re-push ;)08:47
LocutusOfBorg1I already asked to a sponsor to upload it ;)08:47
sil2100btw. did you try this package? Since I had to rebase it on a newer version actually08:48
LocutusOfBorg1(the sponsor will take some hours to upload BTW)08:48
sil2100Since this was the easiest way to getting rid of waf08:48
LocutusOfBorg1no, I didn't try it08:48
apacheloggermvo, pitti, xnox: are there any plans to adopt appstream in the forseeable future? came just up for kubuntu https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2014-July/008540.html08:50
sil2100LocutusOfBorg1: the previous version had waf in its tarball, removing it on get-orig-source was really nasty - and they removed waf in the latest version08:53
xnoxpitti: here are the next steps required to enable startpar https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdMigration08:53
xnoxpitti: i still think we shouldn't have task<->init in standard ubuntu08:54
mvoapachelogger: we currently have no specific plans for this, there will be apt support to download additional indexes (like app-stream data) though08:56
LocutusOfBorg1wonderful sil2100  ;)08:56
LocutusOfBorg1I'm building it right now08:56
apacheloggermvo: so the idea is to distribute the appstream data via the repo metadata?09:03
mvoapachelogger: my understand is that this is the goal, yes. the data is gathered at the archive server via some mechanism (package inspection e.g. at build time). then a yaml file is generated and placed next to the Packages file. this is something that I want to support with apt, but there is no plan about integrating the generation of the data into archive.ubuntu.com right now09:10
mvoapachelogger: I think noone is opposed and we would certainly welcome help, e.g. via support in apt-ftparchive or launchpad09:11
apacheloggermvo: ok, thanks for the info :)09:15
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LocutusOfBorg1sil2100, my sponsor asks he can add me as uploader, so he is sure somebody will take care of the package ;)10:37
LocutusOfBorg1Because I'm already a DM10:37
GunnarHjHi infinity10:52
LocutusOfBorg1hi cjwatson is MoM broken again?11:12
cjwatsonAmazingly, yes.11:12
LocutusOfBorg1and insighttoolkit4 needs the new version ;)11:12
cjwatsonAlthough I don't know why you keep referring to Launchpad to support reports of MoM being broken.11:13
cjwatsonI've poked it.11:14
LocutusOfBorg1where can I see MoM?11:14
cjwatsonIn this case, it'll still need mitya57 to actually do the merge.11:15
LocutusOfBorg1I know that page but where is the last run time?11:15
LocutusOfBorg1just look at the time on the file?11:16
mdeslaur@pilot in11:16
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cjwatsonLocutusOfBorg1: End of https://merges.ubuntu.com/main.html11:17
LocutusOfBorg1wonderful thanks11:19
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ikepanhc@pilot out11:26
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mdeslaurcaribou: have you managed to test your openssl098 package?11:30
cariboumdeslaur: no, have no clue on how to do it :-/11:31
mdeslaurcaribou: yeah, not an easy thing to do...let me think about it a few minutes11:31
slickymasterWorkdholbach: ping11:42
dholbachslickymasterWork, pong11:45
slickymasterWorkhi, I pinged you because of this -> https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/trusty/xubuntu-docs/trusty-201403200923/+merge/21189011:45
slickymasterWorkI'm Xubuntu Documentation Lead and am wondering why it didn't get merged11:46
slickymasterWorkcan you cast any light on it?11:46
dholbachslickymasterWork, I don't understand11:47
dholbachthe branch you're talking about has this as the content of d/changelog: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/trusty/xubuntu-docs/trusty-201403200923/view/head:/debian/changelog11:47
slickymasterWorkwhat in particular don't you understand dholbach?11:47
dholbachso that's 14.04.011:47
dholbachcurrent in trusty is 14.04.111:48
dholbachso what would you like to see in trusty?11:48
slickymasterWorkyes, but it seems it didn't get merged to 14.04.0, did it?11:48
dholbachslickymasterWork, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-docs/+publishinghistory11:50
dholbachslickymasterWork, 14.04.0 landed in trusty 2014-03-21 13:10:11 CET11:50
slickymasterWorkyeah, I see it11:50
slickymasterWorkso, that MP is to forget, right?11:51
infinityYeah.  I'll just delete it.11:52
slickymasterWorkok, thanks for that infinity11:53
slickymasterWorkand thanks for the heads up dholbach11:53
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brendandis there any equivalent of paramiko in python3?12:24
geserbrendand: Python3 support was added to paramiko with release 1.1312:31
brendandgeser, but there's no python3-paramiko package in ubuntu12:35
geserbrendand: not yet, paramiko 1.14.0-2 is stuck in utopic-proposed with DEPWAIT till python3-ecdsa gets promoted to main12:35
brendandgeser, oh interesting, thanks12:37
brendandnow the question is who i need to follow up with to get python3-ecdsa promoted12:38
gesersomeone needs to file a MIR for it (didn't happen yet)12:40
geserbrendand: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionProcess if you want to start it12:45
barrypitti: ping12:45
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pittihello barry12:47
brendandshould MIRs be filed against ubuntu itself?12:57
LocutusOfBorg1sil2100, you don't seem to install Lucene.h headers file13:01
argesslangasek: This one: https://merges.ubuntu.com/r/rsyslog/REPORT13:03
brendandor against the package to MIR?13:03
geserbrendand: the package itself13:03
geserbrendand: see e.g. bug #1333686 as an example13:05
ubottubug 1333686 in python-rednose (Ubuntu) "[MIR] python-rednose" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133368613:05
LocutusOfBorg1sil2100, also Config.h is missing13:08
brendandgeser, it says something about adding the package to a seed. do i need to do that?13:11
geserbrendand: I don't think so (in this case) as paramiko will keep it in main (once it gets promoted)13:13
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GunnarHjinfinity: ping?14:17
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infinityGunnarHj: Pong?14:20
GunnarHjinfinity: Hi Adam. ubuntu-docs is in the trusty queue, and it needs to be built very soon to prepare for an update of trusty translations. Any chance you can approve it?14:22
slangasekarges: well, that only means that there's a merge /outstanding/, not that it's /pending/ :)14:24
infinityGunnarHj: Looks good.14:25
sil2100LocutusOfBorg1: huh, ok, that's odd, let me take a look on what changed then14:26
argesslangasek: ok, then outstanding is what I meant. So in this case, should I wait for that merge (or work on it), before applying that patch... and is that patch something that makes sense in your case?14:26
GunnarHjinfinity: Yeah, the same thing was successfully built in utopic so it should. ;)14:26
infinityGunnarHj: Accepted.14:26
slangasekarges: I don't think it should be tied to the merge at all; the fact that the merge is outstanding doesn't imply any particular timeline on it happening14:27
slangasekarges: you can talk with xnox about whether he's planning to do the merge, or if you should take it over?14:27
argesok. xnox ^^^ are you planning on doing the rsyslog merge; I have a patch for rsyslog and want to know if I should wait/help out/or just patch the current version.14:29
GunnarHjinfinity: Thanks! Now, when I caught an SRU team member... Could you also read the last comment at bug 1308771 and give us your opinion?14:29
ubottubug 1308771 in openoffice.org-hyphenation (Ubuntu Trusty) "Update Swedish spellcheck and hyphenation dictionaries" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130877114:29
xnoxslangasek: arges: let me look.14:30
xnoxarges: i think you should upload the patch. Last proper merge was done by slangasek and that was a jump from 5.8.11-2 to 7.4.4-1ubuntu1. And it's now a jump all the way to 8.2.2-314:32
xnoxit's defiantly not a pending merge.14:33
infinityGunnarHj: I have no issues with the two new binaries.  New lang-specific binaries pop up all the time in SRUs of langpacks and firefox, for instance.14:33
infinityGunnarHj: Does this affect any *other* packages though (like, say, langpacks) that need to adjust deps?14:34
xnoxslangasek: would you be interested in merging rsyslog ? =) (i can try asking, can't I?! =)))))) )14:34
argesxnox: whats the difficulty wiht the merge? looking at the report didn't seem too bad14:34
slangasekxnox: heh, not interested, no :)14:34
xnoxslangasek: ack.14:34
GunnarHjinfinity: No, it's not related to langpacks at all. It's language specific language aids for libreoffice. But thank, that's what we wanted to know.14:35
infinityGunnarHj: In fact, how do these hyphen-* packages get installed?  I have hyphen-en-us installed, but nothing seems to depend on it.14:35
cjwatsonarges: last big merge broke the world in some interesting ways (see 7.4.4-1ubuntu2), so just be careful14:35
argescjwatson: gotcha14:35
argesso probably be better to not do it at this point in the U cycle14:36
xnoxarges: newing or splitting new deps; figuring out splits of -doc packages; i think systemd support stayed the same but need re-verification; plus testing to not break the world after last time...14:36
GunnarHjinfinity: They are simply added to a location where libreoffice will find them.14:36
* xnox meant M.I.R.ing not newing14:36
infinityGunnarHj: Err, what?  I mean, how do the packages end up installed.14:37
argesxnox: ok. I'll just patch the version in U : ) thanks14:37
GunnarHjinfinity: They are pulled by pkg_depends in language-selector if that's what you mean.14:38
infinityGunnarHj: Okay, so does language-selector need updating for this?14:38
GunnarHjinfinity: No.14:38
infinityGunnarHj: Alright, that's what I was asking.14:39
infinityGunnarHj: The new binaries aren't an issue at all, IMO.14:39
GunnarHjinfinity: Excellent, thanks!14:39
LocutusOfBorg1sil2100, the first question was: can I comaintain the package? my sponsor would really like to see me as uploader14:39
bdmurraypitti: I've updated bug 133656514:41
ubottubug 1336565 in apport (Ubuntu) "apport-retrace generates a different StacktraceAddressSignature depending on retracing architecture" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133656514:41
LocutusOfBorg1sil2100, ---> https://github.com/luceneplusplus/LucenePlusPlus/commit/994f03cf736229044a168835ae7387696041658f14:41
pittibdmurray: ah ok, so it basically matters in that "rebuild broken/absent SAS" case14:42
pittibdmurray: so I believe that fix ought to suffice?14:42
bdmurraypitti: why is part of uname included at all? wouldn't that create separate buckets for x86_64 and x86?14:47
pittibdmurray: yes, because addresses are necessarily different between architectures14:47
pittibdmurray: we don't want to accidentally identify an arm with an x86 signature (unlikely of course, but possible)14:47
pittibdmurray: but even without the arch you'll have separate buckets per arch14:48
pittiin many cases even several buckets per error on one arch, as there's apparently some variability in them14:49
pittiso we map many SAS to one error14:49
bdmurraypitti: okay, understood. given this issue though it may be possible that we error tracker buckets that have a different SAS than the bugs in Launchpad, right?14:49
pittibdmurray: yes, that's possible14:50
pittibdmurray: but anyway, that fix to read it from the report's Uname field (if present) should help with that, right? I'll upload that ASAP14:50
pittias that's (hopefully) always present from the original device14:51
bdmurraypitti: thinking about it more the error tracker was rejecting reports without a SAS so the count should be very small / not worth cleaning up14:51
pittibdmurray: oh, right14:51
bdmurraypitti: so, yes switching to Uname sounds good to me14:52
sil2100LocutusOfBorg1: sorry, had a meeting - anyway, I'm fine with co-maintaining it with you I guess ;) Let me incorporate this patch as a quilt patch then14:52
bdmurraypitti: by the way did you check to see if your gdb change is still in the debian version of gdb?14:59
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sil2100LocutusOfBorg1: doing a test build of it now, will publish afterwards15:01
pittibdmurray: no, I didn't check yet15:03
LocutusOfBorg1sil2100, I'm also testing it15:15
LocutusOfBorg1and building15:15
mdeslaur@pilot out15:18
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sil2100LocutusOfBorg1: looks good to me15:32
infinitypitti: Err, skimming backscroll, but uname shouldn't relate to backtraces at all.15:32
sil2100-rw-r--r-- root/root      1845 2014-07-02 17:01 ./usr/include/lucene++/Config.h15:32
sil2100-rw-r--r-- root/root      9534 2014-04-19 20:26 ./usr/include/lucene++/Lucene.h15:32
sil2100LocutusOfBorg1: ok, I'm pushing the source package now :)15:32
pittiinfinity: not symbolic stack traces, but to the address signatures; they are already highly arch specific; this just makes it slightly easier to see which arch they are coming from15:33
pitti(and avoids false identifications)15:33
infinitypitti: Confusing dpkg/userspace arch and kernel arch is entirely wrong.15:33
pittiinfinity: ah, good point; so they should probably be preceded with the affected package arch15:34
infinitypitti: If I have i386 packages crashing on an x86_64 kernel, they shouldn't be bucketed as x86_64 crashes.15:34
sil2100LocutusOfBorg1: uploaded a new version with the patch - btw. should I also add you somewhere in case you want to co-maintain?15:34
infinitypitti: I think the kernel arch is *interesting* supplementary data, but shouldn't affect the signature, if that makes sense?15:35
pittiinfinity: yes, it does15:35
infinitypitti: ie: When I drill down, it'd be useful to note that a certain crash only happens on armhf *if* the kernel is actually aarch64, but generally, that won't be true, so shouldn't be involved in bucketing.15:36
LocutusOfBorg1sil2100, yes please15:36
LocutusOfBorg1Uploaders: Gianfranco Costamagna <costamagnagianfranco@yahoo.it>15:36
pittiinfinity: the bucketing only happens on the symbolic (retraced) stack traces AFAIK; the SAS is mostly just for client-side dupe detection, so it's not vitally important; but it's still cleaner that way, I'll change it15:37
LocutusOfBorg1also the debian/control is wrong15:38
LocutusOfBorg1there is a comma in the last dependency15:38
LocutusOfBorg1and moreover if you build in a clean environment you get a missing subversion failure15:38
pittitrailing commas are fine15:38
LocutusOfBorg1trailing commas are "ugly" :p ;)15:39
pittithey help to reduce diff noise when adding new build/bin deps15:39
sil2100LocutusOfBorg1: they are? Oh, we're actually adding them on purpose ;) It makes the diffs smaller when you add new dependencies15:40
pittibut matter of taste, I gues15:40
LocutusOfBorg1true ;)15:40
LocutusOfBorg1yes, but you still have the subversion problem15:40
LocutusOfBorg1I'm looking at it15:40
sil2100LocutusOfBorg1: ok, let me build it in my chroot then to see the same15:41
LocutusOfBorg1./CMakeLists.txt:find_package(Subversion REQUIRED)15:41
LocutusOfBorg1what the hell?15:41
sil2100uh, now that's something I didn't expect - why does it need it suddenly?15:41
LocutusOfBorg1looking at it right now, btw I sent two pull requests upstream with your changes (the two patches)15:42
LocutusOfBorg1oh yes, CMakeExternal.txt15:43
LocutusOfBorg1mmm we can add libgtest-dev as b-d15:49
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bdmurraystgraber: I'm looking at https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/62db45e470d69292cef07c5bed380a0ddc24e13d which you'd emailed me about as it was identified as a regression.  Looking at a few of the instances in Dependencies they seem to have the new version of cgmanager.16:22
stgraberbdmurray: hmm, yeah, I see that. That doesn't make any sense though...16:26
stgraberbdmurray: are the dependencies captured at time of crash or time of report?16:29
bdmurraystgraber: probably the latter, let me double check16:29
bdmurraystgraber: at time of report16:31
stgraberbdmurray: ok, that could explain it then. Because the only way we could get that crash with the right cgmanager being installed is if the cgmanager SRU was wrong and the symbol wasn't present, but if that was the case, it'd be failing for absolutely everyone...16:31
stgraberok, so it seems likely that those people upgraded the rest of their system between the time lxc-ls stacktraced and the time they sent the report to errors, meaning that those systems are now fine16:32
bdmurrayso then we'd expect to see a specific SystemIdentifier one time only?16:33
stgraberassuming people upgrade the rest of their system when they hit the crash the first time around, yes16:34
sil2100LocutusOfBorg1: doing a test build ;)16:38
sil2100Thanks for the pointers! I've got so many things on my list today so it's taking a bit longer, sorry for that16:39
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bdmurraystgraber: okay, overridden16:44
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dobeyseb128, mvo: hi, i'm wondering what i'm missing in my lxc for clicks to be installable there. i'm getting this error when i try to pkcon install-local a package:17:50
dobeyFatal error: MIME type 'application/x-click' not supported /home/dobey/.local/share/ubuntu-download-manager/Downloads/com.ubuntu.developer.matiasb-testing.qr-code_0.3.1_all.click17:50
michagogoWhat does "posting moderated" mean on https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-devel?18:12
sarnoldmichagogo: emails to the list are quite often held for a human to review the post and make sure it isn't spam18:15
michagogoGot it.18:15
michagogoHow long do messages generally take to get approved?18:16
sarnoldmichagogo: it may be that ubuntu members are unmoderated or something, but all mine are moderated and normally it just takes a few hours before they go through :)18:16
mvodobey: do you have the packagekit-plugin-click installed?18:25
dobeymvo: possibly not. i have aptcc installed18:27
dobeythat helped18:28
dobeymvo: now i get Fatal error: Failed to obtain authentication.18:28
mvodobey: hm, thats odd, is there a policykit agent installed? just a bit of a stab in the dark (if that expression makes sense)18:30
mvodobey: clicks should be installable without though - and packagekit depends on policykit so that should be available18:30
* mvo scratches head18:31
dobeymvo: i have policykit-1-gnome installed18:31
dobeyinstalled policykit-desktop-privileges (since it's installed on the phone), but didn't help18:33
mvodobey: I haven't seen this error yet, I found /usr/lib/packagekit/packagekit -v helpful18:33
mvodobey: I assume you have "unity8-desktop-session-mir" installed also?18:34
dobeyi don't18:34
dobeyis that required?18:35
dobeyhrmm, didn't help to install it either though18:35
mvodobey: hm, so no :/18:36
mvodobey: anything useful from packagekitd -v ?18:36
dobeynothing obvious18:41
dobey14:39:57PackageKit          trying to open database '/var/lib/PackageKit/transactions.db'18:41
dobeymaybe that18:41
mvodobey: hm, so this is a lxc/utopic? I can try to create one and play around with that tomorrow morning (in ~10h or so) if the problem persists18:45
dobeymvo: yes a utopic lxc18:48
mvodobey: ok, thanks. so please send me a short mail if the issue is found, otherwise I will look for it in my morning18:49
* mvo calls it a day18:51
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dobeyxnox: seen http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7738360/ before when cross-compiling in sbuild?19:43
=== roadmr_afk is now known as roadmr
cjwatsondobey: Is it possible you're missing packagekit-plugin-click?20:48
dobeycjwatson: i've since installed it20:50
cjwatsondobey: Also see pk-plugin/README in the click source20:51
cjwatsondobey: You might need to tweak the .pkla if policykit doesn't have enough of a connection to your desktop to be able to prompt you, which it might not20:52
manjocjwatson, is there bzr branch debian-installer for utopic ?20:52
dobeycjwatson: all it should need is a DISPLAY right? though i'm not sure what it would prompt me for. i don't get a prompt on the phone20:53
cjwatsonmanjo: lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/debian-installer/ubuntu20:53
manjothanks a ton!20:53
cjwatsondobey: You don't get a prompt on the phone because of that .pkla20:53
cjwatsonI expect we shouldn't prompt, but we'll need to put the glue in place for that.  In the meantime you can hack it with a local pkla as per that readme20:53
cjwatsonadjusting the username20:54
dobeycjwatson: is that some special tweak we do during the image build that isn't a part of the standard packages?20:54
dobeyoh it has the username in it? ok20:54
brendandi'm trying to get a mir in and i've been asked to subscribe 'the team in Ubuntu which will look after the package' - how can i establish which team that should be?20:55
cjwatsonYup, it's a phablet-specific hack in click for now, ugly20:55
cjwatsonNot proud20:55
dobeyah, got past that error now20:57
dobeythanks cjwatson20:57
dobeybut now i just get the apparmor hook failing, because apparmor20:58
jjohansendobey: what kind of lxc container are you running it in?21:00
dobeyjjohansen: utopic21:01
dobeyhost is trusty21:01
jjohansendobey: okay, and its a bog standard lxc container?21:01
dobeyjjohansen: afaik yes. did a plain lxc-create to build it21:03
dobeyjjohansen: added bind mount for /tmp/.X11-unix so i could display things in X21:03
dobeyjjohansen: is nested apparmor supposed to work now?21:03
jjohansendobey: okay, so its using external confinement which is causing the problem. Nested apparmor does NOT work atm. It is being worked on but not ready yet21:04
dobeyjjohansen: right. that's what i thought21:04
jjohansendobey: you could remove or disable the lxc profiles21:04
dobeyjjohansen: anyway to just disable it inside the container?21:05
jjohansendobey: uhmm no, not yet. there are tests in the initscripts to not load profiles inside lxc, but other parts aren't that smart.21:07
jjohansendobey: it is possible to provide a custom kernel, but even that requires something setting up the apparmor policy namespace to tell the kernel it isn't there21:07
jjohansendobey: another option is to disable the lxc apparmor profile, and setup an apparmor policy namespace for the container. And then apparmor will work within the container21:08
dobeyi just put a sys.exit(0) in the script that was failing for now21:09
dobeyit let the package install at least21:09
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NoskcajIs there any reason elementary hasn't been moved to -release?22:58

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