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jdesfossezHi, when compiling external modules for a Ubuntu kernel, is it possible to detect that the target kernel is a Ubuntu kernel ?13:59
jdesfossezsome kind of version include or something like that14:00
apwjdesfossez, we have reently added a version thing for that, and UBUNTU_ABI in a header14:28
apwnot sure how far back it was applied14:28
jdesfossezapw: oh nice, is it in trusty ?14:30
jdesfossezapparently not14:32
apwjdesfossez, it will be in the next update in trusty14:34
jdesfossezah great !14:35
apwjdesfossez, also i don't know if you can see CONFIG_VERSION_SIGNATURE in your module, that is ubuntu specifici14:35
apwand that has "always" been in there14:36
jdesfosseznice, I wasn't sure if it was Ubuntu specific14:36
jdesfossezI should be able to include this file, I'll give it a try14:37
jdesfossezI hope it will fix a bug we are having right now with LTTng kernel modules since this patch has been backported to Ubuntu 3.13.0-x http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-trusty.git;a=commit;h=f131dbbef24a58bb43bbd54119d9b2dad478f21f14:37
jdesfossezapw: CONFIG_VERSION_SIGNATURE is in .conf file, it seems tricky to import inside our macros, we will have to wait for UBUNTU_RELEASE_ABI to fix this14:48
apwjdesfossez, i don't th14:50
apwjdesfossez, i don't think you have to include anything do you?  as yu can #ifdef CONFIG_SMP and stuff in modules without direct action14:50
apwit is a config just the same, #ifdef ought to work on it no ?14:50
jdesfossezah maybe, I'll try that14:51
jdesfossezok, I can use it, I'll try to cook a patch for that14:52
jdesfossezthanks !14:53
apwsadly its not in a form you can check numerically, which is why the ABI was added14:57
jdesfossezdo you think UBUNTU_RELEASE_ABI will be backported to 12.04 also ?14:58
apwbjf, ^ ??15:01
bjfapw, i can't think of any reason it can't be15:02
apwbjf, i guess if it is in 12.04 and 14.04 kernels soon that will be all of them15:02
jw12000apw: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1313981  Just looking for an update?15:39
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1313981 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel disabling serial port ttyS0 on boot" [Medium,Confirmed]15:39
apwjw12000, i've not had a chance to chase up on my chain today19:00
apwit is on my todo list, and is already red from inaction19:01
jw12000apw:  Thanks much.  I'll stop bugging you for a while.19:13
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