mhall119pleia2: I sent a summary and video link from last weeks UE Live! to the news team ML, and I just sent copy for the donations report for posting to fridge, are those getting through?20:57
pleia2mhall119: when did you send?20:57
pleia2ah yes, those went through20:58
mhall119just now for the donations report20:58
mhall119ok, thanks20:58
mhall119I didn't hear back on the video, I'm hoping what I sent was useful20:58
pleia2UEL will be in next UWN (we didn't publish this week due to little news + holiday this week, release on Monday will be 2 weeks)20:58
pleia2it'll hit planet in about 40 years when the cache times out ;)21:03
mhall119thanks pleia221:03
belkinsaI have a question, who can post news to the List?22:39

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