ubotttuWHY YOU BAN ME!02:58
ubotttuI am just messin' around02:58
ubotttuI wasn't harming no body.02:58
Jordan_Uubotttu: Because #ubuntu is for productive support discussion, not messing around.02:59
=== ubotttu is now known as Shmerby
ShmerbyI promise to stop please unban me.02:59
ShmerbyI am serious I wont ever do it again.03:00
Jordan_UShmerby: Why didn't you stop when asked politely?03:00
ShmerbyJodran_U: Because I am young and stupid.03:00
Jordan_U!guidelines | Shmerby03:00
ubottuShmerby: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines03:00
Jordan_UShmerby: Please read our guidelines carefully. If you agree to follow them then I will lift your ban, but note that next time your ban will not be as easy to lift.03:02
Jordan_UShmerby: We have to keep the channel clear for Ubuntu support, and you being purposely disruptive the moment you realized that your first ban was lifted frankly does not endeer us with a lot of trust that you will behave in the future.03:03
ShmerbyAlright I wont do it again, I agree03:03
Jordan_UShmerby: Have you read the channel guidelines completely?03:04
ShmerbyYes sir.03:04
Jordan_UShmerby: Do you agree to follow them?03:04
ShmerbyYes sir.03:04
Jordan_UShmerby: Your ban has been lifted.03:05
ShmerbyThank you.03:05
Jordan_UYou're welcome.03:05
ShmerbySorry if thats declared as spam I just wanted a shortcut.03:06
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (andrew2)04:57
genii@comment 63028 Warned about using derogatory terms, persisted.05:01
ubottuComment added.05:01
geniiIdleOne: That was my next move.05:03
ubottuShmerby called the ops in #ubuntu (xpistos)05:16
bazhang<leeyaa> atm we are using ubuntu 6 and we are upgrading to ubuntu 14.04 LTS07:15
bazhangand wants to keep some 6.06 software with the 14.0407:16
ikonianot going to happen07:17
bazhang<IceBot3000> ki7mt: I thought Mark finally swallowed his pride and announced systemd migration? Just hope he can do the same with wayland over mir09:51
bazhangI thought he agreed to stop doing that09:51
TrinTrunhello bazhang11:18
k1lTrinTrun: how can we help you?11:21
TrinTruni was muted in #defocus ._.11:24
TrinTruni needed help from bazhang11:24
TrinTrunas he set the quiet11:24
k1lwell, since that is a channel from the freenode staff please ask in #freenode for help on that11:24
ikoniait's #defocus-ops11:24
ikoniaI think that's the right channel11:24
IdleOneyou can ask in #defocus-ops11:24
k1lor better on that channel11:25
IdleOnethis channel has nothing to do with #defocus11:25
TrinTruni'm also muted there11:25
TrinTrunin #freenode i mean11:25
IdleOnesend him a message then. We can't help you in any way with any bans/mutes concerning channels outside of the ubuntu name space11:27
IdleOneaside from directing you to the correct channel11:27
bazhangthat was not even a #defocus ban17:47
sarnoldmilina [~milina@] joined #ubuntu-devel, spammed an URL, and then parted again18:18
Picisarnold: thanks.  I have a feeling they'll be removed from freenode soon.18:19
sarnoldPici: one hopes :)18:19
bazhangdoing it network wide18:20
bazhangalthough the *coin channels barely register it18:20
PiciI only saw in #freenode18:20
bazhang<andrew2> Big egos are play here18:41
geniiGot removed by me last night from #u then the Idle One banned him shortly after18:54
bazhanghe spent half a day protesting his unfair KLINE in #freenode a day or two ago18:55
geniiSome people have too much time on their hands.18:56
bazhangnumber of the beast19:11
geniiSame hostmask as Shmerby20:51
geniiPici: ^20:52
genii@comment 63046 Shmerby ban evading and being an ass again20:56
ubottuComment added.20:56

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