balloonselopio, bah! I did a bzr branch instead of push and it didn't go up :-(02:06
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balloonselopio, and it passes. Please approve if it's not merged when you see it again ;-) ty!02:36
ianorlinwhat package would I file a bug against text getting cut off for the for unlocking an encrypted hard disk03:44
elopioballoons: approving.03:46
DalekSecianorlin: You mean while booting the text is cut off?  I'd think the plymouth theme (lubuntu-artwork source package in your case).  Best way to check would be to try a different theme and see if the error remains.03:57
jibelpitti, re disable greeter. There is an intrusive but very reliable way to do it by modifying a qml file08:05
jibelpitti, perl -i -pe 'BEGIN{ undef $/;} s/(Greeter\s*{.*(?!shown)*shown:\s*)true/$1false/sm' /usr/share/unity8/Shell.qml08:05
jibelthen restart unity808:06
pittijibel: where greeter is the "lock screen" or the initial welcome wizard?08:10
jibelpitti, the greeter08:11
pittijibel: i. e. the lock screen which you get everytime when pressing the power button?08:11
jibelpitti, to disable the wizard there is a flag08:11
pittijibel: thanks; doesn't smell like an "official" solution, but I'll keep it on the shelf :)08:11
jibelpitti, ./.config/ubuntu-system-settings/wizard-has-run08:12
jibel. = /home/phablet08:12
jibelpitti, greeter = lock screen :)08:12
pittijibel: oh, sedding the qml requires a writable fs, so I suppose that's not good enough08:29
jibelah that RO trap again :/08:33
davmor2Morning all08:35
pittijibel: so touching that flag and initctl restarting unity8 works well, thanks08:41
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balloonsevening to all14:29
balloonselopio, I'm landing https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/reminders-app/fix_with_account/+merge/224539. We need to keep things moving forward, so :-)14:30
pittihey balloons14:46
balloonshey pitti!14:46
elopioballoons: ok, thanks14:52
elopiobrendand: I'm porting system settings to python3. Want to give me a hand?15:07
brendandelopio, yes15:07
brendandelopio, how would you like me to help?15:08
elopiobrendand: however you prefer. I can give you the branch and you try it on your machine, or we can hangout.15:09
brendandelopio, let's pair!15:09
elopiobrendand: ok, I'll call you in a couple of minutes.15:10
brendandelopio, we should give ourselves time before the landing meeting15:16
elopiobrendand: so, do you prefer to hangout after the landing meeting?15:18
brendandelopio, maybe. it depends how long the landing meeting lasts15:20
elopiobrendand: it's almost never more than 30 minutes.15:23
brendandelopio, we can do it just after then15:24
brendandelopio, hangout?16:30
elopiobrendand: yes! just one second while my machine with the camera finishes running testes.16:32
elopiobrendand: I found the problem, it was not packaging.16:32
elopioit was phablet-test-run failing when a warning goes to stdout.16:32
elopiobut now you will help me with ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts :)16:33
brendandelopio, ah ok :)16:33
brendandelopio, do its tests actually do anything?16:41
elopiobrendand: calling you.16:41
elopiobrendand: what tests?16:41
brendandelopio, link?16:42
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elopiobrendand: ^16:42
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balloonsso elopio, or la_juyis can one of you have a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/ubuntu-calendar-app/fix-1335512/+merge/225373?18:03
elopioballoons: I'm sorry, I'm going out for launch. It looks good, but I wonder if that should be a qml test instead.18:05
elopioI've finally got the qml tests working on the address book app. We might copy that to other projects.18:06
balloonselopio, "finally" eh?18:06
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elfyballoons: thanks - all merged and synced now - and spollling errars dealt with19:49
balloonselopio, you about?20:25
elopioballoons: here22:52

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